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Index by Title
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Lady and the Tramp
by Allyson Heisey

Lair of the Serpent
by Judy (Wishes)

The Language of Potadeia
by Erika Bwo

Lao Ma's Kiss
by Elaine Sutherland

Last Battle
by Simahoyo

The Last Day
by Judy (Wishes)

Last Reflections of a Heart Most Pure
by L. Fox

The Last Scroll
by L. Fox

The Last Turkey in the Shop
by Alan Plessinger

Last Words
by Storygal

Learning The Hard Way - Chapter 1-4
Learning The Hard Way - Chapter 5-7
Learning The Hard Way - Chapter 8-10
Learning The Hard Way - Chapter 11-13
by PruferBlue

Learning to Sing in Sparta - Part 1
Learning to Sing in Sparta - Part II
Learning to Sing in Sparta - Part III
by Lisa Grandstaff

Leap of Faith - Part I
Leap of Faith - Part II
Leap of Faith - Part III
Leap of Faith - Part IV
Leap of Faith - Part V
Leap of Faith - Part VI
Leap of Faith - Part VII
Leap of Faith - Part VIII
Leap of Faith - Part IX
by Melissa Good

The Legacies of Callisto, Redemption
The Legacies of Callisto, Mortius
The Legacies of Callisto, The Shadow Riders
The Legacies of Callisto, Soul, Strength And Faith
The Legacies of Callisto, Out of Time (Ch. 1-4)
by Michael Stacey

The Legacy
by Simahoyo

Legacy Of Chin
by GabbysHOPE

by Quest

Let This Dream Embrace You
by Lisa Grandstaff

The Letter
by Zeta

Letters to Nina
by Kawcrow

The Letting Go
by Zealander1

Liaisons Ridiculeuse
by Rachel Hahn and Alexiares

Life is a Two-Lane Highway
by Cassandra and Bik

Life Often Changes
poem by Dancyer McCoy

Life's Renewal
by Auryn

by The Visitor

The Light That Is You
a poem by Johanna

Like Chakram for Chocolate
by Rastro and Maddog

Like Pegasus
by Barbara Davies

Lilla's Little Adventure
by Charmer

The Lion's Wall
by Jim Kuntz

Liquid Fire
by Mil Toro

A Little Advice Without The Price
by Brianna Phillips

Little Girl Lost
by The Visitor

Little Moments
by Max Denard

Little One
by Hamutal

The Little Thief of Hearts
Chapter 1-3
Chapter 4-6
Chapter 7-9
Chapter 10-11
Chapter 12-Epilogue
by Fantimbard

Live To Tell
by Danae

Lonely Nights
by Kiowa

A Long Kiss in the Warm Summer Rain
by Alan Plessinger

Long Lonely Nights
by Bardic

The Long Night
by Carmi11

The Long Road Back
by Eimajj

The Long Road from China - Part 1
by Gershwhen

Long Time Passing
by Simahoyo

The Long Way Home
by Scout

Long Years - a poem
by Tlachtga

The Longest Night - Part 1
The Longest Night - Part 2
The Longest Night - Part 3
The Longest Night - Part 4
The Longest Night - Part 5
The Longest Night - Part 6
The Longest Night - Part 7
The Longest Night - Part 8
by Melissa Good

Look Into My Eyes
Chapter 1-2
Chapter 3-5
by Frost

A Losing Battle
by Raven

A Lost Amazon
by Liz Zellner (Goldmoon) (Part I & II)

Lost and Found
by Lela Kaunitz

Lost Hope A Poem
by Xena Torres

a poem by Sundevil

Love After War
by d_exphagus

Love and Death in the Trailer Park
by Vivian Darkbloom

Love and Risk
a poem by Judy (Wishes)

Love and War
by Dario Persechino

Love and War
by Storygal

Love & What Follows - Part 1
by XenaGabFanatic

Love Conquers All by Okie

Love Hurts A Poem
by Xena Torres

Love Is No Practical Joke
by Falcon

Love Letters
by Melisa McMahan

Love Me
by AztecAmazon

Love Nor Honor
by Ecuyer

The Love of Lao Ma
by Dana Cory

Love Therapy - Ch.1-3
Love Therapy - Ch.4-8
by Heartbrkn Bard

Love's Trust
by Eva Allen

Loved Too Much
by Shalon

Loving Sister And Warrior Princess
poem by Snowblind

The Love Potion
by Fu Bard

Love Triangle
by R. Az

Love, Valour, and Discovery
by Unknown

Love's Choice
by Silk

Love's Honor
by Becky Lutzke (deanlu)

Lucifer Rising - Part I
Lucifer Rising - Part II
Lucifer Rising - Part III
Lucifer Rising - Part IV
Lucifer Rising - Part V
Lucifer Rising - Part VI
Lucifer Rising - Part VII
Lucifer Rising - Part VIII
by Sharon Bowers

Lucy Lawless on Regis and Kathy Lee
by Heather

Lucy's Song
by Dan Eisner

Lufa Spoofa
by Ryan Dever