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1) Xena and Gabriel belong to Renaissance Pictures, and no copyright infringement is intended. (Gosh, it's tempting to say Bwa-ha-ha-haaaa, I stole 'em gimme the money and credit. Oh well.)

2) Lucy Lawless (Taipert?) and Renee O'Conner belong to themselves and nothing is intended regarding them one way or the other. (Though you may have noticed a decline in subtext on the show.)

3) Adult Content; Yes. Anything having anything to do with TRHPS (The Rocky Horror Picture Show, for you strags) should be considered adult, ar at least somewhat twisted.

There is also the whole consenting adult female thing. If you don't want to read it, don't. (Though I think they make a cute couple.)

4) Violence; None. Well, almost none. (Okay, so little you won't notice.)



Little Moments

by Max Denard


"I'm not sure about this," Lucy Huntington said for the third time. She was working hard to keep still as her friend and lover Renee Maxson preened her hair and touched up the makeup on the tall woman's face.

"Relax, Luce," Renee said as she touched up the dark shadowing on Lucy's face. "It'll be fun. You'll see. Besides, I thought you liked leather."

The smaller woman was referring to the tight black leather corset and kneeboots she'd talked the tall statuesque woman into. The whole outfit was one of decadence and implied dominance. It had just the effect Renee had been looking for. The makeup was something else. The small blonde had carefully used powders and an grease pencils to transform the tall, tanned woman into a living back and white photograph. There were only two features that possessed any color. The ice blue of Lucy's eyes couldn't be changed even if Renee had wanted to, which she didn't. To add a twist to the picture, the smaller woman had used a brilliant, bloody crimson for Lucy's lips.

"I wear the leathers on the bike because I don't want to leave my skin behind if I have to lay the bike down,' Lucy said.

"Yeah, right," Renee smirked. "That wasn't what you said the other night when you came into the bedroom the other night. As I recall, you were wearing your jacket, an evil smile and very little else."

"That was different."

"Ta-da," Renee said, stepping back from her project. "Finished. Want to see?"

"I'm not sure. Do I?" Lucy asked anxiously.

"I think you look good," Renee said. She turned Lucy's stool to face the large mirror in their room.

Lucy stared at her reflection with unabashed amazement. She turned her head from side to side slowly, examining her freinds' work.

"I look like Betty Page, the vampire," she said finally.

"Do you really think so?" Renee asked happily. "That's exactly what I wanted you to look like."

Lucy quirked an eyebrow and looked at her lover in the mirror.

"I can't believe you want me to go out in public like this," Lucy replied.

"Don't worry, where we're going you'll look perfect," Renee said confidently.

"Somehow that doesn't make me comfortable."

Renee turned the chair around and looked intently into Lucy's eyes.

"Listen. You don't have to go," she said honestly. "We don't have to go. I'm not going to take you anywhere bad, or somewhere that people are going to laugh at you. I think this will be fun. I want you to have fun, but we won't go if you don't want to."

Lucy wasn't used to this tone from Renee. In the few months they had been together the smaller woman had always been happy, or joking. True, the petite blonde had never lied to her, but neither had she used this voice of calm love and sincerity. If she'd used that tone and told Lucy to put her hand in a fire, that it wouldn't hurt, Lucy would have believed it.

"Won't you at least tell me where we're going?" Lucy asked.

"We're going to a movie," Renee replied with a secret smile.

"What, they're showing "The Story of 'O'" at the Capri?" Lucy asked.

"No," Renee grinned. "Not quite, anyway. This film has a lot more audience participation. Now, you go into the living room. I still have to get ready and we've only got another hour and a half before midnight."

Lucy rose and mumbled something about audience participation.

"And don't smudge your makeup," Renee called as the tall woman left the room.

The tall woman moved with remarkable quiet for someone in knee high, spike heeled boots. She also moved with an odd, overly cautious grace. To anyone who knew her the reason was obvious; she wasn't used to the heels. She flopped down in an overstuffed chair in the living room. She picked up the remote and flipped through the channels on the tv, finally stopping on the history channel.

Forty-five minutes later Renee stepped into the living room. Lucy looked up and was stunned at what she saw.

Somehow the petite blonde had managed to combine the tawdry and the chaste in her outfit of white lace. As she stood in the doorway of the living room she appeared to be her companion's opposite number. Her signature was lace instead of leather. The teddy and gloves made Renee look like, not so much submissive to Lucy's dominion, but rather like a pampered and much loved possession to the taller woman's protective hand. The petite woman with the rose-gold hair looked far sexier by what she wasn't showing. Renee had mastered the art of calling attention to her charms by not displaying them and letting the imagination of others do all the work.

Lucy wanted her instantly.

The taller woman rose, uncertain of what to do next. Tonight she was seeing a side of Renee that she'd never even imagined. Up until now she would have sworn that the smaller woman didn't own a single piece of lingerie. Baggy sleep shirts were more her style. Lucy's face must have borne a look of her surprise.

"Don't I look good?" Renee asked selfconciously.

"You look good enough to eat," Lucy growled. She took a meaningful step forward.

"Don't you dare," Renee said , taking a step back. She held a scolding finger out. "Afterwards, not before."

"Just a little?" Lucy continued forward.

"No." The smaller woman lunged and took shelter behind a nearby chair. "After the movie. Then I guarantee you'll get more than you can handle."



Lucy sighed. She wasn't defeated, only delayed. It wouldn't be easy, but she could deal with that.

"You go out to the truck," Renee instructed. "I've got a few things to pick up in here. It won't take long."

"Yes, mistress," Lucy replied. She smirked at the smaller woman's raised eyebrow.

The tall woman moved with a cautious grace to the front door. She reflexively grabbed her black leather jacket and slipped out into the night. She shrugged into it as she moved towards Renee's old 40's era pickup. She shook her head wonderingly at her situation. Here she was, dressed up like a weirdo, dressed in leather lingerie and getting ready to go to a movie. She wondered exactly what 'audience participation' meant.

Moments later Renee stepped out of the house. She'd covered her bare shoulders with a white tuxedo jacket with tails and a white top hat sat perched at a jaunty angle atop her rose-gold hair. In her arms was a small grocery bag.

"What's in the bag?" Lucy asked as the smaller woman approached.

"The usual stuff; squirtguns, rice, cards, a loaf of toasted bread. You know."

Lucy blinked. She hated it when Ren got like this. The smaller woman had answered her question succinctly enough, but the answer left the tall woman more in the dark than before.

The pair climbed into the truck. The vehicle started without hesitation and soon the pair were headed down the long dirt driveway to the main road.

"Nervous?" Renee asked as they drove into town.

"Not particularly," Lucy answered nonchalantly. The truth of the matter was that she was very nervous. She knew Ren wouldn't do anything stupid, but driving into the unknown dressed like a model for 'Fetishes 'R' Us' put her a little on edge.

"Good," Renee said cheerily. "Tonight's going to be fun. There are some things I need to tell you, though. Number one, don't hurt anyone. The people where we're going are weird, but they're a good weird mostly. They're also a little touchy-feelie, so don't be surprised if you get a lot of hugs from total strangers. Two, do NOT admit to being a virgin, it'll only get you and therefore me into trouble."

"But I'm not a virgin," Lucy protested.

"Until you've been here you are. I just don't want you giving flying lessons to someone who tries to pop your cherry."

"Pop my cherry?" Lucy asked incredulously.

"You'll see." Renee was enjoying this. The tall woman beside her was usually so aloof and untouchable by the world, now she seemed more like a nervous schoolgirl. No one else would have noticed the subtle changes in posture and facial expression, but Renee did. This was fun.

The truck made it's way into the city without incident. Most of the time neither one spoke. Lucy watched the buildings go by. Occasionally the truck would come up next to a car. Lucy was beginning to take a perverse pleasure in watching other people's reactions to her severe makeup. For her part, Renee was smiling to herself and humming songs Lucy had never heard before.

When the two pulled into the theater parking lot the ten o'clock movie was just letting out. No one looked like Ren and Lucy. Everyone seemed pretty much like Mister and Miss Middle America. No where among them was there a shred of lace, nor any leather except for their shoes. The theater's marquis listed no movies after ten.

"Are you sure that this is the right place?" Lucy asked.

"This is the right place," Ren assured the tall woman. as they parked. "See, there's one of the others now."

Lucy looked in the direction Ren had pointed. Sure enough, there was a goth girl with paper white skin and black lipstick stepping out of the passenger door of a grey muscle car. Lucy couldn't make out much of her form because of the long dark coat the goth wore.

"You know her?" Lucy asked with a quirked eyebrow. She'd never really taken the goths seriously. They were too theatrically fake for her taste. She'd never imagined Renee as being one to hang around with them either.

"No, but I think I know whose car that is," Ren said as she opened the door. The petite woman stepped out of the cab and grabbed the grocery bag. "When we get near the strags, act as if you're a bondage queen from hell," she said to Lucy.


"One of the mundanes, someone who chooses not to belong here," Renee explained. "You know, one of the hopelessly straight and boring." She gestured with her head towards the milling mass of normal looking people.

"Ren, is that you?" a voice called from across the way. It came from a long haired man who wore an ancient poofy sleeved duelling shirt and a vest that had once belonged to a Prince Albert tuxedo. At his side was the slender goth girl.

"Max?" the blonde returned.

The party of four met in the lane between parking spaces. Lucy was not particularly happy when Ren pushed the bag into her arms and almost leaped into a bearhug from the strange man. From the expression on her face, his girlfriend wasn't happy either.

"I haven't seen you since school," the man said happily. "How are you? Where have you been? Did you and your dad ever finish restoring that old plane? Are you an actress now?"

"Wonderful, everywhere, yes, and at least part time,' Renee giggled in the man's embrace.

"You look great," he said. "Do you still go to the fairs?"

"No. I had to give most of them up. There were too many weenies anyway. The last time I went I thought I was going to kill Tim right in the middle of the chess match."

Lucy and the other woman cleared their throats simultaneously.

"Uh-oh," Renee said with a guilty smile. "I think we're both in trouble."

"I think you're right," Max replied. He released the small woman and stepped back, fluidly grasping the lace gloved hand of his lady. He raised her hand and guided her forward as though he were escorting a member of the peerage. "This is the light of my life, Rain." The way he said it made the overused phrase sound sincere.

"Pleased to meet you," the goth girl said, holding her hand out. Renee was momentarily stunned. The goth girl's eyes were a vibrantly alive amethyst. The only time she had ever seen eyes as bright as that were those of Lucy, whose eyes were like moonlight on blue arctic ice. Rain had a musical voice and a Scottish accent that sent an involuntary thrill up the blonde's spine. She could easily see how Max had been so captured by her.

"A...and I you,' Renee said in an almost formal tone. She resisted the urge to bow. "This is Lucy."

She could see that her tall companion was as affected by Rain as she was.

Lucy pulled her eyes from Rain with effort and held her hand out to Max. Surprisingly, he didn't shake her hand, he turned it and kissed her knuckle.

"Any friend of Ren's is a friend of mine," He said with a boyish grin. Something about his manner suggested that there were no hidden meanings in his words. "So are you hers, or is she yours?" he joked.

"Yes," Lucy replied. Usually her ice queen mein was enough to put other people on the defensive. It was not working on Max.

"You wouldn't have any pictures, would you?" he asked.

Renee and Rain swatted him on opposite arms. The sight of the two small framed women off handedly smacking him while he cringed in mock fear actually made the tall woman smile.

"Let's go," Renee said, linking arms with Lucy on one side and Max on the other.

"You know, Deb's going to upset with you," Max said to the blonde.

"What do you mean?" Renee asked.

She's had the hots for you since she's known you and you kept going out with men. Now that you've got a girlfriend she's going to be jealous."

"Is that a problem?" Rain asked.

"There won't be a problem," Lucy said firmly. She didn't utter the 'or else', but everyone heard it.

Max laughed pleasantly.

"I like you, Lucy," he said. "There won't be any problems. She's got Robin anyway."

The four walked up to the ticket booth arm in arm. The people coming out of the theater reacted differently to the odd group. Some stared openly. Some stole glances out of the corner of their eyes. Some pointedly ignored the group.

Max broke the chain as he stepped up to the window. Renee followed him.

"I wish I were built more like you," Rain told Lucy suddenly.

"I beg your pardon?"

"You look good like that," the small somberly dressed woman said. She sighed almost regretfully. "If I tried to wear that outfit, I'd look like a twelve year old."

"You're not are you?"

"Not what?"

"Not twelve," Lucy said. Ren's warning of weirdos echoed in her ears. Max didn't seem all that weird, but one never knew. Besides, Rain's form beneath that coat was very slight. She was built like a girl just beginning her womanhood.

"Hardly," Rain laughed. Her laugh reminded Lucy of water falling on stones. "I'm older than Max. It's just that certain parts of me stopped developing before others, if you know what I mean."

"Do you know what this movie is?" Lucy asked, deliberately altering the course of the conversation.

"The Rocky Horror Picture Show, what else?" Rain asked. "Didn't your lady tell you?"

"No, I think she wanted it to be a surprise," Lucy replied.

"Have you seen it before?"

"No, I've never even heard of it," Lucy confessed.

"Then knowing the title won't prepare you for what lies ahead," Rain replied.

"What does that mean?" Lucy asked.

"Well, it's an experience," Rain said. "It's hard to describe."


"It's kind of like the first time you get drunk,' Rain explained with a slight grin. "It's confusing and fun, even though you have no idea of exactly what's going on. There are other things as well."

"What other things?" Lucy asked. She was beginning to see why Renee wanted to surprise her.

"Well, the show's very decadent," Rain said. "You don't look all that repressed, so I don't think you'll have too much of a problem dealing with it all. For myself, all the wickedness makes me a bit randy."

An unexpected bark of laughter escaped the tall woman's lips. Perhaps tonight wouldn't be so bad after all.

The quartet made their way inside. There were already quite a few people inside waiting for show time. More were arriving every minute.

The first thing that surprised Lucy was the sheer number of people lounging about in women's underwear. Not just women, she noted. There were two or three men wandering through the lobby in corsets and feather boas. Everyone seemed to be dressed for some sort of erotic costume party. The second thing she noticed was that she was able to tell who had been here before and who hadn't. Those who belonged were laughing and chatting and complimenting each other on costumes, or makeup. Those who were new were staring about them like spectators at a freakshow. She quickly resolved not to be taken for a tourist.

A very wicked thought began to form in her mind. Since tonight's basic theme was decadence, she would have to see just how much she could make Renee squirm.

"...and then we landed," Renee finished excitedly.

Lucy slipped up behind the smaller woman who was telling Max and Rain her story with expansive gestures. When she finished the tale Lucy leaned in and breathed hotly in the petite blonde's ear.

Renee immediately stopped talking and made a slight whimper. Her knees buckled slightly and she might have fallen if Lucy hadn't put a hand on her shoulder. An instant later the smaller woman blinked and blushed beneath her makeup. She turned to face the taller woman.

"Don't do that," she whispered fiercely.

"Don't do what?" a new voice queried.

Renee turned to see a broadfaced woman standing nearby.

"Deb. Hi,' Renee said. She was obviously embarrassed.

"Hi. Don't do what?"

"Oh, nothing." She quickly glanced around. "Lucy, this is Debbie."

"Hi," Lucy plastered a big, silly grin on her face. "My mistress has told me a lot about you."

Max barely managed to choke back a snicker. Rain squeezed his arm hard in an effort to keep her face straight.

"Mistress?" Debbie asked with a wry smile.

"Yeah. Mistress Renee owns me,' Lucy babbled happily. "She's very good to me." The tall woman brushed suggestively up against the stunned blonde's back.

"Well," Max said suddenly, "it's about time to begin. Shall we go?"

"Yes, let's," Renee agreed quickly. Only Lucy could hear the embarrassment and the beginnings of panic in her voice. The petite woman stepped forward. Unfortunately for her, Debbie took a place beside her.

"Mistress?" Debbie asked quietly. "Gee, Renee, I wish I'd known you bent that way in school. We could have had some fun."

"Yeah, well. I guess it just took some time for my tastes to develop," Renee said lamely. She turned back to Lucy with an icy stare. "Lucy, don't forget the bag."

"Yes, mistress," Lucy grinned at the smaller woman's obvious distress. She knew that there would be jell to pay later, but for now Renee's obvious discomfort was fun to watch. She turned to get the grocery bag in the floor of the lobby.

"I like you," Max said as she walked by. "You're evil."

Lucy smiled as she picked up the bag and joined her knew friends as they walked into the theater.

The inside of the theater felt much more claustrophobic than the lobby. Even though the room was actually much larger, the dark maroon curtains and the crowd made it seem smaller.

Lucy had intended to sit in the back row, the better to be unobserved, but Renee glanced back and waived her forward. The tall woman stepped up next to her lover, careful to maintain the facade of properly submissive property. Debbie was still hovering nearby.

"You are in such trouble," Renee whispered when she was sure Deb wouldn't hear.

"What do you mean, mistress?" Lucy asked with wide-eyed innocence.

"Now cut that out."

Lucy let slip a lopsided grin. She glanced over at the broad woman who was still hovering ominously near Renee. A movement caught her eye. It was a movement that the tall woman did not approve of. She moved like a stroke of lightening, intercepting Debbie's hand as it moved towards Renee's barely covered posterior.

"Don't do that," Lucy growled. She held tightly onto the other woman's wrist. Debbie was strong. She tried to pull away. She failed.

Ren watched the interplay. She suppressed a grin as she watched Lucy deal with the other woman. She quirked a questioning eyebrow at Deb.

"Let go. Now," Deb said. Her voice was lowering to a more menacing level.

Lucy said nothing. The tall woman had strong hands. For the last six months she had proven quite helpful around Renee's by mending long ignored fences, general maintenance on the vehicles and buildings and other physically demanding tasks. She answered Deb's challenge by squeezing harder. Moments later she felt the broad woman's wrist bones begin to grind together.

"...I said let her go," Renee repeated. She slipped her hand into the thick hair at the base of Lucy's skull and languidly seized a handful.

Lucy gasped, not from pain, but from pleasure. Ren generally didn't do anything more than wash and comb the black cascade. The only time she seized it like this was during moments of extreme passion. Over time the tall woman had allowed herself to become conditioned by this action. She found herself becoming unexpectedly aroused. She released Deb's wrist instantly.

"You'll have to excuse her," Renee told the other woman. She fixed her green eyes on Lucy's with an almost predatory gleam. "Lucy's very protective. Sometimes overly so. Apologize, Lucy."

The tall woman was rather surprised by Renee's sudden change of personality. Not that she didn't like it, she was just stunned at how quickly her friend was adjusting to the new role Lucy had thrust her into. Renee squeezed the fistful of hair tighter, making it pull more. Lucy mad an involuntary sound of pleasure in the back of her throat. To the others it might have sounded like a growl.

"Now." Renee said.

"I'm sorry, mistress," Lucy said. She tried to make her voice sound as though she were frightened of what Renee might do. She didn't think she sounded very convincing. How could she? This little game was developing into something fun.

"Now to Debbie," Renee said firmly.

"I'm sorry if I hurt you," Lucy said quickly. She hoped she sounded panicky enough.

"It''s okay," Debbie stammered as she rubbed her wrist. After having felt the power of this tall amazon, she wondered at the ease with which Renee controlled her.

"I had hoped we had fixed this little problem," Renee said, glancing over at Deb. She was gratified to see the other woman beginning to back away. she returned her attention to Lucy, who was biting her lip as if with pain, or fear. "Still I can't be too angry. She only responds that way out of loyalty. Don't you, Lucy?"

"Yes mistress, Lucy whispered.

Renee released some of the tension on her hair, the tilted her head far back, exposing her throat. When she had lived out on the road she would never have allowed herself to be maneuvered in this manner. Now she wouldn't have had things any other way.

Renee smiled wickedly. She leaned forward and with exquisite gentleness placed her lips over the pulsing artery in Lucy's neck.

Lucy shivered at the unexpected contact.

The smaller woman moved Lucy's head so she could see into her wide blue eyes.

"Be nice for the rest of the evening and I'll give you something special when we get home," Renee said meaningfully. "Okay?"

"Yes, mistress," Lucy grinned.

The overhead lights flashed. People began gravitating to their seats.

"Ten minute warning," Renee said. She took Lucy's free hand. "Come on. Let's sit near Rain and Max. Excuse us, won't you Debbie?"

"Yeah...sure," the big woman said uselessly as the pair brushed by.

"We're sitting up front?" Lucy asked as they made their way forward through the milling people.

"No, that's for the virgins," Ren replied cryptically. She shouldered quickly to a row a little forward of halfway. The petite woman stepped aside and gestured for Lucy to take an inside seat.

"I'd rather have the aisle seat," Lucy said.

"Not until the show starts," Renee replied. "Remember the touchy-feelie thing?"

"I remember."

"I don't want you to hurt anybody who's just trying to have fun," Ren said.

"I'm hurt that you don't have any confidence in me," Lucy's grin belied her tone.

"I place great confidence in you," Ren said, squeezing Lucy's arm warmly. "Just watch and do what I do."

People were beginning to settle into their seats. Lucy noticed several people in smudged and stained lab coats moving up and down the aisles with flashlights.

"I saw what you did to Debbie," Rain whispered into Lucy's ear. Her accent had the same effect on her that it had on Renee. "Now you see what I meant about the atmosphere of the place working on you."

"Hey. Hey." Max whispered across the dark woman in an annoying tone. "Hey, got any pictures?"

"Why don't you behave yourself?" Rain whispered with mock fierceness.

"I'm bein' have," Max replied. He stuck his tongue out.

She scrunched her face up in retaliation.

Lucy and Renee giggled at the pair.

"Got one," a voice called across the theater.

Lucy watched with great curiosity as one of the people in a spattered lab coat drew a bewildered looking young woman out into the aisle and down towards the front of the theater. At irregular intervals other people were pulled from their seats and taken down front. Within the space of a few moments there was a line of eight or ten nervous looking people standing in front of the screen facing the audience. Several costume clad people stood laughing and joking nearby.

Two women stepped away from the others and approached the audience. The one dressed like a maid raised her arms and spoke in a loud voice.

"Ladies, gentlemen and...assorted others." The crowd giggled collectively. "Thank you for coming to our show tonight. Before the movie begins we must consecrate it with our ritual."

"What ritual is that?" called the other girl. She was dressed much like Ren, save instead of white, her top hat and jacket were gold.

"Virgin sacrifice," the crowd shouted.

Lucy could easily imagine herself at a Roman arena. She looked at Renee. The smaller woman was almost beaming with evil glee. Oh well, she thought, it's only bad for those going to the lions.

"What did you say?"

"Virgin sacrifice," the crowd thundered.

"Virgin sacrifice," the golden girl echoed. "How do you sacrifice a virgin?"

"Pop their cherry," the crowd roared.

The french maid chose a male and a female from the small group and sent the others to the front row. The pair that were left looked nervous, but they were trying to show a good humor.

One of the other show people, a man in khaki pants, a blue shirt and glasses came forward and held a round balloon over his head. The crowd cheered. He approached the woman and said something quietly to her. She spread her legs and the man put the balloon between her thighs.

"Ren," Lucy said quietly.



"For what?" the smaller woman asked.

"For not getting me up there," Lucy replied.

Renee grinned.

Another person, a woman in a pink skirt came out with another balloon. This one wasn't round. It was long and tube-like. She placed it lasciviously between the male virgin's legs.

"And now, our high priest,' the golden girl announced.

Someone in a dark cape stepped forward. Lucy couldn't tell if it was a man or a woman. The cape covered any physical detail of the body and white makeup and a shock of black frizzy hair made a guess at gender impossible. Suddenly, with a flourish, the cape was flung away, revealing a man in a black lace teddy, fishnet stockings and high heels.

The crowd went wild. To her surprise, Lucy found herself cheering as loudly as the others.

There came a sudden sharp crack, almost like a gunshot in the theater. The crowd quieted. The 'high priest' coiled up a black leather whip.

"So," he said. "It's time to pop a few cherries."

The crowd cheered.

He held up a hand for silence.

"I would use this," he indicated the whip, "but I don't think they're quite ready for that, do you?"

The crowd had mixed reactions. Some shouted 'yes'. Some shouted 'no'. Some shouted 'do it anyway'.

"I think we'll do this the old fashioned way. It's so much more...personal." He held out his coiled whip and the maid took it, replacing it with a lit cigarette. "So what do you think," he asked the audience. "Girl - boy, girl - boy?"

"No," the crowd shouted.

"No? Surely you don't think they're ready for ... well," he grinned maliciously, "you know."

"Yes," Lucy caught herself shouting with the masses.

"Well then," he addressed his victims, "you heard them. Boy - boy, girl - girl it is, then."

The pair up front looked instantly more nervous. The other virgins in the front row looked instantly more relieved that they had not been chosen.

"This won't hurt. Much," the strange man pursed his lips. He took a long drag from the cigarette. Then he stepped closer and said a few quiet words to the man. The virgin looked out at the crowd nervously and back to the odd man. He nodded.

"Right then," the strange man said triumphantly. " On the count of three."

To Lucy's unending shock the man in lingerie turned the other man profile to the audience and then got down on his knees before his chosen victim. He blew the ashes off of the tip of the cigarette, revealing the glowing red coal. Then he put the tip of the cigarette between his teeth.

At the count of one the costumed man bobbed his head forward towards the protruding balloon.

"Oh my God," Lucy whispered in a stunned voice as she watched one man perform a parody of oral sex on the other.


Renee looked up at Lucy and chuckled knowingly. She knew exactly what was going through her head at this moment. Unfortunately for the smaller woman, she'd been one of the chosen virgins.

"Two," the audience shouted. The cigarette came closer to the balloon.

"Three," the crowd roared.

The frizzy head bobbed forward and the balloon popped. The deflowered virgin cried out in a weird voice. If it was an attempted orgasmic sound, it was a particularly poor one.

The frizzy haired 'high priest' rose to his feet and made a show of wiping his face. The crowd cheered.

The golden girl stepped forward and took the cigarette from the frizzy haired man. She walked with an exaggerated swing in her hips as she approached her chosen victims. The other woman looked less nervous than the man had. Now she knew what to expect.

The golden girl didn't turn her virgin to the side, she kept the young woman facing the audience. The costumed woman sat down and slid back under her victim, so that when she looked up, her face was directly beneath the balloon. She blew the accumulated ashes away.

"One," the crowd shouted. Her head went up.



The balloon popped and the girl shouted with an almost bestial voice. "Oh God, yes!"

The crowed cheered and clapped.

"I guess it takes a woman to know how to please a woman," the golden girl announced smugly after she stood.

"Got that right," Renee murmured.

Lucy quirked an eyebrow at her oblivious love.

The virgins were released to return to their seats. AT the front of the theater the costumed people rushed to get to their places.

Almost as if on cue, the lights of the theater dimmed. The crowd cheered again. Some began to chant. It was quickly taken up by others and spread like a tide until the theater echoed.

"Lips. Lips. Lips," Renee shouted with the others.

Lucy was swept up in the energy. Rain had been right when she'd said it was like being drunk; confusing, but fun. She began to chant with everyone else.

A pair of crimson lips appeared in the center of the blackness. They grew larger until they almost filled the screen.

"Michael Rennie was ill the day the Earth stood still," the screen voice sang. "But he taught us where to stand..."

"On the ground," the crowd shouted.

"Flash Gordon was there in silver underwear...."

"It was gold," the crowd roared.

"Claude Rains was the invisible man...<He didn't show up!>"

Lucy watched and listened and laughed. She was beginning to have a lot of fun. More enjoyable than anything else was watching Renee shout at the screen. She was alive with excitement.

"But then something went wrong...<Bullshit!!>...for Faye Wray and King Kong...<Apeshit!!>...they got caught in a ...<Sexual>...jam."

"You'd be in a jam too, if forty tons of apeshit fell on you!!" the crowd returned.

Lucy stared at Renee in almost slackjawed amazement. The smaller woman almost never used any sort of foul language, yet here she was being blithely vulgar with the crowd. The tall woman began to think that it might be fun to pick on Ren about this later.

"Then at a deadly pace it came...<On Janet's face!!>...and this is how the message ran; science fiction double feature, Doctor X...<Sex,sex,sex>," the people shouted...."Will build a creature. See androids fighting...<And fucking and sucking who?>...Brad and Janet. Anne Francis stars in ...<A porno flick called> ... Forbidden Planet. Oh, oh, oh, oooh, at the late night ...<What kind of feature?>...double feature...<What kind of show?>...picture show...<Thank you>."

Lucy laughed. This was ridiculous fun. These people were insane, but in a good way. She'd never imagined that Renee could be so decadent and depraved. As she watched the show happening around her, she began to wonder what other things her lover might do that she never imagined.

It wasn't log before the first song was over. Lucy had sung along with the chorus, but she'd taken a lot of mental notes for the next time. Moments later Renee handed her a big handful of rice from the mysterious bag. When the story began she was surprised to learn that the people at the front of the theater were acting out the story as it happened up on the screen.

As the movie played, Lucy picked up enough of the plot between the shouts of the crowd and the water pistols for it to make sense. She had also learned enough of the ritual phrases to enjoy the imagination and humor of the people around her.

"It's astounding," a thin blonde man began to sing up on the screen.

"No, asshole, it's a skeleton," the crowd shouted back.

"Ready to dance?" Renee asked suddenly.

"Huh?" Lucy asked bewilderedly.

"Are you ready to dance?"

"I guess so."

"Time is fleeting...<What's your favorite rock group?>... Madness...<Sucks!!>...takes it's toll. But listen closely... <For how much longer?>...not for very much longer...<How many balls have you got?>...I've got to...<Smoke a bowl!!>"

"I remember," the butler sang loudly as he kicked a foot high into the air, "doin' the Time Warp, drinking those moments when the blackness would hit me and the void would be calling...."

The theater exploded with sudden movement and upraised voices. Renee grabbed Lucy's wrist and pulled her out into the aisle.

"Let's do the Time Warp again!!"

Everyone in the theater copied the dance being done on the big screen.

"It's just a jump to the left, and a step to the right. Put your hands on your hips...<Your own hips!!>...bring your knees in tight. It's the pelvic thrust...<Oooh, aah, oooh, aah!!>...that really drives you insane! Let's do the Time warp again!"

Lucy was amazed. She felt as if she had somehow been transported to a world where spontaneous song and dance actually took place. She loved the feeling. The tall woman was actually beginning to feel oddly free amidst the weird decadence surrounding her. Lucy laughed and tried to keep up with her friend.

The strange dance was over too soon to suit Lucy. Both she and Renee went back to their seats. The tall woman had to give her lover credit, this was turning out to be a great surprise.

Renee was having a blast. She hadn't done this in years. What surprised her most was that she still remembered the words. Occasionally she would cast a sly glance at Lucy. She'd been extremely worried about this evening, worried that the dark woman wouldn't have a good time. It now looked as though her fears had been totally unfounded. Lucy almost glowed with vigor and joy. The fact that Lucy was having fun made Ren enjoy herself even more.

"From the day he was born...<Not the night, but the day>... he was trouble...."

"With a capital 'T'," Lucy mimicked the sing-song voice everyone else was using. She was discovering that most of the phrases everyone was shouting were easy to guess at if one was in the right frame of mind. That mind set was becoming almost second nature now.

"He was a thorn...<Not the rose, but the thorn> his mother's side...."

The movie had ended too soon. Lucy felt vibrant and full of energy. It surely didn't feel like almost two o'clock in the morning. Tonight had bee fun and Lucy didn't want it to end. She hadn't been able to let her hair down like this in years. The tall woman was very grateful to Renee for the evening.

The two walked out into the lobby with Rain and Max. All four were chatting happily.

"So what did you think?" Rain asked Lucy as they walked out of the theater into the dark.

"I liked it," Lucy grinned. "It was fun."

"I'm glad you enjoyed it," Rain smiled back. "So you'll be back then?"

"That depends on how often I can convince my mistress to bring me," Lucy joked.

"Oh God, not that again," Renee sighed.

"Did you see the look on Deb's face when Lucy grabbed her arm?" Max asked. "I thought she was going to have a cow."

"Oh, I liked it more when Luce and Ren started their little femdom act," Rain replied. "Deb looked so disappointed."

"Yeah, that was pretty good," Max agreed.

"Come on, guys," Renee complained good naturedly, "let it go."

"Hey, we're going to close out the night at the Pterodactyl Club, do you want to go?" Max asked the pair.

"No," Renee said before Lucy could speak. "It's pretty late and we need to get up early."

Lucy quirked an eyebrow at her freind's suddenness. It was out of character for Renee to refuse without asking her opinion. Usually she was pretty considerate.

"Oh, well," Max grinned. "Maybe next time. Good seeing you again, Ren. Nice meeting you, Lucy."

"Yes, it was," Rain smiled.

"It was nice meeting you as well," Lucy returned.

"See you around," Max waved good-bye and the two walked arm in arm back to the grey muscle car.

The two women waved their reply and made their way back to Renee's yellow truck.

Lucy chuckled deep in her throat.

"What's funny?" Renee asked with a curious smile.

"I was just thinking about some things. That's all."

"Like what?"

"Like I never realized what a little miss pottymouth you are," Lucy grinned.

"My big, tough, biker babe doesn't like it?" Renee asked quirking her own eyebrow. Her voice took on a proprietary note, as if Lucy were a slave questioning her owner.

"It's not that I don't like it, it's just that I think there might possibly be a better place for it," Lucy replied.


Lucy definitely noticed the tone now. She suppressed a grin. The smaller woman may have told Max and Rain to forget the slave act, but it was becoming obvious by the tone of Renee's voice that she hadn't.

The tall woman was surprised as Ren led the way to the passenger's side door. She opened it and gestured for Lucy to enter.

"Mistress?" Lucy said meekly.

"Yes, Lucy?" renee replied with a languid voice.

"Was I a good girl, like you wanted?"

"Yes." Renee caressed the other woman's jawline with an idle finger.

"So what's my reward?" Lucy was hoping Renee would catch the hint.

She did. The smaller woman leaned forward,and in a throaty whisper described exactly what the reward would be. She also proved in no uncertain terms that Lucy hadn't heard even a small part of her naughty vocabulary. Renee was careful and skillful in her colorful description, so as not to be crude, but rather tantalizingly graphic.

Within moments Lucy was surprised to find herself fidgeting with lust and arousal as the smaller woman kept whispering in her ear. Soon Renee stopped speaking and put her fingers under Lucy's chin, turning the taller woman's face so that she could look into Renee's hungry green eyes.

Lucy's eyes were wide, surprised that the polite, whimsical woman she had come to love could know such language, let alone know how to use it so effectively.

Renee looked down with an expression of predatory confidence, as if she knew that Lucy would be hers and the taller woman would be powerless against her. Renee lowered her face and kissed Lucy's lips tenderly. Then she nipped at the rich, red lower lip, proving that she had teeth, promising them soon.

"Reward enough, my pet?" Renee purred with a knowing smile.

"Oh, yes, mistress," Lucy breathed.

Renee chuckled softly and closed the door and walked around to her own side of the ancient vehicle. She unlocked it and climbed in.

"Did you have fun tonight?" Ren asked with a faint trace of her normally bubbly personality.

"The movie was great," Lucy replied. "I just hope the night's not over."

"Oh, it's not. I was serious about everything I just told you," Renee replied.

"I love you mistress," Lucy said contentedly.

"I love you, pet," Renee replied with a tiger's lazy smile.

The truck started and backed out of the parking space. Lucy had enjoyed tonight, indeed she had even more energy now than before. Yet, for some strange reason, she couldn't wait to get home.



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