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By Melissa McMahan

And love is devastation
stripped to the core
it is blissfull misery
too close to be so far

You're only there when I
close my eyes and dream
feel my soul is drained
storm clouds in my heart

Love letters written
in the sands of time
wash away in the tide
leaving nothing behind

The sound of loneliness
is all that you can hear
never to have your love
is how cruel fate can be

People say as time goes by
that you'll learn to forget
I know the truth to be a lie
and only fool cannot see it

Dressed in blue silver dust
reached out to the open sky
then float on a dream cloud
tears like sunfilled rainbows

The acrobat alone in the air
who you treat like a clown
if love is really the answer
then where is the answer at

As innocent eyes turn colder
in the darkness of the world
exhaled into a ring of smoke
the ash blowing in oblivion


Note: This poem is from a while back... after reading it again, it sounds like something Joxer himself might write about a certain blonde Bard.


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