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Life Often Changes

by Dancyer McCoy

I sing of the princess of war.

Forged in the red flames of battle,
Tempered like the steel of a blade,
Living and fighting for Ares alone,
A wild and tempestuous Maid.

Life often changes abruptly,
So Xena discovered, at last.
Betrayal and treachery felled her,
She came face to face with her past.

I sing, too, of the teller of tales.

Peaceful child of the farm lands,
Different from family and friends,
Yearning for adventure and travel,
Loving the tales that she spins.

Life often changes abruptly,
Even rural contentment is brief.
A warlord's attack on her hometown
Almost brought Gabrielle pain and grief.

Their meeting became legend.

Though Xena wanted no part of
Gabrielle's friendship, so kind,
She found that the Bard could be helpful
In her battles with soul and with mind.

Life often changes abruptly.
The Bard, so helpless to start,
Has proven her worth to the Warrior
In her purity and goodness of heart.

And so the story continues.

They travel together as partners,
The Warrior, protective and just.
The Bard has found her adventures,
And she sings of a friend she can trust.

Life often changes abruptly,
As the Bard and the Warrior have found.
And the path they have taken will teach them
As their legends and stories abound.

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