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Lucy's Song

by Dan Eisner

Lucy's Song
Posted on Netforum on November 2, 1996 as A Bard's Tale

I sing a song of Lucy, a brave and noble woman of our age. I sing of her bravery and selfless deeds in a time of selfish, self-centered demagogues, and those who would cater to their foolishness.

An entertainer with underappreciated talent, this siren of the television screen portrays a Warrior Princess, traveling through ancient times with her companion, battling evil and protecting the oppressed. Who was to know of the battle that was to come when, appearing on a television show of dubious fame and repute, the horse she was riding, lost its footing, throwing our heroine to the pavement, severely injuring her.

Fans worldwide, who willingly, lovingly, and sometimes militantly (the storyteller does not presume to judge who is whom), call themselves "Xenites" rallied behind our fallen hero. Cards, letters, flowers, and gifts of all kinds were sent to our beloved "Warrior Princess" to wish her a speedy recovery.

That is when something went wrong with the scenario painted by the modern world. This Lucy. This lawless person (shameless grin), broke with the traditions of the age. With shameless generosity and goodwill, this ungrateful usurper to television syndication, dared to ask her fans and wellwishers to redirect their gifts. Instead of sending her flowers and gifts, she asked for donations to be given to (gasp) charity, specifically Cancer and/or A.I.D.S. research.

This only endeared her more to her faithful followers, but some people were aghast. Who did she think she was? There are some people in this world that fully believe themselves equals of Zeus, Ares, or Aphrodite, and believe that they too should be worshipped as Gods. And if you are injured while performing your craft, you shall soak up all the "tribute" that those foolish mortals will heap upon you. What must the woman have been thinking?

Well, it is apparent that things are different and some people think differently on a small island down under. It has been said that this land from which our hero hails, has an old, primeval appearance. Perhaps that is not all that is old and primeval. Perhaps the people of this land still practice the ancient art of love and compassion for others. This ancient art, unfortunately like most good and beautiful things, is vanishing from the face of the planet. But the gracious, selfless acts of an under appreciated actress, writhing in pain in a hospital bed, speaks volumes to those who would come after her.

As a footnote, less than a month after her injury, this noble lady came back to that same dubious television show, despite not yet being fully recovered. It is a tribute to her determination and bravery that she was able to go back and face what had so badly injured her.

To meet her, our champion of good, would be the greatest honor. But alas, the Gods smile on a very select few.

I sing a song of Lucy, the lawless one who broke the mold that has been that of so many others; that of greedy, pompous, selfish celebrity. She would not allow herself to become one. Perhaps the "Warrior Princess" she portrays is not all an act. Perhaps the battle fought here will someday be won.

The song I sing is one of love and respect that hopefully, someday she will hear. This humble bard will never forget her.
November 2, 1996

To Annette And Robert, Thank You.

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