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Gabrielle and Xena Adventures: A Collection Of Short Stories
Written By Brianna Phillips,
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Dear Reader,

This book is based on the hit television series Xena: Warrior Princess. The tales unfolded in this book are my responsibility. The television show's producer's, writer's, etc. had absolutely nothing to do with this book. I wrote it on my own time and all the ideas came from my head. There are only one or two mentions of events from the show, which I have not changed one bit. I do not expect this piece of writing to affect the show or affect the way that you think of Xena and Gabrielle and other characters on the show.

Inside this book you will discover a collection of short stories. None of them are real experiences from the show, although some of them mention small scenes from past episodes. For all who do read these stories, I really hope that you enjoy reading them as much as I did. I had a very fun time writing them. Please make sure you read the disclaimer. It is even more important than the introduction that I cooked up. Enjoy!


Xena and Gabrielle are not owned by me. I don't expect these stories to affect the show. I don't expect these stores to be true to fact. I just expect them to be stories that I made up with my mind and ones that I hope you enjoy.

Sex/Violence/Language warning!!!!!!!! (I do hope you read this disclaimer note before you read/spend money on this book).

This story is not for you if:

1. Two women of the same sex performing sexual behavior and having a sexual relationship bothers you. If this does bother you, pick up another frigging book and learn the ways of the world while you're at it! Now-a-days women are sharing many sexual contacts with each other. It's not unusual to see anymore. If it's against your religion then you should put this book down, unless you feel like being naughty or your religious and it does not bother you.

2. Violence makes you queasy. There are Xena: Warrior Princess stories. You have to expect violence from this kind of tale.

3. You're religious and against bisexual/lesbian females. This isn't the story to be reading if you are.

4. You're religious and swearing gets on your nerves or if you aren't religious and a couple swears upsets you. Their is a few uses of foul language in this book. I try to keep it few but sometimes it is just the way that people need to express themselves by.

With that being said, if you still hold this book in your hands, be proud. It wouldn't have been published if it wasn't decent, yes? If you purchase this book and then read the disclaimer note and you don't like this book anymore then I hope you learn to read the authors/disclaimer note before "wasting" your money. Proceed to the stories and enjoy them.

A Little Advice
Without The Price
Fate's Choice Ares' Prize,
Callisto's Revenge,
Ruler Of Nations,
Xena's Hope

A Little Advice Without The Price

"Ohhhh... Xena.... Ohhh, that's sooo good... Harder.... Ooooh..."

"You like that, huh?" Xena whispered.

"Ohhh.... I'm going to explode with delight... Mmmm... Ahhhhh..."

Xena stopped.

"Hey! Xena! That massage was just getting good. Do you always have to do that to me?" I scolded, turning around to face her.

"My hands hurt from pushing on your skin so hard," Xena complained.

I couldn't believe my ears. Xena wining? There was really something wrong with this picture.

I stared into her eyes and saw a certain disdain in them. I clasped one of her hands in mine and began to knead it with my fingers, working the bones and soothing them. This made her smile pleasantly.

I looked up into my older friend's eyes. I could sense the heat radiating off her like the sun. She was so warm. So... perfect.

I stared into those hypnotizing blue eyes and found myself lost. I couldn't hear the world's sounds. Couldn't hear the bird's singing. Couldn't hear my own breath, which was rapidly speeding. I wanted to tell her right there. Could I? I didn't think so. The fear that she would recoil from me and be disgusted with me upset me tremendously. If she ever hated me I would lose myself. I would break down emotionally. I could never lose Xena. Ever.

"Gabrielle? Hello? Gabrielle?" Xena said, waving her hand in my face.

I snapped out of the trance once her eyes blinked and I faintly felt a tap on my head. Everything cleared and I realized what I had been doing. I thought, Gods, I'm such a fool, shifting my weight.

"In two days I have to go. I got an invitation from a friend. I really would like for you to come along, but the invitation was for me only and I don't want to inconvenience people. Especially good friends. You understand right?"

"You're leaving me?Xena... I don't want to be alone, I want to be with you."

I bit my lip. Had I just said that? Oh Gods... Did she know? Did she? Oh my Gods, why is she looking at me like that? I'm just showing affection I'm-

"It's all right, I will only be gone for a few hours. You'll be fine. And, it's in two days," she comforted, pressing her hand onto my shoulder.

A shock went through me. That soft skin on mine shook me like lightning. I couldn't help but recoil. The immense connection that had just surged through me made it so I couldn't prevent it.

Hurt verified in Xena's eyes. "Is something wrong? Something I said maybe? Is it... me?"

"Um, no. No, it's not you, Xena. It's just that I... Well, I didn't get much sleep and I-"
"Gabrielle I watched over you all night. You slept like a well behaved baby."
I opened my mouth to speak but no excuse came out. I recovered and finally thought of something.

"Well... I had my eyes closed. I wasn't really sleeping, just pretending," I said, immediately regretting it. I was being really lame and idiotic. What had gotten into me? Love, that's what. I sighed.

"You're breathing was even. Gabrielle, why are you lying to me?"

"Xena, if you were in my place you'd understand."
"In your place? Gabrielle..."
I got up and paced back and forth. "Look, Xena, I just can't share this one with you. Okay?"
"We share everything together, Gabrielle. No matter what I will be here for you," she said, lifting herself to her feet and staring at me with concern.
I turned back to Xena and stared hard at her. I ached to tell her. To press my fingertips to those full lips and have her suckle them. Instead, I retaliated.

"I'm sorry, Xena. I just can't explain it to you right now. I... I..."
I started to whimper in frustration. Before I could recover, strong arms wrapped around me and I was pulled against that charming body. Xena's silky-to-the-touch fingers ran through my hair and her chin pressed against my forehead.

I looked up into her eyes as a tear slid down my cheek. Instantly, the pad of her thumb stroked it away. If only I could tell her. I yearned to.

"Whatever it is don't rush at telling me, all right? If you think it's going to drive me away, then I guess you have no choice to tell me... I just hope you know that I will always be here for you, okay? Always."

Xena's Thoughts

I wondered what it could be. She had seemed distant lately, squirming away when I touched her and then staring up into my face like it was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. I could only hope. Were our paths leading to the same destiny? Did she want to explain to me what I wanted to explain to her? How much I loved her and how much my hands wanted to embark their way onto that creamy skin.

"There's a temple up ahead. I'm pretty sure it's Aphrodite's. Could you wait here for me, Gabrielle?"

Gabrielle nodded, her moss green eyes continuing to tear up. I really wanted to stay but if I did stay I would tell her how incredibly hard it was not to keep my hands off of her young skin and firm body.

I walked into the temple. I was sure it was Aphrodite's. Statues of a beautiful women were scattered everywhere, staring into my eyes with a hidden secret.

Now, I have to admit, I had never seen Aphrodite. The only real God I had encountered so far was Ares, who was just plain an asshole. All he wanted, all he cared for was power and destruction. He use to be my type, which I deeply regret.

"You are so right. Ares is so five minutes ago," a young voice spoke from behind me.

I spun around and gaped. She was beautiful. I couldn't help but stare. Her eyes were hazel, her blond hair curly and draped over her shoulders. She was as tall as me, her skin looking soft to the touch, a bit tawny.

"Aphro.... dite?" I stammered, my knees quivering.

"Xena, what a pleasure. I've heard so much about you."

I straightened myself and scolded in the process. What the hell had come over me? This woman was the goddess of love! She had absolutely no interest in anything but her beauty. From what I heard about her, the only thing she ever accomplished was doing things for her benefit. Well, this time, I was going to change that, no matter how difficult it would be.

"I need some advice from you."
"Advice? The Warrior Princess needs my advice?"

"Well... yeah..." I said, shifting my weight. My feet felt like they were on fire with a rock heaved over them.

"All right. What's the problem? And, do hurry, I really need to get back to tidying up this temple. Some jerk practically ruined it! Can you believe people these days? I'm the most enticing woman on earth and this is how they treat me!"
"It's quite the shame. Now about that advice-"
"Oh, of course, sweetie. Tell me what's on your mind." she said, pointing to a bench at the side of the entrance to the temple. I sat down on it and if I had not moved there I would have seen Gabrielle eavesdropping.

"Well, it's just that... Well, I haven't told anyone this."
"Hey, you're secrets safe with me. A little advice without the price, right?"

I smiled at that. It amused me and I couldn't help but giggle. "Right."
"So, what's up, cutie pie?"

"I'm in love this certain someone and I'm not sure if I can tell he... this friend."

"Is it the blond you've been traveling with? Girl, you two are made for each other. You shouldn't try to hide it, Xena. It may be unusual but it's love in every single phase and phrase of it. I encourage you to tell her your feelings. I also guarantee to you that you won't be sorry."
"But, what if it drives her away?"

"Xena, the girl is head-over-heels in love with you."

"She is?"
Aphrodite laughed. "Have you seen the way she looks at you? There's practically hearts in her eyes! But, I suppose you have to be an expert like me to see those kind of things."

"What if it's the wrong time?"
"All right, look. I'll make a proposition for you, okay? Wait until tonight when you're cozy around the campfire. I'll be watching both of you very closely. When the time is right, I will appear behind you and you will feel a cool wind rustle your hair. That's when you should tell her."

"Won't she feel it too?"
Aphrodite shook her head. "Just you. The magic comes with the gift-wrapped package," she said, giggling hysterically.

"Tonight, huh?"
Aphrodite nodded, the whole time knowing Gabrielle was outside. She was surprised Xena wasn't using the special ability of detecting humans as if they were insects flying around the air in front of her.

"Well, that's my advice, sugar. See you tonight."

I got up and walked outside. The sun shone in my eyes and I made my way back to where I had left Gabrielle.


I couldn't believe what I had just heard? Xena? In love with me? Asking Aphrodite for advice? Oh wow... Oh... wow... This was a miracle. An absolute miracle! I was so excited. I didn't want to wait until tonight, by now the urge to tell Xena my feelings was a taunting spring on my brain cells.

"I'm back," Xena said, smiling adorably, her blue eyes shining.

I inhaled sharply. She looked like an angel (despite the leather and armor and that large sword on her back). Her face was angelic, her blue eyes lit up like a ruby. Her high cheekbones were pronounced because she was smiling so goofily.

"Come sit next to me," I said, patting the blanket beside me.

She hopped next to me and smiled over at me, propping her feet at the edge of the blanket.

I put my foot to hers and frowned. Hers (of course) were much bigger. At least by a size or two. My feet were actually pretty small under the hand-made boots I wore. My skirt came down a little above my knees and the top of my exposed the lining of my breasts and a portion of my stomach before the skirt began.

Xena poked my belly button and I giggled loudly. "Hey! Xena, you know that's one of my soft spots."
Xena teasingly pressed her finger into it, causing me to giggle again and squirm under the finger.

"Xena! Gaah!"
Xena laughed and then wrapped a powerful arm around my neck, capturing me into a headlock.

I punched at her belly and immediately let out a shrill owe! The leather was hard against my fist, although now-a-days I could pack quite the punch if I really desired to. Right now it was more of a frantic fist-on-armor punch.

I yelped with surprise as Xena tackled me to the ground and pressed soft lips on my cheek. Her body was propelled over me, her smooth legs etching against mine, armor firm against my flesh.

My breath caught and I stared up into her eyes. She smiled warmly and settled herself above me, a thumb caressing the skin on my cheek, just below my right eye. I nuzzled against it, unable to stop myself.

Xena leaned forward, closing her eyes.

I leaned inward, my eyes open in shock, wondering if she was going to go through with this, praying she was. When I felt tender lips on mine, a shock of electric pleasure seeped into me and I found heat growing between my legs as the shock of the kiss wavered through my very soul.

I closed my eyes and found myself kissing back. I felt Xena's lips grow hot and then she pulled away, launching herself to her feet and picking me up by my left hand. I faced her, my eyes still closed, my face flushed.

When I opened them, she was smiling at me, hidden desires near in her eyes.

"Hey," she said softly, pressing two fingers under my chin and gently tilting my face so I could look into her tantalizing eyes.

I stared into them, stared into her gallant face.

"We'll camp here for the night. It's getting darker now. I'm going to get some firewood, all right?"

I nodded and pressed my lips against her chin, very softly. The intake of her breath did not go unnoticed. I knew I was making this harder for her than it was suppose to be.

"I'll be back," she murmured, kissing the tip of my nose.

I watched her go.


Nearby, I gathered small chunks of wood into my arms. I couldn't stop thinking of the way Gabrielle had accepted my kiss and pressed her lips firmly back against mine. When I pulled her to her feet it was like she was taken over by a viselike trance that was too unconscious to release its grip. Did I have that much of an affect on her when we touched? I sure felt the sparks that ignited in my joints after just a simple press of her lips against my chin. It had been enough to make my loins vacillate. The mere touch of her lips against mine was sincere. Did that mean she felt the same way? Aphrodite had said she did but should I believe a goddess? She seemed pretty positive.

"Of course I was positive. If she didn't feel the same way she wouldn't have kissed back. Stop being so silly, Xena!"

I turned around and looked into Aphrodite's eyes. "Oh... it's you."
Aphrodite frowned. "That wasn't the welcome you gave me this morning."
"I wasn't busy thinking like I was just now."
"Sorry to interrupt. It's just that that kiss was very steamy. Did you see the way her eyes stayed shut? Wow, Xena. Must of been one killer kiss."
"Yeah," I murmured, attempting to concentrate on finding more wood. I picked up another section of some and then moved to head back.

"Look, Xena, just tell her when you get back. You guys are going to hit it off perfectly, all right? I'll be right by you so if you need any help I will come to your aide. I am very sure you won't need any assistance."

"All right, all right. I can hardly contain myself anyway."
Aphrodite giggled and disappeared with a flicker of light. Gods, I thought, and headed back to camp.

Gabrielle was outstretched on the blanket she had set up, looking out at the sun which was now retreating behind the hills from afar.

"It's a nice sight," I said, setting the wood down on the ground and five minutes later, a heated fire was before us. I sat in front of it, noticing how the flames wavered when the air struck it a certain way.

I turned to her and placed my hand over hers. "Gabrielle."

She smiled and then opened her mouth to speak. Her arm was contiguous against mine. It took her several moments. It seemed like she was registering her choice of words with caution and a certain contour that wouldn't take her over the edge, but would easily protect her.

"We've been friends for five years now. Been through thick and thin and had many pro's and con's. Many conflicts, many emotions, many desires. I see them in your eyes."
I smiled out of the corner of my mouth and, with a long finger, traced the line from her jaw to her earlobe. It then circled over her eyes, over her eyebrows, down her nose and around those luscious lips, tracing her demure face.

"I see them in yours," I whispered, my breath close to her cheek, caressing it with soft strokes.

"Take me, warrior," she whispered in my ear, her lips surrounding it and suckling.

My masculine arms wrapped around her waist and laid her back on the blanket, very softly, as if not to wound her.

Her hands manhandled my armor, unbuckling it frantically, as if the leather were on fire. In moments, the wind was tousling my black hair and erecting my nipples, even as Gabrielle captured one between her lips, her tongue moving to flick across the pink circle.

My hands wandered up her back and fondled just below her breasts, tracing the skin that overlapped her ribs. I began to unlace the cloth of her top. She ran her fingers through my hair and captured my mouth in a hard, vibrant kiss that made me quiver against her.

From that night on, our lives were never the same.

The End

A Little Advice
Without The Price
Fate's Choice Ares' Prize,
Callisto's Revenge,
Ruler Of Nations,
Xena's Hope

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