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Gabrielle and Xena Adventures: A Collection Of Short Stories
Written By Brianna Phillips,
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Dear Reader,

This book is based on the hit television series Xena: Warrior Princess. The tales unfolded in this book are my responsibility. The television show's producer's, writer's, etc. had absolutely nothing to do with this book. I wrote it on my own time and all the ideas came from my head. There are only one or two mentions of events from the show, which I have not changed one bit. I do not expect this piece of writing to affect the show or affect the way that you think of Xena and Gabrielle and other characters on the show.

Inside this book you will discover a collection of short stories. None of them are real experiences from the show, although some of them mention small scenes from past episodes. For all who do read these stories, I really hope that you enjoy reading them as much as I did. I had a very fun time writing them. Please make sure you read the disclaimer. It is even more important than the introduction that I cooked up. Enjoy!


Xena and Gabrielle are not owned by me. I don't expect these stories to affect the show. I don't expect these stores to be true to fact. I just expect them to be stories that I made up with my mind and ones that I hope you enjoy.

Sex/Violence/Language warning!!!!!!!! (I do hope you read this disclaimer note before you read/spend money on this book).

This story is not for you if:

1. Two women of the same sex performing sexual behavior and having a sexual relationship bothers you. If this does bother you, pick up another frigging book and learn the ways of the world while you're at it! Now-a-days women are sharing many sexual contacts with each other. It's not unusual to see anymore. If it's against your religion then you should put this book down, unless you feel like being naughty or your religious and it does not bother you.

2. Violence makes you queasy. There are Xena: Warrior Princess stories. You have to expect violence from this kind of tale.

3. You're religious and against bisexual/lesbian females. This isn't the story to be reading if you are.

4. You're religious and swearing gets on your nerves or if you aren't religious and a couple swears upsets you. Their is a few uses of foul language in this book. I try to keep it few but sometimes it is just the way that people need to express themselves by.

With that being said, if you still hold this book in your hands, be proud. It wouldn't have been published if it wasn't decent, yes? If you purchase this book and then read the disclaimer note and you don't like this book anymore then I hope you learn to read the authors/disclaimer note before "wasting" your money. Proceed to the stories and enjoy them.

A Little Advice
Without The Price
Fate's Choice Ares' Prize,
Callisto's Revenge,
Ruler Of Nations,
Xena's Hope

Fate's Choice


I drifted off in my thoughts as I always did when I awoke and sat in front of the fire, flame lighting up my alert features and pondering eyes, windows to my soul. Gabrielle and I had just made love. It was rough this time. I had skillfully pleasured her and she had begged me to take her. To touch her. To taste her. To devour her senses and render them to heights that soared into glorious oblivion.

Gabrielle was everything to me. She wasn't just my trusted, faithful, compassionate companion. She was my love, my bard, my partner. Strong willed and highly intelligent. It had only taken me moments to fall in love with her after we had introduced ourselves. Our friendship built to tight knots that could not be severed, that was when I fell violently for her ornate wit and palpable charm. She moved me. She pleasured me. She needed me. That was what I loved in her. What I saw in her. That spark of radiant light that I prayed would never cease. Even to this day, I or even her, for that matter, let the churning tides wash it away.


I watched my warrior. Her distinct thoughts showed even from the side view of her delicate face. The fire brightened the characteristics of that magnificent face. Those crystal-clear blue eyes that I so often lost myself in . When I stared at her loving face for a good long while, it showed that she was still aching for my touch and taste. Only Xena, my true love, could make my heart a pounding club beating at my chest. I felt my breathing deepen and the heat unravel in my loins. That was how Xena made me feel. Safe, protected, warm and secure. It was the feeling that aroused me to love her. The feeling that pushed me to pour my heart out of my chest onto her powerful hands. Now, at this very moment, our hearts remained intertwined. Tangled up in a large bundle.

I observed her. Then, shifting my weight, I slipped beside her, placing my hand over hers. I could feel the warmth hurtle through me in an instant. The love flowing like a river from us was symbolic towards electricity. Once it overcame us, we couldn't move unless the striking force released us with a sharp outburst of disappointment or rage. It rarely happened, if ever.

"What are you doing up?" she asked me, her eyes affectionate and understanding, yet with a hint of question hidden in the way she was glancing down at me.

"You. I wasn't sure if you needed me or not," I answered, the pad of my thumb gentle movements against the back of her strong hand. Pure muscle was what my warrior was. Powerful bindings laced together in a perfect fit.

She smiled down at me. "I always need you."
My face began to glow and then flush. When she spoke such words, my inner thighs became mush and small shivers of ecstasy fled up my spine, crawling in crashing waves.

"Besides, it's almost dawn," Xena added. She rose to her feet and began to slip her armor back on. She had to step around the campfire to do this, our clothes had been removed frantically, they were scattered all around us.

I retrieved mine and slipped them on. Personally, I would rather prefer to be near Xena nude, just to get that comfortable and passionate expression on her face as she studied my firm breasts and slim figure. That killer smile of hers came after studying every curve and dip that she so loved to handle and taste.

I sat back down and glanced up at the last bit of stars. One shot across the sky, exposing itself with a triumphant grin. As soon as it arose, it disappeared into darkness. The sun shone. The moon fell. Fresh daylight explored my body and shone brightly, causing my strawberry blond hair to shimmer.

I waited patiently for Xena's return. She said earlier she was sure there was a lake nearby, she could vaguely hear running water. How the hell she could tell, I had no idea. The things Xena could do were phenomenal. Completely strange and sometimes scary. But, her unique talents were one of the many things that lured me to her. She was speaking the truth when she said "I have many skills". I was sure that she was using her adroit ability now to catch fish without a pole or old hunter tricks.

I heard a rustling sound in the bushes. It was strange, her returning so early. I was sure it had only been a minute or two after her departure.

"Xena, is that you?"
The figure that stepped out of the shadows was definitely not Xena. The arms were bulkier, the height taller and much heavier. A mustache hovered above the warrior's pursed lips. I reached for my staff and to my surprise, could not find it anywhere. I had no knowledge of where I had put it last, for when Xena began to fumble with my clothes I had tossed it with no real wariness to the side. This turned out to be a very bold mistake.

"Afraid not, cutie. I have a proposition for you, darling."
His voice was husky. A sword was drawn and his free hand began to unzip his loose pants. I began to back away. I yelped with surprise as I retreated into a mountain of biceps. Sickening sweat flailed into my nostrils and I found it hard not to gag. Another sword was drawn. The metallic ring sent shivers of fear into my gut. Where in Hades was Xena? I prayed she was nearby.

The man ahead of me was inches from my face. The other pressed dirty lips against my neck. A rough tongue followed and I gaped in torturous disgust. These were men who did not inhibit their actions.

"I strongly suggest you take your hands and tongue off my friend," an angry voice boomed from close by.

Relief wrung through me. "Xena! Thank God!"
But, it wasn't Xena. When the man ahead of me turned I recognized those blond curls and angelic face. It was Ephiny, trusted friend and loyal mentor from the Amazons. Her hazel eyes burned into mine and I smiled with jubilant joy. Thank the Gods Ephiny showed up. If she had not, I would have been forced into having sex with two greedy men who were bent on spreading their seed, even to someone who they had no recognition of.

A fight commenced. Ephiny struck with fierce power, knocking the second man to his feet. The sword bore down into his chest and fresh blood gurgled out of his jerking body. As she pulled it out, I recoiled when I realized that a fresh lake of blood dripped down the sword in sick patterns.

The first man retreated immediately. Bushes scuffled and he disappeared out of my field of vision. Thank the Gods he was gone. I couldn't imagine how terrifying being forced by a man you had never cared or desired for would be like. Whatever the case, it was sickening. Just thinking about it made my heart stiffen and my muscles tense. It horrified me.

"Are you all right? I'm so sorry I didn't get here sooner. Hell, I didn't even know you were on your way towards Amazon country," Ephiny murmured, her hand gripping my shoulder and squeezing apologetically. The gesture made the distaste of the events that had just unfolded tuck into an envelope that was now sealed. My mind was free from that baleful scene.

"Yes. I'm fine. Just a little shaken up. If you hadn't arrived..."
Ephiny pressed a finger to my top lip. "Shh. Don't think about it. Sit down and let's talk. Tell my why you're near our village, my princess."
We talked. We caught up on a lot of things that I had not thought about for ages. Meeting up with the Amazons, seeing my second home once again and witnessing the changed that had been made since I last visited. Associating with the friends I had not seen in over a year.

Ephiny was no different than she was when I had last confided with her. Her attitude was still the same, charming and benevolent as she had always been. Her ideas of life never alternated. I found myself enjoying her company.

A half hour later, Xena came back. I could tell she was worried, she must have heard our two female voices conversing back and forth. The expression on her face was one I so adored. She was worried about me. Her eyes were slightly widened, her back was straight, her shoulders arched.

The face changed immediately when she saw Ephiny. A smile curled onto her lips. "Taking care of my girl?"
"I sure am, Xena," Ephiny answered, smiling beautifully.

Xena smiled back and reached for Ephiny's outstretched hand. They clasped and Xena winked at me. I couldn't help but blush. Now that Xena had returned, I wasn't even aware of the incident that had happened earlier. Before it had been in my mind, it wasn't there but I could sense the unease in the far corner of my mind. It was sheer discomfort.

Now, it had vanished. Neither Ephiny or I brought it up. Xena offered to cook while chatting idly with Ephiny while I laid back and stared at the clear blue sky. The color reminded me of Xena's eyes and I found my thoughts wandering to her, as they always did. I lay there for over an hour, concentrating only on the sky above me.

Moving Along

By the time the night shrouded us, we were a day away from the Amazon village. I could sense a weirdness in Gabrielle. There was something I couldn't put my finger on behind her eyes. It seemed like it was fear. Even terror. Had something happened? I wondered. I couldn't help but think of the possibilities. There were many of them. I had been completely focused on catching breakfast and nothing else when I was gone. Anything could have happened from the span of time when I headed back and made eye contact with her for the first time in a half hour.

I checked on Ephiny, not far away on the other side of the fire and listened to her breathing. She was asleep. I was glad. This would allow Gabrielle and I to interact privately. I needed to speak with her.

I followed her tracks. I had noticed her head off to the nearby river we had spotted earlier. Sure enough, that was where she was located. Her back was to me and even from the way she was positioned, I could sense her distress.

I purposefully snapped a twig under my boot and when she turned around I caught her lips in a lingering kiss. She responded bitterly and that was when I was completely mortified. I had never thought of the possibility that I was the one making her melancholy.

"Gabrielle, what is it? Is it something I said or did?" I asked, my face revealing sorrowful conclusions.

At first she didn't answer. She seemed to be lost staring into my eyes. "Xena, I was almost raped today."
Fury overcame my realizations. "What?!"

"If Ephiny hadn't of been there, I would have... would have..."
My hands gripped Gabrielle's shoulders so tight that she winced. I hardly noticed the gesture. I was furious at the convict and angry like fire at myself for not being able to prevent it. Though Ephiny did halt it, I could have prevented it completely. If only I hadn't left to get the food-

"Don't you do that. Don't you blame yourself, Xena. I'm positive that is the last thing I want you to do. I just need some rest. It will be over and gone by tomorrow."
She looked away. I could sense her listening to the river's current of song below us. It pained me to see her like this. I couldn't help but blame myself. A million what if's were soaring through my mind in colliding rushes that made my temples throb.
My gaze was hard when I looked into her serious face. I could say only one thing: "Yes?"
"I want you to hold me. Just hold me, all right? Fill me with the warmth that secures me. Your warmth."

I did. My arms surrounded her and held her tightly against me. She trembled under my muscle. After sobbing repeatedly, her body was suddenly still. She was asleep, her breath a warm comfort against the vein on my neck. I marveled that it was my powerful arms that held the most wondrous comfort she had ever endured.

I carried her with ease back to camp. She was light weight, I was use to carrying three hundred pounds at an every day basis. I easily lifted her and laid her down on the he blankets she had spread for the two of us to sleep on. Sinking down on the pillows, I propped my cheek on my left hand and watched over her sleeping face. She was beauty itself, more appealing than Aphrodite or any God had ever been to me. No man had touched me in the ways she did.

Once I was positive Gabrielle was going to be okay, I drifted off into my own restless sleep.

Traveling Further

I woke up in Xena's arms. The very heat protruding from her gloried me into thrilling sensations. Today, I was determined to lighten the mood that had been abandoned the day before. A quick glance showed Ephiny was nowhere in sight. I wondered where she had gone off to. I shrugged it away and wriggled under Xena's tight grasp. This stirred her awake and I stared into those blue eyes that still managed to send involuntary shivers through me.

"Is Ephiny here?"

"No, I looked earlier and she was gone," I answered.

"Good," Xena murmured, leaning forward and hungrily tasting my lips with her tongue. I moaned immediately and my mouth opened, inviting her probing tongue. She tasted with an intensity that made me quiver to her hands and tongue, each caressing a delicate part of me. Her body was the sun's rays cupping my form.

Breathlessly, I pulled back, feeling a spark of vibrations that made my breath expose itself in short gasps. "The way you make me feel is uncanny, Xena."
A smile cascaded over her face and I felt gentle lips against the tip of my nose. "I love you, Gabrielle."
It still made my heart leap. "Oh, my love. Kiss me again. I hunger for your lips on mine once more."
Xena complied, this time with a hand snaking up the top piece of my outfit to wiggle my erect nipple with the pad of her thumb. The Gods she could make me tremble. Make me sweat and make my heat pronounced under the silken sheathe of the mound between my legs, all with one simple flick of tongue against skin.

The difference between the men who had touched me in such ways (though there had been few with me being so young and now in love with my best friend) and Xena, was the wave of rushes she encouraged me to feel. The way she touched, the way that soft skin rubbed up against mine, it was passion in every sense of the word. It was love. Tender and full. It wasn't just that, it was sensual and divine and... good. I envied it. I relished it. I needed it. Needed Xena. More than anyone or anything in this world.

Xena warily pulled back and hoped for palaver. I could see in her face that if speaking to me seriously, she might have to slip in the bushes and continue to further the heat that she could sense between my legs. "Jut in case Ephiny returns. What would she think?"
"I'm not sure. One would hope she would accept it. But, you're right. Our desires can be satisfied when we get to the village."
"You mean it?" Xena asked, a certain taut pleasure in her icy eyes.

"I've never been more serious," I answered, my tongue tracing the line from her jawbone to ear. I valued the way those tight muscles felt against my wet tongue. Gloried in the way she moved under me, loins soft as mud squished between toes.

"Jesus, Gabrielle. Don't stop. Please, don't stop," she pleaded, her voice helpless and showing surrender.

"Mmmmmm. You taste so good under my tongue," I murmured, sucking on her bottom lip, biting it with my teeth and pulling it forward teasingly. The power shimmering through her was immense. She was as built as a man, but as fragile as any woman. Underneath me, she squirmed with delight. Her control was fading. Her legs began to spread and I felt those strong biceps wrap around my waist, forcing me closer, so close our bodies molded. Each curve of skin fit perfectly together. This was the proof that Xena and I had always been meant for each other. Meant to be together. I was hoping forever. Praying forever.

I was now tasting her mouth, my tongue rubbing over her palate, then tauntingly flicking across her gums.

Panting with desire her hips began to arch against mine. I could consciously picture her clitoris throbbing to my stroking fingertips. I pulled back and she released a frustrated moan. Her legs unraveled and she stood up groggily. By the look in her eyes, I almost expected her to really scoop me up into her strong arms and carry me into the woods. But, she didn't. Instead, she regained her composure, her breathing ragged and unbalanced. Her bosom was heaving, despite the tight leather that was tightly covering her milky breasts. Her face was sore and flushed.

"Am I interrupting something?"

My head turned and I gasped. There stood Ephiny, hands on her hips. I hurriedly straightened my top, praying to the Gods that she didn't notice. They weren't nearly on my side. Ephiny raised an eyebrow at my top.

"Look, you two. I have known for a long time. I see it in your eyes. If you love each other, then that is all that matters. Just, please don't hide it around me. I feel strongly for both of you. Nothing could alter that."
Xena smiled and she covered her hand with mine. I brought her palm to my lips and kissed it. When Xena asked how long Ephiny had been watching, Ephiny's face lit up and her reply was "long enough to see you two should be alone tonight!". That made all three of us burst out laughing, no matter how true it was.

The Village

The change was few in the village. It was still its usual palace of honor, everyone seemed righteous. I got my usual cheers and happy glances when lazy eyes found their Amazon princess. Overwhelming joy hummed from within me and showed on my face. It was the one feeling not associated with Xena physically that made me speechless. The sight of family was valiant.

Since it was dark, I saw only a handful of Amazons. Some that I had spoken with on previous adventures and some that I hadn't. Even still, when I stumbled into the bedroom, now alone with Xena, I felt exuberantly excited. My juices were flowing (not those kind!) and by the look in Xena's crystal eyes those kind were going to flow harder than a waterfall.

"Ephiny's house is nice, don't you think? The spare bedroom may be small, but..." my voice trailed off as I felt Xena's fingertip became steps up my spine, sending shivers through every morsel of vein.

I breathed deeply, my face relaxed and aroused. "It feels, I mean... looks... It looks great," I stuttered, my voice tumbling out in squeaks.

I slapped at Xena's hand and ran to the window, peering out at the full moon. I heard my lover's feet shuffling behind me and then felt muscular arms slip around my waist, a breath on my neck. I shuddered.

"You're making me submissive, Xena."
A tongue wandered along my neck. "I like it like that."
I turned myself around and looked into my older lover's eyes. It was passion that I noticed. Not just lust, but pure passion and then that was when Xena surrounded me and pressed me against the wall, her tugs at my clothes fashionably insistent. That night she pleasured me into heights even higher than Mount Olympus. Her hands were adroit, her teeth and tongue a taunting symphony of tender strokes of hand and tongue. She tasted me savagely and greedily, as my hands explored her exposed breasts and taut nipples. She was boiling under my hands. My hips bucked and the first orgasm shattered through me and before I could cry out her name in a long moan, her hand cupped my mouth and I found myself biting into her skin, unaware of the metallic taste of blood. Xena hardly noticed, she was lapping up the juices that were leaking out of my inner thighs. Only when she kissed me hard on the mouth did she taste the fresh blood. She paid no attention and I explored her mouth with my famished tongue.

The strength of her is what seemed to drive me. The moist heat I had created in her was as intoxicating as strawberry wine. Those hard hips thrust upwards as I pleasured her with my lapping tongue. She came as violently as a volcano.

Now, I have to admit that the very thought of the lovemaking drove me crazy with need. But, I would have to say the most important part of the sex was the aftershock. The way Xena surrounded me with her muscular form and buried me completely below her, slick with sweat, a satisfied smile on her face. That was what I lusted to see.

I turned my face in the curve of her neck as that warmth enveloped me, drowned me. Her pulse thrashed wildly against my eyelid. My eyes were swinging doors. Despite how tuckered out Xena had made me, I couldn't quite drift off. I was restless. So, I snuggled closer to my lover and listened to the rhythm of her breathing, loving the way her pulsing heart caressed my collar bone. The thought that I had just made love to a legend excited me even more. So many men had touched her in the ways I had just performed, even the half-god Hercules, yet I was the one she so desired out of all of them. the thoughts sent shivers through me. She was mine. Always.

I fell into an unexpected sleep.

The Next Morning

When I woke up, Xena was gone. I wasn't sure where, but my guess was that she was somewhere in the village, most likely talking to Ephiny. Now that Ephiny knew, it really took a load of worry off my shoulders. I was never really sure how anyone would react and it was very nice to know that a good friend like Ephiny could understand what Xena and I felt for each other. It was the most captivating love that had ever inspired me. I thought of Xena every waking moment.

The door opened and I glanced over to see my love. She was fully clothed now, armor suiting her clad breasts and built form. By the Gods, she looked beautiful when the sun shone on her face. As she smiled, my heart melted. I smelt fresh fish and my mouth watered.

Xena closed the door with her foot, now covered by those long boots and sat next to me. I observed that two plates were on a large tray she held and it fit perfectly across both of our laps. I was not sitting up and the realization that my warrior had just cooked breakfast for me made me smile excitingly. "Oh, Xena, you didn't."
Xena grinned ravishingly. "I did."
A tremor of silence was born and I stared into those hypnotizing eyes. So luscious was the face I stared into. So lovely and so compassionate was the expression I saw.

"It smell great doesn't it? I bet it tastes almost as good as you," she murmured, a hint of play in her voice.

I took a bite and my eyes closed as that salty taste tantalized my tongue and lingered there. "Oh, Xena. It's sooo good. Mmmmm... Uhhhhhnn... Ahhhhh..."
A creak at the door, revealing Ephiny's flushed face. When she saw the food, she must have realized that she was not interrupting an enticing moment between Xena and I like she had before.

"Smells great. Must taste good by the sounds of it."
Xena smiled with charm. "You can have half of mine if you're hungry."

"No, that's not necessary. I was just wondering if you two were awake yet, that's all. When I smelt fish I wasn't sure who was cooking. I almost suspected a mercenary."
Xena chuckled. "As soon as Gabrielle dressed and finishes her breakfast we will be on our way. I'm sure she has much to see."
Ephiny nodded and her footsteps echoed on the stairs. I never realized that she had her own particular house in the village, but was relieved she did. Any softer a bed and last night it would have been broken.

I felt Xena's lips on my cheek and then a soft tongue. "Nope. Definitely doesn't taste as good as you."
I turned to Xena and teasingly whispered "Take me warrior" into her ear, nibbling on the skin that covered it.

When she turned to kiss me passionately, I pulled away and grinned deliciously. "I was only joking, dear."
Xena's eyes sank with disappointment and then that teasing edge crawled back into them. "Don't make me move this tray."
"Well..." I pretended to think for a moment or two. This made Xena's muscles tense. I could tell by the flicker in her eyes and the way she sat as straight as an arrow. "Okay."
I munched happily on the food. The meal was excellent. I had no idea Xena could cook so fondly when she desired to. Another many skill of my lovely warrior. So many she had. i could begin to count them and be still reciting them hours later.

"Soo... How was it?" Xena asked, her hair tickling my cheek, causing me to giggle.

"It was divine, my love. A true feast."
Xena pecked my lips and then picked up the empty plates while I moved the tray to the bedside table. I looked around for my clothes and spotted them under the tray. They were neatly folded. Gods she was ahead of me by a long pace today.

"What put you in the mood to become a housekeeper?" I asked her curiously. I know, I know. Curiosity killed the cat, but I already knew the answer to my question. In addition, satisfaction brought the cat back. One of the bards I had been in contact with at the academy of bards long ago had told me the saying. I liked it a lot, although not many cats were found coming back from the dead. Not that I knew of, anyway.

"A simple question with a simple answer. After a night of love with you, it gets me excited. I get worked up and I have to perform some satisfying deed to top it off. Yesterday you didn't even eat the fish I brought back, so I decided today I would make it up to you since yesterday was such a rotten day."
"I love you."
This made her smile and flush creep up on her neck. I loved the affect I had on her when I spoke those three comforting words.

"I love you too, Gabrielle. More than anyone I ever have."
"I have to ask you something, Xena."
"What is it?" Xena asked. I recognized the concern in her voice.

"Out of all the men you have been intimate with... Well... Why would you choose me out of all of them? Even over Hercules!"

"It's another simple question, my love. No one has ever touched my heart in the way that you have. Not even the mighty Hercules makes me feel as satisfied as you do. You're special, Gabrielle. Very special. I admire and envy that and I never want to see you lose that. You're an idol to me. You're... everything."
She leaned forward and kissed me very slowly, deliberately to prove her point. "Now, get dressed. I'll wait in the kitchen for you. You have a lot of catching up to do and it's not with me."

"Will you dress me?" I blurted out. I hadn't really meant to, it's just... at a moment like that with Xena you really want to make up every excise to be as close to her as possible. The affect this woman has on me is astounding.

"I don't think-"
"Please. Just this once."
A sigh but Xena obediently reached for my clothes and unfolded them. In the next instant she was in front of me, her face extremely close to my neck as she reached behind me and then tightened the top perfectly around my breasts. When she laced it, I could feel intoxicating shivers tingle through me. With certain movements of those swift hands, her fingers brushed against the sides of my breasts, causing goosebumps to form on my arms.

"Gabrielle, I am really not sure I should put the skirt on, because-"
I placed it on her chest and her hands folded over it. "Oh, all right, but I am going to do it as quick as possible." She need not speak the desires she felt. I could verify them in just a glance of those majestic eyes.

She bent down and I could feel her breath, fast and full of heat, against my inner thighs. Immediately, I felt my clitoris begin to throb. I desperately wanted to put my hands on the he back of Xena's head and urge her tongue to run over the length of me. But, I didn't. Instead, I scolded myself. I had her all for myself last night. I didn't like being so greedy.

The skirt was now fastened and Xena slowly got up. "All set, sweetie."
"Thanks, Xena."
Xena smiled and lightly touched my shoulder. I leaned forward but she placed a finger on my needful lips in the "not now... maybe later" gesture.

I smiled thinly and nodded. I opened my mouth to speak but again a finger went to my mouth. I smiled and then stopped myself. "All right, all right. I'm sorry."
"Don't be. But, you have to understand that it was hard enough putting the clothes on."

I nodded. It certainly was the truth.

"I'm going out for awhile. You'd better get going," Xena murmured, turning around.

I gripped her arm just below the plates covering her shoulders. Fiercely, she turned around and before she could protest or react, my lips burned onto hers. She kissed me back tenderly, I could feel her breath on my lips as her tongue parted them, in search of my flavor.

I pulled back and her forehead rubbed valiantly against mine. Her breath tickled my cheeks, her bangs entangled with mine. Her breath whooshed out in ragged gasps.

Sadly, I watched her go. I wasn't quite sure what was up. She seemed distracted somehow. I wondered why and slipped out of the room to meet Ephiny.

At a Distance

I walked out of Ephiny's house before being spotted. I didn't even feel like talking to anyone, not even Gabrielle. My hormones raged uncontrollably around her. I needed to get away from that for awhile, even though she was almost always in my mind when I left and ached for her soft voice and young face.

I found a river nearby and sat on the edge of it, staring down into the water. A funny feeling crept over me. I sensed someone's presence and the someone was not mortal. I leapt to my feet and turned around in slow circles, hands in front of me in a combat stance.

A light flashed in front of me and there, standing before me, was that annoying blond Aphrodite. What the hell would she be doing here? I knew this was trouble if it was a visit from the goddess of love.

"Xena," she spoke my name in that sweet tone of hers. She stepped forward and traced a fingertip down my forearm, sending shivers through me. Angrily, I wrenched free from her fingers. I was angry that the goddess of love would dare try to seduce me, especially when she knew clearly how I felt for Gabrielle. After all, she was the one who had come to me and ordered me to confess my love to her. Now, that I did and we had been together for over two years, why in Hades did she bother to come back?
"Oh, Xena, don't be silly. I am not trying to seduce you, my dear. Although your touch is as rough as any man's..."

I interrupted her furiously. "Then, why the hell are you here? And, how would you know what my touch feels like?"
"I'm here to talk to you. After sharing that last kiss with Gabrielle you just waked out like nothing happened. It was part of my spell. Although, you could be going stale..."

"Part of your spell? What the hell is going on, Aphrodite?" I fumed. "No, our love is not nearly getting stale. It's stronger than it ever has been. Being the great goddess of love I thought you were aware of that. No, I came here to think. To be alone for once. Obviously that's impossible."

"You are sooo hot and sexy when you're mad," Aphrodite giggled, flicking her fingers, causing steam to boil out of my ears. This made her burst out laughing, blond hair shaking around her face.

I grabbed Aphrodite roughly with my hands on her shoulders and shook her violently back and forth like a rag doll. I was fire itself, burning her to ashes.

Aphrodite kissed me on the lips roughly to make me stop. I tried to pull away but her power was insistent. Anger, frustration and depression sunk through me. What I didn't know was that Gabrielle was watching this one kiss icily.

Finally, Aphrodite released her lips. I was trying not to cry, biting my lip so hard it began to bleed. I tasted blood in my mouth, but I shoved that aside. I was even more raged than I had been before. "What the hell!"

"By the Gods you're strong. Very strong. I really wish you could be a God, Xena. It would help your motivation of saving the world you know," she hypothesized, wiping the blood off my bottom lip with a tender finger. I tried to pull away but once again was forced not to by her powers. They were consuming me like alcohol.

"I just came here to check up on you. And, there's always the prospect of pissing you off. It was very fun. Xena, don't look at me like that. What I am really here for is to deliver a message from the Fates. They say you and Gabrielle need a break. That is why I kissed you. God, you two are so in love you can't even concentrate on other things. I perfectly agree with the Fates. You two are... mushy," Aphrodite said, disgust in her voice. But, then that cheery smile came back as soon as it vanished.

I grabbed that stupid smiling face and yanked her forward so it was inches from mine. "I don't want to give it a break. I don't need to motivate myself as a God. I need Gabrielle to motivate myself. If I lose her, I'm finished."
"You won't lose her, dear. Just be separated for her long enough to think about what is best for you two."

"What do you mean 'separated'? I told you I-"
"I hate to drop this on you, babe, but she witnessed the kiss. Sooooo..."
My face dropped which stopped her in mid-sentence. It formed into rage that even had Aphrodite shrinking back, trying to free herself from my viselike grip on her face. Ohhhhh, how I would love to rip my nails down it and watch her bleed. "What did you say?"

"I said-"

"I KNOW WHAT YOU SAID!" I yelled it so loud that Aphrodite covered her ears, her lip quivering. How I relished the fear on that beautiful, yet discriminating face.

"How could you do this to me? How could you? Do you understand what this will do to Gabrielle? To ME?"

Aphrodite struggled, but there was absolutely no way she could get out of my grasp. I furiously charged her backwards into a tall tree and crushed her there under my weight.

"Stop! Xena! I'm only trying to help! Believe me! It was the Fates idea, not mine!" Aphrodite wined, her face twisted into pain I was sure she couldn't physically feel.

"By splitting us up? Telling me we have to think! How could that help when I have nothing to think about? HOW?"
"Xena, please. Let go of me and I can explain," she protested, her voice a solid plead.

My grip loosened and Aphrodite straightened her flowing white dress.

"All right. So talk. Tell me why the fuck you would do this to me. Is it fun making your dominant subjects miserable? Is it fun to fill them with misery?"

"Hey-There is no need for that kind of language."
My hand reached for the hilt of my sword. Her face winced incredibly.

"Um, you know, just forget I said that, okay? You talk how you want, sweetie, that's fine. Um, sooo anyway. I talked to the Fates yesterday. They told me that if you two did not separate for an hour or so that Gabrielle would perish."

"Bandits. Right now she is speaking with Ephiny, telling her what she saw you do to me. She's the only person that knows about your relationship besides you and herself. Anyway, right now bandits are about to loot the town. If Gabrielle wasn't with Ephiny she wouldn't be protected. The bandits would capture her right away and take off. You would never see her again. Only once. With a slit throat and raped life."
I took an intake of breath. Suddenly, I was very happy about this visit. "So, what happens now?"
"You stop the bandits. Be careful, Xena. Not even a handful of Amazons can take them out. They are incredibly strong. it takes someone as manly an agility that you posses to stop them."
"Would you stop hitting on me?"
Aphrodite giggled. "Oh, come on, Xena. You know I am not that way. I may be a tease, but... Look... Xena... I am sorry I lead you on earlier. You guys really don't need to think about anything. You're perfectly fine. I was just..."

"Being an asshole? Well, that's normal for you, isn't it? At least you have the stomach to apologize, not many gods do." I paused. "After this is over you'll let Gabrielle know that the kiss meant nothing?"
"Of course I will. You should know me better, Xena. I'm sexy and loyal behind the mask. Now, go on. Hurry. They are almost here."

The Confusion

When Gabrielle came to me, she was crying hysterically. I held her tightly and then commanded her to sit down and speak what was on her mind. I hated to see a fellow Amazon in tears. Especially the one I cared for the most. It was very degrading.

She spoke to me about Xena and Aphrodite. This bothered me. A lot. I had never thought of the goddess of love in that sort of way. And, furthermore, I really didn't think that Aphrodite would fall for any mortal. Even Xena, who was beautiful and mighty, yes, but not teasing enough to belong to Aphrodite. And, I saw myself the way that Xena looked at Gabrielle. Something was wrong with what Gabrielle was telling me. Something was stirring the ale in the old man's drink. What, I wasn't quite sure of. But, I was determined to find out.

The Bandits Arrive

Even through my tears I could hear a commotion outside. And, then a holler of a familiar war cry. Xena, I thought, feeling more tears gush. How could she do this to me? And with Aphrodite?! The words Xena used to describe Aphrodite were pesky, a nuisance and as stupid as she looks. How could that change after all they had been through? How could she kiss another woman after sharing a bed with me?
Ephiny got up and ran outside. I followed. Xena was in trouble. She was fighting off five burly men who were twice her size. I could barely see her swinging her sword and fighting until she leapt through the air and flipped a tree only to kick one of the men square in the jaw. I couldn't help but worry. Though she had been cheating on me behind my back, I couldn't bear the thought of losing her. Even if I already had. I tried to move but couldn't. Some strange force had glued me to the ground. I could only move my head, which looked to the side. There was Aphrodite with that goofy grin on her face.

Anger bubbled through me. How I would love to wrap my hands around that bitch's neck and squeeze. I would relish in the sound coming from her dying mouth.

My head turned back to the fight. Blood poured down Xena's arm, yet I could see that she had already taken two of the men out. They lay in a helpless heap at her feet, already deceased. I could see Xena's powerful arm thrash and writhe as the concentration of the fight surged through every one of her senses that she was finding useful. Despite the horrific sight of the battle, she looked beautiful. Her face was twisted, but full of acceptance that she needed to kill to survive. It was a face I had often seen during sex. She needed to touch me in order to live, to taste the ice cream that dripped out of me.

Her eyes were a blizzard of snow cascading out of the sky. Her sword was the avalanche crushing the men. They fell to the ground, sagging like a doll with no stuffing filling it. Cheers erupted and the Amazons ran forward to pat Xena thankfully on the back. She had saved the day once again.

Our eyes met. It was a very uncomfortable moment. Her face sank and she walked towards me, arm sprawling and leaking blood onto her armor and hand. Finally, I could move.

"Stop right there, blondie," a voice from beside me. I turned around and angrily focused on Aphrodite's face. I was about to spit in it, when she raised a hand and my lips couldn't move.

"What you saw was false, Gabs. I purposefully kissed Xena so that you two wouldn't be near each other for a whole half hour. If you hadn't those bandits that just attempted to attack the village would have captured you. I don't think you really want to know what they would do to you before they killed you."
"I don't understand-"
"You don't have to understand, just believe," came another voice, this one from Xena.

I turned to her and our eyes met. She looked beautiful. She was flushed from the fight, her cheeks and neck were bright red, her breath releasing in deep strokes.

"That kiss meant nothing?"
"Nothing," Xena answered, attempting to raise her left hand but crying out in pain instead. Worry sank into me and I hung reached out for her. She held onto me loosely.

"My business here is done. Gabrielle?"
I turned to Aphrodite and looked hard at her face. "Yeah?"

She leaned close and whispered in my ear. "Xena would never cheat ton you. Not only that, she won't ever."
This made me smile with happiness. "Thank you," I whispered back.

Aphrodite vibrated and released that shrill giggle she always did when she was both excited and amused. With a sweep of her hand, she disappeared into thin air after a bright light collapsed my vision.

The End

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