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Gabrielle and Xena Adventures: A Collection Of Short Stories
Written By Brianna Phillips,
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Dear Reader,

This book is based on the hit television series Xena: Warrior Princess. The tales unfolded in this book are my responsibility. The television show's producer's, writer's, etc. had absolutely nothing to do with this book. I wrote it on my own time and all the ideas came from my head. There are only one or two mentions of events from the show, which I have not changed one bit. I do not expect this piece of writing to affect the show or affect the way that you think of Xena and Gabrielle and other characters on the show.

Inside this book you will discover a collection of short stories. None of them are real experiences from the show, although some of them mention small scenes from past episodes. For all who do read these stories, I really hope that you enjoy reading them as much as I did. I had a very fun time writing them. Please make sure you read the disclaimer. It is even more important than the introduction that I cooked up. Enjoy!


Xena and Gabrielle are not owned by me. I don't expect these stories to affect the show. I don't expect these stores to be true to fact. I just expect them to be stories that I made up with my mind and ones that I hope you enjoy.

Sex/Violence/Language warning!!!!!!!! (I do hope you read this disclaimer note before you read/spend money on this book).

This story is not for you if:

1. Two women of the same sex performing sexual behavior and having a sexual relationship bothers you. If this does bother you, pick up another frigging book and learn the ways of the world while you're at it! Now-a-days women are sharing many sexual contacts with each other. It's not unusual to see anymore. If it's against your religion then you should put this book down, unless you feel like being naughty or your religious and it does not bother you.

2. Violence makes you queasy. There are Xena: Warrior Princess stories. You have to expect violence from this kind of tale.

3. You're religious and against bisexual/lesbian females. This isn't the story to be reading if you are.

4. You're religious and swearing gets on your nerves or if you aren't religious and a couple swears upsets you. Their is a few uses of foul language in this book. I try to keep it few but sometimes it is just the way that people need to express themselves by.

With that being said, if you still hold this book in your hands, be proud. It wouldn't have been published if it wasn't decent, yes? If you purchase this book and then read the disclaimer note and you don't like this book anymore then I hope you learn to read the authors/disclaimer note before "wasting" your money. Proceed to the stories and enjoy them.

A Little Advice
Without The Price
Fate's Choice Ares' Prize,
Callisto's Revenge,
Ruler Of Nations,
Xena's Hope

Ares' Prize, Callisto's Revenge, Ruler Of Nations, Xena's Hope

Callisto's Chance

Men screamed. They flailed their arms but the torture continued. Sometimes they would touch her to end the pain. Which delighted her. She ripped off their fingers, she cut off their arms, she stuck her sword into their stomachs.

Since Xena put her in Tartarus, things had been dreary. That bitch had stabbed her when she had been laughing when Gabrielle and Hope plummeted into a pit of fiery death. Callisto had rather liked the image. It was sooo... nice.

The world flashed. The screaming stopped. Fresh air filled her lungs. Blue sky formed above her. Ares stood in front of her.

"I need a favor," he said solemnly. He was draped in a black cloak that hung loosely around his shoulders. He looked good. His curly hair was longer than it had last been and his beard was almost completely gone.

"What favor? I mean, you have asked many these past years. I am sick of doing your bidding."
"Look around you, Callisto. You're not in Tartarus anymore. You're free. Be a good girl and do something for me. I know you'll enjoy it."
"What am I suppose to do?"
"It's really very simple. Look ahead of you."
Callisto did. What she saw excited her. It was Xena and Gabrielle rolling around naked, touching each other all over, moaning loudly. She laughed hysterically. How naughty those two were. How dead she was going to make them. She reached for her sword.

"Wrong. You are going to bring Gabrielle to me."
"What the hell is that going to do?"
"Lure Xena to you, of course. And, once she comes..." he held up something. Callisto wasn't sure what it was at first. When it glowed, she identified it as a control stone. With it, you could posses any mortal you pleased. Now, she understood.

"I take over Xena."
"That's right. Do you understand what Xena can do? She can destroy nations."
"Are you a fool? I've studied her ever since she killed my parents. I know everything she can do. Although, I wasn't quite sure if that annoying brat and her were sharing a bed. How delightful that is. It makes Gabrielle a prime target. And, I will kill her."
"Wrong again. Gabrielle remains unharmed."
Callisto became furious. "What do you mean unharmed?! I want her dead!"
"She will die. She knows what a control stone is. Once Xena is possessed she will run to the cave where I hid the cure elixir long ago. It is heavily trapped. There is no way she is going to get by it. Maybe I will let you cut her up into pieces after she's dead."
"Why don't you let me do that before she goes to the cave. I can take her! I want to kill that little bitch!"
"Because, the traps I have planted are going to be even more excruciating than you can imagine."
This made Callisto smile. "I'll let them finish. In fact I think I might watch."
"Take this, my dear. It will cloak you. They won't be able to see or hear you."
He placed the object into Callisto's hand and she disappeared in an instant. No one could see her except him.

"Go. Make me proud," Ares said, his tone hungry for Xena's control.

"I will make myself proud."


I curled up into a ball and smiled up at Xena. She smiled back, running her fingers tenderly through my hair. The sensations of her touch remained and I found myself drowning in them. Once I surfaced with deep breaths, I snuggled my face in the curve of her neck. When she spoke, her voice sounded directly in my ear.

"We have to go soon."
"I know. I just want to lay here a moment longer," I answered, touching her bare breasts with my hands. Her breathing deepened and small moans escaped her throat. Her nipples hardened easily under my touch. It had been a week since we had traveled from the Amazon village. We hadn't made love since then. Although we had wanted to, many encounters stopped us.

I captured her nipple with my mouth and bit down gently, careful not to hurt her but instead make her arch for me. She did.

A half hour later we were fully dressed and ready to leave. I was about to go towards Xena when a hand clamped down on my shoulder and spun me around.

I tried to scream but a filthy hand clamped over my mouth. I recognized the blond hair, the deceiving eyes, the luscious but sickening body. Callisto.

She whispered in my ear. "Hello, hotty." She began to nibble on it and when I bit down on her hand, hard enough to draw blood, she did not scream.

"You can't hurt me you little bitch. It's time for us to go. Ares will be pleased. But, first..."

An Unexpected Visitor

"Gabrielle, ready to.... go?" I looked around but she wasn't there. That's when I saw her, Callisto's hand clamped over her mouth. I felt fear jet through my veins and show in my eyes. I reached for my sword, only resulting Callisto to press a dagger against my lover's throat.

"Xena... Xena. It's so divine to see you again. It looks like your in a bind, now doesn't it? You want your little playmate to live so you can taste her again? I think I enjoy her taste as much as you do, my darling..."
I watched in disgust as Callisto licked a trail of spittle up Gabrielle's cheek. The dagger was pressed too hard onto Gabrielle's throat for her to struggle. One move and her throat would be slit.

"Xena..." came a hoarse cry from Gabrielle.

"Let her go, Callisto. Take me instead," I offered, stepping forward.
"Oh, how brave of you, Xena. Ares has other plans."
"Ares... God damn it! Why can't you fucking gods leave us alone."
"Because we just love the woman warrior you have blossomed into, my sweet Xena."

"Come on, Callisto. Don't you want to have a piece of me, huh? Come on, bitch. Let's see what you got since I sent you to Hades."
"Not this time, Xena. But, I promise there will be a next time," she promised, blowing me a kiss.
They disappeared. I wasn't sure how. But, both of them were suddenly gone. I checked the ground. They had left tracks. Two. One from Callisto and one from Gabrielle.

I saddled Argo and took off after the tracks.

Callisto Returns

"You did good. Give her to me."
Callisto obliged, chucking me into Ares's arms. I humphed when I hit his mass of strength.

"She's going to be coming soon. I did what you said. I left tracks," Callisto murmured, twirling her dagger around in her hands.

I struggled against Ares, but it did no good. We were in a large temple and even if I reached the large doors of it, I still couldn't escape. He had a tight grip on my arms and I knew he wouldn't let go.

I watched as Ares handed Callisto a control stone. My heart sank. Xena had warned me about this particular stone. It was deadly, you could even control Hercules with it. You could control any given mortal. That's when I knew... Xena... I prayed to the Gods she hadn't found the tracks and she hadn't gone after me. But, I knew she had. Despairingly, I knew she had. She'd never let me go. Ever.

"Don't do this, Ares. Don't do this!" I cried in rage, struggling helplessly against him, beating at his broad chest.

He gripped my arms and hurt my wrists. I cried out in pain.

"Come on, Gabrielle. The world is going to be a better place with my prize, Xena. She'll make an excellent ruler of nations."
"Xena will not go back to that!"

"With this, she will," Callisto marveled, holding up the control stone.

"Callisto, please. Don't do this... please..."

"Oh, how cute... she's begging. Ares do you mind if I cut her tongue out?"
"Yes," Ares murmured, running his fingers through my hair.

I wrenched and kicked, but I was no match. He pinned me to the nearest wall. "Keep it up and I will let her kill you. And, I'll make Xena watch. Don't think I won't!"
"You're not going to kill her," came a familiar voice from behind me.

"Xena!" I cried, leaping past Ares before he could reach and running into her arms. She held me tightly, rocking me back and forth.

"Now, Ares."
An audible click was head. Doors opened to the side and screaming men charged out. I hid behind Xena, not having my staff with me, as she cut through them with her sword, immense strength surging through her powerful arms.

I ran for the stone. Callisto grabbed me by the throat and lifted me up. I cried and struggled, my feet kicking, my air shutting out. I was blacking out. Her grip wasn't loosening but to me it felt numb and not even there anymore.

The grip was lost and I fell to the floor, gasping and coughing, regaining my breath in long gasps.

Callisto cried out in pain. Her hands gone, Xena had cut them completely off with her chakrum.

That's when I grabbed the stone. Callisto's fingers were wrapped tightly around it, but I didn't care. As long as I had the stone they couldn't take Xena away from me.

The men were down. Xena cleared a path for me and I ran outside the temple, Xena fast behind me. She hoisted me up onto Argo and caught on herself. We turned around when Ares cornered us in front of Argo.

Argo bucked and turned to the side. I couldn't hold on. I fell off before Xena could catch me and the stone rolled out of my hands. When I hit the ground, the world went black.

The Change

When I came to, I was laying against something soft. I shook my head and sat up, immediately regretting it when the pain became walking stairs on my face.

The dizziness and numb pain stopped. My eyes swam into focus and I gasped. Xena was chained. All that remained on her was her white cloth that was her last layer. Her armor was completely gone. Her eyes were closed. She remained still even as I sat up.

I approached her cautiously and pressed a hand to her cheek. It was warm. She was alive.

Xena stirred and her head snapped up. I screamed. I couldn't help myself. Her eyes were glowing the color of the stone. She growled and snarled and thrashed at the chains.

"Stop, Xena." Callisto's voice.
Xena ceased, panting and gasping, her eyes sinking to demonic green.

"No.... No.... NO!" I cried, clawing at my hair.

"Oh, yes, Gabrielle. Consider yourself lucky. You're the first one to witness the demonic Xena. The one that was long and buried in a small cell of her brain. The one that you destroyed. But, she's back now. Oh, yes, she is..." Callisto murmured, purring and rubbing the back of her hand against Xena's cheek.

"Kiss me, Xena," Callisto murmured.

The stone grew red, as did Xena's eyes. They closed as she planted a firm kiss on Callisto's full lips.

I started to cry. I knew Callisto was doing this so I would. But, I couldn't stop. The tears kept coming. I had lost. Lost my love, my warrior. Lost... Xena... Everything we had fought for and yearned for... gone. GONE!
I slammed my fist on the ground. Over and over until I felt a bone crack. I ignored the pain that fired up my arm. I was yanked hard to my feet and shoved into Xena's arms, now unchained.

I looked up into those evil eyes. The majestic blue I had so loved to get lost in was gone. Vanished.

I cried harder. The touch that Xena held me with was no longer comforting. It was cold. So cold. The heat that swelled her veins was gone. She was gone.

I pounded on Xena's chest. She seemed not to notice. I couldn't halt my fists. They continued to pound on the broad bone's covering Xena's ribs.

My hands were forced tightly behind me and I was shoved to the ground. Callisto stood over me, as did Xena. They both stared down at me.

"We're going to have fun with you, Gabrielle," Callisto murmured, bending down and tracing my chin with her fingertip. I wrenched my face to the side and the touch was gone.

"Stop right now, Callisto," Ares said from behind me, stepping inside the room and hauling me to my feet.

"Give me the stone," he commanded, reaching out his hand.

I wanted to grab it. But, even if I did and I ordered Xena to take on Ares and Callisto, she would be no match against the both of them. The stone would be taken back or Xena would be killed. I would be killed. I was Xena's hope. Xena's only hope.

I knew I had to leave. I had to leave before things got worse. Xena had told me where the cure was. In Ares's cave. Only Hercules knew where the traps were. I had to find him.

Covering Ground

I snuck out of the temple when Callisto and Ares turned back to Xena. By then it was night. I looked up and watched the sky. The stars were nowhere in sight.

Argo whinnied. I mounted her and let out a shrill whistle. She took off immediately.

I rode all night. By morning, I was back into Amazon territory. I had covered good ground.

"Gabrielle, you're back. But, without Xena?" Ephiny said, holding out her hand as I dropped off of Argo. My body was trembling.

"Gabrielle, are you okay?"
"Xena... control stone... Uhhhhhn..."

Dots formed in my eyes and my legs disappeared into oblivion. I sank into Ephiny's arms and then passed out.


Ephiny came with me to search for Hercules. She hadn't seen him in over a year. We both knew the search may become impossible. But, he had traveled to the cave where Ares hid all the cures to certain stones. He got by all the traps easily, without setting any off. If I could do that myself I would save some time. But, I'd die in there. I know that for sure.

Two days passed and we already had word of Xena's destruction. One woman told us that she had killed the women, children, men, babies, everything. Looted the town, burnt it into ashes. She was the only one to survive. Her family now deceased.

My breath caught. I didn't want to hear it. I wanted the old Xena back. The one I adored and loved and cherished. I told myself to get off it. That it would only make things worse if I thought about the love we shared.

Three days later, we finally received a lead. A young man said that Hercules had helped saved the town from an evil warlord just hours ago and he was on his way to Athens. We were lucky. Athens was not far away. A day or two on foot for Hercules and 15 hours or so with Ephiny and I on horseback. We might even catch up to him.

The Destruction

Callisto watched Xena light the town up with fire. It licked her skin, warming her, enveloping her with glorious heat. She instructed Xena to stand by her and Xena complied. Oh, it was darling to command the great Warrior Princess with just a movement of her lips. She was so strong. So glorious. Much more powerful when she wasn't around that annoying blond Gabrielle. This showed the destruction and power she could wield.

Ares used the stone for pleasure. It was sickening. He ordered Xena to touch him in places that Callisto really didn't like to hear spoken out loud, especially around Ares. Callisto couldn't believe what he was wasting. Time and destruction. In these three days of beholding Xena they could have destroyed a mass of ten or fifteen towns. And, because of Ares sexual side they hadn't accomplished that yet. Only three towns. With the help of Ares and Callisto Xena was indestructible against the pitiful men and women who attacked her. Callisto mostly sat back and laughed when they attempted to strike Xena down. It was pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. Soon she would rule the world.


"Hercules! Hercules!" I cried, leaping off Argo and running to him. He caught me in his powerful arms and hugged me tightly.

"Gabrielle? What is it? What's wrong?" he asked, setting me down and placing strong hands on my shoulders, his long brown hair flowing around his shoulders.

"You have to help me. You have to. The world and my life depend on it."
"Sit down and tell me," he said, guiding me to a nearby log and sitting me down on it while Ephiny hovered nearby, glancing around for something to eat or drink, something to help me keep my cool.

"I need the cure," I said, my hands clinging to his skin.

"The cure? For what?" he asked, his hazel eyes burning into mine. His face was handsome and somewhat comforting to see. I dimly wondered where Iolaus had gone and then focused on telling him the whole nature of the problem we needed to face together.

"Callisto and Ares captured Xena with the control stone. She's already taken out three villages. The women, the children, everyone! If we don't get the stone back there will be even more deaths, even more destruction. Callisto won't stop. I know her. We have to get the cure to the control stone."
"The cave is five days away from here on foot and I-"

"You can ride on Argo with me. We need to cheat time, Hercules, before this gets any worse."
"The horses will save us two days. We'd better get going."
He mounted Argo, pulling me up with him. He was just as strong as Xena. I was surprised she could wield the strength of a demi-god like Hercules. She was amazing. Evil now... crazy. She needed to be stopped. And, I was going to be the one to save her.


Callisto watched as Xena stared at the campfire. Her eyes were still glowing that awesome color. It was a very light green. It lit up that now evil face of Xena. So beautiful. So sexy. Callisto would love to claw it. But, she knew better. Xena was the key to all the villages they had conquered. Nine today. How she'd relished the way the people screamed when the magnificent grace of Xena's sword stuck through them, killing them.

Callisto found herself surprised that none of the Gods had barged in yet. They were usually ripe with anger when a God abused their power. Ares always did. She hated Ares, although he was the one who had taken her from Tartarus. It was nice to be in the real world. Very nice.

"Xena?" Callisto said.

Immediately the head struck upwards and those glowing eyes met Callisto's.

"Come sit next to me."
Xena did.

"Touch me."
A hand went to Callisto's shoulder.


Xena squeezed and Callisto winced. God, the power. Even with a simple pinch Xena could have any opponent crying out in pain and begging for mercy. She was incredible. Even phenomenal. And now she was Callisto's.

"Talk to me, Xena."
"What do you want me to say?" came the hollow response. The stone had dimmed Xena's voice and made it ghost-like.

"How much you enjoy my company."
"How much you enjoy my company," Xena repeated, thinking that was what Callisto asked her to say.

Callisto laughed and gently slapped Xena's cheek. Normal Xena would have furiously struck back. This Xena acted nonchalant. Like nothing happened.

"Oh, Xena, I adore you when you're under my control. We both knew that goodie-goodie act of yours was never going to last," she traced a finger down Xena's cheek.

"And, now, you're mine. So much for Gabrielle. Doesn't Ares please you even more than she did? He seems to want to fuck you every second. What do you feel like Xena? Hmmm? What's that sexy skin of yours feel like when it's throbbing?"
Xena said nothing. She merely sat still and stared hard at Callisto while hands roamed her body. Inside she was screaming. She was still there but something was holding her back. Some strange power had a hold on her that she could not get rid of. She wanted to scream. To shout. But, all she could do is obey orders. She began to tremble. It wasn't for Callisto's greedy hands. It was for her freedom, which she could not have.

The Cave

The cave was dimly lit by torches. The mouth of the cave was covered with black. When Hercules walked in, he was swallowed by the gaping shadows. All Ephiny and I could do now was wait. Wait for his return with the cure.

Hours passed. They were long and boring and somewhat suspenseful. I had no idea where Hercules was in the cave and when he was going to return. Or if Ares replanted the traps and he had caught one and died. Many questions without answers merged into my brain. I rubbed at my temples warily.

Just when the sun was retreating behind the mountains, Hercules reappeared, a vial in his hand.

"Thank the Gods! Is that the cure?" I asked, approaching Hercules. His arm was slightly cut, a little blood leaking out.

"Yeah, it's the cure. We need to hurry though. Find out Xena's location."
"Is your cut okay?"
"Just a scratch," Hercules murmured, smiling slightly at me.

I ripped a piece of cloth off of my sleeve and tied it around Hercules arm to stop the bleeding. He smiled and we decided to camp the night. The trails were useless in the dark, they were even hard to detect during the day. It would be extremely difficult to get back and the chances were great of us losing our way.

I tried to sleep. I couldn't. All I could think about was the evil eyes that I had looked into when the change overcame Xena. It was sickening. It made my stomach roll in hard waves that made the night spin.

I slept little. Hercules noticed my wariness and we stayed up for awhile, talking about previous adventures. I had never been so honestly open with a man, besides Perdicus and I really didn't want to think of him right now. Not at a time like this. Not now.

"And, now we're down to the day when Xena told me..." I stopped. Could I tell Hercules? Could he understand the love that Xena and I had shared? Hercules and Xena had once shared a bed too. For all I know he could be thinking of Xena in a more-than-friendly way, as I always did. Once you fell for her you couldn't stop. That was the hold Xena had pressed onto men. Onto me. I knew I was the only woman she had ever been intimate with. She had a magic charm that not many grasped so firmly. Could Hercules sense that charm? By the look in his eyes he was very curious about what Xena had told me.

"Xena told you...?"
"Hercules, there's something we must discuss."
"What is it?" He asked, placing his hand over mine. I knew it was a friendly gesture but I couldn't help my fear. I was shaking and not even aware of it.

"Are you okay, Gabrielle? Everything all right?"
"It's just that, um... Well, before I tell you I have to ask... I was wondering if you still... had feelings for Xena, that's all."
There I said it. I spit it out like an idiot. I felt like an idiot. Why would I tell him anyway? Because he wanted to still be intimate with Xena? She hadn't seen him in a long time. Had the feelings remained in his heart? All I had knowledge of was that I had to find out.

"To tell you the truth, I am not so sure. Last time I saw her... she seemed... different. Like..."
"Like?" I asked, anxious for him to continue. The uneasy feeling I had felt moments ago was now gone. The feeling of trust for Hercules had washed over me again. I was swimming in it.

"Like she was in love with you. I see it in your eyes, Gabrielle."
I pulled back, unsure of what to say. When he politely asked again what Xena told me I continued.

"Well, Xena isn't much of a poet, or a writer or even a storyteller. She's the opposite of me. But, that night she handed me a scroll. On it was a note. It said a lot of things. Mostly how she felt about me. The desires, the love, the need, the want. The way she had put the words together was... Was..."
"Beautiful?" Hercules asked, again placing his hand over mine and wiping away the tear that had rolled down my cheek.

"Yes... I never knew she could write so well. Xena was no good at explaining her feelings. Until that night of course. That's when everything came together..."

"Whatever floats your boat," he said, chuckling, putting a beefy arm around my shoulders.

An hour later, I finally fell asleep.


The town was completely annihilated. Smoke fled off the buildings and tables, dead corpses burned and scarred scattered all over the ground. Blood poured out of victims gaping wounds.

My stomach clenched. I felt a tear fall down my cheek. The woman that I so loved had done this. Had murdered over fifty souls with absolutely no sign of mercy. I fell to my knees and threw up. The stench of the corpse's was rendering me helpless and making me dizzy. The smell of death infested my lungs and made me puke all over again.

Hercules hoisted me onto Argo and we rode on. I tasted my sickness in my mouth and found myself spitting to the side. I was disgusted, hurt, angry, nauseous, scolded and upset. This madness had to end.

I heard a familiar war cry. Gods, it was Xena! Clashing of swords sounded and Argo galloped harder. She broke into a run and I clung onto Hercules with all my might. Once Argo stopped, Hercules flipped and grabbed Xena from behind.

She kicked the vial out of his hand. I was stunned. It flew through the air and at that moment everything stopped. I felt my heartbeat pound on my chest. I stood up and leaped as fast as I could. I landed with a solid thud and felt a rib crack. The vial landed between my breasts.

I gasped for air, the pain in my chest excruciating. I could hardly breath and I definitely couldn't move. Pain throbbed through every vein in my body. The world was swaying back and forth. And, then I felt hands on me. Strong hands caressing my hair and a familiar touch wiping the blood from my mouth.

I looked up. Xena. Her eyes were normal now, surpassed by that jubilant blue of the sky's color. Her hair cascaded over my face, tickling my cheeks. I tried to giggle but I couldn't. I tried to speak and I couldn't do that either. I was frozen. I was too hurt to do anything except embrace the darkness that was surrounding me.

Waking Up

Faint voices. My vision was very blurry. I could see close faces over me but because of the sloppy vision I couldn't make them out. There were whispers, slow and confusing, above me. And, then, everything came into focus. First Ephiny. Second Hercules. And then, Xena. Oh, Xena... Oh, my love! She looked stunning and beautiful. That smile curved on her lips as the realization that I had woken up coursed through her and I opted to smile back with all my might. How I ached to drown in that husky voice she spoke to me with.

"It's all right, Gabrielle, you're going to be fine," she spoke.

I tried to move my arm but it felt like something was sitting on it. I could barely feel it. My legs worked, my toes worked but not my arms. My head moved to the side fine and my hearing and vision were correct. So, why not my arms?

I remembered. I had leapt off Argo onto the hard ground below me, only to save the elixir that had rescued my warrior's life. Oh, Xena if only I could tell you how much I feel for you at this moment, my deepest love.

Having Xena back was like having the power that had corrupted her mind with that stone. I felt on top of everything. Felt like I could move mountains if only I could move my arms. I wanted to sit up. I wanted to move. But, I couldn't. My breath would hardly cooperate. I fell back into a dreamless sleep.


I looked down at my younger lover. I faintly caressed her cheek with the pad of my thumb, only to have her nuzzle it in response, although she was fast asleep. She was almost healed. With the medical treatment attended to her she would be fully aware of her surroundings in a week or so. She had broken one rib while saving the elixir that had cured my disease.

I never wanted to go back to that again. The feelings of helplessness and sorrow that I had felt had been the worst experience I had ever faced. I would rather die than feel it again.

Hades had risen after discovering that Callisto was no longer in the underworld. Ares had fled like a coward once he saw Hades. He had taken off like a bad habit.

The things he did to me aroused my thoughts. He had raped me countless times. I did not want to have a child by him. Ever. The only thing I wanted was to know that Gabrielle was okay and she had not given up on me. And, now that I did know that, my soul was at peace. However, there were things to worry about. If I was going to have a child, if everything was going to be okay or not if I did have a child.

I would destroy it. There was no doubt about that. The last thing I wanted was another demi-god. With my strength and Ares' polluted mind, the child would be a devastation. Hercules had deserved to be born. He was a living legend much like myself. If I bore the child, it would be an evil vessel that should never have been born.

I continued to caress Gabrielle's cheek. At least we would face this unease together.


Callisto felt the needle pinch into her. She screamed in agony. For her crimes she was now being punished. Everything had been so right. And, now they called it wrong!

Another dull pain that sharpened like a taut string. She screamed louder and writhed against the chains bounding her.

"Until next time, Xena... Until.... next time...."

The End

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