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Xena: Warrior Princess, Gabrielle, Argo and all other characters who have appeared in the syndicated series Xena: Warrior Princess, together with the names, titles and backstory are the sole copyright property of MCA/Universal and Renaissance Pictures. No copyright infringement was intended in the writing of this fan fiction. All other characters, the story idea and the story itself are the sole property of the author. This story cannot be sold or used for profit in any way. Copies of this story may be made for private use only and must include all disclaimers and copyright notices.

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Love/Sex Warning/Disclaimer:
This story depicts an intense love/sexual relationship between two consenting adult women. If you are under 18 years of age or if this type of story is illegal in the state or country in which you live, please do not read it. If depictions of this nature disturb you, like other fan fiction authors, I feel sorry for you. Otherwise, enjoy the love shared between these beautiful women.

The Letter

by Zeta

The room was covered with rugs and tapestries and scented with perfumed incense, candles and a myriad of exotic plants and flowers. Shut out from the world with her companion, Gabrielle was thankful they were spending the night at Aphrodite's Inn in Athens.

The adventures of Xena, Warrior Princess, had taken their toll on the Amazon Queen and she was tired. She welcomed the roof over her head and the warmth of the fire after the long stretches of isolated, wooded paths and the exhausting battles. Nonetheless, she still felt guarded and apprehensive, as if someone was watching her.

Extending her hands to the heat of the fireplace, Gabrielle glanced in Xena's direction and saw her sitting on the canopied bed, her tantalizing copper-toned body wrapped only in a towel. Gods, Xena looks so astoundingly beautiful tonight, thought Gabrielle. Sensing it was no ordinary night, a wind of desire swept over her and erotic light shined from her eyes. What a temptation to pull the towel off and...

When their journey began, Gabrielle beheld a rugged warrior of few words who was distant and indifferent to her. With the passage of time, she witnessed Xena's warrior façade slowly fade away. Gabrielle didn't realize just how instrumental she was in this momentous transformation. Their friendship deepened and they bonded like family. Yet, an intense hunger haunted the bard. Gabrielle's thoughts drifted to one night in particular when her erotic fevers overpowered her.

It was a hot summer's night and they had shed their clothes to ease the blistering heat and get some much-needed sleep. They slept on opposite sides of the campfire, but this night, their bedrolls were dangerously close. Gabrielle remembers gazing at the sensual sleeping beauty; even Xena's sleep possessed a powerful aura of attraction, an attraction she had denied since the first day they met in Potadeia.

Tormented by her hunger, Gabrielle desperately wanted to reach over and touch Xena's luminous and glowing skin. The temptation was almost unbearable, but she didn't dare. She was afraid of her obsessive feelings. Night after night, the intense hunger continued to haunt her.

Ultimately, the strong sensations of desire pierced through Gabrielle's veil of denial and she realized she had fallen in love with the Warrior Princess. She just didn't know what to do! What would Xena think? Did Xena feel the same way about her? Perhaps, but was the risk worth losing their friendship?

She stole another look at her sweetheart. She had never seen Xena like this before – so intoxicatingly beautiful. Xena suddenly glanced up at her and Gabrielle resisted being seduced by her hypnotic eyes.

Gods, here we go again, Gabrielle murmured to herself. She could no longer bear the torment; she was going to tell Xena the truth of her being. "Xena...," she muttered abruptly, but fear overpowered her words and silence captured her tongue.

"Yes, Gabrielle," inquired Xena.

"Ummmm, how was your bath," winced Gabrielle, angry with herself for being so timid.

"Purrfect", said Xena with an inviting smile. Again, Gabrielle dare not look into Xena's bewitching eyes for fear she'd be exposed.

What happened next really intrigued the bard's poetic cravings. Nonchalantly, Xena picked up Gabrielle's scroll and began to write.

Hmmmm...., she thought to herself. What could she possibly be writing?

A few moments passed and Xena ceased writing.

As the light of the candle danced wildly about the room, Gabrielle felt a mysterious magnetic energy caress her and then pull her across the room, commanding her to sit next to the Warrior Princess on the bed.

Reaching out, Xena lovingly handed the parchment to her companion. No words were exchanged, but Xena's eyes said - read this Then, Xena laid back comfortably on the bed, stretching out her tantalizing long body.

Curiously aroused, yet trembling, Gabrielle accepted the parchment and nervously began to read. This is what was written:

Gabrielle, you know that I'm a warrior of few words - you do the sensitive chats. We have become the best of friends and I would like to tell you how much I value you as a person and as a fine friend, whom I've come to love very much. But, I just don't know how to tell you this...

Gabrielle's heart sunk. No doubt about it, Xena had grown tired of her and was going to tell her it was time for them to go their separate ways. She was crushed but continued reading...

These words are an expression of what my lips dare not speak. I don't want to lose what we have, but I can no longer restrain my silence, or my heart. I once told you that our friendship binds us closer than any family ever could.

For so long now, I've wanted more than friendship from you. I worship you! My dearest Gabrielle, I have fallen in love with you. I think I fell in love with you the first moment I laid eyes on you in Potadeia.

This is a new kind of love for me. I never thought that I could ever derive any pleasure or delight in another woman. What a delight being with you has been!

You are so beautiful, so very appealing. I am insane with desire! Dare I say I have wondered what your rich lips would feel like upon mine and what your breasts would feel like in my mouth?

I perceive you feel the same way too, but I can't be sure. What do you want? Is this happening as I think?

Gabrielle's heart beat wildly as Xena's words reached right into the center of her aching being. She savored every written word. Feeling the years of frustration melt away, the bard picked up her quill and began to pen her response. The words flowed freely as she had rehearsed them in her mind many nights, as she lay captive by the fireside with her sweetheart. This is what she wrote:

By the gods Xena, I can't believe what I'm reading! I've wanted to say those same words to you for so long now. I knew in my heart that we were more than friends, but I just didn't know what to do.

My beloved Xena, from the first moment I gazed into your enchanting eyes and gentle heart, I knew that I loved you. How could I not? You once said I was your source. We are bonded and we belong together!

As you know, the only one I've ever been with is Perdicus and that was only for one night. I feel awkward and inexperienced as a lover. I worry I will not measure up to your sexual powers, Borias' or the others.

But, you have awaked and aroused my body and my soul and I want to get lost in passion and consummate our love. My precious, I want to feel your arms around me and your lips pressed upon mine. I want to satisfy my fiery fantasies. I am madly in love with you, Xena.

I'm sure you've noticed, but there is only one bed in this room tonight and I don't want to sleep alone in it. You once said that I taught you about kindness, mercy and love. You also have taught me so much! Will you teach me tonight too?

Yes, this is happening as you think!

Their hands touched tenderly as Gabrielle passed the parchment to her sweetheart. Still, no words were exchanged. Gabrielle thought she would go insane, as Xena read the next chapter of what the bard would title "The Letter" when next she wrote in her scrolls. She wouldn't even have to pen the tale; it was already there.

Dreamlike, Gabrielle lay back on the red satin sheets and closed her eyes. Her heart continued to beat wildly and now her body was on fire.

As Xena read, teardrops ran down her cheeks. For so long now, she had wanted to unleash this passionate love locked deep inside of her. What a miracle to have found the key.

She set the parchment on the table and gazed over at Gabrielle's young body lying next to her on the bed, begging to be satisfied.

Xena's flesh throbbed. IT WAS TIME!

Xena took Gabrielle's soft hand and seductively kissed it. "Gabrielle...," she whispered. Their eyes finally met, the secrets of their hearts revealed. Xena then cupped Gabrielle's face in her hand, brushed back her blonde hair and again gazed into her erotic green eyes, eyes greener than the sea.

"Come into my arms where you belong," said Xena. Gabrielle buried her head into Xena's chest, and their energies merged into a blissful one.

"I always told you your breasts were dangerous, Xena." Gabrielle's childlike innocence was beginning to fade away.

"Gabrielle, you make my mouth water, I want you more than I have ever wanted anyone - you belong to me", whispered Xena deliberately in Gabrielle's ear.

That was all she had to say. "Take me Xena, I'm yours. I've always been yours".

At long last, Xena's mouth fell upon her lover's wet lips. Gabrielle nearly lost consciousness as Xena kissed her furiously without end.

Then, Xena's teeth sought out her lover's throat and bit into the soft young flesh, hurting ever so little. "Xena, what a delicious pain - bite harder," pleaded Gabrielle as she buried her sharp nails into Xena's muscular shoulders. Xena gave her what she wanted and the beauty cried out.

Delicately, the Warrior Princess laid the Amazon Queen down on the bed and unveiled the towels from their bodies. They lay naked and exposed.

Xena wanted to push open Gabrielle's knees right there but tempered her desire and controlled her cravings with the knowledge - there is time, a lifetime. Summoning her composure, Xena's hands endlessly encircled Gabrielle's entire body with delight, her hands going everywhere she wanted them to go. Dreaming of being taken, Gabrielle willingly surrendered to her arousing touch. "Ummm, that feels so good, Xena."

Next, Xena turned Gabrielle over and glided her hot tongue down Gabrielle's delicious back, sending shivers throughout her entire body. "Do you like that?" Xena asked confidently.

"Ummmmm, don't stop," begged Gabrielle, wanting more!

Xena seductively kissed and massaged Gabrielle's back and enjoyed feeling the smoothness of her lover's flawless skin, the richness of her hips... thighs...and powerful legs.

"Turn over, Gabrielle," commanded Xena. Their erotic eyes and wet lips met once again.

"I love you, Gabrielle."

"I love you, Xena."

Her own nipples hardened as Xena stroked Gabrielle's breasts. "Let me love your breasts," said the warrior as she suckled Gabrielle's tempting nipples with her luscious mouth.

"I'm so turned on," moaned Gabrielle, which brought a mischievous smile to Xena's face.

"Me too, Gabrielle. This is our night - all night!"

Inhaling the scent of her lover's body, Xena's excitement was tremendous. She erupted like a volcano.

"Gabrielle, I want you now and I'm going to have you - all of you."

Xena fell lower on her lover's body and buried her head between her legs, her tongue hard and swift. The warrior raised the bard's legs and rested them on her strong shoulders.

"Gods, Xena," Gabrielle cried out as honey flowed from her.

"Ummmmm," moaned Xena.

Joy permeated throughout Gabrielle's entire body and healed the secret wound of her hunger. She came in a burst of pleasure, crying. "Ohhhhhh, XENA - you're so good". Unable to speak, Xena thought to herself - I have many skills!

Not allowing Gabrielle to catch her breath, Xena pulled herself up and put the weight of her body upon her lover's. Gabrielle felt Xena's strong biceps and realized that the Warrior Princess was beyond man and woman. A legend was making love to her! This aroused Gabrielle even more.

Sensing her longing, Xena tightly grasped Gabrielle's hands, extended them out from her body and held her down. "You're my prisoner, Gabrielle".

Gabrielle sensed that Xena felt great pleasure in dominating her.

"Slave to your love", said the hostage obediently.

Like a raging animal, Xena fiercely plunged back and forth against Gabrielle, their fervent bodies burning from the friction, their legs intertwined. Before long, Xena placed her hand where it could give the greatest pleasure and thrust her fingers inside Gabrielle.

Gabrielle screamed!

"Does that hurt, Gabrielle?"

"No! I want to feel your strength - show me how strong you are - give it all to me! Please...." begged Gabrielle! Xena gave her what she wanted, her strong fingers rhythmically penetrating like a penis, only much better. The thrusts aroused her so much she was biting into the sheets. Gabrielle opened her entire body to her and exploded with delight.

The warrior lay next to her lover on the bed and scooped her up into her arms.

"I was meant to make love to you tonight," stated Xena emphatically.

Gabrielle slipped into Xena's side and rested.

"Now I really know what love is," said the bard. They wept.

"Am I going to wake up and discover this is another one of those dreams and we are in Illusia?" asked Xena.

"This is no dream," said the Amazon Queen! "I'll prove it to you."

Gabrielle forcefully pushed Xena onto her back and leapt upon her. Staring intensely at Xena with the prowling eyes of a tiger, Gabrielle began drinking in her lover's mouth. Xena grew drugged from her intoxicating kisses. The Warrior Princess was totally willing to surrender her leather by what happened next.

Unable to resist, Gabrielle pushed her knee between Xena's legs, forced them open, and felt how tremendously warm and wet her desirable companion was.

"Gods, Xena! We're going to have to do something about that!"

"Gabrielle", moaned Xena.

Arousing every bit of flesh she touched, Gabrielle teasingly stroked and kissed every inch of Xena's ravishing body. "My love, you are so beautiful," said the bard.

Like a tempting tigress, Gabrielle rubbed her breasts against her lovers. Xena's face glowed with excitement, a glow of expectation. Then, Gabrielle's mouth sought out Xena's breasts, breasts seeking to be caressed and kissed.

Taking possession of Xena's body, Gabrielle passed her strong and curious hands along the satiny curves of her lover's enticing body.

Xena's entire body arched as Gabrielle vanished between her legs. Gabrielle filled her hungry young mouth with the ripe fruit of her insatiable hunger. Xena yielded to her lovely young mouth. Gasping with delight, the Warrior Princess climaxed with a satisfaction she had never known before, calling out Gabrielle's name.

Throwing back her wild hair, Gabrielle pulled herself up, stole a passionate kiss and melted into Xena's warm body.

"I adore you," said the bard.

Wanting more, Gabrielle's entire hand attacked the deep recesses of her lover's femininity with tremendous intensity. Xena was amazed at how strong Gabrielle had become as she welcomed her penetratingly powerful thrusts.

Not many people had the power to conquer Xena, Destroyer of Nations, but she willingly surrendered to Gabrielle's seductive invasion and provocative power. Xena knew she could never resist that power again. Weakened by Xena's piercing blue eyes, Gabrielle entered again and again, further and further, plunging to the very bottom of her womb. Xena opened her mouth and contracted her body in wild sensations of burning ecstasy.

It was now morning. A tired wave of tenderness washed over the lovers.

"I love you Gabrielle."

"I love you Xena."

Their heartbeats echoing one another, they fell asleep like innocent children (for now), home to stay in one another's arms.

How wonderful to gaze at upon my sleeping beauties, thought Aphrodite.

She had been secretly invisible in the room the entire evening. No longer capable of tolerating the mortals' passivity, she had charmed them with of her mysterious love potions.

Her mission now complete, she raised her hand in a tantalizing motion and magically disappeared, her voice trailing...It's about time, Warrior Babes!

(Watch for another story...)

The End.

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