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STANDARD DISCLAIMER: None of the characters in this little vignette are my own. I merely borrowed them for a moment in time. No copyright infringement was intended.

SUBTEXT DISCLAIMER: Yes there is subtext and a little foreplay. Nothing explicit. I believe these two women are deeply in love. They’re soulmates after all...even TPTB said so. I also have to put in here that I put in a phrase that I think I read somewhere because I liked it. " a flower whose petals open to embrace the warmth of the sun...". If anyone knows where I read that, please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due. Thanks.

OTHER STUFF: Also I want to say thank you to my beta reader Stacey. This vignette is better because of the time and effort she invested in my work. Thank you Stacey.

Dedicated to my very own Xena - A.M. - because you deserve it.

Hope you have as much fun reading it as I had writing it. Feedback is always welcome and very much appreciated. Thanks.

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Loved Too Much
By Shalon

I watch her across the fire as I have done many nights before. All is quiet tonight save the crackle of the fire, the scratching of her quill on the parchment, and the metallic rasp of the stone on my blade. This is our nightly ritual.

She sits with her back propped against the log and her legs drawn up. The parchment rests on her knees and I watch as her emerald eyes flick over it even as a slim hand reaches up to push a wayward strand of golden hair behind a delicate pink ear.

She must feel my eyes on her for she stops and with her head still bent, her eyes flick up to meet mine. I drown in them fully.

"Come here love." She pats the ground beside her as she puts her quill and scroll aside.

I am helpless to obey and as I settle next to her, she snuggles into me dropping teasing kisses on my throat.

"Tell me what you find so interesting warrior."

"You." A low throaty growl thick with desire.

I wrap my arms around her, my hand splayed on the small of her back, and press her down on the furs.

"Really." She purrs. I can faintly feel her fingernails through my leathers as she strokes a burning trail down my back, then over my hips and along the inside of my thigh.

"Oh yesss..." A half moan, half plea...

I nudge her muscled sun-kissed thighs apart with my knee and she opens so willingly, like a flower whose petals open to embrace the warmth of the sun, even as my fingers tangle in the laces of her top.

"Tell me..." She breathes as my hand finds the soft flesh of her breast, lightly stroking and teasing the exposed skin. I nip at a soft pink ear as her hands roam freely over my body urging me to love her.

"I was thinking how much I don’t deserve you...this..."

I’m silenced as her hand finds my head and forces me down to meet her hungry lips. Finally she pulls back, smiling for she knows I want more...need more.

"I could never give you what you deserve..." She places small kisses on my lips and jaw effectively silencing any objection I could have made.

"...but I’m going to try." She finishes her sentence with a passionate kiss.

I pull back and stare into her emerald eyes shining with love.

"And just what do you think I deserve Gabrielle?"

She smiles that indulgent little half smile.

"You deserve to be loved too much." She breathes as she pulls me into her arms again.


By Shalon - 14Jul99

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