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I also want to thank the mysterious beta reader that fixed up my story without my knowledge.

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Love Therapy
Heartbrkn Bard



What have I done? How will I face Najara? thought Gabrielle as she walked back home. I did enjoy myself, but why now? What has gotten into her? Did the Warrior Princess feel threatened by the happiness she thought I was having with Najara? Does she not want me to be happy? Questions, questions, questions, and no answers. I will just have to ask Xena these things when I see her next time.

As Gabrielle approached the hospice, she noticed everyone was asleep. The bard let out a sigh of relief. She quietly undressed and laid down by the fire next to Najara. How peaceful this is. Why did I do what I did? Stop fighting with yourself Gabrielle and just sleep on it, ran through her mind as she dropped off into a dead sleep

The smell of fresh cooked fish woke Gabrielle. Mmmm, Iím starving.

"How was your walk last night?" Najara asked.


"You were out quite a long time."

"Didnít know I was being timed," the bard answered sarcastically.

"Boy, I see someone is on the defensive side this morning," Najara said as she eyed the bard for some sort of explanation.

"Najara, I am not being defensive. I told you I needed to walk and clear my head. I donít need

someone watching over me."

"You wouldnít say that to Xena."

"Excuse me, what was that?" Gabrielle asked, pretending not to hear it.

"Nothing, Gabrielle, I guess all Iím trying to ask is, did you... by chance, maybe... umm, you know... run into anyone particular?"

"No, Najara, I didnít. It was an exceptionally beautiful night out, and I took full advantage of it. She grinned impishly. I might consider doing it more often, like maybe even tomorrow. It was not like Gabrielle to lie, but she couldnít hurt Najara... not now, not this way.


With that, Najara dropped the subject, much to the bardís relief. Gabrielle hadnít given confronting Najara much thought. Now that she was smacked in the face with it, what was she to do? Could she go on pretending that nothing happened last night between her and Xena? Probably, but would that be fair to Najara? Who said life was fair anyway? Najara definitely didnít deserve to be hurt - even though Xena felt differently about that - she didnít want to give up either one of them. Thoughts ran through her head all day.


Najara had a feeling something was up. Gabrielle was very defensive and different today. Maybe she was just having a bad day. Yeah right. I should be so lucky. I think I will just stay out of her hair today. She knows I love her and I will just have to hope that it will be enough. If Gabrielle only realizes that I can give her what Xena gave her, then we could be truly happy... what could Xena possibly give her that I donít? Hmmm... maybe I should just find out from the horseís mouth myself.


"Argo, whatís wrong with me? First I push Gabrielle away because I donít want to bring her into the Warrior life. Then I fight anyone that comes near her, because I realize that I am totally in love with her.... yes, girl, I know... crazy, right? Then I push her away again because my dark side comes back to haunt me and I feel that Gabrielle will not be enough for me. Or even worse, Argo, I might hurt her worse than any of our enemies have ever. Now you know how I feel... I canít live without her. So I go looking for her and...." Xena stopped mid sentence aiming her chakram at the trees. "Show yourself!" she demanded. The last person the warrior expected to see emerged from the branches "Najara? By the gods, what are you doing here?"

"Honestly, I donít know myself, but something brought me to you."

"And now that youíre here, what can I do for you?" Xena questioned.


"Itís Gabrielle... sheís ok, so donít worry. Sheís... I donít know... I just feel like I should be doing something more for her... to make her happier."

"Why in Hades should I help you? Your a conniving, twisted, good for nothing liar."

"Xena, please, I know you donít care for me...."

Xena cut her off. "Care for you? I donít trust you and I can see right through you and, in time, so will Gabrielle."

"Listen, you donít want to help me, fine." She turned around and began walking away. "But then your precious Gabrielle will never know what true happiness is."

Xena let her go. Oh how she hated Najara. The nerve of her thinking I would help her be happy with my bard. Didnít the djin tell her I am the only one to make Gabrielle happy. Well, babe, speak to them again, because I will be all she needs and wants... watch and see.


Boy, I am so confused, thought Gabrielle. Half of me feels I should make a fresh start, give Najara my all. She is more stable, loving, and caring than Xena. She talks to me about anything thatís on her mind. Communicating is a big thing for her. But most of all she knows the "way". The way to do things without fighting and killing. But still I fight with the other half of me that loves Xena indefinitely. I feel Xena is my soul mate, my other half. Maybe, just maybe, I can change her, or at least help her see that fighting and hurting are not always the answer. That the way of love is stronger than any sword, chakram, or knife. All you have to do is believe. Believe in what you feel for someone and let that love take you beyond any hatred or disgust you have towards people. I know I would have a long road ahead of me with Xena, but something inside of me tells it would be well worth it.

"Najara, where are you?" She needed to come up with another excuse to go meet Xena tonight.

"Yes, my love. Right here."

"Iím not feeling very hungry tonight. Actually that walk the other night did so much good for me I was contemplating going for another one."

Najara had a feeling it wasnít the walk that did Gabrielle so much good. But out of sake of argument she just replied, "Whatever you need, my love."

With that Gabrielle fixed her hair, washed her face, and set out for her walk. What am I going to do? I canít keep lying to Najara like this. But if there is a chance for me and Xena to be happy, how can I pass that up? What if Xena is just doing this to break Najara and I up? By the gods, Xena, I hope thatís not what your doing I will just have to ask her when I...

"Hello there, Mavis," Xena said as she jumped out in front of the startled Bard.

"Why do you do that to me?" she said trying not to look disheveled.

"Because you are sooo cute when you are taken by surprise."

"Well, then just take me and surprise me," the horny little blonde whispered right into her warriorís face.

Deciding to tease Gabrielle, she replied " But I canít. Iím a virgin. I just donít do those type of things." She batted her eyelashes innocently.

"A Hestian virgin at that I suppose," she retorted as she worked her hands up to the warriorís breasts.

"Oh yes, my dear, are there any other sort?" By the gods she is hot when she is horny. She knows exactly how to rope me in.

Xena was contemplating whether she should tell her that Najara stopped by. If I do, well then Gabrielle would just get mad at Najara and leave her. "Hmmm" she smirked. That would be ideal. I want her to come back to me for me, not because it didnít work with Najara. These thoughts quickly left her mind as she watched the bard touch herself.

"Lay down." Xena demanded.

Gabrielle winked. "Yes, maíam." She was undressing as she answered.

She knelt down in front of her beautiful bard. Gabrielleís juices had already started flowing. Xena could already smell that sweet nectar. Oh and how sweet it is. Taking control of her libido, she knew she was exactly where Gabrielle wanted her... on her knees. With that thought ,she spread Gabrielleís nether lips apart slightly.

"You look so lovely tonight," the warrior breathed

"Oh, do I?"

"You always look good, and taste great for that matter."

"Well, do I look good enough tonight to eat?" The little redhead chuckled.

Licking her lips, she thought, oh my, you sure do. She flicked Gabrielleís clit with the tip of her tongue to get her started.

" My my. Someone is in rare form tonight."

"Now why would you say that?" Xena questioned innocently.

"Well first and foremost, you know I am horny as Tartarus and yet you still choose to tease me."

"But Gabrielle, my impatient one, you are just too much fun not to tease."

"Please, Xena, please. Iíll whine if you donít take care of me."

"Not the whining... okay, my love. I will try and make you happy."

With that Xena licked the bardís clit fiercely. She was going to give her what she wanted. The warrior took two fingers and placed them inside Gabrielle as she tortured her clit.

The bard was in ecstasy. She gyrated her hips up and down on Xenaís fingers. But she knew the warriorís tongue was lethal and, if she wanted, she could make her come instantly.

"Please..." Gabrielle gasped, "donít... stop."

"Trust me, I wont." The warrior grinned.

"Oh gods! Iíve missed you."

"Well, show me how much."

Gabrielle lifted her upper body with her arms and fucked Xenaís hand like she would never feel it again. She placed her own fingers on her clit, so she could feel her warriorís tongue playing with it. Boy, and did she know what she was doing.

"Swing that ass over here and sit on my face. I need to taste you"

Xena pulled off her underwear and did as the bard asked. It was very hard for her to concentrate on pleasing Gabrielle when she was getting licked at the same time, but she did her best.

"Well, well. Someone is excited to be between my legs." Gabrielle teased, sliding her fingers inside Xena.

"Youíre not doing so bad yourself, little one."

Licking her fingers to taste the warriorís juices, the bard was overwhelmed. Wrapping her arms around muscular thighs, she pulled Xena closer. Breathing deeply, she inhaled the sweet smell of sex. What a beautiful aroma it was.

"You taste so good," she murmured around Xenaís clit

"But not as good as you, my dear," came the muffled reply.

Gabrielle sucked lavishly as she flicked the warriorís nub with her tongue at the same time. By the gods, how could she give this up?

Xena was doing her best not to succumb to the delicious feeling. She knew if she did the night would be over.

"Gabrielle... my love." Xena was close. "I want you to come with me."

"Iíll try."

"No!! You will." With that Xena pulled the bardís lips apart, batting her tongue around the pulsing clit and around her wet opening. She knew a couple of thrusts with her fingers and Gabrielle would be history.

"Oh, Xena, please!" she begged. "I canít... it feels so good."

"When I count to three, I want you to come with me or I will stop. Do you hear me?"


"Uh huh. "

"One." One finger pumped quickly into wetness.

Gabrielle tightened herself around the warriorís finger. Oh, but she wanted more.

"Two." The second finger entered, thrusting rapidly. Xena knew that the time was almost near.

"Hurry up, Xena... I donít... think... Iím gonna come....."

With the count of three, the warrior sucked the bardís clit hard, as she fucked her relentlessly with three fingers.



"Oh! XENA!" the bard screamed.

"Yes! Gabri... elle!"

"Oh by...."

"....the gods!" they both cried out together, their bodies trembling with delight.


Back at the Hospice, Najara was having second thoughts as to where Gabrielle really was. I need to see for myself that sheís not with... she shuddered. Oh, I canít even think of it... with Xena.

"Iíll be back." She left word with some workers, and off she went to find her love.

"Gab, I really do love you," Xena confessed, breaking their kiss.

"I know."

"You do?"

"Yes, otherwise do you think I would be here?"

Cocking her head towards the forest, Xena pulled her skirt down. She stood up with a hand on her chakram.

"Gabrielle get dressed... quick!"

"Donít bother" Najara said, making herself known.

"Najara! Please, let me explain...." Gabrielle started

"Explain what? How I caught you in a compromising position with her?" She pointed accusingly at Xena.

"Hey there, Gabrielle doesnít have to explain to anyone," Xena replied, placing a protective hand on the bard.

Gabrielle turned towards Xena "Thank you for defending me, but I do owe Najara an explanation. I outright lied to her."

The now restless Najara said, "Get your things and letís go."

"Please donít go," Xena pleaded with the bard.

"But I must."

Fingering the hilt of her sword, Xena spat angrily. "I will not let you take her."

"I donít think you have much of a choice, great Warrior Princess."

"Najara, youíre asking for it," sneered the warrior

"No! Youíre asking for it, Xena. Gabrielle belongs to me now, not you."

Resenting that remark, Gabrielle replied, "Hey, I donít belong to anyone and I certainly donít want any fighting over me."

Ignoring the bard, staring into each otherís eyes, simultaneously they both answered:

"A fight it will be...."


To be continued . . .

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