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Love Therapy
Heartbrkn Bard



It has been six months since Xena left Gabrielle with Najara to open a Hospice. Xena has gone on to travel alone. She has not wanted or desired anyone to fill Gabrielle’s shoes. From time to time Xena had her spies ‘check in’ on Gabrielle to make sure that she was truly happy. The bard knew this, of course. She could sense Xena’s presence and was relieved by it. Gabrielle was happy, but something was missing . . .

"Ok, ok, he needs medical attention. You!", Gabrielle shouted, as she pointed to one of her helpers, "bring him inside. And you, get me water to help him."

Gabrielle was tired today, mentally exhausted. She noticed her mind was elsewhere. Where? Need you ask? Well it definitely was not on her lover/friend Najara. Was it on? ...... could it be? After all this time? Still, on Xena? Most definitely!! Today marked six months since Xena told Gabrielle that she had to let her go. That she would not permit the bard to travel with her any longer, and ‘waste’ her life on being a side kick. A side kick to a Warrior Princess that was destined never to change for the better. Xena felt Gabrielle was to smart, innocent, and beautiful to throw her life away any longer. Gabrielle deserved better, a lot better than Xena could give her right now. It saddened Gabrielle that Xena thought this way. Xena was very down on herself, because she felt alone. Not alone physically, just mentally. She felt she had no control of her life and what was in store for her. Xena liked to be in control. She took out her frustrations sexually. Sexually meaning, being hard and dominating with her women. Women of course that were before Gabrielle and after. If they told her no- she did it anyway, If they tried to stop her, she did it harder. As you can see Xena was still fighting her dark side. The side that wanted her to be mean, nasty, and evil. Yes ‘evil" like the bitch that she used to be. The women that didn’t take anyone feelings into consideration. She didn’t want to hurt Gabrielle with these feelings and Xena knew that’s exactly what she would do. So Xena let her go.

Gabrielle couldn’t understand, if she needed to take out her sexual frustrations out why couldn’t she take them out on Gabrielle? She longed to have her warrior take her in full battle lust mode. Gabrielle liked sex rough. She told Xena this, but Xena just refused her She couldn’t......not to Gabrielle .This frustrated Gabrielle, but since she loved Xena so much she did as her Warrior Princess asked.

"Gabrielle ......Gabrielle" shouted Najara. "Are you with me?"

"Yes, sorry I am just tired today" Gabrielle answered. As she snapped back to reality, her thoughts of Xena would just have to wait. People needed her right now and that was her priority.

"Honey are you all right?" Najara asked.

"Yes, just tired like I said before" Gabrielle answered.

"Gabrielle if you don’t mind me saying , you seemed off somewhere ....somewhere with somebody that you look liked you miss" Najara said.

Gabrielle turned her face and said "You don’t know what you are talking about" and walked on. Gabrielle was going to prepare dinner that night. She wasn’t up to it, but she didn’t want anymore questions asked or any accusations flying.

"What time will dinner be ready Gabrielle?"

"In a few minutes" answered she answered.

" Gabrielle" Najara said.

"Yes Najara , what is it ?" Gabrielle got annoyed. She ‘was’ trying to prepare there meal.

"Can we talk about something?"

Gabrielle placed everything down and walked over to Najara. Sitting down next to her she said "Yes we can talk. What’s on your mind?"

"Gabrielle you seem to have withdrawn from me lately. Is it something I did? Or are you just not happy with us anymore?"

"Najara, I don’t want to hurt you, you haven’t done anything wrong... just sometimes I miss Xena. I’m happy with us, but I feel something is missing. We don’t have that ‘magical bond’ like Xena and I had.", Gabrielle answered.

"But that takes time to grow. It doesn’t just happen overnight. Gabrielle, I love you and I want you...I want us to be happy.", Najara said.

"Well Najara, that’s what I thought I wanted too. But I think I may have rushed into us too soon, or should I say too fast," she paused. "Let’s slow things down a little."

"Okay" Najara said. The sadness evident in her voice.

Gabrielle then got up and continued cooking their dinner. Najara snuck up behind her, wrapping her arms around her. "Gabrielle, I don’t want to lose you. If you need time, time is what you will get. You mean so much to me, I can’t bear the thought of losing you."

"Thank you Najara.", Gabrielle said as she finished cooking.


‘I miss Gabrielle.’, thought Xena as she walked with Argo at her side. ‘The worst mistake I have made was not trying to work things out sexually with Gabrielle. I’m willing to try now. Is it too late? How would I go about it? What would I say? I would grab Gabrielle in my arms and let her know that she still means the world to me. That I messed up things between us and I fully take the blame.’ she thought. ‘Maybe I need to make myself accessible to Gabrielle. Let her see me or at least think she does. "What do you think Argo? Do you think maybe then she will come looking for me?" Maybe if she sees me it will jolt back her memories of us and she’ll forgive me for pushing her away. "I know, I know wishful thinking" Xena said as she ran her hands over the horse. Maybe she’ll tell me she still loves me, not Najara, and that she wants to give us a shot again. Maybe...maybe...maybe. Too much speculation, I must do something. "Come on Argo lets go," Xena said as she packed her bags and went on her see Gabrielle.


"That was a great meal Gabrielle."

"I’m glad you enjoyed it.", Gabrielle replied, as she got up to clear the dishes.

"Najara, I need to walk this food off.", Gabrielle said looking the other way.

"Great, let’s go.", Najara said excitedly.

"Alone.", Gabrielle quickly added.

Najara rolled her eyes and said, "Fine, just be careful." With that Gabrielle got up and walked out.

It was a really nice evening , warm with a slight breeze that made the night air very...’seductive’, thought Gabrielle as she was fixing her beautiful blonde hair, taking the sweaty wet strands off her face. She walked until she found a nice comfortable place to sit. Sitting down, she stretched her arms out, when she got this ‘feeling’ that somebody was watching her. It was a very eerie feeling. She stood up, looked around, but didn’t see anyone. But she knew somebody was definitely there.

"Hello...who’s there?"

Silence, dead silence. Gabrielle looked everywhere. "Najara, is that you?"

No, Gabrielle knew it wasn’t, it didn’t ‘feel’ like Najara. It felt like...

"Xena I know it’s you. Come out. Show yourself.", Gabrielle screamed.

Xena just watched her beautiful bard turning from one side to another, her long hair just flying in the air and her green eyes just sparkling so. Should she show herself? Gabrielle, couldn’t possibly know it was her. How could she? Are their inner souls really that connected that Gabrielle could sense Xena around? Maybe Gabrielle was just playing around and didn’t really know who it was. Playing because she was scared. She knew someone was there but not who. Hmmmm....thought Xena, does any of that really matter? No...she came to see Gabrielle and that’s what she intended to do.

"Xena, please show yourself. I would really like to see you."

Xena stepped out and faced her bard. Gabrielle felt her heart in her throat. It was her Warrior Princess in the flesh.

"What are you doing here?", Gabrielle asked, collecting herself ,hiding her excitement for Xena.

"I had to see you.", Xena said.

"Why, horny? Oops. Sorry, I mean not horny.", Gabrielle answered with a smirk.

"Gabrielle, please I didn’t come here to fight. I just wanted to see you.", Xena pleaded.

"But why Xena? You don’t want me anymore.", Gabrielle answered sarcastically turning her back on Xena.

Xena walked up behind Gabrielle and put her hands on her bard’s hips. The scent of Gabrielle always soothed her, the touch of her flesh excited her.

"Gabrielle, please, I came to see you because I miss you so.", Xena whispered.

"Miss me? Care to elaborate?", Gabrielle answered. Still not able to look her.

"I miss you...I miss us. You were/are my life. I’m sorry that sexually I just couldn’t be....Be mean with you. You are my soul mate." Xena replied.

Gabrielle turned around, now facing Xena asked "Ok, ok you miss me, but why are you really here?"

"Gabrielle I hope it’s not to late to try and work on our, I mean my problem."she said as she nuzzled her nose and lips into Gabrielle’s neck.

‘Oh gods’ thought Gabrielle, I want her sooo bad. ‘No’ this is not right. Gabrielle pulled away from Xena. Why are you doing this to me? You know I’m with Najara."Gabrielle asked wiping the sweat off her brow.

"Does Najara make you happy? Does she satisfy you?" asked Xena.

"Now Xena don’t you think that’s a little personal? Besides why should you care anyway if Najara satisfies me?" Gabrielle said with a little nervousness in her throat.

"Gabrielle I will admit, I’m jealous. No one will ever be good enough for you. The thought of someone filling my shoes ‘sexually’ with you well that’s a whole other story." Xena answered.

Gabrielle could let Xena go on thinking that she was having sexual encounters with Najara. It would be fair(or would it).

"Xena for your information Najara and I don’t....haven’t ...."

Xena saw Gabrielle was having a hard time with this so she decided to help out " You haven’t? Not at all? Why not?"

"Xena you know me better than anyone. I can’t sleep with someone I don’t love. And well as for having just plain ‘sex’. Well I kinda of got turned off from that. You know what I mean?" Gabrielle said sarcastically.

Xena walked over to Gabrielle put her hands into her own and said "I want you .I want you now."

"Why the change of heart, Xena?" Gabrielle asked all flustered.

"Why question it?" Xena said as she started nibbling on the bard’s neck and ears.

‘Ok that’s it!!’ thought Gabrielle to herself. I want my Warrior Princess and I want her NOW!! Gabrielle started reciprocating. Starting with that spot on Xena’s neck that she knew gave her chills. She nibbled there for a few seconds. Continuing down her neck and on her shoulders.

Oh gods Xena loved that. The nibbling always sent a sensation down her back and right between her legs.

All of the sudden Gabrielle stopped. She looked right into Xena’s beautiful blue eyes and said "You take charge."

Well with that Xena took grinned. "Lay down now" Xena ordered.

"Yes warrior princess"

Xena ripped open Gabrielle’s shirt and started caressing the bards breasts. Gabrielle was definitely enjoying it. Xena kissed her nipples. She sucked on one nipple as she played with the other one.. She started under Gabrielle’s breast down the middle of her chest. As she reached the bards stomach Gabrielle arched her back and fling her head back in enjoyment.

"Oh Xena. I’ve missed you" she whisper.

"Oh yeah" Xena replied as she worked her way from Gabrielle’s stomach to her hips, down her inner thighs.

"Yes, Yes ,Yes, I really did miss you" Gabrielle managed to get out, in between her moans.

Xena kissed Gabrielle’s inner thighs. She nibbled on them to, because she knew the bard loved that. She could smell the heated sex between Gabrielle’s legs. Waiting to be touched. The warrior grabbed Gabrielle by her ass and lifted her up to her mouth..

Gabrielle could feel Xena’s hot breath so close to her, but yet so far. Gabrielle wanted it......Bad.

"Please Xena, Please lick me" Gabrielle pleaded.

"Shut up!!! I don’t want to hear a sound from you, not a sound. The only thing I want to hear is you coming in ecstasy" Xena said.

"Oookay" Gabrielle managed to get out.

Xena had enough teasing at this point. She could feel herself getting soaking wet. She went down to Gabrielle’s wet spot, and teased it with her tongue. Gabrielle obeyed and did not utter a word. Xena didn’t think Gabrielle had it in her. She wasn’t ready for it to end just yet. She wanted to show Gabrielle some ‘dark side’ of Xena. She pulled away from her bard.

"Turn around" ordered Xena.

Gabrielle obeyed.

"Down on your forearms" Xena commanded.

Gabrielle did exactly like Xena said. Boy oh boy was Gabrielle hot for Xena, but she couldn’t help but wonder if Xena was getting wet from this too.

When Gabrielle turned over Xena put on her sex harness. Surprise, surprise Gabrielle, you are going to get it just like you wanted to. Xena could see Gabrielle was very wet. She was wet, open and waiting. The site of Gabrielle’s sex made Xena weak in the knees. She loved when Gabrielle bent over. ‘By the gods, she is hot’ thought Xena. She teased Gabrielle with their toy. When she finally penetrated, Gabrielle couldn’t help but let out a moan. Xena let it go. She was so into the sex with her bard , she didn’t want to stop. As she thrusted harder Gabrielle took it all in.(unlike in the past where Gabrielle was having trouble getting wet at all.) Xena watched herself thrusting in and out of the bard’s beautiful sex.

"Gabrielle you are so fierce" Xena said.

"Oh yeah"

"Yes " Xena answered.

Gabrielle didn’t realize how horny she really was. Boy oh boy this was defiantly over do. Gabrielle needed to speak she couldn’t hold it anymore. "Xena treat me like the bitch that I am" she dared to say.

Xena grabbed a handful of that beautiful hair and pulled the bard up . She whispered in her ear " You want a bitch you got it." Xena threw her down back down on her forearms ,slapped her ass till she knew Gabrielle was feeling the pain of the pleasure and said "there bitch."

"May I touch myself?" Gabrielle asked of Xena.

"Sure go ahead"

As soon as Gabrielle touched herself she knew she would come. "Yes Xena, yes harder" she yelled as she slammed her ass into Xena’s groin.

"Oh by the Gods Gabrielle. I love bending you over." Xena said as she had one hand on the bards hip and the other on her shoulder.

"Xena, oh Xena . . . I’m coming" Gabrielle said as she collapsed down to the ground. ‘ Oh my gods’ she thought to herself, ‘that was absolutely great.’

Xena knelt down next to Gabrielle and whispered "Honey, turn around."She obeyed. As she turned around Xena placed one leg over her and said "Somebody else needs attention now."

Gabrielle looked up and saw and saw her Warrior Princess’s wet and throbbing sex just aching to be touched. "Oh yeah, come down here."

Xena knelt herself down onto Gabrielle’s face. She could feel the hot breath, breathing on her. She wanted Gabrielle to have her . . . to have her in the worst way. She watched as Gabrielle started to lick her thighs. She then worked her way up to right where Xena wanted her. She let out a soft moan. Gabrielle was teasing her with her tongue. She grabbed the bard by the sides of her head pushed her head harder on her clit.

By this point Gabrielle was enjoying the teasing, but couldn’t handle it anymore. She grabbed her clit between her lips and sucked on it while wiggling her tongue back and forth. Within seconds Xena had to support herself by putting her hands down on the ground behind her.

"By . . . the . . . Gods, Gabrielle, I’m . . . coming." And she did.

Gabrielle didn’t want to let go. She licked up every last drop of sex Xena let out, then let go. She then collapsed on the floor right next to her.

"Gab" Xena said


"That was great" Xena replied with a slight blushing color to her cheeks.

"Why thank you Xena, you weren’t so bad yourself." she said jokingly.

They both stood up, fixed their clothing, and looked at each other.

"You know I have to go back to Najara now" Gabrielle said.

"Yes I know, don’t remind me."

"Why do you think this happened? The bard asked.

"I don’t know, but can we do it again?"

Gabrielle thought about it. She did enjoy herself. "Yes Xena I would love to. Meet me back here in two days." She then got up and started off home.

"Ok Gab." Xena said as she watched her beautiful bard walk off to go to somebody else’s arms . . .


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