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Caesar Caesar
by Mechetron

Cage of Elysis
by L. Fox

Calamity of Eros (a poem)
by Melissa McMahan

Call It Coincidence
by Answer

Call Me Mister!
by Catkin

by The AnOrExOrCiSt

Callisto and Najara - Act I
Callisto and Najara - Act II
Callisto and Najara - Act III Callisto and Najara - Act IV
by Melissa McMahan

Callisto Calling
by Tim Wellman

Callisto's Revenge
a poem by The Bard Gabrielle

Callisto's Heart
by Bryan J. Weatherhead

Callisto's Look At Gabrielle
poem by Kimmie

Callisto's Wrath
by Jessica Short

Callisto: The Barbara Walters Interview
by G. Gaar

Campfire Thoughts
a poem by Firefly

Can I Tell You?
by Xelminster

Candle In The Wind
by Melissa McMahan

Can't Live Without You A Poem
by Xena Torres

Cape of Fears
Cape of Fears (cont'd)
by Jam

by TrueBlue

Captured Heart
by Becky Lutzke (deanlu)

Captured in the Essence of Fire
a poem by Kara Swenson (Jezebel)

A Janice and Mel Pulp Novel
The Case of the Hollywood Homicide
The Case of the Hollywood Homicide (cont'd)
by Palomine

by Palomine

Celebrations of Life
by Becky Lutzke (deanlu)

Cerberus' Challenge
by Puckster

Certain Needs
by Stephanie Negroni

a poem by Firefly

Chakram Bells
a poem by MKeogh

The Chakram - Part 1
by Herculena

by Lava-lamp

The Chalice
by thenorm

A Change of Heart
by Rachael Wilken

Changes and Realizations
by Bardic

The Changing of the Bard
by Joanna

Changing Times
by Scott Carpenter

Changeless Times
by Nicole Hazel

The Chase Away
by Alisa Goodwind

Chiaroscuro: A Five Story Arc
by Sharon Bowers

Chicken Soup for the Warrior's Soul - Part I
Chicken Soup for the Warrior's Soul - Part II
Chicken Soup for the Warrior's Soul - Part III
by Lisa Grandstaff

The Child
by WordWarrior

Childhood's End
by Anon

Child of Amphipolis
by Bard Buchanan

by Rachelle Yates

The Choice of Heroes - Parts 1-3
The Choice of Heroes - Part 4
The Choice of Heroes - Part 5
by Gerald L. Tonne

Choices in Life
by Jamie Boughen

The Choice We Make
by Karguo

The Choosing
by Spartan

Chosen, Thrice Chosen a poem
by Pamela A. Lord

Chronicles of the Warrior Princess Book I -- Hunters and the Hunted
by JPuertoR

Circle Of Life - Part 1
Circle Of Life - Part 2
Circle Of Life - Part 3
Circle Of Life - Part 4
Circle Of Life - Part 5
Circle Of Life - Part 6
by Missy Good

The Circuit
by Seana James

The City
by Jim Kuntz

The City of Peace
by Stradivarius, JayBird, Xenaadditct, Raye Dene, and Wishes

A Clash Of Swords & Heroes
by Stephen C. Looney

Classic Top Ten Lists
by Lord Bowler

A Clean Conscience
by The Visitor

The Clinic - Part One
by Klancy7

Closest to Heaven
by K.R. Brendan

Cold Hands...Warm Heart - Scene 1-18
by Cheetarah Max

Cold War - Part I
Cold War - Part II
by L. Fox

Come Crawling To Me
by Annmaray

Come Play (Ch. 1-3)
by Kronus

Coming Out
by Joanna

Coming Out - Part Deux
by Joanna

Coming Out - The Wedding
by Joanna

Coming Out - The Reception
by Joanna

Coming Out - The Honeymoon
by Joanna

by Lady Jane Gray

Complications - Part I
Complications - Part II
Complications - Part III
Complications - Part IV
Complications - Part V
Complications - Part VI
Complications - Part VII
by Gin

Part 1a, Part 1b
Part 2a, Part 2b
Part 3a, Part 3b
Part 4a, Part 4b
Part 5a, Part 5b
Part 6a, Part 6b
Part 7a, Part 7b
by Advocate and Rsawest

Conquering the Conqueror, Ch. 1-4
Conquering the Conqueror, Ch. 5
Conquering the Conqueror, Ch. 6
Conquering the Conqueror, Ch. 7-8
Conquering the Conqueror, Ch. 9-19
Conquering the Conqueror, Ch. 20
Conquering the Conqueror, Ch. 21-23
Conquering the Conqueror, Ch. 24-29
by Seana James

by E. A. Week

The Contest - Chapters 1-2
by Eimajj

The Contest - Chapters 3-6
by Eimajj

The Contest - Chapters 7-11
by Eimajj

The Continuance
by Filippa Morgan Flasheart

The Cottage
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
by Eva Allen

by Lela Kaunitz

Creator: A Necessary Evil
by Wishes

Crime and Punishment
by R. Az

The Cross
by Wishes

Crossing X
by Mil Toro

A Crown of Laurel - Part I
A Crown of Laurel - Part II
A Crown of Laurel - Part III
A Crown of Laurel - Part IV
A Crown of Laurel - Part V
by Silk

The Crucifix
by Helissa Begnoon

Cruel Love (a poem)
by Melissa McMahan

Cryptic Karma (sequel to When Friends Collide)
by AztecAmazon

A Cultist Goes To Court
screenplay by Badbard

The Cyclops - a poem
by Sal_Fan

The Cypress Grove
by Scout