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by Melissa McMahan



As soon as Minya and Autolycus started to walk off, Callisto popped her head up from behind a cart. Najara then did the same and they followed their pray, until they knew where the camp site was. They saw Xena hug her friends. Gabrielle and Joxer were sitting by the fire, they looked on as they all sat by them. Argo was by the water.

CALL: How do you feel about taking them all on? Minya wants to be like Xena and Autolycus is a thief.

NAJA: Let's have at it. (Hugs Callisto) We'll need a plan, after all we are out numbered.

CALL: Yes we will.

Later Joxer was tossing rocks in the water, Xena came up to him.

JOXER: Have you seen anything else?

XENA: No. (Sighs) I just see your helmet falling with a lot of blood and I hear a body fall. I've heard that enough to know what it sounds like.

JOXER: As long as Gabby lives, that's all that matters.

XENA: Joxer you... (Stops) You mean too much to us.

Xena hugs Joxer and walks off, as Joxer smiles. Najara is in the bushes watching Joxer, soon Gabrielle walks up to Joxer and she signals to Callisto. Who looks too.

CALL: The Bard and the dork.

NAJA: Lets catch them off guard.

Gabrielle kisses Joxer and they sit looking at the waves. Callisto and Najara giggle.

NAJA: They seem to be sweet on each other don't they?

CALL: Go figure why? (Kisses Najara's hand) Lets do it.

Xena and Minya were headed towards Joxer. They say Callisto and Najara running up to not only Joxer, but Gabrielle as well. Najara looks at Joxer with her dagger drawn. Callisto follows with hers above the Bards head. Xena draws her sword and runs to help.

NAJA: Killer! (Stabs Joxer)


CALL: Your turn bitch!

XENA: Your both dead!

Xena fights Callisto and Najara at the same time. Gabrielle hold Joxer and puts her hand on the gash in his side. Callisto cuts Xena's thigh and is about to finish her off with Najara, when Autolycus comes out of nowhere. He has a huge fish that he hits both women with. Najara's dagger goes into the fish and she trips over Joxer. His helmet falls off his head and the blood from the fish showers over him. Najara and Callisto run off to regroup in the forest.

XENA: Joxer?

JOXER: It hurts, but it won't kill me. I think yours is worse. (Grunts) Looks like you were right, Xena.

GABBY: As much as I hate to say it, Autolycus saved us.

AUTO: Minya came and got me, but my fish did the rest.

MINYA: If that fish weren't dead I'd set it free.

XENA: Autolycus, I owe you.

AUTO: Hum? (Suave) I know how you can repay me.

XENA: I'll bet you do. Now help me with my leg.

MINYA: I'll help Gabrielle with Joxer.

XENA: We owe you too. (Walks off with Autolycus)

GABBY: Yes, you are and so are you Joxer.

Gabrielle kisses Joxer on the chin, as Minya smiles. Najara and Callisto sit by the water, both upset.

NAJA: Damn Xena and her luck!

CALL: It has to run out sometime.

Najara and Callisto kiss for a moment. They look at each other and Najara smiles.

CALL: What was that?

NAJA: I'm not sure, but you don't mind do you?

Callisto looks away unsure what to say. Najara got up and stared a campfire.


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