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by Melissa McMahan



Xena and Autolycas return to find Joxer asleep, as Gabrielle composes a scroll. Gabrielle looks up and smiles at Xena, who returns a small smile in return.

XENA: Nothing ever changes. You write, Joxer sleeps.

Xena picks up a jar of water and tosses it at Joxer.

JOXER: Help! (Gasping) Big waves! I'm dr... Oh?! (Looks at Xena) Hello Xena, Auto. (Sighs) Gabby?

GABBY: Xena?! (Sighs) Why do you do that to him?

XENA: Why not? (Chuckles) Joxer, I want you to do something come with me. (As they walk off) Argo!

GABBY: Well Auto don't just stand there, have a seat.

AUTO: No thanks, blondie. I've been on Argo a little too long and my backside is killing me.

GABBY: Well there's a mineral spring just west of the river. It's really muddy but...

AUTO: I'm there. (Walking off) Thank you, Gabrielle.

Gabrielle is shocked that Autolycus thanked her. Later Joxer came back and sat next to her. Autolycus laid back in the muddy water, he shut his eyes.

AUTO: For once that dumb blonde is right. (Sighs)

Auto hears Xena clear her throat, he opens his eyes.

XENA: Are you talking about my best friend?

AUTO: Sorry Xena.

XENA: Mmm?! (Raies an eyebrow) Argo needs brushing.

AUTO: Oh Argo, Argo, Argo! What about me?!

XENA: Aw, well after I'm done I'll brush you down as well. (Scoffs) Would you also like an apple?

AUTO: I'd like a lot of things, Xena.

Xena smiles amd walks off. Minya comes back from the trip she took in town.

MINYA: Gabrielle, Joxer?! It's Callisto...

GABBY: She's loose?

MINYA: Yes, you better let Xena know.

JOXER: Xena! (He yells) Xena?!

Gabrielle puts her hand over Joxer's mouth.

GABBY: Minya you go tell her she's that way. (Points)

MINYA: Yeah. (Running off) I'll go tell her.

GABBY: Joxer? (Sighs) I... I... We need to talk.

Gabrielle removes her hand from Joxers mouth. Joxer takes a deep breath and looks down at his feet.

GABBY: You know how me, you and Xena are like a family?

JOXER: Well yeah, you've said that. (Sheepishly looking up at Gabrielle) Um, what is it, Gabby?

GABBY: I... You know how me and Xena feel about you is... Um, not the same don't you? Just like how I feel about you two is not the same, right? (Joxer nods) I would like to know if... (Sighs) If the same is true for you? (They both look at each other) Well, Joxer?

JOXER: Wh... What do you mean? (Starts shaking)

GABBY: Ok, how do you really feel about Xena deep down?

JOXER: Xena is my best friend, even when we get mad at each other. (Smiles) Me and you have a very good friend in Xena. What's not to like, right?

GABBY: Oh that's sweet, Joxer. (Sighs) Now I'll ask you the same thing about me, how do you feel about me deep down? (Rasies an eyebrow) Joxer?

JOXER: I... Well I... Gabrielle, this is hard for me to say, but I... I...

GABBY: Oh you still think I'm an irritating blonde, huh?!

JOXER: No! (Sighs) It hard because I... I...

GABBY: You, you, you, what?! (Joxer looks down) Well?

Gabrielle crosses her arms, as Joxer looks at her and turns red. He taps his feet, takes a deep breath and Gabrielle kicks him.


Joxer grabs Gabrielles toes, she slaps him and he falls backwards. She starts to march off when she notices he isn't getting up.

GABBY: Joxer? (Walks closer) Joxer?!

Gabrielle can only see Joxer's legs until she moves ever closer to him. She then she sees why he's not moving is due to the fact that when he fell down his head landed on a large rock. With a gasp, she cradles his head in her lap. His blood drips over her lap, she starts crying and tries to stop the flow of blood.

GABBY: Oh Joxer! (Sobs) I'm so sorry, please don't leave me? (Sobs) I didn't mean to hurt you this way.

Joxer's eyes slowly open and Gabrielle kisses him.

JOXER: I love you, Gabrielle.

GABBY: It took you long enough to admit it to me.

JOXER: You mean you Knew?!

GABBY: Yeah, it became too clear to me after you offered to take my place with Discord and what you got me for my birthday. I kinda believed it before th...

Gabrielle then noticed a showdow and looked up at Callisto who had her sword drawn on her and Joxer.

CALLISTO: How sweet! (Sighs) Oh to kill love again!

Before Gabielle or Joxer could move Xena ran out and started fighting Callisto. Minya and Autolycus ran up as Callisto triped over Najara's grave. From the ground a hand pushes up and Najara rises to her feet. Everyone is shocked. Minya and Autolycus join Xena in the fight, they push the two women to the egde of a pit. Callisto scoffs.

CALLISTO: Oh no not again, if anyone falls in there it will be all of you. Mostly you Xena!

Minya gets really mad at this ponit and grabs Callisto they both go in the pit hanging on the edge. Xena and Autolycus grab Minya, Najara grabs Callisto, but she slips and they both start falling.

CALLISTO: I'll get you Xena!

NAJARA: Callisto!

Minya gets up from the pit and looks down it. Along with Xena and Autolycus. They see Callisto and Najara fall into the darkess out of sight.

XENA: I doubt this is the last we'll see of them.

Minya and Autolycus give Xena a look as she walks off. Later they sit by the campfire with Joxer and Gabrielle. Joxer holding his bandage on his skull.

JOXER: Gabby?! (Sighs) How do you feel about me?

Gabrielle leans over and gives Joxer a kiss on his forehead, he takes a chance and pulls her into a real kiss right on her lips. At first she fights a bit, but she submits very quickly. Minya claps, Xena and Autolycus look at each other and then smile.


Melissa McMahan


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