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by Melissa McMahan



Callisto woke up in a pile of hay. She was dazed and wondered where she was and how she got there. She looked at her hands, she was human again. She laughs and walks to the nearest inn, a man buys her a drink. Meanwhile Najara who had recovered from her last fight with Xena and Cryton gets lose from her cell. The guard doesn't see her. She makes her way to the outside and over the wall. Her voices talk to her.

NAJA: Yes I understand. (Pauses) Yes.

Najara makes her way to the nearest town. She runs into Callisto and the two look at each other. Then they start to part, when Callisto looks back at her.

NAJA: I feel I should ask you something.

CALL: Like what? (Sees her scars) Who gave you that?

NAJA: Cryton, but Xena gave me one here. (Points)

CALL: Xena? (Scoffs) I can't wait to meet up with her again. I owe her a dept of pain. (Growls)

NAJA: Seems we have something in common.

CALL: Well I need an army, might as well start with you. (Walking away) Come on.

Joxer was watching Gabrielle sleep, until Xena's noises caught his ear. She rose up and walked up to Joxer. Shocked to see the wild look in her eyes.

XENA: Joxer, I had a vision. Callisto and Najara they were standing over you. (Gasping) You and Gabrielle.

JOXER: That's... Strange?!

XENA: Yes it is. Najara called you a killer and stabbed you. Then Callisto laughed and started to stab Gabrielle when... I don't know something happened.

JOXER: You woke up?

XENA: No. (Scoffs) I think it was Autolycus, he did something and I think you died. (Hugs Joxer) Sorry.

JOXER: Please don't tell Gabby, she's had enough to deal with. (Xena kisses Joxer) Xena?!

XENA: I think we both needed that.

Callisto and Najara made camp. Callisto was eating as Najara did yoga. Callisto watched as Najara then sat next to her. They shared the fish that was left.

CALL: What do the voices tell you?

NAJA: You are my true path. I believed it was Gabrielle, but she turned form Eli's way. Murdered like Xena and Joxer. I see them for what they are.

CALL: Eli isn't my way, but I think you'll see mine.

NAJA: Yes. Xena killed your family and you many times.

CALL: I say we make them pay all over again!

NAJA: That is the right thing to do.

CALL: You know I never have felt what I feel for you. I can't explain it. (Sighs) In such a short time...

NAJA: I know. (Hugs Callisto) I feel the same.

Autolycus was picking pockets as he made his way out of Athens. He saw Minya walk alone.

MINYA: Auto! (Hugs Autolycus) What are you doing here?

AUTO: Well I said to myself. It's six miles to Athens. I got full pockets, half the towns women. It's getting dark so I'm headed out.

MINYA: Well Xena, Joxer and Gabrielle are camped out not to far from here. I ran into Joxer just yesterday.

AUTO: Xena, huh?

MINYA: Ah, you like her! (Laughs) Come on?!


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