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Editor's Choice Award

Can I Tell You?

by Xelminster

What if I can't tell you?

How I watch you sleeping, so beautiful,
with an occasional smile that I always
hope is a dream about me.

How I watch you during the day, your
grace and beauty making even the most
mundane of tasks seem an ode to

How I catch my breath when you say my
name, as only you seem to be able to say it.

How I can feel your eyes upon me even
when I don't see you, and when I do,
how I wonder if I can ever look away.

How I feel when you touch me, even a
little, and I wonder that I can keep from
touching you.

How I catch you looking at me every now
and then, on your face an expression
curiously like the one I know I wear when
I look at you.

How I love you, with every thing that I
am, or will ever be.

Oh gods, what if I can't tell you?

Oh, but what if I can?

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