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CRUEL LOVE ~ By Melissa McMahan


What you want I can not guess
but all you need understanding
have you let your love die too
a ghost that still haunts you

I know I am just an accident
waiting to happen at any time
but your drowning in sorrows
with pain spilled to the brim

Watching you by the fire light
eyes mourning all you've lost
take it out on me if you wish
you'll get kindness in return

Could it be your fear of desire
tenderness mixed with cruelness
reactions telling me one thing
our lips embracing say another

Your smile is only inspiration
tears from your face my grief
sometimes nothing makes sense
but I can't ever deny my love

Looking up at the crimson sky
the last light of evenings sun
yes even this pails next to you
the star that fell into my life

If I could tell you how I feel
but I fear what you would say
I'm always here to lend an ear
if being a friend is all it is


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