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The Pain of Mortality
by Jessica Short

The Painting
by Bongo Bear

The Pappas Journals
The Pappas Journals II
by Elaine Sutherland

Paradise Not
by Marcos

Paradise Found
Part I
Part II
Part II (cont'd)
Part III
Part III (cont'd)
Part IV
Part V
Part VI
Part VII
Part IX
Part X
Part XI
Part XII
by Cruise and Stoley

Passage Into Darkness - Part I
Passage Into Darkness - Part II
Passage Into Darkness - Part III
Passage Into Darkness - Part IV
Passage Into Darkness - Part V
Passage Into Darkness - Part VI
by Silk

Passing on the Pain - Chapter 1-3
Passing on the Pain - Chapter 4-9
by Badbard

Passion Unchained
by April

Passions Illustrated
by Amazon Bard

Passover of Forgiveness
by Chispas

A Past Remembered - Complete in 20 Chs.
by Anita Louise

The Path
by Marulus

Pathway To Love
by Mil Toro

Peas In A Pod
by Doc

The Peloponnesian War Book I
by Baermer

The Peloponnesian War Book II
by Baermer

The Peloponnesian War Book III
by Baermer

The Peloponnesian War Book IV
by Baermer

by Attica

The Penitent
by Tim Wellman

by Bongo Bear

Petracles - Goodby
a poem by Phillip Howell

by Silk

The Phoenix
by Musicmaker

Pillow Talk
by Verrath

by Dan Werden

A Place In The World
by WarriorNutcase

Play Ball

Play Ball, Xena!
by Mil Toro

Please Answer Me
by Falcon

by Quest

Plug and Plunge
by NIT & WIT
(aka TZ & Silk)

Poem for the Bard
a poem by Warren D. Serkin

Poem Collection
by Xena Torres

A Poem For Gabrielle
by Figment

Po-Ems which I have written
by Ryan Dever

By Rebecca L. Stephens

Poseidon's Pride
by Silk

Poseidon's Well
Chapter 1-3
Chapter 4-6

by Falcon

by Verrath

The Power of Love
by Lava-lamp

The Power of Love
by Warhorse

Power of Suggestion
by DS Bauden

The Prayer of Gabrielle
a poem by Jessica Caldwell

Precious Gems
by Silk

Prelude to a Hangover
by Jax

Prelude to Eternity
by M. Keck

Pretty Woman
by Palomine

The Price Of Innocence
by Bongo Bear

The Price Of Silence
by MaryD

by Danae

Primal Fears
by Silk

The Private Thoughts of the Warrior Princess
by Nitefal

The Problem
by Answer

Progeny - Part 1
Progeny - Part 2
Progeny - Part 3
Progeny - Part 4
Progeny - Part 5
Progeny - Part 6
Progeny - Part 7
Progeny - Part 8
Progeny - Part 9
by April McKaig

by WarriorKym

The Promise
a poem by mizaru

Promises Kept - Part I
Promises Kept - Part II
Promises Kept - Part III
Promises Kept - Part IV
Promises Kept - Part V
Promises Kept - Part VI
Promises Kept - Part VII
Promises Kept - Part VIII
Promises Kept - Part IX
Promises Kept - Part X
by Melissa Good

Protector of Nations
by PruferBlue

The Puzzle
by Tim Boothby

Puzzle Pieces
by Danae