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This story depicts a love/sexual relationship between two consenting adult women. If you are under 18 years of age or if this type of story is illegal in the state or country in which you live, please do not read it. If depictions of this nature disturb you, you may wish to read something other than this story.

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July 1999


"Let’s keep going until we get to the lake." Xena told the Gabrielle.

"I guess, but my feet are starting to get a little sore and I don’t want to hear about, if I had a horse my feet wouldn’t be sore."

"It’s not too much further, anyway Argo’s getting tired too!" Xena joked back at the Bard.

Argo’s getting tired? What in Hades am I? The young blonde wondered.

They reached the lake in three-quarters of a candlemark and Xena told Gabrielle that she would hunt down something to eat. Tying the horse to a crabapple tree, the Warrior left the campsite, saying she would be back in a little while. Gabrielle was feeling down in the mouth. Her outlook on the two of them was a vision of mixing water and fire together. At this moment, her thoughts were as overcast as the sky. The Bard moved near the water and found a place to sit on a large rock. Tossing stones into the lake while Xena was out looking for dinner, she pondered the past and the future. Her eyes turned as sad as the pictures that filled her mind.

I wonder where this is all going. I’m sure she really doesn’t see me as her lover. I know she says she loves me but I get the feeling that it’s more like a little sister. Damn, I have a little sister. I want to be loved as a woman. Can’t she see that my heart melts every time she hugs me or puts her arm around me? Xena! You’re driving me crazy!

"Gabrielle, are you going to try to knock those fish out with a hand full of rocks all day?" Xena said as she startled the Bard. "Dreaming again, huh?"

"Back off Xena! I’m not in the mood!"

The Warrior got mad, "Listen, I’m out getting us something to eat and you’re over here drifting with the clouds. At least you could have started a fire!"

"Xena, is that all I am to you? Some footservant to do your bidding? Well that’s it, I’m through!" Gabrielle shouted and started to walk away. Xena couldn’t see the tears in the Bards eyes and Gabrielle tried to hold her composure until she was further along the lakeshore. After she reached a safe area away from the Warrior she left the dam break and cried her eyes red.

Xena was in a small state of shock and stood frozen in her tracks. She couldn’t comprehend what had just happened. She started a fire, then moved over to the lakeshore and cleaned the quail that she had caught, figuring that Gabrielle would be back when she cooled down.

I can’t figure her out sometimes. How did I fall in love with a fruitcake that loves nut bread and loses her temper daily with me? Anyone else would have been a chakram holder.

The Warrior started the birds and waited for the Bard to return. Once the quail were cooked through, Xena started to worry. She took the birds off of the fire and called, "Gabrielle come and eat! Dinners getting cold." But there was no response and her worry increased.

I better go look for her and tell her I’m sorry. Even though she went off on me, I’ll be the bigger person. What could have caused that kind of reaction? Maybe I do treat her like my servant? No! I love her! She must know that by now. I wonder...if she...I better get moving.

Xena got to her feet and moved out in the same direction that Gabrielle had taken. She called out time and again but got no response. Following the shoreline, she looked for the Bards footprints and followed them for awhile but they disappeared into the water. Xena became frantic and her mind imagined all kinds of horrible thoughts. She dove into the lake and swam around for awhile but found absolutely no sign of her friend.

Xena came back on shore and continued down the shoreline looking for any sign that the Bard was alive. She didn’t have to wait long before she noticed the footprints coming back out of the water quite a ways down from where they went in. From that point they turned inland.

She’s trying to throw me off. She doesn’t want to be found. I really hit a nerve or something was wrong to begin with and I made it worse. Dear gods, where are you Gabrielle?

The Warrior started to search the woods and called out as she moved through the brush and trees that covered the area. It was beginning to get dark and there was a light mist falling. Xena climbed a tree, trying to see if there was any sign of her friend below and still she came up with nothing. Frustration grew within the Warrior and she screamed at the top of her lungs, "Gabrielle!"


Gabrielle had walked down the beach and then headed into the water out of anger. She continued to walk through the water along shore and came back out further down the shoreline. With a full head of steam, she ran into the forest and kept running until she lost her footing on a moss-covered rock. The Bard went down hard as her feet slipped out from under her and she landed on her back, cracking her head on another rock near by. She knocked herself unconscious and was at the mercy of the forest.

Xena called and called but Gabrielle could not hear her. There was a trickle of blood that ran from the back of her head, staining the ground under her. The Warrior didn’t know it at the time but had she passed very close to the Bard in her search.

The mist turned to rain and raised Xena’s level of concern. She sat briefly on the trunk of a fallen tree and thought, Where could she possibly be. I must have missed her.

"Gabrielle! This isn’t funny anymore! Please answer me! I’m so sorry for everything!" Xena cried as she called out to her missing friend.

Slowly she backtracked her steps in an attempt to see something she might have overlooked. Two candlemarks or better had passed by and still no Gabrielle. The rain was steady and hindered hearing anything very well. Xena was a quarter of a candlemark away from the lake when she sat again. She talked to the Bard out loud, although she knew not where she was.

"Gabrielle, I love you. I miss you my friend. Please come back to me. I’ll never let you go again."

The Bard began to regain consciousness as she heard Xena’s voice. Gabrielle was just five paces from her Warrior and started to get her focus back.

Xena continued on with her plea. "Don’t you know yet that I really and truly am in love with you? I want to spend the rest of my days with you. Gabrielle! Where are you?"

"Here! I’m here Xena!" She said weakly.

Xena followed the sound of Gabrielle’s voice and dropped down next to her. "Gabrielle are you all right?"

"My head.....Oooh, I cracked my skull."

"Let me look honey. It’s not too bad but you have a goose egg and a cut but you’ll live, I hope." Xena added, "Let’s get you and me back to camp, get our stuff together and find some shelter. This rain looks like it’s going to keep up for awhile."

"OK........Honey!" And Gabrielle smiled warmly as she let Xena know she was going to be fine.

Xena got her back to camp by carrying the Bard there, and then she packed up everything and helped her up on Argo. The Warrior got on the horse too and went to find a dry place where she could tend to her injured friend.


A short time later, Xena found an abandoned cabin that was collapsed from age and weather but would provide some shelter. One half of the structure was still standing and fairly dry inside. Xena found enough wood within to start a fire in the old fireplace. Just the sound of the crackling flames helped take the chill from each of them. The Warrior did what she could for Argo and brought their bedrolls inside. Gabrielle was woozy and rested on the floor while Xena prepared things and tried to make it comfortable. The Bard was conscious but it was evident that she wasn’t her sharp-witted self just yet.

The cabin held many visuals of life’s struggle and how someone might have been defeated by nature. Some choices do not always work out for the best, Xena reflected as she looked around. There were several candles that still stood on the mantle. Xena lit them off of the fire and it gave the place a little more life. She could see that on the far end of the cabin, where it had collapsed, there were the remains of a bed. Next to the bed was a small wooden crib, which told the Warrior that a family had lived here. Returning her attention to Gabrielle, she took a look at the bump and cut. Taking a cloth with water, she cleaned the wound taking her time not to hurt the Bard anymore than she all ready was.

"How are you feeling?" Xena asked sheepishly but with great concern.

"I’ll be fine, just give me a little time." Gabrielle said as she looked at Xena with eyes that wanted her attention. "Xena.....Did you really mean what you were saying in the forest?"

"Yes, my love. I really do love you!"

"Like a sister?" Gabrielle asked hesitantly.

"No, silly! I love you like I’ve never loved anyone or anything. Don’t you know that you are the most important person in my life? I could not go back to the way things used to be. Since you entered my world, my life and the way I look at life has changed so much. Gabrielle, you’re warm heart for your fellow man and the gentle approach you have with people have opened my eyes to so many things. You’ve become a part of me and I’ve been apprehensive in saying anything because I didn’t know if you felt the same way. I was afraid Gabrielle. Afraid that you would reject me, your lover. That would have cut too deep and I wasn’t quite sure if I was reading you right to take such a chance.

"I love you Xena. Understand that I think I fell in love with you the first time I saw you. Something deep inside of me was touched by your beauty, the way you carried yourself........... your eyes. When I looked into your eyes I wanted to kiss you. I wanted to feel the warmth of your lips on mine."

"Here they are my love." And Xena bent to meet her Bard’s lips.

There was a moment of tenderness in the approach the two lovers took. Their lips barely touched and each could feel the other’s breath upon them. Ever so slowly they met and melted together. Easy, yet constantly exploring the contours of each other’s mouths. Lips parting, their tongues continued the search and their juices mingled as each ones temperature began to rise. Xena broke off and looked at Gabrielle.

"Are you all right?" She asked.

"Well, my head is kind of sore but the rest of me feels real good!"

"I think I might have to put two stitches in your noggin. You have a cut where you hit the rock. It’s something that we should not wait with. Don’t worry about a thing. I‘ve done this many times before." Xena explained.

"Yes, but not on my head!" The Bard reminded Xena.

The Warrior got her thread and needle. She told Gabrielle to focus on something in front of her and she just kept looking at the Warrior’s breasts. Before she knew it, the wound was closed. Xena left it uncovered because of where it was and figuring that the air would help in the healing.

Gabrielle was feeling better and decided to stand up. She looked around the old cabin at the remnants that were there and they told a story to her. While the Bard examined the contents of the place, Xena went out and got some jerky and a few biscuits that were left, to help take the edge off of their stomachs. When she returned inside, she found Gabrielle looking at a gold ring that she found in the ashes at the edge of the fireplace.

"What have you got there?" The Warrior asked.

"I found this by the fire. It must have belonged to the previous owner." The Bard explained as she revealed her thoughts. "This looks like it might have had a very sad ending for the people who lived here. Everything I see lets me believe that things fell apart in the heart as well as this building falling down. Then she placed the ring on the mantle. Promise me Xena that we will always try to talk things through. That we will never go to sleep angry with each other."

"I will try to do for us, the best I can. Here, eat something."

After they had filled up on the little that they had, Gabrielle moved close.

"I’m feeling much better now."

"That’s good, honey." Xena purred as she kissed the Bards head.

Gabrielle looked up at Xena and said, "Please make love to me, Xena. I want this place, right here, to be our first time."

"Are you sure about this? Because, once we start and this happens, you need to know that I am willing to be committed to you. I love you that much Gabrielle."

The Bard reached up and pulled Xena’s head toward hers and their lips meshed. The young blonde was incredibly aroused and placed her hand on the Warriors thigh and started rubbing the inside of it. She moved her hand higher and higher until she reached Xena’s breeches. Her hand made contact with the fabric and realized that it was wet and evident of Xena’s desire. The Warrior moaned softly at the contact and spread her legs as the novice explored her, by running her finger under the edge of the material. Gabrielle felt the moist patch of hair, then her finger slid into the Xena’s center and she felt the physical manifestation of love for her.

She rolled away and began unlacing her halter-top. Xena watch intently and at the same time removed her leathers, then her breeches and finally her boots. She stood up and the Bard was awed at how beautiful her body was. Even though she had observed it many times before, she had never seen it with true lover’s eyes. Her muscles danced as she moved close to the Bard. The boots came off, followed by the skirt and the breeches. Standing up next to the Warrior, the young lover’s body shook as they wrapped their arms around each other. They kissed passionately and the Gabrielle tilted her head slightly down and engulfed one of Xena’s nipples. It grew in her mouth and she began to suck it as her knees quivered.

"I need to lay down Xena." The Bard said with uneven breath.

They reached the floor where Xena had opened their bedrolls and Gabrielle reclined on her back. The raven-hair lover moved to her neck and kissed it many times. She then began to run her tongue along the many curves of her shoulders, over the chest and ended her journey at one of Gabrielle’s nipples. She brought the Bard halfway off of the floor as she arched her back in sheer delight. Xena slid her hand down to Gabrielle’s mound and tenderly rubbed the flesh, creating a fire that burned through her lover. The Warrior moved herself down the length of her lover’s body and kissed that sensitive area as the young woman moan in ecstasy. Moving very slowly she parted the flesh with the movement of her tongue, searching the surface for any and all places of arousal. When she felt that Gabrielle could take no more, she surrounded the nerve center with her mouth and began running her tongue in a circular motion. Over and over and over.

The young lover came, as her body shuddered in spasms. "XENA! DEAR gods.....XEEEENA!

Xena looked up and realized that her lover was exhausted. She moved up next to her and wrapped her arms around Gabrielle, throwing a blanket over them. They both slipped into a deep sleep and dreamt sweet dreams of a future together.

The sound of songbirds chirping and the sun moving through the opening in the cabin announced a new morning. Xena opened her eyes and smiled at Gabrielle who was all ready looking at her intently.

"Good morning love." Xena said.

Gabrielle looked over at her and said, "My head really hurts! And.....who are you?" Then she laughed hysterically as Xena grabbed her and they wrestled playfully with each other.


The End. Hope you enjoyed.

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