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by: Dan Werden

Okay,'s another unbearibly bad story about Xena! :-)

This one has someone you may accualy know in it......but read some of this to find out who, in Forever never dies

We start off in a bar on Earth, year 2058 A.D. A young man is holding a small puzzle box in his hand while he gets another beer.

YOUNG MAN: Yeah, I stole this piece of junk offa some blond ditz I mugged. Looks like crap, but there's somthin' about the pattern on it that interests me........

As the young man circles his thumb around a circle on the box, the strange thing starts glowing. It jumps out of the man's hand.

YOUNG MAN: What the hell's happenin'...........

The box moves by itself, with about half of it lifting up, turning, and coming back down. Metal chains with large hooks fly out of the box, piercing the man and dragging him towards a big crack in the floor that was just opened.

YOUNG MAN: Please, someone, help me!

We hear people in the bar screaming, moving slowly away from the gap in the floor.

BARTENDER: He's gettin' dragged in, man! Let's get tha hell outta here!

A man, dressed in black with pins in his head (If you haven't guessed who this is by now, you need to watch some "Hellraiser" films) climbs out of the hole. He waves his hand, and the doors become closed and binded by black chains.

PINHEAD: Ah, Earth! What a putrid race it holds! But they do suffer so..... gracefully!

Pinhead raises his other hand, and his minions, Neithlos, a tall, pale skinned demon, rises up with Sahu, a hellfire demon-woman.

Neithlos leaps on the bartender, vicously ripping him apart with his claws while Sahu points her finger at random people, bursting them into uncontrollable flames.

Pinhead watches on. Ten minutes later, the few people who have lived have been ripped to shreads by flying chains and such, commanded by Pinhead.

PINHEAD: What a foolish man! He did not know of the powers of the box, and yet, he didn't resist the temptation to unlock it! That stupid immortal girl he stole it from would have destroyed us eternally, if she opened the box herself!

Pinhead laughs manically as he picks up the puzzle box.

PINHEAD: I have come back to Earth, and I shall make sure I stay here!

The scene fades, and fades back, seeing Gabrielle laying in an alley. She finally awakes, rubbing the back of her sore head.

GABRIELLE: Stupid mugger..... more of them seem to be around since that space station was destroyed by that maniac........

Gabrielle looks through her things, finding that all her money is gone and that strange box is missing also.

GABRIELLE: Geez, that box looked so familiar, it was scary..... I wonder where I heard it from?

Gabrielle then realizes what it was from. She looks franticly around.

GABRIELLE: Oh, no! By the gods! He took the puzzle box! I'm going to hope he didn't open it, or I'll need to find some serious help!

Gabrielle runs to her home in what used to be Northern Greece. Oviously, she liked the area enough to stay here for the uncountable millenium it's existed. As she runs into her house, she calls up her boyfriend, who is, believe it or not, a decendent of Eiolis.

GABRIELLE: Um, Mark, remember my "friend"?

MARK: You mean.... her?

GABRIELLE: Yeah, her. I need her help.

MARK: Honey, do you think I should call her up? I mean, she's become alot more reclusive since your last mishap......

GABRIELLE: Just get her. No matter what differences we may have, I need to set that aside. A problems arisen.

MARK: Yeah, I think I know what you're talking about. It's all over the news, about the bloody deaths..... Pinhead's back, I fear. GABRIELLE: She's the only one who's mentally stable enough to beat him, and you're the only one who can contact her.

MARK: Fine. I'll get Xena.

We then switch to another place, somewhere in a cave, in the former Rocky Mountains, before it was blown to bits in a war.

We see Xena, meditating with her sword in her lap. Mark slowly creeps in.

MARK: Xena... Xena! Snap out of it! I need your help!

Xena, startled by this sudden presence, jumps up and pulls her reddish sword out, yelling her infamous battle cry.

XENA: Aiyiyiyiyiyiyi!


Mark quickly ducks down before Xena tries to slash his head with her sword. She lands, suddenly noticing it's Mark, her old friend. She puts her sword away and shakes Mark's hand, without harming it.

XENA: Mark! Long time, no see! So, what's been going on? MARK: I've been doing okay, but I wish I was here just to visit you. I'm afraid your...... friend, Gabrielle, needs your help.

XENA (turning away): I'm not helping that backstabber! She doesn't deserve my help!

Flashback: It's America, 2001. Xena is having a picknick with her son, Robert, and husband, Steven. They also have a friend along.... Gabrielle. She's enjoying the great day.

ROBERT: Mommy, look! Look at the pretty bird!

Xena looks at a tree, seeing a robin, chirping beutifilly. Robert is mearly 3, just experencing and rembering things, unlike the younger years of childhood. And he wants to share it all with his mother.

XENA: Yes, it is a pretty bird! And doesn't it sing pretty, too?

ROBERT: Yeah, Mom! It's a pretty bird!

STEVEN (Smiling): Son, there's so many other beutiful birds out there that will be as pretty as that one, and the'll be so enjoyable to watch and listen to!

GABRIELLE (Eating a burger at the same time): So, Xena, you got another one coming, right?

XENA: Yep. A beutiful little girl. I'm hoping to name her Lilly.

STEVEN: I dunno.... I think "Elizibeth" would be a much better name.

XENA: Well, we'll figgure it out.

Suddenly, the wind gusts up. It's a instant cyclone, something that is common in that era. In one swift blow, it knocks Steven to a tree, knocking him out.

XENA: Gabrielle, get Steven! I can't get him in my condition!

GABRIELLE: Okay, I'll try!

Xena crawls to another tree and cluches to it, telling her son to do the same. Suddenly the tree that Steven was by falls down, crushing him.

XENA: Oh, my god! The storm blows over, with clear skies. GABRIELLE: We got to get him to a hospital!

We come back to the current time, in the cave.

XENA: Gabrielle didn't go fast enough. It's her fault he died.

MARK: Xena, she did whatever she could.....

XENA: He still died, though.

MARK: Common. She needs your sword. The ultimate evil has come.

XENA: Damn, Pinhead's back?

MARK: Yeah. Come on! We need to hurry up before he kills more innocents!

Back in the allies of New Greece, Pinhead has made a shrine to himself, compleate with the heads of the 20-30 people he's slaughtered. His two minions are seen beside him.

PINHEAD: I can sense the blond demigod summoning Xena. It shall take them a day or so to come back, so we shall be prepared. My dark minion, hand me the box!

Neithlos hands Pinhead the puzzle box. Pinhead grabs it and looks at it closely.

PINHEAD: Only humans have the bewilderment to unlock the box. I can only bring two minions at one opening. But the plans that most recently destroyed me can also make the ultimate gate. Those plans are lost, but Gabrielle can do that at will! I must have bait.

Pinhead thinks of a plan. He raises his head, thinking aloud.

PINHEAD: Yes, that shall be the perfect bait! The child shall be the bait!

We then go back to Gabrielle's house a day later. Xena walks in with Mark.

XENA: So, you called?

GABRIELLE: Yeah. Your sword that I helped enchant so many years ago can kill demons. Pinhead's minions are demons, and therefore can be destroyed by your sword. The box can help us send them back, but I need your help to get it.

XENA: Fine. I'll do it. But this doesn't mean we're friends again, got it?

GABRIELLE: Of course, I get it. Now, let's hunt him down.

In the alley, a few minutes later.

PINHEAD: I need to prepare. Do you have the child and her parent, Neithlos?

NEITHLOS: Yes, my lord. Sahu is watching him closely.

PINHEAD: Good. I do not think that Xena will like the fact that I have her grandson and Great-granddaughter. Pinhead Laughs manically. Neithlos smiles evilly. A few days later........

The sun is fading over the horizon. Xena and Gabrielle are nearing the entrance to Pinhead's alley. Xena opens her eyes wide.

XENA: Agghhhhh!

GABRIELLE: Xena! Whats the matter?

XENA(looking at her reddish sword with her wide pupils): This damned sword!

Why the hell does it have to alter how I perceive things?!

GABRIELLE: Xena, it's a gift. Now, what do you see?

XENA: See? Nothing, exept a dank alley. I sense a enormous evil.


XENA(Sarcastically): Really, Gabrielle? You were always the smarter one.

GABRIELLE: Lets stop insulting each other and kill Pinhead.

XENA(mumbling bitterly): Maybe when I'm done, I'll cleave your head....

They jorney into the alley, seeing a grusome sight. Bodies are impaled on spikes on the wall, skulls hanging down, and a man with chains stuck in his body.

XENA(Holding back the vomit): By the Gods! I have seen things in my life that

Would pale in comparison to this!

Gabrielle seems unaffected, possibly because she's a demi-god and has seen worse.

Our two heroines walk ahead, and see Pinhead, sitting on a chair painted with blood. Neithlos is holding her grandson, Robert Smith II and her great-granddaughter, Elizibeth.

PINHEAD(Smiling devilishly): Hmmm, so Xena, you decided to come. I thought

I'd have to bait you here with your kin, but now it seems I need them for...what is that term you humans use?.......ransom, in a sort.

XENA(oviously very angry): You cursed demon, I'll run you through!

Xena charges at him drawing her sword. Gabrielle uses teleportation to wisk the two hostages away. Pinhead is so angered from this that he destroys his minions and pulls the sword out of Xena's hand with a chain.

PINHEAD: This sword is the only thing that harms me, as you two very well know. But it will not work unless you hold it and cleave my skull with the reddish blade! Gabrielle blasts Pinhead with pure energy. She falls to the ground, moaning.


Xena picks up the sword. She jumps on Pinhead's shoulder, and pierces his head with the blade. His blood runs down his face and onto Xena's leg. His body decays, and Xena and Gabrielle dissipear.

200 years later.

Two female figures fall from a portal and into a lake. They both surface and take deep gasps.

XENA: What the hell?!

GABRIELLE: I can sense it.... time has changed...... it's 200 years since the battle.

XENA: Well, we're the only ones who know each other. Friends, no matter what you've done?

GABRIELLE: Sure. Well, we ought to swim to shore.

The End

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