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The Light That Is You
(to Gabrielle from Xena)

by Johanna (Xcellent)

Sometimes the darkness
Threatens to overcome me.
I cannot breathe.
I cannot scream.
I cannot run.

I can only lie there
As it envelops me.
I feel afraid
(Yes, even *I* can be afraid)
I know this darkness
is inside of me.

Just as I prepare
To surrender to the darkness
I picture you beside me.
I hear your voice.
I see your smile.
I feel your love.

The darkness begins to recede.
It loses its strength.
It loosens its hold.
A crack, and light shines in.
Now the DARKNESS is afraid!

I awaken to see you
Lying there across from me.
My healer.
My love.
My friend.

Thank you Gabrielle.

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