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By Xena Torres

By the Gods, I'm blind!
What am I to do?
I know the cure,
Yet I only have a day to do it.
But how can I?
You've been kidnapped,
And if I take too long, you'll die!
Some evil men are about to kill you,
So I have to press on.
I don't have time to do both,
So I must sacrifice for you.
How can I fight without my eyes?
How can I help you?
I'm afraid,
Although I'll never admit it out loud.
I don't know if I'll see again,
And I don't know if I can save you.
Thank the Gods I did!
Now you're safe and in my arms.
I have you back, but I am still blind.
This is the end of the Warrior Princess.
I can't fight when I'm blind, Gabrielle.
It's over, all over,
But at least I have you back!

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