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Loving Sister And Warrior Princess

by Snowblind

I fell down

Strong Arms and gentle hands picked me up

She'd smile at me and I'd be playing again

I was proud to call her sister

As we grew older things changed

Those strong arms would swing a sword

Her gentle hands covered in innocent blood

We were too old to play

Cortese attacked

We were farmers not warriors

Your voice became our battlecry

I too believed in you

Then you went too far

The rage burned you inside

I left the battle field to find my own destiny

My heart was that of a dreamer, not a warrior

Following you changed that 

We are family, no changes could ever cut those ties

For my protection I denied my real identity

My role changed from Warrior to Prince and General

Your reputation grew larger than the gods

Xena, Warrior Princess.

I wondered if I would ever see you again

Fate has a strange sense of humor

We crossed paths on the battlefield

Our eyes locked like magnets

"I will stop you here Xena!"

"You'll try Konus!"

The battle continued but we never fought

No matter what...

You will always be Xena:My Loving Sister

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