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By Cruise

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"Hello beautiful!" Blaise exclaimed proudly looking down at her beautiful daughter who made her heart race every time she looked at her...just like her mommie does to Blaise.

"Booma!" Jordyn squealed delightedly struggling to get up.

"Howís my sweetpea?" Blaise asked sweetly picking her up and kissing her cheek.

Jordyn looked at Blaise with a smile. "Boo-boo!" She answered pointing to Blaiseís wound.

"Thatís right baby...howíd you know that?" Blaise asked with a proud smile and kissed her cheek again. "I guess youíre growing up faster than we all expected. Before I know it my little girlís going to be all grown up but you know what? Youíll always be my little girl even when youíre old and gray." Blaise answered sweetly and smiled proudly. Jordyn had a sad face and put her mouth against Blaiseís forehead for a kiss and looked back at Blaise with a smile. "Itís all better now...thank you. Letís go get something to eat!" Blaise enthusiastically answered and headed out the door towards the tavern wiggling her daughter in her arms both laughing merrily.

Blaise entered to find the tavern jam-packed with people and scanned the room for her family. "Whereís mommie?" Blaise asked Jordyn who put a finger to her mouth and looked around as Cyrene caught sight of them and waved.


Ephiny stopped her candid conversation with Tarus when she noticed her tall lover stride confidently through the crowded tavern holding their child tightly and securely in her arms and smiled lovingly... her heart skipping a beat when Blaiseís blues met her hazelís. Blaise noticed the people would smile and whisper amongst themselves once she passed giving her an uncomfortable feeling.

"Blaise!" Someone inquired as Blaise turned and looked down at the woman who replied.

"Yes." Blaise answered with an uneasy feeling and confusion as she didnít know the woman.

"Oh, you are even better looking in person than everyone has told stories about." The woman answered in awe.

Blaise was angered at the audacity of the womanís comment in front of her child. "I donít think thatís appropriate conversation in front of my daughter and with my wife sitting two tables over from you." Blaise answered angrily as they both glanced over at Ephiny who couldnít figure out what was going on. Jordyn snuggled her face against Blaiseís neck and wrapped her small arms tightly and possessively around her mother.

"Sheís a very lucky woman and if you decide you want someone else... find me." She answered seductively and smiled. Blaise shook her head in disgust trying to control her anger choosing to walk away rather than stoop to the womanís low level and respond to her. "Hmmm...nice ass too." The woman replied appreciatively giggling with Blaise fuming from the gaul of the woman to say such things in front of Jordyn. Blaise rubbed Jordynís back softly and kissed her cheek as Jordyn stayed comfortably snuggled against her.

Blaise finally made her way to the table and sat next to Ephiny with a look of disgust and anger as Tarus took Jordyn from Blaise. "Howís my little doodlebug?" He asked with a smile and kissed Jordyn who giggled.

"Whatís wrong baby?" Ephiny whispered leaning closer to Blaise who kept her head down and shifted her eyes side to side noticing all the people staring at her. "Blaise?" Ephiny asked to get her attention and tucked her long hair behind her ear leaning even closer to her troubled wife.

"Are you feeling ill?" Ephiny asked with concern and held Blaiseís hand.

"No...just very uncomfortable with everyone staring at me." Blaise answered with agitation.

"Hey, youíre stunning babe...I had to do the same thing when you walked in here...donít feel so bad they did the same thing to Xena. They arenít used to seeing such high profile people around here honey." Ephiny answered trying to reassure Blaise. "Besides, I figured youíd love the chicks digging you anyway." Ephiny teased with Blaise looking into Ephinyís eyes and flashed her a smirk at the comment before kissing her lips.

"I intend to stick Salmoneous in a well when I find him!"

"Youíll have to beat Xena to it though." Ephiny answered with a laugh and handed Blaise a mug of ale who drained half of it instantly.

"Are you trying to get me drunk and take advantage of me honey?" Blaise asked flashing a sexy smile quickly forgetting about the earlier situation that angered her. She leaned closer to Ephiny with her hand sliding up along Ephinyís leg sending a tingling sensation throughout her body from Blaiseís tender touch.

"You know me so well donít you sexy?" Ephiny teased lightly kissing Blaise wishing they were in bed locked in one anotherís arms their bodies wrapped tightly against each other with their passions soaring.

"You should know me better than that darlin to know that I donít need to be drunk for you to take advantage of me." Blaise answered teasingly through her kiss.

"Oh, I know that ...itís just fun to see if you will get drunk." Ephiny laughed and kissed Blaise again.

"Hmmm...well, Iíve got some fun planned for you later this evening my sexy little Amazon Regent. But first, we must eat!" Blaise answered with a laugh.

"Ooh, I look forward to it." Ephiny teased back with a wink picking her utensils up to eat her meal.


Everyone was engaged in idle chitchat through dinner and Blaise looked around the table at the smiling and contented faces sitting with her. She thought about how this was the family life she had always hoped one day to have. Blaise smiled filled with happiness watching everyone and taking in their interaction with one another realizing she finally felt like she was part of a true family.

Ephiny slid her hand into Blaiseís and she turned to her Amazon lover flashing her a loving smile. "You okay?" Ephiny asked with concern squeezing Blaiseís hand.

"Never better." Blaise answered with a contented smile.

"Blaise, honey...will you go up and sing with the band?" Cyrene asked with a hopeful smile.

"Oh, nah...mother. Iím getting enough goofy looks from everyone as it is now." Blaise answered hesitantly looking around and noticing the crowd had thinned out she thought maybe it wouldnít be so bad to sing.

"Please?...I love to hear you sing." Cyrene pleaded with a smile.

"Come on can do the song we worked on while we were on the road...I assume you finished your chorus to it? I finished the music for it." Joxer answered with excitement.

"Wait a minute." Xena interrupted. "You and Joxer did a song together?" Xena asked sarcastically and in disbelief.

"Yeah...why is that so hard to believe?" Blaise asked turning to her sister offended.

"Joxer?" Xena asked arching an eyebrow towards him in disbelief.

"Yeah... Joxer." Blaise replied sarcastically. "I wrote the song and he wrote the music for it." Blaise answered agitatedly at the fact that everyone treated him like a baffoon even though he had made a dramatic change for the better.

"Hmmm...very interesting." Xena answered suspicious of what kind of music Joxer would come up with for a song.

Blaise looked at Ephiny for assurance. "Do it know I love to hear you sing." Ephiny answered smiling excitedly and kissed Blaiseís cheek for assurance.

"Okay...Jox...give the band your music." Blaise relented looking towards Joxer.

"Yes!" Joxer exclaimed excitedly heading towards the band at an eager pace.

"Iíll go make the announcement." Cyrene replied with a proud smile handing Chayce to Ephiny.

Blaise kissed Chayce and headed towards the stage to join the band with Cyrene. "Here Blaise...I tuned it for you. You remember the chords right?" Joxer asked handing her a Lute to play.

"Yep and you grab the other one to play the lower notes for me dude." Blaise answered pointing to the other Lute.

"Really?" Joxer asked with excitement. told me you took music lessons and itís your music so grab it and letís go. Besides, the chicks will be all over you." Blaise answered with a mischievous smile checking the strings on the Lute chuckling at the wide-eyed look Joxer flashed her from the comment about the chicks.

"I had no idea Blaise could play the Lute." Tarus replied with amazement.

"Did you know Ephiny?" Gabrielle asked equally surprised snuggling into a comfortable position against her warrior who wrapped her arms tightly around her pregnant wife and rested her hands over Gabrielleís expanded abdomen.

"No...but, I realized awhile ago to never underestimate Blaiseís talents because she will definitely fool you." Ephiny answered with a laugh snuggling her son closer to her who was intrigued with the small feathers on his momís grieves.


"Sheís definitely got more skills than I do." Xena answered with a chuckle.

"Hey, you see your mom up there?" Tarus asked Jordyn in a sweet tone pointing at Blaise.

"Booma!" Jordyn answered with a smile pointing to Blaise and clapping her hands as everyone laughed.

"Looks like Blaise has another fan!" Tarus replied with a chuckle.

Blaise sat on a stool to the front of the band and looked over her shoulder at Joxer. "You ready dude?"

"Oh, yeah!" He answered smiling happily in all his glory.

"This is my youngest daughter Blaise who is an excellent singer and sheís agreed to sing a song for all our entertainment. Remember, Iím the only tavern in town so, no food throwing at her!" Cyrene warned teasingly with the crowd erupting in laughter.

Blaise put one foot up on the stool resting the Lute on her leg and looked up at the crowd. "As songs are inspired by my beautiful wife Ephiny." Blaise announced smiling and making eye contact with Ephiny as the crowd all sighed happily from the statement. "I wrote this song when I was away from her and our beautiful children for a very long time. My buddy Joxer wrote the music for, we hope you enjoy it." Blaise replied with a smile and looked down at the Lute and began to play a slow melody. Blaise strummed the Lute and looked up at Ephiny smiling and began to sing in a low tone:

Woke up to the sound of pouring rain

The wind would whisper and Iíd think of you

And all the tears you cried that called my name

Ephiny thought back on the sadness she felt when Blaise would be gone and how many times she cried herself to sleep every night wishing Blaise was there to hold her and to make her feel safe.


The music speeds up:

AND WHEN YOU NEEDED ME I CAME THROUGH! (Blaise sang in a raised tone)

Ephiny smiled and held Chayce tighter staring intently at her sexy blue eyed lover.

Music slows:

I paint a picture of the days gone by

When love went blind and you would make me see

Iíd stare a lifetime into your eyes

Blaise smiled locking her blue eyes with Ephinyís hazelís.

Music speeds up:


TIME AFTER TIME YOU WERE THERE FOR ME...E...E (Blaise drawled the note out singing in a louder tone)







I RE...ME...M...BER YOU....WHOA...OH...WHOA...OH...WHOA (Blaise held the note)

Music slows:

We spent the summer wrapped in each otherís arms

Wished ever after would be like this

you said I love you babe without a sound

Blaise winked and smiled lovingly at Ephiny. Ephiny thought about how Blaise only needed to look at her without a word being spoken to know how much she loved her.


Music speeds up:


Blaise held up one finger denoting the one kiss and began playing again.


Ephiny thought about how much she loved Blaiseís smile and one kiss from her rocked her to the core.









Blaise glanced at Gabrielle who looked back at her in confusion with Xenaís eyes shifting to Gabrielle then back to Blaise knowing what she was referring to and not too pleased by it either.

BUT THATíS THE PRICE WE PAID (Blaiseís voice reflected higher)

Ephiny knew that if she could read Blaiseís mind it would tell a tale of still not being able to forgive Gabrielle for interfering and for being responsible for Ephinyís death.

AND THROUGH IT ALL WE KEPT THE PROMISE THAT WE MA...A...A...DE (Blaise sang louder holding the note)

Blaise held her hand up showing the ring Ephiny gave her at their joining with Ephiny reciprocating the gesture by kissing her own ring and smiling.

I SWEAR YOUíLL NEVER BE LONEL....LY. (Blaise belted out)


Blaise pointed at Ephiny to emphasize her point her voice trailing off carrying the note. Blaise stood up when the music picked up for a Lute instrumental and glanced over at Joxer with a smile and back down to the Lute to finish the chord. Blaise looked up and flipped her hair off her face and tilted her head back closing her eyes.

WHOA...OH...OH....OH...WHOA...OOHHHH...(carrying out the note)

The music slowed and Blaise slowly opened her blue eyes searching for her favorite hazel eyes she always manages to lose herself in and locked onto them when they met and softly sang.

Woke up to the sound of pouring rain

Washed away a dream of you

But nothing else could ever take you away

Blaise gave Gabrielle a quick glance with Ephiny remembering hearing Blaiseís desperate pleas to not leave her as she lay in darkness unable to break free and reunite with the love of her life ...eventually succumbing to the darkness. Ephiny realized exactly what Blaise meant in the song and that she hadnít totally forgiven Gabrielle either for her part in her death despite how much she wanted too.

Music picks up with Blaise putting her hand to her heart smiling and singing louder.



Blaise moved her hand back to the Lute continuing to play with Ephiny searching Blaiseís eyes and saw what she was looking for...her life reflected there in that one moment. She no longer thought of herself as one but half of a whole. Without Blaise her life would hold very little meaning. Tears stung her eyes and she clutched her child to her breast. This child was part of that life and everything she had ever wanted or dreamed about began with this one woman she loved so much.








I RE...ME...M...BER..YOU







Ephiny kissed Chayceís cheek before handing him to Cyrene who had tears of pride and joy filling her familiar blue eyes listening to the heartfelt love song by Blaise. Ephiny made her way towards Blaise oblivious to the bystanders only having eyes for Blaise. Blaise never lost her focus on Ephiny and watched her stride towards her proudly and incredibly beautiful smile captured on her lovely features.

Blaise finished the song and moved the Lute away when Ephiny moved in closer to her. Ephiny held Blaiseís face and looked into her loving blue eyes. "I will always remember you baby." Ephiny whispered tears filling her hazel eyes and captured Blaiseís lips for a deep, loving, sensual kiss as Blaise wrapped her arms tightly around her reveling in the fact that the love of her life was safely snuggled in her arms.

The loud clapping didnít deter the lovers of their moment especially when their kiss turned more passionate. Ephiny broke the kiss and looked into Blaiseís eyes. "I love it when you serenade me with those Ďundress me eyesí." Ephiny answered smiling lovingly and kissed Blaise again.

"I love you Eph." Blaise answered smiling happily and kissing her wife. "Letís go get our kids and go to bed so, everyone will stop staring at us." Blaise replied bashfully.


"Thatís the best idea Iíve heard all night." Ephiny answered smiling and entwined her fingers in Blaiseís as they made their way back to the table.

"That is so incredibly sweet. I wish you would sing me a song like that." Gabrielle replied smiling and glanced up at Xena whoís chin rested on her shoulder.

"I sing to you every night baby." Xena answered teasingly and kissed her bard on the cheek.

"Blaise that was wonderful! I loved it...thank you so much!" Cyrene exclaimed excitedly and hugged Blaise.

"Thanks mother." Blaise answered blushing and held her mother tighter.

"Bravo!...Bravo!" Salmoneus exclaimed exuberantly clapping his hands approaching the table. "You should have waited until tomorrow when I could have sold tickets." He answered with a smile and dinar signs in his eyes.

Blaise broke her motherís hug and moved towards Salmoneus along with Xena both sporting a look of Ďif looks could killí. "Look her little man...just what did I tell you about getting into trouble and getting us involved in the mix along with you?" Blaise asked agitatedly pointing to her sister and herself before moving closer to him.

Salmoneus smiled and gulped nervously. "Itís not what you think...really." He answered with a nervous laugh unsuccessfully assuring the dynamic duo.

"It never is with you Salmoneus!" Xena answered in a low tone and a menacing look planting her hands firmly on her hips in a threatening gesture.

"Donít hurt him too bad you two...we want our turn with him as well!" Ephiny teased referring to her and Gabrielle then placed her hands on her hips standing behind Xena and Blaise with Gabrielle sidling up next to her Regent.

"Really...ha ha ha...itís for charity and I just couldnít resist including you two when those sweet little faces looked up at me."

"Charity?" Blaise asked skeptically with an arched eyebrow standing shoulder to shoulder with her imposing sister in front of him.

"By the gods! The two of you are gorgeous! Are you two sure you donít want to pose for paintings? I could sell them easily with a little marketing." He answered with a smile and an attempt at shifting the conversation to something less didnít work.

Xena and Blaise looked at one another then back to Salmoneus. "No!" They replied in unison.

"Now...tell me about this charity." Blaise asked in a low suspicious tone.

"Well...there are some activities for the festival which will raise money for the orphanage."

"Like what?" Xena asked agitatedly yet intrigued as to what he had gotten them into.

"Ha ha ha...a kissing booth and a fashion show." Salmoneus laughed nervously.

"A kissing booth?!" Ephiny exclaimed in anger walking towards him. "Let me kill him Blaise!" Ephiny answered with mounting anger as Blaise held her back.

"Iíll do it for the orphanage and If I find out youíre getting a kick back I will personally feed you limb by limb to my fatherís dogs!" Blaise shouted with anger and turned to hold her advancing wife back in disbelief that she was actually agreeing to do it. "Come on baby."

"But...but Blaise...a kissing booth. I donít like that at all!" Ephiny protested vehemently.

"It will be one will show up. Letís get the kids to bed." Blaise answered trying to reassure her fiery Amazon...she hoped it worked...for all their sakes.


"Are you going to do it too Xena?" Salmoneus asked with a sly grin.

"Yeah...seeing as how you blabbed it all over town!" Xena sneered at Salmoneus.

"Great...Iíll see you in the morning with the details. Do you think Gabrielle would do it too?"

Xena turned back to Salmoneus and growled her displeasure. "Donít press your luck!" Xena answered with agitation pointing to him.

"Youíre right...ha ha ha...bye!" Salmoneus answered nervously walking away wiping his brow. ĎWow!...that was close.í He thought to himself breathing a sigh of relief and left the tavern.

"Eph...look at Joxer." Blaise chuckled and noticed a group of women surrounding him.

"You have created a monster Blaise." Ephiny laughed and picked up Jordyn.

"Hey pumpkin!" Ephiny replied in babytalk with Jordynís eyes mirroring her own.

"Iíll be right back." Blaise replied heading towards Joxer. Blaise put her hand on Joxerís shoulder who glanced up at her. " gentle with my assistant ladies...I canít do my work without him!" Blaise replied smiling mischievously.

"Youíre Blaiseís assistant?" The women asked excitedly moving closer to Joxer.

"He sure is so go easy on him." Blaise answered mischievously smiling and winked patting Joxer on the shoulder before heading back to her beautiful bride.

"You didnít embarrass him did you?" Ephiny asked with a suspicious look towards her wife then looked at Joxer.

"Now would I do that?" Blaise asked with a sly grin.

"Like I said before didnít embarrass him did you?" Ephiny teased turning toward Blaise and kissed her lover.

"Okay...Uncle Tarus...let me have that handsome young man of mine." Blaise replied with a smile picking Chayce up out of Tarusí arms.

"Okay...little buddy...tomorrow you learn the fine art of crossbow shooting." Tarus teased smiling and kissed his nephew on the cheek. "And you my little doodlebug Iím going to win you a stuffed animal at the festival." Tarus answered sweetly with a big smile obviously enamored with his niece and nephew and kissed Jordynís cheek who giggled at her uncle.

"What about me brother? I feel so left out!" Blaise teased.

"Iím gonna keep your daughter from knocking you out again." Tarus laughed.

"Very funny dude...maybe you should go hang with Joxer so you might be lucky with that ugly puss of yours." Blaise answered laughing as Ephiny shook her head with a laugh at the sibling banter hoping her own children would have the same playfulness towards one another as Blaise and Tarus have together.

"Say night night Auntie Xena and Gabrielle." Ephiny replied in babytalk with Jordyn leaning out of her motherís arms for a kiss from her Auntieís.

"Night pretty girl." Xena replied with a smile and kissed Jordyn.

"Night sweetie...have sweet dreams." Gabrielle answered with an adoring smile and kissed Jordynís cheek.

Ephiny took Jordyn to Cyrene who showered her granddaughter with kisses and hugs with Jordyn hugging her tightly giggling.

"Tell your auntieís goodnight Chay." Blaise replied proudly and holding him towards Xena and Gabrielle for a kiss.

"Sweet dreams handsome." Xena answered smiling proudly and kissed her nephew on the forehead.

"Goodnight adorable." Gabrielle answered with a kiss. "Youíre going to be quite the lady killer arenít you?" Gabrielle asked in babytalk and tickled Chayce sending him into a wiggling frenzy.

"Yes...he will... unlike his uncle!" Blaise laughed raising her voice for Tarus to hear who waved her off as he conversed with a woman. "Okay...say goodnight to grandma...give her a lot of yucky, wet kisses." Blaise teased and handed Chayce to Cyrene.

Xena stood up and pulled Blaise to the side. "Blaise...I thought you forgave Gabrielle for the circumstances surrounding Ephinyís accident." Xena asked peering into similar blue eyes.

"I guess I havenít completely Xena...because of her I had to make that deal with Ares and I constantly have to be away from my family." Blaise answered slightly agitated by the conversation.

"Blaise would have had to have done those duties anyway." Xena answered aggravatedly.

"Yes...I would have Xena...but, I would have had a choice and I could have done it on my own terms. I would have been able to spend more time with my wife and had more time to get to know my children but I canít now. I am at his mercy Xena. I canít control the situation like I could before." Blaise answered angrily with Xena seeing the hurt and frustration in Blaiseís blue eyes.

"Iím sorry you have to be away from your wife and children so much because of the deal you made with Ares when Ephiny died. I truly am." Xena offered sincerely. She knew how relentless Ares could be and yes...Blaise was at his mercy but she had to defend her wifeís actions whether she thought they were right or not. Yet, she had to be loyal to her sister and she knew exactly how Blaise felt...Ares had done the same to her many times in the past. She was caught between a rock and a hard place and the only thing she could do was offer Blaise her help. "If I can help in any way Blaise...please let me know." Xena answered honestly.

"You have already with your love, support and for keeping my family safe when I have to be away from them." Blaise answered with a grateful smile.


Xena put her hand on Blaiseís shoulder and smiled. "You know that I protect them as if they were my own wife and children Blaise." Xena answered squeezing Blaiseís shoulder for reassurance.

Blaise smiled mischievously. "And I will do the same for you and your family but just donít try to hit on my wife." Blaise teased to lighten the mood both laughing from her comment.

"Go on...take your family to bed." Xena coaxed with a smile.

"Goodnight Xena." Blaise answered smiling and walked over to Cyrene. "Okay...Grandma, stop spoiling him." Blaise teased and took her son from Cyrene.

"But thatís what grandmotherís are for Blaise." Cyrene smiled happily and waved goodbye to the twins.

"Goodnight mother." Blaise answered smiling planting a kiss on her cheek.

Blaise walked over to Ephiny and put her arm around her before heading out of the tavern. "Mother...what are you crying about?" Xena asked approaching her mother.

"Iím just a very happy and proud mother thatís all. Iím glad to see Blaise has found the love and happiness she searched for all her life...she deserves it and Iím glad I can be apart of her life." Cyrene answered smiling lovingly.

Xena put her arm around her mother for comfort. "Sheís happy that youíre part of her life too mother and she does deserve to be happy. Speaking of being happy...I need to get my wife to bed or she wonít be a happy little bard in the morning if she misses a wink of sleep." Xena answered smiling and kissed her mother on the cheek. "Goodnight mother and thanks for not giving us the short bed." Xena answered with a sly grin and a wink.

"Goodnight darling." Cyrene answered grinning and watched her eldest daughter leave with her love and thought about how blessed she was as a mother to have such a wonderful family. "You deserve the happiness and love I see in your eyes too Xena." Cyrene replied softly to herself watching her daughter disappear from the tavern.

Blaise and Ephiny put the twins in their cribs and watched as they fell asleep the minute their little heads hit the pillow. Blaise put her arm around Ephiny and pulled her closer to her. "You know...Jordyn is the smaller version of you." Blaise replied with a proud and loving smile snuggling closer to her wife.

"She has a lot of your personality Blaise and of course, our son is definitely you in a pint sized form." Ephiny answered with an adoring smile.

"You do realize we have the best looking children in Greece donít you?" Blaise answered arrogantly and smiled.

" are so cocky but so right as well!" Ephiny answered grinning and elbowing her tall lover with Blaise turning her towards her wrapping her arms around Ephiny.

"Thatís what you love about me though baby." Blaise answered with a sexy smile.

Ephiny smiled and gazed lovingly into Blaiseís blue eyes. "I love everything about you Blaise." She answered sexily capturing Blaiseís lips with her own.

"Eph...did you ever think we would get to this point of being completely in love and having two beautiful children that we both absolutely adore?" Blaise asked in amazement.

"Absolutely." Ephiny answered confidently. "I knew we would have this life together the moment I saw you stride cockily into my village." Ephiny answered with an adoring smile and leaned her head against Blaiseís chest to be closer to her and listen to the slow steady beat of her heart.

"Me too baby." Blaise whispered reveling in the secure feeling she felt with Ephiny so close to her. Blaise leaned back to look into Ephinyís eyes which looked up at her lovingly. "Can you stand it that I am totally devoted and completely in love with you?...that youíre my life source and that my whole life revolves around you and our children?" Blaise asked her heart racing nervously waiting for Ephinyís response.

"I wouldnít want it any other way...can you stand it that I feel the same about you?" Ephiny asked with a loving smile looking up at Blaise.

"You know Iím a fool for you and that youíve got me wrapped around your little finger so, how could I not stand it?" Blaise answered grinning and ran her fingers through Ephinyís hair holding her face in her hands and pulling her in for a sensuous kiss. "Promise me youíll never break my heart." Blaise asked through her kiss and deepened it.

"I promise...never." Ephiny whispered through her kiss her heart aflutter from the woman that captured her heart.

Blaise deepened her kiss her tongue exploring all of Ephinyís mouth. Ephiny slipped her hands down to Blaiseís firm, sexy backside gently squeezing it sending a tingling sensation throughout Blaise. Blaise ran her hands down Ephinyís body and moved them slowly but steadily up the sides of her sensuous, toned curves to her breasts and gently ran her thumbs across her nipples deepening her kiss. Ephinyís desire for Blaise intensified and loved the feeling she had kissing the woman that she loves more than life itself.

Chayce began to cry breaking their erotic moment. Blaise rested her forehead against Ephinyís both smiling and trying to catch their breaths. "Just let him cry baby...heíll go back to sleep."

"No...Iíll tend to him." Blaise answered and kissed Ephiny again.

"Honey...theyíre never going to sleep through the whole night if you pick them up every time they cry."

"I know...but just this once...please?" Blaise asked excitedly not wanting to miss an opportunity to comfort her child.

"Okay." Ephiny relinquished knowing she couldnít say no when Blaise gave her that cute, pouty face. Ephiny kissed Blaise and turned to lie on the bed for some much-needed rest.

Blaise picked Chayce up into her muscular arms and held him close to her with his cries turning to soft whimpers from being in the comfort of his motherís arms. "Ssh...go to sleep sweetie." Blaise whispered and kissed his head softly walking around the room gently rocking him to put him back to sleep.

She gently and lovingly stroked his dark hair reveling in the comforting, soft and warm feeling her son exuded. Both her children were precious to her and she never knew she had so much love to give until she saw their faces for the first time when they were born.

Ephiny watched her wife and child marveling at the fact that such a strong, confident woman whoís capable of killing someone effortlessly could be so incredibly loving and gentle with both her and with their children. Ephinyís heart skipped a beat and tears of happiness and joy filled her hazel eyes watching two of the most important people in the world to her cuddling lovingly with one another. ĎGods how I love that woman!í Ephiny gushed to herself and watched as Blaise tenderly kissed her sonís forehead and lay him back in his crib.

It amazed her how Blaise had so much love in her heart to give to everyone. She was to be the God of War...someone to be feared and hated by many. She knew the world had to have conflict for everything to be balanced or total chaos would rule yet, she knew Blaise could be so sweet, gentle, caring and extremely loving. It was so incredibly hypocritical but true. Ephiny was amazed how Blaise was able to turn her misfortunes and pain she felt for most of her life into love and caring rather than pure hatred. Her father had lied to her many times and only saw her as an heir rather than a daughter to love and care about. She was only something for his own personal gain which Ephiny knew saddened Blaise even though her wife wouldnít allow that fact to be known.

She could see it in Blaiseís eyes...that despite the fact that her father was a tyrant and a truly evil person she loved him and hoped that he loved her. Sadly, Ephiny knew the latter part of that was not true and it troubled her deeply knowing thatís all Blaise wanted from her father. Ephiny was glad Blaise was nothing like him or was she? She asked herself watching Blaise pick Jordyn up and held her tightly who had began to cry after her brother quieted down. She had her fatherís arrogance, his extremely good looks, and his ruthlessness when needed but she was able to use the ruthlessness in a different manner than her father.


Ares used it for his own personal gain and his motivation was his love of destruction and to be worshipped. The best way to honor him was for his supporters to wage war and after all, Gods loved to be worshipped especially Ares. Blaise used it as a means to an end and those who suffered the wrath of her ruthlessness deserved it. She never used it in the same way as her father and in fact, a lot of her ruthlessness was used on her father in retaliation to his actions. Ephiny hoped Blaise would always be able to control the unsavory traits her father passed on to her. Ephiny thought about how much she has learned about love and caring from Blaise since she lost her heart to the blue eyed beauty the day she arrogantly strolled into her village.

Ephinyís life had always been totally devoid of companionship from her own insistence. She was devoted to the Amazons and her main goal was to be all costs. Yeah...she was pissed when Terriesí right of caste was passed on to Gabrielle but, accepted her destiny with dignity hoping her day would one day come to be Queen. It had when Gabrielle made her a Regent and asked that she assume her duties as Queen while she was on the road with Xena. Ephiny had realized how selfish she was and how that aspect just wasnít as important to her now as it was before. Oh, donít get her wrong...the Amazons were very important to her and she would never leave her sisters but, her life had taken new meaning when she met Blaise.

Blaise had become the most important person in her life and now theyíre children had too. She was glad that her life changed and was very happy to have Blaise and the twins in her life...she never realized how fulfilling having a wife and children could be until she had all of that. She wouldnít trade it for the world. Ephiny smiled when she felt Blaise cuddle up close to her wrapping her strong arm around her. "Hey, sexy." Blaiseís throaty response replied softly in her ear. "What are you thinking about?"

Ephiny smiled and rolled onto her back gazing into the blue eyes she loved so much. "About how much I love you and how happy my life has become since you and our children entered it."

"Mine too sweetheart...mine too." Blaise answered smiling and nibbled on Ephinyís neck lovingly.


Blaiseís hand slowly moved under Ephinyís nightshirt lightly passing over her taut stomach stopping at her breast. Blaise gently kneaded her breast and placed soft bites along Ephinyís neck. "Blaise...not here. Itís your motherís house." Ephiny replied bashfully.

"Itís okay allows sex here." Blaise teased and sank her teeth into Ephinyís neck harder and rolled Ephinyís erect nipple between her fingers sending pleasurable tingling sensations throughout Ephinyís body.

"Blaise...what are you doing?" Ephiny asked wiggling away from the hard bites Blaise was putting on her neck.

"Iím hungry baby." Blaise whispered seductively capturing Ephinyís earlobe in her mouth.

"Well....geez Blaise... get some food or have you become a cannibal?" Ephiny asked wondering what had gotten into her lover and felt very uncomfortable having sex in Cyreneís house. She wasnít sure why but it bothered her.

"No...just hungry for banana cream pie....and you." Blaise whispered in her ear with a sultry tone in her voice.

"You want to eat banana cream pie?" Ephiny asked with a chuckle and in disbelief.

"Yes...I want to eat it off of you baby." Blaise answered seductively and saw the look of amazement and promise in Ephinyís eyes.

"Blaise....I aah...feel very funny about having sex in your motherís house." Ephiny stammered nervously and excited at the possibility of Blaise licking banana cream pie off of her.

"Okay...then letís go have our banana cream pie in the tavern." Blaise answered sexily and sat up pulling her wife with her out of the bed. "Grab the blanket so youíll be comfortable up on the bar while I lick every bit of the pie off of your sexy body." Blaise whispered sexily thrusting her tongue deeply in Ephinyís mouth for a passionate kiss.


"Oh, I canít wait." Ephiny answered through her kiss with Blaise picking her up in her arms wrapping the blanket around Ephiny as she carried her out of the room never breaking their kiss.

"This is going to be very tasty and so much fun." Blaise answered with a laugh and kissed Ephiny again.

"I certainly hope so my love." Ephiny answered her voice filled with desire for her warrior.

"Oh, it will be and I just know you will wear that banana cream pie quite nicely." Blaise answered with a chuckle and kissed her Amazon lover deeply and sensually making her way towards the tavern.

To be continued...

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