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By Cruise

Disclaimer: This is an ongoing story and the disclaimers are the same as parts I-X. As most of you know some parts of my story don’t necessarily follow along with the show namely my exclusion of Ephiny’s relationship with Phantes. Sorry, just couldn’t go there with that story line for Ephiny. I will also go against TPTB with their latest escapade regarding Ephiny’s fate on the show. I REFUSE-I repeat-REFUSE to take her character in that direction because I totally disagree with the decision they made with her character. So, with that out of the way, I hope you enjoy the story!

Sex: Lots of it! Sexually explicit sex scenes of two consenting adult women. So, if anyone is underage or offended by two women making love than this story is not recommended.

Violence: Some but not too bad. Some mild language.

Special Thanks to Stoley for keeping my muses in line and giving great advice!

Warning: Author does not recommend reading of the following while at work or while operating machinery of any type.

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Ephiny had never seen Blaise so upset and angry towards someone and wondered what was going on with her. Ephiny stood between Blaise and the nanny to see the anger in Blaise’s blue eyes.

"Blaise what is going on?"

"She works for my father Eph that’s what’s going on!" Blaise answered with anger.

"What!" Ephiny exclaimed with surprise. "Blaise...honey are you sure about that because Aphrodite brought her here to help me out." Ephiny explained trying to calm Blaise down.

"That’s what I’ve been trying to explain to you Blaise. Aphrodite and Cupid sent me to help Ephiny with the children while you were away. I no longer work for your father." The woman explained hoping Blaise would calm down as well. "I’m surprised you would think that I would do anything to hurt you or your children considering I helped take care of you when you were a child." The woman answered with hurt in her voice.

Blaise’s demeanor turned less ominous and she put her head down with embarrassment. "I’m sorry for the way I acted Sadie but you know my father and what he’s capable of so, I couldn’t take any chances considering his latest escapade." Blaise explained with regret for the way she acted toward the older woman whom she always liked very much.

"Wait...what escapade?" Ephiny asked with confusion as to what Blaise was talking about.

"I’ll explain later Eph." Blaise answered as she looked from Ephiny back to Sadie for her to continue the conversation.

"I understand and your apology is accepted. I have never agreed with your father’s views and I was only loyal to him because of you Blaise."

Blaise moved over and hugged the older woman. "I’m so sorry. Please forgive me." She asked hoping she would forgive her.


"I already have besides, I can understand your position. You have to protect your family and I would have reacted the same way if I was in your position." The woman answered as she broke the hug. "It’s understandable considering all the crap your father has put you through and done to you Blaise. Don’t worry okay?" She asked in a comforting tone, which was always able to put Blaise at ease.

Blaise smiled. "I’ll try not to worry...thank you." Blaise answered happier.

", spend some time catching up with your wife and children. I’m sure you’ve missed them considering the entrance I was just greeted with by you two." Sadie answered with a mischievous grin. Blaise looked at Ephiny with a shy smile, who laughed with a slight look of embarrassment on her face.

"I intend to catch up very soon." Blaise answered with a sly grin.

"Let me know when you want me to take care of the children for the two of you." She replied as she headed towards the door.

"We will...thank you." Ephiny answered as they watched the woman leave the hut.

"Now, come here you sexy Amazon and kiss me!" Blaise replied with a sexy smile as she pulled Ephiny closer to her and leaned down for a wet, lingering kiss. Blaise broke the kiss and smiled as she looked into Ephiny’s hazel eyes. "How are our twins?" Blaise asked as she clasped Ephiny’s hand not wanting to lose her connection, and walked towards the crib’s where the children slept.


"They’re asleep finally after their lunch." Ephiny answered with a relieved sigh.

Blaise put her hands on the railing of Chayce’s crib and lovingly watched him sleep as her heart raced and tears welled in her eyes. "He’s so big." Blaise replied softly as Ephiny put her arm around Blaise’s waist and kissed her arm lightly for comfort grateful her sexy warrior was home.

Blaise felt guilty and was upset that she missed so much of their lives. She hated it that she wasn’t there for her family. Blaise reached into the crib and gently picked her son up into her arms and held him close to her chest.

Ephiny smiled lovingly as her tears trickled down her cheek. She was amazed as to how gentle her strong warrior wife, the future God of War could be with her children. It melted her heart to see her hold the twins. Ephiny reached up and stroked her wife's dark hair and removed her scabbard as Blaise held Chayce and watched him sleep peacefully against her muscular chest..

Blaise softly kissed her son’s cheek and stroked his dark, wavy hair, which was a lot longer now enjoying the feel of her child in her arms. She gently lowered him back into the crib and moved over to pick up Jordyn.

She smiled adoringly as she saw that Jordyn had blond curls like her beautiful soulmate and held her close to her. Blaise softly kissed her cheek and thought to herself that the beatings she received in prison were nothing compared to not being able to hold her children. She never wanted to be away from them like that again and knew she had to do something to assure that she would never be away for that long again.

Ephiny watched the tender reunion with admiration and wondered where Blaise had been. She knew it must have been very hard and difficult for her or Blaise would have said something already. Ephiny wouldn’t press the issue and knew Blaise would tell her when she was ready to. Ephiny was overwhelmingly happy that Blaise was back home with them.

Ephiny knew Blaise was hurt and upset by something that happened while she was gone. She could see it in her eyes, her mannerisms and by how quiet and reserved she was being. She wondered and worried what could have happened to her considering the looks of the wounds on her face. She bet that the person who tangled with her was probably far worse off than Blaise. Ephiny only wanted to hold Blaise and take her pain show her how much she loved and missed her.

She knew now was not the time to tell Blaise of the Amazon custom’s regarding boys being born in the village. 'Of course, it never is a good time for something like that but it would have to wait for now. 'Ephiny thought to herself as she slid her hands underneath Blaise’s vest to rub her back. Blaise jumped forward and winced in pain from Ephiny’s touch against her battered body. "Blaise...what’s wrong? Are you okay?" Ephiny asked with worry as Blaise put Jordyn back to bed. "Blaise." Ephiny responded as she turned Blaise around to face her. She began to take Blaise’s vest off. "Talk to me baby. What in tartarus happened?" Ephiny asked with worry as she removed her vest and tunic. "By the gods!" Ephiny exclaimed in horror as tears welled in her eyes from the massive bruises on Blaise’s abdomen. She moved behind Blaise and found more on her back. "Blaise." Ephiny replied softly with hurt and sorrow in her eyes as she faced Blaise.

"It’s not as bad as it looks Eph." Blaise answered with a smile to reassure Ephiny she was okay as she wiped away her tears.

"But you’re hurt." Ephiny exclaimed as she pointed to the bruises.

"Nah...this is nothing. What really hurt was being away from you and the twins." Blaise answered as she put her arms around Ephiny.

"Please tell me what happened." Ephiny pleaded with concern.

"I don’t want to talk about it right now and spoil our reunion sweets. I need you." Blaise whispered as she pressed her lips against Ephiny’s seeking entrance for her roaming tongue. Ephiny gladly parted her lips to receive her lover’s offering and wrapped her arms around Blaise’s neck to deepen the kiss.

Ephiny thought about how much she loved to kiss Blaise and how wonderful her soft lips felt against her own. She was a fabulous kisser who possessed a knack for expressing just how much she loved her through one kiss. Everything Blaise did expressed her love to Ephiny she thought as the kiss rocked her to the core. Her desire for Blaise mounted as did the wetness between her legs.

She had missed Blaise terribly and didn’t want to miss one thing about their reunion. She thought to herself as she felt Blaise untie her bra and slip her hands underneath the material to caress her soft breasts.

‘Oh, her kiss and touch is so intoxicating, so gentle, so loving, and only for me.’ Ephiny thought happily as she enjoyed the sensation she felt from Blaise’s touch and kiss. She had a warmth sweep across her body followed by a tingly sensation, which traveled straight to her sex.

Blaise lifted Ephiny up in her arms and sat down on the bed as Ephiny straddled her continuing their passionate kiss. Blaise lay back on the bed as Ephiny laid on top of her. "I missed you so much Eph." Blaise whispered as she kissed Ephiny’s neck softly and moved her hands down her tone, curvaceous body removing her skirt.

Blaise’s ministrations where driving Ephiny nuts and she began to remove Blaise’s sports bra to feel her naked, muscular body against her own. "Blaise...I love it when you kiss and touch me." Ephiny whispered in her ear as she worked her kiss down Blaise’s neck to her chest capturing a hardened nipple in her mouth. Blaise ran her hands up and down Ephiny’s back completely reveling in Ephiny’s kiss and her body against her own.

She loved Ephiny so much and her touch was so soft, so delicate, so caring and it told Blaise just how much she loved her. Her body heat rose from Ephiny’s mouth wrapped around her nipple and she slipped her hand through her long blonde curls and held her head closer to her breast heightening her arousal. She watched Ephiny’s movements and found it to be very erotic as her wetness between her leg’s mounted.

Ephiny moved her soft kiss to Blaise’s muscular midsection placing light, loving kisses on her bruises as she untied Blaise’s pants. She slowly kissed Blaise’s body all the way up to her mouth and traced her tongue along the contours of Blaise’s lips before sliding it inside for a deep, moist kiss.

Blaise’s heart raced with anticipation of having Ephiny. "I want to taste you Eph." Blaise whispered through her kiss as she squeezed her firm backside deepening the kiss which sent a pulsating sensation straight to Ephiny’s center, and she gasped at the declaration. "I want to circle my tongue around your clit and slid it inside of you." Blaise whispered through her kiss and slid her tongue deeper inside of Ephiny’s mouth.

Ephiny’s breath escaped her and her heart pounded from her intensified arousal. "That’s an offer I can’t refuse." She whispered as Blaise coaxed her up towards her face. Ephiny straddled Blaise’s face as Blaise placed her hands on Ephiny’s hips and could smell Ephiny’s sweet nectar waiting for her to take it.


Blaise couldn’t wait any longer and slid her tongue inside of Ephiny’s moist opening as Ephiny gasped in pleasure and threw her head back. "Oh, Blaise!" She moaned in delight.

‘Oh, she tastes so sweet and she’s so wet. All I want to do is devour all of her.’ Blaise thought to herself as Blaise aggressively moved her tongue in and out of Ephiny. Ephiny tasted just as Blaise had remembered and longed for while she was in prison. Blaise fervently licked and sucked Ephiny’s swollen nub as Ephiny rocked her hips faster encouraging Blaise’s aggressiveness.

Her movements turned her on beyond belief and she didn’t want to slowly and gently make love. No, she wanted Ephiny to give herself to her right away. She needed that from her lover to feel their connection again. Blaise thought as she devoured Ephiny’s sex as though she had never had Ephiny before.

Ephiny moved her hips faster as Blaise licked her sex with a fluttering motion. Ephiny threw her head back in pleasure draping her long curls across her back off her shoulders as she leaned back. Her heart pounded as her passion mounted. She missed Blaise so much and Blaise’s mouth and tongue between her legs felt so incredible. She thought to herself as her breathing became more labored.

Ephiny slid her hand down Blaise’s pants and found a very moist, swollen nub seeking attention. Ephiny slid her finger up and down the sensitive area and Blaise gasped from her touch and spread her legs wider, which encouraged Ephiny’s movements more.

Blaise’s tongue moved more forceful as she moved in and out of Ephiny. She could hear Ephiny’s deep breaths and felt her muscles tighten knowing her lover was reaching her climax.


Blaise sucked the swollen nub and pressed her tongue against it rubbing her tongue up and down before sucking the sensitive area into her mouth.

"Blaise...that feels so freaking incredible!" Ephiny shouted through her gasps for air. "I have something to give you baby." Ephiny shouted as she moved her finger faster along Blaise’s hard clit with Blaise moving her hips faster to match Ephiny’s movements.

That was Blaise’s cue to slid her tongue inside of Ephiny as she reached her climax and filled Blaise’s mouth with the treat Blaise so desired. ‘She tastes so good.’ Blaise thought to herself as she drank everything Ephiny had to offer. It meant everything to Blaise for Ephiny to give herself to her and it heightened her arousal.

Ephiny continued her finger movements knowing her lover was ready to release her orgasm. Blaise bucked her hips wildly as she released her orgasm taking in deep breaths as Ephiny released more of her orgasm for Blaise to devour. Ephiny panted as she tried to calm her breathing while Blaise continued her assault on Ephiny’s sex as Ephiny sat back up and tried to pull away but was unable to. Blaise held her there not wanting to let her go.

" have to stop, it is starting to tickle really bad." Ephiny replied with a chuckle as she put her hand on Blaise’s forehead to hold her back. Blaise reluctantly moved her mouth away as Ephiny slid down on top of her. "What has gotten into you Blaise?" Ephiny asked with a satisfied smile as she wiped herself off of Blaise’s mouth.

"You have gotten into me. I told you I missed you Eph." Blaise answered with a cocky smile as she stuck her tongue out and moved up to slid it into Ephiny’s mouth for a deep, passionate kiss. "You’re not complaining are you?" Blaise asked as she broke the kiss and lay back down.

"Oh, no...never. I think we need to do the aggressive sex a little more...that really turned me on." Ephiny answered with a sexy smile.


"I will have sex with you anyway you want it baby." Blaise answered with a chuckle and a wiggle of her eyebrows as she rubbed her hands up and down Ephiny’s sweaty body enjoying every bit of her sexy body.

"Hmmm...I like the sound of that." Ephiny answered seductively as she leaned down and kissed Blaise capturing Blaise’s tongue in her mouth sucking on it.

Blaise chuckled through the kiss as Ephiny broke it and looked at her wondering what she was laughing at. "That feels so incredible Eph. Have I ever told you that you’re a fabulous lover?" Blaise asked with a sexy smile.

"Nah...not me...that’s your department." Ephiny answered with a slightly embarrassed smile.

"I beg to are absolutely incredible and you make me feel wonderful." Blaise answered with a smile as she put her hand behind Ephiny’s neck and pulled her down for a deep sensual kiss. "I love you so much." Blaise whispered before deepening the kiss and being interrupted by two crying children.

"I’m glad you’re home baby." Ephiny answered with a kiss as she moved to get up.

"Nope...I’m going to get them. You stay right there." Blaise demanded as she rolled Ephiny on her back and smiled before she softly kissed her lips.

Blaise broke the kiss and climbed out of bed. Anger and sorrow filled Ephiny as she looked at the bruises on Blaise. She wished she could have given the people who did that to her a real good beating for inflicting so much pain on her wife.

Blaise slipped her tunic on gingerly and moved towards the crib to pick up Jordyn. "Hey, sweetpea!" Blaise replied with a child like voice and a smile as she reached down to pick her up. Jordyn screamed and crawled away from her.

Ephiny sat up in bed and looked at Blaise with confusion as Chayce did the same thing to Blaise when she tried to pick him up. Blaise looked at Ephiny with bewilderment and sadness. "What’s wrong?" She asked as Ephiny climbed out of bed and moved to the cribs to check on the kids.

"I’m not sure honey." Ephiny answered as she picked Jordyn up with no altercation. Jordyn lay against Ephiny’s chest facing Blaise who reached to touch her back and Jordyn slapped her hand away. "Jordyn...that’s your mother." Ephiny replied softly as Blaise looked at Ephiny with tear filled and hurtful blue eyes.

"Maybe it’s because of the bruises and cuts on your face babe. Maybe she’s afraid." Ephiny answered as she tried to find a reason why Jordyn acted that way.

"Yeah...maybe." Blaise whispered with sadness and pain in her heart that her children rejected her. She sat on the bed and wondered why the twins acted that way. She felt bad that she frightened the children and hoped that was all that was wrong.

Maybe they knew she was gone for a long time and held it against her. Would children that young know that and feel that way? She asked herself as she watched Ephiny calm Jordyn and then Chayce.

"Blaise can you do me a favor and go to the food hut to pick up their dinner?...Sadie should have everything prepared. They usually get cranky if they’re hungry. Do you feel up to it?" Ephiny asked as she looked at Blaise with a feeling of sadness that Blaise was hurt.

"Yeah...sure...aah...they don’t breast feed anymore?" Blaise asked with slight confusion as to their routine.

"No...I’ve weaned them off seeing as how they are getting so big so fast." Ephiny explained as Blaise stood up from the bed.

"Aah...okay...I’ll be right back." Blaise responded softly as she lowered her head dejected that her children rejected her, and that she didn’t know that they were no longer breast feeding as she left the hut.

Blaise entered the food hut to get the food from Sadie. Sadie noticed Blaise’s demeanor as she approached and knew something was wrong. "What’s wrong Blaise?" She asked with concern.

"My children hate me just as I hated my father for being away so much." Blaise answered with sadness in her voice.


"They do not Blaise. They just have to get used to you again. You’ll see in no time they will be all over you again." She answered reassuringly and smiled as she handed Blaise the tray."

"I hope so." Blaise answered reluctantly and still not feeling quite as assured.

Ephiny put the children in their high chairs and put their bibs on them for their meal. "Why are you two acting like that towards your mother? That’s not nice." Ephiny asked as she heard a knock. "Come in!" She shouted as she looked over her shoulder to see who entered the hut.


"Hi Ephiny!...sorry to bother you but can we go over a couple of these proclamations?" Gabrielle asked as she approached.

"Sure Gabrielle... Just let me get the kids all set for their meal." Ephiny answered as she finished putting the bibs on the twins.

"How are Auntie Gabrielle’s cutiepies doing?" Gabrielle asked in babytalk as she kissed their heads and received a giggle from each one.

"They aren’t too pleased about their mother being home." Ephiny answered as they both sat down and Ephiny began to look over the scroll.

"Why? I thought they would be happy to see Blaise." Gabrielle asked with confusion as she looked at the kids who were amusing themselves by sticking their fingers in each other’s faces.

"I think they might be afraid of Blaise."

"Why would they be afraid of her?" Gabrielle asked with concern and with a laugh as Jordyn grabbed Chayce’s finger and he struggled to regain it. "She’s going to be one tough Amazon Ephiny." Gabrielle replied with a chuckle.

Ephiny’s hazel eyes shifted up to meet green’s and she slyly grinned. "Did you expect anything else out of my kid Gabrielle?"

Gabrielle and Ephiny shared a laugh. "No...not at all." She answered with a chuckle. "So, why would they be afraid of Blaise?"

"Well...her face is pretty badly battered as well as the rest of her body." Ephiny explained with regret as she looked back down at the scroll.

"By the gods Ephiny!...what happened?" Gabrielle asked with a look of shock as her Regent looked back up at her Queen.

"I’m not sure...she didn’t want to talk about it. She seems very emotionally hurt by whatever happened and she’s acting strangely." Ephiny answered with concern for Blaise.

"How do you mean?"

"Well...just not wanting to talk, she isn’t her normal cocky, confidant self and she was overly aggressive when we made love earlier. Don’t get me wrong...I enjoyed it but she’s different...I can feel it."

"Hmmm....something bad had to have happened for Blaise to not be so cocky and for her not to be so talkative Ephiny." Gabrielle answered as she wondered what could have happened.

"Did Xena say anything about Blaise to you?"

"I haven’t had a chance to talk to her yet. I was busy with these scrolls and she went straight in to bed and is sleeping now." Gabrielle explained.

"Alright...I’ve got the food for the kid’s." Blaise replied as she walked through the door carrying a tray with the food. Blaise looked up and saw Gabrielle. "Hey, Gabrielle!" Blaise replied with a smile and excitement to see her sister-in-law.

Gabrielle was shocked to see how many bruises and cuts Blaise had on her face. Once she collected herself she answered, "Hi are you feeling?" Gabrielle answered trying to hide the shock on her face from Blaise’s looks.

"Better thanks." She answered as she put the tray down on the table and sat before the twins to start feeding them. Blaise scooped the food onto the spoon and held it out in front of her. " we go... open wide." Blaise replied with a smile in babytalk as she put the spoon to Jordyn’s mouth.


Jordyn kept her mouth closed and turned her head to look at Ephiny who was busy with Gabrielle. "Eat your food for mom." Ephiny told Jordyn with a smile.

"Okay...maybe your brother wants some wide Chay!" Blaise cooed as she moved the spoon to his mouth and he mimicked his sister’s reaction to the food. "Oh, come little pumpkins." Blaise replied with disappointment in her voice. "It’s good see." Blaise answered as she ate the food on the spoon and smiled. "Hmmm...yummy. Now, come on...I know you’re hungry." Blaise responded as she put more food on the spoon and put it before Jordyn’s mouth who slapped the spoon away splattering food all over Blaise’s chest.


"Hey! That’s a new shirt." Blaise teased as Ephiny and Gabrielle looked on with concern and chuckled when they watched Blaise wipe the food off her tunic. "Okay...I’m not giving up feeding you two." Blaise answered as she scooped more food onto the spoon. "I know my little warrior is hungry and wants a mouth full of food...isn’t that right buddy?" Blaise asked in a sweet voice as she put the spoon to his mouth and Chayce slapped the food away landing in Blaise’s face.


Blaise wiped the food out of her eye. "Do you two have some kind of a twin conspiracy thing going on?" Blaise asked with agitation and frustration at herself for not being able to feed her children.

Blaise spooned more food and put it before Jordyn’s mouth who knocked the spoon out of Blaise’s hand hitting her in the head as the food splattered throughout her hair. Blaise tried to contain her anger and disappointment as the twins began to cry. Blaise tried to pick Jordyn up who squirmed away from Blaise and held her arms out to Ephiny as she screamed louder.

Blaise attempted to pick up Chayce who followed his sister’s lead and screamed even louder. Blaise was hurt and dejected by their reaction to her. She threw the towel in her hand down and stormed out of the hut to hide the tears that formed in her blue eyes.

"Blaise...wait!" Ephiny answered as she picked Jordyn up to console her and to calm the screaming child down as Gabrielle picked Chayce up and did the same.

Blaise walked over to the waterbarrel and removed the lid as tears ran down her face, upset from the children shunning her. She put her hands on each side of the barrel and drew in a deep breath as she tried to calm the feeling of disappointment and frustration.

Blaise stuck her head underwater and flipped her wet hair back. Blaise wiped the food from her face and hair as she felt a soft hand on her arm. "’s okay." Ephiny replied softly as she kissed the back of Blaise’s muscular arm.

"’s not." Blaise snapped as she turned to face her. "Our children hate me." Blaise answered with stormy blue eyes.

"Honey...they do it to me all the have to make it a game when it comes to eating and they don’t hate you." Ephiny reassured Blaise as she wiped food off of Blaise’s face and chest.

Blaise looked into Ephiny’s eyes and was not reassured by what she had said. Blaise turned away from Ephiny and wiped the tears from her eyes as she thought about how she was the same way her father was with her to her own children. She swore she wouldn’t be that way and in fact, she was just like he was when she was a child. She hated how she felt.

"Blaise...please don’t turn away from me...they don’t hate you please believe me." Ephiny replied softly as she moved before Blaise and held her hand.

Blaise looked at Ephiny who could see the hurt in Blaise’s blue eyes. "Eph...I don’t even know my own children because I’ve been away so long." Blaise answered with feelings of pain, hurt and anger directed towards her father for forcing her to have to make the deal with him. "I should know that they like dinner to be made into a game." Blaise answered as she took a deep breath to calm her anger and pain. "Our children are growing up just as I did and I hate myself for it." She answered with guilt as the tears welled in her eyes again at the thought of it and she fought hard to keep them from falling.

"Blaise...honey." Ephiny answered as she put her hand on Blaise’s face trying to calm her down and alleviate her pain. "They aren’t growing up like you did babe. I promise you. They are just very stubborn just like you." Ephiny answered with a smile and gently poked Blaise in the stomach.

It didn’t matter how angry or however much pain Blaise had Ephiny always had a way of making her smile. Blaise wrapped her arms around Ephiny who hugged her tightly as Blaise kissed the top of Ephiny’s head. "So, I’m stubborn huh?" Blaise asked with a slight chuckle.

"Yes...just like your children." Ephiny answered with a laugh as she looked up at Blaise. "Come on...we’ll feed them together." Ephiny answered with a smile as Blaise leaned down to kiss her.

"Thanks." Blaise answered with a smile as Ephiny led her back to the hut.

"Have you two been good for Auntie Gabrielle?" Ephiny asked softly as she sat in front of them joined by Blaise.

"Little angels as always...which is hard to believe with a mother like Blaise." Gabrielle teased as she leaned down to kiss Blaise’s cheek. "Don’t give up they just have to get used to you again." Gabrielle whispered in Blaise’s ear before kissing Blaise’s cheek again.

Blaise smiled and looked up at Gabrielle. "Thanks’re getting out there you know?" Blaise teased as she put her hand on Gabrielle’s expanded abdomen.

"I should have known you wouldn’t miss an opportunity to point that out to me now would you?" Gabrielle laughed with a pinch to Blaise’s arm as she headed towards the door. "I’ll see you both tomorrow." Gabrielle replied before exiting the hut.

"Goodbye." Ephiny and Blaise answered in unison as Ephiny scooped up a spoonful of food. " we go which one’s going to gobble this up?" Ephiny asked in a childlike voice as she waved the spoonful of food around as the twins giggled and followed the movement of the spoon.


"Which little mouth is the birdie going to land in?" Ephiny asked playfully as the twins giggled harder and opened their mouths as Ephiny put the spoon in Jordyn’s mouth.

Blaise smiled with complete joy and happiness in her heart as she watched the way Ephiny interacted with the children and hoped she would be able to do the same one day. Blaise watched on with amazement and saw Ephiny in a new light. She is absolutely radiantly beautiful and such a caring and loving mother. Blaise thought to herself as she adoringly watched Ephiny with the children. She’s everything that I have ever wanted in my life Blaise thought as her guilt consumed her and she felt horrible about what she did with Magdeline. She sighed sadly and hoped Ephiny would forgive her.

"Okay...let’s give mom a try at stuffing birds in those little mouths." Ephiny teased in a sweet voice as the kids looked at Blaise and smiled.

Blaise was mesmerized and touched by the smiles on their faces. Blaise just stared at her children and thought about how much she loved them. They were everything to her and she came very close to never seeing them again. She hoped that they knew just how much she loved and adored them.

"Honey." Ephiny replied softly as she touched Blaise’s hand and tried to figure out what Blaise was thinking about with such a far off look in her eyes and a smile of complete joy on her face. Blaise’s concentration was broken when Ephiny touched her hand and she looked at Ephiny.

"Did you say something?" Blaise asked with bewilderment.

"They’re waiting for you to feed them." Ephiny answered as she handed the spoon to Blaise and looked at the children then back to Blaise.

Blaise scooped the food onto the spoon and turned to the twins holding the spoon up. Blaise hesitated...nervous she would get the same reaction she did before and took a deep breath as Ephiny looked on lovingly hoping the children would respond positively to Blaise.

"Okay...where’s the birdie going to fly into?" Blaise asked as she tried Ephiny’s approach to feeding the twins.

The twins giggled as Blaise moved the spoon around as Ephiny did stopping in front of Jordyn’s mouth and then putting the spoon in Chayce’s mouth with a laugh. Blaise noticed Jordyn stuck out her bottom lip to pout. " my little princess pouting?" Blaise asked as she leaned towards Jordyn with her lip stuck out. Jordan giggled and put her finger on Blaise’s lip, who was overwhelmed with joy at her daughter’s gesture who squealed with laughter when Blaise kissed her finger. Jordyn and Chayce melted Blaise’s heart every time she looked at them and held them in her arms.

Blaise knew what unconditional love meant when she looked into her daughter’s hazel eyes and was overwhelmed by happiness. Blaise had always wondered what unconditional love felt like and now she knew...the feeling was incredible. She wondered how she had gotten so lucky to have such a wonderful wife and such beautiful children. Blaise sat and took in the moment with a joyous smile on her face that Zeus himself couldn’t wipe off.

Blaise continued to feed the two as Ephiny watched on with pride and happiness. She could see that the twins were full from their meal. "I think it’s time we got these two little rugrats cleaned up." Ephiny replied with a laugh as she looked at the kid’s messy faces.

Blaise stood next to Jordyn who reached up to Blaise with her hands. Blaise reached down and picked her up as Chayce became mad. "Hey, what’s wrong with my boy?" Blaise asked in babytalk as she ran her hand across his black hair and looked into his tear filled blue eyes. Chayce put his hands up for Blaise to pick him up as well. Blaise smiled and lifted him up in her arms to join his sister. "Hey, Eph...can you get Lyceus’ ring for me...please? I would like to give it to Chayce. I bought a necklace for the ring to go on until he’s big enough to wear it."

"Sure...give me a minute." Ephiny answered back as she tried to finish what she was doing.

"Only one though." Blaise answered back teasingly and flashed Ephiny a sexy smile. "Oh, can you grab my saddlebag too? It’s got a present for both of the kids in there."

"Yes, dear...but what do you mistake me for? A bar wench or something who is to wait on you hand and foot?" Ephiny teased with a smile as she handed Blaise the said items.

"Nay...a bar wench wouldn’t give me such a hassale." Blaise answered with a laugh as she leaned down for a kiss, which Ephiny avoided with a laugh.

"Keep it up Blaise...see what you won’t be getting." Ephiny teased as she pointed at Blaise with a laugh to get her point across.


"You know you can’t resist my charms woman!" Blaise answered back with a laugh.

"Oh, yes I can...just watch me." Ephiny answered back with sarcasm as she continued to clean up the mess from the meal.

"Oh, you did you threw yourself at me when we first met?" Blaise asked with a cocky sarcasm as she headed towards the chair by the fireplace struggling to carry the twins and her saddlebag.

"Well...that’s just because I felt bad for you." Ephiny answered with a laugh.

"Yeah...yeah...whatever." Blaise answered with a laugh.

Blaise sat in the chair near the fireplace with the twins in her lap to clean the children before bed. Ephiny handed Blaise a wet towel and Blaise cleaned off their faces, hair and arms. Blaise took their dirty clothes off and put them in their night clothes. She slipped the ring on the necklace she purchased for Chayce and put it around his neck making sure it wasn’t too big or too tight to harm him. "You are a stud muffin with that necklace on you Chay." Blaise replied in babytalk as Ephiny stopped what she was doing to see the necklace on Chayce.

"He is going to be quite the little heartbreaker isn’t he?" Ephiny answered with a smile and pride as Chayce grabbed the necklace and played with the ring on the end.


" could he not be considering he is my son?" Blaise answered with arrogantly with a smile as she looked up at Ephiny.

"Well...aren’t you full of yourself this evening." Ephiny teased as she lightly pinched Blaise’s neck with a shared laugh with Blaise.

"Here this is for you sweetpea." Blaise replied as she held a necklace up for Jordyn to wear. "I had Hephastus make a necklace with our two halves of our hearts like our necklaces for her considering she won’t be able to wear your helm for quite awhile. What do you think?" Blaise explained and asked as she looked up at Ephiny for acceptance.

"I think that’s wonderful honey. That was so thoughtful of you to do that for her." Ephiny answered with a smile as she watched Blaise put the necklace on Jordyn.

"Ooh, three heartbreakers in one can you stand it Eph?" Blaise teased with a laugh as she looked at the necklace on Jordyn.

"It’s very difficult that’s for sure." Ephiny answered with a chuckle as she headed back to finish what she was doing, but not before receiving a playful slap on the ass from Blaise. She looked back at Blaise with a mischievous grin on her face. "Don’t start something you can’t finish Blaise." Then turned back around and finished cleaning up the mess from dinner thinking that her wife’s sarcastic attitude was coming back.

Blaise pulled out the binky’s she had Hephastus make for the twins. She stuck one in each of their mouths, which they happily accepted. "Hey, Eph!"

"What now? Would you like me to massage your feet? Do your laundry? What?" Ephiny teased Blaise as she looked back at her.

"You can do all of the above once you check out the binky’s I gave the kids." Blaise answered with excitement as she pointed to them.

"What is tartarus is a binky Blaise?" Ephiny answered with a confused look on her face as she saw that the twins seemed to be enjoying them.

" has a nipple made of some material from a rubber plant that Hephastus created and they suck on them. It keeps them quiet and they think they are sucking on a nipple which makes them happy and content...just like me when yours is in my mouth." Blaise answered with a sly smile and received a wet towel thrown in her face.

"That’s cool if it keeps them from crying a lot...maybe we should get you one?" Ephiny teased back and went back to her task.

Blaise put the twins on the floor to play with their toys and unlaced her boots to slip them off followed by her pants stripping down to her boxer shorts.

Blaise crawled onto the floor to play with the kids who moved over closer to Blaise to show her their toys. Ephiny finished cleaning up the table where the kids had made a mess and started laughing uncontrollably as she looked at Blaise.

Blaise and the twins looked at her. "What are you laughing at Ephiny?" Blaise asked with bewilderment.

Ephiny was laughing so hard she couldn’t speak and Blaise looked at the kids with an odd look on her face. "I think mommie has lost it." Blaise replied softly as the twins went back to playing. "Eph...what are you laughing at?" Blaise asked again as she looked back at Ephiny.


Ephiny calmed down enough to speak. "Blaise...I never expected you to wear those white boxer shorts with red hearts on them!" Ephiny answered as she began to laugh again at the hilarity of the situation.

Blaise sat up. "What did you expect me to wear Eph? All you stuck in my bag where a bunch of these." Blaise answered with agitation as she pointed to her boxers.

"What?" Ephiny asked with disbelief as she stopped laughing. "No...I put your black one’s in there too. I put those in as a joke." Ephiny explained as she approached Blaise.

" others weren’t in there only the ten pair of these." Blaise answered as she pulled on the fabric with agitation not finding as much humor in it as Ephiny.

"By the gods! I must have grabbed all of those by mistake." Ephiny exclaimed with embarrassment.

"Where did you get these from anyway?"

"Who do you think?" Ephiny asked with a sly smile.

"Salmoneus?" Blaise asked as she rolled her eyes with agitation at the thought of what Salmoneus would do with information that she wears boxer shorts with hearts on them.

"Yep...he was trying to peddle them and gave me those free of charge." Ephiny answered and raised her eyebrows at her next thought. "I hope he doesn’t try to advertise that the future God of War wear’s those boxer shorts." Ephiny answered with a sheepish grin trying to hide her laughter from Blaise regarding the thought.

"By Zeus Ephiny!" Blaise pointed with agitation. "You better hope he doesn’t."

Ephiny started to laugh again as Chayce showed his toy to Blaise by sticking it in her face. "Yes, baby...that’s a nice this is how it works." Blaise answered as she showed him how to use the toy. Ephiny lay on the floor behind Blaise still laughing and rested her chin on Blaise’s shoulder. "You think it’s really funny don’t you Eph?" Blaise asked with slight agitation but finally found the humor in it.

"I think you look very sexy in them." Ephiny answered seductively as she gazed into Blaise’s blue eyes and winked as she softly kissed Blaise’s muscular arm.

"Oh, you do huh?" Blaise asked with a sexy smile as she glanced back at Ephiny. "I bet Cupid would really dig a few pairs of these. I’ll have to give him some." Blaise replied with a laugh as she looked down at the boxers.

"Oh, yes I do...extremely sexy." Ephiny purred as she slid her hand over Blaise’s muscular abdomen and placed soft kisses along Blaise’s arm. "Can you ever forgive me for putting those in there honey?" She asked with a sly smile.

"I’m not sure is pretty embarrassing but I’m sure I could come up with some way for you to make it up to me." Blaise teased back.

"Anything you say...your wish is my command." She seductively teased back.

"Ooh, are you sure you want to make that kind of a statement. I mean consider who you are saying that too and what kind of a dirty mind I have." Blaise answered with a sly grin.

"Either way... I win with my punishment." Ephiny teased back with a laugh as she lightly nipped on Blaise’s neck followed by a soft kiss.

"Hmmm...sounds like I might like handing out your punishment and it sounds like we will both get the good end of the deal." Blaise answered with a sexy laugh as Chayce lay on the floor and cuddled up against Blaise.

Ephiny stopped her kiss and smiled lovingly as she watched Blaise softly stroke his dark wavy hair putting him fast asleep. Ephiny ran her fingers through Blaise’s hair and thought about how much the two of them looked so much alike. "I guess he’s a lot like his mom...he likes his hair to played with also." Ephiny replied with a smile as Jordyn yawned from sleepiness but wanted to continue playing.

"Seems like she’s a lot like her mommie...stubborn." Blaise teased with a chuckle as Ephiny tweaked her backside.

"Very funny...hey, I was thinking...what if we go to your mother’s for a few days? She sent word that they are having a festival and would love for us to come for a visit. That is if you are feeling up to it?" Ephiny asked as she kept her chin resting on Blaise’s arm while they watched Jordyn play.

"That sounds great...I would love to see mother I’ve missed her so much. When do you want to leave?"

"When do you feel up to leaving? We could go in the morning if you want to." Ephiny answered as she kissed Blaise’s cheek and moved her hand up on her chest stroking her soft skin lightly.


"I feel pretty good and I suppose we could leave in the morning." Blaise answered as she thought about how much better being home has made her feel. She hardly felt any pain from her wounds just some soreness. "The best thing about being part god is you heal pretty quickly so, I should be fine to leave tomorrow." Blaise answered as she decided she wanted to see her mother and that it would make her feel better to do so.

"Great! It will be a lot of fun to get away. I’ll go tell Gabrielle that we will be leaving first thing in the morning then." Ephiny answered with excitement at the thought of their family trip as she kissed Blaise and stood up. "Hey, I should ask if they want to go too. Will that be alright with you?" Ephiny asked to make sure Blaise wanted the pair to join them.

"That would be awesome babe." Blaise answered with excitement at the thought of her entire family being together.

"Alright...I’ll be right back then." Ephiny answered with a smile as she left the hut.

Jordyn looked at Blaise with sleepy hazel eyes as she rubbed Chayce’s back while he slept soundly. "Is my princess sleepy?" Blaise asked softly as she pushed Jordyn’s blond curls off her face. "Come lay next to your brother and I." Blaise answered as Jordyn crawled over and laid next to Chayce already asleep with her head reached the pillow that Blaise had grabbed from the chair.

Blaise ran her fingers through Jordyn’s hair as she watched her two children sleep peacefully. She smiled lovingly as she looked at the twins and couldn’t believe how much Jordyn looked like Ephiny as she laid her head down to join her children in a deep sleep.

"Blaise! Gabrielle and Xena are going." Ephiny exclaimed with excitement as she entered the hut and found her family asleep on the floor in front of the fireplace curled up next to one another. Ephiny smiled lovingly as the tears welled in her eyes from the happiness that overwhelmed her.

The conversation she had with Gabrielle about feeling frustrated and helpless was insignificant, and she wished she would have never had it as she gazed at her family. That was her entire world laying before her and they meant everything to her. She thought to herself with regret for having the little pity party when she spoke with Gabrielle.

"Hey!... Ephiny!" Xena replied as she entered the door and Ephiny turned around with her finger over her mouth to quiet her.

"Ssh." Ephiny answered.

"What?" Xena asked softly with confusion.


Ephiny turned and pointed to the floor as Xena stepped beside her to see what Ephiny was looking at. Xena looked at her sister, niece and nephew cuddled together on the floor. "That’s so sweet." Xena answered with a loving smile on her face. Xena leaned closer to Ephiny. "What in tartarus is Blaise doing wearing those boxer shorts?" Xena asked with a chuckle.

Ephiny looked at Xena and put her hand on her shoulder. "By the gods Xena...don’t say anything to her or anyone else that you saw her in those...please?" Ephiny pleaded with the warrior.

"I don’t know Eph I need a little blackmail stuff to use on her." Xena teased as she crossed her arms over her chest.

"Please or I’ll have to tell everyone about the Warrior Princess horsy rides you give the twins which include fully animated horse sounds and riding gear so they don’t fall off." Ephiny answered back with a mischievous grin.

"How’d you know about those? Besides, I had to entertain them somehow." Xena asked with a raised eyebrow wondering how Ephiny knew about it.

"I have many skills as well Warrior Princess. Now, is it a deal?" Ephiny asked with a laugh knowing she had Xena nailed.

"Deal." Xena answered defeatedly as she clasped hands with Ephiny sealing the deal and laughed. She looked over at Blaise. "I wonder what Gabrielle would do if I put those on?" Xena asked with a sly smile and wonderment.

"You would probably get the same reaction that Blaise laughing hysterically...but she is very sexy in them." Ephiny answered with a laugh as she looked at Blaise.

"Gabrielle could use a good laugh." Xena answered with a mischievous smile.

"Here... Salmoneus gave me a whole box of them." Ephiny answered as she pulled out a pair from a box in the corner of the hut and gave them to Xena.

"I should have known Salmoneus would make something like that!" Xena answered with a laugh as Ephiny handed her the shorts. "Listen, let’s get an earlier start than what we planned so we can get there before nightfall okay?"

"Sure...I’ll pack our things now to be ready to leave first thing. I’ll see you in the morning then." Ephiny answered with a smile.

"Okay...Ephiny your kids are beautiful and absolutely adorable...but then again how could they not be considering who they’re related to." Xena answered with a cocky smile as she glanced back at the kids and Blaise.

"You’re worse than Blaise Xena. I guess that arrogance runs in the family and look what I get to look forward too, Jordyn and Chayce being the same way. But you’re right, they are beautiful and adorable." Ephiny answered with a proud smile.

"You’re wife is okay too... especially in those shorts." Xena teased as she slapped Ephiny’s butt on her way to the door.

Ephiny laughed. "Hey, I want to see you in those boxer’s Xena!"

"I bet you do Ephiny!" Xena answered with a laugh. "Fat chance though." She responded with a wink.

"Just remember I have my ways of finding things out Miss.’re in my territory so just beware!" Ephiny answered with a laugh as she began to gather their belongings for their trip.

"Remind me to stay on your good side." Xena answered with a laugh as she left the hut.

Ephiny finished packing their belongings for their trip to Cyrene’s and carried Jordyn to her crib and then Chayce to his as Blaise continued to sleep. She was grateful that Aphrodite had given them Blaise’s cribs to use and they both thought it was nice that the twins had the beds that their mother slept in when she was a baby.

Aphrodite explained that Blaise had two cribs... one that her father had given her which, of course, was black and emblazoned with his emblem on the both ends which Chayce now used. The other crib she had made for Blaise when Ares introduced Blaise to Aphrodite. The crib she chose was more suitable for a girl and was pink, of course, but she changed the color scheme for Jordyn because she knew Blaise would have a fit about the color.

Ephiny crawled in behind Blaise and began to place soft kisses along Blaise’s neck working her way to her back as her hands roamed her lovers ever so sexy muscular body. She wanted Blaise again and was about to have her as long as they weren’t disturbed by Gabrielle going into premature labor from the laughter Ephiny heard coming from their hut. Ephiny chuckled to herself as she thought about how funny it must look to have Xena...the Warrior Princess herself... parading around their hut wearing boxer shorts with hearts on them...even funnier than Blaise wearing them she thought with another chuckle.

To be continued...

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