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By Cruise

Disclaimer: The characters associated with Xena:Warrior Princess belong to Mca/Universal and are used without permission. The character of Blaise is my own creation and is not affiliated with the show. The events in this story do not necessarily follow along with events that happen in the show.

Sex: Lots of it! Sexually explicit sex scenes of two consenting adult women. So, if anyone is underage or offended by two women making love than this story is not recommended.

Violence: Some but not too bad. Some mild language.

Special thanks to Stoley for all her great advice and support.

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"Blaise...she's got a pulse but I'm not sure what's wrong." Xena answered frantically as she checked Ephiny over.

"Ephiny!" Blaise shouted fearful... "come on baby...wake up!" Blaise pleaded as she held Ephiny's face in her hands while Ephiny gasped for air and screamed out in pain as she opened her eyes.

"What's wrong?" Blaise asked her with confusion and fear.

"Didn't I have the baby already?" Ephiny yelled out in pain.

"Yes...a beautiful little boy Eph...why?"

"It feels like I didn't deliver it!...AAAHHH!" Ephiny screamed through the pain.

Xena and Blaise looked at one another and moved down to check Ephiny. They looked at one another again and smiled... "Eph...we're having twins!" Blaise shouted with excitement.

"By the gods! mean I have to go through that pain again!" Ephiny yelled through her labored breathing as Blaise rushed behind her to help steady her as Ephiny sat up.

"Okay...Ephiny...push!...the baby is making it's way out!" Xena informed her excitedly.

Cyrene and Gabrielle looked at one another and smiled... "I'm going to be a grandma twice today!...who could ask for more?" Cyrene replied with excitement and joy.

Ephiny pushed as hard as she could while she squeezed Blaise's hand... "Ow!" Ephiny screamed as she gasped for deep breaths.

"Another really good push and that should do it Ephiny...come on now...push!" Xena instructed her.

"You know can really be demanding and it's easy for you to say considering you're sitting down there!" Ephiny shouted with agitation.

"But it will all be worth it when you see your baby's push!" Xena answered with a smile.

"Come on more and it's over with." Blaise replied softly as she kissed Ephiny's cheek.

Ephiny pushed as she squeezed Blaise's hand again... "AAAHHH!" Ephiny screamed and fell back into Blaise's waiting arms when she felt the pressure release as the baby came out.

"You okay honey?" Blaise asked as she wiped the sweat off of Ephiny's face and kissed her on the forehead.

"I'm feeling better now!" Ephiny answered as she worked to calm her labored breathing.

Xena looked at the pair and smiled with tears in her eyes as she held the wailing baby up... "it's a little girl!"

Ephiny and Blaise laughed through sobs as Blaise held Ephiny tightly and kissed her cheek... "I love you Eph." Blaise whispered in Ephiny's ear and kissed her again.

Cyrene cried with happiness as did Gabrielle who couldn't wait to see the joy in Xena's face when they delivered their child. She hoped that day would come soon and that the god's would bless them with a child.

"It just got better Gabrielle!...I have a granddaughter and a grandson!" Cyrene replied through her tears as Gabrielle hugged her.

" me with the umbilical cord." Xena instructed her sister as Blaise gently laid Ephiny back on the bed.

"What do I do Xena." Blaise asked nervously.

"Cut the cord here while I hold her." Xena instructed Blaise as she pointed to the area where she wanted it cut.

"Okay...but I won't hurt the baby or Ephiny will I?" Blaise asked nervously as Ephiny smiled while she listened to her wife.

"No." Xena laughed... "go ahead."

Blaise attempted to cut the umbilical cord but her hand shook so much she couldn't do it... "Blaise...calm down." Xena replied with a soothing voice as she put her hand on Blaise's to calm her nervous sister.

Blaise looked at Xena then back to the umbilical cord as Xena guided her hand to the place she needed to make the cut. Blaise wiped the sweat from her brow after she made the cut and looked at Xena with a smile.

"Blaise...breath!" Xena answered with a laugh as Blaise let out her breath and took in another deep one never realizing she was holding her breath until Xena pointed it out to her.

Xena wiped the baby off and wrapped her in a blanket to hand to Blaise. Blaise smiled lovingly as she looked into her daughter's face for the first time while Cyrene approached to get a closer look at her granddaughter.

Blaise smiled with tears of joy streaming down her face as she looked at Cyrene... "mother...this is your granddaughter...Jordyn." Blaise replied as she handed her daughter to her mother. Cyrene broke down and cried at the gesture of Blaise giving her daughter the name that Cyrene would given her had Ares not intervened. Blaise kissed her mother's cheek as Cyrene took her to the table to clean her granddaughter and check her over.

Aphrodite stood by the table crying as Gabrielle tried to console her and tend to the new baby boy... "I'm so happy!" Aphrodite whined as Gabrielle rubbed her arm to console her.

"Okay...Ephiny one more push so, we can get everything out and then I'll put the stitches in." Xena informed Ephiny as she followed Xena's instructions.

Blaise sat on the bed next to Ephiny who closed her eyes from exhaustion and watched her lovingly. Blaise brushed her thumb lightly across Ephiny's cheek and thought about how much she loved her. Ephiny opened her eyes in response to the gentle stroke of Blaise's finger and looked up into loving blue eyes.

"Hey, beautiful." Blaise replied with a loving smile as she leaned down and softly kissed Ephiny's lips.

"I'm sure I don't look very beautiful right now Blaise." Ephiny answered with doubt.

"You're always beautiful in my eyes Eph." Blaise answered with a smile and another kiss... "are you feeling better?" Blaise asked with concern as she leaned close to Ephiny.

"I feel a lot better now." Ephiny answered with a smile as she wrapped her arms around Blaise's neck and ran her fingers through her hair.

"Xena's not hurting you is she?...because if she is I'll kick her warrior princess butt for you." Blaise answered with a chuckle which was shared by Ephiny.

"I never feel pain when I look into those incredible blue eyes of your's Blaise." Ephiny answered with a smile as Blaise leaned down and kissed her.

Blaise leaned her forehead against Ephiny's forehead... "can you believe we have twins?"

"Aah...considering where they came from...yes." Ephiny answered with a laugh as she rolled Blaise's hair in her fingers.

"You had me so worried honey...I don't think my heart has slowed down yet." Blaise admitted.

"I can see that're hair is soaked!...settle down honey...I'm fine." Ephiny answered reassuringly to calm Blaise.

"Well...mommie...would you like to see your twins?" Blaise asked with a smile.

"Yes...more than anything." Ephiny answered excitedly.

"I'll have to pry them away from Grandma, Auntie Aphrodite and Auntie Gabrielle but I don't think I'll get any resistance considering their mommie wants to meet them." Blaise teased and leaned down for a kiss. "They're absolutely gorgeous just like you Eph...I love you babe." Blaise answered with a soul searing kiss before sitting back up.

Blaise smiled and brushed Ephiny's hair off her face as Ephiny took Blaise's hand to kiss the palm... "I love you too." Ephiny answered with a smile as Blaise stood up and gently took her son from Gabrielle. Her son was wrapped in a blue blanket that Aphrodite had given him.

"He's beautiful Blaise." Aphrodite answered with a smile.

"You made this all possible...thank you." Blaise answered as she kissed her. Blaise looked down into her son's face and was consumed by pride and joy in her heart as tears formed in her blue eyes... "hey, your mommie." Blaise replied softly as she knelt beside Ephiny and handed her their son.

Ephiny looked at her son and her face lit up with happiness... "Blaise...he looks just like you!" Ephiny answered with excitement and a smile... "he's gorgeous!"

"Wait until you see our daughter...she's very beautiful." Blaise answered with a pride filled smile as she ran her finger along the baby's hair. Blaise turned to Xena... "is Eph okay?"

"Yep...she'll be good as new when I finish with the stitches but she'll have to take it easy for awhile until they heal." Xena informed her.

"Yes...boss!" Ephiny exclaimed as Blaise turned back to Ephiny and leaned down to kiss her son gently on the head before standing to get her daughter.

Blaise took her daughter from Cyrene and knelt beside Ephiny on the opposite side of her son... "she looks just like you and she has your gorgeous eyes honey." Blaise replied adoringly as she laid the baby on Ephiny's chest.

"She's beautiful Blaise." Ephiny answered lovingly as she looked at her baby girl.

Blaise put her finger under her son's hand and he grasped her finger tightly as her heart fluttered with excitement. She turned and looked at her daughter who was snuggled up against Ephiny and softly rubbed her hand over her blond hair. She smiled lovingly as Ephiny looked at her... "they're hair is so soft." Blaise answered with a chuckle.

Cyrene, Gabrielle and Aphrodite approached the bed to look at the twins... "they are so beautiful Ephiny." Gabrielle replied with tears in her eyes.

"Thanks Gabrielle and Aphrodite...thank you very much." Ephiny answered appreciatively.

"They are absolutely gorgeous!...but then again, beauty runs in our family!" Aphrodite answered as everyone laughed... "I'm glad I could help."

Blaise looked up to her aunt... "how did you sneak the pink blanket here Aphie?" Blaise teased.

"Blaise...she's a girl...she needed a pink blanket." Aphrodite whined and pouted. "Besides, these blankets were your's when you were a baby... I gave you a pink one and your father had a fit so, we settled for blue because I told him a black one was unacceptable!" Aphrodite explained.

"These were my blankets?" Blaise asked surprised with a smile.

"Yes...they are your's sweetpea."

"Thank you for saving them and giving them to our children." Blaise answered with a appreciative smile.

Aphrodite noticed Cyrene was upset from her story of Blaise as a baby and put her hand on her shoulder for comfort... "I'm sorry...I didn't mean to hurt you."

"'s just sad that I missed out on that part of Blaise's life but I have two beautiful grandchildren to enjoy now." Cyrene answered with a strained smile.

"Okay...I'm finished...let me take a look at those little rascals." Xena replied excitedly as she walked over and knelt beside Blaise to take a look. Xena put her arm around Blaise as she looked at the two bundles of joy and was overwhelmed with happiness. "Blaise...Ephiny...they are absolutely adorable!" Xena stated emphatically with a smile as she hugged Blaise... "can I hold your son?"

"Of course, Auntie Xena!" Blaise answered with a smile as she looked at Xena who jumped up and went to the other side of the bed to hold her nephew.

"What is his name?" Gabrielle asked.

Blaise looked at Ephiny with a smile and looked back at Gabrielle... "his name is Chayce which means he'll be a great hunter like his mommie." Blaise answered with pride and smiled as she kissed Ephiny's forehead.

Xena carefully picked the newborn up and cradled him in her arms... "hello, Chayce...I'm your Auntie Xena...let me see those eye's that everyone is going crazy over." She replied as she gently rubbed her finger over his forehead. Gabrielle leaned her chin against Xena's arm to get a closer look as the baby opened his eyes... "they're have beautiful blue eyes." Xena answered with a smile while she rubbed her finger on his cheek. Chayce turned his face to Xena's finger and began to suckle it... "I think we have a hungry young man here...let me give you back to mommie so, you can eat." the warrior responded softly as she leaned down and gently kissed his forehead. Xena laid Chayce back down on Ephiny as she stood behind Gabrielle... "Let's give them some privacy." Xena replied as she nudged Gabrielle along.

"We'll see you later." Cyrene replied as they left the hut.

"Babes and babies...Auntie Aphie will be back soon with presents for my new little sweetpeas!" she squealed with excitement as she touched each baby's head.

"Easy on the pink!" Blaise teased as Aphrodite blew her a kiss and vanished.

Blaise looked at Ephiny with a loving smile... "you okay honey?" she asked as she brushed the hair off Ephiny's face.

"Sore and tired but other than that I'm perfect!" Ephiny smiled... "can you open my shirt so they can eat?"

"Sure." Blaise answered as she gently moved the twins away to open Ephiny's shirt. Blaise gently placed the babies by her breasts and lightly rubbed Chayce's cheek on the side closest to her nipple causing him to turn toward his food source as she did the same with Jordyn who responded as her brother did.

Blaise smiled lovingly as she watched the children eat their first meal... "how did you know to do that?" Ephiny asked in amazement.

"I have a nephew don't ya know and I'm not as dumb as I look." Blaise laughed.

"You are not dumb Blaise and you never cease to amaze me!"

"I used to do that to Bliss to get him to take his bottle when I would babysit him." Blaise answered as she sat in amazement while she watched the twins suckle Ephiny's breasts and she reached up to gently rub their backs.

Blaise was overwhelmed with so much joy, happiness and love that tears rolled down her cheeks as she gazed at her beautiful children.

"Hey, what's wrong babe?" Ephiny asked with concern as she ran her fingers through Blaise's hair.

"Nothing's wrong...I'm just overwhelmed with happiness right now." Blaise answered as she glanced sideways to look at Ephiny. "I'm a wimp of a future God of War huh?"

Ephiny looked at her lovingly... "no, you're just a caring one." Ephiny answered as she lightly brushed the back of her hand against Blaise's face as Blaise kissed her hand.

"I think they're finished." Blaise observed.

"Blaise...put your finger in the baby's mouth before you take them away to eliminate the suction."

"Okay." Blaise answered in acknowledgment of her instructions as she put her pinky finger in Chayce's mouth and moved him off of Ephiny and did the same with Jordyn... "I'll take Chayce and try to burp him honey." Blaise answered as she picked him up and laid him over her shoulder while she began to lightly pat his back to produce a burp.

Ephiny worked on Jordyn as she struggled to stay awake but loved the feeling of her daughter in her arms. Chayce let out a loud burp and Blaise turned to Ephiny sharing a laugh.

"He definitely takes after you in that department." Ephiny chuckled as Jordyn also burped.

Blaise smiled as they shared many firsts with their children... "why don't you get some sleep've got to be exhausted."

"Oh, yeah...I am very tired!" Ephiny answered with a yawn.

"Would you mind if I showed off our adorable twins?"

" can show them off on one condition." Ephiny answered with a mischievous smile.


"Kiss me and tell me how much you love me!"

"Deal." Blaise answered with a smile and knelt before her placing Chayce down on the bed. Blaise looked into Ephiny's eyes lovingly... "baby...I love you with every ounce of my being and I always will." Blaise replied with a smile as she slowly leaned down and kissed Ephiny sensually... "thank you for giving us such beautiful children." Blaise whispered.

" seem to forget you had a part in them as well." Ephiny answered as she kissed Blaise.

"Yeah...but you had them Eph and that means more to me than you will ever know." Blaise answered as she kissed Ephiny again and stood up... "okay...cutiepies...time to show you two off and break a lot of women's hearts!" Blaise exclaimed with excitement as she cradled the twins in her muscular arms... "say bye-bye mommie." Blaise replied in babytalk as she turned the babies to Ephiny who smiled lovingly.

"Bye darling's!" Ephiny answered with a wave.

Blaise exited the door as Ephiny closed her eyes for some much needed rest and heard Blaise announce... "gather around to see my gorgeous babies." as she laughed with the sounds of happy amazons checking the kids out.

Ephiny smiled and thought about how caring, loving and adorable Blaise is with the children. She didn't think she could love Blaise anymore than she already does... 'I was wrong about that one. I love her more today than ever.' Ephiny replied softly. Ephiny felt totally at peace, full of happiness and as if her life were complete as she fell asleep.

Blaise showed the excited amazons the twins and headed over to Cyrene's hut. Blaise entered with a proud look on her face to find Xena and Gabrielle visiting with their mother.

"Let me hold my grand babies." Cyrene asked as she motioned for Blaise to bring them to her.

Blaise placed the children in her mother's arms and sat down... "how's Ephiny?" Xena asked with worry.

"She's asleep...finally...she's exhausted but you know she won't admit it."

"Sounds like Ephiny." Gabrielle chuckled.

"That's good...she'll be up and about before you know it. Now...mother don't be a baby hog...let me hold my niece." Xena asked as she moved towards her with a smile.

"Oh, Xena!..I just got them." Cyrene whined.

"Mother...don't mess with the warrior princess now give her up...come on!" Xena teased as she reached her arms out to pick up Jordyn with Cyrene sticking her tongue out at Xena with a scrunched up face.

"That's a nice face to teach your grandchildren on their first day in the world." Xena teased.

"She's my daughter alright...she already has the women fighting over her." Blaise answered with a cocky laugh.

"By the gods...Blaise!...with all of the excitement we forgot it's your birthday too." Cyrene answered with disgust at herself for forgetting.

"Mother...don't worry about could I have ever had a happier one than today's?" Blaise answered with a smile.

Xena walked over to Blaise... "say happy birthday to mom." Xena replied in babytalk as she held Jordyn in front of Blaise.

"Thanks sweetie and happy birthday to you too." Blaise answered as she kissed her daughter.

"Happy birthday Blaise." Xena answered with a smile as she planted a kiss on her sister's cheek.

Xena sat down next to Gabrielle as the two of them cooed at Jordan. Gabrielle sat up and looked at Blaise then Xena strangely.

Blaise and Xena looked back at Gabrielle with bewilderment and replied in unison... "what?"

"It's just really freaky to see the future God of War and the Warrior Princess talking like a baby!" Gabrielle answered with a laugh which was shared by Cyrene.

"I don't think you should be a bard Gabrielle." Blaise answered as she moved over to Gabrielle and leaned over her... "you should be a friggin comedian!" Blaise answered as she licked Gabrielle's face.

"Blaise!...gods that is so gross!" Gabrielle replied as she whacked Blaise on the arm who laughed along with Xena.

Gabrielle turned to Xena as she wiped her face... "don't look at deserved it." Xena answered shaking her head and looked down at Jordyn... "didn't she?" Blaise leaned down to Gabrielle's ear as Gabrielle leaned away laughing... "go away Blaise."

"I didn't hear you complaining about my tongue being gross before." Blaise whispered with a laugh as Xena joined in on the laughter.

"I two are just alike...pigs!"

"But you love us!" Xena answered arrogantly with a laugh.

"Can't do anything else with you two I guess!" Gabrielle answered with a laugh as she tickled Jordyn's tummy.

"I'm gonna go get Ephiny some food and check on her...would you mind if I left the twins with you until she finishes eating?"

"We don't mind at all...besides, we weren't planning on giving them up just yet anyway." Cyrene answered with a smile as she softly kissed Chayce on his forehead.

"Great...thank you." Blaise answered as she headed out the door towards the food hut.

Blaise grabbed some soup and bread for Ephiny to eat and brought the meal back to their hut. Blaise put the tray down on the table and lightly kissed Ephiny on the cheek before sitting next to her on the bed.

" okay?" Blaise whispered as Ephiny's sleepy hazel eyes met loving blues.

"A little sore." Ephiny answered as she looked at her lover with a smile... "how are the twins?" Ephiny asked with concern.

"They are perfect and our daughter already has women fighting over her." Blaise informed Ephiny with a cocky smile.

"She's definately your daughter then." Ephiny answered with a smile and a poke in the ribs as Blaise laughed.

"I brought you some you want to try and eat?" Blaise asked as she lifted the soup bowl up.

"I would love to visit the outhouse and then I'll try to eat something." Ephiny answered as she shifted in the bed.

"Okay...let me help you up then." Blaise answered as she helped Ephiny to a sitting position.

"Oww!...I don't know if I'll be able to walk Blaise." Ephiny answered as she grimaced in pain.

"I'll carry you baby." Blaise answered with a smile as she gathered her wife up in her strong arms with Ephiny wrapping her arms around Blaise's neck... "you okay?" Blaise asked with concern as she looked into her soulmate's eyes for reassurance.

"Much better now that I'm in your arms." Ephiny answered with a smile as Blaise leaned in and kissed her. They continued their kiss out of the hut to the outhouse.

Blaise helped Ephiny in the outhouse and carried her back to bed when she was finished. Blaise sat on the side of the bed with Ephiny sitting up facing her and began to feed her the soup.

" don't have to do that."

"I know...but I want too." Blaise answered with a smile as she kissed Ephiny.

Ephiny wrapped her arms around Blaise to deepen her kiss while Blaise slipped the soup bowl back on the nightstand. Blaise moved closer to Ephiny as she continued her exploration of Ephiny's mouth with her tongue... "it feels good to be able to hold you close to me now that I no longer have a big belly in the way!" Ephiny replied with a smile as she captured Blaise's lips for a long, moist kiss.

"Happy birthday to Blaise, Chayce and Jordyn...happy birthday to you." Xena, Gabrielle and Cyrene sang as they entered the hut startling the kissing lovers. Gabrielle carried a tray with three muffins containing one lighted candle stuck in the middle of each and stopped in front of Blaise.

"'s your birthday?" Ephiny asked as she put her hand on Blaise's arm.

" is and you sure gave me a wonderful birthday present." Blaise answered with a smile as she turned to Ephiny.

"I'm such a terrible wife...I didn't know when it was and I never asked you...I'm sorry." Ephiny answered with disgust at herself because she didn't know.

"Hey, don't worry about it." Blaise answered as she kissed her wife... "now, blow out a candle for Jordyn while I blow one out for Chayce and myself." Blaise answered as her and Ephiny leaned toward the tray to blow the candles out.

"Happy birthday!" everyone cheered in unison.

"Thanks...oh, it looks like we will be celebrating a certain warrior princess' birthday also in a moon...correct?" Blaise asked with a mischievous smile.

"Don't even think about it Blaise." Xena answered sternly as she pointed at Blaise.

"I'll have to cook something up really good for you sister!" Blaise teased.

"You behave!" Xena answered.

"I just thought of something scary." Ephiny replied with a smile.

"What?" Blaise asked confused as everyone looked at Ephiny waiting for her response.

"How am I going to live with the three of you who were born in the month ruled by Pluto?" Ephiny asked.

" us?" Blaise asked with a sly smile.

"It's a little scary to think about having three very intense, possessive, obstinate, secretive and jealous people all under the same roof." Ephiny answered with a laugh.

"Well...just remember we are very loyal and fortunately for you we are compatible with you!" Blaise answered with a laugh as she kissed Ephiny... "besides, I thought you reveled in my possessiveness." Blaise answered with a sly grin as Ephiny smiled and pulled Blaise down for a kiss.

"Yes I do revel in it and I find it very sexy especially in bed." Ephiny whispered through her kiss causing Blaise to laugh and blush at her comment.

"Well...I must tell you that these two very intense little individual's need to be changed and they're very hungry." Xena answered with a smile.

"Oh, sure keep them until they need to be changed and then give them back." Blaise teased as she took Jordyn from Xena... "did that mean old Auntie Xena not change you?" Blaise asked Jordyn in babytalk as she looked at her daughter who looked inquisitively around at her surroundings.

" it with the old thing!...the good thing about being an aunt is that you get to spoil them and give them back." Xena answered with a laugh.

"And what do you intend to do with our baby...warrior princess?" Gabrielle asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Well...don't you remember you said you were doing all of the diaper changes?"

"If I'm going through the torture Ephiny just went through you're doing the diapers...miss thing!" Gabrielle demanded with a laugh as she hugged Xena.

"Yes...boss!" Xena answered to appease Gabrielle despite the fact that she was shaking her head and mouthing no way to Blaise... "let's go honey and leave the newborns to their mom's."

"Bye." Gabrielle answered as her and Xena left the hut.

"Do you need me to help you change them honey?" Cryene asked hoping Blaise would except her offer.

"No...I can get it but thanks anyway mother." Blaise answered with a smile as she laid Jordyn on the changing table.

"Okay...then." Cyrene answered with disappointment as she lowered her head and turned to leave.

Blaise saw that her mother was dejected and wanted to help... "ya know on second thought I could use some help if you don't mind." Blaise asked with a smile as her mother rushed back over to help and took Chayce from Ephiny to change him while Blaise changed Jordyn.

Blaise and Cyrene finished changing the twins as Ephiny ate her meal and watched Blaise with amazement at how gentle and caring she was with the babies.

"Thanks mother..I'll see you in the morning." Blaise replied with a smile.

"You've made me very happy and proud by naming your daughter Jordyn...that's a great honor for me Blaise." Cyrene explained with cloudy blue eyes.

"I'm glad I could bring some more happiness in your life mother." Blaise answered as she hugged her mother.

Cyrene broke the hug and went over to Ephiny... "congratulations honey...your children are beautiful." Cyrene replied with a loving smile as she kissed Ephiny's forehead.

"Thank you mother." Ephiny answered with a smile as she looked up to Cyrene and clenched her hand.

"Goodnight everyone."

"Nite mother." Blaise replied as she picked up the twins and watched her mother leave the hut... "are you two hungry?" Blaise asked as the twins laid against her chest and heard a knock at the door.

"Who in tartarus." Blaise replied as her voice trailed off and she opened the door... "Joxer!...dude...look at my kids!"

"Whoa! were right about something being up with Ephiny!" he answered in shock to seeing two babies.

"This is our son Chayce." Blaise replied as she turned her shoulder to show him a sleepy little boy... "and our daughter Jordyn." Blaise answered as she turned so he could see Jordyn.

"They are so cute Blaise...congratulations! too Ephiny!" Joxer replied as he looked over Blaise's shoulder and waved to Ephiny.

"Thank you Joxer!" Ephiny shouted from the bed.

Blaise looked at Joxer and whispered... "flowers...lots of them...sometime tomorrow okay?'

Joxer winked at Blaise acknowledging her request... "have a good evening and congratulations again!"

"Good night Jox." Blaise answered as she closed the door and turned towards Ephiny..."it's dinner time honey." Blaise smiled as she walked towards the bed while Ephiny struggled to lay down on the bed without causing more pain... "you okay?" Blaise asked with concern as she knelt beside the bed.

"I'm still in a lot of pain." Ephiny answered as she grimaced and finally laid down.

Blaise reached over and opened Ephiny's shirt to expose her breasts while she laid Jordyn down next to one of her breast's to begin her feeding. Blaise made sure Jordyn was settled and suckling the breast and moved to the other side of the bed and laid Chayce down to start his feeding.

Blaise undressed and laid on her side stretching her long legs out and propped her head up on one hand as she watched her children lovingly. Blaise moved her hand up on Ephiny's arm which held the twins in place.

"Go to sleep honey...I'll take care of the babies when they're need your rest." Blaise replied lovingly.

Ephiny smiled... "thanks...I'll try to stay awake as long as I can...I love you Blaise." Ephiny answered as she struggled to keep her eyes open.

Blaise leaned down and kissed her lips softly... "I love you Eph." Blaise whispered as Ephiny fell fast asleep with her warrior watching over their family.

Blaise burped the children when they finished eating and laid them on Ephiny's chest as they snuggled close to her neck. She smiled and kissed their small heads softly before placing a soft kiss on Ephiny's lips. She continued to watch over them overwhelmed that they were her children and she thought about how much she loved Ephiny as the twins fell asleep. She didn't think she could love anyone as much as she does Ephiny and felt that her life was complete with her in and the children in it. Blaise thought about how lucky she was and that she couldn't ask for anything more for her life.

Blaise watched as the twins slept against their mother and she cuddled up close to Ephiny to wrap her muscular, protective arms around her and the children as she closed her eyes to rest. The children woke two more times during the night hungry and Blaise would move them to their favorite food source until they finished and she would attend to them as the doting mother she had become.

After a week passed Ephiny was able to get up and move around with less pain and with more strength. Blaise had gotten into a routine with the twins and had a sense as to what and when they needed something but she was exhausted. Blaise tried to hide her exhaustion from the others and would sneak shut eye when at all possible.

Blaise woke to begin her routine of the day by getting the twins fed, dressed and would then head off for Ephiny's breakfast.

"Blaise...honey...I can get my own food." Ephiny replied as she got out of bed to dress.

" still need your rest and you don't want to pull the stitches out." Blaise answered as she continued to dress half asleep.

"Blaise...I'm fine and Xena said the stitches are healed enough to come out... I'm going to get breakfast this morning because I can't have you going out looking like that." Ephiny answered with a chuckle as she looked Blaise up and down.

"What do you mean Eph?" Blaise asked hurt and confused.

"Blaise...honey." Ephiny answered as she moved closer to Blaise... "you put your boxer shorts on over your pants."

Blaise stopped tying her shirt and looked down at her pants with a laugh as she looked at Ephiny... "I wondered why it felt so strange...I think you're right...I do need some sleep." Blaise answered with a smile... "you gonna be okay?" Blaise asked with concern.

"" Ephiny answered lovingly as she put her hands on Blaise's hips and looked up at her... "now, take off that unfashionable outfit and get in bed." Ephiny answered as she wrapped her arms around Blaise's waist and leaned in for a kiss.

Ephiny slid her hands down to Blaise's firm backside as she deepened her kiss and gently clutched the ass sending a warmth straight to Blaise's center.

"Are you trying to seduce me Eph?' Blaise asked through her kiss.

" has been quite awhile." Ephiny answered as she moved her hand around to the front and rubbed her hand over Blaise's sex.

"Uhmmm." Blaise moaned to her touch as Ephiny broke their kiss and smiled as she backed away from Blaise.

"It's too bad you're so tired." Ephiny smiled mishceviously and winked as she walked away.

"Aah...honey...I...uh...I'm not that tired." Blaise stammered with disappointment as she was very aroused.

Ephiny turned with a smile and blew her a kiss as she exited the hut... "and you tell me I'm a tease!" Blaise replied as she shook her head and took a deep breath to calm her racing heart from the excitement. The children began to cry as her heart calmed... "oh, man!" Blaise whined as she picked the kids up and held them on each shoulder... "come on sweetie needs some about if we all take a nap...huh?" Blaise asked as she laid down on the bed with the children laying on each shoulder.

They whimpered for a few minutes and fell asleep as Blaise rubbed their backs gently. Blaise could feel their soft breath on her neck and loved the feeling of their soft skin against hers. She could feel their tiny little heartbeats slow as they fell asleep and thought about how much she loved her children and how happy they have made her. Blaise closed her eyes and was fast asleep to join her children.

"Ephiny!...what are you doing up?" Gabrielle asked with concern.

"I'm fine's time for me to get up and get going...besides, Blaise is exhausted." Ephiny answered reassuringly with a smile.

"She has been so sweet." Gabrielle answered with a smile... "it's incredible how she took charge to help out and is so gentle with you and the twins...but why didn't she ask us for help?"

"Gabrielle...I think you know the answer to the last part of that question." Ephiny answered with a shared laugh.

"How did we fall in love with the two most stubborn people in the world?" Gabrielle asked with a laugh.

"Because we kept it in the family!" Ephiny answered with a laugh... "she has been incredibly sweet, gentle and loving...I guess people don't see that about her. They just see her as the future God of War and assume she is like Ares." Ephiny answered as she gathered a tray with breakfast for her and Blaise.

"Very true and looks can be deceiving that's for sure. Look at Xena...everyone thinks the same about her but she's a big teddybear...well...with her family she is." Gabrielle answered with a laugh as Ephiny joined in.

"It just runs in the family I guess." Ephiny answered.

"Here let me help you." Gabrielle offered as she grabbed the drinks for Ephiny.

"Thanks...I appreciate the help." Ephiny answered with a smile as they headed back to Ephiny's hut.

They entered the hut to find Blaise and the twins sound asleep on the bed with Blaise still wearing her boxers over her pants. Ephiny chuckled as she walked closer to the bed and smiled. She waved Gabrielle over to the bed and looked at Gabrielle while she pointed to the twins who had their hands on top of one another's and they rested them over Blaise's heart.

"Oh, that is so sweet." Gabrielle answered in a whisper with a smile as she looked at Ephiny who had tears in her eyes... "what's up with Blaise's outfit?" Gabrielle asked with a scrunched up face.

"I told you she was exhausted." Ephiny laughed softly through her tears... "Oh, look at Jordyn...she's playing with Blaise's hair." Ephiny answered excitedly.

Gabrielle moved closer for a better look to see Jordyn sleeping with her free hand up in Blaise's hair and rubbed the dark hair between her tiny fingers. Gabrielle looked back at Ephiny with a smile... "they are so adorable... I can't wait until we have our baby so we can experience the same joy you two have with the twins." Gabrielle answered with a smile.

"Me, then I can be an aunt and spoil them." Ephiny answered with a laugh.

"It's not like you won't spoil your kids Ephiny." Gabrielle answered with a mischievous grin.

"That's the one who is going to be the one to spoil the kids." Ephiny laughed as she pointed to Blaise.

"Who?...the one that puts her pants on before her boxer shorts?" Gabrielle teased with a laugh as she pointed at her pants.

"It is pretty funny though." Ephiny answered with a shared laugh.

" is...I'm gonna get going...I'll see you later."

"Okay...thanks for the help."

"Give those two little pumpkin's a kiss from their Auntie Gabrielle." she answered with a smile as she patted Ephiny on the arm.

"They will enjoy that." Ephiny answered with a smile as Gabrielle left the hut.

Ephiny moved to the bed and sat down next to her very sleepy family. She ran her fingers through Blaise's hair and thought about how much she loved her. 'I never thought I would be this happy or that I would ever love someone as much as I do Blaise. I am so lucky to have such a thoughtful, caring, loving partner in her and two beautiful children that she simply adores.' Ephiny thought to herself as she lovingly watched them sleep. Ephiny leaned down and kissed each of their heads softly before laying down to cuddle up close to her family as she slid her arm onto Blaise's which held the children close to her.

Ephiny woke to the cries of her twins for their midday meal. She picked Chayce up and held him as she put her hand on Blaise's shoulder to wake her... "Honey...can you help me with Jordyn?" Ephiny asked softly. Blaise opened her sleepy blue eyes unaware of what was going on and looked at Ephiny confused... "I need to feed Jordyn...can you help me with her?" Ephiny answered softly.

Blaise looked at Jordyn and picked her up to place her on Ephiny for her feeding... "you okay?" Blaise asked as she cleared her throat and rolled onto her side. She cuddled up next to Ephiny and wrapped her arm around her.

"I'm fine go back to sleep babe." Ephiny whispered as she felt Blaise's breath against her neck who had obviously already fallen asleep.

Ephiny fed the children, burped them and clothed them as Blaise continued to sleep oblivious to her noisy surroundings. Ephiny heard a knock at the door and answered to find Cyrene there.

"Hello mother...come on in... I was just dressing the twins." Ephiny answered as she invited her in and headed back to attend to the twins.

"I was wondering if you were feeling up to a walk." Cyrene asked softly as she noticed Blaise sleeping... "I guess the secret to getting the best of my children is giving Xena too much port and having Blaise run ragged by her own twins." Cyrene laughed as she looked over to her sleeping child.

"That's for sure...I'm grateful she is here and not on the battlefield sleeping that way because I would be very worried then...okay...let's go on that walk with grandma so, your mother can get the sleep she needs." Ephiny replied to the twins as she handed Chayce to Cyrene.

"Hey, pumpkin." Cyrene whispered in babytalk as she held her grandson close... "are you sure you're up to this Ephiny?" Cyrene asked with concern.

"I am feeling stronger every day and it will be nice to get out for some fresh air." Ephiny answered with a smile as they headed out of the hut. "Let's go down towards the lake mother."

"That sounds like a great idea." Cyrene answered with excitement as they made their way through the village.

The pair made it to the lake and sat down exhausted... "it has never taken that long to get down to the lake before." Ephiny answered with a sigh as she sat down and leaned against the tree.

"Well...that's because we had every amazon in the village checking out my gorgeous grandchildren." Cyrene answered with a smile as she tickled Chayce's tummy and watched him laugh and threw his arms up and down in excitement.

The pair had a moment of awkward silence and Ephiny knew something was on Cyrene's mind... " something bothering you?" Ephiny asked as she looked at Cyrene.

"Yes...there is dear...I spoke with Gabrielle and she told me of the amazon traditions regarding sons. Have you told Blaise about them yet?" Cyrene answered as she looked her daughter -in-law squarely in the eye.

Ephiny knelt her head down to look at Jordyn... "no...mother...I haven't." Ephiny answered with guilt.

"Oh, Ephiny...why not?" Cyrene asked with disappointment and concern.

"I haven't found the right time to do it mother. I know Blaise is going to be hurt by it and she is so happy right now that I don't want to tell her just yet to ruin it."

"There never really is a good time Ephiny to tell your mate that your son will not be accepted into her wife's customs except as a servant." Cyrene snapped back with agitation.

"I know mother...don't you think it's hard on me?" Ephiny asked as she looked up at Cyrene.

"I don't know is it Ephiny?...what are your feelings on your amazon customs regarding boys... do you agree with them?"

"Yes...mother...I do believe in them. The customs are who I am."

"You mean to tell me you would want your own son to be a damn servant!" Cyrene asked with anger and a raised voice.

", that's not what I'm saying. I do believe that we don't need a man in our life but I would never want my son to be a servant. It's very contradictory and I know that. Believe me it breaks my heart to know that my own son will not be able to join in my amazon traditions but I can't just tell the other amazons that they have to accept that he will be an exception to the customs because he is my son."

" need to tell Blaise all of this because it is going to upset her even worse if you don't do it."

"I know mother and I will but I just can't bring myself to break her heart right now. Please give me some more time to come up with another solution so, I don't have to choose between being an amazon and my son before I tell Blaise. I should be the one to tell her." Ephiny answered sternly as she looked at Cyrene.

" do what you think is right but just remember...Blaise has been lied to throughout her entire life." Cyrene answered with agitation as she stood up and walked away with Chayce.

"Mother!" Ephiny shouted as she walked after her... "I'm sorry...but please let me do this on my own terms." Ephiny asked searching for reassurance from Cyrene.

"I know you don't want to hurt Blaise...but find a solution before it becomes more of a problem than it already is Ephiny."

"I will...thank you mother." Ephiny answered with a smile as she hugged her.

The pair walked back to the village and were intercepted by a warrior princess intent on seeing her niece and nephew... "there are my precious little niece and nephew!" she replied with a smile as she took Chayce from her mother.

"Xena...are you going soft?" Ephiny teased with a laugh.

"What can I say...I'm a sucker for adorable kids especially when they're related to me." Xena answered with a smile as she held Chayce out in front of her and gently rocked him side to side as he smiled.

"Here...Ephiny...let me have Jordyn and you go spend some time with Blaise." Cyrene answered with a smile as she reached out for her granddaughter.

"Are you sure you both don't mind?" Ephiny asked excitedly.

"No way...we don't mind...besides, we'll get Gabrielle to change their diapers." Xena answered with a laugh as her and Cyrene started to walk off.

"Thanks!" Ephiny answered with a smile as she headed into her hut to spend some time with her lover.

Ephiny entered the hut to find Blaise sprawled in her usual prone position with her head under the pillow. Ephiny chuckled as she sat on the bed next to Blaise and began to massage her muscular back. After a few minutes Blaise opened her eyes and glanced back at Ephiny with sleepy eyes.

"That feels good." she whispered and cleared her throat.

"I was worried that you were in the land of the dead because you were sleeping so soundly." Ephiny laughed as she kneaded her fingers into Blaise's tight muscles.

"Well...those twins have worn me out baby." Blaise answered with a laugh... "where are they by the way?" Blaise asked as she looked around the room for the kids.

"Your sister...the warrior sucker for a cute baby face princess demanded that her and your mother take them so, we can have some time to spend together alone."

"Really?...I knew she wasn't such a bad sister after all." Blaise answered with a laugh as she turned over on her back.

"Are you hungry?" Ephiny asked as she rubbed her hands along Blaise's muscular abdomen.

"Only for you." Blaise answered with a sexy smile as she pulled Ephiny closer to her.

"Ooh, that sounds good." Ephiny answered seductively as she climbed up on Blaise and kissed her.

Blaise smiled as she looked into Ephiny's hazel eyes and pushed her long, blond curls off her face... "I love you baby." Blaise answered as she pulled Ephiny down to her and traced Ephiny's lips with her tongue before sliding it in her mouth for a long, moist kiss.

Ephiny broke her kiss and flashed a sexy smile as she placed soft bites along Blaise's neck down to her muscular abdomen. Blaise felt an instant rush of warmth as she felt her wife's lips and tongue pressed against her body. Ephiny's soft nibbling traveled to Blaise's navel and she placed wet kisses around her navel before dipping her tongue into her belly button.

"Ephiny!...I am so horny!'re driving me crazy!" Blaise moaned as Ephiny smiled and continued her exploration of Blaise's body with her tongue.

Ephiny moved her tongue down to Blaise's waistband on her boxer's and slid her tongue under the band moving from left to right capturing her skin in her mouth for a kiss.

"You have made me so wet Eph!" Blaise exclaimed through her heavy breathing.

Ephiny moved her kiss back up Blaise's body and hovered about Blaise with a smile as her blond curls draped over her shoulders... "how wet are you?" Ephiny purred as Blaise put her hands on Ephiny's backside to pull her down on top of her.

"Find out for yourself." Blaise whispered as she stuck her tongue out with Ephiny wrapping her mouth around it and sucked Blaise's tongue in her mouth.

Blaise squeezed Ephiny's ass as Ephiny deepened their kiss... "I need you to touch me Ephiny." Blaise whispered through her kiss as a knock at the door came.

"By the gods!" Ephiny replied in disappointment as she gasped for her breath.

"Don't answer it baby...I need you." Blaise whispered as her heart raced and her arousal mounted.

"I have to might be something to do with the kids."

"Damn!'re right we need to answer it." Blaise answered in disgust as she pulled Ephiny down for a kiss before she climbed out of the bed to see who was at the door.

Ephiny opened the door to find Joxer standing there and she knew the news was not going to be good.

"I'm sorry Ephiny but I need to speak to Blaise." Joxer replied with regret.

"It's not your fault Joxer." Ephiny answered as she turned to Blaise... "'s Joxer."

Blaise knew by the look on her face that it was not a social visit and ran her fingers through her hair with frustration as she sat up and put her tunic on. Blaise reluctantly approached the door... "'re worse than the grim reaper. What's up?" Blaise asked with agitation.

"You're needed back in Troy. Paris is dead and they are being overwhelmed with no leader now."

"Damn it!...what about that idiot Drake?" Blaise answered as anger and disappointment overwhelmed her.

"He had the same fate as Paris." Joxer answered with regret.

"Son of a Bacchae!" Blaise shouted knowing she had to go and fulfill her obligation but it killed her to leave her family... "give me a little while to say goodbye." Blaise answered softly as Joxer nodded in acknowlegement and headed off to get Taz ready for the trip.

Blaise closed the door and leaned her head against it with regret as anger consumed her. Ephiny slid her arms around Blaise's midsection for a hug and kissed her back before leaning her head against her. Blaise put her hands on Ephiny's and turned around to hug her tightly.

"I love you Eph." Blaise whispered as she kissed Ephiny's forehead and broke their hug. She grabbed her bag as she walked towards the bed and slammed it down in anger as she thought about how much easier it would be if she was the God of War and how she wouldn't have to be away from her family for so long if she did assume the godhood. Blaise leaned on her hands that rested on the bed as the tears welled in her blue eyes at the thought of having to leave Ephiny and the newborn's so soon.

Ephiny lovingly put her hand on Blaise's back for comfort breaking her concentration... "I have to see the twins." Blaise replied as she rushed out of the hut to find her twins.

Ephiny gathered Blaise's clothes and packed her bag as her tears of unhappiness stung her face. She thought it would get easier every time Blaise left but it only got harder. She enjoyed having Blaise home with her and didn't want Blaise to go. Her hatred for Ares grew as he would shift all the responsibility to Blaise and he was not willing to help in any way... "what a jackass!" Ephiny exclaimed as she continued to pack Blaise's bag.

Blaise knocked and entered to find Xena, Cyrene and Gabrielle happily playing with the twins... "'re quick!" Xena teased with a sly grin and a wink.

"Real funny." Blaise answered with disgust as she moved over to her children.

"What's wrong Blaise?" Cyrene asked with concern.

"Duty calls mother." Blaise answered sternly as she picked Chayce up and then Jordyn... "I need to spend some time with them before I leave." Blaise answered with tears in her eyes and kept her head down not wanting to make eye contact with her family.

Xena looked at Gabrielle with a concerned look and back to Blaise as she watched her sister leave with the twins upset. Blaise cuddled the twins close to her as she headed back to her hut. She took in their scent and how they felt cuddled against her to commit it to memory as the tears streamed down her face. She wiped her tears away before entering the hut with the twins to not let Ephiny see how upset she really was. Blaise laid the twins on the bed as she slipped on her black leather pants, then her vest and her scabbard with her sword sheathed which Ephiny reluctantly handed her. Blaise stared intently at the twins while she dressed and knelt before them after donning her boots. She held each one's hand and placed soft kisses on each little hand as Ephiny stood behind her with her hand on Blaise's shoulder for comfort.

"Don't forget me while I'm gone." Blaise replied with a half smile as tears filled her eyes while Ephiny cried harder... "remember your mom loves you very much and I'll miss you terribly." Blaise answered as she leaned up and kissed both of their foreheads before turning to Ephiny. She wiped Ephiny's tears away as she gazed lovingly into her hazel eyes and leaned in for a soul searing kiss... "I love you." Blaise whispered through her kiss as Ephiny wrapped her arms around Blaise tightly.

"I love you too baby." Ephiny answered through her sobs.

Blaise looked into her tear stained face and kissed her softly... "don't come out because I won't be able to handle seeing you as I leave...I'm too upset right now and I definitely won't be able to deal with it." Blaise answered as she engulfed her in a hug.

"I'll see you soon then...I love you Blaise...always remember that." Ephiny answered as Blaise turned to leave.

"Always remember that I love you Eph." Blaise answered as she walked through the door wiping away her tears.

Blaise stormed towards her horse with fire and anger in her eyes as she mounted Taz. 'I intend to make Ares pay for this one day.' she thought to herself as her and Joxer rode off out of the village.

To be continued...

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