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By Cruise

Disclaimer: The characters associated with Xena:Warrior Princess belong to Mca/Universal and are used without their permission. The character of Blaise is my own creation and is not affiliated with the show. The events in this story do not necessarily follow along with events that happen in the show.

Spoilers: References made to The Furies, Maternal Instincts and The Crusader.

Music references: The songs where used without permission and no profit is intended with this story. The vows belong to Shania Twain/Robert John "Mutt"Lange and Polygram International Inc/Loon Echo Inc. performed on Shania's album "Come on over". Other song used in the story is "Truly, madly, deeply" performed by Savage Garden from their album Savage Garden and produced by Charles Fisher. All songs EMI Blackwood Music Inc.

Sex: Sexually explicit sex scenes of two consenting adult women. So, if anyone is underage or offended by two women making love than this story is not recommended.

Violence: Some but not too bad. Some mild language.

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Xena woke before Gabrielle as usual and thought about how she never tires of seeing how peaceful her beautiful bride looks when she sleeps. Xena lightly brushed Gabrielle's hair off of her face as her bard laid snuggled tightly against her and placed a soft kiss on her forehead.

Gabrielle opened her eyes to find her warrior watching her sleep.

"Good morning Gabrielle." Xena replied as she kissed Gabrielle's lips.

"It is now." Gabrielle answered with a smile.

"What are your plans for today Gabrielle?"

"The number one priority of the day is breakfast." Gabrielle answered with a smile.

"I know that everything is secondary to food Gabrielle." Xena replied with a smile.

"Not everything Xena." Gabrielle answered playfully as she bit Xena's lip and placed a kiss on it.

"Ooh, I like that...but getting back to the question...after breakfast what are your plans?"

"I thought I would hang out with Ephiny for awhile...she has been down about something."

"Is it because of Blaise?" Xena asked with worry.

"I'm really not sure...she really hasn't said anything about it but I know something is bothering her and I thought she could use a friend to speak with."

Gabrielle's stomach growled from hunger..."I guess it is time to eat then." Xena laughed.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

Blaise stood on the cliff overlooking the lake wearing only a sports bra and black boxer shorts revealing her very muscular body. She was practicing her martial arts and stood upright before turning around.

"Hello daddy!" Blaise replied sarcastically as she turned to find Ares walking out from behind a tree.

"I don't know how you and Xena do that but I love it so much!" Ares answered with a sly grin.

"What do you want!" Blaise replied with disgust.

"What is wrong with daddy’s little protege?" Ares answered sarcastically.

"I'm sick of your lies! straight with it?!" Blaise shouted with anger.

"Oh, I so love it when you are angry." Ares answered with a sly grin.

"You haven't seen angry yet...but keep it up and you will!"

"What did daddy lie to his little girl about?" Ares asked tauntingly.

"Let's see...aah..everything?" Blaise answered with sarcasm..."how could you take me from my family and tell me that my own sister killed them?"

"Blaise...I do what I have to do to get what I want." Ares answered nonchalantly.

"At the expense of your own daughter?" Blaise yelled in anger.

"I do regret the way I handled everything Blaise but you know your brother Cupid isn't going to take my place and I needed an heir."

"Why tell me my sister killed my family then?"

"I had to tell you your family was dead to keep you from them and I told you Xena did it because I wanted you to kill her when she rejected my offer to join me."

"You are one sick bastard!...why didn't you just kill her yourself?"

"Call it sick but I wanted to see my favorite child kill my insubordinate one." Ares replied with a smile. "One day this will all come back to bite you in the ass!" Blaise shouted with anger as she pointed at Ares.

"Yeah, yeah...whatever." Ares answered with a flick of his hand to brush off the threat..."I want you to begin taking on your duties as my representative on earth...I want you to start training for your rightful place on my throne fulfilling your destiny."

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"I know what my destiny is and I’ll take on those duties on my own terms...I will do them at my own that?" Blaise snapped as she stood in Ares’s face.

" need to stop all of this nonsense of getting to know your sister better and shacking up with that amazon queen wannabe...although, the alliance with your sister and the amazons pledging their allegiance to me could serve a great purpose for me...that is...if you can talk your sister into it." Ares answered with cockiness as he scratched his chin at the thought and smiled.

"You think I'm getting closer to Xena and Ephiny for your purposes?" Blaise shouted.

"Well...aren't you?"

"No!...I happen to love Xena and I care for Ephiny very much." Blaise answered in disgust at Ares' assumption.

"Oh, isn't that sweet." Ares replied with sarcasm and disgust..."I knew I should have kept my meddling sister Aphrodite away from you...she has made you soft!"

"Well...maybe if you would have taken more of an interest in me...never mind...I'm glad you didn't because then I would have turned out to be a jackass like you."

"Oooh, I just love to piss you off...remember this little one...I will do anything to get what I want even if that means that people close to you will get hurt and I want you to start your duties." Ares demanded with anger as he moved closer to Blaise.

Blaise became angered and grabbed Ares by his vest lifting him off the ground.

"Now...that's my girl!...let daddy see the anger in your eyes." Ares replied with a laugh.

Blaise threw Ares against a tree...Ares laughed as he stood up and brushed the dirt off of his clothes..."I just love it when you get rough with me." Ares replied with a proud smile.

"I swear to you father...if anything happens to anyone close to me I will kill you!" Blaise yelled.

"Don't threaten me like that Blaise because I want you to take my throne."

"How would you like this then?...I'll kill you and declare that some incompetent warrior wannabe like that guy Joxer will take your place as God of War." Blaise answered with a laugh.

"You wouldn't dare!" Ares answered with worry at the thought of Joxer as the next God of War.

"Try me!" Blaise answered with a sly grin.

"Well...I guess I was wrong about my little girl." Ares replied as he slid his finger down Blaise's face..."you aren't as soft as I thought." Ares smiled and blew Blaise a kiss as he disappeared.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

Blaise did a swift chopping blow with her hand on a tree branch splintering it into pieces to take out her frustrations..."aaah!" Blaise yelled out.

Blaise dressed and headed back to the village. Gabrielle found Ephiny sitting at a table by herself lost in her thoughts.

"Good morning Ephiny."

"Oh, hello Gabrielle." Ephiny answered startled because she didn’t hear Gabrielle approach.

"How are you?"

"I could be better Gabrielle." Ephiny answered with a look of sadness.

"What's wrong?" Gabrielle asked as she held her friends hand for comfort.

"It's Blaise...she has been very distant and distracted lately...I can't get her to open up to me and we have not been together for a couple of weeks now."

"That is a problem if Blaise is skipping out on sex...oh, Ephiny I'm sorry I was so insensitive...I didn't mean it the way that it came out."

"No offense taken Gabrielle...Blaise has been very mysterious lately...she is out of bed before I awake and she comes to bed after I have fallen asleep." Ephiny looked down with tears in her eyes.

Ephiny and Gabrielle heard loud laughing coming from across the village. They noticed Blaise and Solari where carrying on a candid conversation with allot of laughing and joking with one another.

"She is pushing me out of her life for some reason Gabrielle...I can feel it." Ephiny replied with sadness and she began to cry.

Blaise and Ephiny's eyes met from across the village and Blaise's smile left her face when she saw that Ephiny was crying. Blaise found it hard to look at Ephiny and kept her head down as she left the area.

"Ephiny...I'm sure that’s not true...I will talk to Xena and maybe Blaise will open up to her about what is going on...O.K.?"

"Thanks Gabrielle." Ephiny answered as Gabrielle patted her hand for reassurance and went off to search for her warrior.

Gabrielle found Xena at the training area leading a defense class.

"Xena...I need to talk to you for a moment."

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"What's up honey?" Xena asked slightly out of breath from her activities.

"It's Blaise...Ephiny said she has been distant, distracted, mysterious and she thinks she is pushing her out of her life."

"Gabrielle...come on...I'm the same way...I really don't think it’s anything to worry about."

"Xena...they haven't had sex in two weeks!"

Xena raised her eyebrow..."you're right...there is a problem if Blaise has gone that long without sex...I will talk to her." Xena replied with a smile..."aah...Gabrielle...promise me that if something is bothering you that you’ll tell me instead of depriving me of sex for that long."

" should know better than that know I won't allow myself to be deprived of sex!" Gabrielle replied with a flirtatious smile as she cuddled up to her sweaty warrior and kissed her.

"Do we still have a date for lunch today my bard?"

"As we do everyday my love." Gabrielle answered with a sexy smile.

Xena kissed Gabrielle goodbye and watched as her wife strode out of her sight...."By the gods I love that woman". Xena thought to herself.

Xena saw Blaise riding from the stables on Taz.

"Hey, Blaise!" Xena shouted to get her attention.

"Not now Xena...later!" Blaise shouted back as she rode off out of the village followed by Solari.

"What's up with that?" Xena thought with confusion as she went back to teaching her class. Xena and Gabrielle where having their lunch date near the lake.

"Xena...did you talk to Blaise?"

"No...she rode off and told me she would talk to me later."

"Ephiny is very upset Xena."

"I'm sure she is Gabrielle but I can't find anything out from my sister until I can get her to stay in one place for two minutes."

"Put the pinch on her Xena and that should get her attention." Gabrielle answered with a smile as she bit into her cheese.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"I'm sure she would love that!" Xena laughed..."but I may have to resort to that though." Xena smiled..."try to find out more from Ephiny...maybe they had a fight or something."

"O.K. I will see what I can find out from her."

"Maybe she is stressed out because mother will be here in a few days."

"I have faith you will get to the bottom of it my love...I'm surprised we haven't noticed anything was wrong with Blaise in the first place."

" have been keeping me prisoner in our hut and taking advantage of me since our joining...I‘m amazed you knew something was up with Ephiny." Xena answered with a sexy smile.

"Very funny warrior princess about me keeping you prisoner...if I remember correctly you wouldn't allow me to dress in anything but the lingerie I received for the joining which makes it hard for me to perform my royal duties and be taken seriously."

"Well...can I help it if you look so very sexy in the lingerie? ...I did allow you to wear your robe for some of your royal the way did I ever tell you how turned on I would get knowing you where wearing that sexy lingerie under your royal robe?" Xena asked with a sly grin on her face.

" neglected to tell me that my's a good thing Ephiny didn't notice when we had to discuss daily royal duties because I would have been very embarrassed!...I wouldn't have noticed anything was up between Ephiny and Blaise if she wasn't kind enough to join me here because you wanted to keep me to yourself." Gabrielle answered with a smile.

"Can I help it if I want to keep you to myself?...come here my little peasant girl." Xena replied as Gabrielle sat between her legs and leaned back against her.

"We need to discuss the peasant girl and goddess sex game by the way because I’m tired of being the peasant girl."

Xena wrapped her strong arms around Gabrielle and placed tender kisses along Gabrielle's neck.

"I didn't hear you complaining the other night about being the peasant girl." Xena whispered in Gabrielle's ear.

"Yeah...well...I am now and you are going to be the peasant girl from now on." Gabrielle replied with a smile.

"As you wish my goddess." Xena answered as she continued her kisses along Gabrielle's neck and moved her hands up from Gabrielle's waist to caress her breasts.

Gabrielle moved her head back in pleasure from Xena's touch.

"Make love to me my bacchae." Gabrielle moaned.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"Oh, so you like me biting your neck for a change, huh?"

"Of course, now...touch me and feel how wet you have made me!" Gabrielle demanded.

Xena slid her hand down Gabrielle's leg and moved her hand under her skirt to feel her wetness.

"I guess you do like it when I bite your are so wet and you feel so good Gabrielle." Xena whispered as she separated Gabrielle’s folds to rub her finger over her swollen nub.

"Oh, Xena...that feels so good." Gabrielle moaned as she turned to straddle Xena and wrapped her arms around her warrior's neck.

They began to kiss passionately exploring each other's mouths with their tongues. Xena slid her finger inside of Gabrielle's wet opening as Gabrielle moved her hips forward and backward in response to Xena's movement of her finger in and out of her.

"Oh, Xena." Gabrielle moaned as she leaned her head back in pleasure.

Xena kissed down Gabrielle's exposed neck to her breasts where she began to suck her erect nipple. Gabrielle began to move her hips faster as Xena moved her finger in and out of her opening faster.

"Let me have you my love." Xena whispered seductively. Gabrielle released her orgasm and moaned in pleasure as her body trembled from the exctasy she had just experienced. Gabrielle brought her head back up to look into Xena's eyes. Gabrielle's hair fell in front of her face and Xena brushed it away placing a kiss on her soft lips.

" are so incredibly sexy."

Gabrielle smiled as she gazed into Xena's beautiful blue eyes and moved her hands up tieback of Xena's neck. She pulled Xena's mouth to her own. Gabrielle licked and sucked Xena's lip, then repeated the movement again before entering Xena's mouth with her tongue.

Gabrielle gave Xena a deep passionate kiss as she hugged her attentive lover tight.

" make me feel incredible!" Gabrielle exclaimed with a smile..."'s my turn!"

"Oh, how I want that to happen but we will have to finish this later darling...we have a full afternoon of duties or did you forget?" Xena answered with a smile as she kissed Gabrielle's neck.

"Aah...Gabrielle moaned... I forgot!...I was too preoccupied to remember. " Gabrielle answered with a smile.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

Xena kissed Gabrielle and they both stood up to straighten out their clothes and hair.

" I have the I just had sex look?" Gabrielle asked as she straightened her skirt.

"Yes." Xena answered with a smirk as she put her armor back on.

"Really? it my hair or my clothes that needs to be fixed?" Gabrielle asked with worry.

"It is's from the smile on your face." Xena answered with a laugh.

Gabrielle punched Xena in the arm..."do my clothes look all right?" Gabrielle responded with slight irritation from the teasing.

"You look fine Gabrielle!" Xena replied with a smile as she leaned down to kiss her wife.

They ended their kiss and walked off towards the village hand in hand. Later in the day Gabrielle ran into Ephiny.

"Gabrielle did Xena talk to Blaise?" " sorry Ephiny...Xena didn't have time yet but she will...Ephiny can you think of anything which happened that might have bothered Blaise?"

"I have thought over many things but I think it might be because I told her that I'm in love with her and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her...I thought she felt the same way and now I think it might have scared her off."

"Don't think that way could just be that she is preoccupied with her mother's impending arrival."

"I hope that’s the reason Gabrielle because I don’t want to lose her." Ephiny answered as tears filled her eye.

"I'm sure that’s what it is Ephiny...come on let’s go do some sparring to take your mind off of Blaise."

Gabrielle put her arm around Ephiny and they headed off to the training area.

Blaise and Solari entered the tavern and sat down at the open table in the corner. Blaise motioned to the bar keep for two ports.

"What's wrong Blaise? seem agitated."

"'s nothing."

"Come on can tell me...that’s what friends are for silly." Solari answered with a smile.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

" father has been bugging me to take on more duties as his representative on earth."

"Are you going to do it?"

"I have no’s my duty to take on those responsibilities and my destiny to take his place as God of War." Blaise explained as the bar keep delivered the port and Blaise began to drink hers.

"Aah..ha." Solari replied with an unusual look.

"What is it?" Blaise answered confused.

"That could be a huge problem with Ephiny."

"How do you mean Solari?" Blaise answered with concern.

"Well...Blaise the amazons are Ephiny's life...she would never leave the amazons for anyone else." Solari explained as she sipped her port.

Blaise put her port down..."maybe she won't have to leave them Solari."

"Blaise think about the danger her alliance with you would bring to the amazons...think of the danger she would be placed in if she stayed at the amazon village...the only way for her and the rest of the amazons to be safe would be if she lived at Olympus...besides, the amazons come first in her life and she would not leave us for anyone...she has done the same with past lovers...I'm sorry if I have hurt you by what I have said Blaise."

"It hurts but I appreciate the information Solari." Blaise answered with sadness as she raised her mug for a long drink..." I don't get it though...she told me she loved me and said she wanted to spend the rest of her life with me." Blaise replied with confusion.

"Blaise...let me tell you something about Ephiny...she uses that line very loosely as if it means nothing to her...I know this is going to hurt you even more but she has been with another woman recently."

"You mean before her and I got together right?" Blaise asked anxiously hoping she had not been with anyone since they became lovers.

"No...I'm sorry to say that she has been with her quite frequently lately." Solari took another drink from her mug.

"What?!...How?...When?" Blaise became angered.

"When you have been out hunting, training or when you were on patrol." Solari answered smugly.

"I can't believe it." Blaise answered with bewilderment..."I think I'm going to be sick!" Blaise got up out of her chair and ran out of the tavern.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

Blaise choked as if she was to vomit and leaned over gasping for air. She felt as though her heart had been ripped out of her chest. She continued her deep breathing to fight off the nausea.

"Please...don’t hurt me!" a voice yelled.

Blaise looked up to see who yelled and noticed two men beating a defenseless man who was on the ground. Blaise ran over and pulled one man off who attempted to punch her.

"Oh, I’m in no mood for you dude!" Blaise replied with anger as she punched him in the mouth sending him flying on his back side unconscious.

Blaise grabbed the other guy and pushed him away from the defenseless man. "Salmoneus?" Blaise asked as she recognized the injured man..."what is going on?" she asked as she helped him up.

" remembered me!" Salmoneus exclaimed with excitement.

"What’s the meaning of this?" Blaise asked the other man with anger.

"He scammed me on a deal we had and I want him to pay up!"

"So, it takes two of you to beat a defenseless man!" Blaise shouted with anger..."what deal Salmoneus?" Blaise asked as she turned to Salmoneus..."is this true?"

"I didn’t scam him Blaise." Salmoneus answered nervously.

"You took my dinars and produced no singer like you promised!" The man yelled.

"I couldn’t help it...the singer I had took off with your deposit you gave me and I haven’t been able to find a replacement." Salmoneus explained with a nervous look on his face.

"How long do you need this singer for?" Blaise asked.

"For the next two nights."

"O.K. I will do it to fulfill his obligation and Salmoneus you owe me big time!" Blaise answered as she pointed at Salmoneus.

Salmoneus dropped to his knees and grabbed Blaise’s hand..."oh, Blaise anything...thank you ...I will do whatever you say."

"O.K., O.K. get up!" Blaise answered with embarrassment.

"Excuse me...but who are you and how do I know you will draw a big enough crowd?" The man asked.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

Salmoneus staggered to a standing position ..."her sister is the warrior princess and her father is Ares...God of War...I guarantee she will draw an enormous crowd with my publicity!"

"I’m not too happy with your guarantees...she better draw a big crowd or you’re a dead man!" the man shouted as he walked away.

"Blaise...please tell me you’re a good singer?" Salmoneus asked nervously..."of course, you must be...Xena is a great singer." he answered with a nervous laugh. "Take it easy Salmoneus...I can sing...don’t worry...I have to head back to the village to pick up a few things and I will join you later."

"O.K. there anything I can do for you in the mean time?"

"Yeah...stay out of trouble little man!"

"I can do that Blaise...I’m going to hand out some flyers for tonight’s show and I promise to stay out of trouble." He answered with a laugh.

Blaise walked off towards the stables as Solari caught up to her.

"Are you O.K. Blaise?" Solari asked.

"Oh, sure Solari...the love of my life is having an affair and now I just agreed to sing in front of a bunch of women...couldn’t be better!" Blaise answered sarcastically and with anger.

Blaise mounted Taz and rode off out of town back towards the village. Once back at the village Blaise began to attend to feeding Taz.

"Listen...Blaise... I’m sorry I had to tell you of Ephiny’s indiscretion’s and hurt you... I will be here for you if you need someone." Solari replied with a slight smile.

"Thanks...I appreciate it Solari."

"Well...I will see you at the show then." Solari answered as she left the stables.

Blaise leaned her head on Taz’s neck and began to cry.

Xena entered the stables..."Hey, a minute?"

"Not really Xena I’m in a hurry." Blaise answered as she wiped away her tears and put her head down to walk past Xena.

Xena grabbed her arm and stopped her..."you will spare a minute for me Blaise." Xena demanded.

"No...I won’t Xena...I told you I’m in a hurry!" Blaise answered as she continued to keep her head down and jerked her arm away from Xena as she walked away.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"What is going on with you?"

Blaise stopped in her tracks with her back to Xena..."it’s none of your, stay out of it!" Blaise answered with anger as she walked out of the stables.

Blaise entered their hut and was relieved to find Ephiny was not there. She collected her clothes and put them in her backpack.

"Sweetpea!" Aphrodite exclaimed as she appeared..."how’s the love life?" she asked with excitement.

"It bites Aphie!" Blaise snapped back.

Aphrodite realized Blaise was upset and moved over to her. She took Blaise’s face in her hands..."baby...what happened?"

"Ephiny has been with another woman since we got together." Blaise answered as she sniffed back tears.

"Oh, I’m so sorry honey." Aphrodite answered as she hugged and kissed Blaise to console her.

Ephiny entered the hut to find Blaise in the arms of a very scantily dressed woman.

"Blaise!...what in tartarus is going on?" Ephiny shouted.

Blaise and Aphrodite where startled by Ephiny and turned towards her.

"Who is that bimbo!" Ephiny shouted.

"Bimbo!" Aphrodite exclaimed with disgust as she moved away from Blaise..."why I outta..." Blaise interrupt her.

"This bimbo is my aunt!...Aphrodite...the Goddess of Love!" Blaise answered with anger

"Hey, watch it with the bimbo stuff!" Aphrodite whined.

Ephiny began to cry from embarrassment and left the hut.

"I can’t believe she called me a bimbo!"

"Sorry Aphie...I will catch you later!"

Blaise ran out of the hut after Ephiny and found her standing between two huts crying.


Ephiny kept her back to Blaise..."Blaise...I think you should leave...I can no longer take this..." Ephiny stopped her sentence.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"Is that what you want?"

Ephiny nodded her head yes.

Blaise reached her hand up towards Ephiny’s head to stroke her hair and comfort her but took her hand away. Blaise thought that even though Ephiny had hurt her she couldn’t stand to see her upset but it was Ephiny’s decision for her to leave.

"Okay Ephiny." Blaise answered holding back her tears and walked out of site towards the stables.

Ephiny dropped to her knees and cried as Blaise rode off out of her life. Xena entered the hut disgusted by her conversation with Blaise.

"Did you speak to Blaise Xena?" Gabrielle asked.

"Yep and she told me to butt out."

"What is going on?" Gabrielle asked confused.

"I’m not sure...but I intend to find out just as soon as I see Solari leave the village." Xena informed Gabrielle.

"Solari?...what does she have to do with all of this?"

"I’m not sure but I have my suspicions." Xena answered as she looked out of the hut towards the stables.

"What should I tell Ephiny?"

"That I’m working on it...I will see you later tonight...Solari is on the move." Xena replied as she kissed Gabrielle goodbye and left their hut to follow Solari.

Xena whistled for Argo and mounted her mare on the run.

Xena stayed at a safe distance from Solari to not be spotted. Xena lost site of Solari once she entered the crowded town square. Xena stabled Argo and began to check the taverns for Blaise and Solari. Xena had no luck in finding the pair and noticed a large crowd of women making their way into the dance club. Xena headed to the club and thought that it wouldn’t hurt to check it out.

Xena was stopped at the door by the bouncer who asked for five dinars for her to enter the club.

"Five dinars!...are you crazy!" Xena replied with agitation.

"Then we can’t let you in lady."

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

Xena noticed Salmoneus standing just inside the club..."Salmoneus!" Xena replied under her breath with anger and tossed five dinars to the bouncer as she entered the club to find Salmoneus.

"Xe...Xena!" Salmoneus replied with nervousness.

"What are you doing in here?...exploiting these women?"

"Watching my client Xena...I’m on the up and up so you can move along now." he answered with a nervous smile as he tried to get her to leave the club.

"Whose your client?" Xena asked as she crossed her arms over her chest.

Salmoneus hung his head down knowing that Xena would be mad to find out that Blaise is his client..."my client is on stage."

Xena looked up at the stage and uncrossed her arms when she noticed it was Blaise who was singing on stage..."what in tartarus is going on?" Xena answered with anger..."are you exploiting Blaise?" Xena asked as she grabbed a handful of Salmoneus’ colorful silk clothing.

"No...Xena...I swear it!...she is helping me out of a jam that I got myself into okay."

"I can’t believe this!" Xena answered with a laugh as she released Salmoneus’ clothing.

"She is an excellent singer Xena...just like you." Salmoneus answered with a smile.

Xena listened as Blaise sang and watched as the crowd of women went crazy for her.

"She really is a good singer Salmoneus and I can’t get over how the crowd is responding to her."

"She’s a huge hit and the women love her...say Xena...I could get you fifty dinars a night to sing here with Blaise." Salmoneus offered with a mischievous grin.

Xena gave him a dirty look..."I don’t think so...besides my wife would never let me sing to a crazed group of women like that!...I’ll catch you later...I need to talk to Blaise."

Xena made her way through the crowd and waited backstage for Blaise to finish her song.

Blaise finished her song and went backstage to find Xena waiting for her there.

"Blaise...we need to talk."

"Xena...what are you doing here?" Blaise answered with surprise to find Xena there.

"Looking for you...we need to talk...I’m worried about you."

"I can’t talk right now but how about tomorrow?"

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~


"Yeah...hey, don’t say anything to anyone about this all right?"

"If that’s what you want but I expect our talk tomorrow." Xena answered as she pointed at Blaise to get her point across.

"Sure...tomorrow." Blaise answered trying to avoid the conversation Xena wanted to have with her.

Blaise went back onstage and Xena headed back to the village.

Xena entered her hut to find that Gabrielle had not returned from her visit with Ephiny. Xena took off her armor along with the rest of her clothing and laid prone on the bed naked to wait for Gabrielle.

"Oh, this feels so good to just lay her and relax." Xena thought to herself..."now, only if I had my wife here with me it would be perfect!"

Gabrielle entered the hut to find a very naked warrior princess laying on their bed.

"Xena!" Gabrielle replied with excitement from the site of her naked consort laying on the bed..."did you find Blaise?" Gabrielle asked as she took her clothes off.

"Speak of the little bard" Xena thought to herself..."aah...yeah" Xena answered hesitantly "but she wanted to wait and talk to me tomorrow...what about Ephiny?"

"I couldn’t find her anywhere!...Blaise has been acting very mysterious lately hasn’t she?" Gabrielle asked as she approached the bed to join Xena.

"Yes...she is but I will find out what’s going on tomorrow."

"Are you okay?"

"Just a little stressed out and upset about Blaise."

"Let me help you with that my love." Gabrielle answered as she climbed on the bed and began to massage Xena’s shoulders..."how’s that? that better?" Gabrielle asked softly.

"I am now...that’s all I needed to feel better is for you to put your loving hands on me." Gabrielle placed soft kisses down Xena’s neck and down the middle of her back to her butt. Gabrielle ran her tongue up Xena’s back to her neck as she laid her naked body on Xena’s.

"Oh, Gabrielle! really know just how to relax me." Xena moaned.

Gabrielle spread her legs and rubbed her center on Xena’s butt so she could enjoy her wetness.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

" are so wet." Xena answered in a low tone.

"You make me that way baby." Gabrielle whispered as she began to lightly bite Xena’s neck and grind her sex on Xena.

"Oooh, my little bacchae!" Xena moaned.

Gabrielle began to move her hips faster rubbing her hard clit against Xena and became more excited by the movement. Gabrielle slid her hand under Xena’s hips to find her wet sex and slid her finger between Xena’s folds to rub her swollen nub.

"Oh, baby." Xena moaned.

Gabrielle thrust her hips harder as she rubbed her fingers faster over Xena’s nub and Xena began to move her hips in rhythm with Gabrielle’s. They continued to move faster and faster until they both reached climax at the same time both letting out a satisfying moan.

Xena rolled over on her back as Gabrielle laid on top of her. She kissed Gabrielle passionately as she held her naked wife in her arms and loved the feeling of Gabrielle’s body on her own.

Xena stopped her kiss..."that was wonderful baby." Xena replied with a smile as she kissed Gabrielle again and stopped..."I loved feeling you all over me Gabrielle." Xena kissed her deeper as she ran her hands through Gabrielle’s hair and pushed it off of her face.

Xena stopped her kiss and looked into Gabrielle’s beautiful green eyes..."I love you." Xena replied as she kissed her again.

"I love you Xena." Gabrielle answered as she nuzzled her face down against Xena’s neck spent from their passion.

Xena woke to find Gabrielle placing kisses on her neck, then her chin, her cheek, to her forehead and down her nose to her lips. Gabrielle slid her tongue along Xena’s lips licking them and entered her tongue in her mouth for a passionate kiss. Gabrielle slid her tongue along her lips again and kissed her as she gazed into her lover’s blue eyes. "I hope you wake me up like that every morning...that is definitely better than waking up to foot rot in my face!" Xena replied with a smile.

"Very funny warrior princess."

" I would love to stay in bed with you all day but unfortunately we have some duties to deal with today."

"I guess I’ll have to take a rain check then." Gabrielle answered with a sexy smile as she watched her warrior slide out of bed.

Xena leaned down to kiss her wife before getting dressed.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

Xena noticed Gabrielle was watching her every move with a sly grin on her face. Xena looked up at Gabrielle..."do you like what you see?" She asked with a smile.

"Oh, yes...I love to look at your naked body!" Gabrielle answered with a sexy smile as she climbed out of bed to get dressed.

Xena took Gabrielle in her arms..."last night was wonderful baby." Xena replied as she leaned down and kissed Gabrielle.

"Anytime you need a massage you know where to find me." Gabrielle answered with a chuckle.

"I will see you later my love." Xena answered as she kissed Gabrielle goodbye.

Xena put on her chakram and sword as she exited the hut.

Gabrielle took a deep breath and stretched with a big smile on her face. "I have never been so happy in my whole life." she thought to herself.

Xena stopped at Ephiny’s to find Blaise and knocked before entering.

"Go away...I’m not seeing anyone today." Ephiny announced.

Xena peeked her head in the door..." Ephiny it’s me...everything okay?"

"Didn’t you hear what I said Xena?" Ephiny answered with anger.

Xena saw that Ephiny was upset and crying. Xena moved over to Ephiny who was sitting in a chair and put her hand on Ephiny’s shoulder to comfort her.

"What’s going on Ephiny?"

"I asked Blaise to leave Xena." Ephiny answered as she lowered her head and began to cry harder.

"Why? What happened?" Xena asked with confusion.

"Well...Solari told me that Blaise had taken another lover and I saw her in the arms of Aphrodite last night...I was so hurt that I snapped and insulted the Goddess of Love which angered Blaise...I didn’t know who she was at the time...I asked Blaise to leave because I can’t stand the thought of her being with another and acting as if it’s no big deal." Ephiny began to cry harder.

"Hey, come on now." Xena replied as she squatted down next to Ephiny and held her hand...."I know my sister is a flirt but she care’s for you a great deal and I don’t believe what Solari told you is true Ephiny...I intend to find out what is going on with my sister so, try not to worry too much."

"Thanks for your help Xena...I hope you’re right."

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"I’m going to send Gabrielle in to be with you while I go and hunt my sister down." Xena answered as as she patted Ephiny’s hand for comfort.

"Okay. thanks again." Ephiny replied as she wiped her tears away.

Xena exited her hut and went back to get Gabrielle.

"Gabrielle...can you go in and stay with Ephiny?...she’s really upset."

"Why? What happened?" Gabrielle asked with concern.

"She asked Blaise to leave because she found out from Solari that Blaise had taken another lover."

"I find that hard to believe Xena." Gabrielle answered with a frown.

"I feel the same way and I’m going to get to the bottom of this once and for all."

"I better not find out Solari is doing anything underhanded." Gabrielle stated firmly...

"I’ll go and see how Ephiny is doing...I’ll see you later."

They both exited their hut and went their separate ways.

Xena asked around the village for the where abouts of Blaise or Solari and none of the amazons had seen either of them. Xena mounted Argo and headed out of the village in search of her sister.

Gabrielle had calmed Ephiny down enough to get her out of the hut and to get something to eat. As they finished...Gabrielle noticed two people entering the village with an amazon escort.

"Cyrene!" Gabrielle shouted and waved.

"Who is it Gabrielle?" Ephiny asked.

"It’s Xena’s mother and brother." Gabrielle answered as she headed over to greet them.

"Gabrielle!" Cyrene replied with excitement and hugged her..."we are so sorry we couldn’t make it to the joining."

"We sure missed you both and you missed out on a beautiful ceremony Cyrene." Gabrielle answered with a smile..."hello Tarus!" Gabrielle exclaimed as she hugged him.

"Welcome to the family Gabrielle." He answered as they broke their hug.

"Come...let me get you settled." Gabrielle answered as she motioned for them to follow her..."guards...take their belongings to the hut next to mine and stable their horses please." Gabrielle ordered.

" queen." the guards answered with a bow and set off to carry out their orders.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"’re a queen?" Cyrene asked with confusion.

"Xena didn’t tell you?" Gabrielle answered with surprise.

"No...she didn’t."

"I will have to speak with her regarding that then." Gabrielle replied with a smile..."Oh, where are my manners...let me introduce you to Ephiny." Gabrielle replied as she put her arm around Ephiny to introduce her to Xena’s family..."Ephiny takes on my duties as queen in my absence...Ephiny this is Cyrene, Xena’s mother and Tarus, her brother."

"’s a pleasure to meet you both." Ephiny replied as she shook both of their hands..."welcome to amazon nation...please...let me know if there is anything that you need." Ephiny informed the two with a smile.

"Thank you very much Ephiny." Cyrene answered with a smile.

"I must excuse myself now...Gabrielle I will speak more with you later." Ephiny replied as she retreated to her hut.

"She’s a very lovely young lady...don’t you think Tarus?" Cyrene replied as she nudged her son.

"Yes...mother she is." Tarus answered as her rolled his as at his mother’s insistence to play matchmaker..."where’s Xena?"

"Uhmmm...she had some duties to attend to and I expect her to return shortly...I must tell you that Ephiny is already spoken for...well...never mind." Gabrielle answered hesitantly so as to not have to tell them about Blaise..."let me ge you settled into your hut."

Gabrielle escorted them to their hut and helped them get unpacked.

"Gabrielle!" Xena shouted as she dismounted Argo.

Gabrielle exited the hut..."Xena...your mother and brother have arrived."

"They have!" Xena answered with surprise..."I was expecting them to arrive in a couple of more days."

"Xena...I didn’t tell them about Blaise...I felt it was your place to do that."

"Thanks I appreciate that Gabrielle."

"Did you find Blaise.?"

"No...I have searched everywhere and there is no sign of her or Solari." Xena answered with anger from her futile search.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"That’s should go in and see your family."

Xena put her arm around Gabrielle and they walked into her mother’s hut.

"Mother, Tarus!" Xena replied.

"Xena!" Cyrene exclaimed as she ran over and hugged her daughter.

Xena broke their hug..."Tarus!" Xena replied with a smile as she hugged her brother.

"Hey...Xena how’s it going?"

"Could be better...listen I need to tell you something...go ahead and sit down."

They both did as Xena said..."what’s wrong Xena?" Cyrene asked with worry.

"Well...mother I don’t know how to tell you this." Xena answered seriously.

"What is are scaring me Xena." Cyrene replied.

"Don’t worry it’s something you will be very happy about." Xena sat in front of her mother and held her hand to calm her..."the baby you thought died is very much alive."

" can’t be." Cyrene answered with a look of shock.

"It’s true and she’s a wonderful person."

"how can that be?...I was told that she was dead." Cyrene answered in bewilderment.

"Well...Ares took her from you at birth and instructed the midwife to tell you she had died."

"Why would he take the baby?" Cyrene asked with confusion as Tarus put his arm around his mother to comfort her.

"He is her father...seems Ares paid a visit to you twice...once with me and once again producing Blaise."

"Blaise?...that’s her name?" Cyrene asked.

"Yes...your daughter’s name is Blaise."

Cyrene stood up and walked around in a daze shocked from what Xena just told her.

"This is could I have been with Ares twice and not know about it?... I should have knew it was him and not my husband."

" wasn’t your would you have known that Ares took the form of your husband?" Gabrielle asked trying to ease the guilt Cyrene felt.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"I should have known...where is she now?...I want to meet her?"

"Well...she had a breakup with Ephiny and I have been unable to find her...but I know where she will be later this evening for sure." Xena answered.

"This is so unbelievable... I have another sister?" Tarus asked with disbelief..."mother you tried to fix me up with my sister’s lover!"

"How was I suppose to know that Tarus!...I can’t believe my baby is alive!" Cyrene replied with a smile and began to cry tears of joy..."oh, this has been a bit overwhelming I need to lay down and rest."

"We will leave if you are sure you want to be alone mother." Xena answered with worry about her mother.

Cyrene laid down on the bed..."yes... I will be fine I just need some rest."

The trio exited the hut to allow Cyrene the rest she requested.

"Gabrielle...I want you to meet me at the dance club in town in a couple of candle marks...Bring Ephiny with you and mother will probably want to join you also."

"Okay I will meet you there but what are you going to do?"

"I’m going to continue my search for Blaise or Solari to find out what’s going on and then I will meet you at the club later."

"I will bring them there Xena." Gabrielle answered as she kissed Xena.

"Do you need some help Xena?" Tarus asked.

"Sure...if you don’t mind tagging along."

"Bye Gabrielle." Xena replied as she winked to her wife and headed off towards the stables.

"Bye." Gabrielle answered as she headed off to her hut.

Tarus and Xena searched for over a candle mark and a half with no luck in finding the pair.

"Where in tartarus could they be?" Xena asked with anger..."wait a minute." Xena replied as she noticed Solari walking across the town square heading their way..."come here." Xena replied as she grabbed Tarus’ arm and they ducked in behind a cart.

"Is that Blaise?" Tarus asked.

"’s Solari." Xena answered with a low tone in her voice and a sneer on her face.

Solari walked by and Xena grabbed her by the arm to stop her.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"Solari!" Xena replied with a sarcastic smile.

"Xena...what’s going on?"

"How about if you answer that question for me."

"What are you talking about?" Solari asked confused.

"I’m talking about Blaise and Ephiny." Xena answered with anger.

"What about them Xena?...I don’t know what you are talking about."

"Solari...don’t make me put the pinch on you to get what I’m looking for got it?!" Xena shouted as ah moved in closer to Solari.

"Alright...I’ll tell you ...just don’t put the pinch on me."

"Start talking!"

Solari put her head down in shame..."I tried to break up Blaise and Ephiny."

" looks like you succeeded with your plan...why did you do it?...and how?" Xena asked with agitation.

"I told Ephiny that Blaise was with another woman and I told Blaise the same about Ephiny...I did it because I’m in love with Blaise and I wanted her to be with me."

"You betrayed your friend and your queen with your lies Solari!" Xena yelled..."Get out of Blaise and Ephiny’s life Solari! the way get out of my site while you’re at it... you disgust me!"

Solari began to cry..."I’m sorry Xena." Solari replied as she walked away.

"Don’t tell me you’re sorry tell it to your friends who you betrayed!...unbelievable!" Xena answered with disgust.

"Does Blaise love Ephiny Xena?" Tarus asked.

"More than she wants to admit...come on." Xena answered as they headed off towards the club.

They where both stopped by the bouncer at the door to pay the cover.

" is enough for us and three other family members who will be here shortly...there will be an incredibly sexy little blond with another woman and my mother so, let them in." Xena instructed with agitation.

"You got it." the doorman replied.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

Xena and Tarus made their way through the crowded bar and headed towards the backstage area.

"Why is it so crowded in here Xena?"

"Because of her!" Xena answered as she pointed at Blaise who entered the stage to sing.

"Is that Blaise?"

"The one and only." Xena answered with a smile.

"She’s gorgeous Xena." Tarus replied admiring his younger sister.

"Xena!...hello!" Salmoneus yelled as he approached her.

"Hey, Salmoneus...this is my brother Tarus...this is Salmoneus." Xena replied as she introduced the two.

"Nice to meet you Tarus." Salmoneus replied with a smile as he shook Tarus’ hand.

"Same here." Tarus answered.

"She’s really packed this place Xena...she is really a fabulous singer...I wish..."

Xena cut his sentence off..."forget it Salmoneus...I’m not getting up there to sing and I doubt Blaise will extend her singing career after tonight."

"’s nice to dream!"

Gabrielle, Ephiny and Cyrene entered the club and took seats at the bar to wait for Xena.

"It’s Blaise!" Gabrielle exclaimed with surprise..."yes, Blaise!" Gabrielle yelled as she cheered Blaise on.

"Great just what I need to see is a bunch of women pawing all over Blaise...thanks Gabrielle!...give me a drink bar keep!" Ephiny replied with disgust.

"She’s beautiful!" Cyrene replied with a smile..."who knew she could sing so good?"

Gabrielle threw her hand up in the air as she danced to the beat of the song..."I knew and she’s a great dancer too!...I need a dinar I’m going to tip her!" Gabrielle got a dinar from her pouch and headed towards the stage.

"I’m not going to stay here and watch this display!" Ephiny replied with anger.

"Ephiny...please must trust that Xena will have everything worked out...don’t give up just yet." Cyrene replied as she put her hand on Ephiny’s back for comfort.

Ephiny gave Cyrene a long look..."okay...I’ll wait then."

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

Xena and Tarus went backstage to wait for Blaise.

"Xena...I’ll wait outside the door while you talk to her." Tarus replied.

"Okay thanks." Xena answered as she entered the backstage area.

Blaise finished the song and went off stage for a quick break before the next song.

"Xena!" Blaise replied with surprise to see Xena.

"Where have you been all day?...I have looked everywhere for you." Xena asked with anger.

"Oh, I was hangin’ with Cuppie and Bliss for the day...sorry."

"Cuppie?" Xena asked with a look of confusion.

"Yeah...Cupid our brother...remember?" Blaise answered sarcastically.

"Sorry...I’m having a hard time excepting all of these gods as family...listen, I want to know..."

Blaise interrupted Xena..."you wanted to know what’s going on with Ephiny and I right?"

"Yeah...but I need to tell you something."

"No...let me finish Xena...I was trying to push Ephiny out of my life because I didn’t want her to have to live a life in danger or to have to make a choice between me and the amazons once I take over as God of War."

" have to let her make that choice for herself...I almost lost Gabrielle because I did the same thing."

"I realize that now after talking with Cuppie...I just want to hold her in my arms and feel her heartbeat close to mine again...I don’t care if she was with another woman I’m willing to forgive her because I love her very much."

"Blaise about Ephiny being with another never happened...Solari told you both the same thing about each other so, you would break up."

"But why?" Blaise asked confused.

"She’s in love with you and wanted you to be with her instead of Ephiny."

"By the gods!" Blaise answered with anger as she pounded her fist on the table breaking it in two..."I hope it’s not too late and she will take me back!"

"I’m sure she will Blaise...she came with Gabrielle and you need to let her know how you feel about her."

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"I intend to do just that Xena...thanks."

"’re on!" Salmoneus shouted.

"Get going!...and break a leg!" Xena replied with a smile.

"Gee thanks!" Blaise answered as she headed towards the stage to be introduced for the next song.

Xena and Tarus went back to where everyone else was sitting.

"Listen Ephiny...I spoke with Solari today and she lied to you about Blaise being with another woman."

"She also told Blaise the same about you."

"What!?" Ephiny answered with anger as she turned to face Xena..."Why?"

"Seems she’s in love with Blaise and wanted to break the two of you up so, she could have Blaise."

Ephiny drank the rest of her port..."I’ll banish her from the, better yet...I think I will kill her!" Ephiny replied with anger.

"Well...she should be punished because she betrayed one of her queens but I think death is a little harsh." Xena answered with a smile.

"I don’t want to hear anymore about her right now...I just want the love of my life back." Ephiny answered as she turned to the stage..."Xena...I was stupid to believe Solari’s lies how can Blaise trust me again?"

"’re not to blame and why would you not believe what one of your advisors told you?...Solari has been a trusted friend and advisor for a long time now so, don’t beat yourself up about it...Blaise will forgive you."

"I guess you’re right Xena...thanks."

"That’s what friends are all about right?" Xena answered with a smile.

Blaise came on stage as the music started which had a slow rhythm to it. Gabrielle began to dance seductively to the song.

"You go Blaise!" Gabrielle yelled

Xena pulled Gabrielle back against her as Gabrielle continued her dancing. "Aren’t you a frisky one!" Xena replied with a laugh.

"I love to dance Xena...I would love it if you sang a song for me!"

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"Maybe I will sing a song for you in our hut one of there days." Xena answered as she kissed her wife on the cheek.

Blaise came on stage to begin her song and looked through the crowd to find Ephiny. She saw Ephiny stand up from the bar stool in the back of the club and her eyes met Ephiny’s Ephiny moved away from the bar and towards the back of the crowd never taking her eyes off of Blaise. Blaise began to sing:

I’ll be your dream
I’ll be your wish   I’ll be your fantasy
I’ll be your hope   I’ll be your love
Be everything that you need
I’ll love you more with every breath
Truly, madly, deeply do
I will be strong   I will be faithful
‘cause I’m counting on
A new beginning
A reason for living
A deeper meaning...yeah

I want to stand with you on a mountain
I want to bathe with you in the sea
I want to lay like this forever
Until the sky falls down on me

And when the stars are shining brightly in the velvet sky
I’ll make a wish to send it to heaven
Then make you want to cry The tears of joy for all the pleasure in certainty
That we’re surrounded by the comfort and protection of

Blaise raised her arms up above her head and sang:

The highest powers ... in lonely hours

Blaise put her arms out in front of her pointing towards Ephiny:

The tears devour you

Blaise put her hands down and made her way through the crowd towards Ephiny as there was an interlude with music only. Blaise began to sing her part on cue:

I want to stand with you on a mountain
I want to bathe with you in the sea
I want to lay like this forever
Until the sky falls down on me

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

Blaise stopped in front of Ephiny:

Oh can you see it baby?
You don’t have to close your eyes
‘Cause it’s standing right here before you
All that you need will surely come

Blaise took both of Ephiny’s hands in her own and knelt before her never losing eye contact.

I’ll be your dream I’ll be your wish
I’ll be your fantasy
I’ll be your hope I’ll be your love
Be everything that you need
I’ll love you more with every breath
Truly, madly, deeply do...I love you (in a whisper)

Blaise stood up in front of Ephiny and moved in closer to her. Blaise lightly pushed her hair back off her face. Ephiny smiled as tears filled her eyes.

I want to stand with you on a mountain
I want to bathe with you in the sea
I want to lay like this forever
Until the sky falls down on me

Blaise smiled as she pushed her hair back again and leaned down placing a soft kiss on her lips. Ephiny wrapped her arms around Blaise’s waist as they continued their kiss. The crowd went wild with loud clapping and cheers for Blaise and Ephiny.

Blaise leaned back and smiled..."well?...will you have me forever?"

Ephiny began to cry and smiled back at Blaise..."Yes!...I wouldn’t have it any other way." Ephiny answered as she hugged and kissed Blaise.

Gabrielle wiped tears from her eyes and turned to Xena..."isn’t that so romantic?"

"Oh, you softy." Xena answered with a smile as she hugged Gabrielle.

"Don’t pretend like it didn’t affect you warrior can’t fool me...I saw your eyes pretty misty too." Gabrielle replied as she kissed Xena’s neck.

"It was from the air in here it isn’t very clean." Xena smiled.

Blaise ended their kiss..."I’m sorry baby...I have missed you so much...we need to talk. Let’s get out of here."

"Oh, Blaise!...that was so wonderful." Salmoneus replied through his sobs as he hugged Blaise..."thank you so much for helping me...I will never forget it...remember anything that I can do for you don’t hesitate to ask."

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"Okay I appreciate the offer little man."

Salmoneus left the group wiping the tears from his eyes with his silk handkerchief.

Blaise turned Ephiny to walk out of the club..."No...Blaise." Ephiny replied as she stopped..."there are some people here for you to meet." Ephiny turned Blaise around facing her mother as Xena and Tarus stood on each side of her.

Blaise looked at the woman with confusion and disbelief as she tried to figure out who she was..."mother?"

"Yes." Cyrene answered as she nodded her head and began to cry.

"By the gods!" Blaise exclaimed as she moved to her mother and wrapped her up in a hug..."I had always dreamed of the day that I could hold my mother in my arms and now that the day has come...I don’t want to let go." Blaise replied as tears ran down her face.

Xena knelt her head down to hide her tears of happiness from the reunion she was witnessing. Gabrielle slid her hand into Xena’s and squeezed her hand for comfort.

Cyrene moved away to look at her daughter and she put her hands on Blaise’s face..." this is one of the happiest moments in my life." Cyrene replied as she smile and cried... "I have my baby girl back." she kissed Blaise on the cheek and hugged her again..."I always wondered what type of a woman you would have become and what you would have looked I know!’re as beautiful as I could have ever imagined."

"Mother...don’t make her head swell any bigger than it already is okay?" Xena replied with a laugh which everyone else joined in on.

"Your hug mother is more than I could have ever imagined...Aphrodite did the best that she could but she doesn’t even come close to you...mother." Blaise moved back and reached for Ephiny’s hand to pull her closer..."mother...have you met the love of my life?" Blaise asked as she put her arms around her mother and Ephiny.

"Yes...I have darling and she is and Xena have chosen beautiful women to share your lived with and I am very proud to welcome them to our if I could only find someone for your brother." Cyrene teased as she looked at Tarus and laughed.

"This is my big brother?" Blaise asked as she pointed towards Tarus.

"Yes...I am and it’s nice to meet you little sister." Tarus answered as he hugged Blaise.

Gabrielle wiped her tears away..." are making Xena uncomfortable with all of the sappy stuff...what do you say we head back to the village?"

"My wife knows me too well." Xena replied with a laugh.

"I need to talk with Ephiny for a few minutes so, we’ll see you back at the village."

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"Okay...see you there." Gabrielle replied as she walked by Ephiny and squeezed her hand flashing her a smile.

"Don’t be late Blaise...mother has a curfew don’t ya know." Xena replied sarcastically as she walked off towards Gabrielle.

"Oh, Xena...stop your teasing...Blaise can stay out as long as she wants...see you later honey." Cyrene answered with a smile and kissed Blaise goodbye.

" you see that?...typical youngest child getting everything syndrome!" Xena teased with a laugh as she began to walk out of the club.

"Seems to me if I remember correctly that you got the same treatment!" Tarus shot back with a laugh.

"See you later bro!" Blaise replied as Tarus put his hand on her shoulder and pulled her towards him.

"Let me know if you need any advice with the ladies." He whispered in Blaise’s ear with a chuckle.

"Very funny bro...from the looks of need my advice!" Blaise answered and laughed as she watched her mother and brother leave.

Blaise took Ephiny’s hand in her own and leaned down to kiss her..."what an incredible night this turned out to be baby...did I tell you that I missed your lips on mine?" Blaise asked with a sexy smile.

"They have missed yours as well." Ephiny answered as she wrapped her arm around Blaise’s waist and leaned her head against her shoulder.

"Let’s go talk outside." Blaise suggested as she kissed the top of Ephiny’s head and hugger her tighter.

They exited the club and sat by the fountain. Ephiny sat on the edge and Blaise knelt down on one knee in front of her. Blaise took Ephiny’s hands in her own and placed a soft kiss on them.

"I owe you an explanation for my idiotic behavior lately Eph...I almost made the biggest mistake of my life by trying to push you out of it."

"Then why did you do it?"

"Because I thought your life would be less complicated and not as dangerous without me in it...especially when I take my father’s place as God of War."

"Blaise...I know your doesn’t bother me that you will be the God of War some day and my life has a lot of danger in it now...I want to be with you no matter what. Even if it means leaving the amazons for you...I love you." Ephiny ran her hand through Blaise’s dark wavy hair.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

Blaise kissed her hand..."I don’t want you to have to give up the amazons for me."

"Maybe we can work out some kind of an arrangement then."

"What kind of a life will it be for our children?"

"Children?" Ephiny asked with a smile and glow in her eyes at Blaise’s interest in them having children one day.

"Yes... I want us to have alot of them but I don’t want them to grow up as I did...lonely for the love of my parents."

"Blaise...honey...they won’t be brought up as your father did with you...they’ll know the love of both their parents I promise you." Ephiny answered with a smile.

"So, you don’t have a problem with what I will have to do as God of War?"

"Not one bit unless you turn out to be like your father who causes war just for pettiness than I’ll have a problem with it...but I know you will not be like him." "Ephiny...I love you...I fell in love with you from the moment I first saw your beautiful face...I promise to love you for all of eternity."

Ephiny smiled as tears ran down her face..."I love you with all of my heart Blaise."

Blaise leaned in and kissed Ephiny. Blaise leaned back and pulled out a ring.

"My brother Lyceus gave me this as a baby and it’s to go to our first born as part of our family tradition...I want you to wear it as a symbol of our impending joining until I can get another ring for you." Blaise slid the ring on Ephiny’s finger and placed a kiss on it.

"It’s beautiful Blaise and our first born will be blessed to have the honor of wearing it." Ephiny answered with a smile.

"Thank you...that means alot to me Eph...Let’s go home!" Blaise answered as Ephiny hugged her.

Blaise stood up and carried Ephiny away as she kissed her..."Are you going to carry me all the way back?" Ephiny asked with a laugh.

"No...just to Taz...I think you have gained some weight." Blaise laughed.

"Blaise!" Ephiny exclaimed as she bit her on the neck.

"Oh, yes punish me baby like the bad girl that I am!" Blaise answered with a laugh.

Blaise whistled for Taz who ran up and knelt down for Ephiny to mount him. Blaise climbed up on the horse behind Ephiny and wrapped her strong arms around her taking control of the reigns.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"Let’s go boy!" Blaise replied as she heeled Taz who whinnied in response to his command and galloped out of town.

After a short way out of town Blaise slowed Taz down to a walk.

"Ephiny...can you forgive me for believing the lies Solari told me?...I should have trusted you more."

Ephiny leaned forward and looked over her shoulder at Blaise..."only if you can forgive me for doing the same."

"Then all is forgiven." Blaise smiled..."Ephiny I want us to be open about our feelings from now on and that way we can keep things from getting out of control like they just did."

"I promise that I will be honest with you Blaise." Ephiny kissed Blaise and leaned back against her chest.

Blaise moved Ephiny’s hair back off her face and neck. She placed kisses along the side of her face working her way down to Ephiny’s neck.

Ephiny tilted her head to the side to give Blaise easier access..."oh, Blaise I have missed that so much." Ephiny moaned.

Blaise moved her kisses to Ephiny’s neck and alternated between kisses and soft bites. Blaise dropped the reigns and moved her hands onto Ephiny’s stomach. Ephiny arched her back and slid her hand up through Blaise’s hair resting it behind her neck. Blaise moved her hands up Ephiny’s stomach to her breast and gently squeezed them.

"Oh, baby." Ephiny moaned as she turned her head to kiss Blaise.

Blaise licked Ephiny’s top lip and parted them. Blaise moved her tongue into her mouth sliding it along the roof and exited her mouth. Blaise slid her tonugealong Ephiny’s lips again and entered her mouth for a deep passionate kiss.

Blaise continued the kiss as she moved her hands inside the material which held Ephiny’s breast and caressed her bare breasts gently pinching her erect nipples.

"Blaise...I want you to take me now." Ephiny moaned.

Blaise moved her hand under Ephiny’s skirt and slid her hand under Ephiny’s underwear to her sex. Ephiny reached down and moved Blaise’s hand out of the way. She slid her finger inside of her wet, hot center and placed her wet finger in Blaise’s mouth. Blaise circled her tongue around Ephiny’s finger to taste her and then sucked the wetness off of her finger.

"mmmm...that tastes so good Ephiny."

"Touch me baby I can’t wait any longer." Ephiny whispered.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

Blaise slid back off of the saddle sitting farther back on Taz to give Ephiny more room. Blaise slid her hand under her garments and entered her finger in Ephiny’s wet opening.

"Aah...yes...that feels so good." Ephiny replied softly.

Blaise began to kiss Ephiny’s neck softly and slid her other hand to Ephiny’s sex.

Blaise moved Ephiny’s folds apart to expose her hard clit and began to rub her finger in circles over it. Blaise moved her other finger in and out of Ephiny’s wet opening as Ephiny moved her hips to Blaise’s movements.

"Oh, Blaise it feels so good." Ephiny moaned as she moved her hips faster as Blaise picked up her pace with her fingers.

Blaise moved her kisses up her neck to Ephiny’s ear and nibbled on it..."let it go baby... let me have it." Blaise whispered in a sexy voice into her ear.

Blaise moved her finger in and out of her opening faster as Ephiny picked up her pace of moving her hips. Blaise circled her finger over her swollen nub faster as she felt Ephiny begin to buck her hips as she released her orgasm and screamed out in pleasure.

Blaise slowed her movements down as Ephiny’s sex contracted and released on Blaise’s finger in her opening. Blaise stopped her movements and left her fingers there for a moment until the her sex stopped the throbbing. Blaise moved her hands back up Ephiny to her breasts and gently caressed them as she kissed Ephiny passionately.

"Oh, Blaise you make me feel so incredible." Ephiny moaned as she leaned back against Blaise’s chest.

"You where pretty incredible yourself baby." Blaise replied as she moved back on the saddle to take the reigns.

Blaise snuggled her head against Ephiny’s as Ephiny put her hands on Blaise’s arms. Blaise heeled Taz to pick up the pace towards the village.

"So, many children do you want to have?"

"Well...I was kind of hoping you would have them...I’m not the childbearing type." Blaise answered with a chuckle.

"I assumed that I would have them baby...but how many do you want?"

"How about enough for an army?" Blaise answered with a laugh.

"We can have that many but you will have to rethink your childbearing views!" Ephiny answered with a laugh.

"It doesn’t matter how many we have baby as long as we have at least many would you like?" Blaise asked as she kissed Ephiny on the cheek.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"Oh, I don’t know...3, 4 or 5...let’s see how the first one goes!" Ephiny laughed.

"Then that’s the get through the first one."

" do you propose that we will accomplish the task of conceiving children?"

" seem to forget that I have connections with the gods." Blaise laughed.

Blaise and Ephiny returned to the village and stabled Taz for the evening. They walked hand in hand towards their hut and noticed Xena and Gabrielle where in a discussion with some of Gabrielle’s advisors.

"It’s about time you two got back...what took you so long?" Xena asked as the two approached the group.

"Aah...we had to make up Xena." Blaise answered with a sly grin as she looked at Ephiny.

Ephiny stood in front of Blaise who wrapped her arms around her shoulders and rested her head against Ephiny.

"What’s going on?" Ephiny asked.

"We where just trying to decide the best time for your joining does three days sound?" Gabrielle asked

"It sounds great with me how about you Blaise?" Ephiny asked as she looked up at Blaise for her answer.

"I’ll have to check my appointment book but I think I can make it." Blaise joked.

Ephiny elbowed Blaise in the stomach..."you better be there!"

Blaise laughed..."that sounds good...I wouldn’t miss it for the world baby." Blaise answered and kissed Ephiny on the cheek..."Xena where’s mother?"

"She has retired for the evening...she said to apologize but she was exhausted from the journey and all of the excitement."

"Okay...I’ll talk to her in the morning then."

"I’m exhausted...take me to bed Blaise." Ephiny replied as she placed a kiss on Blaise’s arm.

"As you wish my love...goodnight everyone."

Blaise and Ephiny left the group and made their way into their hut.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"Blaise...I have something to give you."

"Of course you do honey...a big kiss." Blaise answered as she took Ephiny in her arms and kissed her.

"Well...that’s one thing but I got something else for you." Ephiny answered as she pulled out a cloth and unwrapped it. She pulled out a thick silver bracelet with links that connected one another.

"It’s beautiful Ephiny but you didn’t need to get me anything."

"I wanted to." Ephiny answered as she put the bracelet on Blaise’s wrist..."this represents how my life and my love intertwines with yours...I love you Blaise." Ephiny kissed and hugged Blaise.

"I will treasure it always Ephiny...thank you." Blaise leaned down and kissed Ephiny passionately.

Blaise and Ephiny began to undress each other as they gazed into one another eyes. Once undressed Blaise moved towards the bed but Ephiny wrapped her arms around Blaise pressing her naked body against Blaise’s back and began to alternate kisses with soft bites along her muscular back.

Ephiny ran her hands slowly up and down Blaise’s chest working them down her stomach to her dark curly hair. Ephiny moved in front of Blaise and knelt before her sex. Ephiny parted Blaise’s folds with her tongue as Blaise spread her legs. Blaise moved her hand to the back of Ephiny’s head.

"Ephiny that feels so good." Blaise moaned

Ephiny put her hands on Blaise’s hips and began to devour Blaise’s sex with her tongue. Ephiny moved her tongue to Blaise’s wet opening sucking her juices and moved her tongue back to her hard clitoris. Ephiny slid two fingers into Blaise’s opening sliding them in and out.

Blaise moved her hips to meet Ephiny’s movements with her tongue and tilted her head back.

"Oh baby! feel so good." Blaise moaned.

Ephiny picked up her pace with her tongue and fingers as Blaise moved her hips faster. Blaise watched her lover devour her sex and thought of how wonderful Ephiny’s tongue felt on her swollen nub.

Blaise couldn’t contain herself anymore and released her orgasm for Ephiny to enjoy. Ephiny entered her tongue into Blaise’s opening and took Blaise’s offerings. Ephiny placed soft kisses up through Blaise’s black curls, up her stomach, and up her chest. Blaise took Ephiny into her arms as Ephiny started to nibble on Blaise’s neck.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"That was wonderful make me feel so good." Blaise replied softly.

Blaise kissed Ephiny passionately tasting herself on Ephiny’s lips. Ephiny broke their kiss..."I love you baby."

"Oooh, I love you too." Blaise replied as she smiled and squatted down to pick Ephiny up in her arms.

Ephiny put her arms around Blaise and leaned down to kiss her. Blaise carried her over to the bed and laid down on her back positioning Ephiny on top of her as they continued their passionate kiss.

Blaise pushed Ephiny’s hair off her face and held it back using both hands. Blaise just stared into Ephiny’s eyes with a big smile on her face.

"What?" Ephiny asked as she kissed Blaise on the chest without looking away.

"Does there have to be something up for me to stare at you?"

"Yes...when you give me that sexy smile of yours to go along with those bedroom eyes... it makes me think you are up to something." Ephiny answered with a smile.

"Nothing is up honey...I was just wondering how I got so lucky to have someone as beautiful as yourself to have fallen in love with me."

"Maybe it was our destiny or one of your brother Cupid’s arrows."

"I believe it’s our destiny to be together...Cupid did have a hand in helping me see things clearer with the whole situation with Solari." Blaise wrapped her arms around Ephiny’s body as Ephiny swished her hair to the side off her face..."you feel so good against me baby...I love to feel your heartbeat close to mine."

Ephiny ran her hands through Blaise’s wavy black hair and gazed into her blue eyes... "I’m the lucky one Blaise...I love you." Ephiny placed a soft kiss on Blaise’s lips.

Blaise and Ephiny moved themselves onto their sides with Ephiny laying in front of Blaise. Blaise wrapped her arms around Ephiny tightly and Ephiny snuggled her head under Blaise’s chin. She put her hands in Blaise’s hands and placed a soft kiss on each one.

"Goodnight Blaise."

"Night baby." Blaise answered softly as she placed a kiss on the top of Ephiny’s head before they both fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Blaise woke before dawn and decided to watch the sunrise. She slid out of bed and covered Ephiny’s naked body with a blanket. Blaise leaned down and put a soft kiss on her lips.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

Blaise dressed and went out to the clearing where she had enjoyed a previous sunrise with Ephiny.

Blaise saw her mother had the same idea about enjoying the sunrise..."hello mother." Blaise replied softly to not startle her.

"Blaise!" Cyrene exclaimed with excitement.

Blaise sat down next to Cyrene..."I see I got my love of watching the sunrise from you." Blaise replied with a smile.

"I suppose so Blaise." Cyrene answered with a smile as she held Blaise’s hand..."Blaise I want you to know I had no idea you where alive...there wasn’t one day that passed that I didn’t think of you."

"I thought the same of you mother and please don’t feel bad about not knowing I was could you have know?...I hate my father for what he has done to you."

"Blaise...hate is a strong word and he is your father."

"Yeah...a really great father who takes his daughter from her family and tells her they where dead." Blaise answered with disgust at the thought of what Ares had done to her family..."how can you not hate him mother?"

"Well...when I found out he fathered Xena I was very hurt but then I looked into Xena’s face and I realized I could not hate the man that gave me such a precious gift of a beautiful, he has given me two beautiful children." Cryene answered with a smile as she ran her hand down Blaise’s face..."don’t get me wrong Blaise...he is not at the top of my favorite person list especially the way he took you from me."

"How can you contain your anger for that man?"

"I look at you and Xena which takes away all of the anger I have for him." Cyrene smiled as she looked into Blaise’s eyes.

"You are such a strong and beautiful woman mother...I love you." Blaise smiled and hugged Cyrene. "Oh, baby!." Cyrene began to cry..."I love you too."

"Look the sun is rising." Blaise replied with excitement.

"I used to pray to the gods everyday that I would one day share a sunrise with my baby took a long time for my prayers to be answered but that day has finally come." Cyrene answered as she held Blaise’s hand.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"Mother...what where you going to name me?"

"Your name was to be Jordan."

"That’s a beautiful name mother and I would have been very proud to have it." Blaise answered with a smile.

"What do you say we head back for an early breakfast?" Cyrene asked.

"Are you buying?" Blaise asked with a smile.

"Sure...I hope you don’t eat as much as Gabrielle though!" Cyrene joked.

"No one can eat as much as she does!" Blaise laughed as she helped her mother up.

Blaise and Cyrene walked back to the food hut to enjoy breakfast with one another.

" do know that one day I will take my father’s place as God of War right?"

"Oh, you have to?" Cyrene asked with worry.

"’s my destiny mother...there has to be war unfortunately or there would be total chaos throughout the land. Normally peaceful people such as yourself would become very angry and violent people."

"I fear that you will become evil like your father."

"I promise that I will never become like my father...war will not come about because of pettiness or because I’m bored with nothing to do like how my father rules now."

"I will hold you to that promise then and I will trust you will do what’s best." Cyrene answered with a smile and a squeeze of Blaise’s hand for assurance.

"I’m going to go back and see if I can get some more rest before the days activities begin...I had a wonderful time this morning mother."

"My life is complete now that I have you back Blaise." Cyrene answered as she kissed her daughter’s cheek. "See you later mother." Blaise replied with a smile as she left the table and headed back to the hut.

Blaise entered the hut to find Ephiny sleeping peaceful just as she left her. Blaise undressed and slid in behind Ephiny. Ephiny rolled over onto Blaise settling her body on top of Blaise’s who was now laying supine.

Blaise could feel Ephiny’s breath on her chest as Ephiny continued to sleep. Blaise softly moved Ephiny’s long curly hair off of her face and ran her hands through her hair. Blaise laid enjoying the moment and thought about how she was the luckiest woman in the world.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

Gabrielle woke before Xena for a change..."oh, peasant girl." Gabrielle replied with a seductive voice as she ran her finger down Xena’s chest softly circling her breasts and she placed a soft kiss on her neck.

"Uhmmm...sorry...there is no peasant girl around here." Xena teased with a sleepy response.

"Oh, really...well...the peasant girl stays until her goddess tells her to leave."

"Really...what is the goddess’ wish then?"

"To have breakfast with her little peasant girl, of course, providing she doesn’t cook the meal but that she only serves it." Gabrielle laughed.

"Well, I must obey my goddess then...breakfast it is then."

Xena and Gabrielle got out of bed and dressed to head out for breakfast in the food hut.

"I think I can get used to having my food cooked for me for a change." Gabrielle replied with a smile.

"I would cook it for you but you just don’t like my cooking."

"Yeah...blackened fish just isn’t so tasteful for breakfast." Gabrielle laughed.

They sat at the queen’s table to be served their breakfast.

"What are your plans for today Gabrielle?"

"I have a few treaties to review and I would like to go to town for some shopping...your favorite pastime." Gabrielle smiled at Xena.

"Aah..I’ll pass on the shopping dear...I told Eponon I would go out on the hunt with her group today."

"Now...that’s something I will gladly pass on!...I bet Ephiny will go shopping with me. She loves a good bargain just as much as the next gal." Gabrielle answered with a laugh.

" two have fun bargain shopping then."

The two finished their breakfast and headed out of the food hut. Xena walked Gabrielle to her office to review the treaties.

"I’m going to go get Argo and the rest of the hunting party all set for when we leave... you have a good day honey." Xena kissed Gabrielle.

"You too Xena."

Gabrielle entered her office as Xena headed off towards the stables.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"Good morning." Gabrielle replied to the guards posted at her office.

"Good morning my queen." they both replied with a bow.

Gabrielle sat down to review the treaties before her..."oh, guards."

" queen?"

"Could one of you seek out Ephiny and ask her to join me please?"

"As you wish my queen." one of the guards replied as she walked off to find Ephiny.

Ephiny woke and placed soft kisses on Blaise’s chest as she ran her hand down her lover’s body. She picked her head up and kissed Blaise’s lips.

"Good morning my love."

"Have I ever told you that you have the sexiest voice?" Blaise answered as she opened her eyes to look at her intended.

Ephiny crossed her arms over Blaise’s chest and rested her chin on her arms..." haven’t my darling." Ephiny answered with a smile.

"You also have an incredible smile, very sexy lips that I just love to kiss, eyes that make my heart melt when I look into them, you have a very sexy..."

Blaise was interrupted by a knock at the door..."Excuse me Ephiny?" the guard replied.

"What is it?" Ephiny answered agitated by the interruption.

"The queen needs to see you regarding the treaties."

"Okay...I will be there shortly...well...duty calls my love...we will have to continue this conversation later." Ephiny replied with a smile..."are you sure your destiny is to become the God of War?"


"Well...I think your father should have made you the god of romance or flattery because you are incredible with that!" Ephiny slid up Blaise and kissed her passionately.

"Uhmmm...I love those lips...maybe I can hold duel jobs as God of War and God of Romance." Blaise smiled as she kissed Ephiny again.

"Oh, I don’t want to get up." Ephiny whined...content where she was.

"It’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it."

"Okay...I’m going." Ephiny replied as she slid out of bed and leaned down for another kiss.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

Blaise rolled onto her side and watched Ephiny get dressed..."uhmmm...too sexy." Blaise replied with a smile as she got out of bed and put her boxer shorts on.

"You’re not so bad yourself baby." Ephiny answered as she put her boots on.

Ephiny stood up..."Well...I’m ready to go kick some treaty butt!" she replied with sarcasm.

Blaise took Ephiny into her arms and kissed her..."you go baby." Blaise smiled as she watched Ephiny leave their hut.

Ephiny entered the royal office..."Good morning Gabrielle."

"Hi Ephiny."

"So, what’s up with the treaties?"

"Nothing...they’re fine."

"Then why did I need to get out of my cozy little bed with my very sexy lover to help you with them?"

"I just wanted to know if you wanted to go shopping with me...I guess the guard took it upon herself to summon you regarding the treaties...I’m sorry...I should have been more specific."

"Rookie guards!" Ephiny replied with a laugh..."sure I’ll go shopping with you considering I’m already up."

"Great let’s go then!" Gabrielle exclaimed with excitement.

Ephiny noticed Blaise had already dressed and was walking out of the stables with Taz. Blaise stopped to talk with one of the amazons. Ephiny stopped in her tracks to watch her lover and Gabrielle bumped into her not knowing Ephiny was stopping so quickly

"What’s wrong?"

"Nothing...I just love to watch Blaise." Ephiny answered with a smile.

Gabrielle looked over at Blaise..."she is a very sexy woman and you are very lucky... actually we are both very lucky...have you noticed that Blaise is like her father?"

"How do you mean?"

"They’re both very good looking, cocky, sexual, and Blaise stands with her hand on her sword just as Ares does."

"I suppose you’re right Gabrielle...she makes my heart skip a beat everytime I see her." Ephiny answered with a smile never taking her eyes off of Blaise.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"I’m very happy for the two of you Ephiny...I’m glad you are happy."

"Thanks Gabrielle...I love Blaise with all of my heart."

Blaise finished her conversation and walked away with Taz towards Ephiny and Gabrielle. Blaise looked up to see the two of them staring at her .She turned around to see who they where looking at realizing they where looking at her.She got an embarrassed smile on her face.

"What are you ladies doing?" Blaise asked with a smile as she approached.

"Just checking you out baby!" Ephiny replied.

"Do you like what you see?" Blaise asked with a sexy smile.

"No...I love what I see." Ephiny answered with a smile.

"Uh...Gabrielle...what did I tell you about checking me out in front of Ephiny?" Blaise teased.

"Well...ya know it just can’t be look so much like a certain person that I love."

"Who Ares?...when did you fall for my dad?" Blaise laughed.

"You are incorrigible Blaise." Gabrielle replied with a pinch on Blaise’s arm.

"Hey!...ouch...don’t bruise the merchandise chickie...well, were are you ladies off too?"

"We’re going to town for some shopping...would you like to join us?" Gabrielle asked.

"I’m not the shopping type but I do need to pick up something special for my bride to be and I would be so honored to accompany two beautiful woman on their journey."

"Let’s go." Ephiny answered with a smile as she slid her hand into Blaise’s as they walked off towards town with the royal guards following.

They made their way out of the village..."Gabrielle...why did you choose rookie guards for your protection?" Ephiny asked.

"Ephiny...they have to start somewhere."

"Well...they need to cover the front and the rear...I’ll be right back." Ephiny replied with agitation at the guards protection.

Ephiny walked over to the guards to give them instructions as to how they are to protect their queen.

Blaise looked at Gabrielle and smiled..."she can’t keep her hands off of me." Blaise teased with cockiness.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"Oh, Blaise!...yes she can." Gabrielle answered with a smile.

"I’ll bet you five dinars that she crawls up on me and kisses me." Blaise offered with a sly grin.

"I’ll take that bet and win!"

"We’ll see."

"Yes...we will." Gabrielle answered as Ephiny returned to the group walking farther up ahead from them.

"Let’s go I straightened them out."

Gabrielle looked at Blaise and smiled that Ephiny didn’t walk up to hold hands with Blaise.

Blaise sneered at Gabrielle..."you get my five dinars ready." Blaise whispered to Gabrielle.

Blaise dropped Taz’s reigns who continued to follow the group as Blaise walked ahead to join Ephiny.

"Well...hello there...are you going my way?"

"Well...I don’t know if I can trust you...after all my mother always told me not to talk to strangers." Ephiny answered jokingly.

"Oh, you can trust me little girl...would you like a piece of candy?" Blaise asked with a sly grin.

"Sure...what do you have?"

"Well...let’s see." Blaise answered as she fished through her pockets..."" Blaise went to hand the piece of candy to her but dropped it..."oh, silly me!"

"It’s okay I’ll get it."

When Ephiny bent over to pick up the candy she pinched Ephiny in the butt and turned smiling at Gabrielle.

"Blaise!..what are you." Ephiny snapped as she pushed Blaise knocking her to the ground.

"Aah...aah." Blaise replied in pain as she laid on her side on the ground.

Ephiny went up to Blaise and knelt down beside her..."are you okay?"

Gabrielle came up to the pair..."what happened?"

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"I dislocated my shoulder!" Blaise cried out in obvious pain.

"Blaise I’m so sorry." Ephiny replied with concern..."what can I do to help?"

"You have to put it back in place." Blaise answered as she rolled onto her back holding her shoulder.

"How do you want me to do it?...push or pull?"

"Straddle me for leverage...then take my arm and press it down towards the ground."

Ephiny straddled Blaise..."okay are you ready?"

"No...can I have a kiss first to help with the pain."

Ephiny leaned down and kissed Blaise who wrapped her other arm around Ephiny for a passionate kiss.

"Are you ready now?" Ephiny asked

"No...I need another kiss." Blaise answered as she kissed Ephiny deeply and wrapped both arms around her.

Ephiny broke their kiss and sat up..."wait a minute!...your shoulder is fine!"

Blaise laughed..."yep...I just wanted you to lay on me and kiss me." Blaise answered with a laugh.

"Oh, Blaise I outta!" Ephiny replied with anger at Blaise’s trick as she got up and tweaked Blaise’s breast before walking off up ahead.

"Ouch!" Blaise exclaimed as she rubbed her breast to dull the pain as she got up.

"You tricked her...I’m not paying up!" Gabrielle replied

"You didn’t set any, that’s five dinars you owe me!" Blaise answered with a laugh.

"Yeah...yeah...I’ll pay you later...I’m good for it." Gabrielle laughed.

Blaise ran up behind Ephiny and wrapped her arms around her. Blaise kissed her on the cheek as Ephiny pushed her away.

"’re not still mad are you?" Blaise asked as she wrapped her arms around Ephiny again..."can I help it if I want to hold and kiss you all the time...I know I’m a wicked person can you ever forgive me? can punish me with 10 lashes to my bare bottom."

Ephiny began to laugh..."that is not punishment for you would enjoy it too much!"

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"Very funny...will you forgive me?"

"Kiss me and I will think about it." Ephiny demanded as Blaise kissed her passionately. "’re forgiven." Ephiny answered as they held hands.

"Come on slow poke you’re holding us up." Blaise shouted to Gabrielle. "Yeah...yeah."

They all made their way into town and noticed the town square was full of peddlers.

"Today is a good day for shopping." Gabrielle replied as she looked around the square with a gleam in her eye.

"You ladies have fun shopping...I’ll meet you in a candle mark in the pub where I will wait for you." Blaise informed the two.

"Bye." Ephiny answered with a kiss as her and Gabrielle headed off towards the peddlers.

Blaise went off to one of the peddlers selling jewelry and found a ring for Ephiny. Blaise went to the tavern to wait for the girls and to enjoy a good port. Blaise sat admiring the ring she had for Ephiny.

The guards rushed in to the tavern out of breath..."Blaise!...they have our queen and Ephiny!"

Blaise turned around to face them..."who?" Blaise asked with confusion.

"A group of men just grabbed them."

"Where in tartarus were you?"

"Aah...we where distracted." they replied lowering their heads in shame.

"You idiots! where to protect them!"

Blaise and the group ran out of the tavern. Blaise whistled for Taz who ran up and Blaise mounted him.

"Which way did they go?"

"Out of town that way." they pointed off to the right.

"Go back to the village and await your punishment!" Blaise shouted as she heeled Taz and made her way out of town to find the pair.

Blaise picked up the group not far from town.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"Well...boys what do we have here?" Blaise asked as she dismounted Taz.

"Nothing of concern to you." the leader shouted.

Blaise looked over the situation where noting there where ten men in the group with two holding Gabrielle and Ephiny at knifepoint by the throats.

"’re wrong there my friend...seems you are holding my family which I don’t care much for."

Blaise glanced around again sizing the group up. Two to her left, one holding Gabrielle, one holding Ephiny, two behind Taz and two to her right.

Blaise made eye contact with Gabrielle who knew what Blaise was about to do.

"Well’ll pay a high price for them then won’t you?"

" will...with your life! Gabrielle!" Blaise shouted as she grabbed the two to her left and cracked their heads together knocking them out with the force of the blow.

Gabrielle stomped on her assailants foot then delivered a blow to the face with her elbow knocking him to the ground along with her staff which he was holding. Ephiny made the same move on the leader to break free.

Taz took out the two behind her with a swift kick of her hind quarters sending them flying in a heap against a tree.

Gabrielle and Ephiny continued to fight their assailants as Blaise moved to the other two men knocking one to the ground with a backhand to the face. Blaise drew her sword from the scarab to face the other man. The two continued to match each others swing of their swords.

Blaise glanced towards Gabrielle and Ephiny and noticed Ephiny was having difficulty with her assailant. Another man was approaching the back of Ephiny. Blaise’s opponent caught Blaise’s arm with the sword cutting her shoulder.

"Aah." Blaise exclaimed in pain as she kicked the man in the stomach dropping him to his knees. Blaise brought the handle of her sword down on his head knocking him out.

Blaise ran towards Ephiny to help with the man at the rear as Gabrielle finally dispatched her assailant and move towards Ephiny to help.

Blaise approached the man with her sword drawn to plunge into him but Gabrielle knocked her sword out of her hand..." killing!"

Ephiny turned to see what happened after she knocked her assailant out as Gabrielle swung her staff at the man to Ephiny’s rear. The man ducked the blow and hit Ephiny in the head knocking her to the ground.

Blaise picked up her sword and plunged her sword into his heart killing him.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

Blaise pulled her sword out out of man and placed it back in her scarab.She turned towards Gabrielle with rage in her eyes as Gabrielle attended to Ephiny.

Blaise rushed to Ephiny’s side and took her in her arms..."Eph! she alive?" Blaise shouted.

"Barely!" Gabrielle answered softly.

Blaise picked her up and carried her towards Taz..."down!" Blaise shouted as Taz knelt down allowing her to mount him with Ephiny in her arms. Once place mounted Taz he stood back up.

"Blaise you didn’t need to kill that man!"

"I don’t have time for this Gabrielle!...either get on or walk back!" Blaise shouted with anger.

Gabrielle mounted Taz behind Blaise as she heeled him and pulled Ephiny in close to her.

They arrived to find a group waiting for them including Xena which where informed of what happened by the royal guards.

Gabrielle dismounted and hugged Xena..."are you okay?"

"Yes...but Ephiny is hurt very bad." Gabrielle answered through tears.

"Down!" Blaise ordered at Taz and the horse knelt allowing Blaise to dismount him with ease.

Blaise rushed Ephiny into their hut and placed Ephiny down gently on the bed. Blaise knelt beside her and took Ephiny’s hand in her own. Blaise raised Ephiny’s hand to her lips and kissed it as she brushed her hair off her face.

"I’m here baby...come back to me."

Xena checked Ephiny to assess her condition. Xena moved behind Blaise and put her hand on her shoulder for comfort.

"We just have to wait and see Blaise...there is nothing I can do for her right now...let me fix your shoulder."

"No!...not until Ephiny is well again!" Blaise shouted with anger.

"Blaise your arm is bleeding profusely."

"How is she?" Gabrielle asked as she entered the hut.

Blaise stood up and turned to Gabrielle with rage in her eyes.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"Nearly dead because of you!" Blaise shouted as she moved towards Gabrielle and Xena stepped between the two of them.

"Now Blaise...calm down...I’m sure Gabrielle is not responsible."

"You weren’t there Xena!...she knocked my sword out of my hand when I tried to protect Ephiny!" Blaise shouted.

"You where going to kill him Blaise!" Gabrielle shouted.

Blaise moved towards Gabrielle as Xena held her back..."that’s right...I wasn’t going to trade Ephiny’s life for that scumbags life need to learn that!"

"Gabrielle you did what?" Xena snapped as she glanced of her shoulder at her in disbelief.

"I couldn’t stand to see another person get killed." Gabrielle answered through tears.

"At the cost of Ephiny’s life Gabrielle?!...Xena it scares me to think she is your backup. I can’t believe she would choose another’s life over yours or a friend just for the sake of saving a criminal from death...what kind of amazon are you to allow that to happen to one of your sisters!" Blaise shouted.

"Blaise...Gabrielle has her own code she follows."

"Tell her to keep her code to herself and to never interfere with my code!...get your wife out of my site!"

"Just calm down Blaise!" Xena answered as she turned and let Gabrielle out of the hut.

Blaise went back to Ephiny and laid on the bed next to her. Blaise held Ephiny’s hand and placed soft kisses on her forehead..."I’m here baby...right next to you my love where I belong." Blaise replied softly as she gently kissed Ephiny’s lips.

Xena and Gabrielle stood outside the hut..."Gabrielle what happened? Is it true what Blaise said?"

Gabrielle hung her head down and began to cry..."yes...Xena it’s true."

"Why would you jeopardize Ephiny’s life?" Xena asked as she moved to face Gabrielle.

"I just couldn’t stand by and watch someone die no matter who the person was...I didn’t think Ephiny wold be hurt and now I may have killed one of my sister’s...I’m sure Blaise hates me now." Gabrielle answered through tears. Xena hugged Gabrielle..."I know you have a problem with the killing thing Gabrielle but you are gonna have to realize that there may be no other option...I’m sure once Blaise calms down she will see things more clearly...go get something to eat and send mother in while I check on Ephiny."

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"Okay...I hope you’re right." Gabrielle answered as she went to get Cyrene.

Xena went back in and checked on Ephiny and then checked Blaise’s wound. Xena cleaned and sutured Blaise’s wound with Blaise not flinching from the pain in response to the medical attention Xena was administering.

Cyrene came into the hut with some food and water..." are they?"

Xena moved over to her mother..."Ephiny is not good mother and Blaise is in shock."

"Oh, by the gods Xena!" Cyrene answered as tears filled her eyes.

Xena placed her hand on Blaise’s shoulder to get her attention. Blaise sat up in the bed and looked at Xena with a far away look..."Blaise need to eat something."

"No...Xena I’m fine...I’ll eat when Ephiny eats."

"Then how about some water?" Xena held up the cup of water.

"No...I’ll wait for Ephiny."

"Blaise...please...drink some water for me." Xena hoped Blaise would agree to a drink. "how about for Ephiny then?" she handed the water to Blaise who excepted the drink... "well...that’s a start." Xena replied.

Blaise finished the water and faced Ephiny again running her fingers through her blond curly hair..."Ephiny...did I tell you about the most beautiful woman I have ever met?... the moment I saw her I saw love...she has beautiful blond curly hair, exquisite green eyes, a sexy body, a wonderful personality, a heart that is filled with love...she’s an amazon queen and she just so happens to be the love of my" Blaise whispered as she raised her hand to her lips and kissed it softly.

Xena turned to face her mother who was crying. Xena put her head down and cried. Cyrene hugged her to comfort her.

"This is very difficult sit around and not be able to do a damned thing." Xena whispered with anger as she walked out of the hut.

Gabrielle was pacing back and forth in front of the hut..."Xena how is she?" "No change Gabrielle."

Gabrielle noticed how upset Xena was and hugged her..."how is Blaise?"

"She’s in shock Gabrielle...she lays by Ephiny’s side and tells her stories of when they met and of her’s very difficult to watch."

"Oh, by the gods...what was I thinking?" Gabrielle answered with anger at herself as she pulled away from Xena.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"You thought you where doing the right thing...why is Argo out here?"

"Taz refuses to leave so, I thought I would bring Argo out in hopes he would leave with her."

"He sure is loyal to Blaise."

Argo looked at Taz..." big stall or yours?"

"Look Argo...I’m not in the mood for this right now and besides I told you your master hasn’t given me the okay with you yet." Taz informed Argo in horse talk which has been translated for the rest of us into english.

Argo nudged Taz’s neck with her nose..."oh, stop playing hard to get Taz."

"Ease off palamino babe." Taz answered as he stepped away from Argo..."are you always this easy?"

"Only around black stallions who have an incredibly sexy white stripe of fur down their noses." Argo answered as she moved closer to Taz.

"Maybe some other time Argo...I’m worried about my master’s intended."

"You don’t even know her that well." Argo answered with a swish of her tail.

"It doesn’t matter how well I know her...she love’s my master so, I am to obey and care for her the same as my mean to tell me you don’t do the same for your masters wife?"

"Well...she can be quite annoying at times...I really love to mess around with her and give her a hard time when she rides me...but I will protect her just the same as I do my master."

"Thanks for being here with me Argo...I feel a little better." Taz replied with a nudge to Argo’s neck.

Cyrene sat next to the bed and brushed Blaise’s hair off her face..." Blaise need to eat something."

"I can’t mother."

"You need to keep your strength up for Ephiny."

Blaise looked back at Ephiny and pulled out the ring she had purchased for her..."I have something for you my’s your ring for our is silver with a heart in the middle of it because you own my heart baby." Blaise told Ephiny as she slid the ring on her finger and kissed it.

Ephiny gasped for air as her chest jerked up and her head tilted back.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"Ephiny!" Blaise replied with worry as she sat up next to her.

"Xena!" Cyrene shouted as Xena rushed into the hut.

Ephiny expelled her air as her head tilted to the side. Blaise picked Ephiny up in her arms..." on wake up."

Xena rushed to Ephiny’s side as Cyrene stepped back into Tarus’ arms who had entered the hut.

Blaise blew air into Ephiny’s mouth as Xena checked for a pulse..."come on baby breath...I won’t allow you to leave me!" Blaise shouted through her tears.

"Blaise...Blaise." Xena replied as she grabbed Blaise’s arm..."she’s gone Blaise." Xena whispered as tears filled her eyes as they met Blaise’s.

"Ephiny!" Blaise shouted..."No!...Ephiny!"

To be continued...

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