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By Cruise

Disclaimer: The characters associated with Xena:Warrior Princess belong to Mca/Universal and are used without permission. The character of Blaise is my own creation and is not affiliated with the show. The events in this story do not necessarily follow along with events that happen in the show.

Sex: Lots of it! Sexually explicit sex scenes of two consenting adult women. So, if anyone is underage or offended by two women making love than this story is not recommended.

Violence: Some but not too bad. Some mild language.

Horse talk: The dialogue between two horses has been translated into English for the readers who are not proficient in Horse talk.

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"Well...I put in a good word for the warrior babe and her bothersome bard with the gods so, tomorrow night is the opportunity they have been waiting for concerning the, go ahead and tell them to get busy!" Aphrodite replied with a smile.

"From the sound of your voice it sounded like something bad Aphie! had me worried...why don't you tell them?"

"Cause I wanted to see you sweetpea and I figured you could tell them." Aphrodite answered with a smile as she pinched her cheek.

"Thanks for all your help Aphie." Blaise answered grateful as she hugged and kissed the Goddess of Love.

"I better let you get back to your wife and the baby honey... but I really enjoyed seeing you even though it was brief."

"Thanks again." Blaise answered with a wink and a smile.

Aphrodite blew Blaise a kiss ... "bye sweetpea." she replied as she disappeared.

Blaise found her wife in bed fast asleep as she entered the hut. Blaise smiled while she watched her bride sleep peacefully as she undressed and slid in behind her lover. She wrapped her arms around her soulmate with Ephiny responding to her touch by cuddling up closer to Blaise.

Blaise smiled and thought about how much she loves the feeling of Ephiny being in her arms as she kissed her softly on the cheek... "I love you Eph." Blaise whispered in her ear as she laid her head on the pillow to sleep close to the love of her life wrapped tightly in her arms.

Ephiny awoke before Blaise in the morning and chuckled as she looked down finding Blaise's face snuggled close to the baby and her arm wrapped tightly around Ephiny's waist.

"Baby." Ephiny whispered as she ran her fingers through her dark hair to wake her... "baby...wake up." Ephiny replied louder as she tussled her wavy hair.

"Huh?" Blaise replied as she jumped up startled... "what's up Eph? okay?" Blaise answered nervously as she tried to shake off the sleepiness.

"I'm fine baby." Ephiny answered with a smile and thought about how cute Blaise looked... "I have a date with the outhouse."

"Oh, okay." Blaise answered with a little confusion and still half asleep as she rolled onto her back so Ephiny could get out of bed.

Blaise had fallen back to sleep by the time she made it onto her back and Ephiny chuckled as she climbed out of bed placing a soft kiss on Blaise's lips before leaving the hut for the outhouse.

Ephiny made her way back into bed after her ritual early morning trip to the outhouse and kissed Blaise's forehead. Blaise opened her eyes and a smile appeared on her face... "everything come out alright?"

"As usual." Ephiny chuckled and tickled Blaise's ribs who let out a laugh as she wiggled away from the torment.

"Eph." Blaise replied with a smile as she laid on her side and peered into her hazel eyes... "you are such a beautiful site to wake up to in the morning."

"I'm glad you think so and thanks." Ephiny answered with a smile and moved in to kiss Blaise's soft lips. Blaise slid her hand up on Ephiny's side and then to her back as their kiss turned more passionate.

Ephiny broke their kiss to catch her breath and locked hazels with blues... "did I ever tell you how adorable you are in the morning?" Ephiny asked with a smile adoringly as she continued her look into the sexiest blue eyes she had ever seen.

"Just the morning huh?" Blaise answered with a chuckle and a cocky smile.

"'re always adorable baby but it's just that no matter what position we fall asleep in you always wake up snuggled against the baby." Ephiny explained as Blaise rubbed her back gently.

"Can I help it if I want to be close to the two love's of my life?" Blaise asked with a smile.

" can't help it but I just think it's adorable." Ephiny answered with a loving smile as she kissed Blaise.

"I almost forgot!...I have to finish telling the baby about the crazy family it's going to be born into." Blaise replied with a smile and excitement as she slid down to face Ephiny's abdomen.... "okay...I left off with grandpa Ares right?" Blaise asked as she looked up at Ephiny and they both replied in unison... "enough said." through a smile.... "your aunt Aphrodite is the Goddess of Love who will love and watch over you as she did with me...just don't let her put pink on you." Blaise replied with a laugh as she put her hand on Ephiny's stomach and felt the gentle wave under her hand from the baby moving... "Eph...did you feel that?" Blaise asked with excitement and a smile.

"Yes...honey!" Ephiny answered as she felt joy in her heart from Blaise's excitement.

"Your uncle is Cupid the God of Love whose a pretty great guy but you can help me clip his wings for the trick he played on me."

"Blaise...don't tell the baby that." Ephiny exclaimed as she pulled Blaise's hair gently as they both laughed.

"Next is grandma Cyrene who is my mother and she is very beautiful, caring and loving...she'll spoil you as much as I will...don't tell mommie though." Blaise whispered with a sly grin.

" are so bad." Ephiny chuckled and shook her head.

"Then there's auntie Xena a great Warrior Princess who is loved and feared by many across the land but she will love and spoil you too...her wife is your aunt Gabrielle who is the amazon queen and she will tell you many great stories because she's also a famous bard."

Ephiny continued to stroke Blaise's hair as she listened to Blaise speak to their unborn child with total love as she was overwhelmed with happiness. She wondered how she was so lucky to find another woman who loved and adored her as much as Blaise does and felt as though her life would not be complete without her in it.

"Your uncle Tarus who is not so good with the ladies will help you learn the fine art of archery and maybe you can help him with the ladies." Blaise laughed as did Ephiny.

"Now...I saved the best for last who is your mommie a beautiful, sexy, loving, tough, and proud amazon regent who threw herself at my feet for my affections when I first met her."

"Blaise!...that's not true!" Ephiny exclaimed as she pinched Blaise.

"Ow!...she pinches really hard too but it's true." Blaise laughed as she rubbed the pinched area of her skin.

"The baby knows all about us getting together...the truth that is." Ephiny answered as she raised her eyebrows at Blaise to make her point... "I already told the baby all about us and about the wonderful mother they will have." Ephiny answered with a smile.

Blaise was surprised and happy that Ephiny told the baby about her... "you really did?" Blaise asked with excitement.

"Everyday baby." Ephiny answered as Blaise kissed her hand.

"Did mommie tell you that I absolutely adore and love her with all of my heart?" Blaise asked as she climbed up to face Ephiny and felt the baby move more under her hand.

"No...but I told the baby that's how I feel about you Blaise." Ephiny answered lovingly as she kissed Blaise.

Blaise broke their kiss and gazed into Ephiny's eyes brushing her long hair off her face... "I love you baby." Blaise answered soulfully as she kissed Ephiny again passionately which was interrupted by a knock at the door... "do you think if we stay quiet they'll go away?" Blaise asked in a whisper as she looked into Ephiny's eyes.

"No...they'll keep knocking...I'll get it." Ephiny answered as she turned to get up.

"No...stay here...I'll get it." Blaise replied with agitation at the intrusion as she got out of bed and slipped on her robe.

"Hmmm...nice butt." Ephiny replied with a smile as she looked Blaise over.

"Like that do you?" Blaise answered with a smile as she glanced at her butt... "I think you're right." Blaise teased with a laugh as Ephiny laid back on the bed shaking her head from Blaise's cockiness.

The knock became louder... " yeah...yeah...hold your horses I'm coming." Blaise answered in disgust as she moved to the door and opened it to find Joxer standing there.

Blaise's smile left her face and she slumped her shoulders... "nice to see you too boss." Joxer quipped.

"Sorry dude...I just didn't want to have to's not you...what's up?"

"They need more reinforcements and General Calvin has been wounded." Joxer explained with regret.

"No!" Blaise answered with agitation at the news of her friend being wounded. Blaise ran her hand through her hair and thought about her friend... "okay...get Taz ready...I'll be there shortly."

"I'm sorry." Joxer answered as he turned to carry out his orders.

Blaise shut the door and leaned her head against it for a moment trying to calm her anger.

"Blaise...what's wrong?" Ephiny asked with worry.

Blaise lowered her head as she turned to get dressed... "I have to go Eph." Blaise answered softly.

" to me...what's wrong?" Ephiny asked as she climbed out of bed and moved to Blaise who was busy dressing. Ephiny put her hand on Blaise's back and could feel the tension her lover exuded.

"Not now Eph." Blaise answered as she finished dressing and began to pack her clothes. Blaise wanted to wait till she calmed down before she would tell Ephiny and Ephiny knew when Blaise was like that it was best to give her some space.

Ephiny gathered Blaise's clothes to help her pack as she fought back her tears as she always did every time Blaise left her. Blaise finished dressing and turned to Ephiny... "I'm sorry...but Calvin has been injured and I have to go right away." Blaise replied as she kept her head down.

Ephiny knew that Calvin was a close friend to Blaise who Blaise said helped her through the tough periods while they were apart... "I'm sorry baby." Ephiny answered as she put her hands on Blaise's waist.

Blaise looked up and put her hand on Ephiny's face as she stroked her soft skin with her thumb while she looked into Ephiny's eyes... "promise me you'll stay put so, I'll have nothing to worry about while I'm gone...please." Blaise pleaded.

Ephiny could see the concern in Blaise's eyes... "I promise this is where I'll be baby." Ephiny answered reassuringly.

Blaise continued to stroke her face while she gazed into Ephiny's eyes as she inhaled deeply to fight back her tears and exhaled slowly... "I love you Eph." Blaise answered as she leaned in with a soft, moist kiss and a hug... "I've got to go baby." Blaise whispered in her ear as she walked towards the door with a slight limp as Ephiny held her hand as long as possible.

"I'll see you soon Blaise." Ephiny answered softly as she watched Blaise leave the hut.

Blaise made her way to Xena's hut and knocked on the door. Xena opened the door with an unpleasant sleep look on her face and squinted from the daylight... "Blaise...what in tartarus are you doing here this early?" Xena asked with agitation.

"Listen...Aphie said tonight is the night for you and Gabrielle so, make sure you make it special okay?" Blaise answered sternly as she turned to leave.

Xena grabbed Blaise's arm... "hey, you okay?" Xena asked knowing her sister had to have had something on her mind if she didn't take a perfect opportunity to tease her about sex.

"No...not really Xena...Calvin has been gravely wounded and I have to get back there...just worry about you, your wife and the baby you two will create okay?" Blaise answered as she walked away.

"Blaise...I'm careful!" Xena shouted as Blaise mounted Taz and did her ritual ride over to give Ephiny a wink as Ephiny blew her a kiss. Blaise heeled Taz to a full gallop out of the village. Ephiny stood in the doorway for a long moment as her love rode out of site with tears stinging her cheeks and returned to her hut.

Blaise and Joxer made it to Troy by nightfall and Blaise headed directly to Calvin's side... "what is this?...I leave for a few days and you go off and get wounded." Blaise replied with a smile.

"Blaise." Calvin answered in a whisper as he found it difficult to speak from the pain... "'ve been a good friend." Calvin explained through gasps of air and gripped Blaise's hand.

"Don't say you're goodbyes to me because you aren't going anywhere but home to your you hear me?" Blaise answered with anger that her friend was slipping away.

"Please...let me explain...thanks for being such a good friend to me and please give my wife what's in this." he asked as he handed her a pouch and inhaled his last breath then exhaled as his body went limp.

"No!" Blaise shouted as she checked him over for any signs of life which there were none to find... "I will my friend." Blaise whispered as she closed his eyes and crossed his arms over his chest. Blaise covered his body as the other soldiers stood by solemnly... "sergeant...prepare the general to be taken home with three guards as I will accompany them." Blaise ordered... " are now a general."

"Thank you ...thank you...I will serve you well." the man stammered as he felt grief over his fallen comrade and elation at his promotion.

"See to it that you do because it was the general's request if anything were to happen to him...follow me." Blaise demanded coldly as she exited the tent... "I want the enemy pushed back general do you understand?" Blaise shouted out her orders with anger.

"It will be done my lord." the general answered as he walked away barking orders to his troops.

"Stop calling me that too!...ARES! yourself!...NOW!" Blaise shouted in anger with her hands on her hips.

"Ooh, a little demanding aren't we?" Ares replied sarcastically.

"That's right you coward!" Blaise shouted as she moved closer to her father... "stop dinking around and get me reinforcements!" Blaise shouted as she pointed at him... "or I'll stick my boot so far up your godly ass that Zeus himself will have to extract it!" Blaise yelled as she walked away leaving Ares momentarily speechless. He watched his daughter mount her horse and grinned as he replied... "that's my girl." as he vanished to bring in reinforcements.

Xena had prepared their hut for a romantic evening and waited for Gabrielle to arrive. Gabrielle entered the hut and was surprised to see flowers and food waiting for her along with candles burning around the hut.

"Xena...what have you done now?" Gabrielle asked skeptically.

Xena turned around to face Gabrielle and slowly moved over to her... "why do you think I did something wrong?" Xena asked with a low tone as she put her hands on Gabrielle's hips.

"Because you never do anything like this for me." Gabrielle answered as she tried to pass Xena who held her firm to her place.

"Maybe I want to change that...have you ever thought of that?" Xena asked as she leaned down to kiss her.

Gabrielle leaned back to avoid the kiss... "did a bacchae bite you or something?" Gabrielle asked still not believing what was going on.

"Gabrielle." Xena answered in a low voice as she leaned down for another attempt at a kiss.

"Really Xena...I'm not in the mood right now." Gabrielle answered as she patted her arm and attempted to move past Xena again but made no head way.

Xena stared into her beautiful green eyes... "Gabrielle...I love you ...please try to push your contempt for me aside for one night please." Gabrielle could see Xena was serious and had never seen such a loving look from her blue eyes as she did at that moment. Xena pushed Gabrielle's hair to the side as she stared into her eyes and held her face with her hands... "I've missed you baby...please...let this be." Xena replied softly as she slowly leaned down for a sensual kiss as she gently pulled Gabrielle into her arms.

Gabrielle felt all the passion she once did from her kiss as she let go of her contempt for Xena because she was unable to conceive a child. Xena slowly undressed Gabrielle as did Gabrielle to Xena.

Xena locked her blues with Gabrielle's greens and ran her hands slowly and softly down the front of her body sending shivers down Gabrielle's spine. Xena placed soft, moist kisses along Gabrielle's neck down to her breasts as she captured a nipple with her mouth. Gabrielle ran her fingers through Xena's hair... "I've missed you too Xena...I'm sorry." Gabrielle whispered.

Xena picked Gabrielle up in her arms as Gabrielle faced her... "don't say your sorry just show me how much you love me Gabrielle." Xena answered as Gabrielle looked down into her loving blue eyes.

Gabrielle slid her tongue into Xena's mouth for a passionate kiss as Xena carried her to the bed while they continued their kiss. Xena laid Gabrielle gently onto the bed and slowly crawled up on her bard. As Xena laid her naked body onto her bride Gabrielle felt her passion mount. Xena's tongue explored all of Gabrielle's mouth and broke her kiss as Gabrielle gasped for a breath and opened her eyes to look into those familiar blue eyes.

"Gabrielle...I want you to think about how much you love me and how much you want our love to conceive a child tonight." Xena whispered as she kissed Gabrielle again.

"Only if you do the same baby." Gabrielle whispered through her kiss.

"I started the moment you walked in the door." Xena whispered as she moved her kiss to Gabrielle's neck. Gabrielle dug her nails into Xena's back which excited Xena more and she moved her mouth to capture a supple breast.

Gabrielle thought about how much she loved Xena and how she wanted their child to have her sexy blue eyes and her beautiful raven hair as Xena nibbled on her erect nipple increasing her moistness between her legs.

Gabrielle moved her hands softly across Xena's muscular back as Xena thought about how much she missed her soft touch especially when they made love. Xena thought about how she wanted their child to look exactly like Gabrielle and how she loved Gabrielle more than life itself.

Xena moved her kiss back to Gabrielle's mouth as Gabrielle slid her hand under Xena in search of her dark curls. She found Xena to be very wet and wasted no time touching her swollen nub.

"Oh, Gabrielle...that feels so good." Xena whispered huskily as she kissed her neck and began to rub her sex against Gabrielle's hand.

Xena slid her hand down to Gabrielle's sex and Gabrielle spread her legs wider to allow her lover in. Xena moved her finger inside of Gabrielle as she moved her hips to Xena's rhythmic motions with her finger in and out of her wet opening.

Xena's arousal mounted at her lover's acceptance of her touch and moved her hips faster as did Gabrielle... "Xena...I missed your touch so much...forgive me." Gabrielle whispered.

"I already have." Xena whispered as she kissed Gabrielle with a warm, moist kiss.

They both continued their rhythmic motions until their passion ignited sending them both into their orgasms together. The pair panted to catch their breath from their love making and Xena laid on her bard as Gabrielle held her tightly.

"I love you baby." Gabrielle whispered as she lightly kissed her on the shoulder.

"I love you Gabrielle." Xena answered as she kissed her neck and laid her head down on Gabrielle's chest to revel in their love.

The trip to the general's village took a little over three candle marks. As they entered the village Blaise spoke with some locals and inquired as to the general's home which they pointed her to.

Blaise knocked on the door with Joxer at her side. The door opened and a woman stepped out..."yes." she answered as she glanced between Blaise and Joxer with confusion.

"My name is Blaise and I aah." Blaise stammered to find the right words as the woman interrupted her.

"Calvin has told me great things about you...he loves you as though you're his sister."

"Your husband has spoken quite fondly of you as well Julia...aah." Blaise stammered not quite able to find the right words to tell her of her husband's passing.

"How is Calvin?" she asked with a smile as Joxer looked down with sadness.

Tears formed in Blaise's eyes as she looked into the woman's eyes and saw fear... "I'm sorry Julia...he's gone."

"No!" Julia shouted as she burst into tears and fell to the ground as Blaise and Joxer moved to catch her but not in time.

Blaise squatted down... "Julia...I'm so sorry...I considered him a brother and if there's anything I can do please let me know." Blaise replied sincerely as the woman threw her arms around Blaise. Blaise helped her stand as she hugged Blaise.

Blaise looked at Joxer and gestured to him as he put a small chest filled with dinars inside the home... "my men have prepared a funeral pyre if you so wish for that to be done tonight...I can accompany you."

" children." Julia answered with confusion.

"My assistant can watch them if you wish...or you can do the funeral at another time."

"No...we should do it now...I know her would have wanted you to be here and I know you must get back." Julia answered as Blaise escorted the distraught woman for his funeral. Blaise said her goodbyes to her friend as the pyre burned bright and walked back to the house with Julia.

"Julia....please don't hesitate to ask me for anything...your family will be provided for and remember if there is anything I can do... please let me know." Blaise answered with sadness and thought of Ephiny hoping she would never have to go through what this woman was having to go through.

"Blaise...thank you for bringing him home...he was right about you...that you're a wonderful person and that you will make a better God of War than your father." she replied with a smile as she remembered that conversation with her husband.

Blaise moved her hair off her face... "Calvin asked me to give this to you." Blaise answered softly as she pulled the pouch out of her vest and handed it to Julia.

Julia began to cry harder as she accepted the pouch... "let me know if I can do anything for you or your family Julia." Blaise replied as she kissed her forehead... "goodbye." Blaise answered as she put her hand on her cheek with her heart filled with sadness and ran her hand down her cheek as she walked away.

"Blaise!" Julia shouted.

Blaise turned around to face Julia... "yes."

"Please be safe." she replied with concern.

Blaise smiled... "I will... thank you." Blaise answered as she mounted Taz and rode back to Troy filled with anger and grief for the loss of her friend.

The group arrived back to Troy weary from the trip they made. Blaise ordered Joxer to get some rest as she checked on the men.

"My lord!" the new general replied as he approached.

"What is it with the lord bit!" Blaise answered with agitation.

"I'm sorry...we were instructed to call you that by your father."

"Figures." Blaise answered with disgust... "just call me Blaise."

"Yes sir." the general winced at what he said.

"You really aren't earning any brownie points with me general." Blaise snapped.

"I'm sorry Blaise." the general whined.

"Look...if you're going to be a sniveling idiot...I'll replace you." Blaise answered coldly.

"I'm not a sniveling idiot and I intend to prove that...Blaise." the man answered tersely.

"That's better...have the reinforcements arrived general?"

" me Drake and yes they have arrived." he answered with a smile.

"Well...Drake." Blaise answered as she looked at him... "it looks like my father took my, get those men posted."

"Right away!" Drake answered as he headed towards the reinforcements.

Two moons had passed since Blaise last saw Ephiny and their only contact was through the usual messages delivered by Joxer. Joxer delivered the latest scroll to Ephiny with the usual three dozen red roses and headed back to Troy.

Ephiny waddled over the chair to sit down which she found to be very hard to do because she had grown so large during the pregnancy.

Ephiny opened the scroll which read:

Ephiny...I miss you my love.
I imagine our clothes are on the floor as we lay in front of the fireplace.
Can you feel my soft and gentle caress?
It's so delicate that you cry for more.
I want to feel you cuddle up close to me and lay on my chest as I feel your heart beat close to mine.
I look forward to the day I hold you in my arms again.
Please give the baby my love.
I love you,

Ephiny cried as she read the scroll and imagined laying on the floor with Blaise naked entwined in each other's arms. She imagined Blaise's soft and gentle caress on her body and wanted so much to be cuddled up on her chest to feel her heart beat close to hers. Ephiny leaned her head against the chair as she closed her eyes lost in her thoughts of Blaise and fell fast asleep.

"Ephiny...honey wake up."

"Blaise!" Ephiny answered as she opened her eyes still groggy from her sleep... "oh, mother." Ephiny replied with disappointment when she realized it wasn't Blaise.

"Come on honey...let's get you in bed...I promised Blaise to take good care of in bed you go." Cyrene demanded as she helped Ephiny out of the chair.

Ephiny was glad Cyrene came to the village a moon ago to help her in the later stages of her pregnancy but she could be demanding and stubborn. Ephiny then realized were Blaise and Xena got that trait from.

Cyrene tucked Ephiny in bed... "are you okay?" Cyrene asked with concern.

"I would be much better if Blaise was here."

"I know honey...try to get some sleep." Cyrene answered as she stroked Ephiny's hair.

"Thanks for all of your help mother...I really appreciate it." Ephiny answered with a gracious smile.

"I have enjoyed being here with has given me a chance to know my grandchilds mother more." Cyrene answered with a smile as she continued to lovingly stroke Ephiny's hair as she became sleepier and finally drifted off to sleep.

The next morning Ephiny finished breakfast and headed to the royal office to go over daily duties with Gabrielle.

"Good morning are you feeling today?" Gabrielle asked.

"Not so good might have been from something I ate this morning but I feel sick." Ephiny answered with a pale color in her face.

"Well...I've heard of those strange food combinations you had from your cravings and they would make me sick too which takes a lot when it comes to food by the way!" Gabrielle laughed.

"Just wait'll get those crazy cravings too." Ephiny answered as she struggled to sit... "whew!" Ephiny exclaimed as she made it into the chair... "ow! my back is killing me!" Ephiny replied in obvious discomfort... "Gabrielle...are you sure you want to go through this?" Ephiny asked with a smile.

"I think it's a little late for that Ephiny considering I'm two moons pregnant!" Gabrielle chuckled as she handed Ephiny a list of priorities for the day.

"AAAHHH!" Ephiny screamed as she doubled over in pain and gasped for a breath.

"Ephiny!..what's wrong?" Gabrielle exclaimed with worry as she rushed to her side and held her hand.

"It hurts so bad Gabrielle!" Ephiny answered as she held her side... "I think my water just broke Gabrielle!"

"By the gods're not due for another moon!...Guards!...get Xena and the midwife right away!" Gabrielle shouted with urgency... "hold on Ephiny help is on it's way." Gabrielle replied trying to reassure Ephiny.

"I'm not going anywhere Gabrielle....AAAHHH!" Ephiny yelled as she squeezed Gabrielle's hand tight.

Xena and the midwife rushed in simultaneously... "what's wrong?" Xena asked as she looked at Gabrielle and Ephiny out of breath.

"My water broke Xena and I'm in a lot of pain." Ephiny exclaimed through her deep breathing techniques she was performing to ease the pain.

"We need to get her back to the hut so I can check her out." the midwife explained.

Xena and Gabrielle helped Ephiny out of the chair as she doubled over in pain with Xena catching her.

"Here....I'll carry you Ephiny." Xena replied as she lifted Ephiny up into her arms and carried her back to the hut quickly.

Cyrene saw all of the commotion and followed them into the hut as Xena gently laid Ephiny on the bed.

The midwife began her examination... " looks like the baby is ready to meet everyone." She replied with a smile.

"No!...not without Blaise here!" Ephiny shouted.

The army was able to fight the Greeks back and declared a small victory at their feat. Blaise watched as the men celebrated but was not in a celebrating mood. She felt something was very wrong but she couldn't quite figure out what it was.

" must be happy...they're pulling back." Joxer grinned as he patted her back

"I guess I should be dude but I think something might be wrong with Ephiny." Blaise answered with worry.

"What?...what makes you think that?" Joxer asked confused.

"I don't know for sure it's just something that I feel in my heart...go ready the horses Joxer." Blaise ordered as she looked off in the distance trying to sort out her feelings. Blaise grew more worried as her feelings became stronger and her heart raced faster with every thought.

"AAAHHH!" Ephiny shouted in pain as she squeezed Gabrielle and Cyrene's hand.

"Ephiny...push!" the midwife demanded.

"No!...not without Blaise." Ephiny screamed with anger as she took in deep breaths.

Xena stood over Ephiny head and knelt down... "Ephiny...the baby is going to come out wether Blaise is here or not...honey." Xena replied softly and soothingly as she moved Ephiny's hair off her sweaty face.

"No...Xena...I'm waiting for Blaise...AAAHHH!" Ephiny screamed as another contraction consumed her while Xena glanced at Gabrielle with concern.

"'re crowning...think of the have to push." the midwife instructed her.

"Blaise!" Ephiny shouted as she began to cry... "Aphrodite!...please bring Blaise to me!" she shouted as another contraction came... "owwwww!"

"Sweetpea!...I've got a great birthday present for you." Aphrodite replied with excitement as she appeared before Blaise.

"I don't have time for this Aphie...something's wrong with Ephiny." Blaise answered with worry as she headed towards Taz forgetting it was her birthday today.

"Blaise...that's why I'm here...Ephiny's in labor and she asked me to bring you to her so here I am." Aphrodite answered with a smile and a shrug of the shoulders.

"By the gods!" Blaise shouted with a look of shock on her face... "Joxer...bring Taz to the village...go!" she yelled as she ran to Aphrodite... "why didn't you say that sooner!" Blaise asked with agitation.

"You didn't give me a chance."

"Let's go...come on!" Blaise demanded as her heart beat so fast that it felt like it would jump out of her chest.

Aphrodite smiled at her nervousness and put her hand on Blaise's shoulder as they vanished.

"Come on Ephiny push!"

"No!" Ephiny screamed.

"Come on baby...push." Blaise replied with a smile as she appeared with Aphrodite and dropped her scabbard to the ground after unstraping it. Blaise rushed to Ephiny's side and took her hand in her own... "I'm here baby."

"Where have you been?" Ephiny yelled with anger.

"Not now...honey...we're right in the middle of something." Blaise answered with embarrassment as she looked around the hut filled with onlookers.

"AAAHHH!" Ephiny shouted through a contraction as she clutched Blaise's hand tight.

"Wow!'re hurting me!"

Ephiny looked at Blaise with a look of if looks could kill she would be dead. Xena chuckled as she looked at the interaction between the two and thought about what she had to look forward to when Gabrielle delivers their baby making a mental note to not be late. She smiled as she looked at Gabrielle and held her hand.

Blaise kissed Ephiny's hand and wiped the sweat off her forehead... "you're doing great baby...come on now...push!" Blaise replied in a soothing voice. Ephiny gave Blaise another terse look as she screamed out in pain... "I know baby...I'm a pig for getting you into this...I'm sorry." Blaise answered as Ephiny gave her a look that the statement was true.

"Go ahead Ephiny push!" the midwife shouted as Ephiny sat part way up to push.

"Oowww!" Ephiny yelled as she closed her eyes and breathed in shallow panting breaths.

Blaise sat behind Ephiny to help hold her up while she pushed and Ephiny leaned back against Blaise... "you're doing great baby." Blaise whispered in her ear as she kissed her cheek and held her hand which Ephiny promptly squeezed tightly sending jolts of pain through her.

"The head is out now come on and push again Ephiny!" the midwife commanded as Ephiny pushed.

"I love you baby." Blaise whispered... "you're doing so good baby."

"Blaise...would you shut up!" Ephiny answered with agitation.

"Yes...dear." Blaise answered as she looked at Aphrodite with hurt filled blue eyes.

Aphrodite mouthed 'it's a delivery thing and she means nothing by it.' as she shrugged her shoulders for reassurance.

"Great!...the baby's's a little boy!" the midwife exclaimed as the baby wailed from his first breaths.

Ephiny and Blaise cried with tears of joy as Ephiny fell back into Blaise's arms who wrapped them tightly around her and put her head against Ephiny's. Blaise kissed her cheek as Ephiny tried to catch her breath.

Blaise moved out of the way so Ephiny could lay down and knelt beside her taking her hand in her own placing a soft kiss on it... "we have a little boy babe!" Blaise replied with excitement as her tears of joy fell down her face and she leaned up to kiss Ephiny.

The midwife cut the umbilical cord and wrapped the baby in a blanket as she stood up to leave the hut with her helpers... "I'm going to take him to the healer hut to be checked over."

Blaise turned to look at her as her smile left her face and was replaced with horror as she jumped up... "no!" Blaise yelled as she ran towards the midwife pushing the onlookers out of the way... "give me our baby!" Blaise demanded as her heart pounded with fear that she would never see her baby again if he left the hut and smiled widely with a chuckle as she looked at her son for the first time. Her heart raced with pride and joy as she looked into his sweet face... "I only want family in here...everyone else...get out... including you!" Blaise demanded with anger as she looked at the midwife experiencing a wide range of emotions at that moment.

"Blaise." Ephiny replied weakly at Blaise's reaction as everyone else looked the same way except Cyrene who cried and moved to Blaise. She put her arm around Blaise and led her to Ephiny's side.

"It's okay one's going to take your baby away." Cyrene replied softly and soothingly as Blaise looked into her mother's eyes then back down to the baby feeling reassured.

She knelt beside Ephiny and showed her the baby... "he's beautiful Eph." Blaise answered as she began to cry.

"AAAHHH!" Ephiny screamed in pain as her eyes rolled back in her head and she gasped for air.

"Ephiny!" Blaise shouted with concern... "mother...take the baby and make sure he's okay." Blaise replied as she handed the baby to Cyrene who took the baby to the table to check him over... "" Blaise replied with worry as she took Ephiny's limp hand in her own while all the joy in her heart was replaced by fear of losing Ephiny again... "Xena...what's wrong?" Blaise asked frightfully.

"I'm not sure Blaise!" Xena answered with worry as she checked Ephiny's pulse.

"No!...not again!" Blaise shouted and cried as she kissed Ephiny's hand.

To be continued...

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