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By Cruise

Disclaimer: The characters associated with Xena:Warrior Princess belong to Mca/Universal and are used without permission. The character of Blaise is my own creation and is not affiliated with the show. The events in this story do not necessarily follow along with events that happen in the show.

Sex: Lots of it! Sexually explicit sex scenes of two consenting adult women. So, if anyone is underage or offended by two women making love than this story is not recommended.

Violence: Some but not too bad. Some mild language.

Horse talk: The dialogue between two horses has been translated into English for the readers who are not proficient in Horse talk.

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Ephiny hesitated before opening the rest of the scroll and took in a deep breath trying to calm herself. Once calmed she opened the scroll to a sigh of relief as she read the scroll.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I'm really not a poet
But I'm standing behind you


Ephiny turned around quickly and stood up as she saw Blaise standing in the doorway behind her. She pushed past Joxer and ran into Blaise's waiting arms.

"Hey baby!" Blaise replied as she hugged her wife tightly.

"Blaise...are you okay?...why did you scare me like that!" Ephiny asked with tears in her eyes and hit Blaise's shoulder.

"I guess Joxer got a little melodramatic...I'm sorry...I just wanted to surprise you...but I'm okay now that you're in my arms." Blaise answered softly as she kissed Ephiny lifting her off the ground in her muscular arms for a deep sensuous kiss.

"Let's take a break for about ten minutes and maybe we can come back with clearer heads to resolve the matters at hand." Gabrielle ordered as the council left the chamber out the rear exit.

"Hi Gabby!" Joxer replied with a silly smile.

"Hey Joxer." Gabrielle answered as she moved Joxer out of ear shot of Blaise and Ephiny... "is everything okay with Blaise she looks very haggard and Ephiny has been very worried about her." Gabrielle asked as they glanced over at Blaise who continued hugging Ephiny.

"Well...she's been very worried about Ephiny and she misses her very much Gabby...she sleeps maybe one to two candle marks a night and is just wearing herself thin." Joxer answered with concern for his friend.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"That's not good Joxer." Gabrielle answered with concern.

"She told me she's just not able to sleep without Ephiny...we rode all night to get here on top of that...maybe it will help with her being back here." Joxer explained.

"Ephiny I have missed you so much." Blaise replied as she brushed Ephiny's hair off her face.

"I've missed you too honey...are you okay? don't look so good." Ephiny asked with concern.

"A little tired but I feel a lot better now that I'm holding much longer do you have here?"

"I'm not sure because we aren't making any progress...I'm sorry." Ephiny answered with a sad face and kissed Blaise... "how long are you staying?"

"Just a couple of days baby."

"Oh, Blaise!" Ephiny answered with disappointment.

"I'm sorry I can't stay longer but I had to see you even if it was just for a moment...did you see the healer?"

"I'm fine Blaise...don't worry." Ephiny answered with a smile to reassure Blaise... "I have to get back why don't you go get some sleep?" Ephiny asked as she kissed Blaise and whispered... "I love you." Ephiny ran her hand softly down Blaise's cheek as she walked back to the table to continue with the meeting.

Blaise watched her as she sat down and glanced back at her flashing her a sexy smile with a wink. Blaise left the hut and headed towards the food hut for a bite to eat. As Blaise exited the food hut with some cheese she heard Xena shout at her.


Blaise looked in Xena's direction and walked over to greet her sister... "hey Xena!" Blaise answered as she hugged Xena.

"You okay stranger?" Xena asked as she looked her sister over.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"Just tired." Blaise answered with a yawn.

Xena took Blaise's face in her palms and looked into her eyes... "are you sure?"

"Yeah... but I am worried about Ephiny and I miss her more than I could have ever imagined."

Xena hugged Blaise again... "I know little's very tough to be away from the one you love... it's been tough on Ephiny too but try to make the most of your time together though."

"I intend too Xena...listen I'm going to try and get some sleep while Eph is in the meeting...I'll catch you later okay?...oh, how's mother been?" Blaise asked with concern for her mother.

"She's fine...they're back get some rest you look like centaur poop!" Xena answered with a smile.

"Thanks so much Xena...I knew I could count on you for a kind word." Blaise answered with a sly smile as she popped some cheese in her mouth and headed towards her hut.

"Hey!...that's what families are for little sister!" Xena shouted back.

Blaise waved her hand at Xena as she entered the hut and took in a deep breath. Blaise took in the scent from Ephiny's perfume which lingered in the air as she smiled and moved over to the bed.

Blaise sat down on the bed and noticed Ephiny kept the scrolls she sent her next to the bed along with a pressed rose tucked inside them. Blaise smiled and laid back on the bed thinking about how sweet it was that Ephiny kept her scrolls with a rose in them. Blaise looked over to find her favorite shirt laying on her pillow... "I wondered where I left that!" Blaise laughed as she put the shirt back where she found it... "aah...this feels so good to be back in my bed." Blaise replied out loud as she fell fast asleep.

The council broke for a mid day break still unable to settle their differences and Ephiny rushed back to her hut so see her wife. Ephiny entered the hut to find Blaise sleeping and approached the bed quietly to not wake her. Ephiny smiled lovingly as she watched the love of her life sleep peacefully.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

Ephiny gently lifted Blaise's hand off of her sword and unhooked her scabbard from her side and placed the sword down next to the bed. Ephiny took off Blaise's boots, socks and pants to make her more comfortable. Ephiny thought about how it was a good thing that she wasn't an enemy because Blaise was oblivious to what was happening to her.

Ephiny climbed up on the bed next to Blaise and lightly brushed her hair off her forehead. Ephiny placed a gentle kiss on her lips as she held her hand and watched her sleep. Ephiny thought about how much she loved and missed Blaise as she rubbed her finger over the joining ring she gave Blaise. Ephiny smiled as she placed a kiss on the ring and kissed Blaise's lips again as she whispered... "I love you" in Blaise's ear. Ephiny left the hut quietly to return to her meeting and ran into Epinon along the way.

"Can you do me a favor?"

"Sure Ephiny." Epinon answered.

"I would like the hot tub hut prepared for this evening and I would like to have dinner there with Blaise...can you arrange it for me?"

" problem." Epinon answered with a smile and thought about how romantic the two of them are with each other.

"Thanks I really appreciate it." Ephiny answered as she hurried back to join the council meeting.

Blaise woke to kisses along her face and neck causing a smile to appear on her face... " wife can be very jealous...let's hope she doesn't catch you here." Blaise replied groggily with a smile as she looked at Ephiny.

" looks like I might have to take my chances with your wife." Ephiny answered as she softly kissed Blaise's lips.

Blaise looked around slightly disoriented and noticed the majority of her clothes were off... "aah...did I miss something that I really would have enjoyed?" Blaise asked with a sexy smile.

"Must have been your loving wife who came in and undressed you...she probably thought you might be more comfortable." Ephiny answered with a smile.

"I'm sorry I missed that." Blaise answered with a sly grin.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

Ephiny gave Blaise a long deep kiss as Blaise wrapped her arms around Ephiny and held her tight enjoying the warm rush she felt consume her body.

Ephiny gazed into Blaise's sleepy blue eyes... "are you hungry?"

"For you?...always!" Blaise answered with a raise of her eyebrows and a smile.

"That's later." Ephiny answered seductively as she kissed Blaise... "I'm talking about food."

"Well...then I'm famished."

"Then let's eat." Ephiny answered as she climbed out of bed.

Blaise sat up slowly on the side of the bed trying to get her bearings and ran her fingers through her disheveled hair with a yawn.

"You okay?" Ephiny asked with worry.

"Just trying to wake...I haven't had much sleep lately."

Ephiny took Blaise's hand and helped her off the bed. Ephiny put her arm around Blaise's waist as they headed towards the door of the hut.

" I need some clothes on?" Blaise asked as she glanced down at Ephiny.

"'re cool." Ephiny answered with a smile.

"Oh, wait!...I have to get something." Blaise replied as she went back and grabbed her backpack.

Blaise swung the backpack over her shoulder as she headed back to Ephiny and held her hand as they left the hut... "where are you taking me baby?...are we going to do something kinky?...I'm new to that you know!" Blaise teased.

"We're going in here and you know you're not a virgin to kinkiness." Ephiny answered as she pulled Blaise into the hot tub hut.

"Ooh, you're sassy!" Blaise teased as she looked around the hut to find candles circling the hot tub and a table set with enough food for a feast... "Ephiny...what's the occasion?" Blaise asked with a smile.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"It's because I love you and you'll find out soon enough." Ephiny smiled seductively as she kissed Blaise passionately and moved her back towards the table as they continued their kiss.

Ephiny sat Blaise down at the table and poured some wine for her. Ephiny stood behind Blaise and wrapped her arms around her neck... "I love you baby." Ephiny whispered in Blaise's ear as she softly kissed her on the cheek.

Blaise took Ephiny's hand and pulled her around onto her lap. Blaise gazed into her hazel eyes as she wrapped her arms around her wife and slowly slid her tongue into Ephiny's mouth for a passionate kiss making the butterflies in Ephiny's stomach flutter faster... "I love you Ephiny." Blaise answered softly... "this is really wonderful...thank you." Blaise smiled and kissed her again.

"Are you ready to eat?" Ephiny asked as she sat in the chair next to Blaise.

"Bring it on baby!" Blaise answered with a smile.

Ephiny scooped out some potatoes and chicken placing it on a plate for Blaise. Blaise began to eat her meal and wondered what Ephiny was up to. Blaise was worried as to what Ephiny might be keeping from her.

" there something you want to tell me or is there something wrong?" Blaise asked with trepidation.

"Can't I have a nice quiet dinner with my love without anything being wrong?" Ephiny asked with a bit of agitation in her voice.

"I guess not but you're being mysterious." Blaise answered with a smile... "oh, I have something for you." Blaise answered with excitement as she put the bread in her mouth that she was holding and wiped her hands before digging into her backpack. Blaise pulled out a neatly wrapped small box and handed it to Ephiny.

Blaise took the bread out of her mouth to finish eating it as Ephiny opened her gift.

"Blaise that is so sweet...thank you." Ephiny answered with a smile as she opened the present and pulled out a necklace.

The stone was black onyx in the shape of half a heart attached to a piece of leather... "it's beautiful Blaise...I love it...thank you." Ephiny answered with a surprised yet touched look from Blaise's gesture.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"Here...I'll put it on you." Blaise offered as she took the necklace from Ephiny and stood up behind her. Blaise moved her long blond curls off her shoulders and placed the necklace around her neck which rested in the notch of her neck.

"Ooh, that looks sexy baby." Blaise answered as she leaned in and kissed her neck... "I have the other half." Blaise smiled as she pulled her half out for Ephiny to put on her neck.

Ephiny smiled and took the necklace from Blaise placing it around her neck. Ephiny looked into Blaise's blue eyes... "you're so thoughtful baby." Ephiny replied as she kissed Blaise's cheek as happiness swept over Blaise knowing Ephiny liked the necklace.

"I have something for you Blaise." Ephiny replied with a mysterious smile as she pulled out a box and handed it to Blaise.

Blaise put the box to her ear and shook it... "'s not rocks." Blaise teased

Ephiny smiled... "just open it baby."

Blaise opened the box and pulled out it's contents...a pair of knitted baby booties... "honey...these won't fit me." Blaise smiled as she held them up and realized what they where... "by the gods, Ephiny you're pregnant?!" Blaise asked with excitement and a huge smile on her face.

Ephiny had tears of joy in her eyes at Blaise's excitement... "yes...I am honey."

"Oh, baby!" Blaise shouted as tears filled her eyes and she picked Ephiny up in her arms... "I'm so happy baby...are you?" Blaise asked with a smile as her heart raced faster with Ephiny's news.

"Unbelievably so Blaise!" Ephiny smiled as she wrapped her arms around Blaise's neck.

"I love you Ephiny...this is one of the happiest moments of my life." Blaise answered as she kissed Ephiny with tears streaming down her face.

"I love you Blaise." Ephiny answered as she wiped Blaise's tears away and kissed her softly.

"Oh, what was I thinking squeezing you like that...did I hurt the baby?" Blaise asked with worry as she put Ephiny down.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

Ephiny laughed... "it's okay honey you aren't going to hurt the baby."

"Whew!...that's a relief." Blaise answered with a sigh... "can I look?" Blaise asked as she pointed at Ephiny's belly.

"Yes...but you won't see anything honey." Ephiny chuckled at Blaise's excitement and nervousness.

"Hey!...wait a minute...what have you been doing while I've been gone to get pregnant!" Blaise teased.

" know this is your baby!" Ephiny answered with a laugh.

"I'm just teasing you darlin...this must be our wedding present Aphie told me about...she said we would know it when we got it so, this has to be it." Blaise answered with a smile as she kissed her.

Blaise knelt down on one knee and opened Ephiny's robe placing both hands on her stomach as she leaned forward to gently kiss her abdomen. Ephiny put her hands on Blaise's head and ran her fingers through her hair as she smiled with excitement at how loving Blaise was being.

"Hello...I'm going to be" Blaise stammered momentarily trying to figure out what name best described her as she kissed Ephiny's stomach. Blaise looked up at Ephiny... "that sounds kind of weird."

"Why baby?" Ephiny asked as she looked down at Blaise.

"Me a mom?" Blaise smiled at Ephiny in awe that she was to be a mother.

"You're going to be a fabulous mother Blaise." Ephiny answered with a smile as she untied her robe allowing it to fall to the ground... " Blaise take the rest of my clothes off." Ephiny demanded seductively.

"What about the baby?" Blaise asked as she stood before Ephiny.

"The baby is going to get a birds eye undress me." Ephiny demanded with a sexy smile.

"Okay don't get pushy." Blaise teased... "baby you have made me the happiest person in the world." Blaise replied with a huge smile and kissed Ephiny... "I guess my gift is not as big as I thought compared to yours."

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"Blaise...I love my necklace and it's very important to me because it's from you." Ephiny answered as she lightly stroked Blaise's face with the back of her hand... "you have given me the gift of happiness, life, love and now a child. Our love produced this baby, of course, with a little help from the gods but more from our love for one another...I love you baby." Ephiny kissed Blaise as her wife wrapped her arms around her.

Blaise ran her hands softly up Ephiny's sensual curves to the sides of her breasts and moved them to the front sliding them under the garment she wore. Blaise caressed Ephiny's soft, supple breasts as she explored Ephiny's mouth with her tongue. Ephiny reached in and untied her top letting the material fall to the floor. Blaise rubbed Ephiny's breasts and gently pinched her erect nipples as she continued her sensual kiss.

Ephiny slid her hands into Blaise's vest and pushed it off her shoulders to the ground as Blaise moved her soft kisses down Ephiny's neck to her breasts. The warmth Ephiny felt overwhelmed her from Blaise's touch and kiss. Blaise moved her mouth onto Ephiny's breast and circled her tongue around her erect nipple as she began to gently suck her breast.

"Oh, Blaise...that feels so good." Ephiny moaned softly as she ran her fingers through Blaise's soft, wavy hair.

Blaise's kisses traveled down Ephiny's stomach as she slid her hands under Ephiny's skirt lifting it up. Blaise slowly moved her mouth onto Ephiny's sex and tasted her through her undergarments feeling the heat and moistness between Ephiny's legs. Ephiny's breath escaped her momentarily as she felt Blaise's tongue on her sex and gasped for a breath. Blaise continued to lick and softly bite her sex as she unwrapped her skirt which she threw to the ground.

Blaise slid her fingers to the sides of her undergarments and slid them down Ephiny's muscular legs revealing her wet, hot sex. Blaise moved her kisses back up Ephiny's stomach to her breasts as she stood up.

"Blaise you're driving me nuts with this teasing." Ephiny whispered seductively as she looked into her lovers deep blue eyes.

Ephiny slid Blaise's sports bra over her head and threw it to the floor as she ran her hands softly along Blaise's muscular chest. Blaise began to kiss Ephiny's neck as she wrapped her arms around Blaise's neck.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"By the gods you have to tease me this much!" Ephiny moaned as her heart raced with every touch and kiss from Blaise.

"I just want to take my time and make this moment last baby." Blaise whispered as Ephiny tilted her head back to enjoy Blaise's soft kiss on her neck.

"It feels so good baby." Ephiny moaned.

Blaise moved her lips back to Ephiny's parted mouth and slid her tongue inside for a deep kiss as Ephiny ran her hands down Blaise's muscular body pushing her boxer shorts off as she pressed her warm body against Blaise's once again.

Blaise slid her hands down to Ephiny's firm backside gently squeezing her butt as she kissed her more intensity. Blaise moved her hand around to Ephiny's sex and ran her finger along Ephiny's wet clit as Ephiny's knees buckled from Blaise's touch with Blaise steading her in her arms. Blaise continued her kiss as she picked Ephiny up and carried her to the hot tub.

As they both entered the hot tub the hot water gave them a rush of warmth over their bodies. Blaise wet her hair and leaned back against the wall of the tub and pulled Ephiny onto her lap. Ephiny leaned her back against Blaise and tilted her head back to rest it on Blaise's shoulders.

Blaise began to suck Ephiny's neck as she slid her hands under Ephiny's wet breasts to caress them... "Oh, baby you feel so good touching me." Ephiny moaned.

Blaise ran her hands down Ephiny's stomach to her legs and spread them for easier access then moved her hands back up to her breasts to gently pinch her hard nipples... "baby please touch me." Ephiny pleaded softly.

"Did you miss me honey?" Blaise asked in a whisper in her ear.

"I missed you so much and I long for you to touch me."

Blaise continued to suck her neck and slowly moved her hands down Ephiny's body to her center. Blaise spread Ephiny's folds apart and slid her fingers between them as she began to massage her moist, swollen nub.

Ephiny pressed her head into Blaise's shoulder and grabbed tightly onto Blaise's muscular thigh as she gasped for a deep breath. Ephiny turned her head entering Blaise's mouth with her tongue for a deep, sensuous kiss as Blaise slowly entered Ephiny's opening with her finger moving it deeper as Ephiny relaxed more.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"Aah...Blaise." Ephiny moaned through her kiss.

Blaise slid her finger in and out of Ephiny's wet opening causing Ephiny to become more aroused each time Blaise moved her finger deeper. Blaise moved her other hand to Ephiny's sex and circled her finger over her slick, hard clit as Ephiny threw her head back in pleasure... " make me feel so good." Ephiny moaned in a deep voice.

Blaise placed soft bites followed by soft kisses along Ephiny's neck as she picked up her pace moving her fingers in and out of Ephiny as she moved her hips faster in response to Blaise's touch.

"Deeper...Blaise...deeper." Ephiny moaned as Blaise slid her fingers deeper inside of her warm, tight opening... "oh, yes!" Ephiny whispered in ecstasy.

Ephiny's clit grew harder under Blaise's finger along with her arousal as Blaise continued to rub her swollen nub. Ephiny's opening widened as she became more relaxed allowing Blaise to insert another long, slender finger as Ephiny winced slightly with the entry.

"Oh, Blaise." Ephiny moaned as she moved her hips faster and began to breath harder... "aah...yes... faster Blaise faster."

Blaise obliged her request and moved her fingers in and out faster... "do you have something for me baby?" Blaise whispered seductively in her ear as she nibbled on her lobe.

"Oh...yes...yes...Blaise!" Ephiny screamed as she released her orgasm.

"That's my girl...let it all out baby...I think you've got some more for me." Blaise whispered as she pressed her finger against Ephiny's throbbing clit.

Ephiny's body shuddered and she released more of her orgasm screaming once again from her ecstasy. Blaise kissed her neck and slowly slid her fingers out of Ephiny causing her to release more of her orgasm. Blaise moved her hands up around Ephiny's waist and held her tight... "you feel so good baby." Blaise whispered in her ear.

Ephiny turned around and straddled her legs around Blaise's waist throwing her arms around her neck to capture her lips for a passionate kiss. Ephiny broke her kiss and gazed into Blaise's dazzling blue eyes... "you're such an attentive lover make me feel so special...I love you." Ephiny replied with a loving smile.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

Blaise smiled and wrapped her arms around Ephiny's naked body tighter... "I love you honey." Blaise whispered as she kissed Ephiny deeply. Blaise broke her kiss as she looked into Ephiny's hazel eyes and ran her fingers through her wet blond hair with a loving smile.

"What's wrong baby?" Ephiny asked as Blaise's face turned serious.

Blaise smiled slightly as tears filled her eyes as she thought about how much she loved Ephiny and could not be happier.

"Blaise...honey." Ephiny answered with worry as Blaise looked down and ran her hands down Ephiny's shoulders to her hands. Blaise pulled her hands up out of the water and kissed them... "babe...what's wrong?'re scaring me." Ephiny replied as she tilted her head to make eye contact with Blaise and noticed she was crying... "oh, baby what is it?" Ephiny asked as she hugged Blaise and knew she was embarrassed to cry in front of her despite the fact that she was her soulmate.

Blaise held Ephiny tightly as her head was buried in her shoulder and Blaise gently kissed her shoulder... " don't have to always be strong around me." Ephiny replied as she leaned back to make eye contact with Blaise. Ephiny took Blaise's face in her hands and wiped the tears from her eyes... "tell me what's wrong?"

Blaise took a deep breath and smiled... "what a sappy God of War I'm going to make huh?" Blaise chuckled nervously... "Ephiny I don't want to have to leave you and the baby...I can't stand to be away from you for a moment." Blaise answered as she leaned her head against Ephiny's shoulder. Ephiny kissed her head and stroked her fingers through her dark, wet hair.

"Oh, baby...I don't want to be apart from you either...when do you have to leave?"

"Tomorrow." Blaise whispered as she held Ephiny tighter... "I don't want to miss another moment of our life together or one moment of your pregnancy." Blaise answered as she gazed into Ephiny's eyes... "I love you Eph." Blaise replied as she kissed Ephiny's lips softly.

Ephiny pushed Blaise's hair back as she stared into Blaise's sad blue eyes... "we'll get through it some how baby...maybe we can meet somewhere in between more frequently or something...try not to worry about it so much." Ephiny answered trying to reassure Blaise... "listen to me telling you that when I should take my own advice because I do the same thing." Ephiny answered with a smile as she kissed Blaise on the forehead.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"I'll just have to delegate more duties to others because I can't be away from you for as long as I have hurts too much." Blaise explained as she kissed and held Ephiny in her arms... "baby tonight was wonderful and I will never forget how special this night was for me...thank you." Blaise replied as she looked into Ephiny's eyes and kissed her lips softly... "uhmmm...I had always hoped...aah." Blaise stammered as she looked down nervously... "I...aah would find someone to love and share my life with but I never expected to love someone as much as I love you have completely stolen my heart." Blaise explained as she looked in her eyes and placed her hand on her face... "I love you more than life itself baby." Blaise replied as she slowly moved in towards Ephiny as she continued to gaze into her eyes for a loving kiss.

Ephiny began to cry... "you make me feel so special Blaise as if I'm the most important person in the don't know what that means to me to be loved that way."

"I didn't mean to make you cry...please don't might upset the baby not to mention me." Blaise answered with a smile as she wiped Ephiny's tears away then moved her hand down to Ephiny's stomach and rubbed her hand over it gently.

"You're going to be very protective aren't you?" Ephiny asked with a smile.

"Very protective of my wife and child...I can't help it because it's just my nature and you're both the most important people in my about if we tell Xena and Gabrielle the wonderful news?" Blaise asked with a smile.

" will be a relief to tell them because it's been very hard to keep it a secret from them...I wanted you to be the first to know." Ephiny answered as she stood up.

"Stay right there I'll get you a towel." Blaise replied as she put her palms on Ephiny's stomach and placed a soft kiss on it.

"Blaise do you have a stomach fetish that I don't know about?" Ephiny asked with a smile.

"I'm giving the baby a kiss woman!...but now that I think about it you do have an incredibly sexy stomach." Blaise answered with a sexy smile as she approached Ephiny and put her hands on Ephiny's shoulders... "Eph...are you sure you want this baby?" Blaise asked with concern.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"Blaise...there are two things that I'm sure of in this world." Ephiny answered as she put her hand on Blaise's cheek with Blaise placing her hand on Ephiny's as she gazed into her eyes... "my undying love for you and wanting this baby that I'm carrying...there is nothing else in this world that I could want ...well...other than more childeren." Ephiny answered with a smile as she kissed Blaise.

"I feel the same as you baby and it amazes me that I'm as lucky as I am to be loved so much by such a wonderful woman." Blaise answered with a smile as she kissed Ephiny and stood up to exit the tub.

Ephiny pinched Blaise's butt as she exited the tub... "hmmm...nice bum where you from?" Ephiny smiled mischievously.

"Easy darlin...don't bruise the merchandise." Blaise answered with a laugh as she grabbed a towel and waited at the steps with the towel open for Ephiny to step into... "climb in my little vixen." Blaise replied in a sexy voice as she looked up at Ephiny who was descending the steps... "have I ever told you that I think you're incredibly beautiful?" Blaise asked with a sexy smile.

"Yes...but I don't mind you telling me from time to time." Ephiny answered as she moved into Blaise's arms who wrapped the towel around her wet body and kissed her.

"Thanks baby." Ephiny answered with a smile as Blaise dried her off.

They both dressed and headed over to Xena and Gabrielle's hut. Blaise slowly and quietly opened the door just enough for the pair to slip into as she scanned the room to make sure Xena wasn't about to pounce on them.

"Blaise!" Ephiny whispered.

Blaise turned to her... "ssh!" Blaise motioned with her finger to her lips as she pulled her head back out of the hut.

"What are you doing?"

"Trying to catch them in a compromising position." Blaise answered as she looked back with a sly grin while she took Ephiny's hand and led her through the door tiptoeing up to the bed were Xena and Gabrielle were sleeping.

Blaise climbed into the bed between the two and startled Xena out of bed fumbling for her sword naked. Gabrielle opened her eyes to Blaise laying next to her laughing.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"Hi Gabby!" Blaise replied with a laugh.

"Blaise?...what in tartarus are you doing?" Xena asked with anger as her heart raced from being startled and not hearing Blaise enter the hut... "Ephiny?" Xena asked as she looked to the opposite side of the bed to find Ephiny laughing.

"Oh, Ephiny and I thought we might have a threesome with Gabrielle and you could watch Xena...just make sure you take some good notes though." Blaise teased.

"Oh, can we Xena?" Gabrielle teased and laughed as she cuddled up next to Blaise with Ephiny climbing into bed to snuggle up next to Gabrielle... "hey, I think I like this." Gabrielle replied with a laugh.

"You three are just a barrel of laughs." Xena answered with agitation.

"Oh, Xena you look so sexy standing there naked with only your sword in your hand." Blaise teased as everyone laughed.

"Why Blaise I outta..." Xena answered with agitation as she sat on Blaise.

"Ooh!" Blaise groaned from the weight of Xena sitting on her.

"I don't want to be left out to watch I want to join in!" Xena answered as everyone laughed.

"Oh, Xena your butt feels so good on my stomach...too bad we're sisters." Blaise teased as she rolled Xena off her stomach... "hey, I've got the same birthmark on my butt Xena!" Blaise exclaimed as she slapped Xena's butt.

"Do you really?" Xena asked with a laugh.

"Ask Eph she'll tell" Blaise pulled her boxers down to reveal her birthmark which was exactly the same as Xena's.

"That's wild...we'll have to find out if the rest of the family has them." Xena answered with a chuckle.

"Nice butt Blaise." Gabrielle replied with a laugh.

"It sure is." Ephiny chimed in.

"Just what are you two up too anyway?" Xena asked with skepticism.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"Okay Eph you have to be serious...stop fooling around." Blaise teased with a laugh as she got up and went around the bed to help Ephiny up. Blaise put her arm around Ephiny and looked at her... "do you want to tell them or should I?"

Xena and Gabrielle wrapped themselves in the blanket and sat next to each other on the bed... " someone tell us!" Gabrielle exclaimed with excitement.

"You tell her she's your sister." Ephiny answered with a smile.

"Okay...well...Ephiny's really a man." Blaise laughed as Ephiny elbowed her.

"Oh, come on the suspense is killing me!" Gabrielle replied.

Blaise held Ephiny's hand as she smiled at her lover and turned to the pair on the bed... "seriously...Ephiny is pregnant." Blaise answered with a proud smile on her face.

Gabrielle put her hands to her mouth with excitement as tears welled in her eyes... "that's wonderful!" she shouted as she stood up and hugged Ephiny.

"That's fantastic Blaise!...I'm gonna be an aunt!" Xena shouted with excitement as she hugged Blaise. Xena leaned away and met Blaise's blue eyes... "I'm so happy for you...for you both." Xena answered as she looked at Ephiny and hugged them both.

Gabrielle moved over and hugged Blaise... "I'm so happy for you Blaise."

"Thanks Gabrielle." Blaise answered with a smile.

Blaise put her hand out for Ephiny who clasped her hand and Blaise pulled her towards her.

"Well...what are you hoping to have?" Gabrielle asked with excitement.

"I hope we have a boy." Blaise answered with excitement as Gabrielle and Ephiny glanced at one another with a look that Blaise said something wrong.

Gabrielle cleared her throat and looked back at Blaise... "why a boy Blaise?"

"Because I wouldn't want my little girl joining with someone like me!" Blaise answered with a laugh.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"It doesn't matter as long as we have a healthy baby." Ephiny answered as she looked at Gabrielle with a stoic look on her face. Blaise stood behind Ephiny and slid her arms around her to rest her hands on Ephiny's stomach. Ephiny put her hands on Blaise's as Blaise kissed her on the head.

Xena slid her hand into Gabrielle's and smiled... "I can't believe I'm gong to be an aunt." Xena replied with excitement.

"Blaise we should be going."

"Yes...dear." Blaise teased as she kissed Ephiny on the cheek.

Xena got up and walked towards the door with Blaise as Ephiny spoke with Gabrielle. "Ephiny you've got to tell her about boys and amazons." Gabrielle whispered.

"I will Gabrielle...I just have to find the right time...she seems so excited about a boy though...maybe the excitement will wear off and she will be more set on a girl."

" should tell her." Gabrielle answered with concern.

"I just have to find the right time to do it...please don't say anything to her...I should be the one to tell her."

"I won't and I'll tell Xena the same."

"Thanks Gabrielle...I appreciate it." Ephiny answered with a smile.

"Don't wait too long Ephiny." Gabrielle answered matter a factly.

Ephiny caught up to Blaise and Xena as they stood outside of the hut... "Eph...want a piggyback ride?" Blaise asked with a sly grin.

"I'd love one." Ephiny answered as Blaise squatted down allowing her to hop up on her back.

Blaise helped Ephiny up on her... "you and the baby okay?" Blaise asked as she peered over her shoulder.

"We're fine baby." Ephiny answered as she wrapped her arms around Blaise's neck and kissed her cheek... "Xena your sister is a worry wort." Ephiny teased with a smile.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"I was the same way when I was pregnant with Solan even though I wouldn't let on to anyone else." Xena answered with sadness as she looked down.

Blaise grabbed her hand and held it... "I'm sorry if we have brought up painful memories of Solan...I just wanted to share our happiness with family."

" have every right to be happy... the baby is wonderful and you should be happy...I'm very happy for you and I can't wait to teach the little one the good ol pinch." Xena answered with a laugh as she pinched the skin on Blaise's neck.

Blaise laughed... "watch'll give me a hickey." Blaise answered as she lifted Ephiny back up who slipped farther down her back.

"That's okay cause it will match the one on Ephiny's neck." Xena laughed and pointed to Ephiny's neck as Ephiny buried her head in Blaise's back with embarrassment softly biting Blaise.

Blaise laughed... "that's our cue to go...see you in the morning."

Xena smiled as the pair headed off to their hut and she entered her own hut to find Gabrielle standing with her back to her and her head down. Xena approached Gabrielle and put her hands on her shoulders.

"You okay?" Xena asked softly.

Gabrielle wiped the tears from her eyes... "no...not really."

Xena turned Gabrielle to face her and brushed her hair off her face... "come on honey...we'll have a baby too one day." Xena answered to reassure Gabrielle.

"We're being punished Xena...we have prayed to the gods for a child and still nothing."

Xena hugged her... "it's not you baby I'm sure it's me...I must have angered too many gods for them to bless us with a child...I'm sorry." Xena answered with regret.

Gabrielle hugged Xena tightly as Xena kissed her... "come on let's get some will happen one day and we will definitely have fun trying to conceive our child." Xena replied with a smile.

"You're right Xena." Gabrielle answered with a smile as they climbed back into bed.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

Blaise and Ephiny laid in their bed naked looking at one another. Ephiny laid on her back as Blaise laid on her side propped up on her arm and ran her finger down Ephiny's neck to her stomach then started over again.

"Do you enjoy tickling my fancy Blaise?" Ephiny asked with a sexy smile.

"Oh, yeah...I love to feel the softness of your skin." Blaise answered as she leaned down and kissed Ephiny's breast tenderly.

"Ooh, that feels good...aah...what are we going to name our baby Blaise?"

"Well...uhmmm...I had a couple of ideas." Blaise answered as she stroked her hand lightly over Ephiny's stomach... "if you agree of course."

"What are they baby?" Ephiny asked with a smile touched that Blaise was nervous about telling her the names she had chosen for their child.

"Well...aah." Blaise answered shyly... "promise me if you don't like them you can tell me and it won't hurt my feelings okay?" Blaise asked as she looked into Ephiny's eyes.

" seems to me that you have thought about some names that have a meaning for you and I promise that I will like them no matter what...well...except Ares...I don't want our children named that." Ephiny teased to reassure Blaise.

"No need to worry about that name because it won't happen..well...I thought if it was a boy I would like to name him Chayce...if you agree." Blaise replied as she looked at Ephiny looking for acceptance.

"I like that name but how did you come up with it?"

"It means a great hunter and I thought he could take after you with your amazon training." Blaise answered as she lightly rubbed Ephiny's stomach.

"Oh, honey...that's so sweet." Ephiny answered with a smile.

"If it's a girl I would like to name her Jordan because that was the name my mother intended to give me." Blaise answered with her head down with regret.

Tears welled in Ephiny's eyes... "baby those are beautiful names...I can't believe you worried that I wouldn't like them...I love those names." Ephiny answered as she ran her hand through Blaise's hair... "I can't get over how you make me love you more and more all the time." Ephiny replied with a smile as she pulled Blaise down for a kiss.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"I love you Eph." Blaise whispered through her kiss.

Blaise broke their kiss and laid her head down between Ephiny's breast and stomach. She moved her hand on Ephiny's stomach and placed a soft kiss there as she closed her eyes. Ephiny ran her fingers through Blaise's hair as Blaise fell fast asleep.

Ephiny reached up and ran her fingers over the necklace Blaise had given her and thought about how happy she was with Blaise. She thought about how much she loved Blaise and wondered how she was to tell her that their son would not be accepted in the amazon village as an equal. Ephiny continued to play with Blaise's hair as she drifted off to sleep.

Ephiny woke before Blaise the next morning who hadn't moved from her previous position from the night before. Ephiny ran her fingers through Blaise's hair gently and reached for her hand pulling it to her lip to place soft kisses on them. Blaise lifted her head and smiled as her blue eyes met Ephiny's... "morning honey." Blaise replied as she moved up to kiss Ephiny's sensuous lips.

"Sleep well?" Ephiny asked as she gazed into Blaise's sexy blue eyes.

"I always do when I'm with you Eph." Blaise answered as she slid her hand down Ephiny's body resting her hand on Ephiny's stomach and laid her head down on the pillow next to Ephiny's.

Ephiny smiled and thought about how sweet it was that Blaise kept touching and kissing her belly to be close to the baby.

Blaise looked at Ephiny and saw the smile on her face. Blaise lifted her head up to make eye contact with her... "what are you smiling at my love?"

"I'm smiling because I am so incredibly happy right now." Ephiny answered as she gave Blaise a sideways glance.

Blaise put her head down on the pillow... "me too...I couldn't be happier thanks to you Eph." Blaise whispered in her ear as she softly kissed her cheek.

Ephiny rolled on top of Blaise resting her head on Blaise's chest as her long hair draped off to the side... "when do you have to leave?"

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

Blaise looked into Ephiny's eyes with a look of sadness and pushed a stray strand of hair off her face... "as soon as I dress." Blaise answered softly as she leaned down to kiss Ephiny's forehead... "I'm sorry." Blaise replied as Ephiny lifted her head up accepting the kiss Blaise offered her as her eyes filled with tears. Blaise ended their kiss and climbed out of bed to dress as Ephiny cried softly while watching Blaise preparing to leave once again.

Blaise finished dressing and knelt before Ephiny who was sitting on the side of the bed... "Eph...I love you and I'm going to miss you baby." Blaise leaned in to kiss and hug Ephiny. Ephiny held Blaise tightly not wanting to let her go. Blaise leaned down and kissed her stomach... "bye loves you and will miss you too." Blaise replied softly.

Blaise looked back up at Ephiny with a smile and kissed her again... "see you soon." Blaise whispered as she got up and quickly left the hut never looking back at Ephiny because it was too painful.

Blaise made her way towards the stables and was stopped by Gabrielle... "Blaise please be safe...we'll miss you." Gabrielle replied as she hugged Blaise.

"Thanks Gabrielle...could you please make sure Ephiny takes care of herself while I'm away?"

Gabrielle put her hand on Blaise's cheek for reassurance... "I will see to it that she stays happy and healthy...don't worry and you make sure you take care of yourself." Gabrielle demanded as she poked Blaise's chest with her finger... "Joxer told me how you are when you're away from make sure you get some sleep while you're gone!"

"He ratted on me huh?...I guess I'll have to cut his pay then." Blaise answered with a laugh.

"You've done a nice thing for him Blaise by trusting him enough to give him a job like you means a lot to him and he will be loyal to you forever."

"He's not a bad guy...he just needs help with his social skills." Blaise answered with a smile.

"I really appreciate what you've done for him Blaise."

Joxer led their horses out of the stables and shouted... "are you ready Blaise?...we need to head out."

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

Blaise raised her hand to acknowledge she heard him... "I've created a monster." Blaise laughed as she looked at Gabrielle.

"He takes his job seriously because you put forth an extra effort with him and he needs that from people."

Blaise leaned down and kissed Gabrielle on the cheek... "take care of my girls Ephiny and Xena while I'm gone." Blaise answered with a smile as she walked away.

"I will and be careful!" Gabrielle shouted as Blaise took Taz's reigns from Joxer as she watched Gabrielle enter the hut.

" careful okay?" Xena replied as she approached.

"You okay?" Blaise asked knowing something was wrong with her sister.

"Oh, sure." Xena answered brushing Blaise off.

Blaise looked back and noticed Joxer was listening to their conversation. She grabbed Xena's arm and led them away to talk privately.

"What gives sis?" Blaise asked.

"Oh, aah...I just wish I could go with you that's all." Xena answered with uneasiness.

"Why would you want to leave Gabrielle to go off to war?"

"Aah...oh...I just miss being on the road...I'm a little bored around here."

"Horseshit Xena...what's going on?...don't beat around the bush with me." Blaise answered with agitation at Xena's stammering.

"Alright...geez!" Xena answered with agitation... "it's Gabrielle...we've been trying to have a baby and we haven't had any luck so far...I think the gods are punishing me for my misdeeds and I can't stand to see the pain in Gabrielle's eyes because she wants a baby so much." Xena explained with sadness.

"Listen." Blaise answered as she put her hand on her shoulder for comfort... "stay here with your wife and treasure every moment you have with her because I would with Ephiny if I could...I will talk to Aphie and see what I can do to help okay?...don't worry about'll happen." Blaise answered with reassurance.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"Thanks Blaise...I appreciate the help."

"Take care of my family please?"

"You know I will protect and care for them with my life Blaise." Xena answered as she hugged Blaise... "I really miss not having you around here."

" too." Blaise answered as she broke their hug and saw Ephiny standing in the doorway of their hut.

Blaise grabbed the saddlehorn and swung herself up on Taz as she heeled him to a gallop towards their hut. Blaise swung Taz around and stopped him so she could face Ephiny. Blaise smiled and winked as Ephiny blew her a kiss. Blaise pulled back on the reigns as Taz raised his front legs and took off in a full gallop out of the village as Joxer joined them.

Blaise and Joxer rode throughout the day and into the night to reach Troy which was in a full out war. Blaise rode up to General Calvin... "what happened?" she asked with agitation.

"They came in by the sea and stormed us...we need reinforcements." Calvin answered with worry.

"Where's our closest army?"

Calvin pulled out his map and showed it to Blaise who looked down at the map... "here." he pointed to the location on the map.

"Try to hold them off ...I'm on it!" Blaise turned Taz away as her adrenaline pumped... " going or staying?"

" place is with you!" Joxer responded as the pair rode off out of the city to locate the reinforcements.

Xena rolled over to put her arm around Gabrielle but her wife was gone. Xena sat up and looked around the hut... "Gabrielle."...Xena threw her robe on and exited the hut to find Gabrielle sitting on the bench in front of their hut... "what brings a good looking chick like you to a place like this?" Xena asked with a smile as she sat next to her wife.

Gabrielle looked up at Xena and gave her a half smile as she wiped her tears away. Xena put her arm around Gabrielle and pulled her close... "what's wrong babe?"

"Oh, Xena...I'm such an awful person." Gabrielle responded through tears.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"No you're not Gabrielle."

"Yes...I am Xena...I'm really jealous of Blaise and Ephiny having a baby." Gabrielle answered with her head down.

"That doesn't make you a bad person Gabrielle."

"It seems that way to me and I just can't be that happy even though I told them I was very happy for them." Gabrielle answered with regret.

"Gabrielle stop worrying so much about getting will happen." Xena answered to reassure Gabrielle.

"It sure happened quick for Blaise and Ephiny." Gabrielle snapped.

"That's right it did Gabrielle and you have to remember Blaise is favored by the gods...I'm not." Xena answered and stood up mad at herself for her misdeeds in the past which was coming back to haunt her.

"Don't you mean us?" Gabrielle asked as she looked up at Xena.

Xena turned to Gabrielle and knelt before her... "no Gabrielle I mean's my fault the gods won't bless us with a child...I'm sure they're punishing you because of me." Xena answered as she looked down.

Gabrielle leaned her head against Xena's... "I'm sorry I have put so much pressure on you...if I didn't have you I wouldn't know love, if we're not meant to have a baby then I guess I will have to deal with it better than what I am now."

"Thanks's going to happen soon with Blaise's help."

"You told Blaise!" Gabrielle answered with agitation and embarrassment.

"She's my sister Gabrielle...besides she knew something was, she said she would speak to Aphrodite for us."

"I guess it wouldn't hurt." Gabrielle answered with less agitation as she kissed Xena.

"Come on baby let's go to bed." Xena answered as she pulled Gabrielle up and put her arm around her as they walked into their hut.

Blaise and Joxer made it to the location to alert the army around mid morning. Blaise spoke with their general who sent his officers to prepare the army to head out to Troy.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

Blaise mounted Taz... "where to Blaise?" Joxer asked.

"We have a week's ride to locate the other two armies...are you still up for it?"

"Sure...but do you think we could get some sleep tonight?" Joxer asked with a smile.

"If you're a good boy Joxer!" Blaise answered with a smile as they headed off on their journey.

Blaise and Joxer rode until sunset and made camp for the evening. Blaise and Joxer sat by the campfire eating the rabbit stew... "this is really good stew Blaise." Joxer replied with a sheepish grin.

"'re lucky we have rabbit in here did you miss that rabbit again?" Blaise asked with agitation.

"Well...I bent down to grab him and.."

"Never mind...I don't want to will just piss me off."

"Blaise...I was wandering...uh...if you could give me some pointers." Joxer asked nervously.

"Sure...when you have the rabbit in your hands you don't drop him." Blaise answered sarcastically.

"No...I know how to do that Blaise." Joxer laughed

"Then why did I have to chase the freaking rabbit all over to catch him!" Blaise asked with a raised voice.

"Okay...okay...I suck at catching rabbits!" Joxer answered as he wailed his arms around... "are you happy now?"

"Yep." Blaise laughed.

"Alright...I need some pointers with the...ya know." Joxer answered as he looked around and whispered... "ladies."

"Dude...why are you whispering?...we're the only one's here." Blaise answered sarcastically.

"I'm nervous that's why." Joxer answered as he stood up and paced nervously.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"Okay I'll stop screwing around with you." Blaise answered with a smile... "sit down and pretend I'm a woman in a bar...give me your pick up line."

Joxer sat down and leaned over to Blaise lowering his voice... "hey, baby I'm Joxer the mighty want to see my sword?"

Blaise laughed and put her hand on his forehead to push him out of her face... "I can see you need a lot of help with your social skills dude." Blaise answered with a chuckle.

"Well...what do I do then?" Joxer whined.

"First off don't whine, secondly, don't lower your voice and thirdly you need to be suave."

"Suave?" Joxer asked confused.

" know polite like can I get you a drink?" Blaise responded in a sweet voice... "smooth...would you like to dance?" Blaise demonstrated as she put her hand out pretending to take a woman's hand... "you need to be sweet Joxer...stop trying to be something you're not."

"How do you mean Blaise?" Joxer asked confused.

"Joxer you try to give off this image that you are a ruthless mighty warrior...that's not who you're really a nice guy who cares about people and there's nothing wrong with that because there needs to be more guys like that in the world."

"Do you think?" Joxer asked excited.

"I know let's get some sleep." Blaise answered as she laid down on her bedroll for some rest as did Joxer.

"Hey, Blaise."


"Thanks for helping me out and for being my friend I appreciate it."

"You're welcome...just stick with me and watch the master...before long the ladies will be eating our of your hand." Blaise laughed.

"Now...that wouldn't be bad at all." Joxer answered with a smile... "well...goodnight." Joxer responded as he rolled over to fall asleep.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"Yep." Blaise answered as she looked up at the stars and felt her necklace with thoughts of Ephiny. Blaise thought about how beautiful her wife is and how much she loves her. She thought about their baby and smiled as she closed her eyes to picture Ephiny.

Blaise fell asleep for a few candle marks and had to suffer through Joxer's snoring as she did some song writing until sunrise.

"Let's get going dude." Blaise replied as she tapped Joxer to wake him.

"Oh, mommie...can I stay home from lessons today?" Joxer answered through his sleep.

"NO!" Blaise shouted as she threw water on his face.

"Aah...I'm up!" Joxer shouted as he jumped up and helped Blaise pick up camp.

Blaise and Joxer found the armies they were searching for to have them join the other troops in Troy. They headed back after being on the road for two and a half moons gathering armies. The war still raged on in Troy as they made their way back into the city.

Blaise approached General Calvin... "have the reinforcements made a difference?" Blaise asked.

"They have made a big difference Blaise and I expect this latest skirmish to quiet down soon...Blaise...are you okay? look really tired." Calvin asked with concern.

"I'm okay just been on the road too will be nice for it to calm down around here." Blaise answered as she went to check on the men as Aphrodite appeared.

"Hey, sexy!"

"Aphie!" Blaise answered with excitement as Aphrodite hugged her.

"How's my fav warrior?" She asked with a smile.

"Tired and lonely for my wife."

"It shows on your beautiful face sweetpea." Aphrodite answered as she kissed her cheek.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"It would have been more of a help if you would have chosen a better leader than that wuss Paris Aphie!...You can't always go for the good looks you know." Blaise teased.

"Oh, I know but he's so cute!" Aphrodite answered with a smile and a shrug of the shoulders... "so, tell me how does it feel knowing you're going to be a mom?" Aphrodite asked with a big smile as she poked Blaise's stomach.

"Incredible!...I can't describe the feeling Aphie but I'm the happiest woman in the world."

"It's a wonderful yet scary feeling to know there is going to be a helpless little baby coming into your life." Aphrodite answered with a high pitched voice and a smile... "that you're responsible for taking care of and loving."

"I can't wait!" Blaise answered with excitement... "thank you for making it happen." Blaise replied with a smile.

"Honey...I just put in a good word for you with a couple of family members who were more than happy to help."

"Well...please tell them I said thank you until I can properly do it...aah...could you do me another favor?" Blaise asked sheepishly with puppy dog eyes.

"Of course, my love...anything you know I've never or will ever deny you anything."

"Could you put in a good word for Xena and Gabrielle?" Blaise asked as she flashed a sexy smile.

"Blaise!" Aphrodite whined and stomped her foot... "don't give me that look...Xena is not in very good favor with the gods."

"She's done a lot of good to make up for her past misdeeds besides you said anything."

"Ooh, you!...I can't be mad at you when you give me that face." Aphrodite answered as she pinched her cheek.

"Xena is joined with an amazon queen and she's my sister not to mention your niece, Zeus's granddaughter...need I go on?" Blaise asked with a smile.

"I know...can I babysit sometime?" Aphrodite asked with excitement.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"As long as you don't put the baby in any frilly pink stuff like you tried to do with" Blaise asked as she raised her eyebrows.

"But you looked so sweet!" Aphrodite whined with a smile.

"No...I looked silly!...Cuppie never has let me live that one down thanks to you!" Blaise laughed.

"Okay...I'll put in a good word for the warrior babe." Aphrodite answered with a smile.

"And?" Blaise asked as she raised her eyebrows with a smile.

"Ooh, you're just like your father manipulating me like pink frilly things on the baby." Aphrodite replied defeated.

"You're the means a lot to Xena and Gabrielle as well as me." Blaise answered as she hugged Aphrodite.

Aphrodite kissed Blaise... "bye baby." Aphrodite winked at Blaise as she disappeared.

Blaise smiled and shook her head as Aphrodite left. Blaise walked over to check on her men... "sergeant...make sure that ten men are moved to the east wall." Blaise instructed the soldier as she noticed he was preoccupied with something over her shoulder.

Blaise turned to see what it was and noticed it was Helen standing by the commanders tent. Helen waved and smiled to Blaise who returned the gesture. Blaise stood in front of the sergeant to get his attention as she put her right hand on her hip and rested her left hand on her sword much like her father.

"Ten men on the east wall now sergeant." Blaise ordered with agitation.

"Sorry sir...aah... B..B." the sergeant stammered nervously.

"Just get to it." Blaise ordered as she shook her head in disgust.

Helen stood admiring Blaise from afar and she noticed Ephiny walked up next to her. Ephiny looked at Helen then back at Blaise and looked at Helen realizing who she was standing next too.

"She's very confidant, poised, sexy and quite amazing wouldn't you say?" Helen responded with admiration of Blaise.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"Yes...she is." Ephiny answered with a smirk on her face knowing Blaise was her wife as she watched Blaise walk over to help some soldiers lift some heavy equipment... "ooh, yes... very strong, sensual and she also has a nice butt." Ephiny answered with a smile.

"Do you know Blaise?" Helen asked as she looked at Ephiny who continued to watch her lover with admiration.

"Yeah...very well actually...she's my wife." Ephiny answered with cockiness and looked at Helen with a smirk on her face.

"You're Ephiny?" Helen asked with an embarrassed smile... "I've heard so much about you...I...aah hope you weren't offended by what I said about Blaise."

"No... I can't be offended when you're speaking the truth but the funny thing is... Blaise has never mentioned you but yet you know me?" Ephiny asked confused and a little insecure.

"Yes." Helen smiled... "Blaise speaks of you often...she loves you very much."

"That's good to let's hope you remember that when you're around my wife." Ephiny answered with agitation and jealousy.

"I'm sorry for creating a problem...let's start over my name is Helen." She answered with a smile as she reached to shake Ephiny's hand who met the gesture with a forceful handshake... "congratulations on your baby."

"Ephiny...Thank you." Ephiny answered with a strained smile.

Blaise glanced back where Helen was standing and turned back to what she was doing when she realized she thought she saw Ephiny. She turned back around and put her hand above her eyes to shield them from the sun to get a good look and confirmed it was indeed Ephiny standing next to Helen.

"Ephiny!" Blaise replied softly with excitement as she ran across the square in her direction.

"Excuse me...I need to see my wife." Ephiny replied with a grin as she walked towards Blaise.

"Ephiny!" Blaise shouted with a smile as she ran up and hugged her wife.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"Hey baby!" Ephiny answered with a smile and a feeling of relief that Blaise was okay.

Blaise put Ephiny back down and kissed her. She looked into her eyes and smiled... "look at you baby..." Blaise answered with a laugh as she moved her hand on Ephiny's protruding abdomen. Blaise knelt down and kissed the baby... "hey,'s your mother." Blaise replied with happiness.

Blaise stood up as her senses hit her and her smile left her face... "Ephiny...what in tartarus are you doing here?" Blaise asked with anger.

"I didn't hear from you for three moons Blaise and I was worried...I remembered that Joxer told me about a secret passageway here."

"I'm going to kill him!...sergeant!" Blaise shouted as she grabbed his arm while he walked by... "go find my assistant and bring him to me!" She shouted with anger as she turned back to Ephiny with fiery blue eyes.

"Blaise...don't be mad at Joxer I tricked him into it." Ephiny replied with concern for him.

"Ephiny you shouldn't be's too dangerous."

"Blaise I'm an amazon I can take care of myself or did you forget about that again!" Ephiny shouted back.

"Traitor!" a soldier yelled in the distance as a man fired an arrow towards Blaise.

Blaise stared Ephiny down... "it's too dangerous and you're not in your peak fighting condition Ephiny!" Blaise shouted as Ephiny caught the arrow in mid air which would have hit Blaise in the head.

Ephiny held the arrow in front of Blaise to prove her point which angered Blaise more as she pulled out her boot dagger and threw it into the chest of the man who shot the arrow killing him.

Blaise looked back at Ephiny with anger as she held her hand out for the soldier to return her dagger placing it back in her boot.

"Ephiny!" Blaise shouted as she looked around to find the noise she was hearing... "run!" she shouted as she pushed Ephiny along who began to run as the noise came closer to the pair. Blaise pushed Ephiny away from her as Ephiny tumbled and rolled the best she could to protect the baby as a fireball struck close to Blaise sending her airborne far away from Ephiny.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

Blaise's left knee hit the ground first as her body crumbled to the ground knocking the wind out of her momentarily... "aah!" Blaise gasped as she caught her breath and shouted in pain. She pulled herself up on all fours groggy from the impact as more fireballs exploded around her.

"Ephiny!" Blaise whispered through her pain as she looked for her and saw her laying on the ground trying to get up as another fireball exploded next to Blaise causing her to cover her head and crouch down from the blast. Blaise got to her feet and tried to run but fell flat on her face from the pain in her knee. Blaise was unable to walk and began to crawl towards Ephiny with no use of her left leg.

Joxer ran up to Blaise... "Blaise!" he shouted as he knelt down to help her up.

"Joxer get Ephiny!" she shouted and pointed at her.

"What about you?" Joxer asked with concern.

"Get Ephiny and the baby to safety...go!" She shouted as he ran off to help Ephiny as Blaise put her face in her hands trying to take her focus off the pain and nausea she felt.

"Come on Ephiny!" Joxer replied as he grabbed her to help her to safety.

"No...Blaise!" Ephiny shouted as she tried to pull away from him to help Blaise but couldn't break his grasp as he led her to safety.

Blaise looked up to see Joxer get her to safety as she raised up on her hands and right knee in an attempt to run again just as another fireball exploded next to her as Blaise's vision turned to black.

To be continued...

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