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By Cruise

Disclaimer: The characters associated with Xena: Warrior Princess belong to Mca/Universal and are used without their permission. The character of Blaise is my own creation and is not affiliated with the show. The events in this story do not necessarily follow along with events that happen in the show.

Music References: The song lyrics where used without permission and no profit is intended with this story. The lyrics where used as vows in this story and belong to Shania Twain/Robert John "Mutt" Lange and polygram International Inc/Loon Echo Inc.performed on Shania's album "Come on over". Other song lyrics where also used without permission and belong to Madonna and Lenny Kravitz from her album the Immaculate collection. The song Justify My Love was produced by Lenny Kravitz for Super Mouche Productions.

Sex: Sexually explicit sex scenes of two consenting adult women. So, if anyone is underage or offended by two women making love than this story is not recommended.

Violence: Some but not too bad. Some mild language also.

Horse talk: The dialogue between Argo and Taz has been translated into english for those not proficient in horse dialogue.

Special thanks: To Jennifer, TNOVAN, and Hazel for all of their wonderful advice, help and support with this story...THANKS!

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Blaise kissed Ephiny's lips softly..."I'm not going to let you leave me Eph." Blaise took Ephiny's hand in hers and raised it to her lips for a soft kiss..."I will give up forever for you to be alive again even though we would not be together... I will ask Aphrodite to arrange it and she will do as I ask."

"Blaise." Xena replied softly..."you know Ephiny wouldn't want that."

"She wouldn't remember me Xena." Blaise answered as she put Ephiny's hand on her cheek..."but she would be alive."

"Blaise...come on." Xena replied with sadness.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"Xena's right Blaise." Cyrene answered through tears as she put her hands on Blaise's shoulders for comfort.

Blaise looked into Xena's eyes across from her as tears ran down her face..."wouldn't you do the same for Gabrielle? wouldn't go to tartarus and back for Gabrielle?...yes...I'm sure you would Xena."

Xena looked down..."yes, I would Blaise." Xena answered as she looked back up at Blaise.

"Then why would you question my decision to do the same?...I love Ephiny...she's my life just as Gabrielle is yours."

"I'm sorry're right...I shouldn't have questioned your motives." Xena answered with sorrow in her eyes.

Blaise kissed Ephiny's hand and ran her fingers through her hair as the tears fell from her face harder..."wait...I need ambrosia." Blaise replied as she stood up and placed Ephiny's hand gently by her side..."better yet I'll just kill Ares and become God of War. Then I can bring Ephiny back to life." Blaise moved away from the bed and headed towards the door.

Cyrene grabbed Blaise's arm... "Blaise please...don't do that...he may hurt you instead."

"Oh, no mother...he's going down." Blaise replied in anger as she walked away and was stopped by Xena.

"I can't let you do that Blaise."

"Why do you all of a sudden care about that man Xena?...guess can't stop me!" Blaise shouted in anger as Xena grabbed Blaise to keep her from leaving.

Blaise reached up through Xena's arms to break the grip and grabbed her sister lifting her off the ground.

"Blaise...please!" Cyrene cried.

Blaise threw Xena across the hut thrusting her against a post knocking her unconscious. The guards entered the hut to find out what the commotion was all about.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"Ephiny is are both to guard her with your lives and no one is to touch her...not even if your queen orders it or you will die at my that?" Blaise shouted with anger as she pointed at the pair.

"Blaise...please...don't do this!" Cyrene shouted as she ran to Xena's side.

Blaise left the hut and ran up to Taz who waited nearby.

"Blaise...what's going on?" Gabrielle shouted as she ran up to the hut.

"Ephiny's dead and you killed her!" Blaise shouted as she grabbed the saddlehorn and swung herself up on the saddle... "stay away from her Gabrielle you've done enough!" Blaise shouted as she turned Taz away from the hut and heeled him to a gallop out of the village.

Gabrielle ran into the hut and saw Ephiny laying on the bed lifeless with the guards posted by her.

"Gabrielle! me!" Cyrene shouted as she tried to lift Xena who was groggy from the head injury.

"By the gods Xena...what happened?" Gabrielle exclaimed as she ran over to help Xena up.

"Xena tried to stop Blaise." Cyrene answered

"But little sister is very strong." Xena interrupted her mother as they helped her to a standing position.

"Are you okay?" Gabrielle asked.

"I'll be fine...I have to stop Blaise though...if I can."

"Why?...where is she going?"

"To kill Ares!" Xena replied sternly as she left the hut and whistled for Argo. Xena rubbed the bump on her head as she waited for Argo to approach.

"Xena wait!" Gabrielle shouted as she exited the hut.

Xena mounted Argo... "leave Ephiny as she is Gabrielle until we return okay?"

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"Do you know where to find Blaise?"

"At the halls of war!" Xena shouted as she rode out of the village.

Blaise entered the halls of war and searched the alter where she remembered her father had hidden the ambrosia.

Ares stepped out with the ambrosia in his hand... "is this what you're looking for Blaise?" he asked sarcastically.

"Give it up father!" Blaise shouted.

"Oh, no, no little girl...not without something in exchange."

"Of course, there is always a catch with you isn't there?" Blaise answered in disgust.

"Here's the deal...I give you the ambrosia for your weak spot Ephiny and you assume more it!"

"Here's a deal for about I kick your ass, dethrone you, make you Zeus' slave boy, bring Ephiny back to life and make Joxer God of War?" Blaise answered sarcastically with rage in her eyes.

"Feisty aren't we?" Ares answered with cockiness... "I don't like that deal Blaise."

"Take it or leave it." Blaise shouted as she jumped into the air and kicked Ares in the chest sending him backwards on his back side.

Blaise ran over to jump on Ares who kicked her in the face causing her to fall to the ground. Ares walked over and kicked Blaise in the side repeatedly as Blaise moaned in pain with each kick. Blaise tried to sit up and Ares punched her in the face knocking her back down semi-unconscious.

"Hey Blaise!...looks like you're getting the butt whipping." Ares replied as he laughed.

Blaise laid on her side trying to regain full consciousness and looked at her arm which had the bracelet that Ephiny had given her... "Eph..i..ny." Blaise whispered.

Ares leaned down... "is daddy kicking your butt too much?" Ares asked sarcastically laughing.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

Blaise swung her legs around pinning his head between them and flipped him to the ground. She stood up and inflicted the same torture he had given to her. Ares screamed like a baby with each kick Blaise delivered. Blaise leaned down and grabbed him by the hair and lifted him to all fours. She kicked him in the face flipping him in the air landing flat on his back.

She walked over to her father and pressed her foot against his throat to pull his sword out.

"Who's crying like a baby now?" Blaise asked sarcastically... "I think I'll take that daddy." Blaise replied as she pulled the ambrosia out of his vest and put it in her own... "how does it fell to lose your powers?" Blaise asked as she looked over her father's sword.

Ares rolled to his side and then onto all fours in an attempt to stand up... "Blaise...please...I."

"Shut up! I don't want to hear you whine!" Blaise shouted with anger.

"What do you intend to do then?" Ares asked.

Blaise put the sword to Ares' throat... "maybe kill you daddy!" Blaise replied sarcastically with a crazed look in her eyes and smiled... "are you scared?"

Blaise was too consumed in her hatred for her father to notice Xena approach her. Xena slammed her sword on Blaise's moving it away from Ares.

"Don't do it Blaise." Xena replied sternly.

"Oh, Xena!...I was just having some fun with daddy!" Blaise answered with a laugh... "he can have his godhood back...I got what I came for."

"I knew I chose your destiny wisely Blaise." a voice came from behind them.

Blaise and Xena both turned and replied at the same time... "grandfather?" Blaise asked with a smile.

"Zeus!" Xena exclaimed with surprise.

"Great just what I need...daddy." Ares replied sarcastically as he rolled his eyes.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

Blaise moved towards her grandfather and knelt before him... "it is good to see you grandfather."

"Stand before me many times to I have to tell you that you don't have to kneel before me?" Zeus answered with a slight smile.

Blaise did as her grandfather commanded and stood before him.

"I made a wise decision choosing your destiny to be the next God of War Blaise."

"You chose my destiny to be the God of War?" Blaise asked surprised... "but why?...If I may ask."

"You have always been my favorite grandchild Blaise." Zeus answered as he put his hand on Blaise's shoulder... "and I knew that you would handle the godhood I chose for you better than your sniveling, feable idiot of a father!" Zeus explained with disgust at Ares.

"Thanks daddy...I love you too." Ares replied sarcastically.

"Are you sure you don't want to take over for him now?"

"No...I'm not ready grandfather." Blaise answered as she lowered her head afraid he would be disappointed in her.

"I didn't think you were either but you will need to take on more duties now that you made that deal with your father...understood?"

"Yes...sir." Blaise answered as she handed her father's sword to Zeus.

Zeus leaned in to whisper into Blaise's ear... "next time come to me when you need know I could never say no to you."

Blaise smiled as she heard what her grandfather offered... "I will...I promise."

Zeus stood upright... "Blaise I will see to it that your father doesn't overstep his boundaries and that you get the ambrosia back to Ephiny."

"Thank you grandfather." Blaise answered with a smile.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"Ares I was wrong about did do two things right in your life."

"What's that?" Ares asked with a snarl.

"You had two wonderful daughters." Zeus answered with a slight smile and a wink to Xena.

"Well...let's go whimp and get your wounds taken care of so we all don't have to hear you cry." Zeus answered.

"Yeah...yeah." Ares replied with disgust.

Blaise and Xena ran out of the halls of war and mounted the horses to head back.

"Xena..I'm sorry I hurt you."

"From the looks of yourself it looks like you got a little payback!" Xena answered with a smile.

Blaise reached up and touched her lip to find it was bleeding... "I guess I did" Blaise answered with a smile... "I think I broke a rib if it makes you feel any better?"

"Blaise...don't worry about it...I would have done the same thing."

Blaise and Xena heeled the horses to move faster down the trail towards the village.

Once they arrived in the village they dismounted the horses and Blaise ran to Ephiny's side. She took a piece of ambrosia out and parted Ephiny's lips placing it into her mouth.

"Blaise are you okay?" Cyrene asked as she put her hand on Blaise's shoulder.

"We'll see in a minute mother." Blaise answered as she held Ephiny's hand... "Ephiny." Blaise replied softly.

Ephiny opened her eyes and smiled... "Blaise." she answered in a whisper as she squeezed her hand.

Blaise leaned down and kissed her... "welcome back baby." Blaise replied with a smile as she looked into her eyes.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"Thanks for not giving up on me." Ephiny answered.

"Never." Blaise whispered as she kissed Ephiny.

Ephiny put her hand to Blaise's face... "what happened baby?" Ephiny asked with concern.

"A little family squabble with father."

"Did you lose?"

Blaise laughed... "you don't have too much confidence in me baby...if I would have lost we wouldn't be talking now...I almost gave up but I couldn't go through with it when I thought of you."

"I love you Blaise." Ephiny replied as she kissed and hugged Blaise.

"I love you too." Blaise answered never moving her lips from Ephiny's.

"Aah...Ephiny...can I talk to you for a moment?" Gabrielle asked nervously as she approached.

Ephiny stopped hugging Blaise... "What is it Gabrielle?"

"I'll leave you two to talk." Blaise offered.

"No...Blaise...please stay." Gabrielle asked.

Xena moved in behind Gabrielle and put her hand on her shoulder for support.

"It's my fault that this happened to you and I'm sorry...I hope one day you both can forgive me." Gabrielle replied with tears in her eyes.

"Listen...Gabrielle...I was really harsh on you and I shouldn't have been." Blaise answered with regret.

"No... Blaise you had every right to be mad at me and I'm sorry."

Ephiny held Blaise's hand and then grabbed Gabrielle's... "we both forgive you Gabrielle."

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"If there's anything I can do for you to make up for it let me know."

"Well...I could sure use a backrub." Blaise answered with a smile and a laugh.

"Blaise!" Ephiny exclaimed as she elbowed her in the side.

Blaise doubled over in pain... "aah!"

"Blaise what happened?" Ephiny asked with concern.

"I think I broke my rib."

"Let me take a look." Xena answered.

"No...Xena...I'll be glad to take care of her for a change...could we be alone though?"

"Sure." Xena answered as everyone left the hut.

As they exited the hut they saw the amazons waiting for word about Ephiny's condition.

"Ephiny is going to be fine!" Xena exclaimed with a smile as she put her arm around Gabrielle.

Xena's response to Ephiny's well being brought cheers from the crowd of amazons. Taz whinnied at the good news that his masters intended was going to be fine.

"Taz I'm so happy for you!" Argo replied as she nudged Taz... "now, answer my question you big stall or yours?"

"I'm not sure Argo...your master hasn't given the okay yet."

"Don't worry about my master I will handle her...besides I'm tired of everyone else having a good time but me." Argo answered as she placed a bite on Taz's neck.

"Easy big girl...I say forget the stalls then...I know a really nice meadow." Taz answered as he trotted off followed by Argo.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

The two horses made their way to the meadow and Taz used her teeth to help loosen the straps on Argo's saddle. Once the straps where loose he nudged the saddle off Argo's back to the ground.

" your master thought we didn't know how to get our saddle's off." Argo replied.

"We don't need to tell them everything Argo or we would be doing a lot more work than we already do now."

Argo returned the favor to Taz taking his saddle off and they obliged one another with the removal of their bridle's.

The two horses galloped through the meadow with their mane's blowing wildly in the wind as they playfully enjoyed each other's company.

Blaise stood up and walked around to ease the pain... "come here baby...let me see." Ephiny replied as she sat on the edge of the bed.

Blaise moved over in front of her... "be gentle." Blaise teased.

"Aren't I always?" Ephiny answered with a smile as she took Blaise's shirt off.

"Uhmmm...Ephiny." Blaise replied teasingly.

"Oh, have a really bad bruise here...I think you're right that it's broken...let me make it feel better." Ephiny answered softly as she gently kissed the wounded area.

"It's so much better now...I thought you would never kiss me again." Blaise replied as she knelt in front of Ephiny... "I thought I would never hold you again and look into your beautiful hazel eyes again."

"Thank you for everything you went through for me and I owe you my life...I love you Blaise." Ephiny hugged Blaise..."I love my ring Blaise." Ephiny whispered... "it's beautiful."

"I love you with all of my heart Ephiny." Blaise kissed Ephiny as she laid back on the bed and Blaise laid on top of her continuing their passionate kiss.

Blaise and Ephiny had fallen asleep in one another's arms after making mad passionate love.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

Blaise was startled awake by a bad dream and raised up on her side to check on Ephiny. Blaise looked at Ephiny to find her dream wasn't true and that Ephiny was alive.

Blaise watched Ephiny sleep as Ephiny laid with her back snuggled up tightly to Blaise's stomach. Blaise thought about how much she loved Ephiny and brushed Ephiny's hair off of her face. Blaise gentley placed soft kisses on Ephiny's shoulder.

Ephiny moved in response to Blaise's touch and a smile appeared on her face. Blaise softly and gently moved her hand down Ephiny's side to her leg. Blaise moved her hand back up resting it on Ephiny's stomach.

"Don't you ever get enough?" Ephiny asked as she opened her eyes.

"Never." Blaise whispered as she leaned down and kissed Ephiny on the cheek.

"Why are you awake baby?"

"I had a bad dream that you where still dead and it woke me, I decided to watch you sleep...what where you dreaming about?"

"Why?" Ephiny asked with a smile.

"Because you looked very peaceful, content and you had a big smile on your face."

Ephiny moved on her back to look at Blaise who had leaned over her... "I had a dream about our children." Ephiny answered with a smile as she lightly moved Blaise's hair off her forehead.

"Children?" Blaise smiled... "where they good looking?" Blaise teased.

"Drop dead gorgeous...just like you!" Ephiny answered as she kissed Blaise's arm.

"Whew...that's a relief to know...I was worried that they might look like a hydra or something."

"Blaise!...why would you say something like that?"

" family can spawn some pretty freaky looking creatures...I mean I heard all about how freaky dad and hope's son looked!" Blaise chuckled.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"That's because Hope was the daughter of a demon...our children are going to be gorgeous!"

"As long as they look like their mommie than yes." Blaise answered as she leaned down and kissed Ephiny... "how many did we have?" Blaise asked with a smile.

"Two and another on the way." Ephiny smiled.

"Good that means you haven't denied me sex in the future." Blaise laughed.

"How could I deny you that?" Ephiny laughed... "Blaise...promise me our children will be well loved and not manipulated."

"I promise that they will be loved beyond belief and I promise to spoil them any chance I can get!" Blaise laughed as she kissed Ephiny.

Blaise laid next to Ephiny who wrapped her naked body on Blaise's and kissed her neck... "goodnight baby."

"Night Eph." Blaise answered as she held her lover tight and kissed her head through her beautiful blond curly hair.

The two horses finished their horseplay and headed back to the stables... "Argo, what about the saddle's?"

"Leave them there...they will never know it was us anyway. They will blame it on one of the Amazons."

"Oh, you are such a bad girl Argo!" Taz answered as they entered the stables.

"You weren't complaining earlier when I was bad." Argo answered as they entered their stalls for the night and began to munch on hay hungry from their horseplay.

The next morning Blaise woke to soft kisses along her neck and chest. She opened her eyes to see Ephiny's beautiful face looking at her.

"I'm looking forward to seeing your face the first thing in the morning for the rest of my life baby." Blaise replied as she kissed Ephiny.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"I'm looking forward to it too...I can't believe we will be joined in two days honey...I didn't think I'd ever find someone to share my life with." Ephiny answered with amazement.

"Well...I didn't have much of a choice when it came to you Eph."

"What do you mean?" Ephiny asked as she perked up wondering what Blaise meant.

"Well...I guess it explains how you just threw yourself at me when we first met..."

"What?!" Ephiny asked as she interrupted Blaise.

"Sure...I didn't stand a chance with you threw yourself at me and I had no choice but to fall in love with you!" Blaise answered teasingly with a laugh.

"Is that what you think Blaise?" Ephiny asked with agitation.

"Baby...I'm teasing you...I fell in love with you the moment I looked into your beautiful eyes...but you did throw yourself at me." Blaise teased.

"No...I didn't...did I?" Ephiny smiled a little embarrassed.

"Yes...but I didn't mind at all."

"I couldn't help myself that I fell in love with you at first site and I didn't want you to walk out of my life without taking a chance." Ephiny smiled and kissed Blaise.

"I'm glad that you did baby."

"What do you say to some breakfast?" Ephiny asked.

"Are you on the menu?" Blaise asked as she flashed a sexy smile.

"That's later...but for now how does some eggs sound?"

"Hmm...delicious!" Blaise answered with a smile.

"Let's go get some then." Ephiny replied as she got out of bed.

Ephiny began to dress as Blaise got up and moved to her. Blaise pressed her body up against Ephiny's and wrapped her arms around her... "I love you Eph." Blaise whispered in her ear as she placed a soft kiss on her cheek.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

Ephiny turned around and took Blaise in her arms looking into her blue eyes... "I love you more than life itself baby." Ephiny smiled and kissed Blaise passionately.

They broke their kiss and began to dress... "aah...Blaise...I've been trying to figure out what to do with Solari." Ephiny replied slightly uneasy with the conversation.

"You know...I have completely forgotten all about her and I have no idea where she has been hiding out."

"What would you think if I decided to forgive her?" Ephiny asked as she turned to Blaise.

"If that's what you want to do then I will support you totally babe." Blaise answered with a slight smile.

"But how do you feel about it Blaise?" Ephiny asked as she moved towards Blaise.

"I'm not too happy with Solari right now and I will never trust her's going to take me awhile to forgive her for what she has done...but if you feel in your heart that you can trust her and forgive her than I will support your decision." Blaise answered as she put her hands on Ephiny's shoulders for support.

"She has been a good friend and loyal advisor...well...up to now but I do trust her to a point and she will have to work at it for me to fully trust her again...but I want her to be back where she belongs...I'm sure the embarrassment of everything that has happened has been punishment enough for her...besides how can you blame a girl for falling in love with such a gorgeous woman such as yourself?" Ephiny smiled and hugged Blaise.

"I hope everything works out between you both for your benefit Eph." Blaise answered as she kissed Ephiny on her head and finished dressing.

"Now...if I can only find her." Ephiny replied.

"I'm sure she will show up soon...hey, how about those eggs?" Blaise asked as she reached her hand out for Ephiny's.

"They sound good!" Ephiny smiled and put her hand in Blaise's as they exited the hut for breakfast.

They entered the food hut and headed over to where Xena and Gabrielle where dining.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"Good morning ladies and Xena." Blaise joked as Xena pointed her fork at Blaise and curled her lip up with a growl.

"Good morning." Gabrielle answered with a laugh.

Blaise and Ephiny sat down to join them and ordered the eggs they had spoken about earlier for breakfast.

"Aah...Gabrielle...I have decided to forgive Solari...she's a good amazon and she has been loyal to me up until this point."

Xena looked at Blaise who seemed to be more reserved at the idea of Solari being forgiven.

"Are you sure that's what you want to do?...she does need to be punished for her betrayal."

"Yes... I'm sure... I want to forgive her and I think her not being here with her sisters plus the embarrassment of the situation has been punishment enough don't you?"

"Well...I'm sure it is punishment Ephiny but I intend to drop her a rank and make her work her way back up to gain our trust in her... okay?"

"Sounds good we just have to find her." Ephiny replied with concern.

Blaise continued to eat her eggs and not add an opinion to the conversation. She noticed Xena looking at her trying to read her thoughts. Blaise stuck her tongue out at Xena which was loaded with chewed eggs.

Xena snickered and threw a piece of egg at Blaise inconspicuously to not tip off Gabrielle and Ephiny to their antics. Blaise loaded her fork up with egg, pulled it back aiming it at Xena and let the eggs fly hitting Xena in the face as she looked up from her plate.

"Looks like you have egg on your face Xena." Blaise replied with a loud laugh.

"Very funny Blaise." Xena answered with anger as she wiped off the eggs.

"What are you two doing?" Gabrielle asked with embarrassment.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"Blaise started it Gabrielle." Xena whined.

"I'm sure you're not an innocent party in this whole thing." Gabrielle answered.

Blaise snickered and scrunched her face at Xena laughing because she was scolded despite Blaise being the culprit.

"Do you see that Gabrielle!" Xena pointed with agitation at Blaise... "she's laughing at me because she knows she started it and I'm getting the blame."

Gabrielle turned to Blaise who was no longer smiling... "what did I do?" Blaise asked with a look of an innocence.

"Oh, come on Gabrielle." Xena replied.

"I didn't see her do anything so, I can't tell which one of you is the culprit."

Blaise felt someone grab her earlobe... "ouch!" Blaise replied as she looked up to see who it was that had a hold of her ear... "mother...what?" Blaise asked with bewilderment.

"I saw you teasing your cut it out and eat your breakfast." Cyrene replied as she sat next to her.

"Okay okay." Blaise answered as she looked down to continue eating.

"You're both like a couple of kids." Ephiny replied with a chuckle as she continued to eat her breakfast.

Blaise looked up at Xena who had a silly grin on her face and stuck her tongue out at Blaise. Cyrene stomped on Xena's foot under the table.

"Ouch, mother!"

"That goes for the both of eat!"

"It should be very interesting with the two of you sharing a hut again for the next couple of days." Gabrielle laughed.

"Oh, man that thing again!" Xena replied.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"You know the rules." Gabrielle replied.

"What are we talking about here?" Cyrene asked confused.

"When there is a joining the two people are to be separated for two days before the ceremony which is amazon tradition." Gabrielle explained.

Blaise leaned to Ephiny and whispered in her ear... "how will you sleep without me?" Blaise asked with a smile.

"I won't be able to sleep without you so, I guess I'll have to sneak out to see you." Ephiny whispered back and kissed Blaise on the cheek.

Blaise had a very big smile on her face as she leaned back up to finish breakfast and winked at Ephiny.

"Hey, Xena can you go into town with me today?" Blaise asked.

"Sure...I have nothing else to do seeing as how I'm getting kicked out of my hut." Xena answered as she looked at Gabrielle and gave her a look of disappointment.

"Oh, baby!" Gabrielle replied as she pinched Xena's cheek... "will you miss me?" Gabrielle teased.

"Very funny...what is this tease the warrior princess day?"

"Xena let's get going...I have to stop by the about getting the horses and I'll meet you at the stables."

"I'm on it." Xena answered as she got up from the table and kissed Gabrielle goodbye.

"I'll walk you back to the hut Blaise." Ephiny replied as they left the table.

"I guess it's just you and I Gabrielle." Cyrene smiled.

"Looks that way." Gabrielle answered.

Blaise and Ephiny entered their hut..."what did you need from the hut Blaise?"

"Nothing I just wanted to get you here to tell you that I will meet you in the stables once Gabrielle falls asleep."

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"What about Xena?" Ephiny asked as the two devised their plan to meet.

"I'll tell her I'm going to visit mother...she won't follow...are you sure you don't want to follow tradition?"

"No...I have always thought two days apart where too many and I have tried to change them...just as long as we don't see each other the day of our ceremony before I walk up the aisle to accept your hand we will be okay." Ephiny explained as she kissed Blaise... "what are you going to town for?"

"Something to wear for our joining...anything in particular you want me to wear?"

" look sexy in anything that you wear...besides you could wear a sack and it wouldn't matter to me as long as you're waiting for me at the alter in two days." Ephiny answered with a smile.

"Okay...then a sack will be what I'll wear!" Blaise answered with a laugh and hugged Ephiny... "see you tonight baby." Blaise whispered in her ear as she kissed Ephiny goodbye.

Blaise and Xena where joined by Tarus for the trip into town... "Blaise what are you going into town for?" Xena asked.

"I need something to wear for the joining."

"You've got to be kidding me Blaise!...I hate to shop." Xena answered with agitation.

" back to the village and twittle your thumbs then...Tarus and I will go." Blaise shot back with a laugh as her brother joined in for one too at the thought of Xena twittling her thumbs.

"You two are a bunch of laughs aren't you." Xena snarled as she heeled Argo to get a move on.

Tarus and Blaise looked at each other laughing as they kicked their horses to a run. They all entered town to find the streets packed with shoppers.

"Great!'s packed...just what I want to deal with a crowd." Xena replied gruffly.

"Why are you so grumpy?" Blaise asked.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"I need some action I'm bored!"

"Well...push some of these people out of the way so, I can find something to wear...will that make you happy?" Blaise asked teasingly.

"I'm gonna start with you if you don't watch it."

"Chill Xena!" Tarus chimed in.

"And you will be next brother." Xena answered as she pointed at him.

"Ooh, we're scared!" Blaise pretended to be scared as she snuggled up to Tarus as they all laughed.

After searching and fighting the crowds in the town square Xena decided she had enough aggravation. She wiped her face with her hands and rolled her eyes.

"Blaise if you don't pick something out soon I think I'm going to kill you."

"I can't help it if I can't find anything...neither one of you are very much help!"

"You need a fashion consultant not a warrior princess." Xena snapped back.

"Yeah...I sure could use Salmoneus right about now."

"Salmoneus." Xena answered.

" know Sal..."

"I know who he is Blaise...he's right over there!" Xena pointed across the square.

"Let's get him then."

They headed over towards him... "Salmoneus!" Xena shouted.

"Aah..Xena, Blaise, Tarus.!" he answered startled... "I didn't do anything wrong Xena."

"What?" Xena asked with bewilderment.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"No little man we need your help." Blaise answered.

" it some kind of mission."

The three looked at each other and smiled... " sanity." Xena answered.

"I'm good Xena but I don't know if I can help you with that."

"Sure you can...all you have to do is find Blaisey here an outfit for her joining a hurry."

"Well...congratulations Blaise!" Salmoneus answered with excitement... "I take it the messenger has not delivered my invitation yet." Salmoneus lowered his voice and laughed.

"You're invited as long as you can find something for me to wear."

"Okay but it might take awhile."

"Oh, great!" Xena through her hands up in disgust.

"Xena...go into the pub have a port and clean your sword or something!" Blaise answered.

"That's the best idea you've had all day." Xena snapped as she headed off to the pub.

"Okay...let's get to it little coming too Tarus?"

"Yeah...this should be more interesting than watching Xena clean her sword a million times!"

The trio headed back in to the thick of the crowd in search of a dazzling outfit for Blaise's joining.

Blaise and Tarus joined Xena at the pub after shopping for two candle marks.

"It's about time you two ladies finished shopping!" Xena answered with a laugh.

Blaise and Tarus sat down at the table next to Xena... "my feet are killing me!" Tarus replied.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"Salmoneus was a big help and I'm going to be quite the deal on my big day...if Ephiny isn't in love with me now she will be when she sees me in this outfit." Blaise answered with cockiness and a laugh.

"You sure Taz will be able to hold that big head of yours for our trip back?" Xena asked sarcastically.

"Is our little warrior princess feeling better?" Blaise answered in a little kid voice as she pinched Xena's cheek.

"Blaise I'm warning you!"

Blaise put her arm around Xena's neck... "come on Xena...don't be such a grouch...I'm getting joined in a couple of days...I thought you would be happy for me."

"Blaise you know I'm happy for you...I'm just in a bad mood it'll pass...let's go back." Xena answered as she patted Blaise on the back.

The three made it back to the village as the sunset over the horizon and headed in for dinner. After dinner Blaise did some menial tasks to waste time until she met Ephiny.

"Xena I'm going over to talk with mother for a little while."

"That's good then I'll have some peace and quite so, I can get some sleep." Xena answered with a smile.

Blaise left the hut and headed for the stables to wait for Ephiny. She got Taz ready for when Ephiny arrived. Blaise waited for half a candle mark before Ephiny entered the stables.

"Hey, baby!...Gabrielle took awhile to fall asleep!" Ephiny informed Blaise as she wrapped her arms around her for a hug and kiss.

"Let's get going."

Blaise and Ephiny mounted Taz to head out of the village as quietly as possible.

"Where are we going Blaise?" Ephiny asked as she leaned her body against Blaise.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"We're going dancing baby...I hope you have your good dancing boots on." Blaise answered as she kissed Ephiny's cheek.

"Dancing!...Blaise why dancing?"

"I want to show my future bride off and hold her in my arms as we dance...besides it's something different to do."

"I'm sure we'll have fun then." Ephiny answered with a smile.

Blaise and Ephiny made their way back into town and stabled Taz before heading off to the dance club. They walked up hand and hand to the entrance to the bar.

"Blaise!...It's great to see you!" the bouncer replied with excitement.

"Thanks how much do we owe for cover?"

"'re our guest...head in."

"Thanks." Blaise answered as she looked at Ephiny and smiled.

Blaise led Ephiny into the crowded dance club by the hand and was welcomed by a group of her admiring fans.

"Blaise!...we've missed you...oh, are you going to sing tonight?" a group of women asked as they surrounded Blaise leaving Ephiny out of the group. Ephiny stood by feeling left out and jealous of the women mobbing Blaise.

"Sorry ladies...I'm not singing this evening." Blaise answered as she looked through the group for Ephiny.

"Oh, please for us!"

"The only woman I'm singing for is my bride to be ladies...I'm retired...sorry." Blaise answered as she grabbed Ephiny's hand and pulled her close to her... "excuse us ladies."

"Oh, Blaise...we are so disappointed." the ladies whined as they watched Blaise and Ephiny head for the bar. Blaise nodded to the bar keep for two ports which he delivered promptly.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

Blaise took a sip of her port and turned her back to the bar to check out the crowd. Ephiny stood in front of Blaise and pressed her body up against her as Blaise wrapped her free arm around Ephiny.

"What's that for?" Blaise asked with a smile.

"I have to show these women you're mine!" Ephiny answered with a smile as Blaise put her drink down on the bar and wrapped her arm around Ephiny.

Ephiny leaned up and kissed Blaise passionately as she hugged her tightly... "I like it when you're jealous baby!" Blaise replied seductively.

"Excuse me...would you mind if I danced with Blaise?" a woman asked who had approached the two.

"Yes...I mind!" Ephiny answered with anger as the woman walked away... "geez, does she not see us in each other's arms?"

"Women love other women who are already spoken for's a big turn on for them."

"Is that coming from experience?" Ephiny teased.

"Hey, let's dance."

"Aah...I'm not too good at it Blaise." Ephiny answered nervously.

"Come on all you have to do is follow me." Blaise answered as she grabbed Ephiny's hand and led her onto the dance floor.

Blaise and Ephiny danced for over a half a candle mark... "Blaise I need a drink." Ephiny exclaimed as they both headed back to the bar for a drink.

"Whew! that is exhilarating Blaise and so much fun." Ephiny exclaimed with excitement.

"I take it you're having fun?" Blaise asked with a sexy smile as she wiped the sweat off of Ephiny's forehead... "did I ever tell you that you look incredibly sexy when you are drenched in sweat?"

Ephiny smiled and pinched Blaise.. "oh, stop!"

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"I'll be right back Eph." Blaise replied as she walked over to the DJ booth and spoke with her momentarily before returning to Ephiny's side.

"Can I have this dance?" Blaise asked with a smile as she held her hand out for Ephiny to take.

"I would be delighted." Ephiny answered with a smile as she held Blaise's hand and they headed to the dance floor as a very seductive slow song began to play.

"This song is going out to Ephiny from her intended...may they have a wonderfully happy life together." the DJ announced as the crowd cheered.

"Blaise!" Ephiny replied with an embarrassed smile.

"Come here." Blaise answered seductively as she pulled Ephiny into her arms and put her thigh between Ephiny's leg. Blaise wrapped her arms around Ephiny as did Ephiny to Blaise and she began to grind her body against Ephiny's to the rhythm of the seductive song.

Blaise whispered in Ephiny's ear the words to the song... "I wanna kiss you in Athens... I wanna hold your hand in Rome...I wanna run naked in a rainstorm...make love in a chariot cross put this in, now what?, now what?"

Ephiny became aroused at the seductive movement of their bodies against one another and with Blaise whispering the song in her ear.

"Wanting, needing, waiting for you to justify my love...hoping, praying for you to justify my love." Blaise replied letting out a seductive sigh as she pressed her thigh against Ephiny's center... "Okay...I want to know you...not like that...I don't wanna be your mother...I don't wanna be your sister either...I just wanna be your lover...I wanna be your baby...kiss me." Blaise lightly brushed her lips against Ephiny's parted mouth..."that's right, kiss me." Blaise slid her tongue in Ephiny's mouth for a sensual kiss as she pressed her body closer to Ephiny's.

"Wanting, needing, waiting for you to justify my love...yearning, burning for you to justify my love..what are you gonna do?...what are you gonna do?" Blaise looked into Ephiny's eyes with her face so close that their lips brushed against one another... "talk to me-tell me your I in them?"

"Oh, Blaise." Ephiny moaned.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

Blaise moved her mouth to Ephiny's ear... "tell me your fears...are you scared?...tell me your stories."

Ephiny slid her hands up around the back of Blaise's neck as she became more aroused from the feeling of Blaise's thigh grinding against her sex.

"I'm not afraid of who you are...we can fly!...poor is the man whose pleasures depend on the permission of another." Blaise moved her hand down Ephiny's leg and slid it under her skirt. Blaise moved her hand slowly to Ephiny's butt and squeezed her firm backside... "love me, that's right, love me...I wanna be your baby...uhmm..yeah."

Ephiny began to softly bite and kiss Blaise's neck as she moved her sex over Blaise's thigh. Blaise slid her free hand around Ephiny's waist... "wanting, needing, waiting, for you to justify my love." Blaise moved to face Ephiny... "I'm open and ready for you to justify my love." Blaise moved her tongue past Ephiny's parted lips for a passionate kiss as she caressed Ephiny's butt as the music continued.

Ephiny hugged Blaise as the music was ending... "I had an orgasm Blaise." Ephiny whispered in Blaise's ear.

"You're not the only one baby." Blaise answered with a smile as she kissed Ephiny again.

"Blaise we need to leave." Ephiny raised her eyebrow and smiled.

"Yes...dear!" Blaise took Ephiny's hand and they exited the bar.

"Uhmm...Blaise I need to go take care of something."

"What baby?" Blaise asked confused as she turned to Ephiny who had stopped.

"Nature know?" Ephiny raised her eyebrows trying to get Blaise to understand what she meant.

"Oh, okay...I'll go get Taz and meet you back here."

"Okay." Ephiny answered as she headed to the outhouse.

Blaise went over to the stables and got Taz to bring him to the meeting place with Ephiny. Blaise walked across the town square whistling with a smile on her face as she recalled the fun her and Ephiny had in the bar. Blaise looked up to see Ephiny was surrounded by four thugs and Ephiny was caught in the middle of them.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"Ephiny!" Blaise shouted as she dropped Taz's reigns and ran towards her. Blaise jumped and flipped over into the group planting her feet squarely into two of the men's chests knocking them out. Blaise moved and delivered a roundhouse kick to the face of the third man knocking him out as Ephiny kicked the fourth man in the knee sending him to the ground screaming in pain.

"Are you okay baby?" Blaise asked slightly out of breath and with nervousness.

"No...I'm not okay." Ephiny shouted.

"Where are you hurt?...let me see." Blaise answered as she put her hands on Ephiny's arms.

"Blaise...stop it!" Ephiny shouted with anger as she jerked away from Blaise.

"What?" Blaise asked confused.

"I'm pissed at you!...I could have handled all of those guys without your help!"

"Eph." Blaise replied as she moved towards her.

"No...I'm an amazon not a helpless woman!"

"That's suppose to make me feel better?"

Ephiny mounted Taz and heeled him which Taz didn't obey... "let's go Taz!" Ephiny ordered.

"Ephiny stop kicking him...he won't go until I tell him too...look you needed my help."

"No...I told you I'm an amazon and very capable of taking care of myself...until you can respect that than we can't be together."

"But honey...we had such a great time tonight...come on don't do this." Blaise pleaded.

"You should have thought about the great time we had tonight before you decided to insult me the way you did and look down on me!" Ephiny leaned towards Taz's ears... "there's a bucket full of apples with your name on them." Ephiny kicked Taz into a gallop as the pair left the town quickly.

To be continued...

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