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By Cruise

Disclaimer: This is an ongoing story and the disclaimers are the same as parts I-X. As most of you know some parts of my story don’t necessarily follow along with the show namely my exclusion of Ephiny’s relationship with Phantes. Sorry, just couldn’t go there with that story line for Ephiny. I will also go against TPTB with their latest escapade regarding Ephiny’s fate on the show. I REFUSE-I repeat-REFUSE to take her character in that direction because I totally disagree with the decision they made with her character. So, with that out of the way, I hope you enjoy the story!

Sex: Lots of it! Sexually explicit sex scenes of two consenting adult women. So, if anyone is underage or offended by two women making love than this story is not recommended.

Violence: Some but not too bad. Some mild language.

Special thanks goes out to Stoley who keeps me in line and gives the best advice and support anyone could receive.

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Blaise and Joxer rode the horses hard towards Troy as Blaise’s emotions where quite conflicted. She felt rage and anger for having to leave her family but ecstatic as she thought of her newborn’s. ‘The idiot Paris who started this damn war over a woman get’s himself killed!’ Blaise thought with anger as they approached the city which was in total chaos.

"By the gods Joxer!" Blaise exclaimed as they rode towards the command hut.

"Tell me about it!" Joxer answered with disgust as they both dismounted.

"Sergeant! What in tartarus is going on?" Blaise shouted with anger as she entered the tent.

"We are out manned Blaise." the man answered with a salute to Blaise.




"Tell me something I don’t know jackass!" Blaise snapped as she approached the war table with the maps and heard chuckles from her other officers to her comment towards the sergeant. "You think that’s funny huh?" Blaise asked with anger as she turned her steely gaze towards the men.

"Aah...sorry." They answered as they knelt their heads down sheepishly.

"Maybe if you took this a little more serious we wouldn’t be losing this damn war!" She shouted as she looked at the map. "Where is the closest army that is loyal to my father?"

"Right here Blaise." The sergeant answered as he pointed to the map.

Blaise looked up at him with fiery blue eyes. "What are you waiting for? Get on it!" Blaise shouted as her officer scrambled out of the hut to bring in reinforcements.

"Lieutenant...I want to make sure we have men posted on every wall. Joxer...check the infirmary and get the walking wounded posted throughout the city. We need every one we can spare." Blaise replied as she fired off her orders.

Everyone scrambled out of the hut to fulfill their orders as Blaise followed them out to check on the troops already posted. The men were tired and weary but held their post proudly as she passed to check on everyone.

"Blaise...I have all the walls covered with men." The lieutenant replied breathless as he ran up.

"’re my new general." Blaise answered matter of factly.

"Excuse me?" The man asked confused.

"The idiot sergeant is incompetent and I need someone to take over for me here that I can trust. You remind me a lot of Calvin and I hope I’m not making a mistake by promoting you." Blaise answered as she stared the man down.

" won’t be making a mistake, but why will you not be in charge here?" He asked confused as they walked through the city.

"I’m heading off to Athens for reinforcements."

"By the gods!...By the time you get there and back a moon will have passed."

"The largest army loyal to my father is there and it’s obvious Ares is not going to help so, I’ll have to go. The reinforcements should be here in two days and with their help you can hold them off until the larger army gets here." Blaise explained.

"Just the army? What about you?" The new general asked with confusion as to why Blaise didn’t include herself in those plans.

"I’m going to try and recruit some more men in that region to help us." Blaise informed him.

"When do you have to leave?"

"Shortly." Blaise answered sternly as she headed towards the command tent and fired off a letter to Ephiny.

"Blaise...I have the men from the infirmary posted as you asked." Joxer replied as he entered the hut and stood before Blaise.

"Perfect...take this scroll to Ephiny with the usual three dozen roses and purchase some stuffed animals for the twins please. Also, see to it that you deliver roses and a stuffed animal each week while I’m gone okay? You know where the stashed dinars are located in case you run out right?" Blaise asked as she stood up and handed him the scroll.

"Gone? Where are you going?" Joxer asked with concern.


"Blaise...I’m going with you." Joxer answered with worry.

"No...I need you to keep an eye out here and at my home. Ephiny will be more at ease if she sees you come at least once a week... okay?"

"Okay." Joxer answered reluctantly.

"Also, I want you to take a chest of dinars of mine and give it to Ephiny so they will be well provided for. You do know where I hid them right?"

"Yes...I know and I will do as you ask." Joxer answered as Blaise turned to leave. " careful okay?" Joxer answered with worry as he stuck his arm out.

Blaise smiled and clasped hands with him. "I will dude and you do the same okay? I’ve grown to like you too much for anything to happen to you!" Blaise answered with a chuckle as she exited the hut and headed off towards Taz.

Joxer watched Blaise ride off out of sight and had a bad feeling about Blaise’s latest mission.

Ephiny struggled to keep the twins from crying but had no luck as a knock came at the door. "Come in!" Ephiny yelled with frustration.

"Hi’s it going?" Cyrene asked as she peeked her head in the door.

"Horrible mother." Ephiny answered with agitation as she pushed her hair back out of her face. "I can’t seem to get the twins to stop crying. I am trying to get them changed and fed but it is so difficult." Ephiny answered as she held her long curls off her face while tears welled in her eyes from frustration.

Cyrene walked toward her. "That’s what grandma’s are for help mommie’s." Cyrene answered with a smile as she hugged Ephiny.

"Thank you so much mother." Ephiny answered relieved with a sigh. Ephiny picked up Jordyn to change her as Cyrene attended to Chayce.

After the children were changed and calmed down Ephiny sat on the bed to breast feed them. She watched her children lovingly and cried as she thought about how much she missed Blaise already.

"Ephiny...sweetheart what’s wrong?" Cyrene asked with concern as she sat next to her on the bed and pushed a stray hair off her face.

"I hate being apart from Blaise mother." Ephiny answered as the tears fell down her cheeks.

"I know you do darling but she’ll be back soon and we’ll all help you with the twins."

"I appreciate the help with the’s just that I worry so much about her and I miss her arms around me." Ephiny answered with sadness as she looked down at the kids.

"It will get easier honey and she’ll be back before you know it." Cyrene answered reassuringly.

"I hope so." Ephiny answered reluctantly not feeling totally confidant that Cyrene was right..

Cyrene helped Ephiny get the twins put down to sleep. "I’ll see you in the morning." Cyrene replied as she hugged Ephiny.

"Thanks so much mother." Ephiny answered as she kissed her on the cheek.

"Get some sleep honey." Cyrene answered with a smile as she ran her palm down Ephiny’s face before leaving the hut.

Ephiny leaned against the railing of the crib and watched Chayce sleep as tears welled in her eyes. She stroked his dark hair and thought about how much he looked like Blaise. She thought about how much she loves Blaise and misses her despite the fact she has only been gone for a short while. Ephiny didn’t have a good feeling about Blaise being gone which worried her because she had never felt that way before when Blaise was gone.

Ephiny changed into Blaise’s night shirt and laid in bed. She cuddled up to Blaise’s pillow holding it tightly taking in the lingering sent of Blaise’s cologne still left on the pillow and cried herself to sleep wishing she was in Blaise’s arms.

Blaise rode until late in the evening and stopped to make camp not because she was tired but to give Taz the rest he needed. She figured if she kept busy and focused on her anger if would keep her mind off of being away from Ephiny and the twins. Her heart ached from the longing she had to be near her family. She didn’t know how she was going to get through this considering she had barely been away from them for a day and so needed to be near them.

Blaise took off Taz’s tack and proceeded to wash her stallion down to cool him off. Thoughts of the twins’ sweet little faces and how they felt cuddled up to her crept into her mind saddening her. She leaned her head against Taz’s neck as tear trickled down her cheek.

Taz loved his master and knew her heart ached. He leaned his head against her shoulder as his way of comfort. Blaise patted her trusty stallion... "Thanks buddy...I needed that." she replied as she moved around to face him and kissed his nose with a scratch to his neck.

Blaise smiled as Taz twisted his lips around against Blaise’s face for a kiss. "Okay...get some rest buddy." Blaise replied with a pat to his neck before retiring to her bedroll. She knew she wouldn’t be able to sleep but figured she would lay down and give her body a rest.

She opened her saddlebags and found Ephiny had packed one of her shirts. She smiled as she smelled Ephiny’s lingering scent on the material and imagined how sexy Ephiny looked in the shirt. Blaise looked through her pack to also find Ephiny packed shirts belonging to the twins. Blaise smiled as she fondly thought of her newborns as tears welled in her blue eyes and she laid back losing herself in her thoughts of her beautiful family wishing she could be with them.

Ephiny woke early the next morning to the cries of her two infants and lifted each one close to her chest for a loving hug. She kissed each one’s head softly to let them know how much her and their mother loved them as she sat in the rocking chair Blaise had made for when the baby would join their family. Ephiny opened her shirt and began to feed the children.

Cyrene knocked and entered as the children finished their meal. "How are you doing honey?" Cyrene asked as she leaned down and kissed Ephiny’s head.

"As good as can be expected mother." Ephiny answered as she handed Chayce to Cyrene to be burped as she worked on Jordyn.

Chayce let out a loud burp as Cyrene laughed and held him in front of her. "You are your mother’s son aren’t you?" She asked as she received a smile from Chayce.

"You can say that again." Ephiny answered with a chuckle as Jordyn let out a loud burp as well. "Uh-huh....we may have two of you who are like Blaise and may the gods help us!" Ephiny answered with a laugh as she kissed her daughter’s cheek.

" can definitely say that again!" Cyrene replied with a laugh.

Cyrene helped Ephiny bathe and clothe the children when a knock came at the door. Ephiny opened the door and was overwhelmed by the beautiful fragrance of red roses and she smiled excitedly as tears filled her eyes.

"Joxer...are you in there somewhere?" Ephiny asked with a laugh as the roses lowered and he flashed a goofy grin which no matter how much refinement he had gone through that silly grin of his was still present.

"Hi Ephiny...these are for you, of course." He answered as he brought the roses into the hut and put them on the table.

"They’re beautiful." Ephiny answered with a smile as she smelled the roses.

Joxer left the hut and returned with a bag full of stuffed animals. He took them to the children and pulled one out for each infant. "You’re mother said to make sure you two get these so, make sure you tell her I did my job okay?" Joxer asked with excitement as he laid one in each of their cribs. "Don’t forget there’s more where those came from for you both." He added with a laugh and was joined by Ephiny and Cyrene.

The twins grabbed their animals and cuddled up next to them. "I think they know they’re from Blaise." Cyrene answered with a smile as Joxer left the hut again.

"By the gods! What now?" Ephiny exclaimed with shock at all the gifts from Blaise as Joxer struggled to carry in the heavy chest and placed it on the table. "Joxer...what is this?" Ephiny asked confused as she approached him and looked at the chest.

"Blaise wanted to make sure you and the kids were well provided for in her absence Ephiny." Joxer answered as he opened the chest revealing an enormous amount of dinars.


"By the gods!" Ephiny exclaimed in shock. "She knows we don’t need all of this to be provided for Joxer."

"She was worried about you and the kids Ephiny." Joxer answered as he handed her the scroll Blaise scribed before she left. "I have to get back so, I’ll see you soon." Joxer replied as he turned to leave but was stopped as Ephiny grabbed his hand.

"Thank you very much Joxer...I appreciate you bringing this here for us."

"Don’t thank me Ephiny. I enjoy doing it. See you soon." Joxer answered with a smile as he hurried out of the hut.

"Mother...can you believe this?" Ephiny asked in shock and a bit overwhelmed by the amount of dinars in the chest as she sat down.

"Yes...I can, honey. Blaise loves and cares for both you and the children very much."

"She is so incredibly thoughtful." Ephiny answered as tears streamed down her face as she opened the scroll and began to read.


My love! I miss your sweet, loving face already. As many times as I have been away from you I miss you more every time and I have never gotten used to being away from you. I miss seeing those two beautiful, sweet faces of our children and long for the day I return and can hold all three of you in my arms again. Thank you for blessing me with such beautiful children and for being such a wonderful wife. I’m the luckiest woman in the world. You will never know how much it means to me that you created our children. I love you so much Eph...please...always remember that."

Ephiny’s eyes became red as the tears streamed down her face. Cyrene approached and lovingly stroked her hair to comfort her as Ephiny continued to read the scroll.

I absolutely love and adore our children with all my heart as I also do with you. I can’t imagine my life without you and the twins being apart of it. My life would be without love or meaning without the three of you in my heart. Please give Jordyn and Chayce hugs, kisses and make sure you tell them everyday how much I love and adore them. I long for the moment I see your beautiful face and can hold you in my arms to feel your heartbeat close to mine.

I love you baby,


Ephiny closed the scroll and cried harder as she thought about how much she loved Blaise. She couldn’t have ever imagined a mate for herself as wonderful, caring and loving as Blaise is with her. Ephiny walked over to the crib and gazed lovingly at her beautiful children that were produced from the love of both her and Blaise. She realized they would not have been possible without Blaise in her life.

Cyrene put her hands on Ephiny’s shoulders for support and Ephiny turned engulfing her in a hug. "I’m sorry you’re so upset sweetie." Cyrene whispered as she held Ephiny tight to comfort her.

"Thanks for being here for me...mother. It really means a lot to me." Ephiny answered as she looked into Cyrene’s familiar blue eyes.

Cyrene wiped Ephiny’s tears away. "Honey, go out and get some fresh air or do some amazon things to get away for awhile. I’ll watch the twins." Cyrene offered.

Ephiny chuckled at Cyrene’s statement about doing amazon things. "Thanks...I would appreciate it." Ephiny answered as she wiped the remaining tears away and headed out the door.

Blaise had been on the road and away from her family for over three moons trying to recruit new armies to pledge allegiance to her father and help during the war. She was tired of trying to persuade people to join in the fight and wanted to see her family whom she missed desperately. They were not out of her thoughts for a moment and being away from them made her more agitated when she had to deal with stubborn people.

Blaise wanted to be with her family and her only contact was through messages sent by a messenger to Joxer which were then passed on to Ephiny. The messages seemed to take forever to return to her and she had had enough of the separation and started to head home. "Let’s go home Tazmeister." She affectionately called her trusty stallion as he whinnied a response of good idea as he galloped faster.

They rode for over a candle mark until they came to a fork in the road and Taz began to prance nervously. "What’s wrong buddy?" Blaise asked confused as to why her stallion acted the way he did. Taz whinnied and reared up on his hind legs repeatedly with agitation as Blaise held his reins trying to control him. "Taz...what are you doing?" Blaise asked with agitation as Taz lowered himself to the ground and swung around in a circle. Blaise leaned forward just as Taz swung his head back knocking it into Blaise’s sending her to the ground unconscious.

"Are you sure this is the one?" The man asked his leader as they looked over a very unconscious Blaise.

"This is the one...she’s going to be very happy." The leader answered as they shackled Blaise’s wrists and ankles.

"What about the horse?"

"Leave him...he’ll just run off once the effects of the dart wears off. I can’t imagine him causing any trouble." The leader instructed the man as they threw Blaise’s body over a free horse and headed away from the area.

The group entered the village and headed straight for the prison. They were met by the woman who had issued the order to have Blaise captured. She walked up to the horse which carried Blaise and grabbed her by her hair to lift her head up to see if it was who she wanted. Once satisfied it was Blaise she ordered the men to take Blaise into the cell she had prepared for her.

"Did you kill her horse like I told you too?" She asked the leader of the group.

"No...that horse won’t be a problem." He answered surely.

"You idiot!...I told you to kill the horse! You should not have underestimated her horse. He is very capable of causing a huge problem. Now, go back and finish the job!" She ordered with agitation at the incompetence of the men.

"’am." The man answered as he headed out of the village.

The woman entered the cell where Blaise laid unconscious and looked over her. "You’re back were you belong Blaise." She whispered in her ear as she brushed Blaise’s hair off her face. "Let me know when she wakes...understood?" The woman ordered as she exited the cell.

"As you wish ma’am." The guard answered with a nod as he closed and locked the cell.

"Where in tartarus did that horse go?" The leader asked nervously as they surveyed the area for Taz.

"How should I know?" The man answered confused.

"Search the area and see if you can find him." He ordered.

The men searched for over an hour and found no site of Taz and decided to head back to the village. The men were promptly beheaded by Magdeline for their incompetence.

Blaise woke with a killer headache and sat up on the very uncomfortable cot she laid on. She swung her legs over the edge and looked around at her surroundings confused as to how she had gotten there. She tried to break free of the shackles with no such luck and figured they were made by her uncle Hephastus if she was unable to break them. She made a mental note to talk with him about who he let his unbreakable metal get out to.

Her head pounded and she rested it in her hands with her elbows leaning against her legs. She heard the cell door open and looked up to see two guards grab her and throw her against the wall. "Aah...take it easy pal. I’ve got a vicious headache!" She replied with agitation as she looked at the two gaurds.

"Aah...poor baby has a headache!" The woman answered as she drew near to Blaise.

Blaise recognized the voice and looked at her with disgust. "Magdeline...I should have known I’d have to see you again one day." Blaise answered with agitation and disgust as she looked at the shorter woman standing before her.

" love." Magdeline replied sarcastically. "Did you miss me?" She asked as she ran her finger down Blaise’s chest.

"Not in the least bit." Blaise answered nonchalantly as she received a swift punch to the ribs from the gaurds. "Aah..." Blaise winced in pain from the blow. "You two think you’re real men hitting a chained up person huh? Unchain me and make it a fair fight." Blaise replied in anger receiving another blow to the same tender area.

"Ooh, I so love it when you’re feisty Blaise." Magdeline replied with a devious smile on her face as Blaise raised her head back up to face Magdeline. The woman moved in close to Blaise and looked into her angered blue eyes. "I know you missed me Blaise." She answered as she kissed Blaise seeking entry with her tongue which Blaise would not allow which angered her and she bit Blaise’s lip drawing blood.

"You bitch!" Blaise yelled as she spit the blood out of her mouth on the woman’s clothing.

Magdeline slapped Blaise across the face and stripped her half heart necklace off her neck as Blaise moved towards her but was thrust back hard against the wall by the gaurds.

"Oh, isn’t this sweet." She replied sarcastically as she looked at the necklace.

"That doesn’t belong to you. Give it back."

"Is this your pathetic wife’s heart?" She asked with a devious look.

"She’s not pathetic like, hand it over." Blaise answered with agitation and mounting anger.

"Just what do you think you’ll do if I don’t?"

"I’ll kill you." Blaise answered sternly as she looked the woman in the eye.

"I don’t think you’ll do that Blaise because you still love me. I can see it in your eyes."

"You’re seeing the love for my wife in those eyes... not for your pathetic self. I hate you!" Blaise answered with disgust.

"Oh, isn’t that sweet that you love your wife. You won’t be seeing her anymore and you’ll grow to love me once again. If not... so be it. I get to punish you like you did to me when you walked out of my life."

"That’s what this is all about?" Blaise shouted with anger.

"It’s about payback Blaise and I intend to pay you back royally just like you deserve. I think I’ll take that ring and wear it as my own." She answered as she took the joining ring off Blaise’s finger which Ephiny had given her.

Blaise tried to break free but was unable and swept Magdeline’s feet out from beneath her as she pushed the guards away from her. Blaise leaned down to grab the ring back and received a blow to her back sending her to all fours in pain.

"By the gods!" Blaise exclaimed as the guards stood her up. Magdeline stood up and slipped the ring on her finger much to Blaise’s protest. "No!" Blaise shouted in anger as she watched the woman laugh.

"Show her what happens when people disrespect me!" She ordered as she exited the jail.

The guards attached Blaise’s shackles to the wall and beat her to unconsciousness as Blaise lost herself in her thoughts of Ephiny and the children to drown out the pain she felt.

"Ephiny!" Blaise whispered as darkness consumed her.

"Ephiny...what is it?" Gabrielle asked her regent who yelled out all of a sudden.

Ephiny looked at her with disbelief. "I had this terrible pain and feeling Gabrielle. I think something is wrong with Blaise." She answered with concern.

"What? How do you know that?" Gabrielle asked with confusion.


"I just do and I heard her call my name. I felt her pain. Oh, by the gods Blaise where are you?" Ephiny answered with worry as she paced around the hut.

"She’ll be fine Ephiny. It’s just that you’re worried about her and you haven’t heard from her for sometime now. Try not to worry...she’s fine." Gabrielle answered reassuringly.

"I hope so Gabrielle because I really don’t have a very good feeling right now." Ephiny answered unsure of the feelings she was having and headed back to her hut to check on the twins who were taking their afternoon nap.

Ephiny stroked each baby’s head and thought of Blaise. She wondered where she could be and why she hadn’t been home by now. Ephiny couldn’t believe she would stay away for so long and knew in her heart Blaise was in danger. "Oh, Blaise...I love you." Ephiny whispered as she lovingly looked at her children that her and Blaise produced out of their love for one another.

"I’ll be right back. I need to go speak with Xena." Ephiny informed her nanny as she left the hut and found Xena at the training area. "Xena! I need to talk to you please." Ephiny replied with urgency as she approached Xena and stood between her and the other amazon grabbing the swinging staff to stop the amazon’s training session. "Go away and train harder. I should not have been able to have so easily stopped you." Ephiny answered with agitation as she glanced over her shoulder.

" you order my regent." The amazon answered with a slight bow as she walked away with embarrassment.

"What’s going on Ephiny?" Xena asked with confusion.

"I think something’s wrong with Blaise, Xena."

"Ephiny...Blaise can take care of know that." Xena answered as she looked down and brushed the dirt off her leathers.

"I don’t think she can this time Xena." Ephiny answered with worry.

Xena looked up and saw the concern and fear in Ephiny’s eyes which she had never seen before. "What makes you think that Ephiny?" She asked with worry.

"I don’t know how but I heard Blaise yell out for me and I felt her pain...physically." Ephiny tried to explain knowing Xena must think she had lost her mind. "I know you think I’m crazy but I’m telling you Xena... I felt her pain and heard her."

"Not at all Ephiny. I can feel and hear the same with Gabrielle. I don’t think Aphrodite would allow her to be harmed Ephiny. Maybe you just thought something happened because you haven’t heard anything from her for awhile." Xena answered trying to reassure Ephiny but she knew it wasn’t working.

"Xena...I’ve never felt this way before and I just know something’s wrong." Ephiny answered with agitation.

"Okay...if we haven’t heard anything soon from her and if you have the same thing happen then I’ll go check things out to see if I can find Blaise." Xena answered with a pat on the back.

"Why does it have to be you that goes after her Xena? Are you of the same narrow mind set that your sister is that I’m not capable of taking care of myself and my wife?" Ephiny shouted in anger as she walked away.

"Ephiny!...that’s not what I meant!" Xena shouted as she walked after Ephiny and stopped her.

"What did you mean Xena?" Ephiny asked with agitation as she shrugged Xena’s hand off her shoulder.

"What I meant was that I’ll go after Blaise because you have the twins to think about Ephiny. You know I respect you as an amazon so, I don’t know why you would imply what you just did."

"I’m sorry Xena. I’m just a little agitated right now and I think you can understand why." Ephiny answered with regret for what she had said to Xena.

"I understand, try to think positive about Blaise. You know she always comes out smelling like a rose in sticky situations. Right?" Xena asked with a laugh as she hugged Ephiny for reassurance.

"Yeah...I guess you’re right...thanks." Ephiny answered appreciatively as she headed back to her hut to tend to the twins.

"Let’s hope I’m right this time." Xena whispered under her breath as she watched Ephiny head out of site. "What’s going on little sister?" Xena whispered with worry.

Blaise spent the next few days sleeping off the beating she had taken and decided she needed to keep her strength up. She did sit ups, push ups and chins ups the best she could fighting off the pain associated with every movement she did with her exercise to regain her strength. She hadn’t seen anyone for days except when they delivered her bread and water for a meal.

Her motivation to stay strong was her thoughts of getting back to Ephiny, the twins and her family. Her nights and dreams were filled with all of them. Her dreams felt so real as if Ephiny was in her arms and she could smell her sweet perfume. She could feel her lips on her own as Ephiny kissed her in the dreams and she could feel Ephiny’s love for her.

She imagined what the twins would look like now. They would be bigger than they were when she left which angered her because she was missing out on her children’s life much the same as her father did when she was a child. She remembered how soft they felt and how soft their breath was against her neck when they slept close to her. She knew they were beautiful just as Ephiny is to her.

Blaise hoped her mother and Tarus were doing well and figured her mother had probably returned to Amphibolis by now. She wondered how Xena was holding up during Gabby’s pregnancy and wondered if she was going through the same torture Ephiny put her through which made her laugh but then it made her sad. She would trade that any day just so she could be near Ephiny again. Blaise’s angry thoughts took over as she paced the cell in her shackles.

"Aphrodite!, Cupid!, Zeus!, Ares!" Blaise shouted as she looked up hoping one of them would show up and help her. She had requested their presence before with no luck and wondered if her family had abandoned her altogether. She would believe that from Ares but not Aphie or Cupid.


"Don’t bother calling your family Blaise...they can’t help you." Magdeline replied as she approached the cell.

"What makes you so sure of that?" Blaise asked as she turned around to face her with anger in her blue eyes at the site of the woman.

" partner...your father...has trapped them. Unfortunately, he has lost his powers for the time being. So, I get to do with you what I want and you know what I want." She replied seductively which repulsed Blaise.

"I should have known you worked for my father but why would he want me here?" Blaise asked confused as she paced the cell trying to think of what her father could possibly be up too as the guards entered the cell and chained her to the wall with Blaise putting up a struggle.

" dear...seems daddy thinks you’re dispensable now that you have produced a son and he intends to take him for his next heir."

"No!" Blaise shouted with anger as she struggled to free herself from the chains to no avail.

" darling." Magdeline replied sarcastically as she ran her finger down Blaise’s face which repulsed Blaise and she turned her head away. Magdeline grabbed her chin and held her face in front of her own. "You should know better than to try and get out of those chains made by Hephastus. You know that you can’t break free from them even if you are half god."

" said you loved me right?"

"Oh, very much so Blaise." She answered with a smile.

"Then how can you do this to me and to my child?"

"I told’s payback Blaise. You should have never walked out on me like you did and besides we should have had a son instead of you and that amazon bitch." She answered with anger as Blaise struggled in the chains.


"First off, you bedded my father so, in my book you walked out on me. You greedy bitch! The only reason you wanted me was for my riches and to get closer to my father but you couldn’t stand it when he only wanted you for sex for the one night now could you? No, you couldn’t and that’s why you came back to me. Did you really expect me to take you back?" Blaise asked with a raised angry voice.

"Shut up Blaise and just be thankful I have given you the opportunity to live a life with me instead of being dead like your father wanted." She snapped back at Blaise with agitation.

"A life with you will never happen and you need to get that through your head. I’d rather give up forever than to ever be with you again." Blaise shouted.

"Watch what you ask for... it could be arranged!"

"Do it Magdeline! Put me out of my misery of having to see your ugly face!" Blaise shouted in anger.

She grabbed Blaise by the throat in anger. "That would be too easy for you. I want you to suffer for a little while longer." She answered as she let go of Blaise’s throat and slapped Blaise across the face.

"Remind me to kill you the first chance I get for the way you have slandered my wife and for wearing those things that are precious to me that you have no right to wear." Blaise answered with anger and a sly grin on her face.

"That will never happen except in your dreams Blaise." She answered as she left the cell.

"If that gets you through the day then keep believing it but that dream will become a reality Magdeline!" Blaise shouted as she watched her walk out of site and received another beating at the hands of the guards.

Blaise laid semiconscious and heard noises from outside her window and struggled to open her eyes. She shook off the blurred vision and stood on the cot to look out of the window. She saw Taz outside the window pacing back and forth. " friend...where have you been?" Blaise whispered as her trusty stallion came closer to the window and snorted his reply to her. "Like I knew that you were shot with a dart and you couldn’t find me? Did you forget that you knocked me out?" Blaise whispered sarcastically as Taz snorted again. "Okay...okay...keep it down and I’ll stop arguing with you. Just go find Xena for me and hurry. I don’t have much time to stop Ares. Go my friend! Hurry!" Blaise ordered as she watched her stallion gallop at full speed out of site.

Taz traveled night and day to get back to the amazon village quickly. Xena had returned to their hut with the food request Gabrielle had asked for from the food hut. "Gabrielle...are you really going to dip the eel in the cream?" Xena asked with a disgusted look on her face.

"Can I help it if you’re child wants that to eat?" Gabrielle asked with agitation as she took the said food choice from Xena and began to devour it.

"Are you sure it’s my child? Because there is no way I would eat something so gross!" Xena teased.

"Who’s child do you think it is Xena?" Gabrielle snapped with anger as she gave her a dirty look.

‘Oh, geez...I’m breaking every rule there is with a pregnant woman. How in tartarus do I get out of this one?’ Xena thought to herself. "Gabrielle... honey...I was only kidding with you." Xena answered trying to sweet talk Gabrielle.

"Don’t pull that crap with me Warrior Princess! I want to know why you questioned as to wether this was your child or not!" Gabrielle asked obviously agitated.

Xena heard a banging on the door. "We’re busy right now!" Xena yelled over her shoulder and looked back at Gabrielle and moved to the bed. "Babe...I was only kidding when I asked you that. You should know that by now I was just teasing you." Xena explained as the banging on the door agitated Xena as it grew louder and more incessantly. "What in tartarus is going on out there?" Xena asked with agitation as she moved to the door.

She opened the door and found a very sweaty and agitated stallion standing before her which startled her. "Taz...where’s you’re owner?" She asked as she looked around for Blaise. "Is she playing some trick on me?" Xena asked as she continued to look around.

Taz whinnied and reared up on his back legs repeatedly as he nudged Xena out of the hut. "Taz...what is going on?" Xena asked confused as she took his reigns. "I don’t know what you and Blaise are up to but I’ll get you both back if it’s some kind of a trick!" Xena replied with agitation as she attempted to pull him by the reigns to Ephiny and Blaise’s hut to see if Blaise was there.

Taz held his ground and reared up and down causing a commotion as Xena tried to steady him. Ephiny rushed out of the hut to find out what was going on and saw that it was Taz before Xena.

"Where’s Blaise?" she asked with excitement that Blaise had returned.

"I thought she was with you Ephiny and that her and Taz were playing a trick on me." Xena explained as she struggled to steady the agitated horse.

Taz backed away from Xena as she held the reigns to try and steady him. "Easy boy...what’s wrong with you?" Xena asked as she moved closer to him. "He’s acting very strange Ephiny. He almost tore my door down trying to get in there."

"Is he hurt?" Ephiny asked with worry as she approached him and ran her hand down his neck to search for any wounds. "What’s up boy? Where’s Blaise?" Ephiny asked as she examined him. "He’s not hurt Xena." Ephiny answered as Taz nudged Xena and bowed next to her so, she could mount him.

"What in tartarus?" Xena asked confused as she looked at Ephiny. "Wait a minute. Did Blaise send you?" Xena asked as Taz nodded his head up and down. "I totally forgot that Blaise told me she trained Taz to come to me if she was ever in danger." Xena answered as she looked at Ephiny with worry.

"I’m going with you to find Blaise Xena." Ephiny demanded as she approached Xena.

"No, I’m going by myself." Xena answered adamantly as she led Taz towards the water trough for a drink.

"Don’t do this to me Xena!" Ephiny shouted with anger.

"Ephiny...the twins are still nursing! You can’t leave them!" Xena shouted back.

"I can’t take this being useless!" Ephiny shouted in anger as Gabrielle exited the hut to find out what was going on.

"’re not useless. You have two children to take care of who need you desperately." Xena answered calmly as she stared into Ephiny’s hazel eyes.

"Blaise needs me too Xena." Ephiny answered defiantly.

"Yes...she does, but you’re children need you more and you know Blaise would want you to protect your children at all cost Ephiny."

"She’s right Ephiny." Gabrielle answered hoping to calm her regent down.

"Oh, Gabrielle what would you know?" Ephiny asked with anger as she stormed off to her hut.

"Ephiny!" Gabrielle shouted as she watched her regent disappear.

"Let her settle down Gabrielle. I have to go to Blaise she’s in danger. Will you be okay without me?" Xena asked with worry as she took Gabrielle in her arms and looked down into her green eyes.

"I’ll be fine here Xena, just bring Blaise back in one piece okay?" Gabrielle answered reassuring Xena that she’d be well taken care of in the village.

"Okay...I’ll be back soon. Keep an eye out on the other pregnant lady in the family for me please?" Xena asked as she gathered her weapons and gear for the journey.

"I may not be Argo’s favorite person in the world but I will keep an eye out for her Xena... you know that." Gabrielle answered with a smile. "Be careful please?" Gabrielle asked with worry as she looked lovingly into Xena’s blue eyes.

"I’ll be careful just for you babe. I love you." Xena whispered as she kissed her bard passionately. "Goodbye." Xena whispered as she mounted Taz and looked down at her bride flashing a smile and a wink hoping she wasn’t too late to help her little sister.


"I love you Xena." Gabrielle answered with a smile as she watched her warrior ride out of the village and headed over to talk with Ephiny.

Gabrielle slipped into Ephiny’s hut after knocking with no acknowledgment from Ephiny to enter. Ephiny turned to see Gabrielle standing in the doorway. "What do you want Gabrielle?" Ephiny asked tersely.

"To see if you’re okay Ephiny." Gabrielle answered as she moved closer to her regent.

"Isn’t that noble of you to see how I’m doing." Ephiny answered sarcastically as she turned around and crossed her arms over her chest. "Do you think I’m okay Gabrielle considering my wife is in danger, possibly dead and I can’t do a damn thing about it?" Ephiny asked in anger.

"Ephiny...Xena will find Blaise and bring her back. You know that." Gabrielle answered trying to reassure her regent.

"It’s not Xena’s job to do that Gabrielle. Blaise is my wife, my love, my responsibility...not Xena’s."

"She is Xena’s sister which also makes her Xena’s responsibility Ephiny. Why are you being so hard on yourself?"

"How would it make you feel to have to wait and rely on someone else to bring your wife home when they’re in danger? Huh?" Ephiny asked sternly as she put her hands on her hips.

"It would bother me...I suppose." Gabrielle conceded.

"Look know me I’m not the type of woman to stand around and wait. I’m a woman of action and this is driving me crazy to not be able to go and save my wife! I feel as though I’ve lost my independence and I’m useless."

" can you say you’re useless?"



"I stand around here waiting for my lover to return and taking care of our children. I take a backseat to you in this amazon village and I feel like I’ve lost all that I once stood for Gabrielle."

"Are you telling me you no longer want to be a mother to your children and that you want to go back to the amazon you once were before you met Blaise?"

"I’m not sure Gabrielle but I can tell you I don’t like to be put in this helpless situation and that has to change." Ephiny answered with agitation as she stormed out of the hut leaving a bewildered Gabrielle and the twins with the nanny.

To be continued...

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