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By Cruise

Disclaimer: The characters associated with Xena:Warrior Princess belong to Mca/Universal & are used without their permission. The character of Blaise is my own creation & not affiliated with the show. The events in this story do not necessarily follow along with events that happen in the show. The vows belong to Shania Twain / Robert John “Mutt” Lange & Polygram international inc/Loon Echo inc. performed on Shania’s album “Come on over”. The songs where used without permission & no profit is intended with this story.

Sex: Sexually explicit sex scenes of two consenting adult women. So, if anyone is offended by two women making love than this story is not recommended.

Violence: Some but not too bad.

Spoilers: References made to "The Furies", "Maternal Instincts", "The Crusader".

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As Xena and Gabrielle made their way closer the town Gabrielle couldn’t stand the silence anymore.
“Xena...please we need to talk”
“About what Gabrielle?”
“What do you want to talk about, huh?” Xena was obviously agitated with the bard.
“The fact that you blindly went off with that fool Najara?” Xena was visibly distressed and picked up her pace as she walked ahead with Argo.
“I’m sorry.” Gabrielle replied in a whisper out of ear shot of Xena.
Gabrielle walked at a much slower pace behind Xena.

As the pair drew closer to the town Gabrielle thought that Xena must hate her for her latest excursion in search of her spiritual quest. Once they reached the town a smile appeared on Gabrielle’s face as the town square was filled with peddlers.
“Xena! Let’s do some frivolous shopping”
“No..You know that is not my thing. I am going to get Argo settled do what you want!”
Xena and Argo headed off towards the stables. Gabrielle stood for a moment fighting back her tears. As Gabrielle looked up and across the square she noticed a familiar figure standing with their back to her. She noticed the figure was tall, lean, muscular, tan, and has shoulder length black hair who was wearing wearing black boots, black leather pants with a grey shirt without sleeves.
“Ares!” Gabrielle thought. “What’s he doing here?” “ I already paid my debt to him.”

Gabrielle walked up and grabbed the persons arm to turn them towards her.

“What are you doing here?” Gabrielle replied with disgust.
As the person turned she realized it was not Ares but a woman.
“Excuse me?” The woman answered Gabrielle was taken by how attractive the young woman was and how she felt as though she knew her.
“I..I’m sorry” Gabrielle replied with embarrassment “I thought you where someone I knew”.
“Would you like to know me?” she answered flashing an incredibly sexy smile to Gabrielle.
“I am really sorry for being so name is Gabrielle and yes, I would like to get to know you better.”
Gabrielle reached to shake the strangers hand and when she took Gabrielle’s hand she lightly kissed it.
“It is a pleasure to meet you Gabrielle my name is Blaise” Gabrielle blushed and smiled.. “Nice to meet you too Blaise”.

At that moment Xena approached and grabbed Gabrielle by the arm.
“Ouch! Xena...You’re hurting me” Gabrielle replied “Let’s go now!” Xena answered with anger in her voice “Hey, take it easy here!” Blaise interrupted.. “You’re hurting the lady now take your hand off of her!”
Blaise grabbed Xena by the wrist with such strength that Xena was unable to pull away.
“Let go of me!” Xena snapped and winced with pain but refused to show that this stranger was causing her pain.
“When you apologize to the lady then I will let go!” Blaise answered “Really..It’s not necessary” Gabrielle replied “ is necessary to me now apologize.” Blaise demanded as she raised her voice.
“Do you realize who you are dealing with?” Xena asked Blaise pulled Xena closer to her. “I know who you are Warrior Princess and you really do not intimidate me!” “Now...the apology”.
Blaise did not waver and stared Xena down showing no fear of the Warrior Princess.
“I’m sorry Gabrielle”. “Now, can we go?” Blaise released her grip on Xena and backed away from Xena.
“It was very nice to meet you Blaise” Gabrielle replied with embarrassment for the altercation which just took place.
“Same here Gabrielle... I hope to see you again”.

Gabrielle had to run to catch up with Xena who had already stormed off.
“Xena!...what was that all about?”

“I...I’m sorry Gabrielle I didn’t mean to hurt you. Let’s go get a room at the Inn and get some dinner”.
“Are you buying.” Gabrielle asked with a smile.
“Sure” Xena replied with a laugh.

Xena remained somewhat quite throughout dinner because she feared if she voiced her thoughts she would hurt Gabrielle.
Xena thought about how much she felt Gabrielle had betrayed her by blindly following Najara. Xena couldn’t understand why she seemed so willing to just leave her and their relationship so easily to go off with strangers. She felt hurt and angered by Gabrielle’s actions but thought it best to not talk about it until she had calmed down.
“Xena...what do you say we go into the tavern for some port and listen to the music they have playing?”
“Sure Gabrielle” Xena thought maybe a good port would calm her down.
They both entered the tavern to find it very crowded.
“Bar keep! Two please!” Gabrielle ordered Gabrielle thought about Blaise and how attractive she was not to mention the fact that she looked so familiar. She was mesmerized by her sexy blue eyes she thought. Gabrielle felt guilty that she was so attracted to Blaise with Xena sitting across from her.

Gabrielle and Xena made their way to an open table to enjoy the music and port.
“Gabrielle...I see someone I know and I need to speak with them. I will be right back.”
“I am not going anywhere” Gabrielle answered.
Xena spoke with the man and returned to the table just as the Bar keep brought a fresh port for Gabrielle.
“I’m sorry I didn’t order this there must be a mistake.”
“I know you didn’t order the port because the young lady two tables over bought that for you.” The Bar keep answered.
Gabrielle and Xena turned to see who sent the port to Gabrielle and noticed it was Blaise. Xena rolled her eyes and shook her head in disgust.
Blaise held up her mug of port up and smiled. Gabrielle acknowledged her with a nod of the head, a smile and whispered “thank you”.
“what’s up with that?” Xena asked.
“I am really not sure Xena... but it was a very nice gesture don’t you think?”
“Oh, yeah...really nice” Xena answered noticeably angered. Xena noticed Blaise walk towards the bar and met her half way.
“Back off!” Xena demanded
“why don’t you let Gabrielle decide what she wants!”
Xena moved back to the table angered by her conversation with Blaise.
“Let’s go Gabrielle!”
“But why Xena?”

“Because I said so” Xena couldn’t contain her jealousy and grabbed Gabrielle to pull her out of the chair knocking over the mug of port on Gabrielle.
“Xena!” Gabrielle replied with embarrassment over how Xena was acting.
Gabrielle wiped off her skirt and Xena moved over to Blaise.
“Make sure you stay away from her!” Xena threatened.”
“Or what? Maybe you need to stay away from her. Seems to me you need to show her some respect and I would love nothing more than to force you to show it to her!”
Xena moved in closer to Blaise.
“Go ahead Xena I am just itching to drop you in your boots...I would love nothing more than to humiliate you, the Warrior Princess, in front of everyone here as you did your friend!”
Xena stormed out of the tavern towards the stables to get Argo with Gabrielle not far behind.

“Xena..what are you doing?”
“Gabrielle...I am going to meet a contact in the next town to finalize some plans.”
“Give me a minute to collect my things..”
“No, you are staying here.. I think I can handle this myself.
Besides, you can stay and try to figure out what you want to do with your life without me being there to cloud your decision.” “When will you be back?”
“In a couple of days” Xena replied as she reigned Argo and headed off out of town. Gabrielle watched as Xena and Argo rode off out of site as she.”wiped the tears out of her eyes.
“She hates me..I just know it” Gabrielle thought.

Gabrielle returned to the tavern settling at the bar.
“Give me a port Bar keep!” Gabrielle demanded as she threw a dinar on the bar.
“Are you okay?” Blaise asked.
“No, not really.” Gabrielle answered as she gulped the port down.
“ I am sorry if I caused a problem but Xena shouldn’t treat you the way she does.”
“No, it’s not you Blaise this goes back a long ways.” Gabrielle answered.
Gabrielle grabbed Blaise by the arm pulling her towards the dance floor.
“Want to dance Blaise?”
“I guess I really don’t have a choice” Blaise answered.

Gabrielle and Blaise made their way out onto the crowded dance floor.. Gabrielle found it difficult to dance so close and face to face with Blaise because she had an overwhelming urge to kiss her new friend. Gabrielle turned her back to ease the temptation.

“Why am I so attracted to this woman?” Gabrielle thought “I feel as though I am betraying Xena once again but I can’t help the feelings I am having for her .” she thought.
Gabrielle moved her body up against Blaise and continued to dance enjoying the feeling of her body up against Blaise.
Blaise slid her hand in front of Gabrielle placing it around her waist and began to grind against Gabrielle to the music.
Gabrielle thoroughly enjoyed where Blaise had placed her hand and the way her body was moving against her.
Gabrielle slid her hand on top of Blaise’s and put her other hand up through Blaise’s black, wavy hair resting it on the back of her neck.
Blaise leaned down to the shorter woman and Gabrielle could feel her breath on her neck which excited her. At that time the music changed to a slower dance and Blaise turned Gabrielle around to face her. She looked into Gabrielle’s eyes and held her in her strong, muscular arms tighter as she began to dance a slow rhythm with Gabrielle.
“You are incredibly attractive.” Gabrielle replied as she gazed into Blaise’s eyes.
“That is very sweet Gabrielle but you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen”. Blaise answered.
Gabrielle leaned up and kissed Blaise. She then pulled away out of fear but realized how much she enjoyed the kiss and wanted more. Gabrielle pressed her lips against Blaise’s again as Blaise’s tongue entered her mouth and they began to kiss more passionately. Gabrielle felt her knees buckle from the overwhelming feeling of ecstasy that she felt from Blaise’s kiss.
“Are you okay Gabrielle?” Blaise asked with a smile
“Yes...never better.” She replied with smile.

They continued to dance and Blaise began to sing the song to Gabrielle.
“You have a beautiful singing voice Blaise. Do you do any singing other than to your dancing partners?” Gabrielle asked “I sing occasionally but I like to compose songs or poems more than singing.” Blaise answered.
“I love to write stories. I am a bard you know?”
“I gathered that when I saw all of the scrolls in your backpack.” Blaise replied with a smile.
“Sorry ladies but we are closing.” the Bar keep replied.
“It is late so, I guess I should head back to the Inn.” Gabrielle told Blaise.
“I have a better idea if you are up for it?” Blaise asked
“Sure what is it?”
“Follow me”.
Blaise grabbed Gabrielle’s hand and they went to the stables to get a blanket which was located with her horse.
“ have a beautiful horse”.
Blaise’s horse was a black stallion with a white stripe between his eyes down to his nose.

“Taz meet Gabrielle...Gabrielle meet Taz” Blaise replied The horse bent his front leg and bowed for Gabrielle.
“That is so cool how did you train him to do that? Gabrielle asked “With these..Blaise answered as she pulled an apple out of the saddlebags and threw it to Gabrielle.
“Go ahead and give it to him.”
Gabrielle reached out with the apple which Taz devoured.
“I am all set...I have the blanket so, let’s go check out the stars. I know a really great meadow to view them from.” Blaise said with a smile.
“Sounds great” Gabrielle answered.

They reached the meadow which had a breathtaking view of the stars.
“You are right Blaise it is a great place.”
Blaise laid the blanket on the ground and they laid side by side looking up at the stars.
“Tell me some of your stories Gabrielle.” Blaise asked
“I would love to.” Gabrielle answered
Gabrielle spent over an hour telling stories of her adventures with Xena.
“Gabrielle...are you in love with Xena?”
“She is my best friend and I love her.”

“Than why would you allow her to treat you as she does?” “Well...Gabrielle began to explain...I have a had some concerns with the violence in our life and I have been trying to find some way of dealing with it to where I can be happy.
Unfortunately, my happiness seems to be Xena’s unhappiness. She is not able to deal with it and she takes it out on me.”Gabrielle finished explaining with sadness.
“I don’t know how you could have been around that woman for as long as you have been.” Blaise answered with amazement.
“I take it you don’t like Xena very much Blaise”.
“No.. I do not.” Blaise replied “why do you not like her Blaise?...You hardly know her” Gabrielle questioned Blaise.
“Xena killed my family Gabrielle” Blaise answered with sorrow.
“I...I..had no idea Blaise...I am sorry”
“How could you know Gabrielle?...There is nothing for you to be sorry for...but there is something for Xena to be sorry for” Blaise answered
“Blaise... Xena has changed she is no longer the warlord killer she once was and I am sure she would do anything to make up for what she did to your family.” Gabrielle explained.
“Now Gabrielle...How could Xena ever make up for killing my family?” Blaise answered with anger and hurt in her voice.
Gabrielle raised up to lean on her elbow as she spoke with Blaise.
“I realize that Blaise but she would do something to atone for her behavior. She fights for the greater good now”.

“Look Gabrielle...Blaise looked down at her hands... I would really rather not talk about this anymore it is too painful for me.”
“I understand...but if you do want to continue this conversation I am a good listener.” Gabrielle answered with a smile

Gabrielle was upset by the hurt she saw in Blaise’s beautiful blue eyes and reached to hold her hand as she laid back on the blanket to continue looking at the stars.
Gabrielle thought about how she would like nothing more than to ease the pain Blaise felt. She thought about how safe and happy she felt being with Blaise. They both laid there gazing at the stars without a word being said between the two.
“Hey!..Gabrielle...did you see that?... Gabrielle? Blaise looked to find that Gabrielle had fallen asleep.
Blaise rolled onto her side to catch a better glimpse of Gabrielle and to take in her beauty as she slept. Blaise softly stroked her long blond hair and gently brushed it from her face to place a soft kiss on her cheek. Gabrielle responded to Blaise’s kiss by rolling to her side and pulled Blaise’s hand around her waist to cuddle with her. Blaise snuggled in behind Gabrielle taking in her sweet scent and fell to sleep shortly after.

Blaise woke before Gabrielle and took a moment to take in her beauty. Blaise wished she could stay and admire Gabrielle but nature called. As Blaise finished her business and stepped out from the bush she looked in horror at Gabrielle to find a man standing over her with a sword held to her throat.

“Please...Don’t hurt me take what you want.” Gabrielle pleaded with the bandit nervously.
“You are what I want sweetheart.”
“Well, you can not have her...the voice came along with Blaise flying through the air delivering a kick directly to the man’s chest knocking him unconscious.
“Are you o.k. Gabrielle?”
“Just a little nervous...Thank you Blaise.”

Blaise checked the man over.
“Is he dead?” Gabrielle asked
“No but he will be out for quite some time...I need to take him to the authorities Gabrielle.”
“Alright...i will go with you and get cleaned up .”

Blaise picked the man up and put him over her shoulder to carry him to the authorities. They both headed off towards town.
Gabrielle couldn’t help but think how much she enjoyed the site of Blaise’s muscles rippling from carrying the heavy load. The two entered town and Blaise stopped to face Gabrielle.

“Gabrielle...would you like to meet me in an hour for some lunch?”
“I would love to Blaise” Gabrielle answered with a smile.
“Ok my by the town fountain”
Gabrielle turned to leave but came back and kissed Blaise goodbye.
“What was that for Gabrielle?”
“That is a thank you for last night and for saving my life”
Gabrielle replied with a smile.

“Well...i guess I will have to save your life more often then” Blaise answered with a grin.
“See you soon Blaise.”Gabrielle answered as she headed toward the inn.

As Gabrielle finished bathing she realized she hadn’t even gave Xena a thought for quite a long time.
The guilt overwhelmed her and she wondered if Xena was safe.
She hated that they parted in a bad way and could only hope that nothing happened to her because she would never forgive herself if anything did. need to figure your life out and in a hurry she thought to herself. She could not deny the fact that she was extremely attracted to Blaise and she wondered why Xena couldn’t be more like Blaise. Gabrielle dressed and set off to meet Blaise.

Gabrielle waited near the fountain for Blaise who came riding up bareback on Taz.
“Hello there...are you heading my way?” She asked with a seductive smile.
“If you have food to offer then yes I am.” Gabrielle replied with a smile.
Blaise jumped off Taz...”Then it is your lucky day!”
Blaise helped Gabrielle up on Taz and climbed behind Gabrielle wrapping her arms around her to take control of the reigns. They both rode off out of town.
“Where are we going for lunch?” Gabrielle asked “A favorite place of mine.”

As the two rode towards their destination Gabrielle thought to herself how much she enjoyed how Blaise’s body was pressed up against her own along with her muscular arms wrapped around her.
“I smell the ocean Blaise...Gabrielle observed with this your favorite place?”
“Yes it is Gabrielle...I love to hear the crashing of the waves and the smell of the ocean air”.
Blaise rode up onto the beach. “Here is our spot Gabrielle”.
Blaise jumped off of Taz and helped Gabrielle down. As Blaise lowered Gabrielle off of the horse the pairs eyes met and Blaise gave in to urge to kiss Gabrielle. Gabrielle reciprocated the kiss.
They broke their kiss and Gabrielle looked down at their spot. “This is so incredibly made a picnic” Gabrielle replied with a smile.

“I thought you might like a picnic.” Blaise answered with a smile.
“I love them!” Gabrielle answered with excitement.

Blaise watched Gabrielle eat and was astonished as to how much food such a small woman could put away.
“Uhmmm...Gabrielle...are you finished yet?”
“Oh...Iam sorry...Gabrielle is just that I really love to eat!”
“I can see that!...Blaise laughed...come on.
Blaise grabbed Gabrielle’s hand to help her up and they ran towards the jetty.
“You’re gonna love this Gabrielle.” Blaise exclaimed with excitement.
Blaise took Gabrielle’s hand and they made their way out to the end of the jetty where they sat to enjoy the view.
“This is really beautiful out her Blaise” Gabrielle observed “Yes and it is more magnificant when the waves crash against the jetty.”
“You don’t mean we are going to....” Gabrielle asked nervously Blaise interrupted her question.
“No the waves split the rocks and go to the sides but the rush is great.” Blaise explained with a smile to ease Gabrielle’s fear.
“Blaise I have had a really great time with you”
“Well... I am glad I could be there you you Gabrielle”
Gabrielle leaned to Blaise and kissed her passionately.
Gabrielle layed back on the rocks as the two continued their passionate kiss as the waves crashed against the rocks with a thunderous noise which both Blaise and Gabrielle where oblivious too.

Blaise ended the kiss and looked into Gabrielle’s green eyes...”how does a wonderful person like yourself get involved with a killer like Xena?”
“I have asked myself that same question but Xena has changed and she is no longer the killer you see her to be”
“If you say so Gabrielle” Blaise answered with disbelief.
Blaise helped Gabrielle up off of the rocks.
“Let’s head about a piggyback ride?”
“Sounds like fun.” Gabrielle answered.

Gabrielle climbed up on Blaise’s muscular back and was amazed at how strong Blaise was as she maneuvered the pair over the rocks effortlessly and loved the closeness she was experiencing being on Blaise’s back.
They made it back to Taz who waited dutifully for their return.
They all made their way back into town.

“Gabrielle I have to attend to Taz and to some errands...How about if I meet you in about 3 hours for dinner?
“I would love that Blaise” Gabrielle smiled
“I will meet you in 3 hours at the inn ok?”

“I will be waiting” Gabrielle answered as Blaise kissed her hand “Goodbye Gabrielle” Blaise turned with Taz and left to attend to her horse.

Gabrielle decided to take a nice hot bath before her date with Blaise later that evening. She slipped into the hot water and began to wash her body. Gabrielle reflected on her wonderful day she had. She wished Xena could treat her the same way that Blaise had done. Gabrielle finished her bath and slipped on a white sundress which slightly fell off of her shoulders.
Gabrielle went out to the front of the Inn to meet Blaise who was standing outside with a flower.
“You look beautiful Gabrielle...this is for you” Blaise handed Gabrielle the daisy she had for her.
“Thank you Blaise this is my favorite is beautiful.” Gabrielle answered with a smile obviously flattered at Blaise’s gesture.

They both made their way to the restaurant for their dinner.
Throughout dinner Gabrielle told Blaise stories of Xena and their adventures together.
“Blaise... I hope I haven’t upset you by telling you stories of Xena.” “ has given me a chance to get to know her a little better....besides I enjoy your company.” Blaise smiled “I should probably turn in for the evening.” Gabrielle replied “I will walk you to your room if you don’t mind.” “No..not at all”

They both made their way to Gabrielle’s room and stood outside the door.
“Did you enjoy dinner Gabrielle?”
“There is never a meal that I don’t enjoy Blaise.” They both laughed.
“I had a fabulous day Blaise and a lovely evening... thank you”
“I had a great time also Gabrielle.”

Blaise leaned down and kissed Gabrielle. Gabrielle put her arms around Blaise’s neck and entered her mouth with her tongue for a deep, sensual kiss. Blaise moved the dress down off of her shoulders as she continued to kiss Gabrielle. Blaise slid her hand down and cupped Gabrielle’s breast in her hand to lightly caress it.
“Blaise...please stop....I am sorry...i just can’t do this to Xena. As much as I like being with you I can’t betray Xena this way.”
“Why would you feel as though you are betraying her?”
“ the time that we have spent together I have wondered why Xena couldn’t treat me the same as you do and I realized as you just touched me that I want Xena to do that to me. I never realized how much I loved Xena and wanted her as my lover than just then.”

“I understand Gabrielle...I just hope she can make you happy because you deserve to be happy...Goodbye Gabrielle.” Blaise answered with disappointment.
Blaise left Gabrielle standing in the doorway of her room.
“Blaise...wait.. Iam sorry.”
Blaise continued out of Gabrielle’s sight.

Blaise entered the stables to check on her horse.
“Hello my trusty friend.” Blaise replied as she began to brush Taz who whinnied in response to her greeting.
“ love!” Aphrodite appeared beside Blaise
“Hello Aphie.”
“What is wrong my sweet? didn’t fall for Gabrielle did you?”
“I guess...a little.” Blaise answered as she continued to brush Taz.
“Oh, my sweet niece...Aphrodite took Blaise’s face in her hands...”She is not the one...Her destiny lies with Xena...that is why I sent you to get her and Xena together.”
“You never made mention of that said I would fall in love with a blond woman and find out more about my sister!” Blaise snapped.
“If that is what you wanted in the first place you should have said so!”
“I am sorry my love..I should have explained the plan better. She kissed Blaise on the cheek...”Your love is near but Gabrielle is not her...I gotta go though babe!” Aphrodite vanished.
“ I can’t believe she left me hanging like that!” Blaise replied to Taz
Blaise layed her bedroll down next to Taz’s stall and went to sleep.

In the morning...Blaise made her way towards the restaurant for breakfast and stumbled upon Gabrielle telling a group of villagers a story of Xena. Blaise leaned against the wall, crossed her arms over her chest and decided to listen to the story out of sight of Gabrielle.

“Xena made the fates understand that her father was not dead because in fact, her father was Ares...Gabrielle explained to the villagers...So, she need not kill her mother to avenge her father’s death.”
Blaise moved away from the wall and uncrossed her arms to move towards Gabrielle. She grabbed Gabrielle by the arm.
“Gabrielle... what did you say?”
“Blaise...what is wrong?” Gabrielle asked with confusion at the way Blaise was acting. She noticed the shock on Blaise’s face...”Are you o.k.?”
“Gabrielle!...i need to know this story...excuse us folks..Blaise announced to the crowd as she lead Gabrielle away for some privacy...”What did you say about Xena, Ares and her mother?”
“Why?” Gabrielle asked
“Please! Blaise replied with agitation...I need to know!”

“Well...Xena was to avenge the death of her father by killing the person who killed him or risk going mad. So, she found out Ares was involved.”
“Figures!... Blaise replied...Tell me about her mother...” “Her mother killed her father when Xena was 7 years old because her father was to kill Xena.”
“Why?...When did this all happen with the furies?...was it recently?”
“It happened a season ago with the furies Blaise.”
“That bastard! Blaise shouted...all the lies her told me!”
“What are you talking about?” Gabrielle asked with confusion.
“I hated Xena all of these years when it was him I should have hated!”
“Blaise...would you stop rambling and tell me what you are talking about?”
“I’m sorry Gabrielle...I didn’t tell you the whole truth about my family.”
“What do you mean?”
“I was told that Xena killed my family.”
“Yes...i know that... but what does that have to do with this story and Xena’s mother?”
“Xena is my sister Gabrielle.”
“What ? she never mentioned you!”
“That’s because she doesn’t know about me Gabrielle.”
“Wait... who told you your family was dead?”
“My father...Ares...God of War.”
“Ares is your father? can you be so sweet, gentle, loving and be the daughter of Ares?”
“Let’s just say it helped that Auntie Aphie...sorry Aphrodite had such a big influence in my life.?”
“He lied to me all of this time so, I would kill Xena and then become his representative on earth who will one day take his throne.” Blaise shook her head in disbelief.
“That is typical of Ares...but I am confused as to how Xena knew nothing of you Blaise.”
“I am in the dark about that too Gabrielle. I will have to find out from Xena or my mother as to what happened.”
“No wonder you seemed so familiar to are Xena’s sister! “ Gabrielle exclaimed with excitement.
“Gabrielle?...My mother is still alive right?”
“ is your older brother Tarus but not your brother Lyceus I’m afraid...she replied with sorrow...he has passed on to the elysian fields...i’m sorry Blaise”
Gabrielle moved around to face Blaise and noticed she was crying.
“Oh, Blaise...i’m sorry you are in pain from the news.”
“I mourn for my brother Lyceus but these are tears of sorrow and of joy...I have a mother, and a brother who are alive and well.”
“Yes.. You do and a sister too.” Gabrielle replied with a did you know she was your sister?”
“My father told me who she was and what she supposedly did to my family.”

“Gabrielle! Gabrielle!”
They both turned to see who the shouting voice belonged too.
“Salmoneus?!...what are you doing here?” Gabrielle replied as she hugged her friend.
“It’s Xena”...he replied out of breath.
“Is she o.k.?” Gabrielle asked with worry in her voice.
“No, she is scheduled to be executed tomorrow morning!”
“By the!” Gabrielle shouted.
“ did this happen?”Blaise asked.
“ look like Xena!” Salmoneus exlaimed with a high pitched voice.
“Am I the only one that didm’t see it?” Gabrielle asked with bewilderment..”.Salmoneus this is Xena’s sister Blaise... who Xena knows nothing about... at least we think that she doesn’t.”
“Hello...nice to meet you Blaise.” Salmoneus smiled at Blaise
“Salmoneus!” Gabrielle yelled.
“Oh, well... Xena’s contact was a set up for some magistrate who holds a grudge against Xena.” Salmoneus explained.
“Gabrielle you and Salmoneus stay here ...I will bring Xena back.”
“Blaise I want to go with you.”
“No, it’s safer here for you both.” Blaise answered adamantly.
“She is definately related to Xena!.” Salmoneus replied.
Blaise whistled for Taz who ran up to his master and Blaise jumped up on the horse.
“Blaise...please be careful” Gabrielle replied “I promise to bring your warrior princess back to you Gabrielle...I won’t have any trouble because I intend to use my status of the daughter of Ares to my advantage and throw my father’s name around to get what I want!” Blaise smiled and winked to Gabrielle as she rode off to the next town to bring her sister back.

“Wow...think of the dinars to be made off of Xena and her sister!” Salmoneus exclaimed.
“Come on Salmoneus...I need a drink!” Gabrielle answered
“I could make some shirts, some coffee mugs with the Warrior Princess and her sister on them...yeah...” he thought with excitement for the dinars to be made, “Drop it’s not going to happen!” Gabrielle answered
“Well, it is nice to dream!”
“Yeah,..Yeah!” Gabrielle replied as they both entered the tavern for a drink while they waited for Blaise to return with Xena.

Blaise arrived into the town where Xena was being held to an angry crowd of village people.
“I am looking for the town magistrate can you tell me where I can find him?” Blaise asked as she dismounted Taz.
“ look just like that demon Xena!” one man shouted

“That is because she is my sister” Blaise answered The crowd surrounded Blaise and before she could defend herself they attacked her with clubs.
“That demon is going nowhere and neither is anyone who helps her.” a villager shouted.
Blaise jumped up throwing villagers off of her and drew her sword to defend herself.
“Hold it! ...what is going on here?” The magistrate shouted as he approached the crowd.
“She is that demons sister here to take her back!” one villager shouted
“Is what they speak true?”
“Yes... the Warrior Princess is my sister and I intend to take her with me.” Blaise answered.
“Now...what makes you so sure I am going to let you do that?”
“I am the daughter of Ares...God of War...which makes the Warrior Princess his daughter and I don’t think that the God of War would smile upon your village if you where to execute his you?” Blaise asked with cockiness in her voice. “ you are right. ..she will be released at once!” the magistrate declared.

The crowd moaned in displeasure at the magistrates decision to release the prisoner.
“Which would you rather have..revenge or the wrath of the God of War on our village?” the magistrate asked the villagers.
The crowd moaned in displeasure and went back to their homes.
“Gaurds show her to the prison.” the magistrate ordered...make sure you inform the God of War as to our cooperation of releasing his daughter.” the magistrate asked Blaise.
“I will and I am sure he is pleased that you saw this situation my way.” Blaise replied with a sarcastic smile.

The gaurds escorted Blaise to the prison where Xena was held.
The gaurds opened the cell door allowing Blaise to enter.
“Here is the keys to the shackles.” the gaurd replied as he threw them to Blaise.
“What are you doing here?” Xena asked with disgust at the sight of Blaise.
“Saving your life.” Blaise answered.
“I thought you hated me...why would you save my life?”
“I did hate you...Blaise replied as she unshackled Xena...just be thankful Gabrielle only tells stories of you!”
Xena grabbed her by the throat...”you had better not have hurt her!” Xena replied with anger.
Blaise grabbed Xena by the shoulders...”relax ...she is fine and she is with some guy named Sal something or other.”
“You mean Salmoneus?”
“Yeah, that’s his name.”

Xena let go of her grip on Blaise’s throat...”sorry...i got carried away.”
“It is understandable Xena ...Gabrielle is a wonderful woman...i would do the same.”
Xena noticed Blaise was bleeding from a wound above her eye.
“ are wounded...sit down and let me tend to it for you.”

Blaise sat as Xena had ordered and Xena began to clean the wound. Blaise was taken by how gentle Xena could be after the stories she had been told of how ruthless she once was.
“I have always wanted this gentleness and caring from you Xena.”
“what do you mean?” Xena asked confused.
“Xena...Blaise paused...i am your sister.”
“I am sorry but you are mistaken I only have brothers...I did have a sister but she died at birth.” Xena answered.
“That baby was me Xena...Blaise explained...My father...our father...Ares told me he found me after you had killed our family....He led me to believe you killed my family so, I would one day avenge them by killing you.”
“That sounds like something Ares would do.” Xena answered Xena brushed Blaise’s hair back off her forehead and looked into her eyes.
“What?” Blaise asked.
“You are beautiful... and you are my baby sister!” Xena answered with tears of happiness as she hugged Blaise.
“Xena...i have always wanted this from you... even though I hated you for what you supposedly had done to our family...i’m sorry I harbored so much hate for you.”
“Blaise you have nothing to be sorry for...Xena took Blaise’s face in her hands...that was Ares’ lies...I would have felt the same way given the situation but we have each other now.” Xena explained as she smiled and kissed Blaise on the cheek.
“Xena...Auntie Aphie...sorry...Aphrodite gave me this...Blaise explained as she pulled a ring out of a pouch hidden in her shirt...she found it in my blanket when father brought me to Olympus after my birth...She said she hid it from him to give to me as a rememberance of my family...Blaise handed it to Xena...Can you tell me who this is from?”
Xena looked at the ring and began to cry.
“I am sorry Xena...what is wrong?”
“This ring was Lyceus’...our brother...i gave it to him when he was born and he must have slipped it in your blanket before you where taken away.”
Xena began to laugh as she looked the ring over and remembered her brother...I dunked lyceus in the lake because he told me he lost the ring and I was mad at him for it. He could have just told me what he did with the ring and I wouldn’t have been as mad at him.”
Blaise moved closer to Xena and placed her hand over Xena’s which held their dead brother’s ring. She moved her other arm around Xena’s back...”Xena I wish I could have known him.”

“He was a wonderful man Blaise you would have loved him as I do.”
“Xena I would like to continue the family tradition of giving this ring to my first born child in rememberance of lyceus.”
Xena turned and put her hand on Blaise’s face. ..”that would be an honor for lyceus Blaise...she hugged I have a sister to kick around” she replied with a laugh.
“Easy I am part god...i think I can handle my own.” Blaise laughed.
“I think it would be a match that no one would win then because if I am truly Ares’ daughter than we would be equals.” Xena smiled.
“Xena I want you to tell me why you have treated Gabrielle so badly...Even though you are my sister... I can’t allow you to treat her as you do.”
“She is looking for her way in life and I don’t believe I am part of that because she is always trying to go off with others... which hurts.” Xena answered with hurt in her eyes. “Tell me how you feel about Gabrielle.”
“I love her with all of my prayers to the gods where answered when she came into my life and I would give my last breath for her.” Xena explained with sadness in her eyes.
“Then you need to tell her that...she needs to know that you love her more than life itself.”
“I would like to but I don’t think she feels the same about me.”
“She does Xena...very much so.”
“How is it that the daughter of the God of War is such a romantic?”
“Same thing as with his son Cupid...we both had the influence of the goddess of love in our lives.”
“I am sure Ares loves that!”... Xena laughed.
“Well...Blaise I did the best I could with the wound over your eye but I’m afraid you will have a small scar.” Xena explained “oooh, chicks dig sexy scars Xena!” Blaise answered with a smile.
“Let’s get out of here Blaise.” Xena laughed as they left the prison to find the horses.

Xena and Blaise arrived in town to find Gabrielle near the fountain anxiously awaiting their arrival.
“Xena! Gabrielle shouted with excitement at the site of her warrior.
Xena dismounted Argo and hugged Gabrielle... “Gabrielle I have missed you so much”.
Gabrielle turned to Blaise...”thank you for bringing her back to me!”
“Who am I to interfere with thework of the Goddess of Love?” Blaise smiled back at Gabrielle.
“Aaah..Xena...Salmoneus said to tell you that the both of you will become a household name”.
“What do you mean Gabrielle?” Xena asked.
“I don’t know Xena... he left mumbling something about merchandising you two and making a lot of dinars.”

“Typical of Salmoneus!”...Xena dropped to one knee and held Gabrielle’s hand...
Gabrielle you are my life, my love and I dont want us ever to be apart...I want us to be together forever...Will you have me forever?...Will you join with me?”
“Yes Xena! Gabrielle exlaimed with excitement...i love you and I have waited for so long for you to ask me that and I feel so stupid for being so blind to our love for one another.”
“Sssh”...Xena replied as she kissed Gabrielle.
Blaise smiled and rode off to leave the lovers alone feeling sad that she didn’t have someone to love.

Gabrielle and Xena ended their kiss and smiled at each other.
“Where did Blaise go?” Xena asked “ I am not sure.. I wasnt paying too much attention...i was a little preoccupied.” Gabrielle answered with a smile.
“ know she is my sister?”
“I know everythng Xena and I think it is wonderful that you have a little sister!”
“ is...i always wondered what it would have been like had my baby sister had lived.”
“You knew about Blaise?”
“Yes...but we where told by the midwife that she died shortly after they took her from mother to clean her.”
“That is terrible for someone to be so cruel to others.” Gabrielle answered.
“I have to find her Gabrielle...i dont want to lose her again.”
“I think I know where you can find her Xena.”

Xena and Gabrielle mounted Argo for their journey to find Blaise. Gabrielle led Xena towards the ocean.
“Are you sure she is here on the beach Gabrielle?”
“I would bet my last dinar she is out on the jetty.”
As they moved closer to the jetty Xena noticed that Gabrielle was correct with Blaise’s location.
“I think I should take you gambling Gabrielle.” Xena laughed.
“Xena you should go by yourself.” Gabrielle replied as she squeezed Xena’s hand for encouragement.
“How did you get so wise Gabrielle?” Xena answered with a smile to her bard.

Xena hesitated a moment before making her way onto the rocks because she noticed Aphrodite was talking with Blaise.
“Auntie Aphie...why didn’t you tell me that I was taken from my mother after my birth and that my family was not dead?” Blaise asked.

“Sweetie...i had no idea believe me because if I would have known I would have spared you the pain you suffered your entire life for not having your birth family...your father only told me you where his daughter, that your mother died in childbirth and he asked if I would help raise you...of course, I couldn’t resist those beautiful blue eyes and that sweet face of yours.”Aphrodite replied as she squeezed Blaise’s cheeks.
“I’m too old for that now...but I believe you Aphie.”Blaise answered forcing a smile.
“You are never too old for me to squeeze those sexy little cheeks honey... now, listen...i told you many times over your life not to trust anything your father tells you...He doesn’t care about anyone except himself and that includes his own family!” Aphrodite took Blaise’s hand in her own...”i suggest you forget our family for awhile and get to know your other family...i will always be right here for you at anytime you need me.” Aphrodite assured Blaise...”Hello Xena!” Aphrodite replied without looking away from Blaise as Xena had approached them.
“Hello...Aphrodite...or should I call you Auntie?” Xena answered with sarcasm and a smile.
“Aphrodite will be fine warrior babe.”
Aphrodite took Blaise’s face in her hands...”don’t look so sad my love it causes too many wrinkles to that beautiful face I love so happy.” she kissed Blaise on her cheek and whispered in Blaise’s ear...”you are to find the true love that a family has to offer and your soulmate will enter your life soon sweetpea...goodbye my sweet...i am outta here!” Aphrodite exclaimed as she disappeared.

“Blaise where you going to leave without saying goodbye?” Xena asked.
“I’m not good with goodbye’s Xena and I wasn’t sure you two wanted me hanging around.”
“Well,,,i’m not letting you go...i want to get to know my little sister better and I want you to stand by me as I join with the love of my life...will you?”

“I would be honored Xena to stand at your side when you join with Gabrielle.” Blaise answered with a smile.
“We need to get going then because we have a long ride.” Xena put her hand on Blaise’s back.
“Where are we going anyway?”
“Amazon intended is an amazon queen!”
“Get out!...youre kidding right?” Blaise asked with a laugh. “No...she is a queen.” Xena asnwered with a smile. “You lucky dog...hey, I seem to have a lot of royalty in my family with all of the gods I am related I find out my sister-in-law to be is an amazon queen and my sister is a warrior princess!” Blaise laughed as did Xena.
“Let’s get out of here” Xena answered.

“I’ll race you to the end...Go!” They both ran towards the end of the jetty. Xena did a flip which Blaise matched and they both landed on the beach at the same time. They looked at each other and laughed.
“I am really going to enjoy having you around Blaise.” Xena stated as she threw her arm around Blaise’s neck as they walked towards Gabrielle and the horses.
“Same here Xena!” Blaise answered.

“I am glad to see you are both getting along so well.”
Gabrielle replied as Blaise approached and hugged her.
“Thank you Gabrielle.” Blaise whispered in her ear.
“For what Blaise?”
“For opening my heart to allow my sister to enter into it...Hey, if she gives you a hard time you let me know and I will take care of her.” Blaise smiled as she pulled away from Gabrielle.

“I just might have to take you up on that offer Blaise.” Gabrielle answered with a laugh.
“O.k., o.k. let’s get going!” Xena replied.

The trio rode off towards the amazon nation. After riding for a few hours they decided to stop and make camp for the evening.
“How much farther do we have Xena?” Blaise asked.
“Another half a days ride.”
“I will get the camp ready Xena.” Gabrielle replied.

Blaise and Xena set off for firewood and dinner for the group.
Gabrielle watched the pair as they walked off pushing and shoving each other in a joking way like two little kids.
Gabrielle laughed to herself and was glad to see Xena happy...” maybe I won’t have to do so much fishing with Xena now.” she thought with a laugh.

After dinner Gabrielle began to write in her scrolls of the days events, Xena cleaned her sword and noticed Blaise was writing something in a scroll she had borrowed from Gabrielle.
Xena moved over towards Blaise...”What are you doing?” “I’m working on a gift for you for your joining.” Blaise answered.
“Can I see it?” Xena asked as she leaned over Blaise’s shoulder to get a glimpse of what she was writing.
Blaise put her hand on Xena’s forehead and pushed her back...”no, you will have to wait until it is finished.” Blaise answered with a laugh.
“Come on can at least have a hint?”
“Well...i took the liberty of writing some vows for you to say to Gabrielle at your joining...I can tell that you are not the overly romantic type so, I figured I would help you out and write some for you.”

“Thanks Blaise I need all the help I can get in that department!” Xena answered with a smile as she glanced back at Gabrielle noticing she had climbed in their bedroll and was fast asleep...”I think I will join my love for some shut eye...goodnight Blaise.”
“Goodnight Xena.”
Xena climbed in the bedroll next to Gabrielle and wrapped her strong arms around her bard who in turn snuggled up against her warrior. Blaise followed Xena’s lead and went to sleep.

The next morning after entering the amazon village they where greeted by a group of amazons including the acting queen Ephiny.
“Gabrielle...Xena!” Ephiny exclaimed as a greeting to her friends.
“Ephiny! It is great to see you!” Gabrielle exclaimed.
Everyone dismounted the horses and two amazons took the horses to the stables to be fed and taken care of.
“Prepare lunch our queen has arrived.” Ephiny ordered.
Ephiny hugged Gabrielle...”it is great to see you Gabrielle.”
Ephiny moved to greet Xena and realized there was a new face traveling with them...”who is your friend Xena?” Ephiny asked obviously smitten with their companion. “Sorry Ephiny...this is my sister Blaise.”
“I had no idea you had a sister Xena.”
“It’s a long story but she is back in my life where she belongs.” Xena answered with a smile as she looked at Blaise.
Ephiny held out her hand to shake Blaise’s hand who in turn raised Ephiny’s hand to her mouth and placed a light kiss on her hand.
“It is a pleasure to meet you Ephiny.” Blaise replied with a smile as she gazed into Ephiny’s eyes.
Ephiny’s breath escaped her for a moment and she exclaimed...”believe me the pleasure is all mine.”
Ephiny hugged Xena and whispered...”the God’s have smiled upon your family with good looks!”
Xena smiled with embarrassment... “Well, thank you Ephiny.”
Ephiny took Gabrielle’s hand to lead her off...”Let’s eat!” Ephiny replied.
“You know I’m always ready to eat!” Gabrielle answered with a smile as they walked off towards the food hut.
Xena looked at Blaise with a smile and a nod of the head towards Ephiny.
“What can I tell you Xena?...chicks dig me!” Blaise answered with a silly grin on her face and a laugh.
“I think it’s the scar Blaise!” Xena answered with a laugh as they made their way to the food hut to join the women for lunch.

“Gabrielle...tell Blaise spoken for?” Ephiny inquired with a smile and intrigue.
“No...but I must say she is an excellent kisser!” Gabrielle informed Ephiny with a smile.
“Gabrielle! How do you know that?” Ephiny asked with amazement atGabrielle’s statement.
“Well...we came very close know ...but I realized I love Xena and that my heart belongs only to her...oh, Ephiny! I almost forgot to tell you!....we are to be joined!” Gabrielle answered with excitement.
“It’s about time the two of you decided to join. I am looking forward to the ceremony...congratulations Gabrielle.” Ephiny hugged Gabrielle.
“Thanks Ephiny.”
“Now... I am looking forward to getting to know Blaise better Gabrielle.”
“ you are interested in Blaise huh?” Gabrielle answered with sarcasm.
“You mean you couldn’t tell?” Ephiny laughed.
“It’s written all over your face!” Gabrielle exclaimed with a laugh.
“Gabrielle I have never felt this strongly about someone I have just met.” Ephiny explained with happiness in her voice...”I feel as if I have just met my soulmate and my destiny.” Ephiny explained as she looked over her shoulder at Blaise who was laughing with Xena...”I hope I’m right because she is gorgeous!” Ephiny laughed.
“Looks are definately plentiful in their family!” Gabrielle answered with a laugh.
“Oh...i must warn you of your possible soulmate though...she is the daughter of Ares”.
“You’re kidding...well, it doesn’t matter to me.”
“I am glad you feel that way and don’t hold it against her who her father is because she is nothing like him.”

Everyone entered the food hut and sat at the same table for lunch. Solari and Eponon where argueing over who would serve Blaise because both where also smitten with Blaise.
“ are degrading yourselves...i will serve myself but thank you for the offer.” Blaise replied with agitation as she left the table to retrieve her own food.

Ephiny approached Blaise.
“I’m sorry for the way my sisters have made you feel uncomfortable’s not everyday that we have such a prominent and attractive person such as yourself in our village.” Ephiny explained and thought to herself “did I really say attractive? embarrassing!”
“Thank you for the kind words Ephiny but I am no different from anyone else and I would appreciate being treated as such.”
“I will speak to them.” Ephiny answered.
Blaise flashed Ephiny a smile as she passed by her on her way back to the table.

Ephiny watched Blaise as she made her way back to the table and thought about how attracted to she was to Blaise. She also thought about how dumb she was to blurt out how attractive Blaise is when she was trying to make her feel comfortable.
“She must think I am an idiot” Ephiny thought to herself as she joined her friends back at the table to finish lunch.

Xena and Gabrielle excused themselves from the table to retrieve their belongings and to get settled.
“Blaise... I will show you to your hut if you are finished with lunch.” Ephiny offered.
“I’m finished and I would appreciate that Ephiny.” Blaise answered with a smile.

They both headed off towards the hut Blaise would occupy.
Ephiny thought about how her heart would beat a little faster when she would look into Blaise’s blue eyes and when she would flash a sexy smile.

“By the gods...Ephiny thought to herself...”is this what love at first sight feels like?...I wonder if she feels tha same about me?”...Ephiny was so consumed by her thoughts and trying to steal glances of Blaise without her noticing what Ephiny was doing... she tripped in a hole causing her to fall into Blaise who caught her in her arms before she reached the ground.
“Are you o.k. Ephiny?” Blaise asked with concern.
Ephiny enjoyed the feeling of being in Blaise’s arms but not under those circumstances...”i think so...just a little embarrassed.” Ephiny asnwered.
“No need to be embarrassed I fall all the time.” Blaise replied with a soothing smile to ease the embarrassment.
Ephiny tried to walk but stumbled again from the pain in her ankle and grabbed Blaise’s hand to prevent another fall...”ouch!” Ephiny exclaimed.
“Here... you are hurt...Blaise replied as she picked Ephiny up in her arms...”is there a cold spring or lake around?” Blaise asked.
“Yes...on the other side of the village...why?” “The cold water will help with the swelling and it will make your ankle feel better.” Blaise explained.
“Blaise it’s not necessary to carry me.”
“Well, there is no other way to get you there considering you can’t walk...besides I really don’t mind having a beautiful woman in my arms.” Blaise answered with a sexy smile.

Ephiny smiled with delight that Blaise thought she was beautiful.
“Ephiny what happened?” Solari asked as she approached the two.
“I twisted my ankle in a hole and Blaise is taking me to the lake...she believes the cold water will help sooth the pain.”
“Trust me Ephiny it will help.” Blaise answered.

“I hope you feel better.” Solari answered as she watched Blaise and Ephiny walk off...”lucky woman.” Solari said under her breath at the site of Ephiny being in Blaise’s arms.

Gabrielle looked out of their hut and noticed what was taking place with Blaise and Ephiny.
“Xena...check this out!” Xena looked out at the pair...”Blaise sure works fast huh?” she replied with a laugh.
Gabrielle hit Xena on the arm...”the two of you are like a couple of men with your comments!” Xena smile at her bard.
Gabrielle grabbed Solari as she passed...”what is going on?” “Ephiny hurt her ankle and Blaise is taking her to the lake to attend to it...something to do with cold water or something like that.” Solari answered.
“Blaise is will decrease the pain and swelling.” Xena replied.
Solari left and Gabrielle looked at Xena with a mischevious smile.
“Gabrielle...” Xena replied in a low voice.

“What Xena?...Gabrielle answered with a smile...”don’t you think they would make a great couple?”
“Sure... but let it happen on it’s own is best not to push may overwhelm Blaise.”
“I really don’t think that would happen with Blaise.” Gabrielle answered with a smile...”but I will take your advice Xena.”
“Promise?” Xena asked as she moved to Gabrielle and took her in her arms.
“Can I help it if I want everyone to experience the feeling of being in love?” Gabrielle answered with a smile.
“No...i guess not.” Xena answered as she leaned down and kissed her bard.

Blaise and Ephiny made their way to the lake and Ephiny fought the urge to run her fingers through Blaise’s black wavy hair.
Ephiny was unable to keep her eyes off of Blaise and loved the feeling of Blaise’s arms around her. Blaise placed Ephiny on a rock near the water.
“Blaise I really appreciate all of your help.” “It’s no problem Ephiny.” Blaise answered as she took off her boots followed by her pants stripping down to a pair of black boxer shorts.
Ephiny looked down at the water to not be rude by staring at Blaise’s incredibly sexy half naked body. Blaise entered the water waist deep and took Ephiny’s boot off to examine her ankle.
“You twisted it pretty good Ephiny but the cold water will help it.” Blaise explained as she placed Ephiny’s foot in the water.
Ephiny winced in pain when the cold water touched her foot but felt a little better after she got used to the temperature.
“How does it feel Ephiny?”
“It feels much better...thank you Blaise.”

“This water is exhillerating.” Blaise exclaimed as she removed her shirt revealing a very muscular chest from Blaise’s strict workout regiman.
Ephiny broke her stare...”i think it is looking better Blaise.” Ephiny replied nervously as Blaise stood before her.
“Keep it in there for a few more minutes.” Blaise answered as she dove underwater for a swim.
“By the gods I am attracted to Blaise.” Ephiny thought to herself noticing the feeling of wetness mounting between her legs.
Blaise exited the water slowly taking in air and she whipped her head side to side, then back to remove the access water from her hair. Blaise moved over to Ephiny...”come on in Eph.” Blaise asked.
Ephiny loved the way Blaise shortened her name but then again she loved everything about Blaise she thought.
Ephiny removed her skirt down to her undergarments. Blaise lifted her hands up placing them on Ephiny’s sides as Ephiny grabbed Blaise’s muscular arms. Blaise lowered Ephiny slowly into the water. As Ephiny’s eyes met Blaise’s she could no longer contain her lust for Blaise and began to passionately kiss her.

“Oh...Blaise...I aah...I am sorry...I didn’t...” Ephiny rambled nervously.
“I am not offended Eph.” Blaise answered as she took Ephiny in her arms and continued their kiss.
Ephiny could feel the wetness between her legs increase from the passion between her and Blaise despite the fact that she was standing in the water. Ephiny ran her hands over Blaise’s chest feeling her rippled muscles which excited her even more.
Blaise slid her hands down over Ephiny’s butt and rested them there as they continued their passionate kiss.

“Ephiny! Ephiny!”. a voice shouted as the person approached...”Oh, I am...uh...sorry...i had no idea.” the amazon replied nervously.
“What is it?” Ephiny snapped with agitation from the intrusion. “Well, we have been trying to explain the joining rituals to Xena that they are to be separated before the joining.”
“ interrupted me for that?” Ephiny shouted.
“ know how Xena is and she is having none of it...she is insisiting on staying with Gabrielle.”
Blaise exited the water and began to get dressed again.
“I will be right there!” Ephiny replied with obvious agitation.
The amazon went back to the village and Ephiny exited the water to get dressed.
“Is your ankle better?” Blaise asked as she helped Ephiny out of the water.
“I hardly noticed the pain considering the situation.” Ephiny answered with a smile.
“Maybe we can continue this later?” Blaise asked flashing a sexy smile.
“I hope so.” Ephiny replied as she kissed Blaise.

They both dressed and headed back to the village with Ephiny slightly limping from her ankle injury. Blaise reached over and held Ephiny’s hand as they continued their walk sending butterflies throughout Ephiny’s insides.

“Ephiny...I’m a little Gabrielle the queen or are you?”
“Well, Gabrielle is the rightful queen by right of cast but I take her place as queen in her abscence.” Ephiny explained.
“That is very impressive being an Amazon Queen Ephiny.” Blaise answered with a smile.
“Yes... I guess so... I have never really thought of it that must be impressive being half god.”
“It would be if I was half god by someone else other than Ares then maybe I would be impressed.”
“’s what is in your heart that matters and if there is good in there than you have to be proud of your heritage.” Ephiny anwered with a smile.
“That’s very nice and I will have to remember that Ephiny.” Blaise replied as she kissed Ephiny’s hand as they entered the village.

”Oh, I would like to throw a party the night before the wedding for Xena... could you assign someone to assist me with the arrangements?”
“Sure...i will assign Solari to help you with the arrangements...what are your plans for that evening?”
“To get my sister very drunk!” Blaise answered with a laugh.

They came upon Solari and Xena argueing about the sleeping arrangements.
“Well...duty calls.” Ephiny replied with a smile.
“Ephiny...i really enjoyed our talk today.”
“Me too Blaise and thank you for the care you offered my injured foot.”
“ could I not assist such a beautiful damsel in distress?” Blaise answered with her usual sexy smile as she leaned down to kiss Ephiny...”until later.” Blaise whispered in her ear.
Ephiny smiled as she walked over to Xena.

“Xena please appease us by following the joining traditions that the intended parties are to not see one another until the ceremony.” Ephiny asked.
“Ephiny that is ridiculous...i don’t want to spend another night without Gabrielle!” Xena answered agitated.
“Where is Gabrielle anyway?...why is she not handling this matter?” Ephiny asked.
“She is with Eponon finalizing the treaty you have presented.” Solari answered.
“Xena it’s only two nights and then you will have every night together for the rest of your lives.” Ephiny pleaded with a smile trying not to anger the warrior princess anymore than she already was.
Xena flashed Ephiny an angered look.
“For Gabrielle then?” Ephiny asked.

“Come on Xena you can bunk with me.” Blaise offered.
“Alright...Xena hesitantly agreed...”for Gabrielle.” Xena turned and headed to Blaise’s hut.
“Oh...Xena...Gabrielle will be staying with me and royal gaurds will be posted outside of our hut to thwart your attempts at seeing your bard before the ceremony.” Ephiny explained with a smile.

Xena stopped, raised her hand and shook her finger without turning to Ephiny...”you are really pushing it Ephiny!” Xena snapped as she entered Blaise’s hut.
“Aah...Ephiny...did I hear you correctly?...Gabrielle will be staying with you?...What about...Blaise asked with bewilderment.
“I know...i am sorry Blaise.” Ephiny answered with a smile.
“But what about tonight?”
“I promise I will make it well worth the wait.” Ephiny answered as she ran the backside of her finger down Blaise’s face and kissed her gently on the lips.
Blaise turned with a sigh and headed into her hut.

“Xena!...i need a cold bath...these women are driving me nuts!” Blaise exclaimed.
“You’re not the only one who needs a cold bath!” Xena shot back as she jumped on the bed and layed down exhaling a sigh.

After Ephiny cleared up the crisis of Xena and Gabrielle’s sleeping arrangements she ordered royal gaurds to be posted at her hut to keep the lovebirds true to their joining commitments.
Ephiny turned to find Blaise had come back out to speak with her.
“Yes.” she answered with a smile.
“Would you be available for dinner this evening?”
“I could make myself available if you would like.”
“Yes...i would like for us to have dinner together if you wouldn’t mind.” Blaise asked with a smile.
“It sounds delightful and yes I would not mind having dinner with you Blaise.”
“Great...i will pick you up in two hours then.” Blaise smiled and walked back to her hut.

“Xena...i am having dinner with Ephiny this you think I can leave you long enough or do I need to stay and babysit you?” Blaise asked sarcastically.
“Very funny little sister but you can trust me...i will not break the traditions...they are important to, enjoy your dinner with Ephiny.”
“That is a relief to know...thanks.”
“So, you like Ephiny, huh?” Xena asked with a sly grin on her face.

“Easy big girl...don’t get too far ahead...i just want to get to know her a little better before I make any other moves.” Blaise explained.
“Blaise... Ephiny is a close friend to both Gabrielle and I so, please try not to hurt her by toying with her o.k.?”
“’s not like is hard to explain...i feel very connected to her somehow even though we have only known each other for a short time.”
“Well...sounds like dinner is a good place to start.” Xena replied as she put her hand on Blaise’s shoulder...”I am going to take Argo out for a run and to work off some of my pent up energy...what do you say we meet after your dinner date and head into town for some port?”
“Sounds like a great idea...i will see you in a few hours.”
Blaise smiled and thought about how great it was to have a sister to talk to about personal matters and to do things with that loved her unconditionally rather than wanting something in return.

Xena went off on Argo and Blaise headed off to the food hut to arrange the dinner plans. Eponon agreed to follow through with Blaise’s instructions.
“Thank you very much for your help Eponon.” Blaise replied.
“Anytime Blaise...especially if it means Ephiny will have some happiness...she deserves it.” she answered with a smile.
“I hope I can make her happy.”
“You already have Blaise.” Eponon answered as she retreated to carry out her dinner instructions.

Blaise went to the stables to tend to Taz. Blaise began to brush her stallion.
“So, Taz...what do you think of Ephiny?”
Taz whinnied and thrust his head forward nodding yes.
Blaise laughed...”I guess everybody likes Ephiny...what do you think of Argo my trusty freind?”
Taz reared up on her back legs a couple of times in response to Blaise’s question about Argo.
“ must be a perfect gentleman until Xena gives the o.k. with you understand?” Blaise pointed at Taz who whinnied and nodded his head yes again.
“That’s my boy!” Blaise exclaimed as she scratched him under his chin and kissed his nose...”well, you look very about me? I look o.k. for my date?”
Taz pawed the dirt in agreement that Blaise looked good and nudged Blaise to get moving.
“O.K. let’s go then.” Blaise led Taz out of the stables to Ephiny’s hut.

Blaise knocked on the door...”Ephiny...are you ready?”
Blaise and Taz stepped back and away from the door to wait for Ephiny to exit.
Ephiny exited the hut and Blaise gave a tug on the reigns which signaled Taz to bow down for Ephiny.

“Thank you for such a wonderful greeting from you both.” Ephiny replied with a smile flattered at the gesture. Ephiny rubbed Taz’s nose as a thank you.
“You look wonderful Ephiny.”
“Thank you Blaise as do you.” Ephiny asnwered with a smile.
Blaise helped Ephiny up on Taz and climbed up behind her wrapping her arms around Ephiny to take control of the reigns.
Ephiny thought of how flattering and romantic the greeting she received from Blaise... not to mention how much she enjoyed Blaise’s arms around her.
Blaise led Taz out of the village to the dinner destination and Blaise thought about how good Ephiny smelled. She also thought about how much she enjoyed Ephiny being in her arms.

They arrived at the lake to find a table set up with dinner and torches surrounding the area for light. Blaise dismounted and helped Ephiny down and lead her to the table.
“This is so wonderful.” Ephiny replied with amazement at how romantic Blaise was.

Blaise held Ephiny’s chair as she sat down and pushed her chair in towards the table for her.
Ephiny smiled and thought about how wonderful it felt to be treated in such a manner. Blaise joined her across the small table and sat down for dinner.
Ephiny gazed at Blaise with tears in her eyes.
“What is wrong Eph?...Do you not like what I have chosen for dinner?” Blaise asked with worry.
“ is my favorite.”
“Then what is wrong?” Blaise asked as she reached across the table to hold her hand.
“There is nothing wrong Blaise...everything is so right...I have never had anyone do anything so sweet like this for me before...this is so special and I am very touched by everything you have done this evening.”
“Whew!...Blaise let out a sigh... I was worried you hated all of this...I am glad you like it.” Blaise answered with a smile.
“I do...thank you.”
“A beautiful woman such as yourself should be treated special.”
Blaise answered with a smile.
“How did you know this was my favorite meal?”
“Auntie Aphie always taught me to find out anything you can about what a person likes or dislikes that you are interested in and use it to your advantage.” Blaise explained with a smile.
“Aphie?” Ephiny questioned.
“Sorry...Blaise smiled...Aphrodite....would you like some wine?”
Blaise filled Ephiny’s glass with wine and then her own.

“What was it like growing up at Olympus?” Ephiny asked.
“ could be really great or extremely lonely.”
“Really...why?” Ephiny asked.
“Aphrodite raised me as her own child because,of course, my father was not around much and when he was there he was either teaching me things about war or spending his time with women...if you know what I mean?” Blaise began to laugh at her thought.
“What is so funny Blaise...that sounds very sad what you told me of your father.”
“Oh, kind of had to get used to his behavoir but I was thinking of a time when my father got really mad at me and threatened to make me the god of mischief...Blaise laughed...My brother and I where causing all kinds of trouble running around and breaking things just to piss him off...i guess it was our way of getting his attention even if we did get a good spanking!” Blaise smiled at her memory.
“Blaise I had no idea you had a brother.”
“Oh, sorry...i was referring to Cupid...he is my half brother...i also have another half brother named Tarus so, I am told by Xena.”
“Cupid?...Ephiny laughed obviously overwhelmed by the conversation...this is all too weird.”
“I guess it would be if you are not used to your family memebers being gods...i am sorry for my inconsideration.” Blaise answered.
“No... don’t be sorry...i enjoy hearing about them...if you don’t mind me saying this I don’t think you are like your father at all and it’s a good thing Aprhodite took an active role in raising you.”
“No offense taken Ephiny...i’m grateful to have had her in my life. She made me keep my perspective on things and taught me about love instead of so much hate like my father taught me...i kind of wish he would have made me the god of mischief instead of his heir to his throne...I was never denied a thing in my life except the love of my father and of course, a mother...i guess I couldn’t have expected much love from a father who is the God of War, right?” Blaise answered with saddness.
“I guess not Blaise...i am sorry you where not able to experience the love of your mother or your father.”
Blaise looked down...”yeah, well, what is done is done and now I have a chance to know the love of my mother when I get to meet her...Blaise looked up at Ephiny...did I tell you my nephew is Bliss?” Blaise asked smiling with pride.
“No...but you seem very proud.” Ephiny smiled.
“Oh, I am... he is my boy and he is the cutest little kid!... I just love kids!” Blaise replied with excitement..,”well, enough about my family.” Blaise stood up and approached Ephiny...”would you like to go for a walk?” “I would love too Blaise.”
Blaise pulled Ephiny’s chair out for her and extended her arm for Ephiny who slipped her hand onto as they walked towards the lake.

“Tell me about your family Ephiny.”
“Well...i was an only child to two very loving parents.” Ephiny explained as she looked up at Blaise and smiled.
“Where do they live?”
Ephiny looked down...”they where killed when I was a teenager.”
“I’m sorry Ephiny...we don’t need to discuss it anymore if you don’t want too.” Blaise answered as she gaze into Ephiny’s eyes noticing the sadness in them.
“ is o.k...they where killed by a warlord who attacked our village and I was rescued by the amazons...Queen Melosa took me under her wing and made me an amazon.” Ephiny explained.
“She has done a very good job.”
“Yes she did and I am grateful for everything that she did for is unfortunate that she died.”
“You are very proud of your amazon nation.”
“ is my life.”

Blaise stopped walking and gazed into Ephiny’s eyes. She brushed Ephiny’s hair off of her face...” have had so much pain in your life...i wish I could do something to take it away.”

“You already have Blaise...the moment you entered my life”.
Ephiny answered with a smile.
Blaise leaned down to kiss Ephiny deeply and passionately.
Ephiny broke the kiss...”Blaise this evening has been wonderful and I will never forget how special you have made it for me.”
“I’m glad you feel that way Ephiny.”
“Blaise I hope I did not seem too forward this morning at the lake.”
“It was not a problem Ephiny...i enjoyed it.” Blaise smiled with assurance.

They walked arm in arm back to Taz and mounted him for their return trip to the village. They stopped at Ephiny’s hut and Blaise dismounted first to help Ephiny off the horse.
“I’m sorry to cut the evening short but I made plans with Xena.” Blaise explained...”I had a really great time Ephiny...thank you.”
“No...thank you...Ephiny kissed Blaise and ran her finger down her face...goodnight Blaise.” Ephiny replied as she entered her hut.
“Goodnight Ephiny.”

Blaise returned to her hut to find Xena anxiously awaiting her arrival.
“Are you ready to go Xena?”
“Always ready!...How was your date?”
“Incredible!” Blaise answered with a smile.
“That’s great... she is a wonderful woman Blaise...let’s get some port.” Xena answered eagerly.

They both rode off towards town for an evening of drinks and conversation. The pair stabled their horses once in town and headed for the tavern.
“Barkeep...two ports! Xena yelled as she threw some dinars on the bar and sat at the table Blaise had chosen for them.
The barkeep delivered the ports to the table for the women.
“Thanks!” Blaise replied as she drank her port. “Aah...that is good!”
“Xena tell me about mother. Is she well?”
“Mother is fine and she runs a tavern in Amphibolis” Xena answered as she drank her port.
“Amphibolis is where we are from?... What is she like?” Blaise asked.
“She is a wonderful woman who has gone through many hardships in her life but is still able to have a wonderful, loving heart. Her childeren have always been her main source in life and she would give her own life for that of one of her childeren.” Xena explained.
“What do you mean give up her life for her own child’s life?” “When I was seven and mother was pregnant with you father came home from war and threatened to kill me along with mother if she interferred.”
“Why would a man do that to his own child or wife?”

“He found out that Ares fathered me and wanted me dead. So, mother killed him before he had the chance. She nearly died at my hand because good ole daddie Ares made a bargain with the furies to have me avenge my father’s killer or go mad. But I put one over on daddie by proving to the fates that he is my father so, they took the madness away.”
“It amazes me at the lengths father will go to get what he wants.” Blaise answered shaking her head in disgust at Ares. “Xena... I think father will leave you alone when I commit to taking his place as God of War.
“Listen, Blaise...i can handle Ares. I don’t want you to agree to something you don’t want. Do you hear me?”
“Thanks for your concern Xena but my destiny is to take his place and I know that. I just have to try and figure out a way to deal with the reality of the need for war to go along with my feelings to not have war. It is confusing but I will have to figure it out somehow. So, are you nervous about the joining?” Blaise was eager to change the subject.
“I am because I want to make Gabrielle happy and be everything she has ever wanted.”
“You are Xena...she loves you very much and she wants to be no other place but by your side.” Blaise answered with a smile.
“So, tell me about Ephiny.” Xena asked with a sly grin.

Blaise smiled as she thought of Ephiny. “She is has a wonderful personality, very sexy eyes, she’s an excellent kisser, and she is drop dead gorgeous in her black skirt!” Blaise smiled.
“I think she is falling for you Blaise” Xena answered.

“Barkeep bring on some more port...we need it!” Blaise shouted.
“I think you could be right Xena but an Amazon Queen wants me?” Blaise stated with amazement.
The barkeep brought over more drinks to which Blaise drank hers to half empty out of nervousness from the conversation.
“Stranger things have happened Blaise...look at Gabrielle and I.”
“I suppose so...aah..Xena...i have a confession to make.” Blaise replied with nervousness.
“I have a feeling I’m not going to like what I am about to hear.”
“Maybe not but I need to be honest with you.” Blaise answered.
“Hold that thought a moment...i need another drink...bring me two more barkeep!...Xena shouted in between gulps of her drink quickly finishing it...ok Blaise let me have it.”
The barkeep dropped off two more drinks which Xena began drinking one of the new one’s.
“I kissed Gabrielle.” Blaise replied.
“A kiss on the cheek right?” Xena asked as she leaned in towards Blaise.
“ it got pretty hot and heavy Xena...but that was it only kissing nothing else.” Blaise tried to reassure Xena.
Xena punched Blaise in the mouth knocking her out of the chair.
“Hey...none of that in here.” The barkeep shouted.
“It’s ok we are family.” Xena shot back.

Blaise reached up to check her mouth which was filled with blood. Blaise spit the blood out on the ground in front of Xena as she sat back in her chair and wiped the blood off of her mouth.

“Do you feel better now?” Blaise asked.
“No...not really are you ok?”
“I’m fine you just caught me off gaurd...I hope you are not mad at Gabrielle because when things got more intense she put a stop to it because she loves you.”
“I know... I don’t blame either of you.” Xena answered as she looked down into her mug.
“Then why did you hit me!” Blaise shouted with a laugh.
“It was just reflex Blaise I am sorry...i blame myself for being so stupid and not telling Gabrielle how I feel about her.”
“Why have you not told her Xena?”
“Well...i had a vision of our deaths on a snowy mountain where we are to be crucified and I have tried to push her away to keep that from happening.”
“Who told you of this vision?”
“A witch named Alti.”
“She is full of it Xena... don’t listen to her!”

“I won’t have to because I killed her but so far the visions she has shown me have come true...she cursed my child to never know the love of his parents which he never did.” Xena explained with tears in her eyes.
“That is terrible...where is my nephew now?,,,i would like to see him?”
“He is dead Blaise.”
“By the gods Xena...i am sorry.” Blaise answered as she held Xena’s hand for comfort.
“Yeah, well...i will see him one day again when I die.” Xena answered trying to be stoic.
“About this vision Xena...i won’t allow it to come you understand what I mean?”
“No...not really Blaise.”
“I will not allow that to happen and I have the power to stop it.”
“Xena...i would kill Ares himself to become a God to protect you and Gabrielle from your deaths.” Blaise answered with coldness at the act of killing her father.
“ shouldn’t talk that way.”

“ both are my family and I refuse to lose you to a senseless death especially if I can prevent it. You both have too much good to do in this world for you both to die.” “That is odd coming from the future God of War because I might have to battle you for good.”
“No not really...i’m more objective than my father and he uses war because he has nothing else to do or for his pettiness... I will not do battle with you Xena ever.”
“I appreciate your offer of protection Blaise it means a lot to me.”
“If you ever want to see your son in the elysian fields let me know and I will have it arranged.” Blaise offered with a smile.
“You could do that?”
“I have pull with the gods Xena and yes I could do it for you... just let me know.”
“Oh...i could see my son Solan.” Xena answered with happiness at the thought...”I will take you up on that offer some day Blaise.”
“The offer always stands Xena.”

Blaise and Xena continued their drinking and conversation for a couple of more hours then decided it was time to head back to the village. They both arrived back to the village late in the evening having drank one too many ports. They both stopped the horses in front of their hut and Xena dismounted Argo. Xena staggered towards the hut.
“I will put the horses in the stables.” Blaise replied. “Aah...Argo can take her own saddle off and stable herself Blaise.” Xena replied with slurred speach.

“Aah...Xena...Argo can do many things but I doubt she can do that!”
“Whatever!” Xena answered as she staggered into the hut plopping down on the bed face down.

Blaise took the horses to the stables and settled them for the evening.
“ two behave yourselves tonight!” Blaise replied as she pointed at the horses finding it difficult to not stagger.
Both horses whinnied in obeince to her orders.

Blaise turned to leave the stables and found Ephiny standing behind her.
“I have been waiting all evening...i have missed you.” Ephiny replied seductively as she moved closer to Blaise.
“Oh, how I have missed you Ephiny.”
Ephiny reached up and began to kiss Blaise.
Blaise pulled away with a wince of pain from the punch she received earlier from Xena.
“I’m sorry what happened Blaise?”
“I met a certain warrior princess’ is a long story that I will tell you another time.”
“I will have to be more gentle then.” Ephiny replied as she put her hands on Blaise’s face and began to gently kiss her lips.
Blaise put her arms around Ephiny pulling her in closer to her and settled her hands on Ephiny’s butt. As the two continued their kiss Ephiny slid her hands down Blaise’s chest slipping her hands under Blaise’s v-shaped shirt gliding her hands over her very muscular chest.
Ephiny reached down to her wet hot center. Ephiny ran her finger along her swollen nub and entered her finger inside of herself to wet her finger. She took her wet finger and wiped her juices on Blaise’s lips then put her finger inside of Blaise’s mouth. Blaise sucked Ephiny’s juices off of her finger as she gazed into Ephiny’s eyes.
Ephiny took her finger out of Blaise’s mouth and entered her mouth with her tongue kissing her more forcefully. Ephiny could taste herself with the taste of port in Blaise’s mouth. Blaise slid her hands down Ephiny’s hips to her legs and slid them up and under her skirt to find Ephiny was wearing nothing underneath.
“How very sexy Ephiny.” Blaise whispered as she staggered knocking Ephiny off balance but steadied the two of them with Ephiny’s help.

Ephiny kissed down Blaise’s neck then down her chest to her nipple and cirlced her tongue around it and then began to suck on it.
Blaise backed away and put her hands up on Ephiny’s shoulders.
“Ephiny...i can’t do this.” Blaise exclaimed.
“How embarrassing...Ephiny replied with a look of shock on her you not want me?”

“On the contrary Ephiny...Blaise pulled Ephiny closer to her and brushed her hair off of her face...i want you more than you could ever know but not like this...she replied as she stroked Ephiny’s hair...i want our first time to be special Ephiny and I don’t want to be drunk...would you mind waiting?”
Ephiny smiled with relief that Blaise did indeed want
her...”that is very sweet Blaise and I will wait for you if that is what you want...Ephiny kissed Blaise...come one I will help you back to your hut.” Ephiny put her arm around Blaise’s waist to help steady her as they left the stables.

Xena felt tender kisses on her forehead and neck but was too drunk to open her eyes to see who the culprit was but she knew who the kissing bandit really was.
“Blaise that better not be you!” Xena replied.
“It is me my love.” Gabrielle whispered.
“I know your kisses anywhere honey I was just teasing you.”
Xena answered with a smile still unable to open her eyes...”kiss me Gabrielle.” Xena demanded.
Gabrielle entered Xena’s mouth with her tongue for a deep passionate kiss.

“Goodnight Ephiny and thanks for understanding.” Blaise leaned down and kissed Ephiny.
“Goodnight Blaise.” Ephiny smiled and walked off towards her hut.

Blaise entered her hut to find a certain bard kissing her sister.
“!...Blaise yelled pointing her finger at Gabrielle...”step away from the Warrior Princess.” Blaise laughed.
“Busted!” Gabrielle exclaimed.
“I’m an innocent bystander.” Xena replied.

“I’m sure you are Xena...Gabrielle you’re outta here!”...Blaise exclaimed as she pointed her finger over her shoulder towards the door.
“Oh, come on Blaise.” Gabrielle smiled as she pleaded her case.
Blaise moved towards Gabrielle who was trying to avoid Blaise and slip by her.
“I can’t believe you are trying to corrupt my sister!” Blaise laughed.
“Now Blaise...wait a minute”...Gabrielle replied laughing as she ran out away from the bed which kept the distance between her and Blaise.
Blaise grabbed Gabrielle and threw her over her shoulder to carry her out of the hut.
“I tried to warn my sister about women like you but she just wouldn’t listen to me!” Blaise answered with a laugh. “I should give you a thorough spanking...naw, you would like it too much!”
“Goodnight Xena...Gabrielle replied and blew a kiss to her lover as Blaise carried her out of the hut.

Blaise took Gabrielle back to the hut and put her down in front of her royal guards who where amazed that their queen had slipped out of their site.

“ may want to replace your guards...they didn’t do a very good job of protecting you this evening.” Blaise gave the guards a disgusted look.
“I will forgive them this time Blaise because I went out the back of the hut.”
“ be a good little amazon queen and stop trying to tempt the warrior princess!” Blaise instructed Gabrielle as she laughed.
“If I must!” Gabrielle answered with a laugh.
“Gabrielle...Blaise gave a look of seriousness...i explained everything that happened between us to Xena.”
“So, that is where you got the fat lip, huh?” Gabrielle asked with a smile.
“Yeah...i outta...Blaise moved towards Gabrielle like she was going to spank her...ok look I am trying to be serious here Gabrielle stop your fooling around...Blaise laughed... I explained everything to her and she explained that she was more to blame than anyone else because she denied her true feelings for you.”
“Whew...i was worried there wouldn’t be a joining...but I am glad she was understanding.” Gabrielle asnwered with relief.
“Gabrielle...i care for you and remember I would do anything for you...i hope you and my sister will have a very happy life together...remember don’t hesitate to ask my for anything o.k.?”
“Thank you Blaise I appreciate that and the same goes for you.”
Gabrielle leaned up and kissed Blaise on the cheek as she hugged her.

Ephiny stepped out of the hut as they where in their embrace.
“Gaurds...where is...”Ephiny stopped in midsentence as she saw Gabrielle and Blaise.
“Gabrielle...i told are to be joined and I’m dating someone else so, you have to contain your feelings for me.” Blaise stated with a laugh.

Gabrielle slapped Blaise on the arm...”you are so bad!...goodnight.” Gabrielle answered with a smile and entered the hut.

“Ephiny...there was nothing going on here.” Blaise replied with a smile.
“I hope not...Ephiny replied as she moved towards Blaise...”because I can become quite a jealous woman.” Ephiny whispered as she kissed her neck followed by a soft bite.
Ephiny gave Blaise a sexy smile and entered her hut.
“Oh, baby...Blaise exclaimed with a smile as she looked at the guards...”hey, make sure they stay here tonight so, I have a chance to cool down would ya?” Blaise replied with a smile.
“As you wish.” the guards replied.
“These women are driving me nuts.” Blaise exclaimed as she headed back to her hut for some sleep.

Blaise woke up before sunrise angry because nature called and she wanted to get in some extra sleep. When she finished her business she had a great idea and quietly slipped into Ephiny’s hut.

She covered Ephiny’s mouth with her hand which startled Ephiny out of her sleep.
“Blaise what are you doing here?”
Blaise put her finger to her mouth...”ssssh...i want to show you something...come on.” Blaise whispered.
Ephiny got out of bed and Blaise grabbed her blanket as Ephiny put her boots on still not fully awake.
“This better be good Blaise for you to wake me up so early.” Ephiny whispered.

They both tiptoed out of the hut and Blaise wrapped the blanket around Ephiny to keep her warm from the chilly morning air.
“You guards keep the other one in there.” Blaise instructed.
“We will.” they answered.
“Blaise what are we doing?” Ephiny asked.
“Just trust me Eph.” Blaise answered as she wrapped her arm around Ephiny and led her out of the village to a clearing.
Blaise sat down against a tree and pulled Ephiny down on her lap. Ephiny moved her body against Blaise’s and Blaise wrapped her arms around Ephiny.
“This is really nice Blaise...darkness.” Ephiny replied with sarcasm.
“Just wait a couple of minutes Eph.”

Ephiny thought about how much she loved being in Blaise’s arms and how Blaise called her Eph which she found to be incredibly sexy the way she pronounced it.
The sun began to rise lighting the area with a yellowish-orange hue.
“It’s beautiful Blaise.” Ephiny exclaimed with a smile as she watched the sun rise above the horizon.
“Goodmorning Eph.” Blaise whispered in her ear as she placed a kiss on her cheek.
Ephiny turned to face Blaise and glazed into her eyes...”you are so romantic Blaise and I love being here with you.” Ephiny replied with a smile.
Ephiny closed her eyes as she leaned in and kissed Blaise.
Ephiny layed her head on Blaise’s chest after their kiss and savored the moment of being in Blaise’s arms with a beautiful sunrise on the horizon.
“Blaise you are almost too good to be true.”
Blaise brushed Ephiny’s hair off of her face and looked into her eyes...”how do you mean Eph?”
“I have always dreamed and prayed to the god’s for someone like you...i just want it to be real and not end.”
“I promise you it’s real and this will not end.” Blaise leaned in and kissed Ephiny placing her hand on her neck to pull her in for a deeper kiss. Blaise broke the kiss and looked into Ephiny’s eyes. Blaise smiled and placed a soft kiss on her forehead.

“I would love nothing more than to sit here with you all day but I have things to take care of as I know that you do too.
Ephiny sighed...”you’re right..we must attend to our duties.” Ephiny asnwered with disappointment.
Blaise helped Ephiny up...”do you want a piggyback ride?”
Blaise asked with a devilish grin.
“Sure.” Ephiny answered with a smile as she jumped on Blaise’s back.

Blaise walked back towards the village as Ephiny placed kisses along Blaise’s ears and neck.
“ are driving me crazy with your kisses.” Blaise replied as she pretended to drop Ephiny.
They both shared a laugh at the fun they where having as they entered the village.
“Blaise!” Solari shouted with agitation.
Blaise was taken back by her forwardness and she put Ephiny down...”Yes...Solari?” Blaise answered.
“I have taken care of your request for the party this evening and I need you for the final details.”
“O.k....thank you...Ephiny I wil see you later.” Blaise smiled and kissed her goodbye as Solari rolled her eyes and sighed in disgust.
“Goodbye Blaise.” Ephiny answered with a smile as she walked off to tend to her duties for the day.
“Shall we take care of those details Solari?” Blaise asked. “Yes...Blaise...Solari intertwined her arm into Blaise’s who was confused by Solari’s actions. Solari smiled at Blaise and led her away.
Blaise and Solari finished up the final details for the party and Blaise went off in search of Xena.
“Oh...Eponon...have you seen Xena?”
“She is at the training area.”
“Thank you Eponon.”

Blaise headed over to the training area to find her sister. She approached to find Xena in fight with two other amazons.
“Hey...Xena!...Blaise shouted...why are you doing this so early?”
Xena stopped her training session with the amazons.
“I like to get my juices flowing in the morning Blaise.” Xena answered as she wiped the sweat off of her.
“Stop this nonsense at once!....let’s go fishing!” Blaise exclaimed with a laugh.
“You are on little sister!” Xena answered with a smile.

Blaise and Xena had been fishing for over an hour. Blaise had a pile of fish next to her that she had caught compared to just one that Xena had reeled in.
Blaise laughed as she looked at Xena’s pile...”hey, sure are catching a lot of fish there buddy!”

Xena curled her lip up in disgust...”very funny Blaise.” Xena shot a strained smile to her sister...”you know I used to drag Lyceus down to the lake to fish all the time.”
“Yeah... you are both a lot alike.”
Blaise smiled and there was an awkward silence between the two neither knowing what should be said.
“Oh, here are the vows I wrote for you...You need to memorize them...well, If you like them that is.” Blaise replied as she handed Xena the scroll.
Xena read them over...”Blaise these are’s everything I have always wanted to say to Gabrielle but didn’t know how to put into words...i love the vows!” Xena answered with excitement and she hugged Blaise...”thank you.” “You’re welcome Xena....hey, you have a bite!” Blaise exclaimed as she saw Xena’s pole bend from the weight of a fish at the other end.
“Oh, yes I do!...come to mama!” Xena answered as she grabbed her pole to reel in the fish.

Xena and Blaise gathered all of their equipment and the fish to carry back to the village.
“I think it’s safe to say that I’m the fishing champion Xena.” Blaise replied with a laugh.
“You just love to rub it in don’t you?” Xena asnwered with a smile.
“Every chance I get because I owe you payback for the fat lip you gave me!...hey we need to get back and get cleaned up for the party.”
“Sure...the one to celebrate your last night as a single woman.”
“Oh, now this should be interesting.” Xena answered with sarcasm.
“You are going to love it...i up the pace old lady we need to get moving.” Blaise answered teasingly.
“Keep it up and I will give you another fat lip!” Xena replied with a laugh.

Xena dropped off the fish they caught at the food hut and headed off to get cleaned up for the evenings festivities.

After cleaning up they both headed over to the training facility where the festivities where to take place. The party had already started as Xena and Blaise arrived.
“The guest of honor has arrived...Blaise announced...she needs a drink for her lonely hand!” Blaise joked.
They both grabbed a couple of mugs of port.
“A toast!...Blaise announced as everyone held their mugs up high in honor of Xena...”may your life be filled with love, happiness and plenty of sex!” Blaise laughed.
“!” the group exclaimed.

“Let’s hope so!” Xena asnwered with a smile as they all drank their port for the toast.

“O.k. ladies bring on the port and gather around the table...we are going to play dinars!” Blaise announced to the group.
Solari brought over pitchers filled with port as Blaise ordered.
“Blaise what is dinars?” Xena asked.
“It’s a drinking game, what you have to do is bounce the dinar on the table and it has to make it in the mug. If it doesn’t make it in you have to drink to the bottom of your mug. If the dinar makes it in you can assign someone to drink...everybody got it?” Blaise asked and looked around to get confirmation of her instructions.
“Piece of cake.” Xena answered.
“Seeing as how you are the guest of honor you can go first...oh, don’t try to keep my dinar either.” Blaise exclaimed with a sly grin on her face.
Xena shot a smile back at her sister...Xena bounced the dinar on the table which completely missed the mug.
“Seems like the Warrior Princess doesn’t have as many skills as she thought.” Blaise replied with a laugh which everyone else joined in on...”here, let me help you raise your mug to finish it off.” Blaise teased Xena.
“Xena...Xena!” everyone chanted to coax Xena to finish out the mug of port which the warrior princess obliged the group.

After an hour of Xena failing miserably at her attempts to get the dinar in the mug and of everyone else assigning her their drinks she exclaimed...”I’m very drunk!”
“Join the club Xena.” Blaise answered laughing.

Gabrielle, Ephiny and the other amazons enjoyed a quite dinner and began to open presents given to Gabrielle for her impending joining.
“Is the theme of the gifts sex?” Gabrielle asked with embarrassment as she held up some sexy lingerie that she received as a gift.
.“Seems like we won’t see the two of you for awhile after the joining considering all of the lingerie you recieved!” Ephiny answered with a laugh.
Gabrielle leaned to Ephiny and whispered...”I wonder what our girls are doing about now?”
“Probably trying to out do each other in some silly sporting event.” Ephiny answered with a laugh.
“You are probably right Ephiny.” Gabrielle laughed at the thought of Blaise and Xena trying to top one another.

“Xena! You are to sit next to me!...Blaise replied as Xena sat next to Blaise...please!...Xena needs a drink!” Blaise shouted as she snapped her fingers.
An amazon brought over a couple of mugs of port for the two.

“Bring out the next attraction!” Blaise exclaimed. A beautiful woman stepped out and began to dance seductively in front of Xena.
“Blaise you are a dog!” Xena replied with a smile.
“Are you enjoying yourself?”
“No...not one bit if Gabrielle asks!” Xena slurred with a laugh.
“Your secret is safe with me.” Blaise answered.

The woman started to remove her clothing as she continued her dance. The other women cheered as she removed her clothing.
“Oh, Blaise...i’m not to sure about this...Gabrielle would be pissed!”
“Who cares? long as you don’t sleep with the chick what is the problem?”
“I guess you are right.” Xena slurred.

The half naked woman removed more clothing and began to grind her body up and down Xena’s body. Everyone cheered for more clothing to come off.
Xena had an embarrassed smile on her face.
“What’s wrong Xena?...not used to a woman not being a challenge?” Blaise asked sarcastically.
“It’s a lot more fun when they play hard to get Blaise.” Xena answered with a smile.
The woman had removed all of her clothing and climbed up on Xena and began to kiss her.
“Alright sweatheart...Blaise replied as she pulled the woman away from Xena’s lips...she is spoken for find someone else.”
“Oh, but she is so hot and I would love to show her what she is going to be missing when she gets joined.” The woman replied seductively.
Xena drank the other two mugs of port...”maybe I should find out what I will be missing Blaise.” Xena slurred as she reached to pull the woman closer to her.
Blaise grabbed the woman off of Xena who fell out of the chair drunk.
“O.k. who wants to satisfy this woman’s needs?” Blaise asked as she held the naked woman.
“How about you Blaise?” The woman purred as she kissed Blaise.
“Easy big girl...Blaise replied as she pulled away from the kiss...i’m taken.”
Blaise put the woman down who entered a crowd of dancing amazons and began to dance with them.
“Whoa...what did I just say? Blaise thought to herself...i’m taken?...what was I thinking allowing a naked woman out of my arms...i must be drunk if I did that!” Blaise thought and laughed to herself.

Blaise checked on Xena who layed on the ground passed out from too much port.

“Looks like I got you again should learn to not drink with me.” Blaise repliedwith a laugh as she picked Xena up to a sitting position...”well, seems the warrior princess won’t be showing off her archery skills for us this evening!” Blaise laughed with the others as she put Xena over her shoulder to carry her back to the hut. “Now, you ladies be gentle with the naked woman!” Blaise exclaimed.
“Do you need some help Blaise?” Solari asked hoping Blaise would need her help.
“I think I can get her back...but thanks.” Blaise answered as she staggered a bit with Xena over her shoulder from too many drinks.
“I will walk with you just in case Blaise.” Solari answered.
“If that will make you happy then come on woman!” Blaise asnwered with a laugh as they both made their way to her hut.

Solari helped Blaise lay Xena down on the bed. Blaise covered Xena with a blanket and turned away bumping into Solari not knowing she was there.
“Sorry... I didn’t mean to bump into you Solari.” “I didn’t mind at all Blaise.” Solari answered and kissed Blaise.
Blaise pulled back from the kiss surprised at what Solari had just done.
Solari grabbed Blaise behind the neck and kissed her again.
Blaise put her hands on her shoulders and pushed her away from her...”this is not going to happen you understand?” Blaise replied with a serious tone in her voice.
“I’m sorry Blaise.” Solari answered as she left the hut.
Blaise took off Xena’s boots and layed next to her sister on the bed.
“Blaise it was a great party...thanks.” Xena replied as she slurred her words.
“You’re get your beauty sleep you need it.” Blaise laughed.

Blaise could hear her name being called but it sounded so far off in the distance and she couldn’t tell who was calling her name. The voice came closer and more audible.
“Blaise!...wake up!” Ephiny shouted.
Blaise openend her eyes to find Ephiny standing over her...”hey, baby!” Blaise smiled.
“Whoa! You two stink like a couple of drunks!”
“That is because we are!” Blaise answered with a smile.
“And you are late!...get up the joining is in an hour!”
“By the gods!...Blaise shouted...Xena wake up!...Blaise shook Xena ...come on get up!” Blaise replied as she climbed out of bed.
“Yeah...yeah I am up.” Xena replied as she fell back to sleep.
Blaise put Xena over her shoulder to carry her down to the lake.

“Xena is going to be angry with me.” Blaise thought to herself...”but I what can I do?” Blaise smiled at her evil plan.
Blaise threw Xena in the cold lake.
“By the gods Blaise!...Xena shouted...what are you trying to do send me to tartarus?”
Blaise stood on shore laughing at the look of shock on Xena’s face.
“Sorry...but payback is a bitch...we are late for the joining and a certain sleepyhead refused to wake up so, I had no choice.” Blaise continued her laugh.
“How late are we?...Xena asked as she walked out of the do realize I will get you back little sister”...she replied as she pointed at Blaise.
“We have 45 minutes until the joining and we are even now!.” Blaise smiled.
“What happened last night?...did a cyclops step on my head because it sure feels that way?” Xena asked.
They both headed off back to the village.
“You tried to out drink me again need to learn you won’t be able to do that.”Blaise laughed...”i don’t remember too much except carrying your heavy butt back to the hut!” They both laughed.
Xena grabbed Blaise on the arm.
“I didn’t do anything to hurt Gabrielle or that I would regret did know with the naked woman?” Xena asked nervously.
“ where a perfect little warrior princess.” Blaise answered.

Blaise and Xena got back to the hut and got cleaned up for the joining.
“How do I look Blaise?”
“You look great Xena...i think Gabrielle will enjoy what she sees.
“Do you have the ring?” Xena asked nervously.
“Chill big sister...i have it right here in my pocket!”
“Well, it is time to join with the love of my life.” Xena replied with a smile.
“Yes it is Xena.” Blaise answered with a smile as she put her arm around Xena’s neck and the pair left the hut.

The ceremonial area of the village was beautifully decorated for the joining. Blaise and Xena took their places at the front of the altar to await the arrival of Gabrielle.
“Xena...are you nervous?” Blaise asked.
“Of course...wouldn’t you be?...i just want to be everything Gabrielle deserves.”
Blaise put her hand on Xena’s shoulder for comfort...”you will be Xena...don’t you remember your vows?” “I memorized them.”

Ephiny walked out of the hut and made her way to the front of the alter to perform the ceremony. Blaise’s breath was taken away by Ephiny’s beauty as she made her way to the front of the alter.

“Blaise...are you o.k.?” Xena asked looking over her shoulder at her sister.
“I am not I breathing?” Blaise asked with a smile. Xena smiled...”if you weren’t breathing you would have passed, stop it you are making me more nervous!”
“Yes my warrior you wish.” Blaise replied sarcastically and winked at Ephiny who had passed in front of the pair to take her place at the alter. Blaise winked at Ephiny and whispered...”you look beautiful.”
Ephiny smiled and shyly looked down the aisle.

Gabrielle appeared at the door of the hut leading to the aisle dressed in ceremonial joining attire.
“Xena...she is beautiful.”
“No, she is exquisite Blaise.” Xena answered with a smile.
The amazons all bowed as their queen walked past them to take her place next to her warrior princess.
Xena kept a smile on her face as she watched her bard approach her. Gabrielle stopped next to Xena and took Xena’s hand in her own.
Xena mouthed...”i love you.”
Gabrielle smiled at Xena with tears in her eyes.

Gabrielle and Xena stood looking into one another’s eyes lost in the moment as Ephiny proceeded with the formalities of the joining ceremony.
Ephiny touched Gabrielle on the shoulder to get her attention...”your vows Gabrielle.” Ephiny replied.

Gabrielle slipped the ring she had for Xena on her finger as she recited her vows through tears of happiness. best life
The answer to my dreams
I lost my heart when I met love
I promise to be by your side
To support comfort you
To love you for the remainder of our lives in this world and throughout all of eternity.

Xena smiled and was unable to control the tears of joy that ran down her face.
“ your vows.” Ephiny replied.
Xena turned to Blaise for the ring and put the ring on Gabrielle’s finger.
Xena smiled at the love of her life and began to recite her vows to Gabrielle.

From this moment life has begun
From this moment you are the one
Right beside you is where I belong...from this moment on
From this moment I have been blessed
I live only for your happiness
and for your love I would give my last breath
From this moment on
I give my hand to you with all my heart
Can’t wait to live my life with you...can’t wait to start
You and I will never be apart
my dreams came true because of you
From this moment on as long as I live I will love you, I promise you this.
There is nothing I wouldn’t give from this moment on
You’re the reason I believe in love and you’re the answers to my prayers from up above
All we need is just the two of us
I will love you as long as I live and into eternity...from this moment on

Gabrielle was very touched by Xena’s heartfelt vows and began to cry. Xena smiled at Gabrielle and tightened her grip on Gabrielle’s hand to comfort her.
“I know pronounce you partners in love and life for all of eternity.” Ephiny proclaimed with a smile and tears of happiness for her friends....”Xena and Gabrielle you may seal your partnership with a kiss.”

“I thought you would never get to that part Ephiny.” Xena answered as everyone laughed.
Xena smiled and took both of Gabrielle’s hands into her own.
She leaned down and kissed the love of her life which seemed like an eternity to the both of them.
They broke their kiss and looked into one another’s eyes savoring the moment. They kissed each other again and walked down the aisle as partners for all of eternity.
Everyone clapped and bowed as their queen and her warrior partner passed them down the aisle.
Blaise put her arm out for Ephiny to walk her down the ailse after Xena and Gabrielle.
“You look incredible Ephiny.” Blaise replied with a smile.
“You look just as good Blaise.” Ephiny answered with a smile of her own.

Gabrielle, Xena, Blaise and Ephiny sat at the head table for the traditional joining dinner. After everyone finished their dinner Ephiny summoned the newly joined partners to the center of the hut for the traditional first joining dance.
“Aah...Gabrielle...i’m not a very good dancer.” Xena replied nervously.
“Just follow me my love.” Gabrielle answered with a smile as she took Xena in her arms for their first dance as partners for life as the band began to play a slow song.

Xena looked down at her bard and thought about how beautiful she is and how much she loved her. She leaned down and kissed Gabrielle as they continued their dance.
Midway through the dance Blaise and Ephiny joined them on the dance floor as did other amazons.
“ you remember that promise you made me?” Blaise asked with a sly grin.
“How could I forget something I am so looking forward too?”
Ephiny asnwered as she kissed Blaise and wrapped her arms around her neck as they continued their slow dance.
Blaise broke off the kiss and smiled at Ephiny...”if you don’t mind I would like to dance with the bride.”
“I will only be jealous for a moment.” Ephiny answered with a smile.
“Oooh, a jealous woman turns me on to no end!” Blaise replied with a smile receiving a slap on the butt from Ephiny.

Blaise made her way over to Xena and Gabrielle...”Excuse me...Xena I heard Argo calling you...Blaise replied with a laugh as she stepped in between her and Gabrielle...can I have this dance?” Blaise asked Gabrielle with a smile.
Xena tapped Blaise on the shoulder...”keep your hands where I can see them.” Xena warned Blaise with a laugh as she returned to their table.
“Blaise I think you should become a comedian instead of the future God of War.” Gabrielle replied with a laugh.
“You look very beautiful Gabrielle...are you happy?

“Unbeleiveably so Blaise.” Gabrielle answered with a huge smile...”thank you for helping Xena with the vows they where very beautiful.”
“How did you know?”
“I know Xena too well Blaise...she is not good at expressing her feelings like that.”
“Well, Gabrielle that is what Xena expressed to me about her feelings for you.”
“Thank you for helping her with them.”
“Anytime you need my help let me know.”
“Aah...maybe you can help me out with our wedding night Blaise... I am nervous about pleasing Xena tonight.”
“Oh, Gabrielle you will be fine don’t worry about it so much... just let it happen.”
“No, I ...aah...if you and I would have finished what we started you would have been my first so, now Xena is my first.”
“Oh, o.k...i am sorry... well, this is what you do.” Blaise whispered her instructions in Gabrielle’s ear.
“Blaise!” Gabrielle exclaimed...”you are bad!” Gabrielle laughed.
“Trust me...i gaurantee she will love it!” Blaise answered with a confidant smile.
“O.k...thanks Blaise...look, I am taking too much of your time with Ephiny.”
“She looks impatient.” Gabrielle replied.
“I know she can’t keep her hands off of me!” Blaise joked.

“I hope you two can become closer...she is a fine woman Blaise.”
“I hope to get real close to her this evening Gabrielle...Blaise answered with a grin...”hey, you and Xena wouldn’t be too upset if we slid out of the reception a little early would you?”
“No, go on and enjoy yourself.”
“Can I cut in?” Solari asked
“Sure the queen is all yours to dance with.” Blaise offered.
“No...i’m sorry...i meant you Blaise.” Solari answered with embarrassment over the confusion and for turning down her queen.
“Aah...o.k. I guess.” Blaise answered confused...”do you mind Gabrielle?” Blaise asked.
“No, my warrior princess is getting restless anyway.” Gabrielle smiled as she rubbed Blaise’s arm for assurance that she was not mad.
“I hope you and Xena have an incredibly happy life together.”
Blaise replied as she kissed and hugged Gabrielle.
“Thank you.” Gabrielle answered with a smile as she went back to the table to be with Xena.

Blaise and Solari began to dance and Gabrielle sat next to Xena to watch the pair a little confused by Solari’s request to dance with Blaise.
“ love.” Xena replied as she kissed Gabrielle.
“What is up with Solari?” Gabrielle asked
“Who cares?...i only have eyes for you baby.” Xena answered as she kissed Gabrielle...”Gabrielle your kiss is like perpetual bliss...i can’t believe I waited so long to tell you how I felt about you.” Xena replied as she brushed Gabrielle’s hair off of her face.
“Your sister has had quite a romantic impact on you hasn’t she?” Gabrielle asked with a smile.
“No, it’s just that I realized how much I love you.” Xena answered as she leaned in for a long kiss.

Ephiny approached Blaise and Solari on the dance floor obviously jealous of Solari dancing with Blaise.
Ephiny put her arm around Blaise’s waist and looked up at Blaise...”i do believe we have a date in my hut?” Ephiny replied with a seductive smile.
Blaise put her arm around Ephiny...”yes, we do don’t we?” She answered with a smile...”excuse us Solari...thanks for the dance.” Blaise replied as her and Ephiny took a step away from Solari.
“Aah...sorry to intrude.” Solari answered nervously.
Ephiny looked at Solari with anger as Blaise started to lead them off the dance floor. Ephiny looked back at Solari with a smile that Blaise was leaving with her and not Solari.

Blaise and Ephiny entered Ephiny’s hut and Blaise began to untie Ephiny’s shirt. Ephiny looked into Blaise’s blue eyes and began to kiss her. She took Blaise’s hand and moved it onto her breast as she continued the kiss. Blaise caressed Ephiny’s breast through her clothing and then moved her hand under the material to touch Ephiny’s supple breast. Blaise gently caressed her breast as they continued to explore one another’s mouths with their tongues.
Blaise kissed down Ephiny’s neck to her breast. She moved the material away to expose Ephiny’s hard nipple and gently put her mouth on it. Blaise cirlced her tongue around Ephiny’s nipple as Ephiny moaned withdelight at what Blaise was doing.
Blaise slid her other hand onto the unattended breast and Ephiny tilted her head back in response to Blaise. Ephiny slid her hands through Blaise’s hair and pulled her head closer to her breast as her excitement grew. Blaise made her way to the other breast and began to suck the erect nipple.
“By the god’s Blaise that feels so good.” Ephiny moaned.

Blaise kissed back up Ephiny’s neck stopping at her lips and slid her hands under the clothing to brush it off of Ephiny’s shoulders. The clothing landed on the floor at their feet as Blaise continued to kiss Ephiny passionately.
Ephiny broke the kiss and took off Blaise’s shirt revealing her muscular chest. Ephiny placed soft kisses and bites along Blaise’s neck working her way down her chest stopping at her breasts which she began to kiss.

Ephiny moved her kisses down Blaise’s abdomen stopping at Blaise’s sex. Ephiny knelt in front of Blaise placing her hands on Blaise’s hips and began to kiss her through her pants feeling Blaise’s wetness through the material.
“Oh, Ephiny.” Blaise moaned in pleasure.
Ephiny worked her kisses back up to Blaise’s lips and broke their kiss. She stepped back and untied her skirt dropping it to the floor. She slid her undergarments off standing before Blaise naked.
Blaise pulled Ephiny in her arms and began to kiss her sliding her hands onto Ephiny’s butt.
Ephiny untied Blaise’s pants and slid them off of her hips letting them fall to the floor. Blaise lifted Ephiny up in her arms and stepped out of her pants.
Blaise laid Ephiny down gently on the bed never breaking their kiss.

Gabrielle and Xena went through the motions of opening wedding gifts realizing they would rather be doing other things.
“Xena I want to start our first night together as life partners.”
“Then let’s get out of here!” Xena smiled as she kissed Gabrielle glad that she wasn’t the only one who didn’t want to be opening presents.

“It’s time for my love and I to say goodnight to start our life together as partners...i hope everyone continues to enjoy themselves because we are off to do the same.” Gabrielle announced as she grabbed Xena’s hand and quickly exited the hut.
“I thought we would never get out of there!” Xena exclaimed.

Blaise was on all fours above Ephiny as she continued to kiss her. Blaise moved her kisses down Ephiny’s neck to her breast where she circled the nipple with her tongue. Blaise ran her tongue down Ephiny’s abdomen stopping to suck her soft skin and continued her descent with her tongue stopping between Ephiny’s legs. She ran her tongue down the inside of Ephiny’s leg and then back up crossing to the other leg stopping at Ephiny’s hot, wet center. Blaise lightly ran her tongue between Ephiny’s folds and made her way down the inside of Ephiny’s other leg.
“Oh, Blaise...please.” Ephiny moaned.
Blaise ran her tongue back up the inside of her leg stopping at Ephiny’s center to place a soft kiss on her blond curls. Moving up Blaise began to place soft kisses Ephiny’s abdomen as she continued to hover above Ephiny. Ephiny put her hands on Blaise’s hips to pull her down on top of her which Blaise resisted.
Blaise continued her kisses on Ephiny’s breasts and moved her kisses up Ephiny’s neck as she lowered her body onto Ephiny’s.
“Blaise...please...touch me...i can’t stand it anymore.” Ephiny pleaded.
Blaise continued her kisses along Ephiny’s neck and whispered in her ear...”i don’t think you are ready yet Eph.”
“’re wrong... I am so ready Blaise.” Ephiny pleaded.

Gabrielle and Xena made their way to their hut arm in arm. Xena stopped at the door of their hut and kissed Gabrielle. She bent down and picked Gabrielle up in her arms and carried her across the threshold into the hut. Their hut had been decorated with beautiful flowers and stocked with plenty of food and wine for their first night together.
“Xena this is the best day of my life...make love to me.” Gabrielle smiled and kissed Xena.

Blaise ran her tongue back down Ephiny’s body stopping at her sex. Blaise licked and sucked her inner thighs teasing Ephiny.
“Blaise...please...i can’t take anymore...touch me!”
Blaise moved Ephiny’s folds away revealing her swollen nub.
Blaise placed her tongue on her nub licking and sucking it.
Ephiny snapped her head back in pleasure at Blaise finally touching her.
Blaise continued to work her tongue over Ephiny’s hard clit as Ephiny moved her hips in sync with Blaise’s movements.
Blaise continued her assault on Ephiny’s sex and entered her finger inside of her wet opening.
“ feel so good inside...very warm, wet and I love how you tightly wrap around me finger.” Blaise whispered.

Blaise moved her finger in and out of Ephiny’s opening and entered another finger inside of her.
Ephiny moved her hips faster to Blaises movements with her fingers and with her tongue.
“Oh, Blaise...Oh, oh, the god’s it feels so good!” Ephiny moaned.
Blaise moved her tongue over her clit faster as she moved her fingers in and out with the same vigor.
Ephiny thrust her hips up and held them there as she screamed in exctasy as she released her orgasm.
Blaise entered Ephiny’s opening with her tongue to except Ephiny’s offerings from her orgasm. As Blaise continued...Ephiny’s body quivered from the orgasm and she took in deap breaths spent from her experience.
Blaise finished and climbed on top of Ephiny who wrapped her arms around Blaise.
Blaise kissed Ephiny’s neck...”are you o.k.?”Blaise asked softly.
“I have never felt so wonderful in my whole life Blaise...that was incredible!”...Ephiny looked into Blaise’s eyes and kissed her.
“’s my turn.” Ephiny replied with a smile.

Xena put Gabrielle down without breaking her gaze into her beautiful green eyes and slid her fingers under the staps of Gabrielle’s gown. Xena pushed the straps off of her shoulders and placed soft kisses on each shoulder as she continued to push the gown down Gabrielle’s body making it’s way to the ground.

Xena moved her kisses up Gabrielle’s neck and parted Gabrielle’s lips with her tongue entering her mouth.
Gabrielle began to undress Xena as she continued her kiss.
Gabrielle backed up pulling Xena with her to the bed and layed back as she looked into her lover’s blue eyes.
Xena climbed on Gabrielle’s naked body and brushed her hair off of her face placing another kiss on her lips. Gabrielle slid her hands up on Xena’s back and worked them down to her butt where she cirlced her hands over the area.

Xena’s kisses moved to her neck and down to her nipple where she began to gently suck them.
“Oh, Xena!” Gabrielle moaned as Xena ran her hand down the curves of Gabrielle’s body stopping between her legs.
Xena ran her fingers through Gabrielle’s blond curls to her hot and wet sex. Xena rubbed her finger lightly over her mound.
“Spread your legs baby.” Xena whispered in Gabrielle’s ear as she kissed her neck.
Gabrielle spread her legs for her lover and Xena spread her folds open running her finger down the swollen nub to her opening.
“ feels so good.” Gabrielle moaned with pleasure.

Xena enter Gabrielle’s opening with her long slender finger and Gabrielle winced as she entered her.
“Are you o.k.?” Xena asked as she looked into Gabrielle’s eyes.
“It hurts a little Xena.” Gabrielle answered.
“I will be more gentle my love...just try to relax.” Xena whispered.

Xena took Gabrielle’s breast in her mouth kissing and sucking her nipple as she moved her finger in and out of her opening slowly.
Gabrielle arched her back in pleasure to Xena’s finger inside of her.
“ are so wet...Xena whispered as she moved to her other breast...warm and tight inside...Xena circled her tongue around her nipple...”you feel so good.” “Oh, feel so good inside of me.” Gabrielle moaned.
Xena slid her finger in deeper with each movement of Gabrielle’s hips. Xena slid her thumb up on Gabrielle’s hard clit stroking it up and down as she moved her fingers in and out of Gabrielle.
“Xena you feel so wonderful.” Gabrielle moaned.
Gabrielle picked up her pace of moving her hips in rhythm to Xena’s movements with her fingers.
Gabrielle’s body shook as she released her orgasm and moaned loudly in pleasure. Xena moved down between Gabrielle’s legs to enjoy her juices which she devoured all of.
Xena made her way back up on Gabrielle kissing her body on the way up.

Xena lowered herself down on Gabrielle and snuggled her mouth on Gabrielle’s neck placing soft bites with kisses on it.
Gabrielle wrapped her arms around her warrior feeling the warmth of her body close to her.
“Xena that was incredible!...i have never felt so good in my entire life.” Gabrielle exclaimed with a smile.
“Gabrielle you where wonderful.”

Gabrielle began kissing Xena and rolled on top of her.
“It’s my turn my love.” Gabrielle replied looking her lover in the eye and smiled.
“I am looking forward to it.” Xena answered as she leaned up to kiss Gabrielle.
Gabrielle held Xena’s breast in her hand caressing it as she lifted it to her mouth and began to suck her erect nipple.
Gabrielle circled Xena’s nipple with her tongue as she gently squeezed her breast.
“That feels wonderful Gabrielle.” Xena moaned.
Gabrielle slid her hand down between Xena’s legs and slid her fingers inside of Xena.
“Oh, yes Gabrielle.” Xena moaned as she rubbed her hands up and down Gabrielle’s naked body.
Gabrielle moved her fingers in and out of Xena’s opening faster as Xena moved her hips to match Gabrielle’s movements.

Gabrielle slid her fingers out of Xena’s wet opening and straddled Xena’s sex with her own. Gabrielle spread Xena’s folds open exposing her hard, wet clit and did the same to herself. She lowered her clit onto Xena’s and slid hers up and down on Xena’s hard nub.
“Gabrielle...i had no idea...Xena moaned with amazement that Gabrielle would know such a sexual position...oh, by the god’s does that feel good.” Xena moaned.
Gabrielle continued to rub her hard clit against Xena’s picking up her pace with her thrusts which excited Xena more than any other previous lover she had.
“Oh, Gabrielle!...i can’t hold it any longer!” Xena shouted out of breath.
“Let it go Xena...along with me.” Gabrielle answered softly.

They both released their orgasms together moaning in pleasure.
Gabrielle slid down between Xena’s leg to collect her reward from Xena. Gabrielle’s tongue explored Xena’s opening until she had nothing left to offer.
“You taste so sweet Xena.”
Gabrielle slid her body up on Xena’s and layed her head on her chest as Xena wrapped her arms around her bride.
“Gabrielle no one has ever made love to me that way before.”
“You’re just saying that to make me feel better because I am so inexperienced.” Gabrielle answered with a laugh.
“No...Gabrielle...i have never experienced anything as wonderful or satisying as what you just did to me ever before.”

Gabrielle picked up her head to look into Xena’s eyes where she saw the truth and love in her beautiful blue eyes.
Gabrielle smiled...”i love you Xena.”
“I love you with all of my heart Gabrielle.” Xena answered as she kissed her love.
Gabrielle layed back down and snuggled her face into Xena’s neck feeling safe in her warrior’s arms.
Xena kissed Gabrielle on her forehead...”goodnight my love.”
Both Xena and Gabrielle spent from their lovemaking fell asleep in one another’s arms.

Xena woke to find Gabrielle in the same position from that evening. She slid her body out from underneath Gabrielle laying on her side to enjoy the site of her beautiful bride.
Xena brushed Gabrielle’s hair off of her face and smiled at how peaceful she looked as she slept. Xena thought about all of the wasted moments they had to be intimate together because they denied their feelings for one another for so long. Xena tenderly kissed Gabrielle and crawled out of bed. She covered her bride savoring her beauty for another moment.
Xena put on her robe and went in search of breakfast for her lover to have in bed when she woke up.

As Xena made her way to the food hut she noticed Ephiny and Blaise sitting at a table where they had finished eating breakfast.
Ephiny sat with her legs straddling Blaise’s lap with her arms wrapped around her and both where engrossed in a passionate kiss.
“Hey...get a room would you!” Xena replied with a laugh.
“Xena...what are you doing up so early?” Ephiny asked.
“I wanted to get some breakfast for Gabrielle to have in bed...i wanted to surprise her with it.” Xena answered.
“Stay here Xena... I will get someone to take care of that for you.” Ephiny replied.
Xena sat down beside Blaise as she waited for Ephiny’s return.
“Well?...was your joining night everything you expected it to be?” Blaise asked with a smile.
“And then some!... I have never had anyone make love to me that way was incredible.” Xena exclaimed with a smile.
“Well, I am happy for you Xena.”
“It seems you and Ephiny are getting along pretty good.”
“Yes we are Xena.” Blaise answered with a smile.

Ephiny returned to Blaise and Xena...”o.k. Xena...everything is arranged for breakfast to be delivered to your should be there by the time you get back to your woman so, I can be with mine!” Ephiny replied laughing.
“Yes I should get back because I don’t want Gabrielle to wake up before I return.”
“As for you Blaise...we have a waterfall to enjoy.” Ephiny replied seductively as she took Blaise by the hand and lead her off.
Blaise turned to Xena and mouthed...”the chicks dig me what can I say.” with a cocky smile.
Xena shook her head and laughed as she walked back to her hut.

Xena entered the hut just as the breakfast Ephiny had arranged did...”here, I will take that...thank you.” Xena whispered to not wake Gabrielle.
Xena placed the tray next to Gabrielle on the bed and laid next to her. Xena took the red rose from the tray and ran it softly along Gabrielle’s beautiful face to wake her from her sleep.
Xena kissed Gabrielle softly on her lips...”Gabrielle.” Xena whispered.
Gabrielle opened her eyes to find her warrior laying next to her with a smile on her face.
“Xena!” she replied with a smile as she leaned to Xena and kissed her.
“I have breakfast in bed for you my love.”
“Did you cook it?” Gabrielle replied with a smile.
“We said for eternity Gabrielle with our vows and you know if I where to cook you would break those vows.” Xena answered with a laugh.
Gabrielle smiled...”that is so incredibly sweet of you.”

Xena held the rose in front of Gabrielle...”this signifies the first day of the rest of our lives together and to remind you of my undying love for you.” Xena replied with a loving smile for her bard.
Gabrielle put her hand on Xena’s cheek...”I will always love you Xena.” Gabrielle leaned in and kissed Xena.

To be continued...

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I would like to give special thanks to TNOVAN for all of her help and great advice for my first fanfiction story. I really appreciate the help and support!
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