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By Cruise

Disclaimer: The characters associated with Xena:Warrior Princess belong to Mca/Universal and are used without permission. The character of Blaise is my own creation and is not affiliated with the show. The events in this story do not necessarily follow along with events that happen in the show.

Sex: Lots of it! Sexually explicit sex scenes of two consenting adult women. So, if anyone is underage or offended by two women making love than this story is not recommended.

Violence: Some but not too bad. Some mild language.

Horse talk: The dialogue between two horses has been translated into English for the readers who are not proficient in Horse talk.

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Blaise laid back on the blanket and stared up at the crystal blue sky as she tried to figure her wife out. Blaise was confused as to her evasiveness with the conversation as it turned to them having a son, she wondered why Ephiny acted so strangely when Solari was near earlier in the day and again just recently.

Blaise wondered why Ephiny was so willing to forgive Solari before but now she was acting as if she hated her. Blaise passed it off to her hormones from the pregnancy and maybe Ephiny wasn't quite ready to totally forgive Solari for her betrayal despite her insistence that she was willing to forgive her.

"Blaise!" Solari replied... "will you come to the training area for the archery lesson?"

Blaise sat up... "aah...yeah...I forgot." Blaise stammered as she gathered their things and put them in the basket.

Blaise struggled to get up with her bad leg, the crutch and their basket... "here I'll take that Blaise." Solari responded as she took the basket from her and brushed her hand against Blaise's... "I'm sorry." Solari apologized nervously.

"It's okay..thanks for the help." Blaise answered as she put the crutch under her arm.

"Looks like your walking better Blaise."

"Yeah...I guess so." Blaise answered as she looked down to watch her gait as they headed toward the training area.

Blaise spent three candle marks with the new recruits and went back towards her hut... "Blaise!...come with us we could use your help seeing as how you're part god." Xena replied with a smile as Blaise limped over to where she was located.

"What's up?" Blaise asked as she surveyed the scene.

"We're trying to get this hut put up and we need some muscle."

"I'll try to help as much as I can with this bum leg." Blaise answered with a smile as she moved over to help Xena lift a beam for the roof of the hut.

The group had the majority of the hut erected within no time despite the intense heat in the enclosed area. Blaise was soaked with sweat and took her white tunic off to work in her sports bra to cool off. Blaise laid her tunic over a tree branch outside the half erected hut to dry and headed over to help Xena with a large beam.

Blaise and Xena would carry the beams in and set them as the other amazons would attach them together.

"How's your leg?" Xena asked.

"It's there...let's put it that way...hey, do you get the feeling we're the only one's doing any of the work?" Blaise asked as Xena looked around at the other amazons.

"Yeah...I got that feeling when you took your shirt off!" Xena answered with a chuckle.

"Do you think that's it?" Blaise asked with disbelief.

"Put your shirt on and we'll get this done quicker." Xena answered with a laugh as she lifted part of a beam.

Blaise put her shirt back on and went back to helping Xena as a barely audible groan was let out by the group.

"See I told you." Xena answered with a laugh.

"You're right but it didn't hurt to give the ladies a little tease." Blaise smiled as she lifted one end of a beam.

Xena shook her head... "you are just as cocky as Ares." Xena laughed as she lifted the other end of the beam.

Blaise laughed back... "I'm better looking than Ares too." Blaise answered sarcastically.

"By the gods!...Ephiny must be a saint to be your wife!" Xena answered as she pushed the beam to get Blaise moving.

"Yes...she is and I'm grateful that she's my wife...sometimes." Blaise answered as she turned to move the beam to it's destination.

Xena pulled the beam back to stop Blaise... "and what's that suppose to mean?" Xena asked.

"I don't know what's been up with Eph lately...she's very sweet and loving around me but if I'm around someone else she gets pissed." Blaise explained.

"Aah...I wouldn't worry about's probably just the hormones kicking in from her pregnancy."

"Yeah...that's what I thought's everything with you and Gabrielle?"

"Very strained...she is hung up on getting pregnant." Xena answered as she lifted her side of the beam.

"Are you sure you want to be around a pregnant woman with those hormones going haywire?" Blaise asked with a laugh as she hoisted her side of the beam.

"True...but if that is going to make Gabrielle happy than I will have to suffer through it." Xena answered with a chuckle.

"The sex must be good from trying though!" Blaise chuckled with a wink.

"Oh, on the contrary..she blames me and we haven't been together for awhile now and I'm going out of my mind with sexual frustration!"

"I think I would be the same way if Eph cut me off...I shudder at the thought of that Xena...I can't talk about this subject scares me to think about it." Blaise teased... "but I'll talk to Aphie and see what's the dillio since our last conversation of her talking to the other gods on your behalf."

"Thanks...I appreciate it!"

"No prob...I can't have a sexually frustrated warrior princess running loose now can I?" Blaise answered with a shared laugh by Xena.

Blaise, Xena and the amazons finished the hut... "hey, meet me in the food hut for some dinner and then there is a card game afterwards." Xena informed Blaise.

"Alright...who's in the card game?"

"Salmoneus is bringing Autolycus to play."

"We are going to play with the king of thieves? can we be sure he plays fair?"

"We'll have him sit between us!" Xena answered as she headed off to her hut.

"I'll see you in a few." Blaise answered as she walked over to the water barrel with the sweat glistening on her tan overheated body.

Ephiny glanced out the window totally bored by what was happening in the council meeting and noticed Blaise removing the lid to the water barrel.

Ephiny smiled as she noticed her lover remove the sweaty white tunic and lay it next to the barrel revealing her strong, tan , and well defined body.

Ephiny watched Blaise's movements which seemed to be in slow motion as her heart raced faster. Blaise dipped the bucket in the barrel filling it and lifted the bucket above her tilted head. Blaise poured the water over her head and down the front of her body as she enjoyed the coolness of the water against her overheated skin.

Ephiny became aroused as she watched Blaise and thought about how beautiful Blaise is as the moisture between her legs mounted.... "by the gods...if I didn't have to be in this meeting." Ephiny thought with disappointment as she ran her finger over her lips imagining Blaise's tender kiss on them as she watched the water trickle down Blaise's muscular abdomen.

Blaise shook her head side to side and flipped her head back to get her hair off her face. Blaise took in a deep, refreshing breath and exhaled slowly as the water dripped off her mouth.

Ephiny noticed two amazons were enjoying the same vision she was and became angered. Ephiny looked back at Blaise who threw her shirt over her shoulder and walked away with her crutch tucked under her arm as the excess water dripped from her muscular body.

"Wouldn't you agree Ephiny?...aah...Ephiny?" Gabrielle asked trying to get the attention of her regent.

Ephiny turned to Gabrielle still lost in her thoughts of Blaise and gave Gabrielle a confused look.

"Did you hear me? ...are you okay?" Gabrielle asked her regent with concern.

"Yeah...yeah....I'm fine...what did you ask me?...I'm sorry." Ephiny answered with embarrassment... "if they could read my mind...what a tale of lust it would tell." Ephiny thought.

"Here...look these over and let me know if you agree with their proposal." Gabrielle answered as she handed Ephiny a scroll to review.

Ephiny glanced at the scroll as she sipped water to wet her dry mouth and read over it quickly... "yes..I agree this would benefit the nation my queen." Ephiny answered as she handed the scroll back and stood up from her bent up sexual tension from watching Blaise half naked.

"Okay then we will move on to the next matter." Gabrielle replied as she shuffled her parchment.

Ephiny motioned for Epinon to approach... "I want Alexandra and Taylor to pull double patrol duty for not paying attention to their duties." Ephiny whispered to Epinon.

"It will be done my regent." Epinon answered as Ephiny gave her a strange look for calling her my regent as Epinon exited the hut.

Ephiny found it odd to be called 'regent' by Epinon but that's how Gabrielle wanted them to be addressed in the council meeting even though they addressed one another by their first names on a social basis.

Ephiny sat back down and noticed the amazons were not pleased with their latest orders as a half smile appeared on Ephiny's face... "that will teach you two to look at my wife that way again." Ephiny thought to herself as she rejoined the council meeting.

Blaise rushed into the hut to change clothes so she could hurry and meet Xena for the evening meal. Blaise slipped into a fresh pair of black boxer shorts, a clean sports bra then into a black sleeveless tunic and slipped on a pair of comfortable oversized black pants with a drawstring in the front. Blaise slipped on a pair of thong sandals and headed for the food hut.

Xena was already seated with her meal as Blaise grabbed her meal and sat down to join her.

"You're smelling much better Blaise." Xena teased as she glanced up from her food as Blaise began to eat hers.

"I thought you liked to smell warrior sweat?" Blaise teased.

" own." Xena answered as they both laughed.

"I didn't get to take a full bath just a quick pour of a bucket of water and then a lot of cologne." Blaise answered with a smile between bites of food.

"Hello ladies."

"Salmoneus...Autolycus!" Xena answered with a smile as she stood to greet the pair.

"Hey, Blaise!" Salmoneus replied as he hugged her.

"Salmoneus!...I'm glad to see you finally stopped crying from my joining ceremony." Blaise teased.

"Oh, was so touching that I couldn't help it."

"And who might this fine specimen be?" Autolycus asked with a sly grin as he took Blaise's hand and raised it towards his mouth as Blaise gave him a dirty look.

"I wouldn't do that to the future God of War Autolycus!" Xena answered with a smile.

"Whoa!...I thought she reminded me of someone....hey, how you doing?" he asked nervously as they clasped hands.

"Blaise is my sister Autolycus." Xena answered with a snicker at Autolycus' reaction.

"Blaise..nice to meet you." she answered as she sat down and slapped Salmoneus' hand away from her plate of food which he was taking food from.

"Where's Gabrielle and Ephiny?" Autolycus asked.

"Our wives are delayed with a council meeting... which looks like it will run late into the evening." Xena answered as she munched on her fowl.

"Wives?" Autolycus asked confused.

"Gabrielle and I joined about seven moons ago and Blaise and Ephiny were joined six moons ago as well."

"Wow!...I have been away for a long time...maybe that's why I didn't get an invitation." Autolycus answered sarcastically.

"Sorry, Auto...we didn't have time to send out invitations."

"So, Blaise...Ephiny's your wife huh?"

"Yes...she is." Blaise answered with a smile as she slapped Sal's hand who tried to sneak food while she wasn't looking once again... "would you get your own!" Blaise snapped at Salmoneus.

Autolycus snapped his fingers... "I was so hoping I could get Ephiny to fall for me too!" he answered with a laugh.

"Auto!...Ephiny's pregnant with my niece or nephew!" Xena replied with a smile and pride.

"By Zeus! way!" Autolycus exclaimed as he looked at Blaise.

"Way!" Blaise answered with a smile... "alright Sal eat the rest of my dinner because I'm tired of your fingers being in it and you never know where they have been!"

"Oh, please...did you have to go there Blaise...that's disgusting." Autolycus exclaimed with a look of disgust.

"Thanks Blaise." Salmoneus responded eagerly as he grabbed her plate and began to finish the food as Blaise shook her head and laughed at Salmoneus.

"Well...congratulations Blaise." Autolycus replied with a smile. "Thanks...we're very happy at the prospect of becoming parents." Blaise answered with a smile.

"So, what suckers am I going to take dinars off of this evening?" Autolycus asked with a devilish grin and a swipe of his moustache.

"All of us, a few amazons, and Joxer." Xena answered.

"Joxer?!...yes...easy pickings!" Autolycus laughed as he rubbed his hands together.

"Hey!...don't mess with my boy or you'll have to deal with me." Blaise replied sarcastically as she pointed to Autolycus.

"I was kidding." Autolycus answered with a smile as he leaned towards Xena and whispered... "was she?"

Xena smiled and looked at Autolycus... "no... not really."

"Geez...I'm not making a very good impression with the future God of War."

"'re not...Joxer has changed a lot Auto and he's Blaise's assistant now." Xena explained.

"By the're kidding...right?" Autolycus asked with a look of astonishment.

Xena shook her head no... "Blaise has done wonders with him...he's actually tolerable to be around."

"Oh, behave warrior princess!" Autolycus exclaimed in disbelief.

"You'll he comes now." Xena answered as she looked and pointed towards the door.

"Well...he got rid of that stupid armor at least." Autolycus replied as they watched him approach... "and he walked across the room without tripping or falling...I guess you're right Xena." Autolycus replied with disbelief.

"Why would you ever doubt me?" Xena asked with a sly grin as she glanced at Autolycus as they all stood up.

"Hey Autolycus...Salmoneus." Joxer replied as he clasped hands with them "'s good to see you both."

"Yeah...same here." Autolycus answered with a look of shock on his face over the change in Joxer.

"I've got everything set up over at the recreation hut so, when you're ready we can head over." Joxer explained with a smile.

"Thanks dude!" Blaise answered as she patted him on the back... "I'm ready now." Blaise answered as she limped off towards the door with everyone else in tow.

"His set up should be interesting." Autolycus answered under his breath.

Xena glanced back with a smile... "just wait!"

They all entered the hut noticing a table containing green felt set up so the cards would be free to glide across, a bar keep with plenty of port on hand and a waiter to cater to their needs.

Autolycus looked at Xena amazed that Joxer set everything up... "I told you!" Xena laughed.

"'re between Xena and Blaise." Joxer pointed to his seat as everyone else took their seats.

"Oh, come on Joxer!" Autolycus whined with a disgusted look on his face for his seating arrangement.

"Sorry...boss' orders." Joxer answered with a smile as he looked at Autolycus.

Autolycus took his seat and looked at Blaise... "keep your hands on the table."

"At all times!" Xena snapped.

"Oh, you two don't trust me do you?" Autolycus asked sarcastically.

Blaise and Xena leaned forward to look at each other and then back at Autolycus replying in unison... "no!" as everyone laughed.

"I'm so hurt!...hey, Joxer...why isn't there any woman serving us?" Autolycus asked with disappointment.

"Auto...we're in an amazon village and the women here don't serve thankful you were allowed in here."

"I happen to like the people you chose Joxer." Salmoneus replied as he checked the waiter out while he walked past to deliver the port.

"Okay...enough chit chat ladies...ante up!" Xena ordered as everyone chipped in their dinars.

The group played cards for over two candle marks when the waiter brought over more port by the pitcher.

" might want to lay off of that stuff because I can't carry you to bed tonight." Blaise teased as everyone laughed.

Xena gave Blaise a look of "shut up!"

"Hey!...look at Joxer's two thought I was going to take you for everything you had!" Autolycus slurred.

"Joxer...if you win anymore of my dinars I will have to give you a pay cut." Blaise answered with a laugh.

"You can come to me for a loan if you need to boss." Joxer answered with a laugh as he put his dinars in neat stacks on the table.

"Blaise!" Ephiny shouted from outside the hut as she approached.

Blaise's eyes widened with fear... "by the gods...she sounds pissed!...don't tell her I'm here!" Blaise exclaimed as she ducked under the table before Ephiny entered the hut.

"Hi Ephiny!" the group replied with drunken grins on their faces.

"Blaise!...I know you're in here!...come out from under the table." Ephiny demanded as she put her hands on her hips.

Blaise tugged on Autolycus' boot for a dinar which he slyly handed under the table as everyone sat afraid to say a word.

"Here it is!" Blaise exclaimed as she backed out from under the table and hit her head before she got up..."I found my dinar that rolled under the table...oh, Ephiny!...hi honey!" Blaise answered with a smile as she rubbed the bump on her head.

"I told you to clean up the hut and all you proceeded to do was track mud into the hut along with your sweaty clothes laying all over the place." Ephiny answered hotly as the group snickered.

"Don't worry's no biggie!" Blaise answered with a nervous chuckle.

Everyone lowered their heads and scratched the backs of their heads from the wrath they knew Blaise was about to get from Ephiny.

"Blaise!" Ephiny screamed in anger as her face turned red.

Blaise winced as did everyone else from being startled by Ephiny. Ephiny gave Blaise the 'if looks could kill' look and stormed out of the hut slamming the door as everyone winced again from the noise.

Everyone looked at Blaise in disbelief as Blaise held her hands out with confusion... "what?...what did I say?"

" have a lot to learn about handling pregnant women...let me rephrase that...pregnant amazon women." Autolycus exclaimed with his index finger raised to get his point across.

"Oh, like you're an expert?" Blaise asked sarcastically.

"I know better than you better go chase her or it will be even worse later."

"He's right Blaise." Xena answered.

Blaise started to walk away... "hold it!" Autolycus exclaimed as he stood up and took the dinar out of Blaise's hand... "I need that!" he answered as he sat back down.

Blaise headed out of the hut and thought about what she would say to Ephiny. She arrived at their hut to find Ephiny had locked the door.

"Baby... open the's me."

"Go stay with your buddies!" Ephiny yelled from the hut.

"Come on Eph." Blaise pleaded.... "let's go to bed honey."

The door opened with Blaise's blanket and pillow flying through it into her face... "go sleep in the barn if you're tired!" Ephiny exclaimed as she shut the door and latched it again.

Blaise struggled to keep the flying linens from falling to the ground... "I am in some serious trouble...I have never seen her that pissed before." Blaise spoke out loud to herself as she headed back to the recreation hut.

Everyone chuckled as Blaise walked in with her pillow and blanket with a look of disbelief. Blaise sat back down dejected and Autolycus put his hand on her shoulder... " deal with a pregnant woman you do everything they say and don't question them."

"Gee...thanks for the advice now!...where's Xena?"

"Getting in trouble with Gabrielle...she came in pissed too...she's not pregnant is she?" Autolycus asked with a sly grin.

"Not unless it happened in the last few candle marks." Blaise answered dryly.

They all looked up as Xena entered with her blanket and pillow causing a loud roar of laughter from the group as Xena sat down with the same look of disbelief Blaise had on her face.

"What were you tossed out for?" Blaise asked.

"You name it and that's the reason." Xena answered as they all laughed.

"Well...there's no reason why we can't continue to play the game...hey, waiter!...we need some drinks." Autolycus ordered with a circular movement of his hand around the table for the drinks to be delivered.

The waiter delivered the drinks and lurched forward in response to the goose he received on the backside from Salmoneus who grinned at the handsome young stud as the waiter winked back.

"Here lover boy!" Blaise replied as she threw a towel to Salmoneus... "wipe the drool off your mouth!" Blaise answered with a laugh.

"Thanks's hot in here!" Salmoneus answered with a laugh as he glanced at the waiter again.

The group played well into the night and losing just about everything to Joxer... "well...I hate to take the dinars and run but I really have to get some sleep...I have an early trip in the morning." Joxer replied with a grin.

"Where to?...the bank to store all of your winnings?" Autolycus asked sarcastically.

"No...I have work to do was a pleasure seeing you both and of course, for taking your dinars." Joxer answered with a laugh as he gathered his winnings... "goodnight." Joxer replied with a smile as he exited the hut.

"Are you sure that's not Jett?" Autolycus asked still in disbelief from Joxer's demeanor.

"Maybe if you would have believed in him a little more you would have received a better response from him." Blaise answered as she stood up and laid her blanket on the floor throwing the pillow on it as she headed for the door.

"Where you off too?" Xena asked.

"To check on Ephiny...I just want to make sure she's okay...I'll be back here tonight because I don't want to upset her anymore than what she already is now." Blaise answered with sadness as she limped out of the hut to make her way to her own living quarters.

Blaise quietly forced her hand through the hut wall next to the door and unlatched the lock on the inside allowing her to enter. Blaise approached the bed slowly but quietly to not wake Ephiny and covered her with a blanket. Blaise leaned down and lightly kissed her forehead. Ephiny smiled and hugged her pillow tighter through her sleep as Blaise lovingly looked on. Blaise lightly brushed the back of her hand across Ephiny's face and thought about how much she loved Ephiny and how she was her whole life. Blaise smiled and whispered... "I love you." as she turned to leave the hut.

Blaise returned to the recreation hut to find everyone else sprawled on the floor passed out. She laid down on her blanket and cuddled to her pillow which smelled of Ephiny's perfume. Blaise smiled and wished she was cuddled up next to the love of her life. She thought about how she always wanted to love someone as much as she does Ephiny but was always afraid to give her heart completely to another until she met Ephiny. She thought how Ephiny captured her heart the moment she made eye contact with her and she knew Ephiny was her soulmate.

Blaise wished she had Ephiny in her arms but she would respect her feelings despite the fact that she missed her even though they were just a couple of huts away. Blaise felt that even when Ephiny was in her arms she still wasn't close enough and she hoped Ephiny felt the same about her as she drifted off to sleep.

Blaise woke up around mid day to the sound of Autolycus snoring in her ear... "dude!...get away from me." Blaise replied as she hit him in the shoulder to wake him.

"Huh?...what?" Autolycus answered confused as he opened one eye... "by the gods!...I can only see out of one eye!"

"Try opening the other one!" Blaise answered sarcastically.

"Oh, thanks." Autolycus answered as he opened his other eye and sat up... "oh, my feels like a centaur stepped on it."

"Your face looks like it stepped on that too!" Blaise teased as she noticed Salmoneus cuddled up close to the waiter with a contented smile on his face.

Xena woke up and surveyed the room... "this is a freaky scene!" Xena replied as she cleared her throat and sat up.

"You're telling me?...try sleeping with the king of thieves snoring in your ear!" Blaise laughed as she stood up... " have a serious case of bed head!" Blaise laughed as she grabbed her crutch while Xena ran her hands through her hair to fix the disheveled look.

"Is it better now?" Xena asked with insecurity from her looks.

"Slightly...too bad you can't wake up as good looking as me!" Blaise teased.

"And you think Autolycus is're worse." Xena answered as she continued to work on her hair.

"Hey!...I resemble that remark." Autolycus responded as he laid back and moaned from the hangover.

"I guess I don't need this crutch anymore." Blaise replied as she tossed the crutch away... "I 'll catch you whackos later." Blaise teased as she headed for the door and was whacked in the head with her pillow... "hey!" Blaise replied as she turned around to the culprit just as the blanket engulfed her face... "very funny." Blaise answered as she removed the blanket.

"Didn't want you to forget your blankie might miss it!" Xena answered with a laugh as did Autolycus.

"Hardy har har...Xena." Blaise answered with a laugh as she exited the hut with a noticeable limp.

Blaise went in search of Ephiny and stopped Solari along the way... "have you seen Eph?"

"They are in meetings all day again."

"Really?" Blaise answered with disappointment.

"They should be finished before the evening meal though."

"Thanks Solari." Blaise answered as she walked to her hut.

Blaise spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning the hut and arranging the baby gifts as Ephiny had asked her to do. Blaise filled the room with freshly cut flowers and left a note for Ephiny.

Blaise finished up her arrangements for the evening festivities she had planned for Ephiny and waited for her at the bath hut hoping she would still not be mad and would join her.

Ephiny entered the hut exhausted from the mental anguish the council members inflict on one another with their decision making. Ephiny looked around the hut finding it spotless and was overwhelmed by the aroma from the beautiful flowers. Ephiny saw the note and picked it up:

Hopefully you have forgiven me enough to meet me in the bath hut for a date

Ephiny smiled and held the note to her lips as she smelled Blaise's cologne on the note. She put the note down realizing she couldn't stay too mad at Blaise. Ephiny walked over to the bath hut and stood in the doorway still unnoticed by Blaise. Ephiny looked around the hut to see she had the area filled with candles, flowers, food and the hot tub was filled with floating candles and daisies.

Ephiny smiled and looked at Blaise who sat leaned back in the chair on two legs and was throwing an apple up and catching it to pass the time. Ephiny stepped farther into the hut... "hello... Blaise."

Blaise looked at Ephiny forgetting about the airborne apple which hit her in the head and threw her off balance as the chair fell backwards to the ground with Blaise in it. Blaise laughed as did Ephiny as she came to her side to see if she was okay.

"Blaise... are you okay." Ephiny asked with a chuckle as she knelt beside her.

Blaise leaned up on her elbow and looked Ephiny in the eye... "I am now...I'm glad you came tonight because I intend to make it up to you baby." Blaise answered with a smile.

"You don't have to's my fault I shouldn't have treated you the way I did...can you forgive me?" Ephiny answered as she tucked her hair behind her ear and smiled.

Blaise sat up in front of Ephiny and took her hands in her own... "there's no need for me to forgive you baby...I'm sorry I upset you last night...I didn't mean too." Blaise answered with a loving smile as Ephiny put her hand on Blaise's face to brush her hair back and ran her hand down her face to her chin. Ephiny looked into Blaise's deep blues and moved her chin up so Blaise could except the soft kiss she was offering.

"Why are you so sweet to me?" Ephiny asked as she leaned back.

"Because every time I look at you I fall in love with you all over again...I get that excited feeling that all new lovers get and you melt my heart the moment I see's also because I love you more than I have ever or will ever love anyone else." Blaise answered lovingly as she leaned in and kissed Ephiny.

"You know just what to say to me every time to make me feel better baby...I love you and I'm sorry for the way I've been acting lately."

"What's been wrong Eph?" Blaise asked with concern as she searched her troubled hazel eyes.

Ephiny looked down at her hands as her blond curls fell to the front of her face and Blaise pushed her hair back on her shoulder.

Ephiny shifted her eyes to look up at Blaise... "I'm jealous Blaise." Ephiny answered berating herself for being so stupid.

"Jealous?...of what Eph?" Blaise asked bewildered.

"It's really stupid Blaise." Ephiny answered as she lifted her head to face Blaise... "I'm jealous of anyone you spend time with and I take it out on you."

"Why would you be jealous of anyone else?" Blaise asked as she kissed her hand for comfort.

"It's just because I want to spend every waking minute with you Blaise... because it's not often that you're here with me."

"I understand Eph... because I feel the same way but there's no reason to be nasty to friends or family if they are around."

"I know I shouldn't feel that way but I feel like you might find someone else and I feel like you love the baby more than me." Ephiny answered as she looked down.

Blaise was astounded by Ephiny's revelation as a lump formed in her throat and looked at her in complete disbelief while her heart sank. Blaise let go of her hands and stood up as she contemplated what her response to Ephiny would be.

Blaise turned her back to Ephiny who sat in the chair and waited with fear of what Blaise was going to say. Blaise put her hand on her hip and rubbed her face with the other hand as she tried to calm her hurt and anger... "does she not know to what lengths I will and have gone to prove my love to her?" Blaise thought to herself as she turned to Ephiny and removed her hand from her face.

Ephiny saw hurt and disappointment in Blaise's blue eyes and her eyes filled with tears.

"Ephiny...I'm shocked and hurt that you would ever suggest that I love the baby more than you."

"Blaise." Ephiny answered through her tears.

"No...let me finish." Blaise answered as she held her hand up to interrupt Ephiny... "I have never loved someone as much as I love you and that will never change...why do you think I made the deal with my father for the ambrosia? you think I made it so you could come back and bear children for me?" Blaise asked with agitation as she pointed at herself to emphasize her point.

"Blaise...I..." Ephiny stammered as she found it hard to look at Blaise and looked away.

"No...I made that deal because I love you with my heart and soul Ephiny." Blaise answered as she knelt before her... "I wasn't going to live my life without you in it... so, I sacrificed what I had to in order for you to come back to me because I love you... not because I want you to have children for me...if we were never to be blessed to have children it would be fine with me as long as I had you honey." Blaise answered as she tilted her head to look into Ephiny's eyes trying to reassure her of her love.

Ephiny cried harder as she was consumed with guilt for doubting Blaise's love for her. Ephiny put both hands on Blaise's face as she looked into her hurt filled blue eyes as Blaise put her hands on Ephiny's arms.

"Blaise...I'm sorry I ever doubted your love for me...can you ever forgive me?" Ephiny asked as she searched her blues for forgiveness.

"I will if you'll be honest with me and tell me that you're happy to be having our child." Blaise asked as she looked into Ephiny's eyes for the truth.

"Blaise...please don't think that I don't want this baby or that I'm not happy about it...I just wished that we would have had more time to spend together before a child entered our life... but I'm very happy that a little part of each of us is growing inside of me to become one." Ephiny answered with pride and joy.

Blaise kissed Ephiny as Ephiny wrapped her arms around Blaise's neck for a hug... "I forgive you baby." Blaise whispered as her lips never lost contact with Ephiny's deepening her kiss with Ephiny as she cried harder.

"Hey...come more crying okay." Blaise replied with a soothing smile as she pushed Ephiny's hair off her face and wiped her tears away... "where's that badass amazon woman I fell in love with huh?" Blaise teased getting a laugh out of Ephiny.

Blaise slowly leaned in to Ephiny as she kept eye contact and pressed her lips against Ephiny's for a passionate kiss that Ephiny had never felt before. They both lost themselves in their sensual kiss and broke away for a breath.

" do know how much I love you right?" Ephiny asked with a smile.

"I know everytime you look at me, when you smile, the way that you want me, when you hold me, everytime you show me what love's made of and in the way you make love to me." Blaise answered with a love and admiration as she kissed Ephiny.

" always make me feel so loved and special." Ephiny answered with a smile as she fought back her tears of complete happiness... "I have never loved someone as much I as I love you Blaise and I want you to know that I will always love you with all of my heart." Ephiny answered as she kissed Blaise.

"I know baby." Blaise whispered through her kiss. Blaise broke their kiss... "come on babe." Blaise replied as she took Ephiny's hand.

"What's going on?" Ephiny inquired.

"I intend to pamper you this evening so, let's get started." Blaise answered with a sexy smile as she took Ephiny's hand and led her to the hot tub.

Blaise stood before Ephiny unlacing her robe and slid her hands over her soft skin under the robe pushing it off her shoulders to the ground as she locked her blues with Ephiny's hazels. Blaise moved closer to Ephiny and kissed her lips softly sending a flood of warmth throughout her body.

Blaise smiled softly as she broke their kiss and led her to the steps of the hot tub. Blaise held her hand as she stepped into the tub and sat down. Blaise removed her clothing as Ephiny watched intently and her arousal peaked by Blaise's magnificent body. Ephiny's body was consumed by warmth as the wetness between her legs mounted while she watched Blaise remove her clothing.

Blaise made her way into the tub and moved in behind Ephiny. Blaise moved Ephiny's long blond curls over her shoulder to the front of her body and began to massage her shoulders.

"Blaise...that feels so good." Ephiny replied softly as she closed her eyes to enjoy the feeling of Blaise's soft touch.

"'re muscles are so tight." Blaise observed as she continued to gently massage her tight muscles and kissed her softly on the neck as Blaise felt Ephiny's muscles relax under her kiss... "does that feel better baby?" Blaise whispered in her ear as she kneaded the muscle spasms.

Ephiny thoroughly enjoyed Blaise's hands on her spasmed muscles and felt her body go limp and opened her eyes... "Blaise...that feels so wonderful." she replied in a whisper as she noticed a candle holder floating without a candle but with a small box on it which floated towards her... "Blaise what's this?" she asked as she reached for the holder.

"That's for you honey...I intended to give it to you before but there wasn't an appropriate time to do it." Blaise answered softly in her ear as she ran her hands down Ephiny's body and wrapped her arms around her as she placed soft kisses on her shoulder.

Ephiny opened the box which contained a ring with a heart and two diamonds in it. Blaise leaned her chin on Ephiny's shoulder and tilted her head to look at Ephiny... "do you like it?"

Ephiny looked at Blaise... "it's beautiful honey...I love it...but why?"

Blaise looked at the ring in Ephiny's hand and reached up out of the water to place it on Ephiny's finger... "'re the keeper of my heart and the heart on the ring is mine...the diamonds represent you and our baby because you're always in my heart." Blaise answered as she raised Ephiny's hand and kissed the ring softly as Ephiny watched her lovingly.

Ephiny turned sideways and was breath taken by Blaise's gift as tears burned her face... "Blaise...this is so beautiful and thoughtful baby." Ephiny answered as she stared into Blaise's sexy blue eyes.

Blaise wiped the tears off her face... "I wanted to give you something to remind you that we are a family honey and with each new baby I'll add another diamond." Blaise answered as she smiled lovingly.

Ephiny ran her hand down Blaise's face as she stared intently into her loving blue eyes and was consumed with love and joy... "'re so sweet to me...I don't know how you can stay with me the way I have been acting lately." Ephiny answered with regret as she lowered her head.

"I stay with you because you're my life and my're stuck with me baby." Blaise answered with a smile as she put her finger under Ephiny's chin to lift her head up and locked eyes with her.

Ephiny wrapped her arms around Blaise tightly... "I love you so much and I'm sorry for being such a bitch Blaise."

"It's okay babe...I'm sure everyone understands it's those crazy hormones acting up." Blaise answered as she kissed Ephiny softly.

Blaise turned Ephiny around so her back was to her and began her massage again as Ephiny held her ring up to admire it with a smile.

" many diamonds do you think will end up on this ring?" Ephiny wondered with a smile.

Blaise leaned over her shoulder... "that depends on how much you like diamonds baby." Blaise answered with a chuckle as she kissed Ephiny's cheek who continued to admire the ring.

" are a girls best friend but I'll have to wait and see how this delivery goes because I may just have to settle for the two diamonds." Ephiny answered with a laugh.

"Honey...if you didn't want to have any more children I would give you a diamond for every season we are together." Blaise answered as she kissed her cheek and hugged her tightly... "I love you." Blaise whispered as Ephiny put her hand on Blaise's face as love and happiness overwhelmed her.

"Blaise...if you don't mind me asking...where do you get all of the dinars to purchase such extravagant gifts for me?"

"You're my wife...I don't mind as long as you don't try to bump me off for my riches." Blaise teased as Ephiny turned to face Blaise and laughed.

"You have nothing to worry about because all I want is you baby." Ephiny answered as she wrapped her arms and legs around Blaise capturing her lips with her own for a kiss.

" answer your question...I was given many gifts of jewels and dinars by various family members as well as from people with allegiance to my father as tokens of their appreciation to him when I was also helps when your uncle is Hephaestus who can make anything I want and in fact, he's working on something for the baby as we speak."

"He is?...what is he making?" Ephiny inquired.

"It's a surprise." Blaise answered with a sly grin.

"You're not going to tell me are you?" Ephiny teased.

"" Blaise smiled and half shook her head.

"What if I showered you with kisses...would you tell me then?" Ephiny asked seductively as a sexy smile spread across her face.

"Well...I don't know why don't you try it?" Blaise answered with a smile and a warm, excited feeling swept over her at the thought of Ephiny's lips on hers.

Ephiny lightly ran her tongue along Blaise's lower lip and slid her tongue past Blaise's parted mouth kissing her deeply. Ephiny ran her fingers up through Blaise's hair as she continued her fury of kisses.

Blaise felt the electricity and passion from Ephiny's kiss throughout her entire body. Blaise pulled her in as close to her own body as she could as Ephiny moved her kiss down Blaise's neck alternating them with soft bites which sent a throbbing sensation to Blaise's loins.

Ephiny moved her lips and tongue lightly along Blaise's soft skin up to her ear. Ephiny circled her tongue along the contours of Blaise's ear as her soft breath echoed throughout Blaise's ear sending an ignited passion through her body and she wanted nothing more than for Ephiny to devour her.

"Are you going to tell me now?" Ephiny whispered as Blaise's wetness between her legs mounted.

"Well..." Blaise answered softly taking in a breath and began kissing Ephiny's neck up to her ear as Ephiny moved her head back in pleasure. Blaise made her way to Ephiny's ear as Ephiny clenched her fingernails into Blaise's muscular back from the excitement she felt... "it's a surprise and if I tell you I'd have to kill you...but you can still kiss me though." Blaise whispered with a laugh.

Ephiny placed a bite on Blaise's neck... "ooh, are terrible."

They both laughed... "but that's why you love me so much." Blaise answered with a sexy smile and a wink.

"You're so cocky!" Ephiny teased as she kissed Blaise.

"Hey, I was thinking Eph...after the baby is born and is old enough for us to leave them for a few days...aah...I was wondering if you would want to go on a holiday to the ocean...just the two of us?" Blaise asked as she searched for agreement.

"I would love that babe." Ephiny answered with excitement and embraced Blaise. They both heard Ephiny's stomach growl and laughed... "I guess the baby's hungry."

"I brought some pickles and yogurt for you." Blaise answered with a sly grin.

"No...I want mutton and yogurt tonight." Ephiny answered with a smile.

Blaise curled her lip up in disgust... "I will be so happy when you get back to eating normal food." Blaise laughed and shook her head as she moved to the side of the tub where the table of food was located.

Blaise hoisted herself up and leaned over the tub to grab the bowl of yogurt as Ephiny moved in behind her biting her firm backside... "wow!" Blaise shouted as she jumped in reaction to the love bite... "I'm not the mutton baby!" Blaise laughed as she grabbed Ephiny's food request.

Blaise leaned back into the tub and faced Ephiny... "I couldn't resist that sexy ass of yours looked so enticing and it screamed for a love bite." Ephiny answered seductively with a mischievous smile as she began to eat her food.

"Yeah...just remember...payback!" Blaise smiled mischievously and wiggled her eyebrows.

"Oh, Blaise!...I'm pregnant remember?" Ephiny whined with a smile.

"Oh, I remember all too well and I'll get you back when you least expect it!" Blaise answered with a smile... "I'm pruning...I think I better get out." Blaise answered with a sly grin as she stood up and headed towards the steps of the hot tub as the excess water ran down her muscular body.

Ephiny grabbed Blaise before she could exit... "I see something I like better than mutton and yogurt." Ephiny replied seductively as she put her hands on Blaise's hips to pull her closer and began to kiss Blaise's muscular abdomen spreading a warmth throughout Blaise's body.

Ephiny slid her kisses down to Blaise's wet, dark curls parting her folds with her tongue as she traced the contours of Blaise's sex.

Blaise gasped to catch her breath as her heart raced... "oh, baby!" Blaise moaned from Ephiny's exploration on her sex with her tongue. Blaise tilted her head back in pleasure as her breathing became erratic and she felt as though her heart would pound out of her chest from her arousal. Blaise's knees felt weak as Ephiny continued to lick and suck her mound. Blaise leaned forward and put her hands on the side of the tub to brace herself as she straddled Ephiny.

Ephiny slid her tongue slowly but steadily in and out of Blaise's wet opening. Ephiny traced her tongue along the contours of her warm, wet sex and began to lick her clit as if she was trying to catch a snowflake on the tip of her tongue. The gentle, light, and sensual touch of her tongue caused a burning fire between Blaise's legs. Ephiny captured Blaise's swollen nub between her lips and began to gently suck as she slowly slid a finger inside of Blaise's wet opening.

"Aah...Eph!" Blaise gasped as her breathing became more labored with her thrusting her hips forward and backward while Ephiny picked up her pace running her tongue along Blaise's clit. Blaise felt her passion mount with her muscles tightening and released her orgasm... "Oh, baby!" Blaise shouted as she gasped for a breath while Ephiny savored her reward from Blaise.

Ephiny took everything Blaise had to offer her and moved her kisses back up Blaise's stomach to her neck as Blaise's labored breathing began to taper off... "I love you Blaise." Ephiny whispered in Blaise's ear as she engulfed Ephiny in a hug.

"I love you Eph." Blaise answered as she kissed Ephiny and could taste herself on her lips... "take me to bed or lose me forever." Blaise answered with a sexy smile as she stepped out of the tub.

Blaise took Ephiny's hand and helped her down the steps as they began to towel off. Blaise and Ephiny dressed... "don't forget to grab some food to take back to the hut with us honey." Ephiny replied as they headed out of the hut to reach their own. The lovers made their way to the bath hut with their arms wrapped snugly around each other's waists nibbling on the food they carried.

Ephiny stopped and stood before Blaise... "thanks baby...tonight was wonderful." Ephiny replied with a loving smile as she gazed into Blaise's sexy blue eyes while a feeling of undying love swept over her.

Blaise smiled as she gazed into Ephiny's eyes and thought about how her heart skips a beat every time she looks into Ephiny's beautiful hazel eyes. Blaise tucked the errant strand of hair on Ephiny's face behind her ear and slowly moved towards her parted waiting lips. Blaise hesitated momentarily as she looked into Ephiny's eyes which were closed and pressed her lips to Ephiny's for a soft sensual kiss as she stroked her hand through her hair.

"I had a wonderful evening as well Eph." Blaise answered softly as her lips never parted with Ephiny's and deepened the kiss as Ephiny wrapped her arms around Blaise's neck.

"Oh, you two look so sweet and in love!" Aphrodite replied with excitement as she appeared next to the lovers who were startled.

"Aphie!...what are you trying to do send us to tartarus scaring us like that?" Blaise asked as her heartbeat calmed while Ephiny leaned her head against Blaise's chin.

"Oh, I'm sorry...but you two look so sweet and in love which pleases the Goddess of Love to no end." Aphrodite squealed with excitement.

"Apology accepted." Blaise answered with a smile.

"How's the baby?" Aphrodite asked with a smile as she moved her hand to touch Ephiny's belly but paused and looked at Ephiny for approval which Aphrodite received... "hello, sweetpea...I'm your auntie Aphie and you come see me for anything you want."

" can't spoil the baby too much because Blaise is already doing that way too much." Ephiny answered with a smile and a playful kiss to Blaise's chin.

"Oh, honey!...I spoiled Blaise rotten and she turned out.."

"Rotten!" Ephiny interrupted with a laugh and poked Blaise in the ribs as they all laughed.

"I'm not that bad." Blaise laughed as she looked at Ephiny.

"Ephiny...honey...I need to speak with Blaise alone if you wouldn't mind?" Aphrodite asked with seriousness.

"Sure...just try not to keep her long" Ephiny answered with a smile as she kissed Blaise and headed to their hut.

"What's up Aphie?" Blaise asked concerned from Aphrodite's demeanor.

To be continued...

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