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By Cruise

Disclaimer: The characters associated with Xena:Warrior Princess belong to Mca/Universal and are used without permission. The character of Blaise is my own creation and is not affiliated with the show. The events in this story do not necessarily follow along with events that happen in the show.

Sex: Lots of it! Sexually explicit sex scenes of two consenting adult women. So, if anyone is underage or offended by two women making love than this story is not recommended.

Violence: Some but not too bad. Some mild language.

Horse talk: The dialogue between two horses has been translated into English for the readers who are not proficient in Horse talk.

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Blaise could hear her name being called through the darkness but she couldn't shake it off until she felt someone help her up. She opened her eyes trying to clear the fogginess to see who was helping her and turned to look as they put her arm around their neck for support.

"Xena?" Blaise asked through her grogginess trying to clear her blurred vision.

"That's right... I'm here little sister...we've got to run!" Xena answered with urgency as she helped support Blaise as the pair began to run.

Blaise moaned in pain with every step she took on her injured leg despite Xena's support. Xena and Blaise made it into the store room safely to find Ephiny and Joxer. Xena put Blaise on the floor who groaned in pain from the contact as she laid down.

"Blaise!" Ephiny replied with worry as she knelt beside her and brushed her hair off her face.

Xena began to check Blaise's wounds... "why's your mouth bleeding?" Xena asked with concern.

"I bit my friggin tongue!" Blaise shouted in pain as she leaned over and spit the blood out.

"That's better than internal injury's Blaise." Xena answered as she checked her knee.

"How's my knee Xena?" Blaise asked as she wiped the blood away from her mouth.

"It's dislocated Blaise...we have to stabilize it."

"Do it!" Blaise shouted with urgency from the pain in her knee.

"Okay Joxer...I want you to press right here on her knee." Xena explained as Joxer looked at Blaise's knee and passed out.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"Men!" Ephiny replied in disgust as she shook her head at Joxer... "go ahead Xena... I'll hold Blaise." Ephiny answered as she moved around to hold Blaise's hand.

"No're not going to be able to hold her down...I'll have to do it...come here and let me show you what to do." Xena answered as she waved Ephiny over.

Ephiny moved down beside Xena as Blaise inhaled deep breaths calm her breathing and the pain.

"Okay push here." Xena motioned to the outside of her knee... "and pull her leg straight when you do it okay?" Xena asked for confirmation of her instructions.

"Come on just do it...I can't take the pain any more!" Blaise shouted with anger.

"I've got it Xena." Ephiny answered with a worried look on her face.

"All right Blaise... calm down." Xena answered with a soothing voice as she laid Joxer across Blaise's other leg to keep her from kicking Ephiny when she manipulated her knee.

Xena grabbed Blaise's arms to brace her... "now... look at me Blaise." Xena replied with a soothing tone in her voice... "concentrate on something pleasant that will take your mind off the pain." Xena answered as she looked into her pain filled blue eyes.

"I can't... I'm still very upset with her!" Blaise shouted as she glanced up at Ephiny who lowered her head and got her hands in position on Blaise's leg.

"Okay... then look into my eyes and imagine those are the same color as your new baby's." Xena answered with a smile.

Blaise looked into Xena's eyes and let her mind imagine those were her child's eyes and her breathing calmed while she listened to what Xena was saying.

"The baby has such pretty blue eyes...such a sweet little face." Xena replied softly as she saw a smile appear on Blaise's face as she stared focused on Xena... "do it Ephiny." Xena replied under her breath for Ephiny to hear her.

Ephiny pushed and pulled Blaise's leg quickly as her knee went back into place... "aah!" Blaise yelled out in pain as her arms jerked and pulled Xena on top of her.

Xena looked into her sister's eyes... "you okay?" she asked with concern.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"No...I'm going to be sick!"

Xena moved off of Blaise and helped roll her to the side as she got sick... "feel better?" Xena asked as Blaise finished.

" me sit up."

Ephiny pushed Joxer off of Blaise's leg as Xena helped Blaise sit up and leaned her against the wall. Blaise rested her head against the wall and took a couple of deep breaths to calm the nausea she still felt.

Xena sat in front of Blaise with her arm across her lap resting on the floor... "here drink some water Blaise." Xena replied as she held the cup up for Blaise to take a sip.

Ephiny wiped the dirt and blood off of Blaise's face and kissed her forehead softly. Blaise looked at Xena... "did you check Ephiny to make sure they are both okay?" Blaise asked with concern for her family.

Xena looked at Ephiny who gave her a look of assurance that they were okay... "they're fine Blaise." Xena answered with a comforting smile.

"What kind of God of War will I make when I get injured on the battle field?" Blaise chuckled

"A better one than Ares...he would have ran like a coward and not helped his wife." Xena answered back as she took Blaise's hand and squeezed it... "are you feeling better?" Xena asked with concern.

Blaise nodded yes and smiled... "how many more times are you going to help me out and clean up my wounds?"

"As many times as it takes...that's what big sisters are for to look out for their little one's!" Xena answered with a smile.

"Thanks Xena." Blaise answered with a smile.

"Besides my niece or nephew would never have forgiven me for letting something happen to their mother." Xena teased with a smile.

Blaise laughed as she struggled to sit up straight as Ephiny continued to clean her face. Blaise grabbed her hand to stop her as Xena stood up to attend to Joxer.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"How could you jeopardize our baby's life by coming here." Blaise asked softly as she looked into Ephiny's eyes.

Ephiny began to cry.... "I'm sorry Blaise...I was worried about you and I needed to know that you were okay and I didn't think about the baby."

"But you brought..." Blaise answered with anger and tapered her tone down... "our baby into a war zone." Blaise's angry blue eyes met Ephiny's cloudy hazel eyes.

"Blaise...I'm an amazon which you seem to keep forgetting...I'm not a weak woman...I am trained to hunt, fight and kill...I can take care of myself and our child...that's something you need to realize...I thought we cleared all of this up a long time ago." Ephiny answered with agitation as she jerked her hand loose from Blaise's grip and walked away with her back to Blaise.

Xena stood with her head down and glanced at Blaise who was struggling to stand up. Xena moved over and helped Blaise up... "I'll be outside." Xena whispered as Blaise nodded her head in acknowledgment.

Blaise took a step towards Ephiny and winced from the pain but continued to move to her. Blaise stopped behind Ephiny and put her hands on her shoulders as she leaned her head against Ephiny's who closed her eyes from the comfort she felt from Blaise's touch... "baby...I'm sorry I yelled at you...please forgive me...I got very scared and I lost sight of the fact that you're an amazon...a woman who is trained to take care of's just that I saw my wife and my child in a dangerous situation and my first reaction was to protect you...please don't think that I take you being an amazon lightly." Blaise answered as she turned Ephiny towards her hopping to move and keep her weight off her leg.

Ephiny looked into Blaise's caring blue eyes... "I'm sorry're right I shouldn't have come here...I'm not in my peak fighting shape and I jeopardized all of our lives and I was wrong." Ephiny answered as she leaned her head on Blaise's chest and hugged her.

Blaise kissed her head as she wrapped her arms around her wife and Ephiny jerked her head away from Blaise with a look of astonishment... "did you feel that?" Ephiny asked excited with a smile.

Blaise looked around... "no...what?"

"The just kicked!" Ephiny answered with excitement... "it did it again!...feel." Ephiny smiled and took Blaise's hand to place it on the baby who kicked again.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

Blaise smiled as her blue eyes watered... "I felt it Eph." Blaise answered with excitement as she kissed Ephiny... "I love you baby." Blaise pulled Ephiny's head on her shoulder as the baby continued to kick under their hands... "Xena needs to check this out...Xena!" Blaise shouted as Xena ran in flustered.

"What's wrong?" she asked with worry.

"It's the baby." Blaise replied with a smile... "it kicked...come here."

Xena approached slowly and put her hand on Ephiny's stomach... "this is your Auntie Xena baby." Blaise replied as she leaned down to Ephiny's stomach.

The baby kicked under Xena's touch as Xena smiled widely causing the warrior princess to become teary eyed... "this is so wonderful." Xena answered with a laugh as she hugged them both... "I am so happy for you...thanks for sharing this moment with me."

"I'm glad you could too ... but what made you come anyway?" Blaise asked confused.

"I was sworn to protect Ephiny remember?...when I found out she left I followed her trail here but something is wrong with Argo so, she beat me here before I could head her off at the pass." Xena explained as Ephiny grinned sheepishly and looked down.

"What's wrong with Argo?" Blaise asked.

"I'm really not sure... maybe it's from her getting a little fat from not being out on the road."

"Let's go take a look." Blaise answered as she put her arm around Ephiny who helped her walk towards the door... " hey, the fighting has stopped." Blaise replied.

"Thank the gods." Ephiny answered with a smile.

"Here Ephiny let me take Blaise." Xena replied... "hop on Blaise." Xena answered as she crouched down to give her a piggyback ride and Blaise wrapped her arms around Xena's neck.

Blaise kissed Xena on the cheek... "hey! What's that for?" Xena asked agitation.

"Because you're my sister and I love you...because you helped Ephiny and I out...thank you...why do you always have to be so stoic Xena?...why don't you allow people into your heart?"

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"I guess I feel like I don't deserve that Blaise." Xena answered with regret.

"You've had a tough life Xena and you deserve it...I'm going to make sure you receive it too." Blaise answered as she kissed her cheek again and hugged her tighter.

"Blaise you entered my heart a long time ago and I love you very much." Xena answered with a smile.

"You softy!" Blaise laughed.

"Okay... rides over." Xena answered as she dropped Blaise off by Argo.

Blaise checked Argo over... "what's the problem girl?" Blaise asked as she checked her heart and her stomach. Blaise looked up over Argo's back to Xena... "aah...Xena Argo's pregnant!" Blaise answered with a smile.

"What!" Xena answered with agitation as she moved over to Argo to feel her belly... "she is...I never even considered that!"

Blaise turned her head... " TASMANIAN!" Blaise yelled to Taz whose ears perked up. Ephiny laughed as Blaise limped towards her horse angry as Taz backed away from her. Blaise motioned for him to come to her as she stopped... "come here...I've got a bad leg and I can't chase you." Blaise replied as she pointed to her leg.

"See Argo...I knew we would be in trouble!" Taz replied as she looked over at Argo.

"What can they do to you Taz?...stop worrying baby." Argo answered.

"This is your fault Argo...they're probably going to make glue out of me!" Taz answered as he moved to Blaise with his head hanging down.

Once he approached Blaise she hugged him and scratched his neck... "you're gonna be a daddy boy!...we're going to have kids together but I am mad at you for not waiting though...oh, and from the apple thing awhile ago taking Ephiny's side instead of mine... but I'll forgive you." Blaise answered with a smile.

"I told you not to worry Taz." Argo replied.

Taz looked over at her... "you're a lucky woman!" Taz answered.

"Xena I'll arrange for another horse for you so, we can get the pregnant women back to the village." Blaise answered with a smile.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

" okay girl?" Xena asked with concern as she checked Argo over one more time.

Ephiny walked over to Blaise... "are you coming home?"

Blaise wrapped her arms around Ephiny and whispered in her ear... "yes...till my knee heals." Blaise replied as she kissed her cheek sending excitement throughout Ephiny.

"I'm so happy Blaise." Ephiny answered with a smile and kissed Blaise.

Blaise moved Ephiny's hair off her face as she stared into her eyes with a loving smile and kissed her lips softly... "me too...let me go get my things and let them know I will be back in a week...Taz down." Blaise ordered as Taz obeyed his order making it easier for Blaise to climb on him.

Blaise rode over to the tent to collect her things and inform Calvin of her plans. Ephiny watched as she exited the tent with Helen approaching her.

"What does that woman want?" Ephiny asked with agitation.

"What she can't have." Xena answered as she looked at the pair.

Ephiny turned to Xena... "you speak from experience?"

"Oh, yeah....that's why I'm staying here."

Ephiny saw Helen grab Blaise and kiss her on the cheek... "I already warned her about my wife...doesn't she know she's not suppose to anger a pregnant amazon woman?" Ephiny asked with agitation and jealousy.

"Easy Ephiny...Blaise didn't do anything but get a kiss on the cheek."

"Yeah...that's what we saw...but what happens with what we didn't see?" Ephiny asked with jealousy as she looked at Xena.

" Blaise...she loves know that."

"I know...I'm just being stupid and jealous." Ephiny answered irritated with herself.

"You have nothing to worry about because Blaise is 100% prime time in love with you!...besides she has pledged her life, heart and love to you, not to mention just saving your life."

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"You're must be these hormones." Ephiny answered ashamed of herself.

"I wish I was able to have contained myself with Helen as much as Blaise has done." Xena answered softly with her head down.

" mean?" Ephiny asked in amazement as she looked at Helen and then back to Xena.

"Can we just drop this for now Ephiny?" Xena asked as she looked at Ephiny with a stern look.

"Sure...if you want to."

"I do." Xena answered as Joxer approached with another horse for Xena to ride... "thanks Joxer."

"You're welcome." Joxer answered as he rode over to attend to Blaise.

"You know Ephiny... he really has made a dramatic change for the better...I'm really proud of him." Xena replied with amazement as she watched Joxer gather Blaise's things and attach them to his horse.

"Blaise has done wonders for him Xena and he's very loyal to her...he saved my life today and I'll not forget that as I'm sure Blaise won't either."

"Hey Joxer!...thanks for helping Ephiny were quite a hero and I won't forget that...thank you." Blaise replied with a smile as she put her arm around his shoulder for a partial hug.

"Blaise...I want you to know I'll be there for you anytime...I appreciate everything you've done for me." he answered appreciative.

"You had it all along just needed some refinement." Blaise laughed as Taz bowed for her to mount him with the pair heading over to Xena and Ephiny.

"Hey...lady...going my way?" Blaise asked with a smile and a wink to Ephiny.

"If you don't mind a pregnant woman tagging along." Ephiny answered with a smile.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"Well...I don't mind and hopefully my wife won't get too jealous...down boy!" Blaise answered as Taz knelt down allowing Blaise to dismount and help Ephiny onto Taz. Blaise slid in behind Ephiny once she was on the horse and took Taz's reigns... "easy boy...up." Blaise commanded as Taz rose slowly... "get your woman boy and let's get going."

Taz looked at Argo to see that she was following as the group walked out of the city to make their way back to the amazon village.

"So, Blaise...tell me about Helen." Ephiny asked with dismay.

Blaise moved her head to Ephiny's ear and whispered... "She wants me but I told her she couldn't have me because my heart belonged to two others already." Blaise answered with a laugh.

"Oh, really... two huh?" Ephiny answered as she leaned back against Blaise's body.

" very beautiful wife and our child that she is carrying." Blaise answered with pride as she slid her hand over Ephiny's stomach to feel the baby.

"That's so sweet baby." Ephiny answered as she put her hand on top of Blaise's.

"You weren't jealous where you?"

"Well...yes...I was." Ephiny answered.

"Why would you be jealous baby?"

"Oh, I don't know...I guess I saw a beautiful woman by you and because I'm so fat now... I thought...well...Aah." Ephiny answered as Blaise interrupted her.

"Baby, you're not fat and Helen is no where near half the woman you are and besides I'm in love with you." Blaise answered as she kissed her cheek.

"You're just saying that because you're biased."

"No...I'm not just saying that Eph...even if we weren't together I would still think the same."

Ephiny smiled and leaned back kissing Blaise on the cheek... "I love you baby." Ephiny responded with a smile.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"I love you too, snuggle up to me and try to get some must be tired." Blaise suggested as she wrapped her arms around Ephiny tighter.

"That sounds wonderful." Ephiny answered as she leaned her head back into Blaise's shoulder and closed her eyes enjoying the warm and comforting feeling of Blaise's arms wrapped around her.

After riding for a couple of candle marks the group came closer to a small village.

"Hey!...what's that?" Joxer asked as he pointed off in the distance.

Xena and Blaise looked up at the same time... "the village must be on fire!" Xena answered as she heeled her horse to a gallop towards the village.

"Eph...wake up honey." Blaise replied as she gently woke her.

"What?" Ephiny asked confused.

"We have to get moving quickly...hang on." Blaise explained as she heeled Taz to a gallop as did Joxer with his horse.

They arrived to find the small village being raided... "Joxer!...get water and help those people put the fire out!" Blaise shouted and pointed as she dismounted Taz forgetting about her leg. Blaise jumped down and hit the ground in pain as her leg gave out on her... "by the gods!...Aah.!" Blaise yelled in frustration.

"Blaise!" Ephiny shouted with concern as she attempted to dismount Taz.

"You stay right there Ephiny!" Blaise demanded as she pointed to her and pulled herself up to stand. Blaise saw Xena dispatching the raiders with a look of complete enjoyment and turned to see Joker helping the villagers with the fire.

"Someone please! my children!" a woman screamed.

Ephiny began to dismount Taz... "no! Ephiny you stay right there!'re not to move understand?" Blaise shouted... "I'll get them."

"Blaise you can hardly stand on that leg." Ephiny screamed.

Blaise grabbed the saddlehorn along with the back of the saddle and lifted herself partially up on Taz... "think of the baby Eph...please." Blaise pleaded as she looked up at her.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

Ephiny looked down into Blaise's eyes and could see she was concerned for her... "okay...what can I do to help from here?"

"Hold me...Taz go!" Blaise shouted as Ephiny held onto Blaise's vest to hold her in place as she reigned Taz as close as possible.

Blaise got down and moved towards the burning hut... "get back Ephiny!" Blaise shouted as Taz took off away from the hut to get Ephiny to safety.

"How many?" Blaise asked as she hopped towards the hut.

"Two! them!" the woman cried.

Blaise hopped into the burning hut to find the children who were crying in the far corner of the hut. Blaise struggled to get to the kids who were terrified... "come on...I'm here to help you." Blaise reassured them as she picked them up in her arms.

The kids continued to cry as Blaise struggled to walk through the searing pain she felt in her knee and the pain she felt in her lungs from the smoke. Blaise finally exited the hut and gasped for some fresh air as she took the children to their mom and out of danger.

"Oh, my babies!...thank you so much." the woman replied with happiness as she hugged Blaise.

Xena rounded up the raiders and the other fires were under control as Ephiny rode up to help Blaise who was coughing from the smoke she inhaled.

"You okay baby?" Ephiny asked as she knelt down to Blaise who had sat down to catch her breath.

"Oh, never better honey!" Blaise gasped in response.

"Baby, you just had to be a hero didn't you." Ephiny answered with worry as she wiped Blaise's face off.

"Oh, yeah....that's me." Blaise joked.

"Thank you!" the children screamed as they both ran to Blaise and tackled her with hugs.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

Blaise fell on her back as the kids hugged her and laughed... "you're welcome." Blaise answered with a chuckle as she sat up with the kids sitting close to her.

"Are you Xena?" the little girl asked eagerly.

"No...but I know her very well." Blaise answered with a smile.

"You do!" the little girl squealed with excitement.

"She's my sister." Blaise answered with a smile as the little boy was fascinated by Blaise's earring.

"This looks like the one Ares... God of War wears." he replied with excitement.

Blaise looked up at Ephiny giving her a look of "should I tell him he's my father" as Ephiny nodded yes.

"Well...he's my father and he gave me that earring."

"Your father is Ares?!" the boy asked with amazement.

"And your sister is Xena?" the little girl asked in equal amazement.

"Yes...they're both my family." Blaise answered with a smile.

"I want to serve Ares when I'm older." the boy answered proudly.

Blaise's smile left her face as she looked up at Ephiny and then back to the boy... "how about you just enjoy your childhood and not worry about serving my father until you're older." Blaise asked hoping the boy would eventually forget about serving Ares once he was older.

"I want to serve Ares and I'm ready now." the boy answered matter of factly.

Blaise and Ephiny laughed... "I'll make you a deal...I'll give you my earring if you promise not to think of serving my father until you're a grown man and if you continue with your studies."

"Deal!" the boy answered with excitement.

Blaise gave the boy her earring... "you drive a hard bargain...say what's your name?" Blaise asked with a smile at the boy's precociousness.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"My name is Daniel." the boy answered as he examined the earring.

"Well...Daniel my name is Blaise and it's nice to meet you." Blaise answered with a smile as they clasped hands... "what's your name?" Blaise asked as she looked at the little girl.

"Sera." she answered with an adorable smile... "is that Gabrielle?" Sera whispered to Blaise as she pointed to Ephiny.

"No." Blaise chuckled... "that's my wife Ephiny...she's Gabrielle's regent."

"She is!" Sera exclaimed with excitement as she put her hands on Blaise's chest and looked into her eyes with wonderment... "I want to be an amazon one day!"

"Ephiny I have a recruit for you." Blaise replied with a laugh as she looked up at Ephiny.

"We would be happy to have another fine amazon in our village Sera." Ephiny answered with a smile as she tussled the girls hair.

"That's great!...can I come to your village sometime and play with your baby?"

"Sure...anytime." Ephiny answered with a smile.

"Blaise...can you introduce me to Xena sometime?" Sera asked with a whisper and excitement as her brother continued to try and figure out how he was going to wear the earring.

"How about now?" Blaise asked with a smile.

"She won't hurt me will she?" Sera asked with worry.

Blaise and Ephiny laughed... "no only nasty warlords...hey, Xena!...someone wants to meet you." Blaise shouted with a smile.

"By the gods...that's her!." Sera exclaimed with excitement.

"What's up?" Xena asked as she strolled over to Blaise.

"Seems you have a fan...this is Sera and she wanted to meet you."

"Really?" Xena asked with a smile as she knelt down to clasp hands with Sera... "hello Sera...I'm Xena it's nice to meet you."

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

Sera was wide eyed as Xena spoke to her and had a big smile on her face... "thank you for helping our you think you could ask Gabrielle if I could be an amazon when I'm older?"

Xena chuckled... "sure...she could always use another great amazon...but you should talk to Ephiny because she is the one who oversees the new recruits and she takes Gabrielle's place as queen when she is gone from the village." Xena explained with a smile.

"Will you please remember that I want to be an amazon?" Sera asked with excitement.

"Children stop bothering everyone!" their mother ordered as she looked at everyone... "I'm sorry they get excited especially when they talk about their heros."

"It's no problem...their great!" Blaise answered with a smile.

"Sera...I'm going to give you my arm grieve and when your mother says you can begin your amazon training you bring that to me okay?" Ephiny explained with a smile.

"Thank you!" Sera replied as she hugged Ephiny then Blaise and Xena.

Daniel hugged Blaise tightly... "maybe I can serve you one day instead of your father."

"Hey!...remember our deal." Blaise answered with a smile and a pat on his back.

Daniel clasped hands with Xena and Ephiny as he thanked them... "bye." the children replied as they ran towards the other villagers to show their gifts.

"Thank you have been very kind." the mother replied as she turned to join her family.

Xena helped Blaise up... "let's go Joxer!" Xena shouted to him as he was busy speaking with some of the villagers.

Blaise helped Ephiny up on Taz and then mounted him in her usual position behind Ephiny.

Everyone waved to the villagers as they headed out of site. Ephiny put both of her hands on Blaise's... one of which was rested on her stomach and leaned back.

" were great with those kids back there."

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"Well...thanks but it's because I love kids and I can't wait to hold ours in my arms." Blaise answered with excitement at the thought of holding her own child as she kissed Ephiny.

"You're going to be a great mother."

"So, are you baby." Blaise answered and hugged her wife tighter.

The group made their way into the village arriving in the middle of the night... "I'll get the horses for everyone." Joxer offered.

"Thanks dude...we appreciate it." Blaise answered as she steered Taz as close to the hut as possible and would have had Taz bring them right into the hut if she was positive Ephiny wouldn't have a fit... "Taz down." Blaise ordered as her trusty stallion obeyed her command.

Blaise slid off Taz and helped her pregnant wife off the horse as Ephiny's eyes met Blaise's as she reached the ground.

"It's okay if I help my pregnant wife occasionally isn't it?" Blaise asked with a smile.

"I think I can allow that." Ephiny answered with a smile as she kissed Blaise... "as long as you don't go overboard with it." Ephiny smirked and poked Blaise in the stomach.

"Up Taz!" Ephiny ordered as he obied.

"What's the deal between you two Eph?" Blaise asked with disbelief.

"Maybe he likes me." Ephiny laughed and pinched Blaise's cheek as she entered the hut.

Blaise looked at Taz in disbelief who put his head down... "first the apples now this...what happened to your loyalty my friend?" Blaise teased as Taz nodded his head up and down... "oh, go find your woman!" Blaise answered as she patted his butt and laughed.

Blaise hopped into their hut trying to keep her weight off the bad leg and saw Ephiny washing her face with her back to Blaise. Blaise limped up behind her and wrapped her arms around her wife as she snuggled her face against Ephiny's... "I've missed you baby." Blaise whispered as she kissed Ephiny's cheek softly.

"I've missed you more!" Ephiny teased.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

Blaise ran soft kisses down Ephiny's neck as she moved her hands up Ephiny's robe to unlace it. Ephiny responded to Blaise's kissing with light moans as Blaise unlaced the robe lower and Ephiny put her hands on Blaise's to stop her.

"Not right now Blaise...I'll be back." Ephiny answered nervously and grabbed her clothing as she left the hut.

Blaise watched Ephiny leave the hut confused by the situation and hopped over to the bed. She sat down and took her boots off followed by the remainder of her clothes as she laid back on the bed.

"This feels so good." Blaise replied out loud with a happy sigh as she heard Ephiny enter the hut and rolled to her side propping her head up on her hand to watch her wife distinguish all the candles except the ones by the bed.

Ephiny approached the bed... "Ephiny what in tartarus do you have on?"

"What Blaise?" Ephiny asked as she glanced at her attire as Blaise sat up swinging her legs over the edge of the bed to face Ephiny.

"What is that outfit doing on you? look like an old maid." Blaise asked with sarcasm.

"It's a nightgown Blaise." Ephiny answered with irritation.

Blaise put her hands on Ephiny's hips and pulled her closer as she looked up in her eyes... "what have you done with my sexy wife?" Blaise asked with a sexy smile.

"Your sexy wife is no longer sexy...she's fat, bloated, irritable and unattractive." Ephiny answered with seriousness.

Blaise's smile left her face when she realized Ephiny was upset... "hey, come here." Blaise answered softly as she pulled Ephiny down on her lap.

"Blaise... I'm going to hurt your leg." Ephiny replied as she looked down at her leg.

"I'm fine baby." Blaise answered as she wrapped her arms around her wife... "what's going on Eph?" Blaise asked with concern.

"Just what I told you Blaise...I'm fat, unattractive and no longer sexy for you."

"Ephiny...I find you incredibly attractive and sexy just as you are now baby...well, except for that nightgown." Blaise smiled and got a slight smile out of Ephiny.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"You still find me attractive?" Ephiny asked.

"Baby...of course, I do but I didn't fall in love with your looks in the first place...I fell in love with that wonderful person inside of you." Blaise answered as she kissed Ephiny's shoulder... "you're carrying our child honey and I find that to be very sexy...I want you to know how much that means to me babe... but I don't think it's coming out right." Blaise answered as she pondered her thoughts.

Ephiny looked at Blaise... "you're not just saying that are you?" Ephiny asked with some insecurity.

"No Eph...I'm so overwhelmed with pride, joy and love for you that I can hardly contain myself...I mean you're having our baby Eph." Blaise answered in awe as she looked down at Ephiny's stomach and placed a soft kiss on it... "how could I not think you're beautiful just as you are?...I love you." Blaise answered as she looked up at Ephiny who had tears in her eyes and played with Blaise's hair with her hand which rested on the back of Blaise's neck.

"I'm sorry Blaise." Ephiny answered as Blaise wiped her tears away... "I love you too." Ephiny answered as she leaned down and kissed Blaise... "I worried that you wouldn't find me attractive when you saw me naked so, I tried to hide it."

"Hey, since when does an amazon become self conscious about their bodies?" Blaise asked with a sexy smile.

"When her hormones from her pregnancy are going wild." Ephiny answered with a smile as she kissed Blaise again and stood before Blaise feeling more confidant as she unlaced her robe dropping it to the ground.

"Now...there's my wife." Blaise answered with a smile as Ephiny moved closer to her and slid her hands through Blaise's hair resting them on her neck.

Blaise moved her hands around Ephiny's naked body and placed gentle kisses on her protruding abdomen as she moved her kiss up her body past her breasts to her mouth for a deep passionate kiss... "I love you baby." Blaise replied through her fervent kiss.

"Take me to bed Blaise." Ephiny whispered in her ear as she hugged Blaise.

Blaise lifted Ephiny gently and laid her on the bed as she crawled in bed next to her wife holding her in her arms tightly while softly kissing her neck.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

Xena helped Joxer with the horses and wanted to make sure her now pregnant mare was well taken care of by being safe in her stall with plenty of hay. Xena took a bath after attending to Argo because she knew Gabrielle would have no part of smelling warrior sweat in her bed.

Xena entered their hut and put her gear down... " that you?" Gabrielle asked startled out of her sleep as she reached for her staff next to the bed.

"It's me did I wake you?...usually you sleep like a log."

"I haven't been able to sleep very well lately."

"My wife not able to sleep?...has tartarus frozen over?" Xena joked as she crawled into bed with her bard.

Gabrielle grabbed onto Xena's hands as her arms wrapped around Gabrielle... "I missed you honey and I couldn't sleep." Gabrielle answered as she kissed Xena's hand.

"I missed you baby." Xena answered with a kiss to Gabrielle's cheek.

"Is Ephiny okay?" Gabrielle asked feeling safe in her warriors arms.

"Yes...but Blaise dislocated her knee pretty bad and she's back her to mend."

"What happened?" Gabrielle asked with concern.

"Everything's alright the morning...oh, Argo's pregnant as well." Xena answered with a yawn as she snuggled closer to her bard and fell asleep.

"What is this everyone's pregnant but me!...Xena?...Xena?" Gabrielle asked only to find her warrior was fast asleep.

Blaise continued her assault of kisses on Ephiny's neck and moved her hands to Ephiny's breasts to caress them.... "Is it okay if we make love baby?" Blaise asked as she stopped her kisses and looked into Ephiny's eyes with concern.

"Of course, honey why would you ask?" Ephiny chuckled.

"Well...I don't want to hurt you or the baby." Blaise answered with embarrassment.

Ephiny smiled at Blaise..."we will be fine honey...stop worrying you won't hurt us."

"Are you sure?" Blaise asked looking for confirmation.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"I'm positive babe...we can make love right up until I deliver our child honey..I want to know how it is that the future god of war can be so sweet, gentle, caring and loving?" Ephiny asked as she ran her fingers through Blaise's hair and gazed into her blue eyes which flickered from the candles glowing.

"The god of war persona is something I keep hidden which I would rather you not see... besides you bring out those wonderful qualities in me because I love you with everything I have honey." Blaise answered and leaned down to kiss Ephiny.

"Now...the challenge you face is making love to me while I lay on my side because it's hard for me to lay on my back."

"Like my sister...I have many skills." Blaise answered seductively with a sexy smile as she gently kissed Ephiny's breast. Blaise looked up at Ephiny and gave her a sly grin... "your breasts are larger baby."

Ephiny smiled... "those are for the baby."

"You mean I have to share?" Blaise asked with a smile as she kissed her breast again.

" will have to take a leave of absence once the baby is born."

"Seeing as how it's for my bab...our baby." Blaise grinned as she corrected herself... "I will make the sacrifice."

Ephiny laughed... "would you be quite and make love to me!"

"Oh, I'm sorry... I'm no longer in the mood." Blaise laughed.

Ephiny grabbed Blaise's face and pulled her close... " I guess I'll have to get you in the mood then." Ephiny answered kissing Blaise passionately as Blaise slid her hand down Ephiny's body and spread Ephiny's leg resting it on her own.

Blaise slid her hand to Ephiny's sex and moved her finger down her wet clit and slowly entered her wet opening.

"Hmmm.. Blaise that feels so good." Ephiny moaned as Blaise moved her finger in and out of her opening faster as Ephiny moved her hips with Blaise's movements while Blaise kissed and lightly sucked her breast.

" love it when you touch me." Ephiny moaned as she slid her hand down to Blaise's wet sex.

"Oh, Eph." Blaise replied softly with pleasure as Ephiny touched her.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"'re so wet... you feel so good baby." Ephiny whispered.

"You make me that way baby just by looking at me." Blaise moaned as she moved her finger in and out of Ephiny's opening faster as she pressed her hips against Ephiny's hand to enjoy her movements.

"Oh...Blaise...yes...aah.!" Ephiny moaned in ecstasy from her orgasm as Blaise left her fingers inside as she constricted and released around Blaise's finger.

Ephiny moved her finger faster as Blaise matched the movement with her hips. Blaise slowly removed her finger from Ephiny as her sex stopped throbbing. Ephiny felt Blaise's heavy breathing against her neck as she continued to touch Blaise... "that's it baby." Ephiny whispered.

"Oh, Eph!" Blaise shouted as she sucked on Ephiny's neck releasing her orgasm and gasped for a breath... "oh, baby you drive me wild!" Blaise replied as she crawled over Ephiny to lay on her side and face her... "I love you Eph." Blaise replied as she brushed Ephiny's hair off her face and kissed her.

"I love you Blaise." Ephiny answered as she ran her fingers through Blaise's hair.

"You know... I love it when you run your fingers through my hair becasue it feels so freaking good!" Blaise answered as she laid on her back and cuddled up as close as she could to Ephiny.

Ephiny smiled and continued to fun her fingers through Blaise's hair as she placed a soft kiss on her cheek. Blaise closed her eyes to enjoy the moment and leaned her hand against Ephiny's leg as Ephiny slid her arm underneath Blaise's neck cuddling closer to her wife... "goodnight baby." Ephiny whispered with a kiss to Blaise's cheek.

Blaise gave no response and Ephiny leaned her head up to look at Blaise. Ephiny heard the soft, relaxed breathing Blaise normally does when she sleeps. Ephiny smiled and lightly kissed her warrior's lips as she laid her head down on her chest to fall asleep.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

Ephiny woke and reached for Blaise who was not laying next to her. Blaise had managed to slide down the bed and had her face cuddled up to Ephiny's stomach with her arm wrapped tightly around Ephiny's waist.

Since Ephiny became pregnant no matter what position Blaise fell asleep in she always ended up cuddled against Ephiny's stomach. Ephiny ran her fingers through Blaise's hair to wake her ... "hey, baby." she replied softly to not startle her... "I need to get up."

"Huh?" Blaise answered confused as she looked up at Ephiny... "are you okay?" Blaise asked with worry as she cleared her throat and looked at Ephiny with sleepy blue eyes.

"I'm fine...nature calls honey." Ephiny answered begrudgingly knowing she did not want to have to get up out of the snuggly confines of their warm bed to make a trip out to the outhouse but she wasn't able to make it through the night without making one trip since she became pregnant.

Blaise moved away from Ephiny so she could get up... "do you want me to go with you?"

"No...I'll be fine...go back to sleep." Ephiny answered as she put her robe and sandals on to make her nightly trip.

"Are you sure?"

"Blaise." Ephiny answered with raised eyebrows and her hands on her hips.

"Okay... okay...I'm just trying to be a caring wife." Blaise answered as she put her hand up to get her point across.

"I appreciate it but I'll manage fine...go back to sleep... you need it." Ephiny answered as she headed for the door.

Blaise moved up to her pillow and stuck her head under it... "By the am I going to make it through three more months of these hormones?" Blaise thought as she fell back to sleep.

Ephiny came back to their hut, undressed and climbed back in bed to find Blaise laying naked sprawled out prone on the bed with her head under the pillow. Ephiny chuckled at how peaceful her warrior looked as she peeked under the pillow and knew she wouldn't stay that way for the rest of the night.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

Ephiny laid on her side pushing the pillow off of Blaise and snuggled up to her as she began to play with Blaise's wavy hair thinking about how much she loved Blaise. She thought about how peaceful and content she looked while she slept. Ephiny felt an overwhelming happiness as she watched Blaise sleep.

Ephiny opened her eyes and reached for Blaise who of course, was not there. Ephiny looked down the bed to see if Blaise was in her usual spot and found her to be gone. "Blaise." Ephiny replied as she sat up and looked around the hut as she wiped the sleep out of her eyes.

Ephiny found it unusual for Blaise to be gone and got up to get dressed to head out and find her warrior. After dressing Ephiny checked the food hut with no luck and saw Gabrielle heading towards their office.

"Gabrielle!" Ephiny called out to get her attention.

Gabrielle turned to Ephiny and smiled as Ephiny approached her... "hey, Ephiny!'s my niece or nephew?" Gabrielle asked with a smile as she rubbed her hand on Ephiny's belly.

"The baby's fine Gabrielle...have you seen Blaise?" Ephiny asked with agitation.

"Aah...well." Gabrielle stammered as she was taken back by Ephiny's gruff approach... "I would guess she's down at the lake with Xena."

"Doing what?" Ephiny asked as she put her hands on her hips.

"Probably fishing." Gabrielle answered sarcastically.

"Fishing?!" Ephiny asked disgusted.

"Is everything okay Ephiny?" Gabrielle asked with concern.

"Oh, yeah...never better." Ephiny answered as she walked away.

"Oh, Ephiny!...don't forget we have a council meeting after lunch today."

Ephiny stopped and looked back at Gabrielle... "perfect!" Ephiny answered disgusted as she headed down to the lake leaving Gabrielle mystified by her actions.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"Xena!...that was my fish!" Blaise shouted as she looked her sister in the eye with determination.

"No way!" Xena snapped back.

"Way! ...I punched it!" Blaise answered as she moved closer to Xena.

"Yeah...but I had a hold of it!" Xena answered sarcastically as she stared her sister down.

"Blaise!" Ephiny shouted.

Xena and Blaise both cringed and looked on shore to Ephiny... "she looks pissed Blaise...what did you do?" Xena asked as she looked back at Blaise.

"I don't know yet but from the looks of it I'm about to find out...could you just tell her I drowned because I don't think I want to go on shore to face her...she's really pissed."

"Hmmm...she's already seen you so you can't go with plan Alpha how about plan Beta?" Xena teased.

"Blaise!" Ephiny shouted as she took her hands off her hips and held them out with disgust wondering what was taking her so long to respond.

"Would you hold me?" Blaise whined with a make believe scared look on her face as Xena laughed as they looked at each other... "tell me again why I decided to get joined?"

"Because you love her very much and just remember that... like you will remember this is my fish." Xena answered with a mischievous grin on her face as she held the fish in Blaise's face.

"Oh, man!...I'll get you back for that one." Blaise answered as she swam toward shore. Blaise limped out of the water and picked up her crutch Xena made for her as she hobbled over to Ephiny. Blaise ran her fingers through her hair to remove the excess water from it as she approached her wife.

"Hey, baby...what's up?" Blaise asked sweetly as she leaned toward Ephiny for a kiss.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"What are you doing?" Ephiny snapped.

"Trying to kiss you and doing a little fishing." Blaise answered as she stood before Ephiny dripping wet in her sports bra and boxer shorts.

"I can see that Blaise!" Ephiny answered in disgust and a raise of her eyebrows.

"What's wrong babe?" Blaise asked as she held Ephiny's hand to calm her down while toweling off with her free hand.

"We were suppose to have breakfast together this morning!"

"Aah...I'm sorry...I didn't remember you telling me we had a breakfast date this morning...besides it's almost lunch honey." Blaise answered confused.

"I didn't think I had to tell you Blaise...we always have breakfast together." Ephiny answered with disappointment as she looked out over the lake.

"Hey, honey." Blaise answered in a soothing voice as she put her hands on her arms... "I'm about if we have a picnic just the two of us?" Blaise asked with a smile as she rubbed her hands on Ephiny's arms.

Ephiny turned back to Blaise with a smile... "that sounds wonderful."

"Did I tell you how beautiful you are today?" Blaise answered with a sexy smile.

"Are you trying to get on my good side so, I'm not as mad at you by flashing that sexy smile or yours?"

"Is it working?" Blaise answered with the same smile as she peered into Ephiny's hazel eyes with her own blue while leaning in closer to her.

"Keep talking." Ephiny answered softly with anticipation of a kiss from Blaise.

"You're absolutely beautiful baby." Blaise answered in a sexy voice as she moved her lips closer to Ephiny's pushing a stray blond curl off her face as Ephiny's mouth watered with anticipation from the impending kiss as she never broke her eye contact with Blaise's's sexy blue eyes... "have I ever told you how much I love to kiss your sexy lips?" Blaise asked as she traced the outline of her lips with her finger and softly kissed them as Ephiny wrapped her arms tightly around Blaise's neck to deepen the kiss from her lover.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

Blaise broke the kiss and smiled as Ephiny wanted more... "you're such a tease Blaise but you know just what to say to make me feel better don't you." Ephiny replied with a smile as she pressed her lips against Blaise's for another kiss.

"I speak the truth grab a blanket and pillows while I get our food okay?"

"Deal...let's get going because I'm starved." Ephiny answered as she put her hand in Blaise's.

Blaise turned to Xena who had exited the lake and was getting her armor put back on... "I'll catch you later sis."

"Yeah two should get a room you know." Xena teased as she looked up with a sly grin.

"Did you take good notes on how to properly romance your wife." Blaise teased as Ephiny squeezed her hand and gave her a sideways glance.

"Whatever Blaise." Xena sneered as she held up the big fish and mouthed... "my fish!" as she smiled at Blaise.

Blaise shook her head and turned back to look at Ephiny who was picking up Blaise's clothes and didn't see the exchange between the two. Blaise and Ephiny headed off towards the village as Blaise struggled to walk with her crutch while she held Ephiny's hand.

"Let me put my clothes on." Blaise replied as she stopped and slipped her pants on, then her shirt.

"I liked seeing you dressed as you were honey." Ephiny answered with a wink and a pat on the butt for Blaise.

"Do you want your amazons checking me out?" Blaise teased with a sexy smile.

"Like I said...I like you in your clothes." Ephiny laughed as Blaise leaned down to kiss her.

The pair made their way back to the village... "I'll see you in a few baby." Blaise replied with a wink and a smile as she watched Ephiny walk into their hut to retrieve the pillows and blanket.

Blaise gathered food and water for their lunch placing it in a basket she found in the hut.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"Hello Blaise."

Blaise turned to respond... "Solari." Blaise answered as an acknowledgment and then turned back to her task at hand.

"'s your leg?" Solari asked with nervous tension as she looked down.

"It's better." Blaise answered with abruptness as she continued to pack the basket without looking at Solari.

"Blaise...I worked everything out with Ephiny and I appreciate you not saying anything to her or Gabrielle."

"Solari...I think we have already finished this discussion a long time ago." Blaise answered with an uncomfortable feeling towards Solari.

"I...I know...I just wanted you to know that I spoke to Ephiny." Solari stammered.

"So, you said." Blaise answered sternly as she gathered the basket and turned to leave as Solari put her hand on Blaise's arm to stop her.

Blaise gave Solari a look of animosity and glanced down at Solari's hand on her arm.

Solari took her hand off of Blaise's arm... "Blaise I'm sorry...I really want us to be friends again...I want you to trust me."

"That's something you're gonna have to earn Solari." Blaise answered as she made her way to the door and exited.

"Could you please give me a chance?...I'm really trying." Solari asked with sadness.

Blaise stopped and looked back at Solari who stood next to her..."okay..I'll give you more of a chance than what I have...but only for the sake of Ephiny." Blaise answered with a slight smile.

"'s a start...thanks...aah...some of my trainees would love it if you would stop by for an archery lesson later today."

Ephiny saw the two talking and stormed over to Blaise's side.

"Aah...sure...I suppose I could show them a thing or two." Blaise answered as she looked back at Ephiny who had slid her arm into Blaise's and kissed her shoulder letting Solari know that Blaise was hers.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

"Are you ready baby?" Ephiny asked as she gave Solari a dirty look... "don't you have some trainees to attend too?" Ephiny asked as she raised her eyebrows.

"Yes...I do...I need to get back." Solari stammered uncomfortably as Ephiny kissed Blaise's shoulder continuing her if looks could kill look at Solari.

Solari put her head down and walked off towards the training area... "what did she want?" Ephiny asked with agitation as she watched her leave.

"Only to apologize." Blaise answered.

"Oh, I'm sure that's all it was." Ephiny answered sarcastically and with disgust as she led Blaise away. Blaise looked perplexed at the way Ephiny behaved while Solari was around considering they had patched up their differences.

The pair made it to the lake and Ephiny laid their blanket out under a tree as Blaise put the basket down and began to take the food out. Ephiny sat on the blanket leaning against the tree and stretched her legs out as Blaise moved up towards Ephiny sitting facing her.

Blaise put her hand on the other side of Ephiny to support her body weight and stretched her legs out as she leaned in towards Ephiny and kissed her. Blaise leaned back and smiled... "what would you like to eat my love?"

Ephiny looked the food over... "do you have any mutton and yogurt?"

Blaise looked at Ephiny with her lips parted and curled her lip up in disgust... "are you serious?"

"I have an overwhelming craving for the two of those foods together."

"Aah...I didn't bring any mutton Eph... sorry...I didn't think of that combination... " Blaise answered with disbelief at Ephiny's food choice.

"How about pickles and yogurt then?"

Blaise gave the same strange look then gave a smile... "that I have... but are you sure that's what you want?"

"Oh, yeah bring it on!" Ephiny answered with a smile.

"'s your stomach." Blaise answered as she leaned over and gave Ephiny her food choice. Blaise broke off some bread and cheese for herself as she leaned back resting on her arm and put a piece of cheese in her mouth.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

Blaise watched Ephiny dip the pickle in the yogurt and then eat it. Blaise stopped chewing in disbelief from the food conncotion she was eating and swallowed her cheese with a gulp.

"What?" Ephiny asked as she looked at Blaise.

"That's disgusting honey!" Blaise answered with a smile.

"Don't look at to your child...the baby must like that combination." Ephiny answered with a smile as she pointed to her stomach.

Blaise leaned down towards Ephiny's stomach... "do you like pickles and yogurt baby?" Blaise replied in babytalk... "it's yuckee!" Blaise chuckled as she glanced up at Ephiny with a smile as she kissed her stomach.

Ephiny gave her a smirk..."yeah...yeah." she replied as she drank some water.

Blaise sat up and moved closer to Ephiny... "are you mad at me for some reason?" Blaise asked as she positioned herself in front of Ephiny and put her hand on the opposite side of Ephiny to brace herself.

"No why?" Ephiny asked between gulps of water.

"You just seem like your pissed about something."

"Blaise." Ephiny answered as she put her hand on Blaise's cheek and looked into her piercing blue eyes... "I'm pregnant and irritable that's all." Ephiny answered in a low tone... "stop worrying and enjoy this beautiful, sunny day... okay?"

Blaise glanced at Ephiny's hand and raised her hand to meet her parting lips as she placed a soft kiss on her palm. Blaise lightly brushed her tongue along her hand followed by a kiss. Blaise looked at Ephiny as she lightly stroked her thumb along Blaise's face.

"Are you happy Eph?" Blaise asked with concern.

"I'm very happy baby." Ephiny answered with a smile.

Blaise searched her eyes for the truth as she leaned closer to Ephiny who parted her lips to meet Blaise's. Blaise stopped and looked into Ephiny's eyes again before pressing her lips against Ephiny's for a sensual kiss with Ephiny sliding her tongue past Blaise's lips as both tongues met exploring one another.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

Ephiny maneuvered her hand in behind Blaise's neck and ran her fingers through her black wavy hair. Blaise moved closer to Ephiny and wrapped her arms around her lover as they continued their passionate kiss.

"Ow!" Ephiny exclaimed as she broke their kiss.

"What did I do?" Blaise asked with worry.

"Nothing honey...the baby gave me one good kick." Ephiny answered as she rubbed her belly.

"I think the baby is jealous." Blaise answered with a smile as she leaned down and kissed Ephiny's stomach... "are you gonna be jealous like your mommie?" Blaise asked as she winked at Ephiny with Ephiny smiling and running her fingers through Blaise's hair.

Blaise laid her head on Ephiny's lap moving onto her side to face Ephiny. Blaise put her hand on her stomach as Ephiny placed hers on top of Blaise's... "I guess I should tell the baby of the family it's going to be getting into huh?"

"Go ahead honey." Ephiny answered with a smile as she ran her fingers through Blaise's hair with her free hand.

"Well...let's see your great grandfather is Zeus the god of all gods and just between us he's not as tough as everyone says he is." Blaise chuckled as she checked the skies for any of Zeus' thunderbolts... "your great grandmother is Hera the queen of the gods..she's pretty cool as long as you stay on her good side...then there's your grandfather Ares... God of War." Blaise replied with disgust.

"Aah...Blaise let's just leave it at that okay?...let's not overwhelm the baby in one day especially with your father."

"Good idea babe...we don't want our son to be scared of entering our world." Blaise answered with a smile.

"A son?...I never really considered us as having a boy Blaise." Ephiny answered sternly.

"Really?...I would love to have a son." Blaise answered with disbelief of her callous attitude.

~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~

Ephiny could see the hurt in her eyes from her statement and knew that she needed to tell Blaise about the amazons feelings towards boys... "listen...Blaise...aah I need to explain something about a son." Ephiny stammered as she tried to find the right words.

"What do you mean Eph?" Blaise asked confused.

"My regent..excuse me...Gabrielle asked me to come and inform you that the council meeting will be starting shortly." Solari replied obviously uncomfortable.

Ephiny smirked at Solari and kissed Blaise passionately... "I love you Blaise." Ephiny answered as she glanced towards Solari who put her head down... "tell our queen I'm on my way." Ephiny snapped back.

"I will." Solari answered as she walked away.

"I have to go Blaise...a son will be just fine." Ephiny answered with a smile not finding it in her heart to tell Blaise that their son would not be accepted in the village... "do you think you could arrange all the baby gifts you sent so, we don't have to climb over them to get into bed...we may have to get another hut if you keep sending so many presents." Ephiny asked as she started to get up but was stopped by Blaise.

"I want to know why you made that comment about us having a son Eph."

"'s fine really...I just thought that we would have a daughter that's all...I really have to go." Ephiny answered as she kissed Blaise and walked away to her meeting as Blaise watched her wondering why she was being so evasive.

To be continued...

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