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By Cruise

Disclaimer: Same as all other parts to this ongoing story. Again, this story is for fun and no profit is intended. The name used in this story of Booma is in no way intentional if it is similar to names used in other stories. The name was affectionately given to my mother by her nephew and is used in this story.

Warning: Author does not recommend reading this story on treadmills, while operating heavy machinery, while at work or if your lover is not home.

Special thanks to Stoley and Kat for their help with this story.

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Blaise woke up and looked around sleepily trying to focus... "Where are the twins?" She asked with concern as her heart raced with fear from waking up and the children not being beside her.

"They’re in bed...don’t worry." Ephiny whispered as she nibbled on Blaise’s ear.

"Are you a little frisky darlin?" Blaise asked softly with a mischievous grin.

"Those boxer shorts on you are driving me wild." Ephiny purred with a chuckle in Blaise’s ear.

"Alright...I’ve had it with the jokes about my boxer shorts." Blaise answered with mock agitation as she rolled over and grabbed Ephiny pulling her over herself onto the floor as Ephiny laughed from Blaise’s playfulness.

Blaise looked into Ephiny’s sexy hazel eyes and slowly leaned down to kiss her soft, luscious lips. Ephiny’s heart skipped a beat as Blaise’s lips met hers. Blaise moved her tongue inside of Ephiny’s mouth for a long, wet, passionate kiss as Blaise poured her heart into that one kiss.


Blaise moved her hand up Ephiny’s side to her stomach up to her breast and began to gently caress her as her body heat rose from Ephiny’s reaction to her touch. "Make love to me you sexy, white boxer shorts with hearts wearing beast or lose me forever!" Ephiny teased softly with a smile.

"Maybe you should wear them seeing as how you like them so much." Blaise whispered in Ephiny’s ear as she ran her tongue along the contours of her ear igniting Ephiny’s fire within.

Ephiny swallowed hard and became more excited... "I them on you." She answered seductively as Blaise moved her hand under Ephiny’s bra to feel the softness of her breast. Blaise’s kiss moved down her neck as Ephiny caressed Blaise’s back with her hands thoroughly enjoying what her dark warrior was doing to her.

"That feels so good baby." Ephiny moaned as she gasped and her heart raced from the tenderness she felt from Blaise.

Blaise untied the bra Ephiny was wearing continuing her assault of kisses along Ephiny’s neck and moved the material to the floor. Blaise moved her kiss down Ephiny’s neck to her breast sliding her body down between Ephiny’s legs. Blaise’s kiss moved to Ephiny’s other breast as her tongue circled Ephiny’s erect nipple and Blaise slowly drew her nipple into her mouth. Blaise enjoyed the hardness of Ephiny’s nipple between her lips as she circled her nipple again with her tongue and began to gently suck her breast.

Ephiny moaned in pleasure from Blaise’s ministrations and ran her fingers through Blaise’s wavy, dark hair. Blaise slowly moved her hand down Ephiny’s body to untie her skirt. ‘If she only knew half of what she does to me with her touch and kiss.’ Ephiny thought as her heart raced faster with every gentle kiss and touch from Blaise.

Blaise loosened her skirt as Ephiny raised her body up and Blaise removed the garment so she could feel Ephiny’s naked body under her own and lowered herself back down onto her lover. "" Ephiny whispered softly as her breathing became more erratic. Ephiny thought about how soft and caring Blaise’s touch was and how wonderful it made her feel when she kissed her.

Blaise ran her tongue to Ephiny’s other breast bringing the hardened nipple into her mouth and began to lightly suck the sensitive area. Blaise’s kiss traveled down Ephiny’s taut abdomen to her underwear and gathered one side of the material with her teeth pulling it down as far as she could slowly. She moved to the other side placing soft bites on Ephiny’s stomach just above her blonde curls while she caressed her breast with her hand as Ephiny lifted her pelvis in response to Blaise’s bites.

Blaise took the other side of the material in her teeth and pulled her underwear all the way off of Ephiny. Blaise climbed back on Ephiny with her underwear in her mouth making eye contact and tossed her head to the side releasing the underwear from her mouth. Blaise laughed along with Ephiny as she pressed her body down on her lover and began to kiss her passionately with Ephiny wrapping her arms around her strong warrior.

"Baby...I love to kiss your soft, sexy lips and to feel your body react to my kiss and my touch." Blaise whispered as she kissed Ephiny deeply again. Ephiny ran her hands up and down Blaise’s body then slid her hands under the waistband of Blaise’s sexy boxers. Ephiny moved the shorts down Blaise’s legs as Blaise raised up above her for easier access to remove the boxer shorts.

Ephiny slid down under Blaise placing soft kisses down her chest to her stomach as she finally removed the boxers and moved back under Blaise who lowered her body back down onto Ephiny. Ephiny slipped Blaise’s sports bra up and over her head and felt a rush of warmth flood her as Blaise’s hard nipples pressed against her naked body. "You feel so good against me Blaise." Ephiny whispered huskily as the fireplace crackled behind them.

Ephiny slid her hands down Blaise’s back softly resting them on her firm butt as Blaise nibbled on her neck. Blaise began to slowly rub her sex against Ephiny’s increasing the wetness between her legs. Ephiny’s body was covered in goose bumps from the feeling of gentleness and caring Blaise showered her with. Ephiny held Blaise’s sexy backside firmly; pulling Blaise's sex against her own as the feeling of Blaise’s wet mound against hers drove her wild.


"Aah...Ephiny you feel so good." Blaise moaned through her labored breathing. ‘I’ve never been with a woman who excites me as much as Ephiny. Her skin is so soft, she’s so sexy, she’s so caring, loving and she makes me feel as if I’m the only person that matters in this world every time she looks at me or touches me. I feel how much she loves me with every kiss, touch or look from those beautiful hazel eyes. Oh, by the gods, I love this woman with everything I have and then some.’ Blaise thought adoringly as she slid her tongue in Ephiny’s mouth kissing her in sweet slow motion as her sex became overexcited with desire for her Amazon lover.

"Hmmm...Blaise ...wait." Ephiny replied nervously as she broke the kiss as Blaise stopped and looked into her eyes with concern.

"Am I hurting you baby?" Blaise asked with confusion.

" feel incredible...I was just wondering and I forgot to ask earlier...aah...I’m not going to get pregnant again am I?" Ephiny stammered nervously.

Blaise chuckled. "No, not unless I asked the gods to help." Blaise smiled to reassure Ephiny.

"You didn’t did you?" Ephiny asked slightly nervous. "Because I’m not ready for anymore children just yet." She asked hoping Blaise would not be mad that she didn’t want to have more children right now.

"No...sweetheart... I didn’t...besides, I would have asked you first." Blaise answered trying to reassure her wife as she leaned down and continued where they left off. Ephiny was relieved to hear that Blaise wasn’t mad at her.

Blaise moved her kiss slowly and softly down Ephiny’s body to her stomach and reached up to caress Ephiny’s breasts with both hands. "By the gods,’re driving me wild." Ephiny exclaimed as her heart raced faster. "Touch me baby." Ephiny moaned breathless as Blaise’s soft lips against her skin sent a tingling sensation straight to her core.


Blaise moved her kiss between Ephiny’s thighs then to her blond curls. "How about if I lick you instead?" Blaise asked seductively as she pressed her tongue against Ephiny’s swollen nub causing Ephiny to threw her head back and gasp breathless from Blaise’s tongue on her sex. Blaise ran her tongue up Ephiny’s engorged nub and back down to her moist opening and entered the warm recess to taste her Amazon lover.

"Oh, you taste so good Eph." Blaise replied sexily as she continued her ministrations with her tongue.

"Oh, feels so good." Ephiny moaned as she moved her sex up and down against Blaise’s tongue as her arousal mounted. Blaise moved her tongue faster to match Ephiny’s movements with her hips and reached up to hold Ephiny’s hands as she intertwined her fingers around Blaise’s and squeezed them to let her know she was pleased with what she was doing as her climax drew near.

"Oh,...Blaise...honey...yes...yes!" Ephiny moaned as Blaise felt Ephiny’s muscles tighten and knew she was close to her peak and worked her tongue faster along her hard, wet clit. Ephiny squeezed Blaise’s hand tighter. "Aah!...Blaise!" Ephiny moaned louder gasping for air as she moved her hips up and let her orgasm take her over the edge for her lover to devour.

Ephiny let out a deep breath and relaxed her body as Blaise continued to suck her juices causing Ephiny’s body to shudder and release the remainder of her orgasm. Blaise took all of Ephiny’s sweet nectar she offered and Ephiny’s grip on Blaise’s hand eased. She placed soft kisses up along Ephiny’s body settling her body on her lover’s and snuggled her face against Ephiny’s neck.

No matter how many times Ephiny gave herself to Blaise it was as if it was the first time. Blaise thought about how special it made her feel for Ephiny to give herself so intimately. ‘Oh, I love her more and more every minute of the day. It’s so amazing loving her.’ Blaise thought as she felt her lover’s soft skin as she ran her hand up Ephiny’s side tracing small circles on the side of her breast.

Ephiny wrapped her arms around Blaise’s sweaty body. "Blaise you got pretty worked up huh?" Ephiny teased seductively.

"So did’re so sweaty I keep falling off." Blaise answered with a laugh as she looked into her wife’s eyes. Ephiny brushed Blaise’s sweat soaked hair off of her face and gazed dreamily into her sexy blue eyes.

"You make me feel so wonderful baby. You have such a caring touch, soft lips and such a loving, sexy way about you that it makes my heart skip a beat every time and thank whatever god gave you to me...I love you." Ephiny adoringly replied as she ran her finger softly over Blaise’s lip and closed her eyes as Blaise’s lips met hers for a tender, sensual kiss.

Ephiny rolled on top of Blaise. "Now it’s my turn." Ephiny replied sexily with a smile and raised her eyebrow as she brushed her lips against Blaise’s just as Jordyn began to cry.

Blaise and Ephiny smiled at one another. "Timing huh?" Ephiny laughed. "But what about you Blaise?" She asked disappointedly as she lightly stroked her cheek with her thumb.

Blaise put her hands on Ephiny’s face and pulled her down for a tender kiss. " I had my orgasm with you baby." Blaise answered through her kiss as she deepened it sending a throbbing sensation straight to Ephiny’s sex.

"Whew!...You take my breath away!" Ephiny gasped through her kiss.

Blaise sat up with Ephiny in her lap never breaking their kiss as their passions ignited again. They broke their kiss breathless as Jordyn cried harder. "Hold that thought baby." Ephiny answered with a quick kiss before getting up to check on Jordyn.

Blaise watched Ephiny walk away to check on Jordyn and couldn’t help but stare at her sexy backside. She smiled appreciatively towards Ephiny’s beauty as she loved how her long blond curls draped down her sexy, tan, toned back. She loved to have Ephiny’s body wrapped tightly against her own to feel her heartbeat and her softness, to hear her sexy voice call out her name and to lose herself in her beautiful hazel eyes. Blaise sighed lovingly as she leaned back against the chair and crossed her legs before resting her chin on her hand with her elbow resting on her leg.

‘How can I tell Ephiny that I betrayed her?’ Blaise thought with a heavy heart as the tears welled in her eyes. ‘How do I tell her that I killed a former lover because I couldn’t control my anger for the woman because she took the things that Ephiny had given me. How is she going to look at me from now on? Will it not matter to her or will she just think of me as being no different than my father...killing for spite. I was so stupid to let my emotions get the best of me when I killed Magdalene.’ Blaise berated herself. ‘But I felt like she was taking my only connection to Ephiny away and that she degraded my love for her by wearing those things. That’s no excuse Blaise. You just need to tell Ephiny or this is going to eat at you until it drives a wedge between you both.’ Blaise told herself as she was snapped out of her thoughts by Ephiny who spoke to her.

Blaise looked up confused as Ephiny stood before her straddling her legs. "I’m sorry...did you say something?" Blaise asked with regret for not noticing Ephiny standing there.

"I said dinar for your thoughts look like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders or are you just doing an impression of Atlas?" Ephiny asked as she held out a dinar.

Blaise chuckled and took the dinar in Ephiny’s hand and pulled her down on her lap with Ephiny straddling her waist. Ephiny flipped her long hair back off her shoulders much to Blaise’s delight. "You know...when you do that it takes my breath away and renders me utterly speechless for a moment in time." Blaise replied softly with a smile as she wrapped her arms around Ephiny and hugged her tightly.

"That’s so sweet do the same thing to me when you look at me." She answered with a chuckle before kissing Blaise’s neck.

Blaise leaned back and stared lovingly at her as she tried to figure out how she was going to tell her. She pushed a stray hair off her face and kissed her lips lightly. "There’s something I need to talk to you about." Blaise answered as she gasped to catch her breath and to keep the tears that formed right where they were.

"Blaise...what’s going on?" Ephiny asked confused and with worry as she saw the conflict in Blaise’s blue eyes.

"I need to explain some things that happened when I was gone. I was in prison."

"By the gods, Blaise. That’s where you got all of those cuts and bruises from?" Ephiny asked with shock and hurt at the revelation.

"Yes, because I wouldn’t do what the person in charge wanted me to." Blaise answered as she wiped the sweat from her brow as she was nervous talking to her about it.

"Why didn’t you just do what they wanted Blaise? Would it have gotten you out of there?"

"No, they wanted me to with them...if you know what I mean?" Blaise stammered nervously.

"What? Who wanted you to do this?" Ephiny asked with growing agitation.

"A former lover." Blaise answered and saw the shock and hurt in Ephiny’s eyes.

"Hmmm...a former lover huh? And you didn’t do anything with this person?" Ephiny answered with hesitation and jealousy as her heart raced at the thought.

"Well...I kissed the woman when..." Blaise attempted to explain as she felt Ephiny start to move away from her. "No, please...let me explain...please." Blaise pleaded as she held Ephiny who had tears in her eyes. "I knew this would happen but I wanted you to know the truth. I had to kiss her to distract her from seeing Xena who was sneaking in to the prison to rescue me." Blaise explained as she felt Ephiny’s tension release. "I’m sorry baby...but I had to do it." Blaise answered regretfully as her blue eyes filled in tears. "I hope you can forgive me? I feel terribly guilty about it." Blaise asked looking into Ephiny’s eyes for understanding and forgiveness, which she found.

Ephiny ran her hands through Blaise’s hair and hugged her tightly as Blaise wrapped her arms around Ephiny holding her close. "I forgive you baby. Where is this woman so I can have a little conversation with her?" Ephiny asked with agitation towards the woman.

"She’s dead...I killed her." Blaise answered with regret as Ephiny sat back and looked into Blaise’s blue eyes.

"Why do you seem so regretful about killing her? Did you feel something for this woman Blaise?" Ephiny asked wondering why it would bother Blaise for killing her.

"I felt nothing but hate for her Eph. I feel regretful because I didn’t have to kill her I could have just pushed her aside and left the cell but I slit her throat instead." Blaise answered with remorse as she thought back to what she had done.

"What made you do it then?"

"She took everything you gave me and wore it. It made me feel as though she took you away from me and it disgusted me to know that she wore them. It made me feel like she violated our love for one another and I lost it. I was consumed with hate, guilt and anger so, I killed her and I’m worried that you won’t see me for the same person that I am but someone who is no better than my father." Blaise answered with regret as she looked down.

"Blaise...I don’t see you as your father and I never have nor will I ever. You did something that you felt in your heart was right and I probably would have done the same thing. Sometimes our emotions get the best of us and we do things that we regret. You have to find it within yourself to not feel so bad about it. I would worry if you weren’t remorseful about killing her. I love you no matter what and you know that. My opinion of you will never change baby." Ephiny answered reassuringly as she held Blaise close to her and kissed her cheek.

"My father put her up to capturing me and holding me there. She was suppose to kill me but she didn’t because she was still in love with me." Blaise explained with sadness that her own father would want to do something like that to his own child.

"Gods! Why?" Ephiny asked with a stunned look on her face.


"He wants to take Chayce as his heir and Jordyn as his spare and eliminate me entirely." Blaise answered with disgust at the thought of her father controlling her children.

"That bastard is not taking our children Blaise!...I’ll kill him myself before he does that!" Ephiny answered with anger and fire in her eyes.

"No, he won’t do anything to the children baby...he’s not in a position to do anything right now. He is being punished by the Gods at Olympus but just the same we need to make sure there is someone with the kids at all times. If he does anything to them or you I will fulfill my promise I made to him and kill him if he harmed anyone close to me."

"You told him that?" Ephiny answered with disbelief and a slight smile at the thought of Ares being eliminated as the God of War.

"I threatened him with that and I told him I would make Joxer the next God of War." Blaise answered with a laugh, which was shared by Ephiny.

"That is so funny!" Ephiny answered as she laughed harder.

"It should have seen his face!" Blaise laughed harder at the memory.

"Honey...I’m so sorry you have to have such a terrible father because you are so sweet, caring and wonderful." Ephiny replied as she ran her fingers through Blaise’s hair.

"I love you so much Eph." Blaise whispered as she embraced her tighter and kissed her shoulder.

"I love you as well Blaise and never doubt that...please?" She answered as she looked at Blaise.

"Never." Blaise answered with a smile as she kissed Ephiny passionately. "I missed you and the kids so much. It hurt so bad to be away from you honey. You and the kids are everything that’s good in my life and without you there would be no blue sky in my world...only darkness." Blaise confessed as she stared into Ephiny’s eyes lovingly.


"I feel the same way Blaise you are my world, heart and soul." Ephiny answered sealing it with a passionate and loving kiss. "It was weird but when you were gone I felt your pain...I don’t know how but I did." Ephiny answered lovingly.

"That’s because we’re soulmates. Did you hear me call out to you?" Blaise asked with a smile.

"Yes, I was just before you came back. I heard you say you were coming home and I felt totally at peace. I wasn’t so worried after that. I thought it was a dream." Ephiny answered slightly stunned that what she felt and heard was reality and not a dream.

"You are in all of my thoughts and dreams Eph. You have made all of my dreams come true. I can’t express how much you mean to much our children mean to me. It blows my mind that they are ours. It’s totally awesome that we created two beautiful children...well...with the help of the gods...but they are from our love for one another. That is so incredible." Blaise answered with a proud and adoring smile as she looked lovingly at Ephiny.

"I feel the same way Blaise and you made all of my dreams come true when you strutted cockily into this village and literally swept me off my feet." Ephiny answered with a chuckle remembering the first day she saw Blaise.

"I thought you liked how I walked. By the way, how did you twist your ankle in that hole?" Blaise teased with a laugh as she kissed Ephiny’s chin.

"I was trying to get a better look at you and didn’t see the hole." Ephiny answered with slight embarrassment and blushing as Blaise laughed. "Blaise... I like and love everything about you baby." Ephiny answered seductively as she pressed her lips against Blaise’s for a searing kiss. "You did clean your mouth after you kissed that wretched woman didn’t you?" Ephiny teased.

"Well...after becoming physically ill...I nearly used all of the water in the lake trying to clean my mouth." Blaise answered with a laugh before kissing Ephiny again.


"Aah...Blaise...I wanted to tell you." Ephiny tried to explain but was interrupted by Blaise.

"How sexy I am and how much you can’t resist my fatal charms?" Blaise teased cockiness as she assaulted Ephiny’s neck with soft bites and getting a laugh out of Ephiny.

Ephiny tried to calm her erratic breathing from Blaise’s bombardment of kisses on her neck so, she could say what she wanted to tell Blaise. "Blaise...stop I need to tell you about Chayce." Ephiny answered as she pulled away from Blaise who laughed.

"I know...he’s crying. I’ll go get him." Blaise answered as she lifted Ephiny up and put her in the chair before kissing her and walking away.

‘That’s not what I had in mind. Gods! There is just never a right time to tell her.’ Ephiny thought regretfully for not telling Blaise about how the Amazons wouldn’t except Chayce as an equal in their village.

Blaise approached the cribs and rubbed Chayce’s back to calm his whimpering as she lovingly stared at him. He settled after a few minutes when Jordyn began to cry and sat up in her crib. "Hey, princess...what’s wrong? Are you trying to wake everyone in the village? Mommie and Auntie Gabrielle won’t be very happy with you waking up their sleepy warriors." Blaise teased in a soft tone as she picked Jordyn up holding her close to her chest.

Jordyn settled her face against Blaise’s neck and laid her head against her shoulder as her cries turned to a soft whimper. Ephiny watched the two together as her heart was filled with joy at the sight of her strong wife and her daughter cuddling.

"’s okay baby." Blaise replied softly as she rubbed her back gently and headed to the bed. "What?" Blaise asked as she saw Ephiny watching her and Jordyn with a smile.

"I was just thinking about how happy I am and how gorgeous the two of you look together." Ephiny answered adoringly with a loving smile.


Blaise lay back on the bed as Jordyn clung tightly to her with her arms around Blaise’s neck. Ephiny lay on her side and moved closer to Blaise as she covered them with a blanket. Ephiny put her hand on Jordyn’s head and softly played with her hair as Jordyn closed her eyes. Ephiny laughed. "What’s so funny Eph?" Blaise asked as she turned her head to face Ephiny.

"It’s so adorable." Ephiny answered with a smile and adoration. " Jordyn is rubbing your hair between her cute little fingers just like she did when she was first born." Ephiny answered as she softly kissed her tiny hand.

"She takes after mommie who likes to play with my hair." Blaise answered with a smile as she softly rubbed Jordyn’s back as Ephiny gazed lovingly into Blaise’s blue eyes.

"I love you Blaise." Ephiny answered as she kissed Blaise and lay her head against her shoulder. Ephiny slid her hand on Blaise ,'s which rested on Jordyn’s back.

"I love you Eph...thank you for having such beautiful children." Blaise answered appreciatively as she kissed her forehead.

"You helped produce these children too baby." Ephiny answered as she squeezed Blaise’s hand.

"I love you Jordyn and Chayce." Blaise whispered as she kissed her daughter softly on her head and closed her eyes feeling as though she was the happiest woman in the world.

Blaise felt Ephiny stir and had a feeling someone was watching her as she slept. Blaise opened one eye to catch Jordyn looking at her and smiled as Jordyn giggled and hid her face. Blaise could feel Jordyn’s hand up behind her neck playing with her hair. Blaise closed her eyes and pretended to sleep as Jordyn looked back up at Blaise. Blaise opened her eye again causing Jordyn to giggle harder and hide her face again.

"Is my little princess trying to wake me up?" Blaise asked softly as she picked Jordyn up and held her above her. "Is that what you’re doing?" Blaise asked in baby talk as she rocked her side to side in both of her hands to the delight of Jordyn who giggled.

Blaise lowered Jordyn down to her and put a raspberry on her belly as Jordyn squealed with excitement. Blaise laughed as she watched her daughter laugh and wiggle. Blaise lowered her again placing another raspberry on her belly eliciting the same response as the two laughed at one another hysterically.

Ephiny watched the two play and felt an overwhelming amount of joy and tears filled her eyes as a big smile swept across her face. ‘I’m the luckiest woman in the world to have such beautiful children and such a loving wife.’ Ephiny thought to herself.

"Have you had enough or do you want more?" Blaise teased with a big smile as Jordyn giggled and nodded no as her blond curls dangled in her face. " more?" Blaise laughed as she lowered Jordyn to her chest. Jordyn put her finger on Blaise’s lips as Blaise kissed her tiny finger. Jordyn put her tiny hands on each side of Blaise’s face and lowered her lips to Blaise’s for a baby kiss by just holding her lips against Blaise’s.


Blaise was consumed with pride and happiness by her daughter’s gesture of love as tears formed in her eyes. Blaise looked into those familiar hazel eyes which both Jordyn and Ephiny both possessed and saw unconditional love in them. Blaise pushed her curls back to kiss her forehead as she hugged Jordyn. "Eph...did you see that? She kissed me!" Blaise exclaimed with joy as Ephiny approached the bed.

"Yes...honey, I saw it and it was so precious." Ephiny answered with a smile as she stroked Jordyn’s head and leaned down to kiss Blaise. "Let me get her ready and you get your son up who has your sleeping habits of sleeping in late." Ephiny answered with a wink.

"Go with mommie to get dressed." Blaise told Jordyn softly with a smile as she handed her to Ephiny and sat up.

Blaise ran her hand through her disheveled black, wavy hair before throwing her tunic on and moved over to her son’s crib to wake him. She watched Chayce sleep peacefully and wiped his sweaty black hair off his face. Blaise smiled with happiness as she looked at her spitting image asleep in the crib on his tummy the same way she loves to sleep.

Blaise rubbed his back softly to wake her son who opened his eyes and rolled on his back locking blues with blues.

"Hey, buddy." Blaise replied softly as she leaned her chin on her hand that rested on the crib railing. "How’s my little warrior this morning? You ready to go see grandma?" Blaise asked in baby talk with a smile.

Chayce smiled and reached his hands up to Blaise who picked him up out of the crib. Blaise leaned her still sleepy son on her shoulder as he snuggled his face against her neck and she could feel his soft breath against her skin. Chayce wrapped his arms around Blaise’s neck and like his sister...twirled Blaise’s hair in his tiny hands. Blaise smiled and kissed his little arm softly as she rubbed his back. Blaise took him over to the changing table where Ephiny finished changing Jordyn.

"So, my little man is finally awake huh?" Ephiny asked with a smile as she kissed Chayce’s arm.

"Yep and he needs to be changed." Blaise exclaimed with a scrunched up face from the smell of his diaper.

"Well, honey...knock yourself’s your turn." Ephiny winked and smiled as she picked Jordyn up. "Let’s get you something to eat." She replied as she smiled at Jordyn.

"No prob...I’ve got many skills and diaper changing is one of them." Blaise answered as she gently lay Chayce down on the changing table. "Nothing to worry about little buddy...I used to change your cousin Bliss’ diapers all the time." Blaise smiled as she opened his diaper. "Pee...u! stink!" Blaise teased as Chayce got a funny look on his face and Blaise’s demeanor changed at what she thought he had in mind. "Don’t you do it!" Blaise replied before he doused his mom and laughed.

Ephiny and Blaise laughed as she wiped herself off. "He loves to do that." Ephiny answered and laughed harder.


"What’s up with that?" Blaise asked as she tickled him. "Your sister kisses me and you pee on me!" Blaise answered as Chayce giggled from her tickling. Blaise finished cleaning and dressing Chayce, then handed him to Ephiny for breakfast so she could dress. Blaise gathered Ephiny up in her arms for a kiss. "Thanks for packing and getting everything ready." She replied with appreciation.

"Well...the three of you looked so cute that I didn’t want to wake you last night." She answered with a sexy smile as she enjoyed being in Blaise’s strong arms.

"I owe you something special then." Blaise answered with a smile.

" don’t owe me anything...a kiss would be nice though." Ephiny answered with a smile as Blaise kissed her deeply when a knock on the door came.

"I bet that’s Auntie Xena!" Blaise replied with a smile as the twins squealed and kicked their feet with excitement.

"Come in!" Ephiny shouted as Blaise captured her lips for another kiss.

"Good morning!" She replied as she entered the hut. "Ephiny! Unhand my sister you sex crazed Amazon! Don’t you ever get enough?" Xena teased as she approached the pair who laughed. "How are my two favorite little people?" Xena exclaimed as she approached the twins and kissed them as they giggled before gathering them up in her arms. "Are you two ready?" she asked as she turned around with a smile as the kids had their heads laying on each of her shoulders.

" about Gabrielle?" Blaise asked as she walked over to the bed and grabbed her sword, which rested next to it.

"She’s sleeping standing up against our horse. You know she’s not a morning person and she never misses an opportunity for extra sleep." Xena teased with a laugh at her sleepy pregnant wife.


"I see the boxers went over as expected last night. I thought Gabrielle might go into labor laughing so hard." Ephiny whispered to Xena with a sarcastic grin.

"Yeah but you don’t know what happened after she stopped laughing." Xena answered with a mischievous grin and a wiggle of her dark eyebrows as she headed towards the door leaving Ephiny laughing. "Let’s go wake up Auntie Gabrielle." Xena replied in baby talk as the twins giggled.

Ephiny and Blaise gathered their things and left the hut to find the twins hugging Gabrielle.

"Hey, Xena...when’s Argo due?" Blaise asked as she approached Taz.

"Very soon...I hope she doesn’t go into labor while I’m gone." Xena answered as she handed Jordyn to Ephiny after she mounted her horse.

Joxer took their things and helped strap them on their horses. " are you this morning?" Blaise asked with a smile and patted him on the back.

"I’m doing okay." He answered with little enthusiasm.

"What’s wrong?" Blaise asked with concern as she helped him tie the bag down.

"’s just that everyone has someone to be with and I’m alone. I would like to be with someone." Joxer answered with sadness.

"Why don’t you send Meg a message and see if she can meet us in Amphibolis?" Blaise answered as she looked at her friend with concern.

"I’ve sent her a few but I haven’t heard anything from her."

"Well...hang in their dude...maybe the woman of your dreams is in Amphibolis." Blaise answered confidently as she patted his back.

"Let’s hope so." He answered with a smile as he watched Blaise mount Taz. Gabrielle handed Chayce to Blaise who put him in her lap as he patted Taz's mane who whinnied in response getting a laugh out of Chayce.

Blaise threw her cloak over her shoulders and put her hood up due to the chilly morning air. She did the same with Chayce’s cloak as did Ephiny with Jordyn.

Epinon approached the group who prepared to leave. "Have a safe trip my Queen." She replied with a nod to Gabrielle and a wink knowing Gabrielle didn’t like her being so formal amongst family. "I would feel better if you would allow me to send some royal guards with you." She replied with concern for her Queen and her Regent.

"We’ll be fine with these two with us." Gabrielle answered as she pointed to Xena and Blaise.

"That’s what I was worried about." Epinon teased with a laugh which was shared by the group.

"What is she trying to say Xena? That we’re bad influences on these ladies?" Blaise teased as Xena laughed and Epinon flashed a smile to Blaise with a wink to let her know she wasn’t serious.

"You’re in charge now Epinon and don’t hesitate to send word if there is trouble." Gabrielle instructed her.

"I will if there is trouble my queen...have an enjoyable time."

"We will...thank you." Gabrielle answered with a smile as she wrapped her arms around Xena who turned her horse to leave the village followed by the rest of the group.

"You know Xena when the baby gets bigger I’m gonna have to ride in the front." Gabrielle replied as she leaned up to Xena’s ear and kissed her cheek.

"That’s fine with me because I love having you in my arms." Xena answered with a smile as she glanced over her shoulder at Gabrielle.

Chayce continued to amuse himself by playing with Taz’s mane. "Can you say Taz?" Blaise asked in baby talk as Chayce looked up at Blaise confused and put his finger to his mouth while he thought about what Blaise asked.


"Taz...can you say Taz?" Blaise asked again with a smile as Chayce turned and patted Taz. "That’s right can you say his name?" Blaise asked with a proud smile. Chayce looked back at Blaise and giggled as Blaise laughed. "How about boo!" Blaise asked as she put her face close to Chayce’s making him giggle. "Come on little dude...can you say it?" Blaise asked trying to coax him to speak as Chayce put his finger to Blaise’s lips and she kissed it causing him to giggle more.

Ephiny watched their interaction and laughed as she tried to contain Jordyn who wiggled in her lap. "Hey, missy...where are you going?" Ephiny asked sweetly as Jordyn pointed to Blaise and Chayce.

" about this?" Blaise asked as she covered her face with the hood and opened it quickly. "Boo!" She exclaimed with a smile as Chayce giggled.

Blaise repeated the gesture a few times as Chayce looked at her. "Boo!" He replied with a laugh. Blaise felt her heart stop as the tears welled in her eyes from astonishment and pride from her son’s first word as a big smile consumed her face.

"That’s right Chay!" Blaise answered as she hugged and kissed him.

"Eph...did you hear him?" Blaise asked as she turned to her with excitement and a proud smile.

"Yes...I heard it...good boy." Ephiny answered with a smile and excitement as she looked at Chayce.

Blaise turned to look at Chayce again. "Can you say mommie?" Blaise asked as Chayce looked at Ephiny and pointed.

"That’s right pumpkin." Ephiny answered as she maneuvered her horse closer and kissed his hand with a smile.

"Can you say mommie?" Blaise asked in baby talk.

"Ma." He replied as he struggled to form his words. "" He spoke and pointed at Blaise.


Blaise was overwhelmed and stunned by her emotions that flooded her when her son spoke two words together. "Is that me?" Blaise asked with a smile as she pointed to herself. "Am I Booma?"

He climbed up in Blaise’s arms as blue eyes met blues. "Booma!" He replied with a giggle as he hugged Blaise’s neck.

"Hey!... I’m Booma!" Blaise exclaimed with excitement as she hugged her son tightly and kissed him with Ephiny looking on adoringly with cloudy hazel eyes from the joyous occasion.

Jordyn became restless and continued to wiggle in Ephiny’s arms. " need to take her she’s jealous." Ephiny replied as she handed her squirming daughter to Blaise who pulled her into her arms.

"Is my little princess jealous?" Blaise asked in baby talk as she kissed her beautiful daughter on the cheek.

Xena and Gabrielle looked on with pride and admiration as she moved her horse closer to Taz. "How in Tartarus is he talking so young?" Xena asked as she stroked his black hair softly.

"Well...father said I started to speak at their age so, maybe that’ s why." Blaise answered as she looked at him amazed.

"Yeah and you haven’t stopped since!" Xena teased. "Can you say Auntie Xena?" She asked as she leaned closer to Chayce who giggled and pushed her face away as everyone laughed. "Okay it’s a hard word to pronounce but maybe in another month you’ll be able to do it." She teased with a smile.

"How about you princess? Can you say Booma?" Blaise asked as she looked into those familiar hazel eyes that she loved so much.

"Boo!" She giggled and squirmed in Blaise’s arms and put her forehead against Blaise’s cheek.

Blaise looked up at Ephiny with a smile. "That’s incredible. I can’t believe it!" Blaise replied as Chayce laughed at Xena’s funny faces she was making at him.

" and your children are part gods so, they will grow and do things faster than mortals." Gabrielle answered with a smile as she tickled Chayce.

"Come here buddy." Xena replied clapping her hands together and reached out for Chayce. "Come see your auntie’s." She replied as Chayce reached out for Xena who picked him up in her arms as Gabrielle looked over her shoulder with a smile at him.

"He’s so adorable Xena." Gabrielle gushed with a smile as she looked at her nephew.

"Absolutely...I can’t get over how early he’s talking either." Xena answered with sadness as her body became tense.

"What’s wrong Xena?" Gabrielle asked with concern as she felt the change in her demeanor.

"I just thought about Solan and how I never got to hear him say his first words or when he took his first steps." She answered sadly as she held Chayce in her arms and looked lovingly at him.

Gabrielle wrapped her arms around Xena tighter and kissed her cheek. "I’m sorry honey." She whispered in her ear.

Xena looked back over her shoulder at her bard. "Gabrielle...I don’t want to miss our child’s first words or first steps. I have a chance to experience those things and I don’t want to miss anything." She replied with sincerity and excitement at the thought of sharing those moments with Gabrielle and their child.

"We’ll have to make sure that you don’t now won’t we." Gabrielle answered with a reassuring smile followed by a kiss.

Blaise picked Jordyn up and held her out in front of her. She rocked her back and forth as she giggled. "Eph...she has your beautiful smile." Blaise replied adoringly as she glanced over to her wife who smiled and leaned over for a kiss.

"Booma!" Jordyn exclaimed as she wedged between Ephiny and Blaise hugging her effectively blocking the kiss.

Blaise and Ephiny laughed with astonishment as their daughter spoke her first words as well. "I guess she doesn’t want her brother to out do her." Blaise answered with a laugh.

"You don’t want mommie kissing Booma?" Ephiny asked with a laugh finding it weird to call Blaise that.

Jordyn shook her head no and squeezed Blaise tighter around the neck. Blaise laughed and looked at Ephiny with a mischievous grin. "See honey all chicks dig me...even the children." Blaise teased with a sexy smile and a wink.

"Oh, by the gods are so incorrigible." Ephiny answered as she rolled her eyes.

"What do you think huh?" Blaise asked Jordyn as she held her out in front of her who giggled. "I think you’re going to be a little heartbreaker." Blaise answered in baby talk as she pulled Jordyn to her face and blew a raspberry on her belly causing Jordyn to squeal with laughter and kick her legs. Blaise pushed her back out and laughed. "The chicks are going to dig you too huh?" Blaise asked sweetly as she put another raspberry on her tummy but this time Jordyn slid her tiny hands under Blaise’s hood grabbing a handful of black hair.

"Ow!...okay let go baby." Blaise pleaded as Jordyn laughed. "Aah...Eph can you help?"

"What’s the deal future God of War? Can’t handle a little baby?" Xena teased as Chayce grabbed a handful of hers. "Ow! What is this wonder twin powers or something?" Xena asked slightly embarrassed as she tried to pry his tiny fingers loose from her hair as Chayce giggled.

"Right back at you Warrior Princess!" Blaise teased as Ephiny worked to loosen Jordyn’s grip.


"Gabrielle...can you get his hands?" Xena answered as she struggled to hold him and loosen his grip on her hair.

Gabrielle laughed. "I thought you had many skills." She teased as she laughed harder and began to pry Chayce’s fingers away from her hair.

"Very should have been a comedian instead of a bard." Xena replied dryly.


"She sure takes after you with not liking raspberry’s." Blaise answered as Ephiny finally released her grip on Blaise’s hair.

"I’ll have to remember pulling hair is the key to make you stop." Ephiny answered with a smile. "You okay over there Xena?’ She asked as she noticed Gabrielle finally prying Chayce’s hand loose. Blaise laughed and stuck her tongue out at Xena receiving a swat in the arm from Ephiny. "Not in front of the children Blaise...I don’t want them picking up your bad habits." Ephiny replied with a smile to let her know she wasn’t too mad at her.

"By the gods, my daughter and my wife beat me up today." Blaise teased as she sat Jordyn in front of her to take the reigns.

"Let’s get moving on or we’ll never get there." Xena answered as she handed Chayce back to Ephiny.

The group heeled their horses to a slow gallop as the kids laughed with excitement. "Oh, isn’t that such a sweet little family moment...not!" Ares replied sarcastically as he appeared and watched them head off in the distance. "Just wait won’t be the next God of War...your son will be and your daughter will be my new Goddess of retribution. I won’t make the mistake of letting Aphrodite get her hands on either of them like she did with you Blaise." He replied maliciously and let out his demonic laugh as he disappeared.

To be continued...

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