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By Cruise

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The group drew closer to Amphibolis and noticed a large crowd of people making their way into the village. " the festival always this big?" Gabrielle asked with amazement.

"No...we usually only have local villagers who attend it and itís never this big. I have no idea whatís going on." Xena answered skeptically and surprised as the group approached the crowd.

"Excuse me...where is everyone going?" Gabrielle asked one of the women of the group.

"To the festival!" They answered with excitement as they continued to walk towards Amphibolis.

"Whatís so special about the festival that so many people are going to attend it?" Gabrielle asked inquisitively.

"We saw a scroll hanging in our village saying that the Warrior Princess and her sister...the future God of War would be appearing there." The woman answered excitedly.

"Oh, really?" Gabrielle and Ephiny exclaimed with sarcasm in unison as they looked at Blaise and Xena who were totally confused.

"Are you sure about that?" Blaise asked skeptically thinking the women were misinformed.

"We saw a flamboyant little man with a beard posting the scroll in our village and he said they would be part of the festivities."

Blaise and Xena looked at each other and replied simultaneously. "Salmoneus!"

"I didnít realize so many people would flock to see them." Blaise asked teasingly for more information because of course, she was intrigued.

"Oh, by the gods...everyone is going nuts over seeing them especially that sexy future God of War!" The woman exclaimed with a giggle and excitement.

Blaise chuckled as the women didnít recognize any in the group because they all had their hoods up from the cold weather. "So, everyone is going nuts over the future God of War huh?" Ephiny asked with jealousy and agitation as her eyebrow shot up at Blaise effectively replacing Blaiseís smile with a sheepish look knowing her wife was not pleased.

"Oh, yeah!...I hear sheís gorgeous." The woman replied with a gleam in her eye. "Iím gonna have to steal her away from her wife." The woman laughed with her friend as Ephiny went to say something but Blaise grabbed her arm and whispered in her ear.

"No...youíll make it worse...they havenít recognized us and if they do they will call everyone over here." Blaise replied as she could see the anger and jealousy in her fiery Amazon lover. "Itís okay." Blaise replied softly to calm her anger as Ephiny settled down when Blaise slipped her hand on Ephinyís to steady her.

"I intend to steal the Warrior Princess away from her Amazon Queen too." The other woman boasted confidently with a laugh towards her friend.

"Hey!...what makes you think they would want either one of you?" Gabrielle asked with agitation drawing a snicker from Xena who quickly received a poke in the ribs.

"Once they get a kiss from me at the kissing booth they wonít want their wiveís anymore!" The woman laughed and hurried away from the group.

"Kissing booth?" Blaise asked perplexed.

"Iím gonna kill Salmoneus!" Xena answered with agitation.

"Not before we will!" Ephiny and Gabrielle exclaimed in angered unison.

The group headed into town with two very angry Amazon women hot on Salmoneusí trail. "I feel bad for Salmoneus." Blaise chuckled.

"He deserves it." Xena snapped back with a devilish grin.

"Oh, I donít know...a kissing booth sounds kind of fun." Blaise teased as Ephiny looked back with an angry look on her face. "Of course, if my beautiful bride is the one kissing me." Blaise answered flashing her a sexy smile trying to soothe her ruffled Amazon feathers.

"That sexy little smile of yours isnít going to work for you Blaise when you want a kiss from me later." Ephiny answered and gave Blaise a Ďif looks could killí look.

"Ooh, Jordyn...I see where you get your jealous streak from...your mommy." Blaise teased as she kissed her beautiful daughterís head who giggled and played contently with Tazís mane as the group steered the horses towards Cyreneís tavern.

Blaise dismounted with Jordan in her arms and stretched her lanky, slender body after the long ride and tied Tazís reigns to the post as Jordyn giggled at Taz who put his nose up to Jordynís small hand. "Let me guess Taz...youíre going to start obeying her now...right?" Blaise teased her horse as she pat his neck receiving a low whinny out of her stallion.

"My babies!" Cyrene shouted as she ran out of the tavern with excitement heading straight for Jordyn. "I had no idea you were coming...why didnít you send word?...but Iím glad you are here so Grandma can spoil her gorgeous little grandchildren." Cyrene asked and gushed as she gathered Jordyn up in her arms. "Hey, sweetheart...come to Grandma." Cyrene cooed as she hugged and kissed Jordan. "Whereís Grandmaís boy?...there he is!" She replied excitedly as she saw Chayce attempting to wiggle out of Ephinyís strong arms as she dismounted her horse and tightened her grip on her little wiggleworm of a son.


Cyrene took Chayce from Ephiny and showered him with hugs and kisses as the twins both giggled happily. Blaise pushed her hood off her head. "Itís nice to see you too mother." Blaise teased sarcastically with a chuckle.

"Oh, honey...Iím sorry I was just so excited about seeing my grand babies I just lost all of my senses." Cyrene answered as she leaned up and kissed Blaise.

"Booma!" Chayce and Jordyn replied at the same time and pointed at Blaise.

"I didnít know theyíre talking now." Cyrene exclaimed with surprise and joy as she kissed their cheeks. "Booma?" She questioned bewildered as she looked back at Blaise.

"They just started on the trip over here and donít ask....Iím not sure how they came up with that name mother." Blaise smiled proudly as she brushed Jordynís blond curls off her face.

"Thatís amazing honey...they are so young and already talking." Cyrene replied with amazement.

"I guess from what Aphie told Eph I started speaking at their age as well. I guess itís because they are part god." Blaise explained.

"Now that I think about it Xena started to say her first words at about the same age." Cyrene answered as the memory of Xena as a child flooded her thoughts.

"Hello mother." Ephiny replied with a smile as she kissed Cyrene for a greeting.

"Itís so good to see you Ephiny...are you feeling better since these beautiful little children were born?" Cyrene asked with a smile as she rocked the twins in her arms.

"Pretty much back to top fighting form....thanks for asking." Ephiny answered with a gracious smile as she tied her horse to the railing.

"Mother." Xena replied huskily with a smile as she approached.

"Thereís my other daughter...hi honey!" Cyrene answered with excitement as Xena leaned down for her mother to kiss her cheek.

"Donít pull my hair either." Xena replied to Chayce with a laugh before receiving the kiss on her cheek from her mother as Chayce laughed.

"Whereís Gabrielle?" Cyrene asked as she attempted to look past her two tall daughters who obstructed her view.


"Here I am...just waddling up from the rear." Gabrielle teased with a smile as she kissed Cyrene.

"How do you feel honey?" Cyrene asked as she looked her over as Chayce and Jordyn were fascinated by their Grandmotherís necklace with the dangling charms on it.

"Very pregnant." Gabrielle answered with a laugh as they headed towards the tavern.

"I see my daughter waiting on you hand and foot?" Cyrene asked as she raised her dark eyebrow towards Xena who flashed her a sarcastic grin.

"Actually...sheís been very supportive and yes...she has been fulfilling my every whim mother." Gabrielle smiled as she wrapped her hand in Xenaís as they walked ahead.

"Every whim huh?" Blaise asked with a sarcastic laugh as Xena turned and pointed at her sister giving her a warning look of keeping the comments to herself getting a chuckle out of Blaise in response.

"Joxer...will Meg be joining you here?" Cyrene asked as she looked over her shoulder at him as he brought up the rear amusing the twins by making funny faces.

"Iím not sure Cyrene...I sent word but Iím not sure if she will come here or not." Joxer answered disappointedly.

"Well...I hope she joins us." Cyrene answered as they all entered the house.

"Hey, you...come here." Blaise teased as she put her arms around Ephiny who tried to continue walking but couldnít as Blaise held her back.

"Blaise...stop it...Iím mad at you." Ephiny answered agitatedly as she defiantly pushed Blaiseís hands off of her.

"Oh, baby...come on." Blaise whined with a pouty look on her face.

"No!...those bedroom eyes and that sexy smile of yours wonít work with me today." Ephiny answered sternly as she turned to walk away again.

Blaise wrapped her arms around Ephiny lifting her off the ground. "Are you sure it wonít work?" Blaise whispered seductively in Ephinyís ear as she kissed her cheek. Ephiny knew she couldnít resist Blaiseís fatal charms but struggled free and attempted to walk away again laughing to herself. "Ooh, youíre feisty...but I like it!" Blaise laughed as she ran in front of Ephiny.

"Blaise...donít make me drop you!" Ephiny replied trying to keep a straight face as she pointed at her tall, dark, cocky soulmate.

"Oh, baby...drop me right here...Iím so turned on by your feisty attitude Eph." Blaise teased as she moved towards Ephiny who kept her head down to conceal her smile. Blaise lifted Ephinyís chin up to look at her and laughed. "I knew it would work!"

"Ooh, you!" Ephiny pointed at Blaise with frustration as she began to laugh.

Blaise wrapped her arms around her wife. "Why are you so mad at me honey?" Blaise asked with a sexy smile.

"Because you love it when those women swoon all over you." Ephiny answered with agitation.

"Only when you swoon over me baby. I just find it very funny when people have that kind of a reaction." Blaise answered with a sly grin as she planted a kiss on Ephinyís sexy, supple lips.


"Youíre such a smooth talker arenít you?" Ephiny asked with an adoring smile as she held Blaiseís face in her hands leaning in for a moist kiss.

"Your smooth talker baby...what do you say to a piggyback ride?" Blaise asked as she wiggled her dark eyebrows with a mischievous smile.

"You know I love those." Ephiny answered with a laugh as she tried to turn Blaise around to climb on her back. "Are you going to let me on?"

"No...I was talking about you giving me a ride." Blaise answered with a sly smile and a chuckle.

"Okay...come on." Ephiny answered as she crouched down for Blaise to climb on. Blaise hopped on and wrapped her arms around Ephinyís neck resting her hands on her voluptuous breasts. "Blaise!...what are you doing?" Ephiny asked embarrassingly as she trudged towards the house with the heavy weight on her back.

"Oh, baby...Iím getting so hot for you." Blaise teased with a whisper in Ephinyís ear driving Ephiny wild from Blaiseís hot breath in her ear.

"Blaise knock it off and get your sword out of my side!" Ephiny answered with agitation shaking off her mounting arousal the best she could as she moved her ear away from Blaise and struggled to hold Blaise who continued to try and whisper in her ear.

"You didnít mind my sword there last night pumpkin." Blaise teased seductively as she kissed Ephinyís neck.

"Blaise...donít lean so far forward weíre going to fall!" Ephiny warned as she struggled to stand upright. "Blaise!" Ephiny shouted as they tumbled to the ground with Ephiny landing on Blaise who pulled her on top to break her fall.

"Ow!" Blaise exclaimed as they hit the ground and then began to laugh.

Ephiny turned and straddled Blaise on all fours. "Are you crazy?" She asked with a laugh as she looked down into the sexiest blue eyes she had ever seen.


"Crazy for you babe...but you hurt my lip honey." Blaise pouted as she stuck her lip out. "Kiss it and make it feel better from your head hitting it."

Ephiny laughed. "Aah...poor baby." Ephiny replied sarcastically as she sucked Blaiseís lip into her mouth before placing a playful bite on it.

"Ooh, youíre such a tease...but I like it." Blaise answered with a sexy smile as she suddenly became very sexually aroused.

"Payback for all those times you teased me my love." Ephiny answered as she ran her tongue across Blaiseís lips before kissing them and getting up quickly.

"Hey!...whatís the big idea?" Blaise teased as she rolled over and looked at Ephiny who laughed. "Come here my little Amazon Regent." Blaise taunted as she gestured with her finger for Ephiny to come back to her as a sly grin slipped across her face.

"Oh, no you donít!" Ephiny laughed as she began to run towards Cyreneís house that is attached to the tavern with Blaise in hot pursuit... both of them laughing hysterically.

Ephiny and Blaise burst through the door laughing with Blaise trying to keep her grip on her elusive wife as Ephiny pushed and tripped Blaise to get away from her causing Blaise to fall on the ground laughing. "What in tartarus are you two doing?" Gabrielle asked with disbelief as everyone looked on startled from the display.

Blaise rolled over on her stomach and looked at Ephiny who continued to laugh. "Keep laughing Eph." Blaise teased as she climbed to her feet while Ephiny hid behind Cyrene.

" daughter is incorrigible." Ephiny replied with a laugh.

"Tell me something I donít already know Ephiny." Cyrene answered with a laugh.

"You think you can hide behind my mother huh?...donít think I wonít get a hold of her too." Blaise answered smiling wickedly as she approached the two.

"Now...Blaise." Cyrene replied as she pointed at Blaise while Ephiny made faces at Blaise over Cyreneís shoulder as the two slowly backed away from the tall warrior.

"But mommy...she hurt my lip and then bit it!" Blaise whined teasingly as she drew closer to the pair as they laughed harder.

"Iím sure you probably deserved it!" Cyrene teased as Blaise wrapped her arms around the two squeezing them as they laughed harder with Gabrielle and Xena laughing at the scene that was taking place before them.

Gabrielle couldnít help but notice the change in Ephiny that Blaise had brought out when the two of them met. She thought about how nice it was to see her Amazon Regent leading a happy life that wasnít so consumed with her job duties as an Amazon. Gabrielle remembered how serious and intense...not to mention how jealous she was when they first met and she received the right of caste. She liked seeing Ephiny with a sense of humor, laughing and in suited her well she thought happily for her friend.

"Blaise...I canít breathe!" Cyrene laughed as Blaise kissed her cheek and let her loose. "As for you my sassy Amazon wife." Blaise laughed as she was finally able to get a good grip on Ephiny before licking the side of her face.

"Blaise!" Ephiny shouted as she slapped her arm and pulled away wiping her face as everyone laughed.

"Thereís never a dull moment around those two." Xena replied with a chuckle as she shook her head in amazement at the pair.

Blaise turned to find Jordyn laughing and clapping as she sat on a blanket in front of the fireplace playing with the toys Grandma had given her. "Do you think thatís funny too my little princess?" Blaise asked in babytalk as she slowly approached the blanket with Jordyn squealing from laughter. Blaise lay prone on her elbows facing Jordyn as she did the same as her mother. "Are you going to be sassy like mommy?" Blaise asked in a sweet voice causing Jordyn to giggle as her familiar hazel eyes met Blaiseís blues.


"Ephiny...I canít get over how much she looks like you." Cyrene observed fondly as she looked lovingly at her granddaughter and her daughter interacting with one another.

"She may look like me but she has Blaiseís personality already and gods help us with the two of them." Ephiny answered as everyone laughed.

Blaise and Jordyn had their legs bent up and crossed as they looked at each other smiling. "Youíre gonna be a little heartbreaker...arenít you?" Blaise asked as she gazed lovingly into her daughterís excited eyes with joy and smiled proudly as Jordyn giggled. Blaise pushed her short, blond curls off her angelic little face. "You do know youíve stolen my heart just like your brother and your mommy have done donít you?" Blaise asked sweetly as she put her head against Jordynís forehead before kissing her nose.

"Thatís so sweet." Cyrene replied as tears filled her blue eyes when she watched the pair lovingly and realized just how much she would have loved to have had the same interaction with Blaise as a child.

"It melts my heart when I see the two of them together." Ephiny answered adoringly as she too looked on at her family with a wide smile.

"Xena...I want us to have that kind of a relationship with our child." Gabrielle replied as she turned in Xenaís arms to face her.

"We will...I promise." Xena answered with a loving smile before capturing her bardís lips with a kiss as Gabrielle wrapped her arms around her sexy warrior deepening the kiss.

"Hey, little one...what did you do with your brother?" Blaise asked as she tickled Jordyn who giggled and tried to get Blaiseís hand off her to stop the tickling.

"He went with Uncle Tarus and Joxer to do the man thing." Xena answered emphasizing the latter part in a deep voice mocking a manís voice with a laugh.

"That should be interesting." Blaise laughed as she looked back over her shoulder with Jordyn using the opportunity to get back on her elbows as the tickling ceased.

"Iím taking my pregnant lady to get her settled...weíll see you later for dinner." Xena replied as she laced her long fingers around Gabrielleís and escorted her towards their room.

Blaise looked back at Jordyn. "Hey!...howíd you get back up here?" She asked teasingly with a laugh as Jordyn laughed and put her tiny hand in Blaiseís larger one. "Promise me sweetpea...that you wonít fall for a bum like me...try and find a wonderful person like your mommy." Blaise instructed her daughter lovingly as Jordyn put her mouth against Blaiseís cheek as a kiss. "You are a little heartbreaker...I knew it!" Blaise replied with a smile and complete joy as Ephiny lay next to Blaise placing her arm around her leaning her chin against Blaiseís shoulder.

"Honey...youíre not a bum...our daughter would be very lucky to find someone with your wonderful, loving personality to share her life with babe." Ephiny answered as she kissed Blaise on the cheek.

"Do you think so?" Blaise asked as she glanced over her shoulder at Ephiny with an excited smile.

"Absolutely...I wouldnít want to share my life and love with anyone other than you." Ephiny answered softly with a smile as she kissed Blaise.

"Mommy!" Jordyn exclaimed with a smile as Blaise and Ephiny looked at her with astonishment before they both kissed her cheek happy about her speaking her second word.

"Thatís right baby!" Ephiny exclaimed proudly with a huge smile as she held Jordyn in her arms and kissed her again.

"Mother...did you hear her?" Ephiny asked excitedly.

"Yes, the next thing you know sheís going to say Grandma... right?" Cyrene answered in babytalk as she leaned down and tickled Jordyn causing her to giggle and cuddle closer to Ephiny.


Blaise rolled onto her side and propped her head up in her hand taking in the moment with a loving smile as her free hand rested on the small of Ephinyís back. Ephiny laughed as she looked at Jordyn and tucked her long curls behind her ear which sent Blaiseís heart racing every time she did it. Ephiny looked at Blaise. "Whatís that smile for Blaise?"

"I was just enjoying watching you two...youíre both absolutely gorgeous and Iím very lucky to have you both and Chayce in my life." Blaise answered adoringly with a loving smile as she ran her finger down Jordynís arm feeling her babysoft skin.

"We wouldnít want anyone else but you in our lives Blaise." Ephiny answered with a smile before lightly kissing Blaiseís lips sending a loving warmth throughout Blaise.

"Hey, Blaise!...what in tartarus are you feeding this kid?" Tarus asked as he held Chayce out in front of him when he entered the house with Joxer who was holding his nose closed. Blaise and Ephiny turned to look and laughed from the looks on their faces. " need to change his diet...itís brutal!" Tarus replied disgustedly as he held his breath to keep from smelling the fowl odor.

"Talk to Ephiny...sheís probably giving him mutton and yogurt." Blaise teased as Ephiny pinched her leg getting a laugh out of Blaise.

"Hey, whatís wrong with that?...I like that together." Ephiny answered as everyone laughed.

"Ephiny...that sounds as disgusting as how Chayce smells!" Tarus advised his sister-in-law who scrunched her face up mockingly at him who gestured for them to take his fowl smelling nephew from him.

"Oh, honey...itís your turn to change his diaper." Blaise drawled with a smile as she scrunched her face in a smile at Ephiny mockingly.

"Of course, he waits until itís my turn!" Ephiny answered disappointedly as she handed Jordyn to Blaise.

"Thatís my boy!...I trained him well." Blaise teased cockily as Ephiny took Chayce from Tarus.

"Can you show me where our room will be Tarus?" Ephiny asked as she kissed her stinky son on the cheek.


"Sure...right this way." Tarus answered as he motioned for her to go down the hall.

"Joxer...Iíll meet you in the tavern." Tarus replied as he headed out of site.

Blaise lay on her back and lifted Jordyn up above her as she giggled with excitement. "Joxer...could you help me in the tavern?" Cyrene asked with a smile.

"Sure...Cyrene." He answered gladly.

"Give granny kisses goodbye Jordyn." Blaise replied holding Jordyn above her as Cyrene kissed her with Jordyn giggling excitedly.

"Bye sweetie." Cyrene answered with a smile as she ran her hand across her hair. "Okay...letís go Joxer...arenít my grandchildren the most beautiful kids you have ever seen?" Cyrene replied proudly as she looped her hand in Joxerís arm before they left the house.

"It looks like itís just us sweetpea." Blaise replied with a smile as she kissed Jordynís cheek and hugged her. Jordyn grabbed onto the handle of Blaiseís sword inquisitively. "" Blaise answered as she took Jordynís hand off her sword with Jordyn pouting disappointedly at not getting her way. "Aah...poor baby." Blaise teased with a smile as she tickled her cheek and stood up to remove her sword. Blaise took the sword and the scabbard and placed it on the mantle away from her baby before sitting back down leaning against the fireplace wall.

Blaise watched Jordyn play intently with her toys and smiled lovingly as to how much she looked like Ephiny. She had the same wild, blond curly hair, Ephinyís smile that she loved so much and the beautiful hazel eyes that Blaise always lost herself in as she gazed into them. Jordyn held up a piece of stone and showed it to Blaise. "Where did you get that honey?" Blaise asked as she looked around and noticed it was missing from the stone fireplace.


"Here...let Booma have it baby." Blaise replied in babytalk as she held her hand out. Jordyn smiled and threw the stone at Blaise who thrust her head back to avoid the flying object which hit her above her eye as her head smashed against the stone wall with Blaise melting into darkness.

Jordyn giggled as Blaise slumped down to the side thinking she was playing with her. Jordyn crawled over to her and climbed on her lap with Blaise not responding to her childís touch causing Jordyn to cry from fear.

Ephiny heard Jordyn cry and looked back to her task of redressing Chayce thinking Blaise would be able to handle it. Ephiny grew more worried as she heard Jordyn begin to wail. She noticed Xena step outside the door.

"Xena...could you finish dressing him while I check on Jordyn?" Ephiny asked with worry as Jordyn cried harder.

"Sure...but is the gross stuff cleaned up...we could smell it all the way in here." Xena teased with a curled up lip.

"Xena...come on I need to check on Jordyn!" Ephiny answered with worry and urgency.

"Go ahead." Xena replied as Ephiny ran to the front quarters of the house.

"Blaise...knock it off." Ephiny replied with agitation as she picked Jordyn up. "Hey, sweetheart...whatís wrong? Did Booma scare you?" Ephiny asked as she tried to comfort Jordyn who continued to cry. "Blaise...stop it youíre scaring Jordyn." Ephiny replied with agitation as she kicked Blaiseís foot noticing Jordyn had blood on her shirt. "Jordyn!" Ephiny exclaimed in horror as she frantically checked her daughter over for an injury.

"Ephiny...whatís wrong?" Cyrene asked with worry as she entered the room quickly after hearing Jordyn crying.

Ephiny looked at Blaise who had still not moved and put Jordyn down to check on her. Ephiny put Blaiseís face in her hands which was hidden from her as she lay slumped to one side. "Blaise...Blaise." Ephiny replied with no response from her.

"Whatís wrong with her Ephiny?" Cyrene asked nervously as she comforted Jordyn who continued to cry.

"Iím not sure." Ephiny answered with growing concern as she lifted Blaiseís head to find it was bleeding. "Blaise...honey...wake up youíre scaring me." Ephiny replied worriedly as she shook her with no response from Blaise.

"Hold on...try this." Cyrene answered as she grabbed a bottle from the table. "Have her smell this and see if it will wake smells awful and helps with the drunks in the tavern." Cyrene explained as she handed the bottle to Ephiny who gave her a cross look regarding the comment about the drunks and comparing them to Blaise as Cyrene shrugged her shoulders apologetically knowing Ephiny wasnít all too pleased with her comment.

Ephiny opened the bottle and passed it under Blaiseís nose a few times before Blaise slowly opened her eyes. "Blaise." Ephiny replied softly as she looked into her blank blue eyes as she sat her up straight.

Blaise blinked to shake off the fogginess. "Jordyn." Blaise whispered worriedly as she looked into Ephinyís eyes.

"Sheís okay about you?" Ephiny asked with concern as she held her steady.

Blaise tried to discern what was happening as she swallowed and closed her eyes attempting to fight the darkness that tried desperately to consume her once again. "No...Blaise...wake up baby." Ephiny replied brushing Blaiseís hair back and noticed the cut above her eye as Blaise opened her eyes again.

"Eph." Blaise replied with a faint smile. "My head." Blaise answered softly as she reached back to feel the lump she had there. Blaise looked up at Jordyn and saw the blood on her shirt. "Jordyn!" Blaise exclaimed nervously as her heart raced with fear that she was hurt.

"Sheís okay Blaise...itís your blood honey." Ephiny reassured her with a smile.

Cyrene was unable to hold the squirming little girl who crawled onto Blaiseís lap. "Hey sweetpea." Blaise replied softly with a smile as she hugged her before wiping her tears away.

"Blaise...what happened?" Cyrene asked with wonderment and worry.

"Jordyn...aah...had a stone and she wailed it at me but what happened after that Iím not sure about." Blaise explained the best she could remember. Ephiny and Cyrene looked at Blaise in disbelief. "Iím should see her throw!" Blaise exclaimed seriously.

"Let me see your head." Ephiny asked as Blaise leaned forward. "Mother can you hand me a rag and some water please?" Ephiny asked as she parted Blaiseís dark hair.

"Hey, what happened?" Xena asked with confusion as she entered the room with Chayce.

"Here Ephiny." Cyrene replied as she handed her a towel and water.

"Jordyn hit me in the head with a stone." Blaise explained as Ephiny wet the towel.

Xena began to laugh. "That little tyke knocked you out?" Xena asked with laughter and disbelief.

Blaise gave Xena a stern and unhappy look. "Think thatís funny huh?" Blaise asked agitatedly.

"Well...yeah." Xena teased.

"She throws hard Xena!" Blaise answered with growing agitation and embarrassment. "At least I donít put my sonís pants on backwards!" Blaise snapped as Xena looked down noticing she put Chayceís pants on backwards.

Xena flashed an embarrassed smile. "Hey, why didnít you tell me." Xena asked Chayce as she tickled his belly causing him to laugh.

Ephiny cleaned the scrape on the back of Blaiseís head. "Mother...I need to put a few stitches above her eye. Can you get a needle and thread for me...please?" Ephiny asked as she looked back at Cyrene who held a rag to Blaiseís wound to stop the bleeding.

"Sure...honey...Iíll be right back." Cyrene answered as she headed into the other room with Ephiny holding the rag over Blaiseís eye.

"You feel okay Blaise?" Ephiny asked with concern as Blaise held Jordyn in her arms who had fallen asleep content that her mother was okay.

"Not really Eph." Blaise answered as a wave of nausea swept over her turning her face pale. "Here....take Jordyn." Blaise replied hurriedly as she handed Jordyn to Ephiny and tried to stand but lost her balance and fell to the ground.

"Blaise!" Ephiny exclaimed as she reached to help her wife.

Blaise stayed on all fours fighting the nausea, dizziness with sweat dripping off of her as she fought to collect her bearings again. Ephiny gave Jordyn to Cyrene who entered the room again and moved to Blaise. "Come on baby." Ephiny replied softly as she tried to help her up.

"No!...let me do it myself." Blaise answered with embarrassment and anger as she stood up able to keep her balance this time. She wiped the sweat from her brow as everyone looked at her with concern. Blaise looked around at everyone. "Havenít you ever seen someone whoís sick before?" Blaise asked with embarrassment and dismay as she walked towards the door with determination not to fall again from her loss of balance and exited the house into the cool night air. Blaise took in the fresh air to calm her nausea before heading to the well for some cold water.

Blaise dipped the bucket into the water and retrieved it placing the bucket in front of her putting her hands into the water before splashing the cold water on her face. The water was a shock to her sweaty skin and took her breath away momentarily as a shiver ran up her spine. She put her hands on the side of the well for support from her unsteadiness and inhaled deeply a few times to settle the nausea.

Ephiny approached and put her arm around Blaiseís waist. "Are you okay baby?" Ephiny asked softly with concern as she looked up at her taller lover.

"Oh, yeah!" Blaise answered with agitation as she scooped water in her hand and rubbed it on her face.

"Blaise...thereís nothing to be embarrassed about ...weíre all family."

" are ...but it doesnít mean everyone has to stare at me when it happens Eph." Blaise snapped as she glanced down at Ephiny wishing she didnít say what she just did to Ephiny in that tone as she knew it wasnít her fault...she was just trying to help.

"Hey!" Ephiny answered as she moved in front of Blaise who looked away with shame. "If I can give birth to two children in front of a room full of people than you shouldnít have anything to worry about." Ephiny answered as she put her hands on Blaiseís face and turned her head to face her. "Whereís that sexy smile I love so much?...that secret one that you have only for me." Ephiny asked with a smile as Blaise glanced down at her then back off in the distance finding it hard to resist Ephinyís charm. "Come on baby give me that smile." Ephiny teased as she kissed Blaiseís strong arm before looking back up at Blaise who found it entirely too hard to conceal her smile. "There it is honey!" Ephiny replied with a laugh as she kissed Blaise soundly. "Are you feeling better now?" Ephiny asked after breaking the kiss.

Blaise nodded her head. "Yeah...Iím better. How could I not with my very sexy wife kissing me?" Blaise answered with a sly grin.

"Thatís very true my dear and I know how you canít resist, letís go get you stitched up." Ephiny answered with a laugh before slipping her arm around Blaiseís waist and guiding her away from the well.

"Are you sure you know what youíre doing by putting the stitches on my beautiful face?" Blaise teased cockily and skeptically at her wifeís skills.

"My handy work is much better than Xenaís, I give soothing kisses after each stitch." Ephiny answered seductively before kissing Blaise.

"I donít think Iíve ever been so excited to get stitches." Blaise answered sexily before wrapping her arm around Ephiny as they entered the house.


Blaise sat at the table where Xena was playing with Chayce by bouncing him on her knee as Ephiny prepared the needle and thread. "Are you feeling better?" Xena asked with concern as she glanced over at Blaise who rested her head in her hands while leaning her elbows against the table.

"Yeah...a little bit." Blaise answered in a muffle through her hands as her nausea and dizziness subsided.

"Blaise..Iím sorry if I upset you with that crack I made...I didnít think it would upset you so much." Xena replied awkwardly as she smiled at Chayce who giggled with excitement.

"Itís okay...I was just embarrassed but let me tell you something...Jordyn really has an arm!...she is going to make one serious javelin thrower when she gets older." Blaise chuckled proudly and with disbelief that her young daughter was able to throw the stone so hard.

"Well...that will go along nicely with this strong little guy here and what a duo they will make, isnít that right buddy?" Xena answered in babytalk as she looked at Chayce for an answer.

"Booma!" Chayce responded as he pointed to Blaise with a smile.

"Thatís right do you want to give Booma a hug?" Xena asked with a smile as she handed Chayce to Blaise finding it very strange calling her sister Booma.

"Whatís my little warrior up to, huh?" Blaise asked as she kissed and hugged her handsome son who wrapped his arms around her neck.

"Blaise...youíre kids are so freaking adorable." Xena replied enthusiastically and with a proud smile.

"Did you expect anything less?" Blaise asked with a cocky smile.

Xena laughed at the remark wondering why she even went there with her comment knowing Blaise would come up with some arrogant comment as Ephiny approached to address Blaiseís wound. Xena thought about how she couldnít wait for the opportunity to spoil and boast proudly of her and Gabrielleís baby.

She wanted to know her child and be a part of itís life as she was not that type of a mother to her son Solan...which she deeply regretted. Xena made a promise silently to herself that she would be a part of every aspect of their childís life when Gabrielle told her she was was one of the happiest moments of her life she thought happily as she remembered the promise that she made."Whereís Gabrielle... Xena?" Blaise asked as she put Chayce on her knee out of Ephinyís way.

"Doing her favorite thing in the world...sleeping." Xena responded with a laugh.

"Thatís not what she told me was her favorite thing Xena." Ephiny answered sarcastically with a sly grin as she glanced over at the Warrior Princess.

Xena slapped Ephinyís butt with a laugh. "Blaise...youíve been a bad influence on this Amazon!" Xena answered as she stood up from the table.

Blaise and Ephiny laughed as Cyrene entered the room again. "Blaise...honey, are you feeling better?" She asked with concern as she ran her fingers through Blaiseís dark hair.

"Good for right now mother but weíll see what happens when my wife stitches my wound." Blaise answered flashing Ephiny a sexy smile.

"Donít be nervous honey." Ephiny smiled as she kissed her.

"Thatís right Blaise donít be such a little chicken!" Xena teased as she exited the room hearing Blaise chuckle at her retort.

"Here...let Grannie take her boy. I was finally able to get your sister back to sleep." Cyrene replied as she put her hands out for Chayce to crawl into.

Ephiny put the needle to Blaiseís forehead. "Mother...hold my hand." She teased as if she was afraid.

"Well...sheís back to her old self." Cyrene replied sarcastically as she made funny faces at her grandson to get him to laugh.


Blaise shifted her blues up to Ephinyís hazels and lost herself in them as she always has before as Ephiny began to put the stitches in her wound. Ephiny stopped and checked on Blaise who stared into her eyes intently before Ephiny kissed her blue eyed lover and returned to her task.

"There Blaise...all finished and I did a better job than Xena." Ephiny replied proudly as Blaise continued to gaze into her eyes. "Are you okay?...any pain?" Ephiny asked with concern as she broke Blaiseís trance.

"I never feel pain when I look in your eyes babe." Blaise answered with a loving smile as she gathered Ephiny into her arms for a hug.

"You are so suave Blaise." Ephiny answered with a smile as she wrapped her arms around Blaiseís neck and kissed her softly above her wound absolutely loving the cockiness and confidence her lover exuded.

"Come on you two...letís get something to eat." Cyrene ordered as she carried Chayce towards the door before exiting the house for the tavern.

"In a few mother." Ephiny replied content right where she Blaiseís arms and didnít want to leave them just yet. Ephiny looked down at Blaise who had a very mischievous smile on her face. "What?" Ephiny asked suspicious of Blaiseís intentions.

"I was just wondering how I should tell mother that I already have something very delicious to eat right here in my arms." Blaise answered seductively with a sly smile.

"Blaise!" Ephiny exclaimed with surprise at her statement as she grabbed Blaiseís face with her hands. "You behave!" She answered with a chuckle as she looked into Blaiseís irresistible blue eyes.


"You never had problem with me not behaving before baby." Blaise whispered feeling very frisky as she kissed the exposed skin of Ephinyís breast.

"Well...thatís true." Ephiny answered with a smile thoroughly enjoying the feeling of Blaiseís lips on her breast. "But, this is your motherís home." She answered as she ran her fingers through Blaiseís dark hair.

"Yeah and I want to take you right here baby." Blaise answered as she moved her soft kiss to Ephinyís other breast tightening her hold on her sexy Amazon Regent.

"Oh, baby...that sounds so enticing." Ephiny moaned in delight as Blaise nibbled on her soft breast.

"Donít you two ever get enough?" Xena exclaimed as she led a very sleepy pregnant Amazon Queen into the room.

Ephiny flashed an embarrassed smile towards the pair as Gabrielle rubbed the sleep out of her eyes not looking to pleased about being out of bed. The only reason she agreed to get up was because it was time to eat. "From the sounds coming out of your hut every night it seems that neither of you can get enough either." Blaise answered as she ran her tongue inside Ephinyís bra with Ephiny grabbing a hand full of Blaiseís hair as she looked at Xena and Gabrielle attempting to maintain her composure hoping her desire for Blaise to take her right there didnít show.

Blaise smiled mischievously as she felt how Ephinyís body reacted to her kiss and knowing that Ephiny was slightly embarrassed by the way she gripped Blaiseís hair.

"Been taking notes Blaise?" Xena quipped as Gabrielle slapped her back in embarrassment before leaning her head against Xenaís shoulder.

Blaise squeezed Ephinyís firm backside causing Ephiny to wince and gasp with excitement as she tried to maintain her composure which was quickly slipping away. "From the sounds of it Xena...seems the notes you took from us are helping your sex life tremendously." Blaise teased never turned around to face Xena as she sucked Ephinyís breast causing her eyes to widen as the slickness between her legs increased.

"Okay you two...thatís enough." Gabrielle replied as she pinched Xenaís butt. "Letís eat...Oh, Ephiny...Jordynís crying." Gabrielle answered as she heard her nieceís whimpers from the room.

"Let me go get Jordyn honey." Ephiny replied as she tapped Blaiseís shoulder.

"No, Iíll get her." Blaise whispered as she stood up and kissed Ephiny passionately. "While you contemplate what youíre missing out on." Blaise whispered flashing a seductive smile with a slap to Ephinyís ass as she walked past Xena with a cocky swagger and a wink before exiting the room.

" may want to breath sometime soon." Xena replied with a laugh as Ephiny exhaled the breath she subconsciously held and let out a chuckle.

"Come on...weíll buy you a glass of water to cool you off." Gabrielle teased with a laugh as they all exited the house with Ephinyís heart pounding with excitement from her tall, sexy, loverís seductiveness.

To be continued...

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