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By Cruise

Disclaimer: This is an ongoing story and the disclaimers are the same as parts I-X. As most of you know some parts of my story don’t necessarily follow along with the show namely my exclusion of Ephiny’s relationship with Phantes. Sorry, just couldn’t go there with that story line for Ephiny. I will also go against TPTB with their latest escapade regarding Ephiny’s fate on the show. I REFUSE-I repeat-REFUSE to take her character in that direction because I totally disagree with the decision they made with her character. So, with that out of the way, I hope you enjoy the story!

Sex: Lots of it! Sexually explicit sex scenes of two consenting adult women. So, if anyone is underage or offended by two women making love than this story is not recommended.

Violence: Some but not too bad. Some mild language.

Special Thanks to Stoley who keeps me in line and to all the fans of Similar Features who continue to be frustrated by the cliffhangers! :) I really appreciate everyone’s support.

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Xena wasn’t sure were Taz was taking her but she knew he meant business by the way he refused to stop to rest. She finally reasoned with the stallion to stop and let her take a much needed rest.

"We’ll get there boy...take it easy." Xena replied as she scratched his neck and led him to the river for some water.

Once hydrated the pair headed off in the direction Taz knew Blaise would be found. Xena knew Argo was dutiful but Taz was different and she wondered wether Argo would do the same for her. She was sure of it but was still amazed at how adamant Taz was to get to Blaise.

"Ephiny...the twins need you." Gabrielle replied softly as she approached her regent who stood looking out over the lake.

She gave Gabrielle a glaring glance over her shoulder then looked back out over the lake. "At least someone does huh?" She answered sarcastically.

"Ephiny...there are plenty of people who need you like me, the amazons, the twins, and Blaise." Gabrielle answered as she put her hand on her Regent’s shoulder for comfort.

"I guess I’m being stupid huh?" Ephiny asked as she looked at her Queen.

"Not would be hard for me to have to wait for someone else to go off and help Xena. I can understand where you’re coming from with that, but what I’m concerned with Ephiny is it sounds like you don’t want the life you have with Blaise now." Gabrielle answered with concern.

"That’s not it Gabrielle. I know it sounded that way but it’s just that I’m so frustrated!" Ephiny answered with agitation. "I want to be there for Blaise when she needs me but something always comes up and I can’t be there."

"Don’t you think you’re there for Blaise right now?"

"No I don’t." Ephiny answered with regret.

" don’t have to be right by her side to be there for her. Think about’re here with the children. Don’t you think that Blaise would think you are there for her by protecting and nurturing your children? That’s something she can’t do right now and because you’re here, you are doing what she can't for them. Just by her knowing that you love her and you have a family with her is being there for her."

Ephiny looked up from the ground and looked at Gabrielle with shame. "I never thought of it that way before Gabrielle. You know me. I’m a badass Amazon and I want to get right into the thick of things!" Ephiny answered with a slight smile.

"Oh, I know all too well what kind of an Amazon you are Ephiny. But your priorities have changed and you have a family that you love very much and you don’t have to be that badass Amazon all the time now." Gabrielle answered with a chuckle. "Unless that’s what you truly go back to the way you were before Blaise entered your life...lonely and devoting your life to the Amazons instead of sharing your life with someone you love. Is that what you want?"

"No...I realized that I really wasn’t living until I met Blaise and my life had all new meaning. I love being an Amazon and everything that goes along with it, but I love Blaise very much and I wouldn’t want to live without her. I just need to get back to doing some of my duties along with being a new mother and a wife. Somehow work them all into my life."

" to Blaise when she gets back. Maybe the two of you can work something out so that both of you can continue your duties and have your life together. By the way, have you told Blaise about Chayce yet?"


Ephiny bowed her head and shook it no. "I know what you’re going to say Gabrielle but please let me do it at my own time."

"Ephiny...the longer you wait the worse it’s going to be for Blaise. You should have told her long ago." Gabrielle answered with agitation.

"I know...I guess I was hoping we would have a little girl so it would be a non-issue. Then when we had Chayce I couldn’t bear to break Blaise’s heart by telling her that our son won’t be welcomed into his own mother’s village or her custom’s." Ephiny answered with regret.

"Ephiny...there never really is a good time for things like that, but you really need to talk to her about it before someone else does. You know she’ll be devastated if you don’t do it." Gabrielle answered with concern as she turned to head back to the village.

"I know." Ephiny whispered as she looked back out at the lake. ‘Blaise is going to be so hurt and disappointed when she finds out about Chayce. I can’t bear to break her heart that way but she does need to be told... by me.’ Ephiny thought to herself as she headed back to the village.

Xena wondered if her and Taz were ever going to get to where Blaise was located. After traveling for three days she wondered if Taz really knew where he was going. Xena and Taz reached the outskirts of the village just after sundown and the stallion came to a halt. He knelt down indicating to Xena she was to dismount which she obliged.

"Okay...which way boy?" Xena asked as she scanned the area noting the village was not heavily guarded.

Taz led her toward the prison through the cover of the trees and stopped. "Here?" Xena asked as Taz nodded his head up and down in agreement. "It’s a good thing you and Argo are well trained or we would have one serious problem." Xena replied with a chuckle. "Okay....go get one of your buddies for our escape." Xena instructed the faithful stallion who began to walk off to follow his orders. "Make sure it’s a fast one." Xena replied as Taz stopped and looked back at her obviously displeased with her comment.



"Sorry...had to make sure." Xena answered as she put her hands up. ‘Geez, I get grief from humans and now a friggin horse!’ Xena thought to herself as she watched Taz walk off.

‘Friggin humans! Do they really think we are that stupid? I’ll have to remember to get her back for that one!’ Taz thought to himself as he walked towards the corral.

Xena scoped out the area for the best and least noticeable place for her to make her entrance. ‘I don’t like how it’s so quiet.’ Xena thought to herself as she slipped through the brush and headed towards the small prison.

Blaise slipped in and out of consciousness from the latest beating. She had refused Magdeline’s advances once again and received a hearty beating for it. She would rather die than succumb to that and if she wasn’t chained to the wall she would kill her herself to spare anymore of that torture. She thought and told herself she couldn’t do that to Ephiny and the children. They were the only reason she held on for this long and why she hadn't given up a long time ago.

Blaise hoped that Ares had not regained his powers and that the children and Ephiny were safe. She hoped Xena would find her before he did get his powers back so they could stop him.

"Psst...hey! Blaise!" Xena whispered as she peered through the window.

Blaise thought she was hearing things and looked up to see her sister’s face in the window. She was so glad to see her there. "Xena!" Blaise answered in a whisper with a huge smile.

"Hey, what’s a good looking chick like you doing in a place like this?" Xena teased noting her sister didn’t look good. She was glad she arrived when she did.

"Get me out of here." Blaise answered groggily.

"I will...can you distract the guards and get them out of your cell area so, I can come through the roof?" Xena asked in a whisper as she noticed the two guards were engaged in a candid conversation and paid no attention to Blaise.

Blaise nodded yes and looked up at the guards. "Guards!...tell Magdeline I’m ready to accept her offer." Blaise shouted as the guards looked up at her with surprise.

"I’ll tell her." One guard offered as he opened the door and three other guards stepped into the area.

After a few minutes Magdeline entered with a smile on her face. "Open the cell." She ordered as the guard obliged and she entered the cell. "Is it true Blaise?" She asked with excitement.

" is. I’ve finally realized that you’re the only person for me. I am going to take my father’s godhood and make you my queen of desire." Blaise answered straining to smile and to keep from throwing up from what she was having to say.

Magdeline was ecstatic and approached Blaise. "I’m so happy Blaise. We are meant to be together." She answered as she wiped the blood off of Blaise’s face. Her touch burned Blaise’s face and she became very disgusted by her touch. She wanted nothing more than to kill the woman standing before her.

"Me too." Blaise reluctantly answered to keep up the charade to give Xena the time she needed to get inside. Blaise strained a smile as Magdeline kissed her sending a wave of nausea throughout her. She broke the kiss and whispered in her ear. "Have the guards leave us and unchain me so I can hold you in my arms."

Magdeline instantly turned to the guards with excitement. "Give me the key and leave us!" She ordered as the guard handed her the key.

The guards did as they were ordered and exited the cell area to the opposite room. Magdeline unlocked one shackle and then the other.

"I knew you would come around one of these days Blaise." She purred seductively as Blaise rubbed her bruised and sore wrists from the shackles being so tight. Xena slipped down from the roof unnoticed and Blaise moved in behind Magdeline so she wouldn’t see her approach.



Blaise wrapped her arms around the woman who pressed her back up against Blaise. "Oh, Blaise that feels so good." Magdeline moaned as Xena slipped into the area where the guards were posted.

"I’ve wanted to do this for so long Magdeline." Blaise whispered with an ominous look on her face unknown by Magdeline as her hands moved up to the woman’s face. Blaise covered her mouth with her hand as Magdeline struggled to break free to no avail. "I told you to not speak badly of my wife. You had no right to do that Magdeline or to wear anything that she gave me. I promised I would do this and you know I keep my promises Magdeline." Blaise whispered in a demonic tone as she snapped the woman’s neck and watched her crumble to the ground dead.

Blaise knelt down and took what belonged to her off of the dead woman including her boot dagger Ephiny had given her as a joining gift, her sword and most importantly her jewelry from Ephiny.

"Blaise! What are you doing? Let’s go! I got rid of the guards and I’d like to get out of here before we’re noticed." Xena replied anxiously as she entered the cell.

"I’m getting what belongs to me Xena." Blaise answered as she grabbed the remainder of her belongings from the dead woman.

"What happened to her?" Xena asked as she looked down at the woman then back to Blaise.

"I snapped her neck." Blaise answered coldly as Xena saw no remorse in her blue eyes only darkness as Blaise looked at her sister when she exited the cell. Blaise and Xena centered themselves underneath the opening in the roof. "I’ll need help Xena I’m too weak to make the jump up myself." Blaise replied as she checked out the height of the roof and knew she wouldn’t be able to make the jump.


" Step into my hand and I’ll give you a boost up as you jump." Xena instructed Blaise as she glanced around to make sure no other guards entered the area. Xena locked her hands together as Blaise stepped up and steadied herself before Xena pushed her up through the roof.

Xena jumped up and grabbed the hole in the roof and pulled herself up to join Blaise on the roof. Xena tossed her whip on a tree branch securing it to allow Blaise to swing off the roof to the ground easier. Once Blaise was safely off the roof and on the ground Xena flipped off the roof to join her sister and make their escape.

Xena led Blaise to where the horses were waiting for them and they mounted the horses to make their escape. "Way to go boy...good job!" Blaise praised Taz as she took his reigns and they rode off out of the village in a hurry. "’s Ephiny and the children?" Blaise asked with concern as she steered Taz close to Xena’s horse.

"They’re fine Blaise. They miss you very much. You won’t recognize the kids because they have gotten so big." Xena answered with a proud smile.

"I guess not...I’m sorry I missed them getting bigger." Blaise answered with regret that she missed so many moons with her children.

The pair rode for over a half a candle mark and felt it was safe to stop assured that they weren’t being followed. They found a cave near a stream to take shelter in for the evening. Blaise dismounted Taz and hugged him to thank him for helping to save her. She patted him as she released her hug with a big smile.

" should be proud of that horse. He was certainly persistent about finding you." Xena informed her as she removed her horse’s saddle.

"I am Xena. He’s a great horse. Aren’t you boy?" Blaise asked as she rubbed his neck and began to remove his saddle, which she dropped from the heaviness and being so weak.

" okay Blaise?" Xena asked with concern as she moved over to Blaise.

"Oh, yeah...never better." Blaise snapped back as she stormed out of the cave, grabbing her saddlebag before she left, and headed towards the stream. Blaise’s adrenaline wore off and she felt nauseated as she thought about having to kiss Magdeline because she felt as though she betrayed Ephiny.


The tears welled in her blue eyes and the nausea mounted when she thought about her betrayal and how much it was going to hurt Ephiny. She knelt down by the stream on all fours and became sick.

"Hey, you okay Blaise?" Xena asked softly with concern.

Blaise coughed and looked up at Xena as she wiped her mouth. "Could you just leave me alone?" Blaise asked with agitation and embarrassment.

"Blaise...what’s going on with you?" Xena asked with concern and frustration at her sister’s tone of voice.

"What’s it look like Xena? I’ve been in a damn prison for over two moons and I’ve had the snot beaten out of me! Is it too much to ask for me to blow chow in privacy?" She shouted with anger.

"I’m sorry...I was just trying to help." Xena answered agitatedly as she headed back to the cave.

"Damn it!" Blaise replied with regret for yelling at Xena. She knew she was only trying to help and she appreciated it, but she just couldn’t bare to look at her for fear she’d see the guilt in her eyes.

Blaise stripped her dirty clothes off and pulled out her toothbrush and paste out of her saddlebags to brush her teeth as she stepped into the cold stream to bathe. She scrubbed her teeth and tongue to get the vile taste of Magdeline out of her mouth. She spent more time than usual brushing her teeth to get the taste out. She hated to have had to do what she did, pretending to want Magdeline in order to break free. But, she knew it has been the only way.

Hopefully, Ephiny would one day forgive her. She thought to herself as she ducked her head under the cold water reviving her weakened and battered body. Blaise felt her strength returning slowly and headed out of the water.

She wrapped her towel from her saddle bag around her waist, and grabbed her clothes to head back to the cave.



Xena looked up and was surprised to see Blaise standing before her half naked. " feeling better?" She asked as she noticed the bruises that covered Blaise’s body.

"Yep...thanks." Blaise answered as she tossed her clothes in the fire and pulled fresh clothes out of her saddlebag.

" looks like you’ve got a couple of broken ribs and you could use some stitches in the wound on your shoulder. Sit down and I’ll sew it up." Xena replied as she pulled her needle and thread out of her saddlebag.

"Yeah...they got me pretty good." Blaise answered as she slipped on her boxer shorts and then her black leather pants followed by her sports bra and winced in pain with every movement of her shoulder. She sat down next to Xena who concentrated on threading the needle.

Xena began to suture the wound and looked at Blaise wondering what was going on with her, and wondered what in tartarus happened. Blaise was not her chatty, fun loving self. She had something on her mind and hoped she would confide in her as to what the problem was all about. She missed that cocky, smartass attitude her sister once had.

Xena continued to suture Blaise’s wound and was amazed that Blaise felt no pain as she attended to her sister’s wound...but then again Blaise was off in another time zone. She was oblivious to her surroundings.

"Who was she Blaise?" Xena asked as she slipped the needle through the wound.

"Huh?" Blaise asked as she snapped out of her trance and looked at Xena.

"Who was the woman?" Xena asked clarifying her question as she looked into Blaise’s blank blue eyes.

"Aah...a former lover." Blaise answered reluctantly as she watched Xena work on her arm.

"You upset about killing her?" Xena asked as she glanced up at her.


"Not in the least bit Xena." Blaise answered callously as she stared back out of the cave opening.

"You seem upset by it Blaise." Xena answered wondering what was going through her sister’s head. It worried her that Blaise seemed unremorseful and it reminded her of Ares’ callousness.

"No...aah...just feeling guilty about betraying Ephiny." Blaise answered with regret as she looked down at the ground.

"What? Betrayed Ephiny? How?" Xena asked confused.

"You’re not gonna let this go are you until I tell you... right?" Blaise asked as she looked back at Xena and knew she would drag it out of her no matter how much she tried to hide it. The guilt was killing her and maybe if she talked to Xena about it she might feel better. She thought to herself.

"You know me well little sister." Xena answered with a chuckle.

"I kissed and put my arms around the wench. That’s how I betrayed Ephiny." Blaise answered with agitation at the thought of it.

"Blaise you did that to get out of there. I’m sure Ephiny will understand."

"Maybe...I hope she does because I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if she didn’t." Blaise answered hoping she would understand as her guilt overwhelmed her.

"She will...give her some credit Blaise." Xena answered reassuringly as she finished suturing the wound. "You had to do it to distract her so, stop feeling guilty about it. How did you get captured in the first place?"

"I was ambushed and they shot Taz with a dart. As he reared up his head hit mine and knocked me out. I woke up in the prison to find out that she was working for my father who wants to eliminate me and use Chayce as his heir." Blaise explained with agitation and disgust that Ares would take Chayce.

"That figures. That bastard!" Xena answered with anger.



"Lovely father we have huh?" Blaise answered with a sarcastic tone in her voice as she looked up at Xena.

"Just got to love daddy!" Xena answered with sarcasm and anger.

"Not!" They both answered in unison with a laugh.

Xena pushed Blaise’s hair off her face and rubbed her back lovingly. "Feeling better now?" Xena asked with concern.

"I’ll be better when I see my beautiful wife and children." Blaise answered with a smile and looked back down. " Xena...thanks for coming to get me. I really appreciate it and for looking out for my family."

"You don’t have to thank me Blaise. I love you and they’re my family too." Xena answered with a smile as she hugged Blaise.

"Thanks and I love you too." Blaise whispered in Xena’s ear gratefully.

"Okay...stop getting mushy on me." Xena teased as she broke the hug and rummaged through her bag for some bread to give to Blaise. " need to eat. You’ve lost a lot of weight and you’ve go to keep up that sexy image so the chicks will dig you." Xena teased with a laugh, which was shared by Blaise as she accepted the bread offering.

Blaise’s laugh turned serious as she took a bite of her bread and stood up. "Xena...aah...what would you say to me deciding to take over as the God of War?" Blaise asked as she contemplated taking over for her father.

"I would say what took you so long to finally decide it was time to fulfill your destiny?" Xena answered as she looked at Blaise who turned to face her.

"Do you truly believe I would make a good God of War?" Blaise asked searching for Xena’s approval.

"It doesn’t matter what I believe Blaise."

"It does to me Xena." Blaise answered as she moved closer to her sister seeking assurance that it was the right decision.


Xena put her hand on Blaise’s shoulder. "Yes...I do believe you will make a very good God of War but, what I want to know is, do you believe you will?" Xena asked searching Blaise’s eyes for doubt which she didn’t find.

"I truly believe I will Xena." Blaise answered as she saw sincerity in her sister’s eyes.

"Then it’s time to take over, but what made you decide to do it now?"

"I’m doing the same thing to the twins that father did to me when I was a child and I don’t want that for my children." Blaise explained animatedly with her hands as she walked around the cave. "If I’m the God of War I can be with them for the majority of the time and plus, I’m tired of seeing a war break out just for father’s sheer pettiness. I’ve had too many friends die in vain because of his nonsense." Blaise explained sadly and with regret over the senseless deaths that have been caused by her father.

"Then you should do it Blaise. Have you spoken to Ephiny about it?"

"No...I finally realized it was time when I was chained up in the prison with nothing to do but think about it. Oh, remind me to do away with uncle Hephastus’ metals by the way. I could have been out of there a long time ago had it not been for his shackles." Blaise answered with a chuckle.

"I’ll remind you. Now, get some sleep so we can get on the road early tomorrow."

"I’m ready to go now." Blaise answered eager to see her family as she slid her black tunic on over her head.

" rest tonight and we will leave early in the morning." Xena demanded as she led Blaise over to the bedroll. "Listen to your older sister...she knows a thing or two about these things." Xena teased.

"Yes ma’am." Blaise answered with a laugh as she lay down. As much as she wanted to see her family she knew she didn’t feel well enough to travel. "Hey, how big is Gabrielle now?"

"She’s getting out there." Xena answered with a proud smile.

"Any crazy cravings yet?’

"Not crazy...just disgusting." Xena answered with a laugh, which was shared by Blaise.

"I can relate. I couldn’t watch Ephiny eat because her’s were hideous." Blaise answered with a laugh. "Are you happy Xena?" Blaise asked with a smile as she turned to see the expression on her sister’s face.

"More than I have ever been in my whole life." Xena answered with a wide smile.

"I’m really happy for you, but just wait until those hormone’s kick in a little more and she snaps you’re head off for not doing or saying something she wants you too." Blaise answered with a laugh.

"Been there....done that already." Xena answered with a laugh, which Blaise shared. "Go to sleep." Xena replied as she rolled over and closed her eyes.

"Night and thanks again." Blaise answered as she closed her eyes. ‘I’m on my way home to you baby!’ Blaise thought to herself as if Ephiny could hear what she was saying.


Ephiny finally got the twins settled and lay back on the bed exhausted. She never realized how exhausting twins could be and she wondered how Blaise did it when they were first born. She smiled fondly as she remembered how exhausted her sexy lover was when she put on that hideous outfit of boxer shorts over her pants.

Ephiny felt guilty for having self-pity and about her conversation with Gabrielle. She loved Blaise and the twins and she couldn’t imagine her life without them in it. She didn’t want to have to think that way. ‘How could I have considered wanting my old life back?’ She asked herself with regret. ‘That’s not what I want! You are such an idiot for wallowing in your own self-pity Ephiny, especially when you don’t know where your wife might be or whether she’s even alive!’ She admonished herself.

Ephiny had an overwhelming peaceful feeling consume her. ‘She’s safe and coming home.’ Ephiny told herself. She didn’t know how or why she felt that way...she just did and it was as if Blaise had told her that she was coming home. Ephiny smiled at the peacefulness that she hadn’t felt in months, and thought about how much she wanted to have her sexy warrior cuddled up next to her lightly snoring in her ear. That part she could do without, but she would settle for it gladly if her lover was back were she belonged. ‘Soon!’ Ephiny replied in a sigh as she fell off to sleep with a very sexy warrior on her mind.

Blaise and Xena started out on their journey early anxious to get home...particularly Blaise. Xena thought she would be happy being out on the road again, but she wasn’t. She had a daily routine at the amazon village and even though she thought she hated all actuality she missed it. She loved waking up in a comfy bed next to her incredibly sexy Amazon Queen wife, kicking the new Amazon recruit’s butts on a daily basis to train them, having lunch with the love of her life, and then getting the twins all riled up just before their nap time.

She loved to see how pissed off Ephiny would get with her when the twins were too excited to sleep, and made it a point to tweak the Amazon Regent’s temper any time she could. Xena thought with a mischievous grin. She also loved being able to rest and relax with her bard anytime she wanted not to mention having sex at anytime of the day in a comfortable bed! Xena smiled fondly at the thought of having sex anytime with Gabrielle and missed not being home.

The only thing missing from her routine was a good day’s fishing with her little sister. She was glad Blaise was on her way back home and she never realized just how much she missed her until she saw her chained to the wall in the prison...beaten. She took it for granted that Blaise was always around and it scared her seeing her that way, knowing she could very well have lost her. Xena hated the fact that someone would do that to her baby sister and she made sure the guards felt just as much pain as Blaise did when she took them out.

Xena looked at Blaise and smiled lovingly... glad that they were both riding side by side. She couldn’t have ever imagined a better sister than Blaise...well...except for some of her pranks she could do without, but she wouldn’t want anyone else for her sister. Xena noticed Blaise was making a detour from the normal route home.

"Hey! Where are we going?" Xena asked confused.


"I have to stop by Troy briefly to make sure everything is okay." Blaise answered as they heeled the horses into a faster gallop towards the city.

The pair made it to Troy to find the city in ruin with dead soldiers scattered throughout the city.

"What in tartarus?" Blaise asked as her voice trailed off when she looked over the horrid scene.

"By the gods, Blaise!" Xena exclaimed as they dismounted.

They led the horses through the masses of bodies in horror. Blaise saw her general laying mortally wounded and rushed to his side to see if she could help him.

" okay?" Blaise asked with concern as she lifted him up in her arms.

"Blaise." He mustered weakly as her and Xena checked his wounds.

"What happened?"

"They...they...hid in the horse and wiped us out!" He weakly informed her as he gasped for air and closed his eyes.

"General! General!" Blaise shouted as she shook him to wake him.

Xena put her hand on Blaise and they locked blues as Xena shook her head indicating he was gone. Blaise laid the general back down and wiped her face with her hand as she contemplated her actions. She stood up and looked up at the sky.

"Ares! I’m coming for you next! This is your fault!" She shouted with anger and pointed knowing he was watching. Xena put her hand on Blaise’s shoulder for comfort as Blaise looked at her. "I’m taking him down once and for all Xena. If you have a problem with that let me know now." Blaise informed her with anger.

"I have no’s time for him to be taken down Blaise. I’ll help anyway I can."

"Thanks...but no thanks...he’s mine." Blaise answered with anger as she walked back towards Taz.

Blaise scared Xena at times, especially like now. She reminded Xena of Ares in so many ways. She could be ruthless just like him, but at least she used her ruthlessness towards injustice and her father. She hoped she would not become more like Ares once she assumed her godhood.

"By the gods! Where’s Joxer?" Blaise asked with worry as she scanned the bodies hoping she wouldn’t see her closest confidant dead.

"Joxer!" Xena yelled out with worry.

They mounted the horses and searched the city inside and out with no sign of Joxer. "Let’s hope he got out before this happened." Blaise replied with worry.

"Let’s go home Blaise...maybe he’s waiting there." Xena answered as they rode out of the city towards the Amazon village.

The pair rode for over three candle marks before seeing a camp and stopped to see if the people may have seen Joxer. Blaise walked up and saw there was a person sound asleep in his bedroll. "Joxer!" She replied excitedly as she recognized him and knelt down grabbing him by the shoulders. "Dude!" She exclaimed with happiness.

"By the gods!" He shouted as he was startled out of his sleep. "Blaise! You’re alive!" He answered with equal enthusiasm and hugged her.

"We worried you were dead with the rest of the soldiers." Blaise answered with regret and remorse for her fallen comrades.

"I thought the same about you." Joxer answered as he stood up. "Xena! Hey!" He replied with a smile and clasped hands with her knowing she wouldn’t allow a hug.


"Glad to see you’re okay Joxer." Xena answered with a smile as they all sat back down next to the fire.

"What happened dude?" Blaise asked with wonder.

"We thought we had defeated their army and they offered the wooden horse as a gift, but we didn’t know they had soldiers hidden in it and they wiped us out. We tried to hold them off as long as possible, but we were no match for them." Joxer answered with regret at the thought of the blood bath.

"I should have been there." Blaise answered with regret.

"Where were you anyway?" Joxer asked with wonderment.

"In prison!" Blaise answered with disgust and anger.

"No way! Who and what army put you there?" Joxer asked with surprise.

Blaise lowered her head and scratched the back of her neck with embarrassment at her capture. "Well...aah...Taz and an ex-lover working for my father put me in there."

"No freaking way! But how did Taz do it?"

"Way! He was shot by a dart and his head hit mine knocking me out so, that’s how I was captured." Blaise explained sheepishly and was tired of telling the embarrassing story over and over again.

"Oh, speaking of your father Blaise. I heard Hercules was able to free the Gods that Ares trapped and your father is at Olympus being reprimanded." Joxer informed Blaise.

Blaise looked at Joxer with a sly grin. "Yes! But I’m still taking him down." Blaise answered with a smile at the thought of bringing her father down to mortal status. "We need to get back." Blaise answered with urgency as she moved towards Taz.

"Why?" Joxer answered with bewilderment as he scrambled to his feet.



"The Gods won’t hold him for long and then he will go after Chayce." Blaise explained with worry as she mounted Taz.

Joxer hurriedly gathered his belongings as Xena and him mounted their horses to join Blaise in her journey back to the village.

The trio made it to the amazon village by mid-morning after their long ride back. They steered the horses towards the stables and Blaise dismounted Taz. "Go find your family Blaise. We’ll tend to Taz." Xena replied with a smile as she dismounted her horse followed by Joxer.

"Thanks Xena...for everything." Blaise answered with an appreciative smile.

"That’s what sister’s are for Blaise." Xena answered with a chuckle.

"Yeah...they are and I’m glad you’re mine." Blaise answered with a smile as she headed off to find her soulmate.

As she headed towards the center of the village she caught a glimpse of Ephiny through the crowd, as they were busy preparing for their morning training sessions. She noticed Ephiny was in a heated conversation with one of her warriors. Her back was turned to Blaise, but she knew it was Ephiny by her mannerisms, her beautiful long, blonde curly hair and those ever so sexy muscular legs of hers.

Blaise’s gait accelerated as a smile crossed her face. Her only intent was to hold her wife in her arms. Her emotions overwhelmed her at the sight of her bride. Everything she had ever felt for Ephiny consumed her two-fold. Her throat tightened, the butterflies took flight, her heart raced and she fought to hold back the tears that wanted to flow when she saw her soulmate. Ephiny stopped her conversation from a familiar feeling she was getting. "Blaise." She replied as she turned around to see her tall, dark lover approaching her with a haggard yet, cocky swagger.

She smiled as tears of happiness formed and she ran towards Blaise. Blaise’s heart raced faster as she saw her bride approach her just as it did the first time she had ever seen Ephiny. She was excited and nervous at the same time. Ephiny approached Blaise and she engulfed her in a hug.


"Hey baby." Blaise replied softly as she enjoyed the feeling of being in Ephiny’s arms. It felt so good and safe to be wrapped in them just as she remembered it would be when she sat in the prison and thought of Ephiny.

Ephiny looked at Blaise with worry and concern. "Blaise...what happened?" Ephiny asked with concern at the cuts and bruises on Blaise’s face.

Blaise flashed a sexy smile as she looked into Ephiny’s beautiful hazel eyes. "Ssh...later." Blaise answered as she lifted Ephiny off of the ground and pressed her lips against Ephiny’s for a soul-searing kiss as Ephiny tightly wrapped her arms around her warrior’s neck.

Ephiny wrapped her legs around Blaise’s waist as she deepened her kiss and didn’t care what it looked like with the Amazon Regent wrapped around her lover. Blaise felt regenerated and alive again in Ephiny’s arms as she carried her to their hut continuing their kiss.

Ephiny broke their kiss and hugged Blaise tighter as she whispered in Blaise’s ear. "I love you honey."

Tears slid down Blaise’s face as she had longed to hear those words from Ephiny and held her as close as she could. "I love you Eph." She whispered back.

Blaise savored Ephiny’s loving hug and took in her scent that she so loved and missed. It meant so much to Blaise for her to be able to hold and kiss her soulmate that the feeling was indescribable. She thought to herself. She never wanted to let Ephiny go. Blaise’s blues locked with Ephiny’s hazels and she kissed her passionately as they entered the hut to a surprised nanny.

Blaise broke her kiss and looked at the nanny with anger as she recognized her and put Ephiny down. Blaise moved towards the nanny with obvious animosity. "Get out!" Blaise angrily replied.

"Blaise!...what in tartarus are you doing?" Ephiny asked with agitation and bewilderment as to what caused Blaise’s mood to change so dramatically.

"Now...Blaise." The woman protested as she put her hand up to stop Blaise’s interruption. "It’s not what you think."

"I’m sure it is what I think. Now, get out and stay away from my family!" Blaise answered with a low tone and an angry look on her face to get her point across that she was livid, and that the woman was not welcome there.

To be continued...

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