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by Melissa McMahan


Joxer kisses Gabrielle back, then he kissed her chin and down to her neck.

GABBY: You'd better st... Stop now, before this... Gets out of hand. (Sighs) We need our sleep and there are only a few small hours left in which we can do that.

JOXER: Gabrielle?!

Joxer starts taking off his clothes and gets down to just his shirt and underwear, then he lays down next to Gabrielle. She bounces up and kisses him by the ear, then lays her head down on her pillow. Gabrielle lays there for a while and feels no movement from Joxer laying next to her as they lay back to back, legs touching. She rolls over, wraps her arm and leg over him. Joxer squirms and makes sounds.

GABBY: I see you're not asleep either.

JOXER: Um, no.

Joxer rolls over and kisses Gabrielle. Xena and Aphrodite ride on Argo, then they get off the horse to let her drink.

APHR: I must say being a goddess can be such a bore somtimes, but helping you Xena has been fun. (Smiles) If this warrior thing gets to be too much for you, how would you like to be the goddess of justice? I can put in a good word for you.

XENA: What?! (Scoffs) Have temples for me and statues of me?! I don't think so. But thanks for your help you saved me days on this mission, but I need to collect Joxer and Gabrielle their not to far so...

APHR: Well let me know if you change your mind, Xena.

XENA: Aphrodite, that's sweet of you. But I have to get this information you got for me to Poteidia.

APHR: Poteidia?! (Giggles) Isn't that where your sidekick grew up?

XENA: Yes. I thought it would also be good for her to see the family while I work.

APHR: Kill two birds with one stone? (Xena nods) Well I have to get back to work myself, but don't worry... I'll be around. (Giggles as she fades out in golden light)

XENA: Come on Argo, you've had enough to drink.

Xena gets on Argo and heads off. Aphrodite pops in on Joxer and Gabrielle as they lay on the bed making out.

APHR: I can't miss this. (Giggles) 1 - 2 - 3 - 4.

Theres a sound at the door, as Xena opens the suite door. Gabrielle and Joxer look up. From the light in the hall way Gabrielle sees Xena's shadow on the floor.

GABBY: Mmm?! (Whispers) Joxer get on the floor... Now.

Joxer takes a pillow and lays down on the floor as Xena walks inside with a candle.

APHR: Oh no you don't! (Gets up and grabs Joxers pants) Hum?!

Aphrodite puts the pants in the bed next to Gabrielle as she acts like she's asleep, just as Xena turns from shutting the door. She sees Joxer leg on the otherside of bed, then sees Gabrielle on the bed. She lights more candles and sits the candle down. She shakes Gabrielle and sees Joxer pants on the the bed, she smiles.

XENA: Gabrielle? (Gabrielle looks at her) Get up and get dressed. I'll get Joxer up and we need to get out of here. Change of plans.

JOXER: I'm up! (Gabrielle gives Joxer the look) Change of plans, huh?

Joxer gets up, then Gabrielle and Xena gives the both stange looks. Joxer starts putting on the rest of his clothes, as Gabrielle goes behind the floor screen.

APHR: That's right something seems wrong with this right, Xena?

XENA: So how 'ya feel Joxer? (Licks her lips as Joxer shrugs) Mmm.

JOXER: I... (Pauses) I feel ok.

XENA: You came on to Gabrielle and she beat you up, huh?

JOXER: No. (Whispers to Xena) I behaved myself.

Xena walks over to the screen and when Gabrielle tosses up the nightie she takes it. She looks at it and chuckles. Aphrodite laughs and then sighs.

XENA: Are you sure Joxer? I mean after seeing Gabrielle wearing this?

JOXER: I... I didn't notice.

APHR: And I'm Hestia the virgin goddess.

XENA: Oh yeah? (Sarcasic scoff) Sure you didn't.

Gabrielle comes out and snaches the nightie from Xena and after watching her friends pack up there stuff she scoffs again.

APHR: The plot thickens.

XENA: So are you two ready to go?


XENA: Let's go then.

Xena, Joxer and Gabrielle walk out the door. Xena waits outside, as Gabrielle gets some of their money back for the nights that they didn't use.

INNKEEPER: Well I'm sorry you can't stay with us longer.

GABBY: Well we might be back later. (Giggles) But we gotta go help out Xena. INNKEEPER: Xena?! (Gasps) You mean the Xena? (Makes a unhappy face)

GABBY: Yep. (Smiles) Thank you for everything, sir.

Gabrielle grabs Joxer and they join Xena outside. Aphrodite also pops in on them.

GABBY: I did what you asked, Xena.

XENA: So what was his reaction to my name?

GABBY: Well it wasn't the kind of look that would get any quick favors from the gods. (Rolls her eyes) If that's what you mean?

APHR: Oh?! (Crosses her arms)

XENA: I knew it. (Puts her hand to her lips) Mmm.

JOXER: That's pretty funny, Gabby. (Chuckles) Quick favors from the gods.

XENA: Shh! (Waves her hand at Joxer) Speaking of the gods, Aphrodite isn't gonna be pleased when she finds out what's been going on at her Love Inn besides the acts of love. (Sighs) Come on we gotta make tracks.

Aphrodite decides to follow them to find out what's going on. Xena leads Gabrielle and Joxer towards Poteidia. But when it started to get dark they set camp. Xena notices her friends were both yawning and looked very sleepy. Xena sat by the fire as Gabrielle came back with a rabbit to cook. Joxer then sat right by Xena.

XENA: My but you two have been quite? (Aphrodite sits by Joxer) And you look like you didn't get much sleep last night, don't tell me you stayed up talking.

Joxer gives Xena a look, then shoots a despairing look at Gabrielle.

GABBY: We... Um, talked a long time, when we should of been sleeping.

XENA: Talked? (Pauses) About what?

JOXER: Well we had a good laugh over the guest scroll for one thing.

APHR: Hey! (Huffs) Is this the thanks I get?!

Xena sits thinking until Gabrielle hands her some of the cooked rabbit and then gives Joxer his. Xena notices the huge smile on Gabrielle's face, Aphrodite giggles.

XENA: All right, whats with you two?

GABBY: What are you talking about?

JOXER: I'm going to eat a few more bites and go to sleep. (Yawns) I'm beat.

XENA: Yeah you look like Gabrielle beat you pretty bad there Joxer.

GABBY: He got his nose caught in two doors. All I gave him is the gash on his neck.


Gabrielle takes a drink of her tea, as Xena chuckles.

XENA: Isn't that a hickey? (Gabrielle spits out her tea) Gabrielle?!

APHR: That was cool! (Giggles)

GABBY: Very funny, Xena.

JOXER: Good night.

Joxer gets up and lays down in his bed roll. Xena looks over at him and then at Gabrielle. Aphrodite smiles at Xena waiting for her next words.

XENA: Was it good for you, Joxer? (Smiles) How about you, Gabrielle?

GABBY: I did not give Joxer a hickey! (Growls) I gave him a gash.

XENA: Go to sleep, Gabrielle. (Gabrielle huffs off to her bedroll) Mmm?

APHR: Good night to the love goddess for sure. (Fades out)

Xena got up and laid down to sleep too. Xena was the first one awake, she loaded Argo and then woke up Joxer who had a huge smile on his face.

XENA: I gotta go now. Wake up Gabrielle as soon as I'm gone and tell her I'll be waiting for both of you in Poteidia.

JOXER: Why Poteidia?

Xena gives Joxer the look and starts off, as Joxer gets up. He makes his way down to the river he strips and jumps in the river with a smal yelp. Aphrodite pops on the shore, she watches Joxer swim for a little while then walks to where Gabrielle is still sleeping. She picks up Joxer's armor and drops it, the clangs wake her up.

GABBY: Joxer?! (Looking around) Xena? (Stands up) Where are you two?

APHR: Why don't you go look by the river?

GABBY: Argo?! (Sighs as she walks into the woods) Hello?!

Aphrodite follows Gabrielle to the edge of the tree line, then Gabrielle looks and sees Joxer skinny dipping. She gasps, then giggles as she sees him pretending to fight someone. He falls in the water a few times and shakes his head, which causes water to fly off his head. Aphrodite shoves Gabrielle out in plain view of Joxer, they just look at each other for a beat.

GABBY: Joxer, where is Xena?!

JOXER: We gotta meet her in Poteidia!

GABBY: Poteidia? (Sighs) Well get out of the water and lets go then!

Gabrielle turns and heads back to camp, soon Joxer joins her. They pick up there camp and head off into the morning sun. Aphrodite in a shower of light leaves. On the way Joxer stops to rest.

GABBY: Come on Joxer, we gotta keep going.

JOXER: You know what? (Gabrielle cocks her head) We never got our free grapes.

GABBY: Excuse me? (Aphrodite pops in on them) Grapes?!

JOXER: At the Love Inn. I just remembered that we didn't get our free grapes.

GABBY: Why? (Raises her eyebrow) Did you plan on doing something with them?

JOXER: Yeah, eating them. What else? (Pauses) Oh wait a minute, you...

GABBY: Just messin' with you, Joxer. (Giggles)

APHR: Sure you were. (Scoffs)

JOXER: Well you can do that all you wanna. (Smiles)

GABBY: Come on, idiot. (Slinks off ahead of Joxer)

JOXER: Idiot huh? (Runs after Gabrielle) I'm gonna get you.

GABBY: Come and get me then. (Giggles as she runs just a head of Joxer) Ah?!

JOXER: With pleasure.

Gabrielle then takes off really fast leaving Joxer in her dust, he loses sight of her.

JOXER: Gabby?! (Walking as he looks around) Gabby?

Gabrielle comes from behind a tree and follows Joxer for a long while. Aphrodite catches up with them.

JOXER: Oh come on, Gabby?! (She kicks him in the behind) Oh you!

GABBY: I've been behind you for a while now. (Walks next to him) Sorry.

JOXER: You owe me for that.

Joxer and Gabrielle head down the long road out of sight of Aphrodite.


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