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by Melissa McMahan


Gabrielle had gone to bed early she was lightly sleeping until Xena walked past her and in the process had tapped her on the back with her foot. She just laid there then opened her eyes once Xena started her nightly snoring, she could feel Joxer's presence near by. She knew if she turned to face him his eyes would be stuck on her like always, why did he do that the thought to herself and let out a sigh. She could stand it anylonger, she had to know. She moved ever so slowly around with her eyes closed, she slit one open and sure enough his eyes were right on her. She shut both eyes and waited what seemed like forever, then she spyed on him again. His eyes still focused on her, then he made ducky lips pushing them on one side of his face. As she pondered what he could thinking about everytime he did this, knowing he only thought of her as a friend. She wondered if it was just the color of her hair that made him bore a hole in her form at night as she laid in her bed roll. He never did this to Xena, maybe a short glace, but this was intense. Joxer raised an eyebrow and changed his sitting position, but his eyes never moved off the Bard. At this point Gabrielle decides to look back at him out of spite, his head turns from her fast, too fast. She gets up and joins him beside the campfire, she notices how red he's getting. He picks up a stick and starts with his innate fire poke ritual with it, until she grabbed his arm.

JOXER: What? (Looking at Gabrielle) Well?

GABBY: Can't I just sit and enjoy the night? (Sighs) Without you doing that to the fire?

JOXER: Hey, you're the one who came over here and sat by me.

GABBY: I know, but... Um? Well I think we need to talk.

JOXER: Talk about what? (Thinking) She's right it is a nice night, almost romantic. (Looking at his feet) Too bad it can't be one.

GABBY: About this misson Xena is sending us on alone while she takes care of her end of it. Has she told you what our cover is gonna be? Because I have not gotten one clue from her.

JOXER: No, but I'm sure you can't wait until it's over. (Picks at his boots) After all you'll have to put up with me alone for days.

GABBY: Yeah some change?! (Scoffs) Xena snores and you mumble in your sleep. (Joxer snapped his whole body up) Joxer?!

JOXER: Um, have I said anything you understood?! (Panics)

GABBY: No, why? (Thinking) What don't you want me to hear?

JOXER: Oh! Nothing really. (Thinking) Thank the gods.

GABBY: Mmm?!

Gabrielle rolled her eyes up and went back to her bed roll, she finds she still cannot sleep. She turn to see Joxer but he is gone, she gets up and searches for him. After some time she spots some bushes moving, she looks just as he ties up his pants and she gasps.

JOXER: Wh... (Shocked) Gabrielle?!

GABBY: Joxer what are you doing?!

JOXER: I had to take care of something.

GABBY: Oh. (Pauses) Well are you all done peeing yet?

JOXER: Um, yeah... Uh, what are you doing here? Can't you sleep?

GABBY: No. (Sighs) Do you wanna talk or something?

JOXER: Or something? (Chuckles) Whatever makes you happy, but let me go wash my hands up in the lake first, ok?

GABBY: I'll be waiting by the fire. (Walking off) See 'ya.

JOXER: You almost did.

Gabrielle sits by the fire and notices Xena is making cooing noises in her sleep with a big smile on her face. Gabrielle scoffs then she looks up to the sky, she notices one of the stars is very bright. Joxer stops in his tracks when he sees her hair as it shines in the night glow of the moonlight, he sit beside her and smiles at her.

GABBY: I guess I'm a little worried about our misson, she can sleep I can't. (Sighs) I hope I have time to compose on my new scroll I've been working on. So much has happened I haven't kept track like I should of been. (Scoffs) You know Joxer, you'll have to put up with me writing when we if we find ourselfs with nothing else to do? (Joxer bites his lip and nods) Say something?!

JOXER: Um, sure thats a good plan. It will be daylight soon do...

GABBY: Joxer?! (Giggles) Will you stop changing the subject?

JOXER: Sorry. (Pauses) Um, just got something else on my mind.

GABBY: Mmm?! (Raises an eyebrow) Like what?

JOXER: I doubt you would really care, Gabrielle. (Looking down)

GABBY: Don't be such a... Look Joxer I'm here if you have a problem I can help you take care of.

JOXER: You could, but... But if I told you I doubt you would want to help me with it. (Blushes) So lets just drop it.

Gabrielle rolled her eyes and sighed, she sat quite for a little while. As Joxer scuffed his boots in the dirt making tracks, she looked at him and shook her head.

GABBY: You know Joxer I think I know you pretty well, but there is just something about you I just can't quite put my finger on.

JOXER: Um... Ah... Well I have the same problem... With you.

GABBY: Me?! (Scoffs) I'm a very open person, what you see is what you get. (Pauses) I don't know why you say that, but...

JOXER: Nevermind. I just can't read people I guess... I'm an idiot.

GABBY: Joxer? (Grabs hold of his arm and smiles) Are you having a problem with someone?

JOXER: Yeah. (Gulps) Well kinda... I mean I need to tell someone something and I doubt they will like it.

GABBY: I think you should tell them anyway, what's the worst that can happen? (Scoffs) Unless they would kill you for it?

JOXER: This person would... Or laugh at me and make me wanna kill myself. (Pauses) Um, look we are friends right?

GABBY: Yeah, friend. (Hugs Joxer) I hope that never changes.

Gabrielle backs off with a strange look on her face, as Joxer looks down at his feet again and mopes. She than pats his back and before she could ask Joxer anything else Xena let out a loud yawn.


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