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by Melissa McMahan


Joxer whipers and tries to think about something else, but Gabrielle growls. He looks over at her and she shoves him off the bed.

JOXER: Ow! (Leans on the bed) Hey what did you do that for?!

APHR: That was a bitchy thing to do!

GABBY: Joxer?! (Huffs) I just can't believe you!

JOXER: Ok, what did I do now?

GABBY: Nothing! (Rolls over) Forget it!

APHR: Nothing huh? (Giggles) He's just getting to you that's all.

JOXER: You're right I'll just sleep in the floor. (Grabs a pillow and lays down) Happy?! (Gabrielle looks down at him from the bed) What?!

GABBY: Joxer, come back up here. (Rest her hand on his chest) I'm sorry.

JOXER: Are you, really? (Gets back in the bed next to her) Or are you just planning to torture me all night long?

APHR: I was wondering that myself.

GABBY: Oh Joxer, you have a small gash on your neck. (Pouts) I am sorry.

JOXER: Don't worry about it. (Gabrielle kisses his neck wound) You shouldn't do that, I mean...

APHR: Uh, huh.

GABBY: Does it hurt that bad? (Leans on Joxer's chest) It's not bleeding.

JOXER: It's not that, Gab... Gabrielle.

APHR: That's right tell her what it is.

GABBY: I'll tell you what I'll light a candle and work on my new scroll for a while. (Kissing his neck agan) You just go to sleep.

Joxer figured he better just lay still, then Gabrielle got up out of bed. When she stood up what little light there was behind her revealed her silhouette in full, as she turned to get into her bags. Joxer awestruck at just how sheer her nightie really was, then he nervously pants as she bent over to look for her scroll. While her nightie crawled up to the small of her back.

APHR: I know what you're thinking, you naughty boy.

GABBY: Aw! (Standing up) Got my scroll, ink and quill. (Walks over and sits in bed) I'm ready for action. (Starts writing with a fury)

APHR: He's been ready for some action, how long is it gonna take?

JOXER: Do you always get this excited over a new scroll?

GABBY: I guess so. (Writes) Yeah! (Writes more) Does anything excite you as much?

APHR: You do, silly little girl.

JOXER: I could name something that excites me. Watching you Gabrielle... Um?! Hum, do something that makes you so happy. (Sits up)

GABBY: Thats nice, Joxer.

Gabrielle writes for a while, but she notices that Joxer is still sitting up looking at her instead of laying down to sleep. Aphrodite yawns as she slumps in the chair.

GABBY: Joxer? (Looks over at Joxer) Why do you stare at me all the time?


APHR: Oh come on already!

Gabrielle puts her writing supplies down next to the bed. She then truns grabbing Joxer's arm, she gets closer to him and bites her lower lip.

JOXER: Oh I'm sorry I didn't reali...

GABBY: Don't give me that, Joxer?! (Gets mad) I've cault you doing one night about three weeks ago and the night after that, you're always doing it! (Yells as she gabs his upper arms) What I wanna know is why?!

APHR: Duh?!

Joxer nervously tries to talk.

GABBY: Well?!

JOXER: Because...

Gabrielle waits but Joxer says nothing, so she grabs his nose and one of his ears.

JOXER: Ow! Ow! Ow! (Whimpers) Gabby, stop?!

GABBY: Ok. (Letting go of him) Now tell me?!

Joxer finds himself looking down Gabrielle's cleavage as she start to sit forward on her knees facing toward him. Joxer can almost see through the sheer nightie.

JOXER: I... (Thinking) Gods she's so sexy, I just wanna...

GABBY: Yes?!

Joxer can no longer control himself as he too gets on his knees and moves closer to Gabrielle who is crossing her arms with rage.

GABBY: I'm waiting, Jox... (Joxer leans over and kisses her) Mmm?! (Her arms fall)

APHR: Well your not waiting anymore and now neither is he. (Claps) Woo!

Gabrielle raises her arms to hit Joxer, but instead she grabs his back and she kisses him back. She lays back with him on the bed, as Aphrodite smiles.

APHR: And the light shines through the darkness. (Giggles)

GABBY: Mum, hum! (Joxer moves on top of her) Mmm?!

APHR: You two are going to melt the shrubby in here. (Fans herself) Whoa!

Gabrielle grabs Joxer by his ears and pulls him away, she pants. Looking into his eyes, she gets scared and gets off the bed as fast as she can.

GABBY: Oh my gods! (Runs behind the screen) Oh? (She puts on her clothes)

JOXER: Gabby?!

Gabrielle avoids making eye contact with Joxer as she leaves the room. Joxer gets up and dresses in whatever he grabs first, as Aphrodite watches him the whole time.

APHR: Thanks for the peep show, sweetie. (Fading) Really nice even if you are just a mortal. (Giggles as she leaves in golden light)

JOXER: I gotta find her. (Running out he soon finds her in the temple) Gab...

GABBY: Joxer I need to be alone, I can't deal with this... With you. (Pauses) I can't betray his love for me, I just can't. (Sobs) Even after all this time.

Joxer sits next to Gabrielle they gawk at each other for a long while, then they move a little closer to each other. They stop and look at a old woman wearing a hood who comes in, she places a rose at the altar.

WOMAN: I doubt even the goddess of love can even help me, but Aegregus my husband has been lost at sea for two days now. (Sobs) If you can, bring him back to me? Please Aphrodite? I beg of you?!

The woman cries on her way out. Joxer looks back at Gabrielle who is also crying.

GABBY: Poor woman. (Looks back at Joxer) She reminds me of me when...

JOXER: When Callisto killed Perdicus?

Gabrielle nods saddly and her head falls to her knees. Joxer wonders if he should do anything at this point, he fails to think of anything except to pat her on the back. She then rises up and wipes her eyes with her hands.

GABBY: I still love him, I'll never stop loving him.

Joxer felt stupid, he looked down at the floor and avoided looking at Gabrielle.

JOXER: Um, I know you don't want to here this. (Sighs) But thats... Thats how I feel about you, Gabrielle.

Gabrielle looked over at Joxer, at first giving him a cold angry look. He didn't notice it he just looked down saddly, then her face turned to total shock.

GABBY: Jox... Joxer?! (Pauses) I had no idea...

Gabrielle took Joxer's hand in both of hers, he still didn't look at her.

GABBY: Joxer? (Demanding tone) Look at me? (Grabs his head, turning it) Joxer?!

Joxer reluctantly looks up at Gabrielle her hands still on his face. Aphrodite in a shower of golden light stands next to them.

APHR: Cool and inside my temple too.

GABBY: I had no idea that you lo... Loved me.

APHR: And people say I'm a dumb blonde?

GABBY: I feel so guilty for some of the things I've said and done to you.

JOXER: Some of the things? (Throws his hands up) What's that about?!

Aphrodite makes herself known to Joxer and Gabrielle.

APHR: I'll say, what's that about?! (Huffs) Studmuffin over here poors his heart out full of true love for you after all this time and you missy hand him this line?!

GABBY: What business of it is yours, Aphrodite?!

APHR: Hello?! (Stomps her foot) Love is my business, that and I've had to hear him cry over you for a long time now. Gabby this and Gabby that! (Scoffs)

JOXER: Aphrodite I'm sure you have other things to do?! (Mutters) Ix-nay, ix-nay?

APHR: No. (Scoffs) Not after all the time I've had trying to help you without using any spells, just like you asked me too. (Sighs) As if it were that easy.

GABBY: No spells?!

APHR: Is there an echo in here? (Points her finger at them) You heard me! (Sighs) The two of you have been the longest and the most difficult case I've ever had. (Crosses her arms) So excuse me if I lose my temper now!

JOXER: I'm sorry I bothered you love goddess. (Fast and clumsy he stands up) Now if you'll excuse me I'll go find a hole to crawl in and die. (Walking away)

GABBY: Joxer come back here?!

APHR: Don't worry, dear. (Giggles) Watch.

Joxer gets to the doors just in time for them to slam shut on his nose.

JOXER: Ow! (Holds his nose) Mommy.

GABBY: Are you alright?! (Getting up and walking over to him) Joxer?

JOXER: It hurts really bad.

Gabrielle puts her arm around Joxer.

GABBY: Lets go back to the room and I'll fix it for you.

APHR: Ahem?! (Popping in their way) Goddess of love here, I won't be ignored!

GABBY: Oh yes you will... Let us out or I'll reduce this whole place into rubble with my bare hands. (Raises an eyebrow) It's up to you?

APHR: Oh alright, you two are on your own. (Opens the doors) But you won't have Aphrodite to kick around any more!

GABBY: Deal. (Her and Aphrodite exchange the look) Lets go Joxer.

JOXER: Thank you for everything love goddess.

Aphrodite smiles and waves at Joxer, as he smiles back at her.

APHR: Ah, if it wasn't for you I'd of made Miss. Sob pay for what she said to me.

Aphrodite turns and fades out of sight with gold light. Gabrielle drags Joxer into their suite, then sits with him on the bed. She pulls his hands away from his nose, looking at it she makes a face.

JOXER: Do I look that awful?

GABBY: Your noes does. Here lay down. (Puts his head in her lap) It's almost the size of Autolycus's ego.

JOXER: Oh Zeus!

GABBY: It's not broken though so it should go down faster than if it was broken.

JOXER: Gabrielle?


JOXER: Why do you and Xena put up with me?

GABBY: You know Xena cares for you no matter how loud she says she doesn't.

JOXER: How do you feel about me?

GABBY: I feel... Um, I feel...

Joxer sits up and looks at Gabrielle whos making multiple faces at him.

GABBY: I feel... (Sighs) I feel...

JOXER: You feel... What?

GABBY: It's a little hard to put into words, but... Well I feel...

JOXER: Come on?!

GABBY: It's... (Stiffens up)


GABBY: Scary! (Closes her eyes) It's scary!

Gabrielle opens her eyes when she feels Joxer getting up off the bed.

JOXER: At least you were honest. (Starts out the door) That's all I could of ever asked of you. (Opens the door) Just know you'll always have my love. (Scoffs) For what it's worth to you, good bye.

GABBY: No Joxer!

Gabrielle gets up, runs over just as Joxer shuts the door and she opens it seeing Joxer slowly walking off. She gets a head of him and stops. She points at him.

GABBY: Haul your scrawny butt back to that room. (Joxer rolls his eyes) Move it!

JOXER: What for? (Throws his arms up)

GABBY: Because I said so! (Grabs his arms) Do I have to hog tie you and drag you back in there?! (Jeers) I'll do it! (Joxer gets past her) Oh don't tempt me!

JOXER: I'll always love you, Gabrielle.

People open their doors looking at Gabrielle and Joxer as she jumps on his back legs and all. Which causes both of them to fall in the floor, she stands up and puts her foot on his chest.

GABBY: I've had with you, Joxer! (Growls) You are going back in there and we are going to talk this out, understand me?! (Joxer nods) Good now get up and march!

Gabrielle removes her foot and helps him to his feet, they walk back to the suite. Joxer sits on the bed as Gabrielle slams the door shut, she locks the door and puts the key in between her cleavage. Joxer can't help but smile watching her do it.


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