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by Melissa McMahan


Gabrielle makes Joxer sit close to her as she sits on the bed. Aphrodite pops back in, sitting on the other side of Joxer.

APHR: Let's see what's going on?

GABBY: Now that should keep you from running away.

JOXER: That depends if I get as lucky as that key, but if I got that luck you'd run away instead.

GABBY: Joxer, look Xena is counting on us for her mission. (Irritated) Whatever it is and you can't let her down after all she's done for you. (Sighs) Please for Xena?

APHR: Yeah, sure? (Shakes her head amazed at Gabrielle) Get her tiger.

JOXER: Oh for Xena, huh? (Smugly) But you don't care if I go after the mission is over, right?

APHR: Yes! Yes! (Claps)

GABBY: Joxer. (Shuts her eyes and moves her head away) You can do what you want!

JOXER: So if I wanna leave right now you won't stop me? (Gabrielle looks at him) Ha!

GABBY: No, I don't want you to leave! (Rolls her eyes up)

APHR: She's going for your bait, now hook her and now bring her to shore.

JOXER: And why is that? (Is complacent as he smiles at Gabrielle) Hum?!

GABBY: Oh don't be such a dork! (Joxer looks down and pouts) Don't do that! (Pushes him back on the bed) Joxer, you're like... Family to me and Xena.

JOXER: Family? (Sits up) I haven't seen you kiss your sister the way you were kissing me back when I kissed you, you gave in and that's what's really scary to you isn't it? Because of Perdicus, you want to deny that I got to you. (Points) Don't you?

APHR: Ooo, good one!

GABBY: Shut up, Joxer! (Pushes him down on the bed again) Just shut up! (Growls) Or else I'll shut you up myself! (Puts her head in her hands) Stop it.

JOXER: No you shut up, Gabrielle! (Scoffs) The truth hurts doesn't it?

Smoldering Gabrielle looks at Joxer who coquettishly bounces his eyebrows at her.

APHR: Nice touch, but don't stop now.

GABBY: I never said I liked the kiss you forced on me! (Raises an eyebrow)

JOXER: Well judging by the way you reacted to my forced kiss... I'd say you did. If it was so awful, you could of pushed me away? Instead you kissed me back.

Gabrielle's jaw drops as what Joxer said hits to close to home for her.

APHR: You got her on your hook with that one, baby. (Laughs)

GABBY: The kiss was... (Making a number of faces) Nice.

APHR: He melted you like fire on candle wax.

JOXER: Nice? (Smiles) How nice is nice? Are you sure? Because yours was...

GABBY: It was... (Turns to face him fully) What?

JOXER: Very... (Moves his head closer to Gabrielle's) Very hot.

Joxer kisses Gabrielle and she buckles kissing him back.

APHR: As much as I'd like to stay and watch. I've gotta go find Xena.

Aphrodite showers out and the back in next to Xena who's sitting against a barn.

XENA: Aphrodite? (Rolls her eyes) Whatever you want it'll have to wait, I'm on a mission and the last thing I need is love spells. (Looks at Argo) Sorry.

APHR: If I promise not to use my powers, can I be your side kick in Gabrielle's place? (Giggles) The evening is just getting started and as the sun sets who know what might happen?

XENA: You wanna be my sidekick? (Chuckles) Well I suppose it would keep you from being the cause of trouble, but you have to do what I ask of you.

APHR: Oh but of course.

XENA: In fact you can get some information for me without being seen can't you?

APHR: Oh is that all? (Scoffs) No problem. When do I have to go?

Xena gives Aphrodite a scroll, she looks at it and fades out in gold light.

XENA: It will also keep you away from Joxer and Gabrielle. Whatever Gabrielle wants she'll get, if she wants Joxer. (Raises an eyebrow) It will have to be what she decides on her own, without the gods so called help. (Smiles) Mmm.

Gabrielle pulls away from Joxer's kiss to catch her breath, she looks at him and she raises her lips back up to met his. Then she turns him over on his back, she rises up.

GABBY: So you love me, huh? (Joxer nods) Then you can wait, for if and/or if I'm ever ready? (Gets up) I'm gonna put my nightie back on and go to sleep.

Gabrielle goes blows out the candle and starts to undress, as Joxer trys in vain to see her in the dark room. The key to the door hits the ground with a ting.

JOXER: Are you trying to drive me crazy?!

Gabrielle puts on the nightie and crawls into bed next to him.

JOXER: Gabrielle?!

GABBY: Good night.

Joxer gets out of bed and trips on the sheet pulling off Gabrielle as he hits the floor.

GABBY: Joxer, are you are all right?

Gabrielle waits but hears nothing, she feels her way to Joxer's leg as he lays still on the floor. She then feels up his body to his face, she feels his breath on her neck.

GABBY: Joxer? (Grabs Joxer's head) Oh please be ok. (Sobs) Oh Joxer?!

Joxer suddenly grabs Gabrielle and kisses her, she pulls away. Gasping she hits him.

GABBY: Oh you big faker! (Hits him some more) Now you're really gonna get it!

JOXER: Yes... (Kisses Gabrielle) And so are you.

GABBY: That's not what I... (Joxer kisses her again she grabs his arms) Gotcha!

JOXER: Well I'm at your mercy now. (Clears his throat) Perhaps you would like to punish me for being so bad? (Chuckles) I'm waiting my little Amazon, Bard queen.

GABBY: Joxer I'm starting to think you're a masochist. That would explain alot.

JOXER: Like how sadistic you've been to me?

GABBY: I never hurt you that bad, just a little tap on the head or a shove... A nose or ear pinch. (Pauses) The time I hit you with the oar.

JOXER: Gabrielle, my arms are falling asleep.

GABBY: You better not be faking it. (Lets go of his arms)

JOXER: Usually guys say that.

GABBY: Shut up! (After a few minutes she giggles) God's you're are such a dork!

JOXER: And your such a bitch, but I love you anyway.

GABBY: Bitch huh?! (Growls)

JOXER: Gabrielle, do you... Um, you know feel...

GABBY: I don't know what I feel anymore. (Sits up on the bed) Joxer that we can't rush into anything I know I do... I do love you. Um, but I'm not sure how deep it goes, if it's more than... Well you and Xena are like family to me. Do you understand? (Sighs) I have to reflect on my deeper feelings to find the anwser.

JOXER: Gabrielle, do you remember when I first met you and Xena. (Gabrielle nods) I thought you were just an irritating blonde, but I soon found out was really irritating me about you. (Sighs) That I was in love with you, Gabby.

GABBY: Like you're not irritating to me, Joxer?! (Kicks at him) Right?!

JOXER: Ow! (High whine) Look out where you kick me!

GABBY: Wh... (Comes to the realiztion why Joxer's voice got higher) Oh! (Leans down) Um, sorry I can't see in the dark.

JOXER: Yeah, well too bad I can't feel in the dark. (Grunts) That hurts!

GABBY: Come lay down on the bed.

Joxer moves slowly as he reaches out, but instead of the bed he grabbed some on Gabrielle's flesh. He wasn't sure what, but it made her squeal and she helpped him on to the bed from there.

JOXER: Sorry I was going for the bed, what part of you was that?

GABBY: Lets just say I no longer owe you for that kick and leave it at that.

JOXER: Um, ok.

GABBY: Joxer if you love me so much? (Sighs) Then why were you with Meg and...

JOXER: That had nothing to do with love. (Pauses) Just...

GABBY: Libido?! (Pauses) So why should I think I'm anything more for you? (Huffs) Did you tell all these women you loved them too?! I know you lie sometimes Joxer, to get what you want.

JOXER: You think I'm a cad, don't you? (Getting very upset) Do you think I would do that to you after all you've been through, just for a... (Disgusted) Yeah, right?!

GABBY: Why wouldn't you try?

JOXER: First of all your dad would hunt me down with his axe, that is if Xena didn't beat him to it. (Sighs) Do you have any idea what Xena would do to me if I hurt you, even in the sightest way?! Oh please?! (Scoffs) I'd be pig slop at best.

GABBY: That's two really good points, Joxer.

JOXER: Well if you still doubt me you can ask Xena herself, she's known all along how I feel about you. I think every Greek has known, but you. All you have to do is ask around, you'll see. Even Aphrodite and all the rest of the gods know too.

GABBY: Wh... (Yelling with wild fury) You told our friends and the gods?! (Grabs at Joxer) When the one person you should of told is me! (Flips Joxer off the bed)

JOXER: Wuff.. Ow! (Crawling back on the bed) To be fair Xena guessed after Cupid broke your spell and I still felt the same. Because I was never hit by one.

GABBY: Yeah, well I'll deal with Xena later. You on the other hand Joxer!

JOXER: What? (Finds Gabrielle's hand and kisses it)

GABBY: I guess I should thank you for not taking advatage of me, when you could of. (Sighing) Very easily. I'm sorry Joxer, you do really love me or you would of.

JOXER: Well before that when Aphrodite put that bell spell on me and I kissed you. He, he! Ahem, you got her to take it off me. (Sighs) But I felt really stupid. That was until Xena talked to me about the whole thing. I was sitting by myself...


XENA: Hi, Joxer.

JOXER: Hi, Xena. Come to get a laugh at my expense? I can't blame you if you did-- that's all I'm good for.

XENA: Gabrielle told me all about what happened. You did some very brave things.

JOXER: Yeah, but that wasn't me.

XENA: That's where you're wrong.

JOXER: What do you mean?

XENA: The gods can't give us anything that isn't in our hearts. Aphrodite just used what was already there. The real Joxer may not be the best swordsman around, but he's always had the heart of a lion.

JOXER: You're just saying that to make me feel better.

XENA: You calling me a liar?


XENA: Well, then-- like I said.

As Joxer sat still Gabrielle laid down on the bed.

GABBY: The gods can't give us anything that isn't in our hearts. (Gasping) Xena was right, but if she's right about you... Then when you kissed me and I swooned up next to you... And cupid's arrows hit me... Oh my gods!

JOXER: Yeah, you were all over me. (Chuckles) All over.

GABBY: That means somewhere deep down inside. (Pauses) I wanted to be.

JOXER: Do you remember when you said, "Take me Joxer" or have you forgotten?

GABBY: I know you haven't do you hear me saying in your dreams?

JOXER: Let's not get into my dreams about you. (Leans on top of Gabrielle) Ok?

GABBY: You have any with my clothes on?

JOXER: Yeah, but most of the time...

Gabrielle lifts up and kisses Joxer.


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