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By Cruise


"Holly’s gone into labor...we have to leave." Rayne answered with a concerned sigh and looked at Lark.

Lark could see the anxiety in Rayne’s blue eyes and knew there was more to it by the tone in her voice and what she saw in her eyes. "Is she okay?" Lark asked with concern rubbing Rayne’s arm for comfort.

"’s not good. She’s having complications and I don’t know anymore than that. Mom sounded very upset." Rayne answered climbing out of bed and grabbing her bag to pack.

"I hope Holly will be alright." Lark answered worriedly and climbed out of bed. "I’m gonna take a shower." She replied turning towards the bathroom.

"No...we don’t have enough time." Rayne quickly answered. "You can take one on the plane. Dad has his private plane waiting to take all of us back so, we’ve got to get moving." Rayne answered urgently and hurriedly packed her bags.

"Okay...I’ll be packed in a flash." Lark answered beginning to pack her own bags.

They finished packing in no time and were dressed just as fast. Rayne threw her baseball cap on and pulled her long hair through the back while Lark called down for a bellhop to help with their bags. "Rayne...I’ll go down and check us out and then pull the car up front." Lark informed her somberly heading towards the door.


"Okay...I’ll get everything on the cart and help the bellhop." Rayne answered grabbing their bags and carrying them to the door as the bellhop knocked.

Lark opened the door allowing him to enter and she exited into the hallway heading towards the elevator. Lark was lost in her thoughts of concern and worry for Holly. She hoped Holly and the baby would be fine. Her emotions went from being totally elated from their own plans of having a child to being very worried about Holly and the baby. Lark stepped off the elevator quickly advancing upon the front desk to check out and felt as though she was in a fog from everything happening so fast.

Rayne hurriedly stacked their belongings on the cart and quickly checked the suite again to make sure they didn’t forget anything and headed out the door safe in the knowledge she had all of their belongings. Rayne too was lost in her thoughts from worry for Holly, the baby and her brother. She knew Shayan would be devastated if anything happened to either one of them, as would she. Rayne thought about how close she is with Holly and worried terribly about her health. "Ma’am this is the lobby." The bellhop replied snapping Rayne out of her thoughts.

"Oh, yeah...aah...take it to the front door please." Rayne stammered looking up and saw Lark opening the trunk of the car.

They quickly loaded the car with Rayne taking control of the car mashing the accelerator heading out of the hotel parking lot. Her thoughts were still with her brother and sister-in-law as she sped towards the airport. Lark knew how upset Rayne was by how quiet she was being. She slipped her hand into Rayne’s squeezing it and felt Rayne’s fingers lace with hers. Lark’s touch had such a soothing, calming affect on her and she looked at Lark giving her an appreciative smile before looking back to the road.

Rayne steered the car towards the hanger her father’s plane was waiting in front of noting everyone fervently loading the plane. She screeched to a halt and threw the car in park before exiting the car as her mother approached. "Mom...what’s going on?" She asked nervously as Lark opened the trunk for the crew to gather their luggage and grabbed their carry on bags.


"Holly was having terrible labor pains so, they rushed her to the hospital and they are having complications." She answered worriedly and began to cry.

"Mom...she’s two months the baby going to be okay?" Rayne asked nervously.

"We don’t know sweetheart." Her mother answered crying harder with Rayne drawing her mother into a comforting hug.

Lark saw her tall lover comforting her mother which brought tears to her eyes seeing the distraught look in her face and the tears that trickled down her cheeks. She wanted to comfort Rayne wishing she could take everyone’s pain away. Rayne wiped away her tears and helped her mother to the plane with Lark waiting at the stairs to the plane for them. Rayne helped her distraught mother up the stairs and Lark followed rubbing Rayne’s back to comfort her the best she could at that moment. She found it so touching how closely knit Rayne’s family was and even though Holly wasn’t a blood relative they treated her as if she was... just like they did with her.

Rayne helped her mother to her seat and was engulfed in a hug from her father. "Don’t worry sweetie...she’ll be okay." He whispered assuringly in her ear noting the tension in his daughter’s body and rubbed her back soothingly feeling the tense muscles begin to relax.

"Let’s hope so Daddy." Rayne answered less assured and headed towards her seat receiving a hug from Jayce who had approached her.

They locked blues and held one another without a word being spoken each knowing exactly what the other felt and wanted to say but didn’t need to as they said it with their eyes. Rayne faintly smiled breaking the hug and patted his chest before sitting in her seat next to Lark. Rayne had a feeling her parents weren’t letting on the full gravity of the situation which worried her more. Rayne buckled her seat belt and leaned forward resting her elbows on her legs and held her face in her hands. She thought about her beloved grandmother who passed away recently and remembered how excited she was when Holly and Shayan told her they were expecting another baby.

All the pain she felt when her Grandma Taye passed away hit her like a tidal wave and she couldn’t control her tears that flowed freely.

She felt Lark’s arm slip around her back and her free hand slid onto her leg as Lark kissed Rayne’s shoulder. Rayne felt the plane level off with Lark asking. "Do you want to talk about it?" In a whisper with Rayne wiping her face looking over her shoulder and meeting caring green eyes.

"No...I don’t...I’m going to go take a shower." Rayne answered softly sniffling back her tears.

"Rayne...please, don’t shut me out again." Lark answered pleadingly lacing her fingers around Rayne’s long slender one’s and leaned her forehead against Rayne’s cheek.

Rayne glanced at Lark loving her comforting closeness. "I won’t Lark...just give me a little bit of time so I can come to terms with what I’m feeling okay?" She asked softly with Lark looking into her saddened blue eyes.

"Promise me you’ll talk to me about all of this?" Lark asked worried that her lover would once again shut her out.

"I promise...I just need to be alone for a few minutes okay?" Rayne asked with Lark nodding yes in response. "I love you." Rayne whispered lightly kissing Lark and headed to the back of the plane to take her shower.

Lark sat back in the chair and wiped away her tears hoping that Rayne wouldn’t push her away again. She worried about her as she had never seen her this upset before. She wanted to hold her, to comfort her and to take her pain away...if Rayne would allow her to.

Rayne stepped into the hot shower and let the water beat down on her head hoping it would soothe her emotions. She couldn’t believe how raw her emotions were and she just wasn’t ready to reveal everything she was feeling...even to Lark. She knew Lark had a right to be included and it wasn’t fair to shut her out. Hell...that’s what put them into that whole big mess with the other...supposed other woman in the first place. Rayne wasn’t going there again, but needed a chance to collect and attempt to control her emotions without being a blubbery mess...that would embarrass her even in front of Lark.

Rayne had an undying need to always be stoic no matter what and this was making it very hard for her to maintain that composure. Her thoughts of her deceased grandmother kept creeping in and all she wanted to do was cry or beat the living hell out of someone or something as she was so mad about her death...even to this day she was livid about it.

She wondered why this health crisis with Holly triggered her thoughts and emotions over her grandmother. Maybe it’s because she still hasn’t come to terms with her grandmother’s death and who knows...she may never will or maybe it’s because she’s not there with Holly and Shayan like she wasn’t when her grandmother was gravely ill.

Rayne began to cry remembering the phone call she received from her mother when she was on an assignment out of the country saying her grandmother had taken a turn for the worst after heart surgery. ‘A simple operation.’ She remembered her mother saying when Rayne told her she would return right away. Her mother and Uncle Burt...who is a Cardiologist, convinced her that everything would be fine with her grandmother so, she stayed until the next morning. ‘Wrong decision... that I’ll regret for the rest of my life.’ Rayne whispered to herself remembering their words.

Rayne rushed home to be by her grandmother’s side but knew she was gone. She felt it; she had a dream about it. The realization hit her when she walked in the door and saw her father break down and cry when she asked how her grandmother was doing. She had never in her entire life seen her father cry like that and it wasn’t even his mother...but his mother-in-law who he cried for because she was such a wonderful woman...whom everyone loved and adored...especially Rayne. Her heart was shattered...her grandmother was everything to her. They were best friends and were exactly alike. The best compliment she ever received was when her uncle told her mother that it was unbelievable how alike both her and her grandmother were.

She meant everything to Rayne and when her mother told her she would not have been able to do anything to prevent her grandmother from passing on...she couldn’t accept it. Maybe it was her stubbornness, her ego or maybe it was the close bond she shared with her grandmother that made her believe that if she was there for her...just simply holding her hand she would have had more of a reason to fight harder and Rayne felt as though her grandmother was angry with her for not being there and gave up. She knew that train of thought was probably pretty stupid but she couldn’t help the way she felt. Rayne didn’t get to tell her how much she loved her or to say goodbye.

Rayne had called the night before her surgery but the medical personnel had already moved her to ICU where phone calls weren’t allowed so, she wasn’t able to talk with her. She asked her mother to let her grandmother know that she loved her and to wish her luck with the surgery... she wasn’t sure if she told her or not. She felt guilty that she wasn’t the one to tell her because a message relayed through her mother just wasn’t the same as what it would have been coming from her. Rayne couldn’t hold her emotions in any longer and broke down crying at the memories...the guilt, the pain and the sadness she felt at that time and now as she was reliving everything again.

Rayne put her hands against the wall to brace herself and cried so hard she nearly threw up. She turned the ice cold water on to snap her out of her hysteria which eventually helped calm her well as her nausea. Rayne couldn’t and would never be able to forgive herself for not telling her grandmother how much she loved, adored and cared for her before her surgery. She hoped that it would get easier to deal with after six months but it was just as hard now as it was the day she died. That’s the reason she shut herself off from everyone especially the most important person in the world to her...Lark. She just couldn’t deal with the guilt and pain...she knew she would have to now.

Rayne thought about how her grandmother simply adored her nephews and looked forward to the birth of her great-granddaughter...the one she would never get a chance to meet. Hell, she might not get to see her niece she thought sadly as her tears flowed harder. "Gram...please watch over Holly and the baby...don’t let anything happen to them...I love you." Rayne replied softly wiping her tears and hoping the dead could really hear our thoughts. She frequently spoke to her Grandmother as a might say. She wasn’t the praying type but she would ask for her grandmother’s guidance with certain situations.


She wiped the remaining tears and felt a little better. ‘Maybe a good cry was all I needed.’ She thought finishing her shower and drying off. Rayne dressed in a pair of khaki ‘Old Navy’ shorts and a black short sleeved v-neck cotton shirt before running gel through her raven hair allowing it to stay in the place it fell...draped over her shoulders her bangs nearly reaching her dark eyebrows.

She exited the bathroom just as Lark entered the room. "Are you okay?" She asked concerned and looked into Rayne’s reddened eyes rubbing her side to comfort her sidling up close to Rayne.

Rayne smiled and kissed Lark on the forehead. "I’m better thanks."

"I won’t be long." Lark answered with a soothing smile feeling somewhat left out from the fact that Rayne wouldn’t discuss her feelings with her. It pained her to see Rayne in so much pain and to not be able to comfort her. Lark entered the still steamy bathroom and was engulfed by the fresh scent of ‘juniper breeze’ lotion that was so specific to her lover. She smiled happily knowing she would have that wonderful greeting in her life every time she entered the bathroom or cuddled up close to her lover once again...the simple pleasures in her life that meant her lover was there to stay...once and for all.

Rayne saw Jayce and her mother huddled next to their father who was on the phone. "What’s going on?" She asked worriedly and saw the look of anguish they all possessed on their similar features.

"We’re on our way son...we should be there shortly...hang in there...we love you." He replied and clicked the phone off and looked at his equally anguished family with cloudy blues. "Aah..the baby has fallen asleep in the birth canal." He answered softly inhaling deeply to collect himself.

"Oh, my god!" Maria exclaimed horrified and began to cry harder.

"Dad...what does that mean?" Jayce asked confused and anxiously.

He looked at his wife, his son and then his daughter. "They told Shay not to expect either one to make it." He answered solemnly with tears trickling down his cheeks.

"No!" Jayce exclaimed angrily and stood up with his own tears streaking his face and stormed towards the cockpit. "Make this plane move faster!" He demanded angrily and punched the wall in frustration.

Rayne was speechless...she felt like someone kicked her in the stomach and she felt like she couldn’t breath. Her knees became weak and flopped into her seat gasping for air which she finally inhaled. Rayne couldn’t believe what was happening and she felt terrible about it.

Rayne imagined the pain and fear Holly and Shayan must be feeling which overwhelmed her. She is very close to both of them and looks at the child as if it were her own. She wanted to be there to comfort her brother and to tell them both she loved them. Holly was the sister she always wanted. Don’t get her wrong...she loved her brothers and wouldn’t trade them for anything, but she always wanted to have a sister and Holly was just that to her.

‘Come on Holly fight...fight.’ She replied sending out a silent request to her sister-in-law. Rayne leaned back in her seat her heart and mind racing with fear from the dire situation. She was taking it seriously hard...everyone was but Rayne especially. ‘Shay must be beside himself. I don’t know what I would do if that was Lark.’ Rayne thought to herself as she thought about her’s and Lark’s conversation about having a baby. ‘No!...I don’t want Lark to be put into that position.’ Rayne told herself angrily and fought to keep out the negative thoughts of what she would do if Lark were in Holly’s situation.

Rayne knew she wouldn’t be able to deal with that at all knowing Lark would be in such distress. She looked out the window at the clouds her tears flowing freely and thought. ‘A baby is not a good idea.’ She told herself knowing that she just got Lark back in her life and didn’t want to lose her again...especially not during childbirth...something that could be avoided. Rayne leaned her head against the side of the window resting her elbow on the armrest and her chin against her hand staring out the window lost in her thoughts.


Rayne sadly thought about Brandon and tragic it would be for them to grow up without their mother. She thought about how it was bad enough that they would miss out on knowing what a wonderful woman their great grandmother was and for their mother along with their unborn sister to meet their grandmother’s fate was unbearable to think about. She imagined what she would say to their own child if something like that happened to Lark. She didn’t want to have to do that to a child and certainly didn’t want Lark to be put in that type of danger.

Jayce met Lark as she exited the bathroom and told her what happened. Lark was devastated and knew that Rayne would be too. She rushed over to their seats and sat next to Rayne noticing the blank stare she possessed along with her motionless state. If she didn’t see the slow, steady rise and fall of her chest she would be convinced she was dead. Her heart filled with sadness looking at her distraught lover and her tears streaked her face. She took Rayne’s hand in her own who was oblivious to her presence. She didn’t even realize Lark was holding her hand. Lark’s heart ached for her saddened lover.

"Baby...Rayne...look at me." Lark pleaded softly rubbing Rayne’s arm and shook her hand to break her trance with no response from Rayne. "’re scaring me." Lark answered anxiously and pulled Rayne toward her who finally looked at her when her trance was broken. Rayne looked deeply into Lark’s warm, green eyes and engulfed her in a hug. She held her so tight Lark could hardly breath. "Rayne...honey, you’re hurting me." Lark gasped in the missing air when Rayne released her and knelt before her on the floor now at eye level with Lark.

Rayne grasped Lark’s hands and held them locking blues with green’s. "Lark ...I don’t want you to ever be put in the same position as Holly...we need to reconsider having a baby." Rayne explained with a pensive expression and tear streaked cheeks.

Lark was stunned, shocked and saddened all at the same time. "Rayne...just because this happened to Holly doesn’t mean this will happen to me." Lark answered trying to assure Rayne.

"I don’t want to take a chance on losing you like way. I just got you back and I don’t want to take any unnecessary chances." Rayne answered adamantly shaking her head side to side to emphasize her point.

"Rayne...stop it." Lark demanded firmly and held Rayne’s face in her hands. "Baby...I could die in a car accident just as easy. I’m not going to live my life in fear and you shouldn’t’ll drive yourself crazy if you do." She answered concerned.

"Lark...I’ve lost too many people who were very close to me and it petrifies me to think about losing you too." Rayne answered honestly her heart catching in her chest at the thought of it.

"Honey...we are not immortal...I’m going to die one day and that’s a fact. I accept that, but I’m not going to go through life trying to avoid certain situations that may do harm to me...that’s not a happy life and certainly not one I want to live."

Rayne looked at Lark and knew what she said was the truth. "Rayne...a baby assures us that our legacy lives on once we have moved on to another lifetime...that’s what I want...a baby." Lark answered honestly and sincerely.

"I’m sorry Lark...I’m just very scared." Rayne answered seeing the sincerity in Lark’s green eyes and sat on the floor at Lark’s feet. Rayne laid her head in her lover’s lap and wrapped her arms around Lark’s waist holding her tightly before closing her eyes.

"I know sweetheart...we’re all scared." Lark answered running her fingers through Rayne’s dark hair to sooth her angst.

Rayne’s anxiety began to calm from Lark’s soothing strokes and decided she should talk to Lark about her feelings. She stood up holding Lark’s hand and guided her out of the chair leading her into the sleeping quarters of the plane. Lark sat on the bed with Rayne lying back resting her head in her hand with her elbow leaning against the bed in a sidelying position. Lark turned to look at Rayne who slipped her hand on Lark’s stomach and guided her down on the bed next to her leaving her hand resting where it lay.

Lark looked concerned into Rayne’s saddened blue eyes. "Baby...I’ve never seen you so upset." And rested her own hand on Rayne’s resting on her stomach.

"I’s hit me all at once especially what’s happening with Holly. I promised I would talk to you and that’s what I’m going to try to do Lark. I’m not one to show my know that and I...aah...tend to hide them and I’m sorry for that." She paused to calm her emotions which swelled within and inhaled deeply to settle them.

" and I share the most intimate moments two people can share. You don’t have to be so mysterious with me and you don’t have to believe I’ll think less of you if you cry in front of me. I love you and I want to be there for comfort you when you need me. I love you no matter what." Lark answered sincerely rubbing Rayne’s arm comfortingly.

"I know Lark and I appreciate that..I’m trying. It’s difficult for me to bare my soul...but I promise I will try harder to with you." Rayne answered honestly and looked Lark squarely in the eye.

"At least it’s a start." Lark answered with a small smile and kissed Rayne.

Rayne smiled briefly which then turned serious. "You know how close I was to gramma Taye and how her death devastated me. I refused to believe that she was truly gone and it’s still hard for me to accept that fact. I didn’t deal with her death like I should have and I just pushed everything deep inside instead, choosing to withdraw. That was easier for me to handle. I can’t even bring myself to visit her grave because I don’t know if I can handle that finality." Rayne explained solemnly with Lark seeing Rayne’s blue eyes fill with tears. "I have an overwhelming amount of guilt because I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to gram or tell her how much I loved her before she passed away. I feel like if I had been there that she would have fought harder to live. This is so hard." Rayne explained sadly and looked down at the bed inhaling deeply her tears flowing harder and subconsciously traced circles on Lark’s stomach from her nervousness.

Rayne collected herself and looked up at Lark. "I feel like my gram gave up because I didn’t care or love her enough to be there when she needed me. I just know that if I would have been there to hold her hand and to tell her I loved her she would have fought harder." Rayne answered crying harder as Lark gathered her into her arms pulling her to her chest to comfort her with her own tears flowing harder. Lark held Rayne and kissed her head as Rayne clung tightly to her.

"Babe...Gram knows how much you love her and care for her. She knew that then and she knows it now. The dead can hear our thoughts and I know that gram didn’t think that you didn’t love her honey. You were the apple of her eye and she adored you." Lark answered lovingly and kissed Rayne’s head.

Rayne looked up at Lark. "How did you know that?" Rayne asked with a proud half smile.

"She told me every chance she got darlin and I could see it when she looked at you."

"Gram really liked and loved you a lot Lark. She used to tell me...’you better not break her heart!’" Rayne answered pointing her finger and imitating her grandmother with a slight laugh.

"She was a fantastic woman Rayne...I loved her so much too." Lark answered with a loving smile fondly remembering Rayne’s grandmother.

"I feel bad that Brandon and Cole will miss out on what a wonderful person she was and so, will...the new baby...well, if they make it." Rayne stammered sadly and flopped on her back feeling completely overwhelmed by everything. She wasn’t used to being so open with her feelings and rubbed her face with her hands her thoughts going back to Holly and the baby. "Aah!" She exclaimed frustrated.

Lark rolled on to her side and looked down at Rayne. "Babe...they’re going to be fine...have some faith okay?" Lark replied encouragingly moving Rayne’s hands away from her face.

"I wish I could be as optimistic as you Lark." Rayne answered with a slight smile feeling so much relief since she talked to Lark and just from the mere fact of looking into Lark’s beautiful green eyes.

"I have enough optimism for both of us. Listen, you can let Brandon, Cole and the baby know what a wonderful great-grandmother they had just by telling them stories about her. I also want you to let our child know about her too. I hope you’re still not adamant about us not having a child." Lark answered worriedly wiping away Rayne’s remaining tears.

"No...I want us to have a child but I’m going to drive you nuts with worry...I’m letting you know ahead of time." Rayne answered with a chuckle holding Lark against her tightly. "Thanks for being there for me...I feel a lot better." Rayne whispered in her ear before Lark looked up.

"I love you Rayne and I’m always here for you...always." Lark answered smiling and sealing her profession with a soul searing kiss.

Rayne was surprised by how much better she felt and knew it was because Lark was with her, holding her, comforting her and kissing her. She made a mental note to never hold back her feelings from Lark was very liberating and she wished she had done this a long time ago...but she didn’t and she regrets that now. Lark broke the kiss and lay her head against Rayne who held her tight loving every minute of her closeness with Lark.

Lark was happy Rayne finally confided in her and she felt like Rayne had made a major break through by doing it. It hurt her to see Rayne so upset, but she was happy Rayne didn’t shut her out and allowed her to comfort her. "Hey!" Jayce replied stepping in the doorway. "We’re getting ready to land."

Rayne and Lark both looked at him. "Okay...thanks." Rayne answered as they both sat up. Rayne clutched Lark’s hand tightly to keep her connection with her blonde lover standing up and heading back to their seats to prepare for landing.

The plane landed without incident and was met on the tarmac by a limousine to escort them to the hospital. Everyone rushed into the hospital and saw Holly’s parents at the end of the hall trying to contain the overactive young Donnovan boys...Brandon and Cole. Brandon looked up and saw Rayne walking towards then hand in hand with Lark. His face lit up at the sight of his aunt. "Auntie Rayne!" He yelled and squirmed free from his grandmother’s clutches and ran towards Rayne who scooped him up in a hug as he wrapped his small arms around her neck tightly.

"Hey buddy." Rayne replied softly rubbing his back and loved the feeling of having him in her arms.


He looked at her with saddened blue eyes that mirrored her own. "Mama and the baby are sick. They’re going to be okay aren’t they?" He asked with a furrowed brow.

Rayne looked down at Lark who put her hand on the small of Rayne’s back for comfort. "I’m sure of it keep thinking good thoughts okay?" Rayne answered hoping to reassure him despite her torn feelings and reality that...the situation just wasn’t good.

Rayne’s parents hugged Holly’s parents as Jayce comforted Cole. Rayne, Brandon and Lark walked towards the group who discussed Holly’s condition. Holly’s mom informed them that the doctor explained that her condition had improved and they’re working to deliver the baby much to everyone’s relief. Rayne sat down next to Lark to wait for any further word on her condition with Brandon refusing to relinquish the vice grip hold he had on his tall aunt. She hugged him and rubbed his back until she felt his tense muscles relax.

Lark loved to watch Brandon and Rayne together. They were just like two peas in a pod and she thought they were absolutely adorable together as well as her and Cole. Maybe it was because she was biased...nah, it was the close bond they shared Lark thought smiling and watching them interact. Rayne absolutely adored her nephews as they did the same to her. Lark watched them lovingly and thought about how she couldn’t wait to see her gorgeous lover holding their own child in her arms.

Lark rubbed Brandon’s back and looked at him before kissing his forehead. "What happened to you hair Auntie Lark?" Brandon asked quizzically.

"I got bubble gum stuck in it and had to cut it all off." She teasingly laughed eliciting a giggle out of him and lifted his head up to look at Rayne to see if she did it.

"Don’t look at me...I didn’t put bubble gum in her hair." She teasingly answered and tickled him causing him to giggle more.

He stopped laughing and looked at Cole. "Cole...Auntie Lark got bubble gum in her hair and had to cut it off!"

Cole ran up to Lark surprised. "You did?" He asked with a wide-eyed look.

"That’s the rumor." Lark teased with a laugh.

"I love it!" He answered excitedly and wrapped his arms around her neck tightly with Lark engulfing him in a hug.

"Auntie Rayne!...I love your necklace." Brandon exclaimed with excitement playing with her necklace and staring at it intently.

"Thanks...Auntie Lark gave it to me." Rayne answered glancing at Lark smiling and flashed a wink her way before looking back at her nephew.

"I really like it. I want one...can you get me one?" He asked hopeful and looked at Lark.

"Brandon...that’s not nice to beg for something." Rayne replied sternly.

"It seems I remember someone begging for something just last night." Lark whispered mischievously in Rayne’s ear and received sideways glance from Rayne.

"I’m sorry ...but it’s really cool."

"It’s okay...I knew you would like it so, I got both of you one. But, I’ll have to give it to you when I get unpacked." Lark answered with a smile as Cole’s head shot up and looked at her excitedly.

"Yes!" They both replied exuberantly with Brandon looking at Rayne his demeanor turning serious. "She’s staying this time right? She won’t be going anywhere will she?" He asked with trepidation his blue eyes staring into Rayne’s.

Rayne and Lark both laughed. "I’m not letting her go anywhere." Rayne answered smiling and kissed his forehead lacing her fingers through Lark’s sending a flush of warmth throughout Lark who smiled happily.

"Auntie Lark can we come stay with you and Auntie Rayne at your house?" Brandon asked excitedly.


Lark glanced up at Rayne to find out how to answer the question and Rayne winked at her. "Sure...and I’ll even go fishing too." Lark answered smiling with Brandon, Cole and Rayne all looking at her speechless and bewildered.

"You three behave...I like to fish I just don’t like touching them or the bait!" Lark answered arching an eyebrow at Rayne and Brandon who looked at one another mischievously.

"Princess." They both answered in unison as everyone laughed.

"You mister...need to stop hanging around your Auntie Rayne. You’re becoming incorrigible just like her." Lark teased tickling Brandon who giggled incessantly.

"Auntie Lark...we’re glad you’re going to be living with Auntie Rayne again." Cole replied happily and hugged Lark.

"Me too." Lark answered smiling and squeezed Rayne’s hand that still held her own.

Shayan walked through the door with tears in his blue eyes looking completely wiped out. Everyone stood up with nervous trepidation as Lark squeezed and held Rayne’s hand tighter in anticipation of the impending news which they hoped would be good.

"They’re both fine and we have a new edition to our family...a beautiful baby boy." He answered with happiness and joy as he began to cry.

Rayne released the breath she unconsciously held and smiled happily. "You’ve got a baby brother!" She replied excitedly looking at Brandon when it finally dawned on her. "Hey, I thought you were suppose to have a little girl?" Rayne asked confused with everyone realizing the same thing as they approached Shayan.

"Well, a little something was hidden in the sonogram I suppose." He answered proudly and was engulfed in hugs from everyone.

"Congratulations Shay...I’m so happy for you." Rayne replied sincerely hugging her brother tightly and kissing his cheek.

"Thanks...we appreciate it." He answered before kissing her and breaking the hug. "Lark!...hey!" Shayan replied surprised to see her and hugged her. "I love your hair." He answered with a chuckle.

"Congratulations Shay. I’m so happy for the both of you." She answered happily holding him tightly.

"I’m glad you two are back’re meant to be that way." Shayan whispered breaking his hug and kissing her cheek before taking Brandon from Rayne.

"How’s mommie?" Brandon asked excitedly.

"Very tired...but she said to tell you two she loves you." Shayan answered with a loving smile and leaned down to pick up Cole.

Rayne put her arm around Lark who slipped her arm around Rayne’s waist. Rayne pulled Lark closer and kissed her head. "You were right babe...I should have been more optimistic." Rayne conceded with a smirk.

Lark smiled and hugged her tighter.

"I’m glad I was right." Lark answered filled with joy and happiness that Holly and the baby were going to be fine. She thought about how much she loved Rayne and her family as if they were her own. She was happy to be back and apart of that aspect of Rayne’s life.

"Oh, baby...I should call Elaine and let her know I’m back in town so, she doesn’t look like a fool if the paparazzi sees me here and comes up with some stupid story for the National Enquirer or something. I also need to call my parents...they’ll want to know about Holly and the baby." Lark responded patting Rayne on the butt and broke her hold on her.

Rayne pulled Lark back and kissed her. "Hurry back...I’ll miss you." She whispered lightly kissing Lark’s lips again. Lark smiled and winked breaking off the kiss and walked away.

Rayne watched as Lark walked towards the nearest phone to make her calls with Rayne thoroughly appreciating everything about her lover. ‘Hmmm...very delicious.’ Rayne thought mischievously feeling a nervous tickle in her stomach.

"Easy might want to put your tongue back in your mouth before someone walks all over it." Jayce teased leaning against his sister and laughed both watching Lark talk on the phone.

Rayne laughed and looked at her brother. "Dude...what do you think about your god son?" She asked with a proud smile.

"I was so worried and now, I’m so excited...I can’t wait to see him." He exclaimed with pure joy written all over his face.

" too. I bet he’s gorgeous." Rayne gushed happily glancing back at Lark unable to keep her eyes off her sexy blonde lover.

"How could he not be...look at his bloodline." Jayce answered with a cocky laugh which was shared by Rayne who looked at her brother.

Rayne crossed her arms over her chest. " Well...that’s true for me but I don’t know about you. I can’t get over the fact that you still don’t believe me when I tell you mom and dad found you in a dumpster and brought you home to live with us."

"You think you’re funny don’t you?" Jayce asked laughing and looked at his sister.

"I’m serious Jayce...they found you in a dumpster." Rayne answered with a look of total seriousness but secretly laughing inside...she loved to rag her brother and remembered how he got so upset when she told him that when he was younger.

"I’m not falling for that one like I did when I was a kid. I thought we put that to rest in Greece. Besides, we look too much alike."

"Purely coincidental...but suit yourself and don’t believe me dumpster boy." She teased leaning into him and pushing him with a laugh.

"I will pay you back for that one!" He guaranteed.

"Ooh, I’m you did when we were in Greece Mr. Pink belt." Rayne teasingly laughed with her brother putting his hand on her shoulder.

"Hey, you two...we are going to the nursery." Their father informed the pair.

"Okay...we’ll be there in a minute." Rayne answered looking over her shoulder watching her family head down the hall out of sight. Rayne and Jayce looked back at Lark who hung up the phone and turned to walk back towards them. "A complete vision of loveliness." Rayne replied admiringly releasing a breathless sigh watching her lover stroll sexily towards her down the long hallway.

"Oh, yes...she is." Jayce agreed with a smile. "She looks uncomfortable that we are staring at her though." Jayce observed with a chuckle noticing Lark look down at the ground as she continued to walk towards them.

"Yep...I bet I know what she’s thinking too." Rayne answered surely with a smile.

"I’ll take that bet and I bet she is plotting her revenge as to getting us back." Jayce answered with a laugh.

"Nope...she’s saying to herself that she can’t believe how much of a pig I am just like you." Rayne answered with a chuckle and looked at her brother.

"A pig huh?...she thinks I’m a pig? I’m so hurt, but I do resemble that remark so, I’ll take that bet for fifty dollars." He teased laughing.

"You’re on dumpster boy." Rayne agreed with a chuckle as her brother pinched her firm backside causing her to laugh harder and move her butt away from the offending gesture as Lark approached with an embarrassed look on her face.

"Well...hello there sexy." Rayne drawled cockily and flashed her lover a sexy smile.

"You two are so damn bad." Lark replied pointing between the two of them.

"Who?...Us? How ever do you mean Lark?" Jayce asked teasingly.


" two are a couple of pigs and I don’t want to know what you were both saying to each other either." She firmly stated flashing a stern look.

Rayne laughed and looked at her brother. "That’s fifty bucks you owe me!" She teased pointing at him before slipping her arm around Lark’s waist.

"Damn!" Jayce answered disappointedly with Rayne’s laughter becoming more intensified.

"You were both being pigs...right?" Lark asked with disgust and tried to move away from Rayne who pulled her closer to her.

"No...we were making a bet as to what you were thinking and I guessed correctly. So, dumpster boy here lost more money to me. I could retire happily from all the money he owes me." Rayne explained laughing.

"Rayne...didn’t you listen to your mother in Greece when she told you to stop calling him that? You’re terrible." Lark admonished her with a grin on her face.

"That’s who he is Lark...come on let’s go see our new nephew." She answered with a chuckle slipping her hand into Lark’s all heading down the hallway towards the nursery.

Jayce slipped his arm over Lark’s shoulder and looked down at her. "Do you really think I’m a pig?" He asked with a quizzical smirk.

"Yeah...but a very cute one." Lark answered with a laugh pinching his cheek.

"Are you sure I can’t convince you to switch teams and be with me?" He asked teasingly.

"Fat chance handsome...I’ve got the woman of my dreams right here in my arms and I’m not letting her out of them." Lark answered smiling lovingly and stopped pulling Rayne closer to her. Rayne smiled and leaned down allowing Lark to capture her waiting lips for a soul searing kiss.


Jayce just stared at the pair stunned briefly ...his trance broken when Rayne pushed his head away from her and Lark never breaking her kiss. He chuckled and walked ahead leaving them alone. Rayne broke the kiss breathless and looked dreamily into Lark’s eyes. "I’m never allowing you out of mine either babe." She answered sexily and kissed Lark passionately again.

Lark ran her hands through Rayne’s raven hair resting them on Rayne’s face and broke the kiss breathless. She smiled lovingly locking loving green’s with blues admiring Rayne’s sphinx like gaze her heart aflutter and asked, "I love you baby. Are you ready to begin the next step of our life together?" Smiling happily as she lightly traced the contours of Rayne’s lips with her finger waiting for her answer.

"Absolutely." Rayne answered in a sincere sultry tone flashing a sexy smile before pressing her lips against Lark’s. "I can’t wait to start our new life together...I love you." Rayne whispered through her kiss and deepened it holding the love of her life tightly.

To be continued....

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