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By Cruise

"Keep it...Lark’s the only woman I will ever need." Rayne answered disgustedly at the gaul of the woman for propositioning her and pulled Lark out of the crowd heading for the door.

"You okay?" Lark asked as they exited the hotel lobby and walked up the street towards the shops.

"No...slightly overwhelmed and that chick was very rude." Rayne answered agitatedly glancing back at the group who had exited the hotel for one last look at them.

"What did she do?" Lark asked inquisitively as Rayne turned back to her.

"She offered her card to me to call her in case I wanted someone else!" Rayne answered still appalled by the audacity of the woman.

Lark laughed. "What did you tell her?" Lark asked as she could only imagine what Rayne said to the woman from the agitated look on her face.

"I told her you were the only woman I will ever need." Rayne answered with a sexy smile as emerald greens met blues having a calming affect on her. She lightly kissed Lark’s lips and quickened their pace to get away from the gawking women.

"That’s so incredibly sweet honey!." Lark answered with a smile with her heart aflutter by Rayne’s admission. "Those pictures look great and I’m so psyched to see you on the cover sexy." Lark proudly answered flashing Rayne a smile and put her arm around her lover.

"I wonder how I made the cover and not’re the celebrity?" Rayne asked perplexed as to why she was on there and not Lark.

"Babe...get are hot! Add that with the sexy blue eyes of yours, that fabulous body and it screams the cover!" Lark answered emphatically.

"Sal must be up to something." Rayne thought out loud skeptically.

"Don’t be so mistrusting’s because you’re such a sexy sexy beast." Lark teasingly laughed and snuggled closer to Rayne slipping her arm around her waist.

"Only yours baby." Rayne answered with a wink and a sly grin before putting her arm around Lark’s shoulder and kissing the top of her head.

"So, what are you looking to buy?" Rayne asked as the pair approached the market place and looked around then back down to Lark who had a gleam in her eye from all of the shops. "Oh, no...I see that look in you’re eyes...I’m in trouble!" Rayne teased with a laugh.

"Yes, you are...I’m looking to buy everything." Lark teased and shared a laugh with her raven-haired lover who shook her head wondering how she agreed to this shopping date in the first place.

‘Had to be temporary insanity or those fabulous green eyes that made me lose all sense of reality.’ Rayne thought lovingly looking at her green-eyed lover who scanned the shops looking for her first victim. " gentle with me...remember, I’m still recuperating." Rayne grinned slipping her hand into Lark’s.

"I’m always gentle with you baby." Lark seductively answered flashing a sexy smile and a wink looking up at her tall lover before squeezing her hand for affirmation.

"Keep that up and you won’t get any shopping done...we’ll have to go back to the hotel." Rayne answered with a flirtatious glance with Lark pulling her into the first shop that caught her eye. "The hunting has begun!" Rayne teased with a laugh knowing the shopkeeper was no match for Lark once she found something she liked and the bargaining war would commence.

"Oh, Rayne...this statue of Aphrodite is absolutely gorgeous!" Lark gushed looking the statue over with admiration. "This would look fabulous in the family room don’t you think?" She asked excitedly and noticed the pensive expression on her lover’s face.

"Well...yeah, I suppose so." Rayne answered non-commitingly and hesitantly unsure of whether Lark had redecorated their house or not.

"What’s wrong?" Lark asked with concern shaking Rayne’s hand that she held to get her attention from her thoughts.

"Well...aah...I can’t say Lark...I don’t know if the family room has changed or not since I was there last." Rayne stammered nervously and regretfully. She didn’t know why it bothered her not knowing if things had changed but it did...a lot. Maybe it was because she had a feeling of missing out on certain things with the house that might have happened while she was gone. They both had spent a great deal of time renovating the house and decorating it how they liked it. She felt connected to the house and a wave of jealousy swept over her making her feel that she wasn’t apart of anything that may have changed with the house. She wasn’t even sure if Lark wanted her to just move back in right away.

"The house is the same as it was when you left baby. I made one change in the bedroom which is a surprise for you but other than that...everything is the same." Lark answered reassuringly and saw the disappointment in Rayne’s eyes subside.

"I’m just being silly I guess...I felt left out." Rayne answered with an embarrassed sigh and looked down.

"That’s not being silly honey. You have every right to feel that’s your home too. You are planning on moving back in right? I mean, I guess I just assumed that you would." Lark asked awkwardly hoping that Rayne wanted to move back into their home and squeezed her hand moving closer to her troubled lover.

"That’s what I intended to do Lark. Do you want me to move back in?" Rayne questioned locking stormy blues with comforting greens.

"Absolutely...I guess I shouldn’t have assumed that you would because I don’t know what your situation has been for the last six months. Do you have a house or condo you’ve been living in that you don’t want to leave?" Lark asked awkwardly.

"No...aah...I went from one assignment to another and stayed wherever the Service put me up. Basically, I lived out of my suitcase and fortunately, I didn’t have to stay in hotels the entire time and was able to stay in apartments they provided." Rayne explained to her blond lover.

"That must have been very lonely for you to not be in your own home with all of your things baby...I’m so sorry." Lark answered regretfully and sadly with her green eyes filled in tears from the thought of Rayne living such a lonely existence running the back of her hand lovingly against Rayne’s cheek.

"Yeah, well...there’s nothing I can do about that now and I’d rather not think about it. So, I’m moving back home with you...where I belong." Rayne answered with a smile wrapping her arms around Lark and engulfed her in a loving hug.

"I’m so glad that you’re coming home. The neighbors will be happy too." Lark answered softly kissing Rayne’s cheek breaking the hug smiling.

"Why will they be happy?" Rayne asked confused.

"Because the lawn will finally get mowed. You know it grows quite high after six months." Lark teasingly smiled.

"Ah-oh...I have my work cut out for me huh?" Rayne asked with a chuckle. "As long as no one touched my mower...I’ll be fine." Rayne answered with a laugh seeing Lark’s demeanor change and quickly diverted her green eyes to the price tag on the statue.

"Oh, look this price is an insult to the Goddess of Love." Lark answered coyly trying to change the subject. ‘She’s going to kill me.’ Lark thought nervously knowing Rayne loved her riding mower and treated it as if it was her car.

"Aah...Lark, what’s wrong with my mower?" Rayne asked nervously taping Lark on the shoulder who motioned the shopkeeper over.

"It’s not as bad as it looks Rayne...really." Lark answered nonchalantly hoping Rayne wouldn’t be too pissed off at her or pursue it further and waved her hand fervently to the shopkeeper.

"What did you do to it?" Rayne asked with worry her pulse quickening with the sweat forming on her brow and moved in front of Lark to look at her who obviously was trying to avoid the conversation.

Lark knew Rayne loved her lawn mower very much and would be pissed when she found out what she did to it and was afraid to go there but knew Rayne wouldn’t let it go. Lark gritted her teeth and flashed a sexy smile looking up at Rayne hoping it would help her cause. "Well...aah...I put a dent in it." Lark stammered hesitantly and very nervously.

"How big of a dent?" Rayne asked through clenched teeth worriedly fighting her anger.

"Aah...big." Lark answered turning towards the shopkeeper to let him know she wanted the statue obviously trying to avoid Rayne’s question.

Rayne moved in front of Lark. "How big?" She asked sternly placing her hands on her hips

"Oh, okay!...Geez!’re relentless!" Lark gave in frustrated dropping her hands. "I wiped out the whole front fender thingy!" Lark admitted defeatedly and guiltily gesturing with her hands.

"What?! did you do that?!" Rayne asked with mounting agitation.

"Well...I missed you so much and I went out there to feel more connected to you and you know I’ve never driven one before...well, except when I sat on your lap that one time on it. Remember that? It was so much fun." Lark answered with a laugh fondly remembering the incident and still trying to avert the conversation away from the mower hoping Rayne would forget about such luck!

" did you wreck it?" Rayne asked agitatedly not biting on the diversion.

"Well, I didn’t know the thing would take off so fast and I plowed right into the side of the garage door." Lark explained animatedly. "I promise I’ll get it fixed." Lark pleaded hoping Rayne would somehow understand.

Rayne chuckled and pulled Lark into her strong arms not able to find it in her to be mad at Lark. "Did you get hurt?" She asked with a laugh picturing Lark trying to drive the lawnmower.

"Well, I broke a fingernail." Lark answered with embarrassment and a laugh as did Rayne.

"Which one?" Rayne asked laughing as Lark showed her the injured finger.

"Aah...poor baby." She teased and kissed her finger and shared a hardy laugh with Lark.

"You’re not mad?" She asked excitedly and relieved looking up at her tall lover.

"A little bit but I forgive you...after all you did break a nail in the whole incident." Rayne answered with a chuckle leaning down kissing Lark. "Don’t touch my mower ever again." She replied through her kiss as Lark started to laugh. "And you’re going to fix it too." Rayne teasingly laughed with Lark lacing her smaller fingers through Rayne’s and headed to the counter to pay for the statue along with making arrangements to have it shipped home.

Rayne spent the next 3 hours watching Lark sharpen her bargaining skills on many unsuspecting shop owners and only had to step in between her and one shop keeper once to keep them from coming to blows with Lark being the one to instigate the altercation. Lark took her shopping seriously and she didn’t care if she was a millionaire or not...she was not overpaying for anything. Rayne had never enjoyed shopping so much and found it to be quite fun just watching. She knew it could get very ugly but it was kind of fun. She had taken that aspect of their life for granted she realized while watching Lark work her bargain.

Maybe it was just that it hit her what she lost and didn’t want to miss certain aspects of their life...even if it was doing something she Rayne watched Lark intently and marveled at how she was able to barter the price down. She chuckled when she realized Lark was moving in for the kill...getting HER price for the item...when she told the man he was crazy if he thought she was paying that price in somewhat of a half decent Greek translation and quite animatedly at that. ‘Uh-oh...there goes the wallet back in the purse...he’s done for...Lark’s got her way.’ Rayne thought to herself with a laugh and watched Lark begin to step away from the counter and the shopkeeper relented giving Lark the price she asked for in the first place.

Busted...should have given her that price in the first place dude!’ Rayne thought with a laugh shaking her head feeling bad for the guy because he had no idea who he was dealing with...the master bargain hunter.

Rayne laughed harder and winked at Lark who looked at her with a satisfied smile before puckering her lips and blowing a kiss to Rayne who blushed. Rayne watched Lark sign the receipt and was truly captivated by her beauty and magnetism. Lark was merely 10 feet away from Rayne but yet, it seemed too far to Rayne. She needed to be near her, to touch her she thought gathering all their bags and stood up. She strolled up next to her shorter lover and standing next to Lark to feel her closeness.

"Hey, sexy." Lark replied with a smile and looked up at Rayne lovingly rubbing her muscular thigh. "I missed you." She answered with a wink grabbing the credit card and receipt before putting it in her wallet.

"Do you think you could find it in the kindness of your heart to give all of these hardworking shopkeepers a break from your gifted talents of bargain shopping and buy the love of your life...who happens to be at the moment your little slave girl." Rayne replied with a sexy smile holding up the packages for her to see. "And buy me a snack so I can carry on?" Rayne teased smiling.

"Honey...for you I think I can give the shopkeepers a break...temporarily." Lark answered with a laugh putting her hand on Rayne’s back and rubbed it up and down as they headed out of the shop much to the delight of the shopkeeper who wiped the beaded sweat off his brow when they finally exited his store.

"Do you want to eat at Amsterdam’s or Ellinikon?" Rayne asked standing on the sidewalk with Lark trying to make a decision. "Amsterdam’s is the cafe where all the lesbians hang out right and Ellinikon is the one with the pastries?" Lark asked trying to clarify the situation.

"Correct." Rayne answered with a half smile shifting the heavy packages in her hands.

"Let’s go to Amsterdam’s then." Lark answered with a smile heading off towards the popular cafe frequented by many of the lesbian community.

Rayne put their packages on the one side of the booth and took a seat on the opposite side next to Lark who’s hand instantly slipped up onto her thigh and rested there. Lark’s touch sent a warmth throughout Rayne and made her heart skip a beat with her hand moving on top of Lark’s. She looked at Lark and smiled lovingly and extremely content looking into the green eyes she loves so much.

"Lark...I can’t seem to keep my hands off of you. Unless you are right next to me touching just aren’t close enough." Rayne admitted to her blonde lover honestly with an adoring smile.

"Well, babe...I don’t want you to stop touching me." Lark answered with a smile and a wink squeezing Rayne’s hand tighter for confirmation.

"What are you going to have?" Rayne asked looking the menu over.

"You know me...I want to try everything." Lark answered with a chuckle and a gleam in her eye at the prospect of tasty foreign food.

"Yes, I know your appetite well. I wondered why I had such a small grocery bill when I was gone." Rayne teased with a chuckle noticing Lark wasn’t laughing. "I’m sorry sweets...I didn’t mean to upset you." Rayne answered apologetically.

"It’s not’s just this whole thing is just so incredibly unbelievable." Lark answered with a look of disbelief and sadness and felt Rayne’s hand tighten around hers. "I still can’t believe that someone screwed up our lives like that and it still just pisses me off to think about it as much as I try not too." Lark answered angrily at the thought of what happened and shook her head in disbelief looking up at Rayne.

The look of sadness in Lark’s green eyes tugged at Rayne’s heart and she wanted nothing more than to take away all of her sadness. Rayne lightly brushed the back of her hand against Lark’s cheek and smiled lovingly at her not sure of what to say but locked blues with greens. "Lark...I don’t know what else to say other than we can’t allow ourselves to be put in a situation like that again and to savor every moment we have together." Rayne attempted to explain continuing to stroke Lark’s cheek lightly with her hand. "I mean...we didn’t purposely put ourselves into that situation but I broke my trust in you by not listening to your explanation for what happened. I will never allow that to happen again Lark..I promise you that with all of my heart. We can’t keep torturing ourselves this way baby. We’ve gone over this conversation before and we can’t keep doing that." Rayne answered sincerely moving her hand from Lark’s cheek to Lark’s hand and raised it up to her mouth lightly kissing it.

Lark looked at Rayne with tears filling her green eyes. "I will never doubt your love for me again and please promise me you’ll talk to me if something is wrong." Lark looked pleadingly into Rayne’s eyes for the promise.

"I promise and I want you to do the same." Rayne answered sincerely and leaned in to kiss Lark and was interrupted by the waitress who approached asking if they were ready to order.

"Want to share a Gyro?" Rayne asked Lark looking down at her.

"I’m a little hungrier than that Rayne." Lark answered sheepishly.

"Don’t forget mom will have a huge meal with your favorite dessert." Rayne reminded Lark with a smile and a raised eyebrow in reference to the dessert.

"Rayne...I can handle that and lunch with no prob." Lark informed her with a sly grin.

"Okay...order away then." Rayne answered with a laugh at her insatiable appetite wondering just where in the hell she put all that food in that small, skinny body of hers.

Lark ordered a Gyro and water in Greek with a smile looking at the waitress who jotted down her order than looked at Rayne for hers. Rayne ordered a meat Pilates and a soda also in Greek which was more polished than Lark’s which was expected considering it’s her heritage and looked back at Lark as the waitress walked away to fill their order. "Hey, why do you still have that sad look on your face?" Rayne asked with concern.

"I just thought about what would have occurred if something bad would have happened to either of us in the time we were apart. We wouldn’t have been able to tell each other how much we meant to one another and that would have been tragic." Lark answered sadly.

"Honey...stop worrying about it...nothing happened thankfully. We need to make sure we take full advantage of our second chance and not let it pass us by. So, I hope you can handle me telling you how much I love you every chance I get." Rayne answered sexily smiling and leaned into Lark pressing her lips against Lark’s for a passionate kiss.

Lark broke the kiss breathless and smiled lovingly at Rayne. "You know I love the mushy stuff and that I love you so much baby it hurts." Lark answered holding Rayne’s face in her hands and kissed her passionately to seal her declaration.

Rayne broke the kiss needing to breathe and looked into the eyes of the woman she loved more than life itself. "Are you trying to butter me up so you can eat my Pilates?" Rayne teased with a laugh.

"Ooh, you’re so did you know?" Lark returned the tease and laughed.

"I can see that look of food lust in your eyes." Rayne answered with a hardier laugh as the waitress delivered their food.

"Food lust?" Lark asked questioningly laughing and began to eat her Gyro.

"Yeah, you get this wild eyed gleam in your eye at the mention or sight of food and your eyes glaze over until your food is presented to you." Rayne answered laughing.

"You should be an actress’re so dramatic and I don’t do that!" Lark admonished.

"If that’s what gets you through the day believing that then go ahead." Rayne teased as Lark stuck her tongue out at her before sinking her teeth into her Gyro. All Rayne could do was shake her head and laugh harder.

The pair finished their meal and headed out of the restaurant after Lark paid the bill as promised. Rayne struggled with the bags while waiting for Lark to put her wallet in her purse. "Do you need some help sexy?" Lark asked reaching for some of the bags.

"I thought you would never ask." Rayne answered with a sigh of relief glad for the offer of help as Lark took a few bags from her. They proceeded down the street and Lark turned to Rayne wondering where their next stop would be.

"Did you want to stop anywhere? I have been so inconsiderate with all of my shopping." Lark asked regretfully.

"Yes...actually I do have a surprise for you but it can wait if you want to shop some more." Rayne answered dryly with a mischievous smile and continued walking knowing Lark would be intrigued by the surprise.

"Oh, no...aah...I’m finished shopping for now." Lark answered excitedly and caught up to Rayne.

Rayne looked down at her shorter lover. "Did you really crash my beloved mower?" Rayne asked teasingly.

Lark stopped in her tracks and looked at Rayne. "Rayne...get over the damn mower!...I promise I will get it repaired."

Rayne started laughing at Lark who had an angry look on her face. "What are you laughing at?"

"I just pictured you on the mower and I couldn’t help but laugh. Were you really going to mow the lawn?" Rayne asked laughing harder.

"Well...yeah...I was going to try too." Lark answered sheepishly her face filled with embarrassment. Rayne laughed harder. " know I’m not good with things like that. Can I help it if I never had to mow the lawn?" She asked and began to laugh at the thought of actually mowing the lawn.

" little princess has been deprived of one of the simple pleasures of life...mowing the lawn." Rayne teased with both of them sharing a hardier laugh heading down the street.

"Rayne...I just don’t get what can be so pleasurable about riding a loud, hot machine in the putrid heat with grass flying in your face." Lark answered with a shiver running throughout her at the thought.

"Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it sweetheart. It relaxes me...okay?" Rayne replied with a chuckle and slightly embarrassed.

"Alright...I will try it when we get home and just see how fabulous it really is my little lawn girl." Lark tauntingly answered poking Rayne in the ribs eliciting a laugh from her tall lover.

"I’ll teach you how before you have the mower fixed in case you have another driving mishap. Oh, now that I think about it...please tell me you didn’t try to ride my wave runner." Rayne asked nervously and with dread stopping and looking at Lark who looked away scratching her chin. "No, you didn’t! Lark...what about my dirt bike?" Rayne asked growing more disappointed and nervous with Lark’s silence.

Lark gritted her teeth and flashed a sheepish grin. "So, you were saying something about a surprise?" She asked with an alluring smile and walked away leaving a very baffled raven-haired woman standing in her tracks.

Lark laughed to herself and loved to goad Rayne until she heard Rayne. "Lark Morgan!...stop right there!" Rayne shouted with Lark stopping and turning around to see Rayne approaching with a very determined and unhappy look in her blue eyes.

"Now...Rayne!" Lark replied pointing at Rayne laughing and saw that Rayne didn’t find it very funny. She started to run away with Rayne chasing her.

"Lark...bring that cute ass of yours back here and accept your punishment!" Rayne yelled with the elusive blond slipping through the crowd laughing. "Okay...fine...I’m tired of carrying your packages!" Rayne shouted to her stopping by the trashcan and holding the bags over it looking at Lark with a mischievous smile.

Lark’s laugh turned into a look of disbelief and horror and walked back towards Rayne determined not to let her packages touch the sceevy trash can. "Don’t you dare do it you sexy beast!" She yelled pointing at Rayne who lowered the bags closer to the trashcans with onlookers watching with confusion at the display. "Rayne!, please?!" Lark pleaded as she drew closer to her taunting lover. "I was just joking about your wave runner and dirt bike." She answered approaching Rayne.

Rayne looked down at her. "Okay...that’s all I needed to hear. Did you say you wanted your surprise?" Rayne asked with a smirk and laughed walking away.

"Ooh, Rayne Donnovan!" Lark pouted frustrated running up to Rayne and slapped her butt laughing.

Rayne laughed and wrapped her arms around Lark and leaned down capturing her lips with her own without one care in the world as to what others might think. ‘They can BITE ME if they don’t like it.’ Rayne thought enjoying the feeling of Lark’s lips on her own.

"Do I frustrate you that much my little love muffin?" Rayne teased with Lark laughing and wrapping her arms around her neck reveling in Rayne’s playfulness that she missed so much before meeting Rayne’s slightly parted lips with her own for a soul searing kiss.

"Yes, you frustrate me to know end." Lark teased through her kiss.

"I’ll make sure to alleviate all of that pent up frustration for you tonight in bed sexy." Rayne whispered seductively wiggling her dark eyebrows with an alluring smile on her face before giving Lark a quick kiss releasing her hold on her leading her away towards her secret destination. "Oh, here...this is where we are going." Rayne replied when she looked up momentarily disoriented from not paying attention to where they were going as she was too busy sneaking glances at her sexy lover.

"Honey...we’ve been here a hundred’s not a surprise." Lark answered wondering just what Rayne was up to.

" it is a, be careful walking up to the temple. I don’t want you to fall on the rocks and twist your ankle like you did the last time we were here because I’m not carrying you and your bags this time!" Rayne teasingly replied with a laugh brushing up against Lark.

"Very funny Rayne...very funny. You are never going to let me live that one down are you?" She asked laughing making her way towards the ancient temple.

"Aah...never and you can count on it tootsie roll!" Rayne laughed looking at her embarrassed lover.

"Thanks...knew I could count on you!" Lark laughed mockingly patting Rayne’s arm.

They both finally made it into the temple and Lark sat on one of the benches breathless as Rayne deposited the bags next to her on the ground and sat next to Lark. "Whew!...what a hike." Rayne replied letting out a sigh of relief.

"Rayne I think it’s hotter here than in Miami!" Lark complained fanning herself with her hand and searched her bag for her bandanna.

Rayne took advantage of Lark’s inattentiveness and pulled out Lark’s surprise as her back was turned to her. She smiled happily when she looked at it and waited for Lark to sit back up. Lark sat up with bandanna in hand and wiped the sweat off her forehead and neck with it. Lark looked at Rayne who stared intently at her with a mischievous grin on her sexy features. "You’re really pushing it today with your practical jokes. What are you up too?" Lark asked skeptically with slight agitation and fear as to what Rayne had planned for her pointing at Rayne who laughed and moved closer to Lark before capturing her lips for a deep, moist kiss.

Rayne wrapped her arms around Lark and straddled the bench so she was to the side of Lark and deepened the kiss feeling her lover’s muscles relax in her arms. Rayne broke the kiss and locked blues with green’s. "Lark...I just wanted you to aah...know that...I appreciate everything about you." Rayne stammered nervously with her words not coming out as romantic as she hoped they would. Her pulse quickened and her heart raced faster and Rayne inhaled deeply to calm her thoughts.

"Rayne...I know that." Lark attempted to answer but was interrupted by Rayne who put her finger to Lark’s mouth.

"Bare with me while I try to say this and not mutilate it too badly." Rayne answered with a chuckle and a grin removing her finger from Lark’s mouth and looked deeply into Lark’s green eyes who flashed Rayne a warm, comforting smile which calmed Rayne’s nerves dramatically. "The love that we share is like nothing I have ever had with anyone else...ever. Over the past week I’ve realized that more and I don’t want to lose that love ever again. You are all that I’ll ever need Lark and the way I feel when I look into your incredibly beautiful eyes gives me this wonderful feeling makes me feel like the woman that I want to be and it’s the only thing that’s real to me baby." Rayne replied honestly with a smile and looked into Lark’s tear filled eyes who never thought she could ever love Rayne any more than she already does...until right now.

"’re my lover, my friend and you’re the air I breathe. You make my life complete and I love you with all of my heart. I never want to be without you and I want you to fill the other half of my soul." Rayne explained lovingly and stood up before Lark who looked up at her tall lover with tears of happiness streaming down her cheeks. "I’m asking you the Temple of Aphrodite...the Goddess of Love." Rayne replied with a smile and knelt before Lark who intently stared into her sincere blue eyes. "To do me the incredible honor of being my partner in love and life for all of eternity?" Rayne asked passionately with watery blue eyes opening the small black velvet case and offered Lark a 24-karat gold ring with a Dolphin surrounded by diamonds.

Lark burst into tears as Rayne held the ring before her completely overwhelmed by her emotions looking down at the exquisite ring and then into Rayne’s love filled blue eyes as she asked. "Will you accept my offer?" Smiling and held the ring out for her and looked at Lark with breathless anticipation...her heart thundering out of control in her chest hoping Lark would accept her offer.

To be continued....

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