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Disclaimers: Are the same as the previous parts. Heed my warnings of no treadmills, operating heavy machinery or reading this story while your lover is not in the house!

Special thanks to Stoley for her wonderful friendship, to Katatude for her proofreading prowess not to mention her great friendship and to Aj for always keeping her Twisted Sister in line! Extra special thanks to Caroline for being so caring and for filling my life with so much love.

I also wanted to thank all of the faithful fans who continue to read my stories and give me their undying support. You are all truly wonderful people..thank you!
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By Cruise


"Come on for the camera." Rayne teased taking the camera down from her face and pretending to wave to a fictitious person behind Lark to get her to turn around which it did sending Rayne in to hysterics at Lark being so gullible.

船amn her!’ Lark thought looking back around just as Rayne snapped her picture and laughed hysterically with Lark becoming very mad. "Let me in damn it!" She shouted angrily with a fowl look on her face.

"What? said you love me?" Rayne taunted her.

"I said I’m going to kill you!" Lark answered as she stood with her hands on her hips fuming.

"Tell me how much you love me and I’ll let you back in." Rayne teased with a laugh as Lark’s middle finger fully extended towards her and a stare of 訴f looks could kill Rayne would already be dead.’

"Ooh, promises, promises." Rayne teased sexily. "Come on baby tell me how much you love me." Rayne taunted as she blew kisses at Lark.


"I love you!, let me in!" Lark shouted jiggling the door hoping it would magically open so, she could pummel Rayne.

"That doesn’t tell me how much you love me Lark." Rayne teased with a laugh batting her eye and puckering her lips for a kiss.

"I love you with all my heart...okay?!" Lark shouted trying to keep the smile that wanted to creep out because Rayne looked so silly just were it was...hidden.

"Okay!" Rayne replied as she hit the lock and ran away from the door with a very irritated blonde storming through the it.

"Rayne!’re going to pay...dearly!" Lark yelled turning the corner to find Rayne standing on the bed with the digital camera poised and clicked the button for the picture. "Damn you!" Lark shouted pointing her finger at Rayne and swept Rayne’s feet out from underneath her watching Rayne drop to the bed laughing hysterically.

Lark climbed on the bed and pinched Rayne’s inner thigh. "Ow!...Lark!" Rayne shouted out in pain and put the camera down before grabbing Lark’s hand to stop the offensive gesture. "You better settle yourself little girl." Rayne teased with a laugh as she pinned Lark underneath her who struggled to get loose. "Ooh, you are so feisty baby and it’s making me so horny!" Rayne laughed wiggling her dark eyebrows lowering herself down on Lark.

"Rayne!...ooh, I’m so mad at you!" Lark shouted in frustration as she couldn’t break free from Rayne.

"But was fun." Rayne teased lightly kissing Lark’s neck who moved away causing Rayne to laugh harder. "Oh, come on looked so adorable and your fans are going to love the great pictures I took of you once I post them on the Internet." Rayne answered with a chuckle looking down at Lark and swore she saw smoke coming from the blonde’s ears she was so mad. "Sweetheart...can’t you forgive me?...please?" Rayne whispered seductively trying to smooth things over with Lark as she softly kissed Lark’s neck and worked her way up to Lark’s ear. "Please...I love you." Rayne whispered through her kiss feeling the tension release from Lark.

前oh, I’m so mad...but god what she’s doing to me!’ Lark gushed as her passion for Rayne consumed her anger with Rayne’s kiss working it’s way to her mouth were she hovered above Lark with her lips lightly touching Larks.

"I’m sorry." Rayne whispered sincerely with her blue eyes staring deeply into green’s before her tongue slowly slid inside of Lark’s mouth for a deep moist kiss sending a shiver up Lark’s spine from her passionate lover’s kiss. Rayne’s grip on Lark’s arms released and she wrapped them around her raven- haired lover whose kiss told Lark exactly how much she loved her.

選 can’t believe I’m falling for this but it feels so very good!’ Lark thought with satisfaction as Rayne’s deep, moist kiss turned to smaller, light kisses.

"Are you still angry with me?" Rayne asked with a smile looking into Lark’s sexy green eyes seeing total forgiveness in them.

"Unfortunately, no... I’m not still mad at you." Lark answered defeatedly as a smile crept across her fine features. "How can I stay mad at you when you flash me that sexy smile, or you look at me with those undress me blue eyes and when you work your fatal charms on me?" Lark answered seductively capturing Rayne’s parted lips for a soul searing kiss.

"You were so adorable Lark." Rayne replied with a laugh as she broke the kiss.

"Oh, I’m sure I was Rayne...butt naked!" Lark answered with a slightly embarrassed smile.

"You were absolutely adorable, gorgeous, sexy and very naked...just how I like you." Rayne chuckled wiggling her eyebrows seductively.

"You are so bad." Lark answered with a laugh staring into her sexy lover’s deep blue eyes as Rayne slowly moved down towards Lark’s lips.

"But that’s why you love me so much...because I’m so bad." Rayne whispered seductively pressing her lips against Lark’s to drink from her tasty lips. Rayne deepened her kiss as her hand slowly moved up Lark’s curvaceous body to her breast and lightly squeezed it.

"Oh, that feels so good Rayne." Lark whispered in a gasp through her sensuous kiss which was interrupted by a knock at the door.

"Of all the nerve!...don’t they know we’re trying to make love?...where’s my gun?" Rayne teased with a laugh staring intently into emerald green eyes. "Who is it?" She asked before leaning down and kissing the waiting, wanting lips before her.

"Room service!" The muffled answer came.

"I should have must be 10:00 a.m. sharp." Rayne teased looking at the clock which read the said time. She laughed as did Lark and kissed her before getting out of bed. Rayne wrapped the blanket around her to answer the door with an unpleasant look from the intrusion.

"I can’t help I get so hungry all the time." Lark answered with a laugh as her lover shook her head in disbelief.

"Cover yourself Lark...nah, never mind...they probably saw you on the balcony already." Rayne teased as Lark wrapped the sheet around her and stuck out her tongue at Rayne. "Ooh, baby!" Rayne replied with a laugh and ran over to Lark capturing her lips and tongue for a quick , sensuous kiss.

Lark laughed happily watching her tall lover stride cockily over to the door wrapped in the blanket. She laid back on the bed unable to wipe the smile off her face from the joy and happiness she felt in her heart at that moment. Lark thought about how complete she felt just then and didn’t think she could be any happier. She was on cloud nine and completely enamored with Rayne. Lark sighed happily as the butterflies in her stomach fluttered from her thoughts of being with Rayne.

The server brought the cart into the room and Rayne tipped him generously before showing him out of the suite. "Thanks dude." Rayne replied shutting the door behind him and headed towards the cart to find Lark already approaching it.


"Hey, save some for me." Rayne teased with Lark flashing her a sexy grin and a wink removing the lids from the food plates. Rayne moved in behind Lark dropping her blanket to the floor followed by Lark’s sheet before wrapping her long arms around her blonde lover and kissed her cheek. "I love you." Rayne whispered in her ear before kissing Lark’s cheek again reaching for a piece of bacon which she offered to Lark who ate the offering graciously.

"Hmmm...thank you." Lark answered thoroughly satisfied with being fed by one devastatingly gorgeous woman.

Rayne sat in the chair and pulled her shorter lover onto her lap as Lark giggled. "This all looks so delicious...just like you." Rayne purred seductively in Lark’s ear as she kissed her cheek sending a flush of warmth throughout Lark.

Lark grabbed a strawberry and fed it to Rayne who gladly accepted her favorite fruit. "I love you Rayne." Lark replied softly and lovingly watching her blue eyed lover finish chewing the fruit before kissing her and pushed Rayne’s dark hair off her face. "I’m so happy Rayne." Lark replied with a smile looking into Rayne’s eyes for the same response which she found.

"Me too baby." Rayne answered softly with a kiss as her arms held Lark tighter. Rayne’s kiss deepened sending a tingling sensation straight to Lark’s sex overwhelming her. The throbbing sensation mounted as Rayne greedily explored her mouth with her tongue... every bit of it.

Rayne’s tongue slid out of Lark’s mouth and traced the contours of her lips before slowly sliding back inside for another moist kiss. Lark ran her hands through Rayne’s long, dark hair deepening the kiss as her passions began to unfold. She loved to kiss Rayne...her kiss meant so much to her and filled her with so much love as she moved her head to the opposite side and continued the passionate kiss holding Rayne’s face in her hands.

Rayne broke the kiss and smiled sexily at Lark lightly rubbing a strawberry with whipped cream on it along Lark’s lips before licking the cream off of her lips using the tip of her tongue. Lark knew Rayne just couldn’t possibly know what she was doing to her...driving her wild she thought and sucked Rayne’s tongue into her mouth not wanting to miss an opportunity to have it there.

" taste so good." Rayne whispered sensually through her kiss and rubbed the strawberry along Lark’s parted, waiting lips before allowing her to bite down on the juicy fruit. Rayne hungered for Lark and watching her eat the strawberry erotically increasing the craving for her blonde lover. Her mouth watered with anticipation of having Lark’s tongue and mouth pressed against hers. She couldn’t stand it any longer and moved in for a deep, passionate and very wet french kiss tasting the strawberry flavor still lingering in Lark’s mouth.

"Rayne...I want you to take me...right here and now." Lark whispered through her kiss breathless and urgently. The slickness between her legs had increased as did the throbbing sensation which only Rayne could satisfy with her fingers.

"Right here baby." Rayne whispered teasingly and seductively through her kiss slipping her tongue deeper in Lark’s mouth with her hand traveling up Lark’s inner thigh...slowly approaching the wet mound that waited for her.

"" Lark pleaded kissing down Rayne’s neck sending a shiver up and down Rayne’s spine setting her body afire with the husky request.

Rayne’s slender fingers reached the wet curls they sought out and Lark spread her legs wider for her lover to enter her. Rayne’s fingers slid up and down the slick mound and Lark gasped when she felt Rayne touch her. Lark’s heart pounded and she sank her teeth into Rayne’s neck when she felt her finger enter her.

"Oh, Lark...I love it when you do that." Rayne replied with an insatiable thirst to devour Lark...all of her.

" feel so good inside of me baby." Lark answered deliriously happy to have her lover inside of her hot, wet opening as the blood rushed to Rayne’s sex when Lark whispered with her hot breath in Rayne’s ear.


"I love to feel how you wrap so tightly around my finger and allow me so deep inside of you baby." Rayne whispered moving her finger deeper with each stroke as Lark matched her lover’s movements rocking her hips forward and backward enjoying the feeling of Rayne’s finger so deep inside of her.

Lark tossed her head back with a rush of excitement flooding her when Rayne slipped another finger inside of her. Rayne leaned down to the perky, exposed breast before her and hungry to taste it. Rayne captured the hardened nipple in her mouth feeling Lark grasp her hair tightly sending a shiver down her spine.

Lark’s slow, rhythmic rocking movements were an intricate seduction that sent Rayne’s body afire with wanton desire for her green eyed lover and thrust her fingers in and out deeper each time. Lark’s pulse quickened and her breathing labored as her climax neared and she moved her hips faster thoroughly enjoying Rayne’s fingers inside of her. "Yes, Rayne... harder baby...I’m almost there." Lark requested breathless thrusting her hips back and forth faster with Rayne happy to oblige her lover and thrust her long, slender fingers in and out harder...deeper.

"Give yourself to me baby...I want to feel your warmth in my hand...come on honey." Rayne coaxed seductively as her tongue slipped inside of Lark’s mouth drinking in her lover’s desire for her. Lark’s ragged breath grew heavier as she moved her hips faster. Rayne felt Lark’s wall tighten around her fingers and knew Lark was ready to climax. "Yes, that’s it baby...come for me...I’m ready for you Lark...give it to me honey." Rayne whispered erotically feeling Lark relax and a warmth fill her hand with Lark screaming out in delight.

"Aah...oh, Rayne!" Lark shouted out with Rayne’s kiss traveling up her soft neck to her ear where it traced the contours before kissing her.

"I love you so much Lark." Rayne whispered feeling another wave of Lark’s orgasm over take her young lover who grasped her tightly in a hug. Lark melted against Rayne’s body and held her fabulous lover tightly as Rayne held Lark’s mound until her throbbing subsided.


Lark thought about how much she loved Rayne and how she was able to bring out so many wonderful feelings and emotions in her. She reveled being in her lover’s arms and didn’t want to let her go...she didn’t want Rayne to stop touching her. She wanted to be as close as possible to Rayne...she just couldn’t get enough of her she thought with tears of happiness filling her eyes. Lark leaned back and gave Rayne one hell of a soul searing kiss.

"!" Rayne replied excitedly and surprised breaking the kiss and looked into tear filled green eyes. "Hey,’s wrong?" Rayne asked with concern.

"I’m just deliriously happy and the feelings and emotions you bring out in me just completely overwhelm me Rayne." Lark answered sincerely and lovingly as she pushed Rayne’s dark hair back and stared into her deep blue eyes. "I love you so much." Lark whispered passionately as her tongue demanded entrance to Rayne’s mouth which gladly accepted her.


Rayne had never felt the same love for anyone ever like she did for Lark. She thought she had once, but it wasn’t the same and she loved knowing that Lark was all hers and that Lark wanted it that way...she truly wanted to be all Rayne’s. She never had a partner who wanted to give everything they had to her before and she cherished the fact that Lark gave all of herself to Rayne. Lark’s loving look and touch told Rayne everything she felt for her. The feeling was wonderful and she wanted to be all Lark’s as well.

Rayne held her lover tightly reveling in the closeness she felt with the love of her life. "Lark...aah...I want you to know that I truly love the fact that you give me everything of yourself...that means so much to me. I love knowing that you’re mine... all mine baby." Rayne replied lovingly and ran her fingers through Lark’s short blonde hair holding her face in her hand stroking her cheek lightly with her thumb. "I hope you know that I am all yours as well." Rayne wondered looking into the green eyes she so loved before sealing her confession with a soft kiss.


"I see it in your sexy blue eyes when you look at me, when you touch me and when you kiss me baby. All of those things about you tell me just exactly what you feel for me and I love knowing that you’re all mine Rayne." Lark answered adoringly before capturing Rayne’s lips for a moist kiss.

"You are so incredibly beautiful simply take my breath away every time I look at you and I wonder how I got so lucky to be a part of your life." Rayne answered honestly with a loving smile.

"I think we are both lucky to have one another Rayne. Just think about it...we fell madly in love before and we were given another chance at that same love after being apart for so long. The Fates must have it planned for us to be together or we wouldn’t have had a second chance baby...that is so incredible!" Lark answered exuberantly and smiled before kissing Rayne.

"It seems like the Fates do have something planned for us Lark." Rayne answered smiling contentedly at the sheer happiness she saw in Lark’s green eyes.

"Yes and they have it planned that you feed your lover some of those waffles baby." Lark teased with a laugh firmly planting a kiss on Rayne’s cheek.

"Is that so?...well, who am I to go against the Fates?...let me get my darlin a waffle!" Rayne teased leaning towards the table and grabbed a waiting waffle offering it to her hungry lover.

The pair finally finished feeding each other and decided showers were in order. "Lark...I can’t get my stitches wet...can you help me wash my hair?" Rayne asked grabbing her shampoo from her bag.

"I’d love to." Lark answered happily with a kiss for Rayne. Lark couldn’t seem to keep her hands or lips off her luscious lover and didn’t attempt to try too hard to keep them off either. She missed six months of that and decided she wasn’t going to miss another minute wanting to take full opportunity of every moment she had with Rayne.


Rayne sat on the floor in the bathroom and leaned her head back against the tub allowing her long, dark hair to drape inside the tub as Lark turned the water on. Lark grabbed a cup to fill with water to make it easier to wet Rayne’s hair before starting the hair washing process. Rayne intently watched her green eyed lover wash her hair and thought about how much she loved Lark.

She still couldn’t get over the turn of events that took place in their lives over the past few months and tried to quell the burning she felt in the pit of her stomach from her anger that reared it’s ugly head when she thought about how they were both hurt and betrayed. 選 really wished Jayce would have let me pummel Danielle for all of this shit!’ Rayne thought angrily snapping out of her dark thoughts when she heard the soft, sweet voice of her soul mate. "I’m sorry...I didn’t hear you. What did you say?" Rayne asked looking into the green eyes she always lost herself in.

"I asked if the water was too hot." Lark answered looking at Rayne and wondering what she was thinking so deeply about. "Are you okay?" Lark asked with concern searching Rayne’s blue eyes for the truth.

"How could I not be with you so close to me?" Rayne asked with a flirtatious smile before sliding her hand on Lark’s leg to make a connection with her.

"You are so suave Rayne." Lark answered with a laugh and leaned down to kiss her. "But I love it as long as you’re being that way with only me." She replied through her kiss before breaking it and rubbing the shampoo through her long hair.

Lark ran her fingers through Rayne’s long, dark hair and massaged her scalp as Rayne’s eyes closed from how wonderful it felt having a scalp massage. "That feels wonderful babe." Rayne replied with obvious satisfaction.

"I’m glad you like it." Lark answered smiling.

Rayne opened her eyes to gaze upon her lover. " you regret cutting your hair?" Rayne stammered with trepidation that Lark might feel like she did that for not.

"No...not at all. I really wanted a change and I do really like it. Why do you ask?" Lark wondered as she began to rinse the shampoo out of Rayne’s hair.

" said you cut it because you wanted me to see something different than the betrayal I once did and enlight of everything I was worried you might regret cutting it." Rayne wondered worriedly that she might regret her decision.

"Stop worrying sexy...I don’t regret it at all...okay?" Lark answered with a reassuring smile as Rayne searched her green eyes for sincerity in her statement which she found.

"I really appreciate your thoughtfulness of doing that and I want you to know that I absolutely love it. It makes you look even sassier than you really are." Rayne answered with a laugh.

Lark laughed. "I take it you like sassy women?" She asked teasingly working the conditioner through Rayne’s hair.

"Just one certain actress with the most beautiful green eyes that I have ever seen who has an incredibly sexy body not to mention, a smile to live for and a kiss to die for." Rayne answered seductively capturing Lark’s inviting lips for a kiss as Lark looked at her stunned from what Rayne had said.

"You keep that up and my ego is going to be bigger than yours." Lark answered with a laugh rinsing the conditioner out of Rayne’s hair before ringing the excess water out of her hair.

Lark grabbed a towel and gave it to Rayne who sat up quickly and became very dizzy. Rayne put her hand on the ground to steady herself. "Rayne...are you alright?" Lark asked worriedly holding Rayne to steady her.

"Yeah...I just got a little dizzy. You have that affect on knock me out honey." Rayne teased and saw that Lark was worried and not amused. 選’m fine Lark don’t worry. I just sat up too quickly from having my head back." Rayne answered and squeezed her hand to reassure her.

"Babe...I don’t like this. You’ve had too many headaches and too many episodes of dizziness...I’m really worried about it even if you aren’t." Lark answered with concern as she towel dried Rayne’s hair.

"It’s normal hun...I’ll be fine." Rayne answered with the dizziness subsiding much to her happiness because she hated that feeling.

"Well...if the headaches persist as well as the dizziness we are going to see the doctor...understood?" Lark answered firmly staring at Rayne.

"Yes...dear." Rayne answered sarcastically with a sly grin.

"Rayne...don’t patronize me...I’m serious. That really worries me." Lark answered with a worried look on her face.

"Okay...I’m’re right. I promise...I will seek medical attention if I feel worse." Rayne answered apologetically as she saw the concern in Lark’s eyes and engulfed her lover in a warm embrace to sooth her trepidation. "Thanks for the concern babe." Rayne whispered in her ear reveling in the warm embrace of her lover.

"I have to worry about you because you certainly won’t do it for yourself." Lark answered before sensually kissing Rayne’s lips. "I’m getting in the shower." Lark replied breaking the kiss with a smile and a wink before lightly kissing Rayne again and offered her hand out to help her up.

Rayne wrapped her arms around her blonde lover once she stood up and kissed Lark soundly. "I wish I could join you but unfortunately, I have to take a sponge bath." Rayne answered with a laugh before kissing Lark lightly followed by a pat on her sexy backside as Lark turned the water in the shower on.

"Maybe I should put on my nurse’s uniform and give you one hell of a sponge bath." Lark teased flirtatiously with Rayne’s eyes widening at the thought.

"As long as you don’t wear any underwear underneath your uniform." Rayne whispered lustfully before kissing Lark passionately.


"Later." Lark answered breaking the kiss breathless and looked lovingly at Rayne. "So, is the offer to shop still open?" Lark asked smiling as she climbed into the shower and Rayne began to take her sponge bath.

"Sure is long as I get to take you somewhere special without any questions being asked." Rayne bargained looking back at Lark with a sly grin.

"Ooh, I love how mysterious you are Rayne." Lark answered sexily peeking her head out and around the shower curtain finding Rayne standing there to greet her sexy lips with a kiss.

"Yes, I am very, is it a deal?" Rayne asked charmingly looking into a sea of green.

"Deal." Lark answered brushing the back of her wet hand down Rayne’s cheek before kissing her and thinking how much she absolutely adores Rayne.

"Hmmm...not the kind of wet kiss I had in mind but not bad." Rayne teased as Lark stepped back in the shower with a laugh.

Rayne finished her sponge bath and changed her bandage before slipping on her sports bra and underwear. She lavishly applied the 遷uniper breeze’ lotion to her body and a smile swept across Lark’s face who loved the familiar aroma of Rayne’s vibrant scented lotion that she enjoyed so much on Rayne. Rayne slipped on her khaki 前ld Navy’ pleated shorts and ran some 膳anilla Bean’ scented hair gel through her raven hair before running a comb through it to remove the tangles.

Rayne began to run her fingers through her hair and felt soft hands slip around the front of her taut abdomen for a hug as Lark kissed her muscular back sending a tingling sensation throughout Rayne from Lark’s touch. " smell so good...I love that lotion on you Rayne." Lark purred completely satisfied with the fragrance as her hands caressed Rayne’s muscular abdomen.


The feeling of Lark’s hands caressing her stomach and Lark’s soft lips on her back sent a rush of warmth throughout her with her heart aflutter from the sensuous sensation. Rayne ran her fingers through her wet hair and let it fall where it lay before turning around in her blonde lover’s arms.

Rayne looked down into Lark’s eyes and smiled before leaning in for a kiss which her shorter lover sank into gladly. "Thanks." Rayne whispered through her kiss before deepening it and sliding her hands down Lark’s back to her firm backside where they came to a rest.

Lark regained the breath that she unconsciously held as the butterflies fluttered in her stomach. 前h, how I love being in this woman’s arms with her lips pressed against mine. There is no one in this world that I could ever want or love more than I do Rayne.’ Lark thought as Rayne broke the passionate kiss breathless and watched as Lark’s green eyes slowly opened and met hers.

Rayne lightly kissed Lark’s lips and patted her butt to get her moving. "You better get moving sweets if you want the shops to still be open." Rayne teased with a wink watching Lark stroll out of the bathroom appreciating everything about her sexy lover. "Whew!...she sets my passions on fire!" Rayne replied softly, inhaling deeply and exhaled with a sigh of complete happiness.

Rayne snapped out of her dreamy state and slipped on a white T-shirt before pulling her navy blue, long sleeved, cotton v-necked shirt on and tucked it into her shorts sliding her black belt around her waist before buckling it. Rayne put on her thick, silver linked necklace along with her silver hooped, diamond cut earrings and her silver fossil watch to finish the ensemble. I guess you get the picture...she loves silver and it looks great on her!

Rayne liberally sprayed her 舛urve’ perfume on and headed out of the bathroom looking oh, so sexy. Lark turned around and was enchanted when Rayne stepped out of the bathroom thoroughly enjoying the sexy vision standing before her. Rayne stopped and looked at her confused. "What’s wrong babe?"


"Aah...absolutely nothing...I was just stunned by your beauty." Lark stammered and swallowed hard closing her mouth which was agape with awe. The feeling that Rayne was all hers overwhelmed her and left her somewhat speechless.

"I know...I have that affect on women babe." Rayne teased cockily with a laugh as she approached Lark.

Lark laughed. "You are so damn cocky Rayne." Lark answered pointing her finger at Rayne as she finished applying her own lotion.

Rayne moved in behind Lark and put her hands on Lark’s hips as she kissed Lark’s neck. "You know I’m only teasing." She whispered in Lark’s ear nibbling the soft skin along Lark’s neck.

Lark turned her head to the side and looked up at her. "You know you’re good ain’t fooling me girly...girl!" Lark teased with a laugh seeing the look of embarrassment on Rayne’s face because she did find herself attractive if you must know.

Rayne laughed. "Sorry...but I thought you liked that cockiness."

"Oh, I love it...just stop trying to pull the wool over my eyes...I know who you are darlin." Lark teased with a laugh as Rayne chuckled and assaulted Lark’s neck with light kisses driving her absolutely mad.

" smell delicious as well and I just love that 全un Ripened Raspberry’ lotion on you. Oh, how I’d love to eat you." Rayne purred seductively lightly nibbling on Lark’s neck as the phone rang. "Damn!" She replied with disappointment reluctantly moving to answer the phone. "Hello." She answered with slight agitation. "Oh, hi mom." Rayne answered changing her tone quickly when she found her mother at the other end of the phone line. "Hold on...let me ask the boss." Rayne teased with a sarcastic grin covering the phone and looked at Lark who rolled her eyes and planted her hands on her hips in disbelief Rayne said that to her mother about her.

"Boss?" She asked dryly with a raised eyebrow.


Rayne puckered her lips and blew her a kiss with a sexy smile planted firmly on her face. "Mom wants to know if we’ll come over for dinner tonight."

"That’s fine with me as long as she makes her fabulous strawberry shortcake." Lark answered licking her lips at the thought of the tasty dessert. She would go regardless but it didn’t hurt to ask about the wonderful treat.

"Mom...two words...strawberry shortcake." Rayne teased through the phone and winked at Lark with a smile. "It’s already been made Lark." Rayne replied enthusiastically as she looked at her lover.

"Yes!" Lark replied excitedly and wiggled her butt much to Rayne’s delight as an eyebrow shot up at the display of excitement.

"Huh?" Rayne asked her mother as she was busy watching Lark and didn’t hear her. "Sorry...I was watching Lark do the strawberry shortcake happy dance...aah...sure...I’ll tell her to do the dance for you later." Rayne answered laughing as she looked at Lark who scrunched up her face and pointed at Rayne warningly as if she didn’t need to give her mother that much information. "Oh,’s fine with us....see ya later mom." Rayne replied clicking the phone off as Lark finished dressing.

Rayne couldn’t help but notice how exquisite Lark looked in her shell ,coral colored cotton, low cut neck shirt which was tucked neatly into white drawstring shorts with a hip length white cardigan draped over her shoulders. " are a vision of loveliness!" Rayne exclaimed thoroughly appreciative of her beauty as she approached Lark who blushed with a sexy smile as Rayne kissed her soundly with Lark’s legs becoming weak from the passionate kiss. "Are you ready?" Rayne asked huskily.

"Just let me grab my purse." Lark answered as she grabbed the said item off the nightstand and put the strap on her shoulder and headed towards the door.


Rayne grabbed her essentials for their shopping trip and joined her lover at the door who stood smiling and kissed her once she made it there. "Is my Adonis ready now?" Lark teased with a smile slipping her hand into Rayne’s sending her heart aflutter from her touch.

"I am now that you’re next to me." Rayne replied seductively before lightly kissing Lark’s lips and slipped on her black 前akley’ sunglasses before opening the door for Lark. "Age before beauty." She teased with Lark pinching her butt as she passed through the door.

"Seems to me that I’m dating an older woman." Lark teased slipping on her 然ay Ban’ sunglasses as they strolled nonchalantly towards the elevators hand in hand.

"But a very sexy older woman I might add." Rayne teased cockily with a smile as she pulled her younger lover closer and kissed her cheek while they waited for the elevator doors to open.

"Very sexy." Lark agreed softly and sexily with a wide smile reveling in Rayne’s closeness and kissed her inviting lips.

"Hmmm...I just love a younger, green eyed, blonde woman." Rayne answered seductively with a sly grin as the doors opened to the elevator.

They both entered the empty elevator and Lark leaned against the back wall before engulfing her taller lover in a hug. "So, you like younger women huh?" Lark asked suggestively with a sexy smile as her hands conveniently rested on Rayne’s ass.

"Only you baby." Rayne whispered huskily, slowly leaning down to capture the waiting lips for a kiss. "Shit!...Lark!" Rayne exclaimed as she broke the kiss and looked at Lark with a pained expression. "Sweets...I am so sorry." She apologized and pushed her sunglasses up on top of her head holding her dark bangs off her forehead revealing her apologetic blue eyes.

"Rayne...what are you apologizing for?" Lark asked confusedly.


"I totally forgot to congratulate you on your Golden Globe award baby! I am so sorry I didn’t do it before. I’m so happy for you." Rayne answered with excitement and hugged Lark tightly. "I wanted to be there to congratulate you and when I got there you had already left." Rayne explained regretfully.

Lark broke the hug and looked up at Rayne gratefully. "You came there looking for me?" She asked in an excited tone.

"Yes...Jayce and I looked all over for you. We went to every damn party in California looking for you and we couldn’t find you. I think you’re the first person I haven’t been able to find. I’m a damn Secret Service Agent and couldn’t find you or contact you by phone...that’s impressive honey!" Rayne chuckled as did Lark.

"I went to the airport hotel after I left the stage and went to bed. I didn’t want to be bothered so I just didn’t answer the phone. Hell, I didn’t even tell Elaine or my family where I was located. They were quite pissed to say the least." She answered with a laugh.

"Your phone was busy though...I know...I called it a hundred times!"

"Hmmm...I’ve been having a problem with it lately so, I’ll have to exchange it. I didn’t know there was anything wrong with it the other night though." Lark answered simply. "But you came looking for me?" She asked excitedly.

"Of course, how could I not after that speech you gave?" Rayne asked with a chuckle. "I’m so proud of you and thanks for what you said about meant a lot to me." Rayne answered genuinely and leaned down for a soul searing kiss.

全he is so incredibly sweet. I can’t believe she came looking for me.’ Lark thought to herself with a smile slowly creeping across her face from her thoughts.

They broke their kiss when the elevator doors opened and they exited into the lobby holding hands as Rayne slipped her sunglasses back down over her eyes. They approached the door as a group of American women screamed and shouted. "There she is!" And rushed towards them.

"Great!...remind me to never stay in an American hotel again when we travel abroad so we can have some privacy." Rayne exclaimed agitatedly and stepped in front of Lark instinctively to protect her from the onslaught of fans. "Sorry ladies...she’s not giving autographs right now." Rayne informed the group and heard Lark chuckle from behind her and felt her squeeze her hand for approval of her statement.

"She can be so butch sometimes and I love how she instinctively moves to protect me." Lark thought happily.

"No...we want your autograph Rayne!" The women exclaimed excitedly.

"What?...why would you want mine?" Rayne asked with disbelief and confusion.

"Because of this!" The woman answered and handed Rayne a magazine with her picture on the cover from when she did the photo shoot for the charity.

"Holy shit!" Rayne exclaimed with disbelief and embarrassment looking at herself on the cover laying prone with her head turned to the side resting on her crossed arms and the sheet barely covering her firm backside revealing her well-toned, tanned body. She tilted the magazine for Lark to check out and was stunned at what she saw.

"Ooh, baby...that is a hot picture!" Lark whispered aroused at the sight of her lover on the magazine naked and chuckled at Rayne’s demeanor of shock.

"Yes, it is and you’re a very lucky woman." The fan replied.

"Yes, I am very lucky." Lark answered smiling and possessively wrapped her arm around Rayne. "Go on babe...sign the magazines for them." Lark coaxed her stunned lover.

Rayne looked at Lark slightly embarrassed. "No...sorry ladies." Rayne answered as Lark poked her in the ribs and Rayne looked back at her confused.


"Go on baby." Lark answered with a reassuring smile and a wink.

Rayne reluctantly took the woman’s pen to autograph the magazine. "Where did you get this magazine?" Rayne asked as the woman stared dreamily at her and was unable to answer the question.

"We got them at the airport in the States before coming over here." The other woman answered with a smile.

"Wow...they didn’t waste anytime getting these out did they?" Rayne asked Lark looking at her with disbelief.

"I guess not...can I see your magazine please?" Lark asked one of the fans who gladly handed her the magazine. Lark scanned through the pages to the middle of the magazine and was shocked to see four pages dedicated to pictures with her and Rayne...including the centerfold. "Rayne...check it out." Lark replied with awe at how good the picture turned out of her lying on top of Rayne who lay prone as with both of them looking at the camera seductively. "This is my favorite one of us." Lark acknowledged admiringly.

"This is too weird." Rayne answered feeling very uncomfortable with everything as she looked down at the picture. "You look incredible Lark." Rayne answered with a smile glancing down at Lark who leaned against her tall lover.

"I love this picture look so sexy!" Lark gushed in awe and flipped the page to find the picture of her lying on top of Rayne who lay on her back. "Wow!...this one’s great too!" Lark exclaimed excitedly and looked up at Rayne who glanced down as she signed the magazine.

"That is a great picture of you honey." Rayne answered adoringly and finished signing the last magazine.

"Can we get you both to sign the centerfold’s?" One fan asked appreciatively.

"Sure." Lark answered happily and took the pen signing her name on the picture before handing it to Rayne who did the same.


"Okay...I think that’s it... right?" Rayne asked looking around to confirm everyone received an autograph and slipped her hand into Lark’s glad that was over with leading her lover away from the crowd. She felt totally uncomfortable with all of the attention and wanted to leave...quickly.

"Oh, could we please get our picture taken with you both?" The fans begged.

Rayne looked at Lark with an uneasy expression. "Just one..then we have to leave." Lark answered with a smile and patted Rayne’s back to reassure her who reluctantly agreed to the picture.

The fan grabbed a hotel staffer to take the picture as everyone huddled around Rayne and Lark while the employee clicked the picture.

"Thank you so much." The fans exclaimed excitedly.

"You’re welcome." Lark answered turning away from Rayne to autograph another picture for a fan who handed her a magazine.

"Here’s my card if you are looking for someone else or just for a one night stand." One very sexy woman replied and held her card out for Rayne.

To be continued....

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