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By Cruise


"Rayne." Lark answered breathless unable to contain her emotions and cried harder. "It’s what I’ve wanted since the moment I first met be with you for all of eternity." She answered smiling with tears of joy streaming down her face from being so overwhelmed by her emotions and Rayne’s profession of love.

Rayne exhaled the breath she subconsciously held in relief and smiled... gently wiping away Lark’s tears who stared at her ring that Rayne held before her admiringly. "Rayne the ring is so beautiful and it’s got a Dolphin on it...I love it." Lark exclaimed excitedly her heart racing uncontrollably and she realized she had never felt so complete as she did at that very moment. Lark thought she had felt complete when her and Rayne united but was now that she felt so complete. She reached for the ring her hand shaking uncontrollably from her nervousness and excitement and she put her hand back down in her lap attempting to collect her emotions.

"It’s beautiful...just like you." Rayne whispered with a loving smile removing the ring and gently held Lark’s trembling hand with her own placing a soft kiss on Lark’s ring finger to calm her. Rayne felt Lark gasp and begin to cry harder at her gesture. Rayne locked blue’s with green’s and slipped the ring on her finger. "You own my heart baby." She replied softly and kissed the ring on Lark’s finger after slipping the ring on her. Lark gazed lovingly at her soul mate knowing there was no one else in the world that she loved more than Rayne or would ever love that much. She had always known that even during the time they were apart always hoping that one day their chance of devoting their hearts to one another would come and it

Lark threw her arms around Rayne’s neck and hugged her tightly. "I love you so much Rayne. You make me so happy and you complete me." Lark whispered in her ear as Rayne held her soulmate tightly reveling in her closeness thankful that Lark loved her so much.

Lark broke the hug and kissed Rayne passionately that touched the deepest part of her soul. Breaking off the kiss breathless Rayne looked at Lark lovingly who rested her palm against Rayne’s chest admiring her ring. "This is so incredible Rayne. I love it so much." Lark reveled with complete happiness and kissed Rayne again. "Aah...I’m so blown away." Lark sighed happily trying to catch her breath and calm her thundering heart staring into the face of the woman she loved so much. "Is this the were going to give me before?" Lark asked hesitantly looking down at the ring then back into Rayne’s deep blue eyes.

"Yes, I kept it all this time. For awhile...after the break up... it reminded me to never give my heart to another until I finally realized and came to my senses that no matter what happened between us I didn’t want to give my heart to another...only you. Now, it represents my trust, my desire to share my life with only you and all of the love I have for you." Rayne answered capturing Lark’s lips with her own for a soul-searing kiss allowing Lark to know exactly how much she loved her.

"Do you know how much I love you?" Lark asked breaking off the kiss still unable to control the flowing tears and held Rayne’s face in her hands staring deeply into her sexy blue eyes.

"Yes, you tell me just how much every time you look at me." Rayne answered surely with a sexy smile and pulled Lark closer sliding her tongue past Lark’s partially parted lips seeking out Lark’s tongue..which she found and danced a slow dance with for a moist, passionate kiss. Rayne sucked Lark’s tongue into her own mouth for a deep, passion filled kiss.

Lark chuckled breaking the kiss. "That tickled." She exclaimed with another laugh her eyes widening. "Aah...I forgot! I have something for you!" She exclaimed excitedly poking Rayne in the chest and turned to find the bag it was located in. She looked up with a serious look on her face.


" I a shopaholic?" She asked beginning to laugh along with Rayne.

"Well...I’m not one to talk, but as much as this is going to hurt darlin." Rayne teased with a bad excuse for a serious look on her face and put her hand on Lark’s shoulder. "You’re a shopaholic babe." She answered laughing as did Lark who continued fishing fervently through her bags and found what she was looking for.

"Yes!" She exclaimed excitedly making a fist and drew her arm towards her to emphasize her excitement. She looked in the bag and moved back to her seat subconsciously tucking her hair behind her ear. "Did you see what I just did? I went to tuck my hair behind my ear...but I don’t have any to do that with anymore!" She replied laughing hysterically along with Rayne who enjoyed seeing her lover so happy. "Rayne...I feel like I’m on cloud nine and I’m so giddy! I’m just so happy that I’m jumpy and flustered!" Lark exclaimed animatedly with her body wiggling and her hands flailing around expressing her thoughts.

"Well...I’m glad I could make you feel that way." Rayne answered with a laugh and couldn’t help but love Lark so much more seeing the look of complete joy and happiness in Lark’s green eyes...knowing she was the reason for that joy.

"You make me very happy so many ways!" Lark answered sexily with Rayne swinging her long legs around the bench and faced Lark who stood between her legs and slid her hands up around Lark’s waist. "Okay...I thought this would look so sexy on you. Well, everything looks sexy on you...but this will look especially hot on you." Lark answered with a chuckle pulling out the necklace with Rayne pulling her sexy lover closer to her.

"Oh, I love Ying Yang’s!" Rayne exclaimed excitedly looking at the necklace that Lark held up in front of her which had the Yin Yang dangling off of a piece of black leather.

"It’s not the most expensive thing by any means, but it will look so good on you and besides, it made me think of you when I saw it." Lark answered with a loving smile leaning down to Rayne and gave her a peck on the cheek before slipping the necklace around her neck.

" know it doesn’t have to be expensive for me to like it. As long as it’s from you I will love it." Rayne answered with a sincere smile and patted Lark’s firm backside for affirmation.

"Do you want it to hang way down or do you want it so the Ying Yang fits right in the notch of your neck?" Lark asked pointing to the indented area where her collarbone meets her sternum.

"Make it tighter...I don’t want it hanging down too far." Rayne answered with Lark moving Rayne’s long, raven hair off the back of her neck to adjust the necklace for her which sent a tingling sensation down Rayne’s spine when Lark’s fingers tickled the back of her neck as she fastened the necklace causing Rayne to shiver.


Lark bent over at the waist to be at eye level with the necklace to adjust it. "You okay?" She asked after she felt Rayne shiver and stared into her blue eyes with concern.

" tickled the back of my neck." Rayne answered with a laugh and lost herself in Lark’s beautiful green eyes.

"Ooh, you look good enough to eat!" Lark replied sexily wrapping her arms around Rayne’s neck and looked down at her who wrapped her arms tightly around Lark’s waist looking back up at her. "Too sexy babe." Lark whispered in Rayne’s ear before running her tongue along the contours of Rayne’s lips tasting the peppermint on them from the Life Saver she sucked on before slipping her tongue inside Rayne’s mouth for a deep, wet kiss. Breaking off the kiss Lark locked green’s with blues and asked, "You got anymore candy?" Running her fingers through Rayne’s long hair with Rayne offering her the piece she had in her mouth which Lark gladly accepted. Lark kissed Rayne’s lips. "Thanks sexy." She answered smiling.

"Any time sweets. Besides, how can I deny my Ying anything?" Rayne chuckled hugging Lark tightly and leaned her head against Lark’s chest. Lark ran her hands through Rayne’s dark hair placing soft kisses on her forehead before resting her cheek against Rayne reveling in her closeness and the fact that Rayne offered her heart and soul to her for all of eternity.

"Do you really think I’m your Ying Rayne?" Lark asked quizzically glancing down at her hand containing the ring Rayne gave her and smiled with her heart aflutter from what the ring represented to her...Rayne’s heart and soul. She thought about how Rayne was her entire life and that all she wanted was to love Rayne completely, wholeheartedly and to be with Rayne always and nothing else in the world mattered to her except that.

"I know it sweets. You’re my light, my goodness, my better half." Rayne answered honestly lifting her head up to look at Lark who lost herself in a sea of blue.


Lark sank into the sea of blue... momentarily at a loss for words, which was extremely unusual for her. Something that Rayne was able to do twice in just such a short period of time... first, with her proposal and now with that comment. Lark just stared into her blues holding Rayne’s face in her hands stroking her cheek lightly with her thumb. " are too good to be true. You completely blow me away with your love and thoughtfulness and I want you to know that I truly believe you’re the other half of my soul." Lark admitted sincerely with cloudy green eyes and leaned down softly kissing Rayne’s lips.

Rayne broke off the kiss and looked up at her smiling. "I love you." Rayne whispered kissing Lark passionately ...pulling her down into her lap and wrapping her arms securely around her lover deepening the kiss. Lark broke the kiss breathless and snuggled her face into Rayne’s neck lightly kissing the soft skin.

"I love you so much." She whispered settling comfortably against her wonderful lover taking in the pleasant scent so specific to her lover.

Rayne smiled and kissed her forehead before looking at her watch. "Damn!...Lark...we have to haul ass or we’re going to be late!" Rayne exclaimed worriedly and helped Lark into a sitting up position. "Mom will be pissed if we’re late." She replied as Lark stood up and she began to gather their bags.


"Oh, won’t be too pleased if we’re late." Lark answered in agreement helping Rayne gather the bags certainly not wanting to feel the wrath of Rayne’s mom who abhorred tardiness. They headed back towards the hotel in a very brisk walk and finally reached the lobby breathless and happy that they made it back in time to drop the packages off before leaving for Rayne’s parent’s house.

"Rayne...I’ll take these up." Lark replied grabbing all of the bags. "Have them bring the rental car around for us." Lark asked trying to gather control of the bags.

"Sure...but when did you reserve a rental car?" Rayne asked giving Lark the remaining packages.

"I reserved one when I got here." She answered grasping the bags tightly and heading towards the elevator.

Rayne took a moment to thoroughly admire her blonde lover who approached the elevator and smiled happily knowing Lark accepted her proposal of being her partner for all of eternity. She watched and chuckled as Lark struggled with the bags trying to push the elevator button. Rayne ran over to her damsel in distress. "Let me get that for you ma’am." Rayne replied sexily hitting the elevator button with Lark smiling at her lovingly and stepped onto the elevator as the door opened. Rayne held the door for her and hit the button for their floor when Lark settled herself on the elevator.

"Thank you so much...and here I thought chivalry was dead." Lark teased with a smile and a laugh.

"Not while I’m around...and considering how a beautiful damsel such as yourself was in distress I couldn’t help but intervene." Rayne answered seductively flashing Lark a sexy smile sending a flutter straight to her heart from Rayne’s engaging smile.

Lark smiled and watched as the doors closed with Rayne standing smiling at Lark who then flashed her blonde lover a wink before disappearing behind the closed doors. Lark inhaled deeply and exhaled with a wondrous sigh. ‘Aah...what a babe...and she’s mine...all mine.’ Lark replied to herself proudly and happily.

Rayne checked at the front desk for the rental car and filled out the appropriate papers. She was informed the car would be brought around momentarily as she folded the papers for the car and waited for Lark to join her again. Her head snapped up when she heard an unfamiliar voice shout her name finding a group of women approaching her. ‘Damn...why do these people want my friggin autograph?!" Rayne thought aggravated as the women surrounded her with the magazine that featured her on the cover for her autograph. ‘I definitely need to stay in a foreign hotel next time instead of an American one!’ She admonished herself signing an autograph.

Rayne graciously signed the autographs and looked towards the elevator frequently hoping Lark would soon approach her so, they could get out of there. Two women asked for pictures with Rayne and stood on each side of her with their arms around her waist. Lark stepped off the elevator and was surprised to find the group of women surrounding her tall lover.

She felt a wave of jealousy roll over her and then anger when she noticed a woman slip a paper into Rayne’s pocket unbeknownst to her. Lark stormed over towards the group with Rayne moving away from them when the picture was taken and grabbed the paper out of Rayne’s pocket. "What’s going on?" Rayne asked turning to Lark to see what she was doing.

Lark handed the paper back to the woman who put it in Rayne’s pocket. "Find your own and stay away from her...she’s taken!" Lark snapped angrily slipping her hand in Rayne’s who laughed as they exited the door of the hotel.

"Ooh, baby...I like your forcefulness and’s sassy!" Rayne replied with a smile in obvious enjoyment of Lark’s reaction.

Lark chuckled as Rayne opened the car door for her and waited until she sat down in the seat. "Well, I had to stake my claim babe." She teased with a mischievous smile before Rayne closed the door laughing. Rayne moved around to the driver’s side and slipped comfortably into the seat flashing Rayne a sexy smile.


"I love your possessiveness babe and I certainly didn’t know you were that possessive." She teased with a sly grin driving away from the hotel.

"Maybe I’ve been around you too much." Lark grinned mischievously poking Rayne in the ribs eliciting a chuckle out of her soul mate.

"I can’t help it...I’m a’s just my nature." Rayne answered with a laugh. "Oh, we need to remember to stay at a non-American hotel next time so, we aren’t bugged so much." Rayne replied slipping her hand into Lark’s sending a flood of warmth throughout Lark who smiled happily.

"Honey...I’ll stay anywhere as long as I’m with you my little Scorpio." Lark grinned kissing Rayne’s hand who chuckled.

Rayne parked the car in the driveway of her parents house and opened the door for Lark who stepped out of the car slipping her hand into Rayne’s feeling the butterflies flutter as they always do when Rayne holds her hand or touches her. She loved how Rayne always opened doors for her...she found it to be so romantic. They both entered the house and were met by an overwhelming aroma of lasagna putting an instant smile on Lark’s’s her favorite Italian dish...if you were wondering.

Rayne laughed when she saw the look of pure ecstasy on her lover’s face. "Mom!...your favorite daughter is here!" Rayne shouted teasingly making their way towards the kitchen.

"Lark’s here! favorite daughter!" Her mother jokingly laughed approaching them and engulfing Lark in a hug.

"Hi mom." Lark replied happily hugging the older version of Rayne reveling in the warmth and compassion Rayne’s mom was so comforting and she was glad to be home once again.

"Lark!" Rayne’s father shouted excitedly approaching her followed by Jayce who was equally excited. "Hey, woman...let loose of her so we can get a hug." He teased his wife breaking her hug with a laugh before Lark was engulfed in another hug by her husband. "I’m so glad you’re here!" Rayne’s father exclaimed happily as he held the smaller woman tightly.


Rayne looked on with a smile. "Me too dad...I missed everyone." Lark answered smiling breaking the hug and looked up at him.

"You look fabulous!" He answered with a pleased smile.

"Thanks dad." Lark answered with a blush glancing at Rayne who smiled and winked at her lover before Jayce hugged and kissed Lark. "Lark...I missed you so much." Jayce replied excitedly holding her tightly.

"I missed you as well." Lark answered smiling and rubbing his back.

" looks like those bruises healed very quickly." Rayne’s mother replied moving her daughter’s hair off her face checking her eye that at one time was badly bruised but only showed a hint of discoloration now.

"I guess it’s because I’m so happy." Rayne answered with a smile looking into her mother’s matching blues.

"I’m so glad you two are back together honey and that you’re happy again." Her mother answered happily with a loving smile hugging her only daughter.

"Me too too." Rayne answered softly enjoying the comforting hug.

"I’m really glad you and Rayne are back together Lark. You’re both meant to be together." Jayce whispered in Lark’s ear before kissing her cheek.

"Thanks...I’m extremely estatic she’s accepted me back into her life." Lark answered joyfully.

"Hey...little bro...unhand my woman!" Rayne teased moving closer to the pair.

"She’s so demanding." Jayce teased looking at Lark with a laugh.

"You better watch out...she can be very jealous don’t ya know." Lark jokingly answered breaking off the hug with a laugh.

"Are you talking to me woman?" Jayce asked mockingly turning to face his tall sister.

" were pawing my woman!" Rayne answered with her hands on her hips standing face to face...toe to toe...eye to eye with her younger brother.

"I know you don’t want a piece of me...girlie." He answered tauntingly.

" don’t want a piece of me...dumpster boy." Rayne teased.

"Oh, Rayne!...Stop that nonsense. I thought by now you would have grown out of calling him that!" Her mother exclaimed as everyone laughed.

"That’s it’re going down!" He answered grabbing his sister attempting to wrestle her down to the ground.

"Oh, I know you didn’t go there dumpster boy!" Rayne answered with a maniacal laugh wrapping her arms around his waist with him holding her around the neck.

"Oh, yeah...I went there Gooniebird and you’re gonna get what’s coming to ass whipping!" He answered with a laugh.

"Lark...come over here honey out of the way...this may take awhile." Rayne’s father replied with a chuckle motioning Lark over as they all sat down at the table watching the melee before them.

Rayne swept Jayce’s feet out from underneath him sending the both of them tumbling to the ground laughing with Rayne falling on top of him. She pinned him down with his face smashed against the floor. "How’s that carpet taste? you give?" She asked with a devilish laugh as Jayce struggled to get up.

"No way...I’m going to take you!" He mumbled as Rayne laughed harder.

"Now, let’s see what the possibilities of that happening...I’m a black belt and you’re what...a pink belt?’s just not going to happen." Rayne teased with a hardy laugh which was shared by Lark and Rayne’s father.

"Very funny...I’m a red belt!" The mumbled response came.


"Like I, if you admit that you’re a dumpster boy I’ll let you up. Come on...say it with me...Mom and Dad found me in a dumpster when I was a baby and I’m a dumpster boy." Rayne taunted effortlessly holding her struggling brother down.

"No way!" He refused.

"Come on Jayce. Are you gonna let a girl do that to you? I thought I taught you better than that son." His father teased.

"I thought the baby of the family would reap the benefits...all I reap is grief!" He answered with everyone laughing harder.

"Okay...if you’re not going to say it than a wet willy is in order." Rayne answered with a mischievous laugh licking her finger attempting to stick it in his ear as he thrashed his head side to side to avoid it while laughing. "Say it Jayce...I’m a dumpster boy and proud of it." Rayne teased with a laugh and looked up to see her mother standing with a plastic spatula in one hand and the other hand on her hip.

" many times do I have to tell you to not tell your brother that? You aren’t too old for me to still spank!" She threatened holding out the spatula shaking it towards Rayne trying to contain her laugh as her husband and Lark were in stitches laughing.

Rayne gulped hard looking at her mother with the offensive weapon in her hand that she had across the bare legs way too many times in her youth. "Oh, shit!" She replied with a laugh and jumped up off her brother who stood up with Rayne behind him as their mother approached with the spatula and a devilish grin on her face. "Mom...he started it!" Rayne whined teasingly shoving Jayce closer to their Mother who tried to avoid getting closer to her. He backed up towards his sister with Lark and Rayne’s father watching the show laughing hysterically. "Jayce...let’s turn the tables on Mom...let’s spank her with it." Rayne whispered mischievously in his ear.

"Okay...take the left and I’ll get the right." He threw over his shoulder in a whisper.


"Go!" Rayne shouted and they rushed their mother grabbing her along with the spatula.

"You two are such terrible children!" She answered with a laugh.

"Payback Mom." Jayce answered swatting her butt lightly with the spatula laughing.

" me!" She whined teasingly as her husband approached laughing.

He wrapped his family in a big hug all laughing and loosing their footing at once before falling to the floor laughing hysterically. "I have to get a picture of this!" Lark exclaimed with a laugh grabbing the camera that sat on the counter and stood over them clicking pictures.

They all lay on the floor laughing harder. " lasagna is gonna burn!" Rayne’s mother shouted and scurried into the kitchen followed by Lark.

"Do you need some help Mom?" Lark offered entering the kitchen right after her.

"Sure honey...can you help me with the salad?" She asked looking up at Lark bending over looking in the oven to check the lasagna and turn the dish.

"No prob...everything in the frig?" Lark asked approaching the refrigerator.

"Two words...cut throat." Rayne replied with a grin looking at her father.

"You’re on!" He answered enthusiastically as they stood up.

"Come on dumpster boy and get your throat cut in billiards." Rayne teased helping her brother up off the floor heading towards the pool table in the family room.

"Okay...I’ve got #1-5 balls, Dad has #6-10 and dumpster get #11-15." Rayne instructed them chalking her cue stick while her father racked the balls.


"Rayne...if you call me that one more time I’m going to...." He attempted to reply but was interrupted by his sister.

"What...cry?" She teasingly asked sticking her bottom lip out taunting him.

"Stick this cue stick up your ass!" He answered growing more agitated by the minute with his sister’s incessant teasing.

Rayne laughed and looked at her brother. "Don’t tease me Jayce." She answered cockily setting her cue stick to break the balls for the game to begin.

"I’m going to cut your throat in this game...make sure you don’t hit any of your balls in!" He taunted her with a laugh leaning next to her as she fired the cue ball into the racked balls.

She looked at her brother with an arrogant smirk. "Seems like I just drained two of your balls bro!"

"!" He exclaimed with frustration watching Rayne set up her next shot sinking one more of his.

"Well...let’s see Dad...should I cut his throat right away or let him sweat it out?" She asked mischievously rubbing her chin looking at her father for his answer who was chalking his cue stick.

"Aah...cut the pansy ass’ throat!" He exclaimed with a laugh.

"You two are really funny!" Jayce answered slightly agitated.

Lark slipped through the doorway unnoticed and watched her sexy lover checking over her options for her next shot. Rayne concentrated intently on which shot she would take and Lark smiled when she caught a glimpse of Rayne’s blue eyes that she loved so much. She was breathless from her devastatingly gorgeous blue eyes that sparkled from the light above the pool table and loved how Rayne moved so gracefully. It was almost as if she moved in slow motion with a sexy cockiness about her which was what drew Lark to Rayne in the first place.


She loved her cocky, confident and arrogant was subtle and not overwhelming which added to her sexiness and the mysterious aura she possessed Lark thought watching Rayne steady her cue stick for her shot. "You won’t make that shot Goonie!" Jayce taunted his sister leaning down closer to her.

"You know what?...You’re right but I will make it if I shoot left-handed." Rayne answered cockily switching hands with the cue stick and smiled mischievously at her brother.

"You still won’t make it." He answered as she lowered herself for the shot with her brother staring intently at her a few inches from her face. Rayne looked at her brother and pushed the cue ball with her stick draining his ball without looking. She winked with a smile before blowing him a kiss and stood up looking at her astonished brother. "Okay...I’ve had it...bend over!" He teasingly laughed chasing Rayne around the table with both of them laughing harder not to mention their father who could only stand laughing and shaking his head.

"Hey, Jayce!...come help me get the drinks ready." Lark yelled over to spare him anymore humiliation.

"Ha...ha...I get the babe!" He taunted and ran over to Lark putting his arm around her looking back at Rayne sticking his tongue out at her before facing forward again.

Rayne flashed Lark a pouting look with Lark winking at her and blowing her a kiss as they headed into the kitchen. "Whew!... She stops my heart every time." Rayne chuckled as did her father with them continuing their game.

Everyone finished dinner and cleaned up the mess before Rayne joined her father in the family room. She sat on the couch next to him and leaned her head on his shoulder slouching down on the couch. "How’s daddy’s little girl?" He playfully asked kissing the top of Rayne’s head who chuckled.

"I’m doing great other than being a little tired from all the shopping Lark did today. Ooh, stop there Dad I want to see the score of the baseball games." Rayne replied quickly to stop her father’s channel surfing.

"I can appreciate the shopping problem sweetie...your mother wears me and my checkbook into the ground when we go!" He answered with a laugh.

Rayne laughed and glanced up at him. "Well, have to find a fairly wealthy woman so she won’t spend all of your money. I would be in the poor house if Lark wasn’t wealthy!" Rayne teased both sharing a hardy laugh.

"Your mother was wealthy until she went shopping crazy." He answered chuckling.

"Can you imagine Mom and Lark shopping?" Rayne asked looking up at him with a sly grin.

"No...I don’t even want to go there. Why are you trying to scare your old man like that?" He teased his daughter who laughed.

"If that ever happens we will both need to be in a different country because I’m not carrying the damn packages!" Rayne answered with a chuckle.


"Very true." He agreed grinning. "I just wanted to tell you I’m very happy that you and Lark are back together again sweetie. I’m glad my daughter is back." He replied sincerely with a comforting smile.

"How do you mean?" Rayne asked confused by his statement.

"When you were both apart I only saw emptiness and coldness in your beautiful blue eyes. Now, I see happiness, life and love which makes me very happy to see." He answered with a loving smile looking down at his daughter.

"Thanks Dad...I’m so much happier now that we’re back together. I love you Daddy." Rayne answered with a big smile knowing her father blushed every time she called him Daddy and kissed his check before leaning back against his arm to watch TV.


Jayce, Lark and Rayne’s mother...Maria were engrossed in a serious game of Phase 10...a family favorite card game. "Where’s your father and Rayne?" Maria asked glancing down the hallway not seeing anyone.

"Probably watching a game." Jayce answered with a chuckle playing his card effectively ending that hand. "That’s Phase 9 ladies...looks like I’m kicking your butts...only one more phase for me." He gloated with a laugh shuffling the cards.

"Well...keep it up little boy. Lark and I are making a big comeback right here!" Maria answered with a laugh and a wink towards Lark.

"Yeah...we are going to become two serious skip bitches and not allow you a turn!" Lark answered with sharing a hearty laugh with Maria. "I’m going to see what those two are up too." Lark replied standing and headed off down the hallway in search of her missing lover the one she had an overwhelming desire to be close to. She looked in the doorway and smiled lovingly when she saw the pair were asleep on the couch with Rayne’s head resting against her father’s shoulder.

Lark ran back in and grabbed the camera hoping they wouldn’t wake up before she got back. Lark stood in the doorway finding that they had not moved at all and clicked off a couple of pics of the sleeping duo. Lark watched her sexy lover sleep and wanted to be curled up next to her. She needed to be near look at touch her. Now that they were back together she didn’t want to be away from her...she wanted to be connected to her...always. Lark walked over and sat next to Rayne and brushed her long hair off her cheek. She slipped her hand on Rayne’s and lightly stroked the back of her hand against Rayne’s cheek. She smiled watching her lover sleep peacefully and thought about how cute and nervous Rayne looked asking her to be her partner for life. It brought tears to her eyes and made her heart pound thinking about it and would remember it forever.


She thought about how much she loved Rayne and how happy she made her feel when they were together and by just knowing that Rayne was hers. Lark thought about how close she came to losing Rayne forever as she lightly traced the slightly present bruise under her eye with her thumb and thanked whatever Gods were responsible for keeping that from happening breathing deeply to calm the catch in her heart.

Rayne slowly opened her eyes and turned to see beautiful emerald green eyes lovingly looking at her...the one’s that she could drown in every time she stared into them. She smiled and loved the warm feeling of Lark’s warm and tender touch on her skin. Lark’s touch was so soft and if it was made only for her and melted her heart every time she felt it. "Hey, baby." Rayne replied softly through her adoring smile. Lark smiled when she heard Rayne’s silky smooth voice which sent a warmth throughout her and leaned towards her dark lover lightly kissing her sensuous lips. "Hmmm...I take it you already had your strawberry shortcake." Rayne asked with a smile tasting the dessert that still lingered on Lark’s lips.

Lark giggled quietly to not wake Rayne’s father. "I couldn’t help you want some?" She asked with a sheepish grin.

Rayne shook her head no with a sly grin forming on her face. "No...I’d rather have you for dessert." Rayne answered softly in Lark’s ear before kissing her cheek.

"That can be arranged...let’s go!" Lark answered eagerly taking Rayne’s hand quickly to help her off the couch.

Rayne ran a hand through her dark disheveled hair pushing it off her face and turned to see her father still sound asleep with the remote control in his hand. She smiled and leaned down placing a soft kiss on his forehead. "Bye Daddy." She whispered softly before standing up and allowing Lark to lead her out of the room.

Lark stopped in the hall and pressed up against Rayne wrapping her arms around her tall lover. "Should we tell your family about our engagement?" She asked with an exuberant smile looking up into Rayne’s blues.


"I was thinking that we could have a party informing my family as well as yours all at once. How does that sound?" Rayne asked with a smile lightly kissing Lark’s nose.

"Sounds perfect." Lark answered softly smiling and wrapped her arms around Rayne’s neck pulling her down for a soul-searing kiss. "It’s time for your dessert." Lark whispered seductively kissing Rayne once again sending a rush of blood straight to Rayne’s center.

"Yes, which I intend to thoroughly enjoy and devour." Rayne answered softly with a sexy smile looking down at Lark hugging her tighter and wiggling her dark eyebrows seductively.

"Tell me again why we’re still standing here?" Lark asked with a laugh.

"I’m not quite sure...but let’s get going before I decide to throw you up on the pool table and have my way with you." Rayne teased with a chuckle.

"Hmmm...I like that idea." Lark answered sexily with a laugh lightly kissing Rayne’s lips.

"Let’s go." Rayne answered with a chuckle leading her dessert towards the living room.

"Oh, you two aren’t leaving so early are you?" Maria asked disappointedly.

"Yes, your daughter is tired. I guess I wore her out with so much shopping today." Lark answered with a mischievous smile looking up at her lover who raised an eyebrow knowing that wasn’t the case...she wanted her dessert and Lark was more than willing to be it.

"Thanks for dinner Mom." Rayne smiled leaning down kissing her mother’s cheek.

" was delicious as usual." Lark answered hugging and kissing Maria goodbye.

"Well...thank you and I’m glad someone enjoys my cooking as much as you do Lark." Maria replied with a laugh poking Lark in the ribs.


Lark laughed. "There isn’t a food that I don’t like...well, I take that back I hate liver and lima beans." Lark answered with a scrunched up face at the thought of those two nasty tasting foods.

"Oh, and I was so hoping you would make that for me!" Rayne teasingly answered with everyone joining in on her laugh.

"Those two foods will never enter our home!" Lark promised.

"Thank the Gods because they are disgusting." Rayne answered relieved as they headed towards the door.

"You used to like liver." Maria answered with a chuckle walking the pair to the door.

"No way Ma!...I only ate it because you lied and told me it was sirloin steak!" Rayne answered with a chuckle.

"Well...there’s no way our children are going to eat either one of those nasty foods." Lark answered with a laugh as both Rayne, Maria and Jayce all stopped and looked at her. She wasn’t sure what was going on and looked at the trio dumbfounded. "What?"

"Children?" Maria asked with a hopeful smile.

"Yeah...did you neglect to tell me something darling?" Rayne asked in all seriousness.

"Well...aah....I." Lark stammered nervously wondering how she was going to talk her way out of that one seeing as how she put everyone on the spot...including herself.

To be continued....

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