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Disclaimers: This is a sequel to my uber story Indiscretions. The characters in this story are of my own creation and are in love. If the idea of two women sharing a loving and intimate relationship bothers you or if you are under the age of 18 please find material more suited to you. The song "Bailamos" by Enrique Iglesias (Paul Barry/Mark Taylor-Rive Droite music) is used without permission and without intention for profit. It is highly recommended by the author to listen to the song during parts of this makes the scene more effective.

Remember to stock up on your Amazon ice and please heed my warnings of not reading this at work, on treadmills, operating heavy equipment or when you’re lover is not just isn’t wise to do. :)

Special Thanks to Stoley who’s always there to lend her unwavering support, to AJ who’s the best sis anyone could have, to Kat for her proofreading prowess and friendship and to Caroline for making my life so happy and complete.

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By Cruise


Rayne was startled out of her sleep by a nightmare were nothing that took place last night between her and Lark actually happened...something worse did. The dream was so real to her that she thought it actually was until she felt a heavy pressure on her body and looked down to find Lark snuggled close to her chest where she had fallen asleep earlier. Rayne smiled and exhaled a sigh of relief as she tried to slow her racing heart from the nightmare.

Rayne kissed Lark on the top of her head and rubbed her back lightly listening to the soft snore of her lover. She gently rolled Lark over on her back as she still clung tightly to Rayne through her sleep not wanting to let her go. Rayne was drenched in sweat and had a splitting headache from her nightmare. She smiled lovingly as she watched her beautiful soulmate sleep peacefully and leaned down to lightly kiss her lips before moving Lark’s arm from around her neck.

Rayne moved just as green eyes snapped open. "What’s wrong?" Lark asked hoarsely still half asleep as her heart pounded from being waken suddenly and from worry.

Rayne looked down at her with a reassuring smile. "It’s okay baby...I just have to go to the bathroom...go back to sleep." Rayne answered softly before placing a soft kiss on Lark’s lips as she slid off the bed. She stepped off the bed onto the cold tile floor and nearly jumped back on the bed.

She hated to walk barefoot on the tile floor. ‘Bite me!...I left my sandals in my bag.’ Rayne thought agitatedly as her head continued to pound from her headache. She looked on the floor and saw her shoes next to her clothes and quickly headed towards them. Rayne slipped on her docksiders and headed into the bathroom grabbing her small bag which contained her medication.

Rayne finished answering nature’s call and stood before the sink fishing through her bag for her medication having a hard time finding it with only a dimmed light to illuminate the bathroom. She finally found them and popped one of the pills in her mouth and scooped a handful of water from the sink to get the nasty tasting pill down. ‘Damn!...what was up with that dream?’ She asked herself as she was still shaken by it.

Rayne rested the palms of her hands on the counter and wet her free hand to wipe her face off. She didn’t realize Lark had entered the room as she was lost in her thoughts until she felt Lark’s hand on her back. She jumped slightly as she turned to look at her. "What are you doing up?" She asked with a startled look before smiling.

"I was worried. What’s wrong baby?...You’re so sweaty and clammy." Lark observed with concern as she kissed her shoulder and leaned her cheek against Rayne’s muscular arm as she looked up at her blue eyed lover.

"I had a bad dream...that’s all." Rayne answered with a reassuring smile still trying to shake off the effects of the dream that haunted her.

Lark grabbed a towel and wiped her face, hair and back to dry the sweat off of Rayne. "That was some dream Rayne." Lark answered as she moved back in front of Rayne.

" was bad." Rayne answered softly as she just wanted to put it out of her mind.

"Oh,’re bleeding." Lark exclaimed with worry as she looked at Rayne’s bandage that covered her side where the stitches where.

"Really?" Rayne asked as she looked down and saw the bandage was bloody.

Lark turned on the light and they were both temporarily blinded until their eyes adjusted to it. Lark began to take the bandage off to see what happened. "It looks like two of your stitches pulled apart. Do you have anymore bandages?" Lark answered as she looked up at Rayne.

"" Rayne replied as she moved her bag closer and pulled out the spare bandages. "Does it need to be sutured again?" Rayne asked as Lark checked it out again.

"No...I can butterfly it if you have the butterfly strips." She answered as she pushed the open wound together and looked up at Rayne who handed her the requested item.

"It’s a good thing the nurse gave them to me."

Lark began to butterfly the area as Rayne watched her lovingly amazed that Lark was so proficient with what she was doing. "Hey, where did you learn to do that?" Rayne asked as Lark kept her concentration focused on Rayne’s wound.

"You tend to learn a lot when you play a doctor in a tv series even if it is a brief has to look real...don’t ya know?" Lark answered with a chuckle as she continued with her task.

Rayne smiled as she thought about how caring and loving Lark was as she concentrated intently on her task. ‘She is so incredibly beautiful.’ Rayne thought as she watched her and wanted to hold her in her arms to shower Lark with kisses and to let her know just how much she loved her.

"Want to tell me about the dream?" Lark asked as she continued what she was doing and glanced up at Rayne briefly before shifting her green eyes back down to her task.

"Well...aah." Rayne stammered as she was reluctant to talk about it as she began to relive the feelings she had during the dream but knew she needed to talk to her about it. " were the one that was shot in my dream and died in my arms Lark." She stammered nervously and regretfully as her blue eyes clouded at the thought of that ever happening.


Lark looked up at her lovingly and ran her hand through her dark hair. "I’m not going anywhere so don’t think twice about that dream my love...okay?" Lark answered with a sincere smile as she pulled Rayne down and kissed her to reassure her tall lover.

Rayne put her hands on her shoulders and stared intently at her. "I guess I’m afraid of losing you again."


"Don’t be because I am not letting you out of my sight." Lark answered with a smile and kissed Rayne again to reassure her.

"Same goes for me." Rayne whispered through her kiss before deepening it and loved how Lark’s mouth gladly accepted her moist kiss.

Lark broke the kiss breathless. "Let me bandage this up before we get carried away." She replied with a laugh and finished bandaging Rayne’s wound. "Okay...let’s get you in bed." Lark ordered as she threw the bandages in the trash and saw Rayne’s medication out on the counter. "What’s this for?" She asked as she held up the pill bottle and looked at Rayne for her answer.

"The doctor gave me those for pain and in case I got any headaches." Rayne answered as she took Lark’s hand to lead her out of the bathroom.

"Is it normal to continue to have headaches?" Lark asked with worry as they exited the bathroom.

"Yeah...he said I might. I just took some of the medicine for one I have now. I guess I had too much excitement last night." Rayne answered sexily as she wiggled her eyes suggestively at Lark who laughed.

"Yeah...well, what can I say?...other than I really love you in those black boat shoes." Lark teased as she looked at Rayne who stood naked with only her shoes on.

"Maybe I should tell Sal to get me a modeling job for Sperry shoes...what do you think?" Rayne asked as she looked down at how silly she looked and laughed harder.


"I’m sure he would love you doing anything for him babe. Did I tell you how incredibly sexy that navel ring of yours looks?" Lark replied seductively as she moved closer to Rayne and squatted in front of her allowing her tongue to circle Rayne’s sexy navel before ending her assault of her tongue with a kiss. Lark stood up in front of Rayne with a mischievous smile. "It drives me wild." Lark purred as her hands slowly moved up Rayne’s muscular chest before wrapping her arms around her neck with green eyes transfixed on blues thinking about how she couldn’t get enough of Rayne and wanted her again.

Rayne wrapped her arms around her blonde lover’s taut back as Lark’s lips lightly brushed hers causing her arousal to heighten. "You make me so wet Rayne." Lark whispered before her tongue slid past Rayne’s parted lips which waited with breathless anticipation for Lark’s to caress them. Lark’s kiss touched the deepest part of Rayne’s soul as she deepened the kiss and lowered her hands to rest on Lark’s firm backside.

‘Her touch and kiss are so sensual, sexy, loving and meant only for me.’ Lark thought as her tongue danced a slow tango with Rayne’s. Rayne bent at the knees and lifted Lark up in her arms without breaking their erotic, passionate kiss and carried her to the bed. Rayne lay back on the bed with her green eyed lover still on top of her locked in one another’s arms and a very passionate kiss. Rayne maneuvered her body up on the bed as they continued their kiss and Lark broke the kiss worriedly. "Be don’t want to open up your stitches again." She replied with concern as she stared into Rayne’s sexy blue eyes and lost herself in them.

"I could careless about anything right now except you and I Lark. Tonight...I’m all yours." Rayne answered sexily as she continued to kiss her lover and caress her back softly. She loved how Lark’s body reacted to her touch and excited her to no end.

Lark’s heart fluttered as Rayne made her feel like she was the most important person in the world just as she always had before. She had missed that feeling for the past six months and was happy to have it back again. "I am so wet and so hard for you Rayne." Lark whispered through her kiss as her sex rubbed against Rayne’s...up and down ...slowly and sensually.


"Touch me baby." She requested in a breathless whisper. Rayne moved her hands over Lark’s ass and grasped her tightly sending a jolt of electricity throughout Lark who gasped as it took her breath away.

Rayne’s kiss traveled up Lark’s neck to her ear were it explored in detail the contours of it. "No." She whispered huskily as she guided Lark’s hips up and down to feel Lark’s sex rub against her own. "I just want our bodies to grind against one another’s." Rayne whispered seductively as her hot breath in Lark’s ear sent a throbbing sensation straight to her core.

"Oh, Rayne." Lark moaned breathless as her hot, wet mound rubbed against her lover’s ...heightening her desire to have Rayne’s hand there.

"Baby...I want you to touch me so bad." Lark whispered in gasps as she nibbled on Rayne’s neck.

"I know you do...I can feel your clit throbbing for my touch." Rayne answered softly as Lark’s pelvis rocked up and down faster. Rayne could feel her sex harden and become wetter from Lark’s slow rhythmic rocking motions up and down her body. Her arousal mounted as did her heartbeat and she thoroughly enjoyed the sensation she felt from Lark’s hard nipples pressed against her own.

"Please...Rayne...touch me." Lark pleaded as she sank her teeth into Rayne’s neck.

"Oh, yes...I love it when you bite my neck hard Lark. It’s such a turn on." Rayne moaned breathless as her body tingled from the sensation of the painful yet, very enjoyable bite on her neck.

"Rayne...please I need you." She begged through her assault on Rayne’s neck as her sex ached with desire for Rayne’s touch feeling as if she would explode.

Rayne moved her kiss to Lark’s mouth and traced her lips with her tongue before slipping inside for a moist kiss. "Imagine my hand traveling down the length of your body." Rayne whispered before lightly kissing her again as Lark imagined Rayne’s hand on her body and how wonderful it felt touching her. "Imagine my hand has just passed over your hard nipple and is working it’s way down stopping between your legs."

"Oh, yes...Rayne...I’m ready." Lark moaned breathless as she kept her mental image of Rayne doing what she was describing as she nipped on Rayne’s neck breathing heavily.

"I gently push one leg to the side followed by the other one to spread you open wider for me." Rayne replied as her want for Lark mounted from the feeling of Lark’s mound pressed against her own and knew her climax was drawing near. "Oh, Lark...your skin is so soft and it feels so good underneath my hand. I love how your body reacts to my touch." Rayne whispered seductively as she continued her role playing and used her hands to press Lark’s hips closer to her sex. Lark was mesmerized, in a trance...totally enthralled in Rayne’s image. "My hand is touching your wet curls my love. Are you ready for me to spread your folds and touch you?" She asked seductively.

"Oh, yes...please Rayne...touch me." Lark moaned breathless as her heart raced with anticipation as her orgasm was near.

"I hope you’re wet enough Mi Amor." Rayne whispered as her tongue ran the length of Lark’s neck before she sucked her soft skin in for a sensual kiss.

"Oh, Rayne...I am so wet...just for you baby." Lark answered with a gasp as she loved Rayne calling her ‘Mi Amor’. She loved it when she spoke to her in another language. Her voice was so velvety, smooth and sensual that the Spanish term just flowed from her mouth so sexually.

"Oh, you are so wet baby...I notice as my finger has slipped down your hard clit as I slip inside of you slowly." Rayne explained as she felt Lark jerk as if she actually felt Rayne’s fingers inside of her. " are so warm and wet inside." Rayne moaned fondly as Lark sank her teeth into her neck sending a rush of warmth throughout Rayne. "Oh, yes...harder Lark...while I slid my finger deep in your wet opening to satisfy your desire for my touch." Rayne whispered as Lark continued to bite her neck hard and Rayne guided Lark’s hips faster as her orgasm began.





"Oh, feel so good...come with me Lark." Rayne whispered seductively as Lark moved her hips faster heightening her desire for Rayne’s orgasm to release.. Lark sank her teeth into the other side of Rayne’s neck which sent Rayne over the edge and she released her orgasm. "O, Lark...yes...I’m coming for you baby!" She moaned seductively as Lark’s hips bucked wildly and she braced her hands against the bed on each side of Rayne’s head as her orgasm began. "That’s it...I feel how hard your clit is and how badly you want to set your sweet nectar free for me...oh, Lark...come on baby it feels so good." Rayne enticed her as Lark’s head snapped back and she gasped for her breath while her hips rocked faster pressing her throbbing sex against Rayne’s as her passions began to unfold.

Rayne saw the look of pure ecstasy on her lover’s face as she inhaled and exhaled rapidly with her eyes closed completely exciting her even more. "You look so good Lark...come for me...oh, I’m coming again baby." Rayne moaned as another wave of orgasm consumed her while she watched her lover enjoy herself.

Lark screamed out in ecstasy as her orgasm overcame her. "Aah...yes!" She shouted loudly as she let out the breath she subconsciously held. Rayne leaned up and captured Lark’s breast in her mouth and began to suck on the hard nipple. She felt Lark’s body shudder as one wave of orgasm after another consumed her.

"Oh, Rayne!!" Lark screamed out in pleasure before collapsing against Rayne spent from her passions her heart racing like a thundering herd of wild mustangs.

Rayne moved her hands up Lark’s back and released her breast from the warm recess of her mouth as she lay back on the bed. Lark’s face was snuggled against her neck and Rayne could feel her erratic hot breath against her skin and Lark’s racing heart against her own.

Rayne lovingly caressed her body up and down with her hands as she lightly kissed Lark’s forehead numerous times as she thought about how much she loved Lark. Lark was speechless...for once...not to mention breathless. She had never felt something so erotic and sensual in her entire life. Lark thought about how much she loved Rayne and how Rayne was able to unleash her deepest passions just by touching her.

Everything Rayne did was so sexual...from her sexy look, to her husky voice, to her delicate touch...everything about Rayne sent Lark into a sexual frenzy. Her kiss made her sex throb with want and desire for her dark, sexy lover as she wondered why they had never done that kind of sex before.

Rayne held her lover tight as she felt the shuddering stop and felt Lark’s breathing level off. "You were wonderful baby." Rayne whispered and kissed the top of Lark’s head.

Lark was finally able to move and lifted her head up to look deeply into Rayne’s blue eyes. "Me? were...that was fucking incredible...freaking amazing!" Lark answered excitedly and with complete amazement at the pleasure she had from what they just experienced and kissed Rayne passionately to let her know just how much she loved it.

"I love you so much Rayne." Lark replied meaningful as she locked greens with blues and let Rayne see just how much she loved her through her eyes.

Rayne smiled lovingly and ran her fingers through Lark’s hair. "I love you Lark." She answered softly before sealing her declaration with a soul searing kiss.

Lark broke the kiss and looked at Rayne who looked exhausted. "How’s your headache?" She asked with concern as she massaged Rayne’s temples.

"What headache?" Rayne asked teasingly through her yawn.

Lark laughed. "I better let you sleep look exhausted." Lark answered as she lightly rubbed Rayne’s cheek with her thumb before kissing her lips softly.

"How can I sleep with such a beautiful woman next to me?" Rayne asked sexily as she rubbed Lark’s back with a sly grin on her face.

"All cuddled up in each other’s arms...that’s how." Lark answered with a smile as she shivered from the cool air hitting her overheated naked body.

"Are you cold?" Rayne asked as she rubbed her hands faster over her back to warm Lark.


"Yep...let’s crawl under the covers." She answered as she rolled off Rayne onto the bed and began to pull the covers up as Rayne sat up to help her.

They both crawled under the covers and Lark lay on her side as Rayne cuddled in behind her wrapping her arms around her blonde lover as they settled in bed. Lark’s body fit perfectly against Rayne’s in a ‘spooning’ position. Lark took Rayne’s hand and entwined her fingers with Rayne’s pulling her hand to her face for a kiss before tucking it close to her. She loved the closeness with Rayne and wished she could be even closer to her heart. She felt so loved and safe being in Rayne’s arms.

"Goodnight Rayne." She whispered contentedly with her lover wrapped around her in a warm, tender embrace.

"Night...sweets." Rayne whispered in her ear before placing a delicate kiss on her cheek and lay her head down to wait for Morpheus to take her to her dreams again. She hoped she would have a better one this time as she tightened her hold on her young lover as she drifted off to sleep.


Lark woke before Rayne ...probably only the second time in their relationship she thought with a smile as she looked at her dark lover. She must have turned in her sleep sometime during the night as she was now facing Rayne who was sound asleep on her side with her arms still around Lark. The blanket only covered the pair around their waists with their legs woven within each others as Lark reveled in Rayne’s sexy, naked body. She thought about how much she loved having that sleek, slender and sexy body pressed against her as she watched Rayne sleep peacefully. She felt lucky that Rayne was hers...all hers and thanked whatever god gave her to her.

Lark looked at Rayne’s chest where her hematoma was located and noticed it had decreased in size since last night. She lightly rubbed her thumb across the purplish colored area of her skin and thought about how close she came to losing Rayne forever. It terrified her to think about what would have happened had those particular turn of events played out. The tears welled in her eyes as she snuggled closer to Rayne to feel connected to her and lightly kissed her badly bruised chest.


Lark leaned back noticing how soundly Rayne was sleeping as she didn’t stir as she normally would if Lark moved and figured it had to be from the medication she was taking because she never slept that deeply. She listened to Rayne’s soft breathing and lightly ran her thumb over Rayne’s bruised eye which had now turned a yellowish color. She smiled as she thought about how much she loved her and how happy she was that they were back together.

Lark still couldn’t believe that Danielle went to such great lengths to break them up and it broke her heart to think that she hurt Rayne that way. ‘Rayne’s such a good person and didn’t deserve to be treated that way...hell, who did?... I just can’t believe she almost managed to fulfill her plan.’ Lark thought angrily as she lightly rubbed her thumb on Rayne’s cheek who stirred and moved closer to Lark holding her tighter through her sleep.

Lark smiled and all of her anger escaped her when she felt Rayne cuddle next to her. ‘Oh, she feels so good next to me...I feel so wanted, cared for, safe and loved. When she pulls me closer it makes me feel so good knowing that I’m hers and she’s mine...I love her so much.’ Lark thought adoringly as she lightly kissed Rayne’s lips which sent a tingling sensation throughout her body and she lightly rubbed Rayne’s arm as she continued to watch her sleep. ‘Rayne is so incredibly beautiful and oh, so sexy.’ Lark gushed with a smile as she ran her fingers through Rayne’s raven-hair unable to stop touching her lover.

Lark placed soft kisses on Rayne’s eye, her nose and lastly...her sensuous lips. She couldn’t stand to not touch Rayne or be close to her and smiled as Rayne’s sleepy blues locked with her greens. "Hey, sleepyhead." Lark replied softly with a loving smile.

"I kept trying to wake up and look into those gorgeous green eyes of yours that I love to lose myself in but Morpheus just wouldn’t release his hold on me." Rayne answered with a sexy smile as she kissed Lark lightly. "Good morning beautiful." Rayne replied seductively with a smile meant only for Lark which sent a tingling sensation throughout her from Rayne’s kiss. Lark smiled happily and lost herself in Rayne’s deep blue eyes. "What are you doing?" Rayne asked skeptically as she wondered what mischief Lark was up to.

"Oh, aah...nothing...I was just thinking about how incredibly sexy you are and how much I love you." Lark answered happily with a smile as she lightly caressed Rayne’s face with the palm of her hand.

" won’t believe this but I was just thinking the same thing about you!" Rayne answered with a chuckle before pulling Lark closer to her and pressing her lips against Lark’s for a deep, sensual kiss. Rayne moved her free hand up to Lark’s face holding it and gently deepening her kiss as she moved her hand through Lark’s short hair. " feel so good in my arms...I don’t ever want to let you out of them." Rayne answered sincerely as she slipped her tongue past Lark’s parted lips for another moist kiss. Rayne’s tongue danced a seductive dance with Lark’s as she moved her body as close as possible to Lark’s and wrapped her blonde lover in her arms tighter deepening the kiss.

Lark’s heart raced with excitement as she felt a throbbing sensation deep within her core that only Rayne could bring out in her. She had other lovers but none of them brought out so many wonderful feelings that she never knew she had like Rayne always managed to do. Maybe it was because she absolutely adored and loved Rayne with her heart and soul she thought as they broke their kiss breathless.

Loving blues met desire filled greens as Rayne held Lark’s face in her hand and lightly traced her thumb along Lark’s lips before lightly kissing them. "Lark...I love you so much. I want you to always remember that." Rayne replied softly and heartfelt as her thumb continued to lightly stroke Lark’s cheek. "I...aah...never stopped loving you even though I was really pissed at you." Rayne answered regretfully and ran her hand through her own hair. "Aah!...I’m so mad about all of this bullshit with Danielle!" Rayne replied frustratedly from what happened as all the negative thoughts invaded her thoughts as she pulled her hair back off her face.

"Babe...I’m, livid from what happened but we can’t do anything to change what took place as much as we would like to. I’ve been racking my brain over all of this to no end and the only thing I could come up with was that all we can do is make sure nothing like this ever happens again or let anything come between us." Lark answered reassuringly as she removed Rayne’s hand from the grip it had on her raven hair and entwined her fingers with Rayne’s before kissing her hand.

"Lark...I’m so mad at myself for the way I treated you. I was such an asshole and I said some really hurtful things to you." Rayne answered guiltily as tears welled in her blue eyes.

"You can’t keep beating yourself up like this Rayne. You told me you didn’t mean what you said and I believe you...I already forgave you baby...please believe that." Lark answered sincerely as she kissed Rayne.

"I just want you to know how truly sorry I am for what I said to you. I saw the hurt and pain in your eyes from what I just grips me around the throat and won’t let go when I think about it." Rayne answered with agitation and guilt at her actions towards Lark.

"Rayne...I know you’re sorry...I can see it in those beautiful blue eyes I love so much and I could see that you didn’t truly mean everything you said to me before. You were hurt...hell, I would have felt the same way if the shoe was on the other foot." Lark answered reassuringly as she wiped away the tears that Rayne fought to hold back unsuccessfully.

She had only seen Rayne cry like that one other time in their relationship and that was when she first heard the news of her grandmother’s death who meant everything to broke her heart to see her strong lover so upset...then and now. "Please don’t cry." Lark whispered as tears began to well in her green eyes and a lump formed in her throat.

"I can’t help it Lark...I’m so consumed by guilt over that and the fact that I broke our trust for one another when I walked out on you. I should have trusted your love for me more than what I did and I should have talked to you." Rayne answered with anger and agitation at herself as she looked into Lark’s cloudy green eyes.

"Rayne...we both should have trusted each other’s love. I should never have thought you were pushing me away and I should have been more supportive of you at that time but I wasn’t. I feel extremely guilty about that as well but we both have to put everything behind us and never let this happen again. Rayne...we already went over all of this baby. We have a second chance with our lives and we need to make the best of our opportunity that the fates gave us and not regret what we should have done. We have to get past it baby." Lark answered honestly as she kissed Rayne passionately pouring her heart out to Rayne in that one kiss.

They broke their kiss and held one another tightly...afraid to let go. "No more regrets." Rayne whispered in Lark’s ear as she lightly kissed her cheek.

Lark leaned back and looked at Rayne with a smile as she pushed her raven hair off her face. "No more regrets baby." She whispered as she lightly kissed Rayne’s sexy lips and lay back down locking greens with blues as she felt complete and whole in Rayne’s strong arms. "What would you like to do today?" Lark asked excitedly trying to change the mood.

"Whatever you say boss...I don’t care just as long as I can be with you." Rayne answered with a sexy smile reveling in the fact that her divine lover was snuggled tightly in her arms ...where she belonged.

"’re so sweet!...does that offer include shopping?" Lark asked with a mischievous smile knowing Rayne wasn’t much for shopping.

"I said whatever you want to do sweets." Rayne answered with a smile as she held Lark closer and kissed her chin before lying back down.

"I can’t believe you agreed to go shopping with me. Have I died and gone to the Elysian Fields?...wait...what have you done with my lover Rayne Donnovan? have to be an imposter!" Lark answered with disbelief and excitement.

"Hardy...har..har." Rayne mockingly laughed.

"You aren’t going to psych me and tell me you were just teasing are you?’re famous for doing that too me which I fall for all the time." Lark asked with a sly grin knowing her lover was quite the prankster.

"I’m serious Lark...but...." Rayne tried to answer before she was interrupted by Lark.

"Oh, here it comes." Lark teased with a laugh and rolled her eyes.

" have to buy me something." Rayne answered with a laugh and a sly look on her face.


"Okay...I’ll buy you...let’s see." Lark teased with a laugh as she rubbed her chin and pretended to be thinking of something. "I’ve got it!...I’ll buy you a piece of gum!" She answered laughing harder.

"Ooh, you’re such a big spender...are you sure you can afford that? I wouldn’t want to bust your bank account by you buying me a piece of gum." Rayne teased with a laugh before capturing Lark’s lips with her own and playfully nibbling on them.

Lark laughed and pulled away from her. " convinced me...I’ll buy you whatever you want." Lark answered with a laugh thoroughly enjoying their playfulness as Rayne placed soft bites along Lark’s neck.

"Does that include a black 1999 Jaguar S-Type car?" Rayne asked teasingly through her bites igniting Lark’s passions once again.

"Aah...sure..if that’s what you want." Lark answered breathless from what Rayne was doing to her. She would agree to buy anything Rayne wanted at that moment as she was so engrossed in her feelings.

Rayne snapped her head up and looked at Lark in disbelief. "Ooh, you are a big spender if you plan to buy me that car." She answered teasingly before lightly ...yet, sensually kissing Lark’s lips.

"I can’t deny you a thing when you kiss me like that." Lark answered seductively through her kiss.

"So, if I shower you with kisses and sex I can have anything I want?" Rayne asked with a sexy smile and a wiggle of her dark eyebrows before went back to she assaulting the soft skin on Lark’s neck with soft bites.

"Can you handle being a kept woman?" Lark teased reveling in what Rayne was doing to her and loving every minute as she kissed Rayne’s cheek.

"You can keep me anyway you like baby." Rayne answered huskily as she continued to nip and kiss Lark’s neck.

"Ooh,’re driving me crazy ...but, naked will do nicely." Lark purred with a chuckle as she glanced down at Rayne’s naked, muscular body appreciatively as her hand traveled down Rayne’s side to her firm backside and rested contentedly there.

"Shall I wear my leather dog collar with the studs on it my mistress?" Rayne teased as she moved her delicate kiss up Lark’s neck across her cheek stopping briefly to capture her lips for a gentle kiss before moving down the other side of Lark’s neck sinking her teeth into the soft skin.

"Oh, Rayne...that feels so good." Lark moaned breathless and swallowed hard as the wetness between her legs mounted.

"Will I get an allowance as a kept woman?" She asked softly and sexily through her kiss.

"Whatever you want." Lark whispered breathless as Rayne pushed every button Lark had heightening her desire for Rayne.

"Good...because I’m quitting my job." Rayne answered through her kiss as she lightly nibbled on Lark’s earlobe.

It took a moment to register in Lark’s brain what Rayne had just said and her eyes snapped open in disbelief and happiness. She pushed Rayne back to look at her. "Are you serious?...are you really going to quit the Service?" Lark asked hoping she would say yes. She didn’t want Rayne working in the covert aspects of the Service any was too dangerous. What happened a few days ago scared the hell out of her and she hoped Rayne would no longer put herself in so much danger.

"Well...I’m serious to a point Lark." Rayne answered and saw the look of disappointment in Lark’s emerald green eyes. "Hey, sweets...don’t look so disappointed. I’m asking for a reassignment to some other branch of the Service so I won’t work in the covert operations any longer." Rayne answered assuringly as Lark released the breath she unconsciously held with a sigh of relief with Rayne feeling her tension release. "When I was in the hospital listening to you snore while you were asleep...supposedly keeping me awake." Rayne explained with a silly grin towards Lark for falling asleep who flashed a sheepish grin. "I thought hard about what I wanted to do with my life and after the latest incident I realized I didn’t want to do that anymore. It scared me and it’s time for a change of job duties." Rayne answered sincerely and kissed Lark’s forehead as she looked back to Lark for her response.

"I’m totally floored Rayne." Lark answered flabbergasted at Rayne’s admission. "I can understand you being scared were hurt pretty bad and you did...aah...die." Lark answered hesitantly finding it hard to say as she felt the fear once again that consumed her when Rayne lay dead.

"Getting injured didn’t scare me Lark...what scared me was the fact that I would never see you again. Besides, I don’t want to be away from you like I was in the past. So, I hope you can get used to having me around a lot." Rayne answered with a chuckle as she lightly kissed her nose.


"I wouldn’t want it any other way." Lark whispered lovingly as she passionately kissed Rayne’s lips deepening her kiss to let her know how happy she was with Rayne’s decision and how much she loved her. It meant so much to her that Rayne would give up that aspect of her job for her and she wanted her to know just how much it meant to her in that one kiss.

"Hmmm...I like that." Rayne replied seductively as she broke the kiss with a loving smile on her face.

Lark smiled adoringly at Rayne with complete joy. "What type of work are you going to ask them to assign you to?" Lark asked curiously.

"Oh, I don’t know...maybe I’ll ask them to assign me to protect some sexy, blonde...excuse me, short blonde haired actress with the most beautiful green eyes I’ve ever seen." Rayne teased with a sexy smile getting a laugh out of Lark before she kissed her. "I’ll probably do some kind of a desk job or something with computers like chasing down hackers or something like that or go into private practice with Jayce doing contracts for professional athlete’s which we discussed briefly on the plane ride over here.

"It’s hard for me to picture you in private practice Rayne." Lark replied surprised Rayne would even consider that option. "Aren’t you going to get bored and want the action of your other job?" Lark asked hoping Rayne wouldn’t regret her decision later and hold it against her.



"Probably...but you’ll just have to make sure there’s plenty of action when I get home every night." Rayne answered teasingly with a laugh as she wiggled her eyebrows pulling Lark down on top of her firmly planting a kiss on her sexy blonde lovers soft lips.

"You are such a flirt Rayne." Lark teased as she playfully nibbled on Rayne’s chin.

"Only towards you baby." Rayne answered with a wink.

"I just get worried that you’ll regret your decision later." Lark answered with trepidation.

"Don’t because I won’t...this is something I really want to do more regrets? Honey, I don’t want to be away from you like before...besides, if it gets too boring I could take up modeling." Rayne answered with a laugh to calm Lark’s angst.

"Oh, Sal would love that...come to think of it...I would love to see you model." Lark answered with a sly grin as she kissed Rayne and lightly stroked her chest. "For me...naked with those sexy black boat shoes on." Lark whispered seductively through her kiss as she heard Rayne chuckle and hold her tighter as she deepened the moist kiss.

Lark broke the kiss with a loving smile and ran her hand through Rayne’s long, dark hair as she stared into her piercing blue eyes. "Rayne...I want to stay like this forever." She replied fond of being in each other’s arms as she lightly kissed Rayne’s lips.

"I could deal with that but nature is screaming like a wild banshee once again. So, take your sexy self off of me so I can hurry back." Rayne answered with a chuckle and a pat on Lark’s backside as she moved to get up when Lark reluctantly rolled off of her.

"Oh, I was so comfortable." Lark whined with a pout on her face.





"Aah...poor’ll get over it." Rayne teased as she looked on the floor for her shoes which she couldn’t find anywhere. "Oh, Lark." She drawled sarcastically as she turned around to see Lark scooting away from her laughing mischievously. "What did you do with my shoes?" She asked as she slowly crawled across the bed towards Lark who scrambled off the bed hurriedly.

"Are you accusing me of taking your shoes?" She asked sarcastically pointing to herself knowing she kicked them away from the bed before Rayne pulled her farther up on the bed before they made love. "Hey, I thought you had to go to the bathroom." Lark answered trying to distract her lover. "By the way, you look incredibly sexy crawling towards me on all fours naked. Did I tell you how much I love you?" Lark asked with a nervous laugh trying to soften Rayne up with distractions to no avail as Rayne moved closer to Lark.

"Well...if you want to see this naked body in the future you had better find my shoes." Rayne replied with a sarcastic grin as she tried to grab Lark who scooted away from the bed with a giggle.

"Oh, are your shoes Rayne...way over here!" Lark answered with a laugh as she held her shoes up. "I wonder how they got over here?" Lark teased mockingly and smiled.

"I wonder!" Rayne replied sarcastically as she sat back on her legs and chuckled as she looked at her sexy naked lover devising her plan. "You love to torture me don’t you?" She asked as an incredibly mischievous grin swept across her face and she jumped off the bed towards Lark who squealed with laughter before attempting to run away.

Rayne grabbed her laughing as Lark tried to break free. "Oh, no you don’t you little instigator." She teased as she picked Lark up in her arms. "Drop those shoes missy!" She replied with a laugh as Lark shared her laugh and dropped her shoes as Rayne quickly slipped them on. "Damn!... I hate the feeling of tile on my feet." Rayne replied with disgust.

"Rayne...we really need to discuss your obsessive compulsive disorder regarding walking barefoot on a tile floor."


"No need to as long as I have my shoes there’s not a problem. I just can’t stand how my feet feel on the floor and the it’s usually dirty which makes my feet feel so cruddy...yuck...I hate it!... Now, where’s that pool?" Rayne asked with a laugh as she pretended to look around for the pool. "Ah-ha!...there it is." Rayne answered as she walked towards the sliding glass doors leading to their balcony.

"Rayne...what are you doing?!" Lark asked fearful and nervously as she wondered what Rayne might have in mind for her as a payback.

" it’s a bitch!" Rayne teased as she opened the door to go out onto the balcony.

"Rayne!...Stop it!..what are you doing?!" Lark exclaimed with shock and disbelief as she held onto Rayne tighter who looked over the edge of the balcony.

"Perfect...the pool is right below us. Now, hold your nose so the water won’t go up it when you go in okay?" Rayne instructed her with a serious look on her face.

"Rayne!...come on take me back in people are going to see us!" She pleaded worriedly.

"Yeah...but they’ll just think that’s what all actresses act like in their personal lives. Are you ready to go swimming?" Rayne asked as she looked over the edge and back at Lark. ‘I can’t believe she thinks I’m really going to throw her in!’ Rayne thought to herself with a laugh.

"No...don’t we are 10 floors up!" She shouted with fear and held Rayne tighter.

"You’re a good swimmer’ll be alright. Are you going to do a cannonball or a bellyflop?" Rayne asked as she tried to pry Lark’s arms off of her neck which held her in a death grip.

Lark squirmed out of her arms and scooted away from Rayne who laughed. "Stay back you crazed Secret Service Agent!" Lark answered with a laugh as she pointed at Rayne who was slowly moving towards her with a dastardly gleam in her blue eyes.

"Okay." Rayne replied with a shrug and headed towards the sliding glass doors as Lark stood up and breathed a sigh of relief that she wasn’t going to take a swan dive into the pool. Rayne ran through the door and quickly shut and locked it as Lark ran towards the door too late.

"Rayne!...let me in!" Lark shouted and pounded on the door as she looked at Rayne through the door who was laughing hysterically at her naked lover standing on the balcony. "Rayne!" Lark shouted with agitation and quickly glanced around to see if anyone was watching then turned back to Rayne.

"What did you say?...I can’t hear you?" Rayne teased as she put her hand to her ear pretending like she couldn’t hear Lark.

"Let me in!" Lark shouted with mounting agitation and embarrassment as she pounded on the door.

"Oh, you said you wanted your picture taken with the view of the Mediterranean ocean in the background?...hold on...let me get the camera." Rayne teased as she headed towards her bag to retrieve her camera.

"No!...don’t you dare!...Rayne...please!" Lark pleaded and hid her head. ‘I’m going to kill her. She is really going to get it once I get off this damn balcony! I can’t believe she left me out her naked!’ Lark fumed.

To be continued....

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