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Disclaimers: Do I really need to go over these each time? :) But, I’ll mention it anyway...If you aren’t old enough to read stories of this type or if you’re offended by a consensual loving relationship between two women...than this isn’t the story for you!

Sex: Well, my electricity is back on with the AC cranked and I received my Amazon Ice, yeah...there’s sex! :)

Special Thanks: As always, I must mention my supporting cast without whom I would be lost. To Stoley for being the best friend anyone could ever have who’s always there for me, to Kat my proofreader extrordinaire who always has a knack for making me laugh in the most dire of situations, and to AJ for her infinite wisdom and’re all the best. I would like to thank you readers as keep my muses inspired and thanks for taking the time to read the stories! :)
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By Cruise


Everyone looked at Lark anxiously waiting for her answer making her feel very uneasy as her and Rayne had never mentioned having children with any other family members before. She was afraid that Rayne might be upset for bringing up the subject in front of her mother and brother before they could tell everyone in the family their thoughts on children..together. "Rayne...unless you’ve done something magical I’m not pregnant and it was just a figure of speech." Lark teased with a smirk hoping to play her snafu off.

"Darn! I was so hoping for another grandchild! What’s wrong with you woman...get her pregnant!" Maria laughed punching Rayne in the arm the laugh shared with Jayce as well.

‘Oh, yes...they bought it!’ Lark sighed to herself relieved.

"Very funny mother!" Rayne sarcastically shot over her shoulder walking out the door and grabbing Lark’s hand in the process. "Goodbye." Rayne drawled leading

Lark to the car and holding the door open for her to climb in the vehicle and closed the door when she was settled safely in the car.

Lark wondered what was going through Rayne’s head as to what she blurted back there. She wondered if maybe they were moving too fast and that she might be pressuring Rayne into something that would be too overwhelming for her so quickly considering they have been separated for six months. ‘She just asked me to be her’s forever and now, I throw in the talk of children in our lives even before she gets settled back into our home. I should just keep my mouth shut sometimes.’ Lark fretted chewing on her fingernail nervously and snapped out of her thoughts when Rayne slipped her hand into Lark’s after starting the car.

Lark looked at Rayne who smiled and steered the car out of the driveway onto the main road. "You okay?" She asked with concern and a warm smile.

"Oh, yeah...I was just thinking about how much I ate! I think I have an eating problem!" Lark answered lamely with a half smile and looked back out the window.

"I’ll eat everything in sight but I haven’t figured out where you put it all. Well, there might be one place it all goes too." Rayne teased glancing at Lark with a sly grin who turned to her.

"Where? Am I getting fat?" Lark asked nervously looking down at her body.

"Well, honey...your big toe is pretty big. Maybe that’s where it goes." Rayne answered with a laugh promptly receiving a slap on the arm from Lark causing her to laugh harder.

"My toe is not big!" Lark answered taking offense to her comment.

"Have you looked at it lately?" Rayne asked smirking navigating the car through the winding streets of Greece heading back to the hotel.

"Well, I haven’t examined them lately." Lark stammered unsure looking down at her feet.

"Take a gander at those puppies." Rayne answered with a laugh and watched as Lark slipped her feet out of her shoes.

Lark propped her feet up on the dashboard looking at them. " are so damn full of it! My big toe is not as large as you say it is!" Lark protested wiggling the said digits.

"I know...I just wanted to see if you would take your shoes off and look!...GOTCHA!" Rayne teased laughing harder.

"Ooh!" Lark grunted pointing her finger at Rayne as she was once again had by the master prankster.

"They’re very cute though and if you would ever get rid of that smell I might suck on them." Rayne laughed promptly receiving a very wicked look from Lark.

" feet don’t stink. Yours do though! Those things are nasty and don’t even think I will be sucking on them anytime soon!" Lark laughed and put her shoes back on.

"You did eat too much because it’s swelling your brain and making you say some seriously silly things like my feet stink! You’re crazy woman!" Rayne protested vehemently.

"Rayne...face the facts honey...they wreak!" Lark answered teasingly and patted Rayne’s arm to mockingly comfort her.

"If they do then why did you always beg me to let you suck them?" Rayne grinned mischievously.

"Now, you’ve lost it Rayne. I never begged to suck your nasty, stinky toes!" Lark answered brushing the comment off with a wave of her hand and wondering if Rayne had truly lost her mind. ‘Must have been from the blow to the head!’ Lark thought looking back at her lover.

"Yeah, need to fess up woman and face the facts. You have a toe fetish as well as a shopping and eating problem!" Rayne taunted Lark chuckling with Lark sticking her tongue out at her lover in response. "Ooh, baby...I love it when you tease me!"

" are so damn incorrigible!" Lark answered attempting to hold in her laugh which didn’t work.

"Yes...but YOUR incorrigible sexy lover." Rayne answered cockily and wiggled her eyebrows seductively leaning closer to Lark.

" incorrigible and oh, so cocky lover." Lark answered laughing and moved in front of Rayne kissing her as she turned the car into the hotel parking lot.

"Hmmm...I love those lips of yours baby and I can’t wait to have them all over my body." Rayne answered sexily stopping the car at the front door and put it in gear for the valet to park the car.

"Well, everywhere except those toes!" Lark grinned and sent a raspberry flying Rayne’s way.

"Keep it up with the toes Lark...just keep it up!" Rayne threatened teasingly exiting the car acknowledging the valet with a tip and opened Lark’s door for her once around to her side of the car.

"Ooh, I’m looking forward to what you have in mind for me!" Lark purred snuggling up close to her tall lover inhaling Rayne’s cologne that she loves to smell tracing her finger teasingly along Rayne’s lips.

"Well, let’s get those pudgy toes of your moving then!" Rayne teased slapping Lark in the butt who chuckled and walked into the lobby of the hotel.

They both entered the crowded elevator settling themselves to the back. "I don’t have pudgy toes Rayne." Lark adamantly professed through clenched teeth crossing her arms over her chest and heard Rayne snicker behind her feeling a pinch from her lover on the keester. ‘I’ll fix you Rayne Donnovan!’ Lark thought mischievously grabbing Rayne’s crotch holding her dark curls hostage much to Rayne’s dismay.

Rayne struggled to remove the small offensive hand that refused to let go. " hurts. Come on please." Rayne whispered pleadingly in her ear leaning over the shorter woman.

"Do you still think I have pudgy toes?" Lark asked mischievously over her shoulder to Rayne.

" You have the most beautiful toes in the world." Rayne answered sarcastically trying to pry the small hand with the vice grip on her womanhood, which only made it worse.

"I don’t think you mean it." Lark answered pulling her curls harder.

"Doh!...Lark, I’m serious! Paaalease....let go!" She drawled pleadingly definitely at the mercy of Lark.

"Are you serious about me having the most beautiful toes in the world?" Lark asked grinning and looking over her shoulder at the distressed woman behind her.

"Yes, they are gorgeous!" Rayne answered desperate to go along with whatever she wanted so she would relinquish her hold.

"Now, that’s more like it!" Lark answered satisfied releasing her hold on Rayne.

"Yeah, the most gorgeous toes in the world compared to a Camel!" Rayne teased and quickly exited the elevator when the doors opened knowing her lover would come out of that elevator like a mad hornet.

"Rayne!" Lark shouted exiting the elevator and saw Rayne running for their room laughing hysterically looking over her shoulder at her disgruntled lover.

Rayne fumbled with the credit card key and glanced up to see a blonde woman that was mad as hell coming her way. She laughed harder from the look on Lark’s face and dropped the key quickly picking it up to unlock the door. She opened the door just as Lark approached and safely entered the room when Lark threw the door open.

"Now, honey...can I help it if you have pudgy toes?" Rayne taunted her lover mercilessly inching back away from her steaming hot mad soulmate.

" are cut off then!" Lark answered pointing at Rayne and swiped her finger horizontally emphasizing her point and headed towards the bathroom.

"Baby...come on...really, I was just teasing about your toes the entire time." Rayne pleaded unsuccessfully following Lark.

"Don’t baby me ain’t getting any!" Lark answered with an angry look and closed the door in Rayne’s face.

"Damn!" Rayne answered disappointedly. ‘Really...I was only kidding. Ooh, she’s pissed too. How am I going to convince her I was just kidding?’ Rayne wondered pacing the floor with her hands on her hips in front of the closed door. "Lark...honey, I was just kidding I swear it! I’m sorry I teased you about your know I love them!" Rayne professed through the door with Lark standing on the other side laughing her ass off. She held her hand over her mouth to conceal the sound of her snickering and listened to Rayne plead her case.

"I don’t believe you!" Lark mustered out in a serious tone before covering her mouth again. She turned the water on to brush her teeth and drown out the giggling.

"Lark...I swear it. I love your toes...they are the cutest things I have ever seen...believe me!" Rayne charmingly replied hoping it would work.

"’ll say anything to have sex won’t you? I’re worse than a man!" Lark retorted putting the toothpaste on her brush and began to brush her teeth.

"Well...can you blame me? I mean, you’re the love of my life and you’re gorgeous! How could I not want sex from you and say anything to get it?" Rayne answered then wished she hadn’t phrased it that way. ‘Damn...that is going to make it worse.’ She chided herself.

Lark finished brushing her teeth and spit out the water she was rinsing her mouth with. "You aren’t helping to win your case with that kind of a statement counselor!" Lark teased in a raised voice.

"I didn’t come out right but you know what I mean! I swear...I love your toes. I’m on my knees begging you!" Rayne pleaded. ‘Shit...I will do anything for

sex...I’m friggin groveling for it!’ Rayne told herself in disbelief from her behavior shaking her head. ‘I’m whipped!’ She conceded in disbelief.

‘Hmmm...begging. On her knees no less...gotta love it!’ Lark thought with a mischievous smile finishing nature’s call and stood up. ‘You know...I can’t believe that Rayne just simply dismissed the conversation about children like that at her mom’s.’ Lark thought slightly peeved about it and turned the water on to wash her hands. ‘I should be glad but she could have mentioned something about it on the way back here.’ Lark washed and dried her hands.

" you forgive me?" Rayne teased pleadingly. ‘You’re sick Rayne...really sick.’ She told herself.

Lark chuckled approaching the door. "Are you still on your knees?" Lark asked with a laugh barely audible to herself and reached for the doorknob.

‘I am now.’ Rayne thought and knelt down quickly. "Yes, dear!" She answered sweetly as Lark opened the door still possessing a serious look on her face glad she was an actress and trained to change her demeanor easily or she would have tipped the ruse a long time ago.

She looked at Rayne who was down on her knees with a big grin on her face. She was barely able to contain the laughter that was dying to come out and put her hands on her hips continuing her stare down. "I’ll consider it!" She answered nonchalantly and walked past her kneeling lover.

"Consider it?" Rayne asked her voice filled with disbelief her lip curled up in the corner and turned to Lark.

"You heard me...I don’t stutter. Now, go brush your teeth and I’ll consider it some more." Lark replied waving her hand towards the bathroom for Rayne to enter it.

"Yes, dear!" Rayne mockingly answered rolling her eyes and entered the bathroom. ‘I am friggin whipped!’ Rayne finally accepted as a fact.

Lark crawled under the covers and laughed quietly hearing the water running as Rayne brushed her teeth. ‘Payback is such a bitch!’ Lark thought snickering harder and removed her clothes. ‘I still don’t get why she didn’t say anything about children.’ Lark thought and felt the covers move as Rayne’s naked body crawled in close to hers.

Rayne put her arm under Lark and pulled her up on top of her as she lay on her back. "I’m sorry." She replied hugging Lark who lay comfortably and quietly on Rayne wondering how she should approach the subject of wanting to have children...soon...very soon.

‘Will she get pissed? Or will she accept it gladly? She always said she wanted them with me...does she still? Or does she want to wait?’ Lark questioned herself unmercifully and felt Rayne’s hand under her chin.

Rayne lifted her chin and looked into the green eyes she loved so much. "Are you still mad at me?" She asked worriedly.

"Nah, I forgave you when I went into the bathroom!" Lark answered swiping her hand to emphasize her point.

"You made me gravel on my hands and knees for nothing?" Rayne asked slightly irritated and embarrassed.

"Payback Rayne...Payback...besides, it was funny!" Lark laughed.

Rayne scrunched up her face. "Yeah, really funny!" She answered sarcastically and noticed the distracted look in Lark’s eye. "What’s bothering you Lark?" She asked lightly caressing Lark’s bare back enjoying the feeling of her soft skin under her palms.

Lark looked at her with a half smile. "Can’t put anything past you can I?" She asked with a chuckle.

"Nope...what’s going on?" Rayne asked lightly stroking the worry wrinkles on Lark’s forehead with her thumb.

"Well...I aah...was thinking and did mention something earlier at your mom’s." Lark stammered hesitantly and held her hand up in front of her gazing down at the ring Rayne gave her momentarily distracted. ‘She loves me...she won’t be mad.’ Lark reassured herself.

"Come on...out with it Lark." Rayne smiled reassuringly smoothing out Lark’s eyebrows with her thumb.

"Well...Rayne...please tell me if you’re totally against what I have to say. I want you to tell me the truth...promise me?" Lark asked finding it hard to look Rayne in the eyes for fear of rejection and lightly circled the still present bruise on Rayne’s bare chest.

"I promise." Rayne answered softly and moved Lark’s chin up to look her in the eye. "Now, tell me what’s going on." Rayne answered with growing concern.

"You know when I mentioned children at your mom’s and our dream of having children? Do you still want that?" Lark asked hesitant of Rayne’s reaction.

"Yes, I do. Why do you ask?" Rayne asked with wonderment seeing the twinkle in Lark’s eyes from her answer.

"I want to make that dream a reality and I was wondering what you thought about it."

Rayne’s heart beat excitedly at the thought of having a child in their life. "I absolutely love the idea Lark." Rayne answered assuredly smiling running her fingers through Lark’s hair and thought admiringly about how Lark would make such a wonderful mother. "I’ll talk to Shayan and find out what we need to do to adopt a child and he can draw up the papers drawn for us." Rayne answered kissing Lark.

Lark broke the kiss. "That’s not what I meant Rayne. I want to have our baby." Lark answered with optimistic confidence moving up on Rayne looking down into her blue eyes.

"Are you sure that’s what you want Lark? Are you at a point in your career were you can do that?" Rayne asked staring into Lark’s green eyes searching for sincerity and any hesitation that Lark really didn’t want this, which she only found sincerity there.

"I could care less about what it does to my career Rayne. I want us to fulfill our dream of having children and I want to have our baby." Lark answered surely pointing to herself.

" I’ve never been so sure about anything in my life. Well, except for one other love for you." Lark answered honestly and lovingly ran her fingers through Rayne’s hair whose hands continued to lightly caress her back.

Rayne’s heart pounded in her chest thrilled that Lark was willing to go through the labors of childbirth for their dream to come true. Rayne couldn’t describe how she felt...she guessed it was pride, happiness, love. She wasn’t sure but she knew it made her feel incredible inside and didn’t think she could love Lark anymore than she already does until now. Her blue eyes filled with tears of joy and kissed Lark passionately to let her know just exactly what she felt about the subject.

Rayne broke the kiss realizing that no matter how much she wanted to help produce a child with just wasn’t feasible which saddened her. "Well, many skills as I possess that is one I just don’t help create the baby. I would love to be able to do that for you. I really would." Rayne answered sadly.

"I understand that honey, but we talked about this before and about asking one of your brother’s so the baby would look like both of us." Lark answered worried by Rayne’s change in demeanor.

Rayne’s sadness consumed her and she felt a wave of jealousy rush over her at the thought that one of her brother’s could give that to Lark but she couldn’ was something she would love more than anything to be able to do. Her heart pounded uncontrollably and the lump in her throat swelled when she thought about how the baby would not really be hers but truly her brother’s child. Rayne was on the verge of crying and didn’t want to do that in front of Lark. She had to get up and not talk about this upset her too much and sat up on her elbows. "Uhmmm...we could do that if you want." She answered evasively. "I have to go take my medicine." Rayne answered lamely slipping out from underneath Lark knowing she didn’t want to show the emotions that overwhelmed her in front of Lark.

Rayne walked away from the bed leaving Lark befuddled and bewildered by her reaction. "Rayne!" Lark replied watching her tall lover stride without her usual cocky swagger, instead her shoulders sagged lost in thought disappearing into the kitchen.

Rayne opened the refrigerator and looked in her tears burning her blue eyes. She grabbed a bottle of water and walked to the sliding glass door leaning against it with one hand, sipping her water with the other looking out over the well-lit city. The tears flowed harder thinking about how much she wanted to help create a baby with the woman she loved more than life itself. She had thought about having a baby herself but decided that just wasn’t her bag and if a child was to be apart of her life it would be through an adoption or if Lark had it.

Rayne felt Lark’s arms wrap comfortingly around her waist and felt Lark’s soft kiss against her back which calmed her slightly but the tears still fell. Rayne wiped them away when she felt Lark move around to face her and saw that Rayne was crying. "Baby...what’s wrong? Do you not want to have children with me?" Lark asked worriedly wiping away Rayne’s tears.

"No...Lark, you know how much I love and want children with you. I’m just being stupid." She answered sadly sniffing back her tears looking down shamefully at the water bottle scratching the label trying to avoid making eye contact with Lark.

"Why do you think you’re being stupid?" Lark asked softly and lifted Rayne’s chin to look into her blue eyes.

"Because I’m jealous and I feel left out...just stupid." Rayne answered regretfully avoiding eye contact from her embarrassment by the way she was acting but knew she couldn’t discard her emotions and how she felt.

"Why would you feel that way Rayne?" Lark asked distraught over how upset Rayne was.

"Because Lark!" Rayne answered sputtered out in frustration looking up at Lark. "The one thing in this world that I would love nothing more to give you is a child but I can’t! The baby will be part yours and my brother’s...not from me....that’s why I feel that way." Rayne exclaimed agitatedly and with hurt wiping the tears off her face turning her back to Lark.

Lark put her hand on Rayne’s back and rubbed it lightly to calm her and circled in front of her naked lover. Lark put her hands on Rayne’s waist and looked up into stormy blue eyes as Rayne fought to hide her feelings. "Honey...the baby will be part of you. Why do you think I want one of your brother’s to do this? The three of you could pass for triplets for god’s sake! Look at Brandon...his features are so similar to yours that people would have a hard time believing he’s not your son. Am I right?" Lark asked confident she was correct and saw Rayne concede shaking her head in agreement.

Lark wrapped her arms around Rayne tightly pressing her ear against Rayne’s chest and listened as her rapid heartbeat slowed to a steady beat. Rayne wrapped her arms around Lark and kissed the top of her head realizing just how ridiculous she was being about everything. Lark broke the hug slipping her hand into Rayne’s larger one and led her back to bed. Lark crawled on top of her lover assuming her favorite position and looked down into her calm blues. "Do you feel better about it now?"

"A little...thanks." Rayne answered with an attempt at a reassuring smile.

"Honey...come on. Our only other option is to get an outside donor and I want our baby to have those sexy dark features of yours that I love so much." Lark smiled adoringly and lightly kissed Rayne to reassure her.

"I’ll be okay once we get everything started. I just want you to know that I would love to be able to give you that gift if I could." Rayne answered sighing still disappointed that she couldn’t and lightly stroked Lark’s short hair.

"That means more to me than you’ll ever know and it makes me feel so incredible inside to hear you say that honey, but please remember...the baby will be a part of you because you and you’re brothers are all apart of one another.

"Let’s just hope the baby doesn’t inherit Jayce’s poor financial habits." Rayne teased with a chuckle trying to lighten the mood.

"Do you want Jayce to be the donor?" Lark asked smiling excited that Rayne was feeling more comfortable about everything.


"He would be the more logical choice. We can ask both but I think Holly might feel uncomfortable about Shay being the donor." Rayne explained rubbing her hands up and down Lark’s naked back.

"I can’t wait!...I’m really excited about this!" Lark exclaimed with a glowing smile and kissed Rayne. "I can’t wait to have the baby and to see how gorgeous it will look with dark hair and blue eyes." Lark answered her small smile growing in intensity with the thought.

"What happens if the baby has blonde hair and green eyes like I want?" Rayne asked with a smile.

"I’ll be happy too but I just love those blue eyes and would love our baby to have them." She answered dreamily kissing Rayne’s chin.

"Well, I would love to see our baby have beautiful emerald green eyes that I would lose myself in every time I looked into them...just like I do with yours."

"Aah...that’s so sweet." Lark answered with a blushing smile and kissed Rayne. "Baby...I want you to be apart of every aspect of the pregnancy and delivery." Lark informed Rayne excitedly breaking the kiss.


"I’m looking forward to it Lark...I really am. This means more to me than you will ever know...thank you." Rayne answered softly and lovingly her blue eyes watering and capturing Lark’s lips for a passionate, soul-searing kiss letting Lark know just how much she loves her.

"I love you so much Rayne and I want to make our dream come true honey." Lark answered smiling with a gleam in her eye at the prospect of having a child in their life...their own child.

Rayne’s heart raced from joy and happiness that Lark...the woman she loves so much was going to do something so very special like that for the both of them. She had never been with another woman who would have made such a sacrifice like that despite the fact that she loved Karen...her deceased lover very much she never considered having children with her.

As deep as their love for one another was it never came close to what she shares with Lark. She was glad they had a second chance with one another and couldn’t imagine...actually refused to imagine her life without Lark. She had done that for six torturous months and would never allow that to happen ever matter what the circumstances were. ‘She’s not getting rid of me even after I breathe my last breath...she’ll always have my heart, body and soul!’ Rayne thought passionately about her feelings for Lark.

Rayne engulfed Lark in a hug and held her tightly reveling in her softness and her specific scent that made her feel so warm and loved. She loved having Lark in her arms...she made her feel so special, so loved and the feeling was wonderful. Rayne held Lark tighter kissing her cheek repeatedly as Lark lifted her head up to look at Rayne with a big smile.

"I’m so happy baby." Lark answered kissing her lover passionately and briefly...too briefly and breaking the kiss much to Rayne’s disappointment. "Rayne...I want our baby to have your last that okay with you?"

Rayne’s heart skipped a beat and her breath escaped her momentarily that Lark wanted the baby to have her name overwhelming her again. "Honey...I aah...don’t know what to say other than that’s wonderful and perfectly fine with me but don’t you want the baby to have your last name?...I mean, you’re an only child and I thought you would like to have your family name carried on through our child." Rayne answered her hands roaming freely along Lark’s back.

"I never thought about would be nice but we could have two children. One with your last name and one with mine." She answered excitedly with a smile.

"Two huh?" Rayne asked with a chuckle.

"You don’t want two?" Lark asked disappointedly.

"It doesn’t matter to me how many we have I just worry about the toll it will take on you considering you will be the one having the children."

"You’re right...okay...two is the limit then." Lark chuckled.

"Oh, I just thought of something. Do we have to get a minivan now that we’ll be having kids because I don’t think I can picture myself driving one." Rayne asked with a laugh.

"No way! minivans in our household!" Lark answered sharing a laugh with Rayne. "We’ll get a sport utility vehicle...a safe one." Lark made sure to point out. "That’s big enough for our family...maybe a Durango or a Lincoln Navigator." Lark answered smiling happily realizing she would have the family she always wanted to have.

" are glowing you’re so excited." Rayne answered lovingly and with happiness seeing the joy in Lark’s green eyes.

"I am Rayne...we are going to have a family! Our own and me. That just excites me to no end and I’m so happy. I couldn’t be any happier!" She exclaimed with tears of happiness filling her green eyes.

"I love to seeing so happy babe." Rayne answered her small smile spreading across her fine features larger lightly stroking her blonde lover’s short locks. "Uhmmm...I’ve never wanted to share something so wonderful as this with anyone other than you Lark. You have made my life so happy and so complete that I just don’t know how else to thank you other than just loving you completely and offering you my soul." Rayne answered honestly sealing her declaration with a soul-searing kiss.

"That’s all I need from you." Lark answered happily through her kiss and deepened it.

Rayne thought about how happy Lark has made her and how much she loved her. She turned her head kissing Lark more passionately thinking about how she would feel having a baby in their life and how she knew Lark would spoil the baby. She broke the kiss smiling and looked at Lark. "What are you thinking about? You have a mischievous look on your face." Lark wondered skeptically and lightly kissed Rayne’s nose.

"I was just thinking about how much you’re going to spoil the baby."

"Me?!...I know you will spoil her more than me!" Lark protested laughing.

"Her?...her?" Rayne teased with a laugh.

"Yes...a darling little girl to take after her Why? Do you want a boy?"

"Well...with you as her mommy she might be too much of a princess." Rayne teasingly laughed with Lark tickling her from the comment.

"Hey, so what if she’s a princess like me?"

"Nothing...I love you despite your royalty." Rayne answered with a laugh fending off the small hands that were tickling her ribs.

"You are so bad Rayne Donnovan!" Lark answered laughing and shaking her head. "I can’t wait to go shopping for baby clothes!"

" can’t wait to go shopping for anything! Oh, please tell me you aren’t going to put her in frilly little dresses!" Rayne asked scrunching her face in protest to them.

"Yes!...she will look adorable...just like you do in a dress." Lark answered smiling.

"Yeah...well, I only wear dresses when absolutely necessary. I hate those things."

"I happen to think you look absolutely stunning in a dress particularly that black perfectly fitting low cut cocktail dress of yours that shows off that fabulous body." Lark smiled fondly picturing Rayne in the said dress and wiggled her eyebrows seductively.

"Oh, you like that one huh?" Rayne asked with a chuckle and a raised eyebrow of her own.

"Oh, yes...alot, as a matter of fact." Lark answered seductively. "Especially, how it reveals that sexy cleavage of yours." Lark purred smiling mischievously softly kissing Rayne’s chest between her breasts heightening her arousal.

"Hmmm...maybe I’ll wear it to mow the lawn and it might give you more of an interest in mowing the lawn."

Lark looked up and laughed. "I would definitely be interested if you wore that dress to mow the lawn."

Rayne laughed. "You know our little princess or prince." Rayne paused with her eyebrow raised and a smirk. "Will have many skills and one of them will be the fine art of mowing the lawn." Rayne teasingly laughed.

"She or he can do what ever they want too." Lark answered grinning happily.

"Just promise me no stupid looking hats if it’s a girl."

"Oh, but some of them are so cute!" Lark exclaimed with a laugh.

"Okay...but definitely no bows!" Rayne answered adamantly.

"Deal...I can’t stand bows unless of course, one is on you as my present." Lark teased seductively nibbling on Rayne’s neck sending a flush of warmth straight to her lover’s sex.

Rayne’s pulse quickened. "Hmmm...that feels so good." She moaned in delight.

Lark’s tongue traveled up Rayne’s neck to her ear and traced the contours before whispering. "I want you." And pressing her sex against Rayne’s sending a throbbing sensation to her center.

"Then take me." Rayne answered sexily grasping Lark’s firm backside, who gasped and lifted her head up to kiss Rayne.

The sultry response sent Lark’s passions souring and was ready for a romp through ecstasy with her dark, passionate lover. Her mouth craved for Rayne’s tongue capturing it and satisfying her craving. Rayne’s hands pressed against Lark’s upper back deepening the burning kiss both breathing heavily. They broke the kiss breathless and resumed the searing kiss their desire for one another escalating. Rayne’s hand traveled down Lark’s back resting on her backside and guided her pelvis into a rocking motion desperate to feel Lark’s sex grind against her own.

"Oh, absolutely drive me crazy." Lark moaned breathless her heart beating wildly in her chest and sank her teeth in Rayne’s neck then sucked the soft skin alternating bites and kisses.

"Lark...I friggin love that...keep it up baby...please don’t stop." Rayne moaned her voice conveying her delight. Rayne held the back of Lark’s neck gently guiding her along her neck where she wanted the next bite to land. Rayne’s head moved back in reaction each time to Lark’s teeth sinking into her heated skin and from the feel of Lark’s soft, moist lips against her neck. "Touch me baby...I need to feel you inside me." Rayne replied her voice throaty with desire for her blonde lover’s touch.

Lark’s tongue traveled down between Rayne’s breasts then moved her mouth to the hard, dark nipple before her capturing it in her mouth. Rayne’s deep breathing intensified as did her already racing heart and her center ached for Lark’s touch. She placed her hand over Lark’s hand slowly guiding it down her long, muscular body stopping between her legs spreading them wide for Lark.

Lark moved to the side straddling Rayne’s thigh and began stroking her wet, hot swollen nub that begged for her attention. "Yes, baby...that feels so good." Rayne breathlessly replied moving her hips up and down matching Lark’s motions with her hand. Rayne slid her hand under Lark who moved her mouth to lavish Rayne’s other breast with attention and gasped when she felt Rayne’s fingers glide across her slick clit.

"Aah...ooh, baby." She softly moaned gently sucking the nipple in her mouth. The sound of Lark’s soft sensuous voice sent a shiver down Rayne’s body stopping where the throbbing persisted.

"Lark...go inside me honey." Rayne whispered gasping when she felt Lark enter her wet opening. "Oh, feel so good." She moaned loudly her words an aphrodisiac to Lark who’s throbbing between her own legs intensified and moved her hips faster against Rayne’s hand. Rayne slipped two long, slender fingers inside Lark reacting to her lover’s desire feeling her slick walls close tightly around her fingers. "Lark...I love to feel how you wrap so tightly around my fingers and how dripping wet you always are for me." Rayne answered in a low sensuous voice feeling Lark’s lips press against her own.

Lark thrust her tongue deeply in Rayne’s mouth exploring everything about it rhythmically thrusting her hips against her passionate lover her body demanding release. Lark broke the kiss gasping for air tilting her head back with her eyes closed and panting desperately for air. Rayne nibbled on the soft skin of Lark’s neck rocking her hips up and down faster... her arousal mounting. She felt Lark’s walls tighten then release around her fingers and knew she was ready to climax.

Rayne moved her fingers in and out of Lark faster matching her thrusting movements with her hips and felt her pause then pull away and push Rayne’s fingers deep inside of her. "Oh, yes!...Rayne, please don’t stop!" Lark shouted breathing heavily.

Rayne’s fingers moved faster and Lark’s hips bucked back and forth her fingers thrusting in and out of Rayne at the same time. "Come with me baby." Rayne whispered seductively capturing Lark’s lips with her own sending them both over the edge greeting pure ecstasy at the same time.

"Yes...Oh,, I love you so much!" Lark moaned loudly her body shuddering against Rayne’s which did the same from one powerful orgasm after the next rolling over both of their bodies simultaneously.

Rayne grabbed Lark behind her neck and pulled her down thrusting her tongue deeply in her mouth kissing her passionately feeling her body’s release begin to calm. She wrapped her arms tightly around Lark breaking the kiss and feeling the hot breath of her lover against her neck where she rested. "Lark...the things you to do me baby...are so incredible." Rayne whispered in her ear lightly kissing her cheek reveling in the wonderful feeling that consumed her having her lovely soulmate in her arms.

They both lay pressed against one another content to revel in their ecstasy in complete silence, which only their heavy breathing broke. Neither relinquished their hold on one another or even wanted to once their breathing leveled off to a soft whisper and their hearts beat as one. Lark sat up and locked greens with blues smiling contentedly placing a sweet and very satisfying kiss on Rayne’s lips. Rayne smiled happily running her fingers through the love of her life’s short hair.

"What are you thinking about Rayne Donnovan?" Lark asked smiling mischievously.

Rayne’s hands stopped stroking Lark’s hair and rested on Lark’s bare, sweaty back smiling at the lovely sight before her. "I was just thinking about how enamored I am with you and about how much I love you." Rayne answered lovingly and kissed Lark.

Lark gazed at her sexy partner silently momentarily at a loss for words. Rayne simply blew her away and was making a habit of doing it the past few days with her honesty, sincerity and her proclamations of eternal love. " simply overwhelm me." Lark mustered and sighed happily. "I hope you know ...really know how much I love you. Every time I think I can’t love you anymore you do something that negates that thought. I have so much love in my heart for you that it’s just overwhelming." Lark answered totally blown away.

Rayne smiled adoringly and wasn’t sure how to respond instead, opting for a soul searing kiss. "You do the same to me baby." She whispered through her kiss and deepened it holding her smaller lover tighter in her arms reveling in the warmth she exuded.

They were both lost in their thoughts of one another to realize the phone had been ringing. They broke their kiss smiling and began to kiss again when Rayne’s cell phone went off. "What the hell!" Rayne exclaimed out of sheer frustration from the intrusion breaking the kiss and reached for her phone. She clicked the phone on before putting it to her ear with Lark assaulting her neck with soft kisses. "Yeah!" She answered agitatedly from the intrusion. "What?!" She exclaimed her voice changing in reflection from frustration to fear her heart sinking from what she heard on the other end.

Lark’s head shot up looking at Rayne when she heard the fear and distress in Rayne’s voice, which was confirmed when she saw the same in her blue eyes. "Okay...we’ll meet you right away." She answered softly and stunned sitting up with Lark moving off of her filled with concern. Rayne clicked the phone off and looked at Lark with an anguished look on her face. "Lark...we have to leave...its not good news." She answered with a horrified look on her face that scared the hell out of Lark.

To be continued....

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