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by Cruise


Disclaimers: This is an ongoing uber story with the same disclaimers as the previous parts. Remember, if you are offended by two women being in love or if you are under the age of 18 this story is not recommended. The characters are my creation from my sick little mind. The song "Close my eyes" By Jordan Knight and produced by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis for Flyte Tyme Productions, Inc. was used without permission and no profit is intended. I recommend listening to the song by Jordan Knight while reading the lyrics in the really emphasizes the scene.

Special Thanks to Stoley, as always, who never lets me waver from reality and for Kat who makes sure we both behave!

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Rayne looked at the letter Lark had given her and looked into the box which contained a portable CD player, a plane ticket, and a bag of white almond Hershey’s kisses...Rayne’s favorite. She chuckled as she saw the bag of her favorite candy and began to read the note.


I hope you’re feeling better...I’ve been very worried. I wanted to tell you what I’ve been feeling for the past few days. I feel giddy at times knowing that I could be free to laugh, love and to be only I could be when I’m with you. I’m lucky to have a wonderful person such as you in my life and I want to apologize for my indiscretions...I’m sorry. It was very ignorant of me to put myself into that situation and I would do anything to make up for it...if you’ll allow me to. All I can offer is all of myself to you and hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me and maybe one day trust me again.

I know that I hurt you more than anyone has a right too and I take full responsibility for my actions. You mean everything to me and you’re my life. If I don’t have your love in my heart my life is nothing. I can only hope that one day you’ll allow that to happen again. I have to get away from here and I’m leaving for Greece tomorrow.

I have included a ticket for you to join me if you want just as I promised if you saved me. I’ll know what your decision is if you are on the plane with me tomorrow...please join me.

I love you, Lark

Rayne wiped the tears that trickled down her cheeks and clicked on the phone to call Lark’s cell phone only to get the message saying the cellular customer was unavailable. Rayne called the hotel and was informed that Lark had already checked out. "Damn!" Rayne exclaimed and wondered how she was going to get in touch with Lark. She phoned Lark’s agent and accountant who were unavailable to take her call. Rayne decided to try again later and pulled out the CD player which had a note saying this song reminded Lark of Rayne and for her to listen to it. Rayne took the CD player and a few Hershey’s kisses along with the letter Lark wrote her and headed down to the beach.

"Hey Rayne!" Jayce replied as he caught up to his sister and saw the look of disappointment on her face. "Did you see Lark?" He asked as he put his arm on her shoulder.

"No, she had already left when I got in the house." Rayne answered dejectedly as she looked up at her brother.

"I’m sorry...are you okay?" He asked with concern.

"Yeah...I’m just disappointed because I wanted to see her and I can’t get in touch with her now. I’m going for a walk. I’ll be back in a little while...thanks." Rayne answered as she tapped him on the chest to let him know she appreciated his concern and walked off down the beach.

She sat along the rocks and began to listen to the song "Close my eyes." By Jordan Knight.

I live my days with the nights that we spent all the love we shared

I put my heart on the side for awhile knowing you’re not here

I tried to carry face the fact you’re gone...but I need you

So, I close my eyes and I dream about you

I close my eyes... I can almost feel you in my arms again

P>Mornings remind me of showers and talks in the soft sunlight

Evenings of passion and cries of joy hold your memory tight

You’ve been away so long...I sing so many songs about you

I just close my eyes and I dream about you...oh, I dream about you

Close my eyes... I can almost feel you in my arms again

When I close my eyes I’m a kid again

I can think about the time we became best friends and we played in the park didn’t have a care

Then you smiled at me and I knew right there..I would hold your hand that it would be the start of a promise that no other lover would steal my heart

Now the pain of losing you I can’t erase but when I close my eyes it’s a bad case

No one really sees you’re watching over me and I hope you feel me watching over you

And when you go to sleep I pray the lord would keep you in my dreams

When I close my eyes and I dream about you...dream about you in my life

When I close my eyes...ooh, baby...I can almost feel you in my arms again

I close my eyes and everyday I dream about you.

Rayne listened to the love song over and over again as she watched the ocean waves roll in and crash on shore. She thought about everything the song said and how perfect it described her own feelings for Lark. Rayne thought back to their talks they had in the soft sunlight and their walks in the park hand in hand as her tears flowed freely. She missed that with Lark and she wanted it back.

Lark had finally told Rayne what she wanted to hear from her...what she needed to hear and all of her thoughts of betrayal and deceit escaped her. She felt as though the weight of the world had been lifted from her shoulders and all she wanted to do was hold Lark in her arms to tell her how much she loves her and to tell her that she forgives her. Rayne pretty much knew she would forgive Lark but she needed to hear her say that she was sorry and that she accepted her responsibility in the whole situation before she was able to move on.

Rayne continued to listen to the song over and over again as she looked out over the ocean with renewed hope for her relationship with Lark. She smiled happily from her thoughts of feeling Lark in her arms and how sensual her lips felt pressed against hers. She couldn’t wait to see her and hold her to tell her she was a fool to have been so ignorant to not try and work out their problems. ‘I’ve got to see her but I can’t get in touch with her.’ Rayne thought with frustration as she headed back to the house.

Rayne entered her room and made sure everything was ready for her flight at mid-morning the next day and to call Danielle to set the record straight between the two of them.

"What’s going on Rayne?" Jayce asked with concern as his sister said nothing to anyone as she passed by them quickly after entering the house.

"I’m getting the love of my life back." She answered with a smile and happiness as she turned to her brother.

"So, you’re taking Lark back? Are you sure that’s what you want?" He asked hoping his sister was positive that this was what she really wanted and she wasn’t being hasty about her decision.

"Absolutely...I’ve never been so sure Jay." She answered confidently as she put her clothes out on the chair for the next day. "I’ve always loved her and I guess knew I could forgive her if she owned up to her actions which she has done. I don’t want to be without her ever again. I was an idiot to wait this long to do this and unfortunately, all I can do is kick myself for being so dumb."

"I’m very happy for you Rayne and I hope everything works out between you two because I really like Lark a lot." He answered with a smile as he hugged her. "Plus, I want you to be happy and I know Lark’s the person that can do that to you." He spoke softly in her ear.

"Hey, we’re going to Greece you want to come with us?" She asked as she broke the hug.

"Nah...I would just be in the way of your reunion." He answered waving her offer off but really wanting to go.

"No...little brother you won’t be staying with us...just for the plane ride over and then you can stay with mom and dad." She answered rolling her eyes at her brother’s ignorance.

"Oh, okay." He answered sheepishly with slight embarrassment. "Yeah...sure let me call to get a ticket and I’ll let mom and dad know what’s going on. Give me your flight info and I’ll set it up."

"This will be so great!" Rayne answered with excitement as she grabbed her ticket and handed it to him. "Maybe we can drag ourselves over to see you while we are there." Rayne teased with a laugh.

"Fat chance with you two. You’re worse than rabbits when it comes to sex and considering you haven’t been together for quite won’t step out of that hotel room." He teased as he turned to walk out and turned back to Rayne with a pouty look. "I’m so jealous...can’t you give me some of your tips on know I live vicariously through you." He teased in a fake whinny voice.

Rayne laughed. "You’re full of it bro...I know you have the chicks hanging off of you!...How could you not?... you’re my brother and I taught you better than that." Rayne answered cockily with a sly grin as her brother laughed.

"Oh, taught me well." He teased with a laugh and a wiggle of the eyebrows as he dodged the pillow Rayne threw at him.

Rayne laughed and was happy that her family was together and wished her parents were there with them. She picked up the phone and called Danielle to ask her to meet her at the beach house in an hour, which Danielle said she would and clicked the phone off to meet Rayne.

Rayne inhaled deeply and exhaling she thought about how glad she was about her life taking a turn for the better. She hadn’t felt this good in six months and the weight off her shoulders felt incredible. ‘You should have done this months ago you idiot.’ She berated herself as she looked out the window over the majestic ocean. ‘I was too pig headed and full of anger to think rationally. I should have swallowed my pride so I wouldn’t have hated Lark so much and we could have worked this out a lot sooner with less heartache.' Rayne thought sadly and was overwhelmed by her guilt.

"Hey Rayne!...Danielle is here to see you." Shayan replied as he poked his head through the door.

Rayne turned and faced her brother still lost in her thoughts. "Aah...what did you say?" Rayne asked confused.

"Danielle?...she’s out on the back deck waiting for you." Shayan answered trying to refresh her memory as to what he had just said to her.

Rayne looked down at her silver Fossil watch which Lark gave her for a birthday present and noted Danielle was a half hour early. "Oh, aah...okay...thanks." Rayne stammered as she shook off her thoughts and walked out to the back deck to see Danielle looking out over the ocean with her long, curly blond hair blowing in the wind.

She turned to see Rayne standing there and a smile swept across her face before she rushed over to Rayne. "Rayne...I was so worried." She replied breathless as Rayne held her shoulders to stop the impending kiss Danielle was about to plant on her lips. "What’s going on?" She asked with disappointment as the smile disappeared from her face when she saw the seriousness in Rayne’s blue eyes.

"Listen...Danielle...aah...I love Lark very much and I’ve decided to forgive her." Rayne stammered nervously knowing she was going to hurt her friend with what she had to say.

The tears welled in Danielle’s hazel eyes at Rayne’s declaration. "You’re not serious." She answered with a shaky tone in her voice.

"As a heart attack. I should never have let this hatred go this long. She’s the only person I have ever loved completely and I should have given her another chance but I didn’t because I was so stubborn. I’m sorry if that hurts you but that’s the way I want my life...with Lark in it." Rayne answered with sincerity as she took her hands off of Danielle.

The tears fell from Danielle’s hazel eyes and Rayne noticed the anger fill them. "I went through so much for you to be a part of my life. I love you so much and I wanted you to see Lark for who she is...someone who would hurt and betray you."

"What?...what are you telling me?" Rayne asked as her anger increased along with her confusion.

"I had that woman come on to Lark so you would know that she’s not worthy of your love and that given the opportunity she would betray you." Danielle explained.

"How could you have done that to me?!" Rayne shouted with anger as she moved closer to Danielle who began to cry.

"Because I’m in love with you and I’m better for you than Lark."

"You’re a sick bitch! knew how much I loved and cared for Lark!" Rayne shouted with hurt, anger and that oh, so familiar feeling of betrayal that she knew so well but now it was from Danielle and not Lark. She was so pissed that she paced around trying to calm her anger and really wanted to wrap her hands around Danielle’s neck to strangle her.

"Yes...I did know that but I wanted to be your lover and would have done anything to have you...which I did but you never even gave me a second look or hope for the past six months when we worked together on assignments. When we kissed the other day I felt that hope from you and I felt like all the trouble was worth it." Danielle explained as she moved closer to Rayne who stepped away from her.

"Danielle WE didn’t kissed me and I thought about Lark through the entire kiss!...I don’t care if Lark was unfaithful anymore and I was stupid to not have forgiven her sooner but I’m not going to make that mistake again!" Rayne shouted as she turned to walk away.

"Rayne....wait!" Danielle shouted as she moved towards her.

"Why?...why should I even talk to you?" Rayne shouted with disbelief and anger as she turned to Danielle.

"You love her that much to forgive her?" Danielle asked regretfully as she locked hazels with blues.

"Yes...she’s the other half of my soul and my only regret is that I didn’t forgive her before now." Rayne answered with complete sincerity.

"That’s wonderful to love someone that much. I wanted to be the person you loved that much...I’m sorry Rayne." Danielle answered sadly.

"Yeah...whatever Danielle...I have to go." Rayne answered with agitation as she turned to leave again.

"There’s something else you should know...aah...she never did anything with that woman." Danielle answered as Rayne looked at her stunned by the revelation. Rayne’s heart raced and the lump in her throat formed making it difficult to breathe as her anger and guilt consumed her.

"She never..?" Rayne tried to get out as her heart raced faster and the anger welled in the pit of her stomach as the sweat formed on her brow.

"No...she refused the woman’s advances despite her inebriation before passing out." Danielle explained regretfully from her actions.

"But how did she know I would be home?" Rayne asked with confusion regarding the other woman knowing her whereabouts.

"You told me your plans don’t you remember?"

"Fuck!" Rayne exclaimed as her tears filled her eyes at the thought of the pain Lark went through all those months she was away not to mention the guilt she carried all this time. Rayne was overwhelmingly guilty that she didn’t talk to Lark sooner to find out what happened. "But I saw them naked." Rayne replied trying to sort out her thoughts and to get the whole story out of Danielle.

"That was plan beta...if she couldn’t have sex with her she was to undress her and climb in bed with her until you got home to make you believe they had sex...which you did." Danielle explained as the anger raged within Rayne.

" need to leave before I throw you over the edge of that railing!" Rayne yelled as her face turned red from her hurt and anger while pointing at the railing of the deck.

"But Rayne." Danielle tried to say.


"Now!" Rayne shouted as she moved to grab Danielle and was stopped by Jayce who grabbed Rayne in a bear hug for fear of what she might do to Danielle as Rayne struggled to get away from him.

" need to leave." Shayan replied angrily as he stepped between Danielle and Rayne who continued to struggle and break free from her brother to ring Danielle’s neck. He put his hand on her arm and pushed her along and escorted her away from the house.

Jayce relaxed his hold on Rayne and moved around to face her. "Are you okay?" He asked as he saw the hurt in his sister’s mirrored eyes.

"I’m really pissed, hurt and I feel extremely guilty." Rayne answered in an angered raised voice.

"Tell me what happened." He replied calmly to settle his fiery sister down.

"She had that bitch set Lark up so I would find her in bed with another woman because she’s in love with me." Rayne answered as she paced the deck shaking her arms trying to calm her anger and guilt for being so gullible to fall for something like that. "I am so stupid could I have done that to Lark?!" She asked with agitation as she looked at him with hurtful blue eyes.

" didn’t do anything to Lark. This is all of Danielle’s doings...not yours and not Lark’s. You can’t blame yourself."

"I am to blame Jayce! Danielle was a part of my life and I should have known something was up with her." Rayne answered agitatedly and mad at herself for falling for that.

"Rayne...come on." Jayce answered as he moved closer to Rayne and put his arm around her. "How could you have known this would happen? You couldn’t have known so stop beating yourself up about it." He answered to reassure his sister.

Rayne looked up at her brother then back down. "I should have known but I didn’t notice anything with Danielle when we worked together on previous cases. I just hope Lark forgives me."


"Lark will forgive you and you know it. Stop blaming yourself because you had no idea what was going on." Jayce answered trying to console his sister.

"Yeah...but I shouldn’t have been such an assface all these months. I should have talked to Lark before and tried to work things out." Rayne answered sadly and with regret.

"Well...unfortunately, you let your pride get in the way but now you have a second chance. So, don’t blow it." He answered with a smile as he tightened his hug and kissed her on the head.

"How did you become so wise little brother?" Rayne asked with a sheepish grin as she looked at him.

"I had a good" He teased as he saw a bigger smile sweep across his sister’s face as Shayan ran up to join them.

"Is everything okay?" Shayan asked breathless.

"Everything’s perfect bro." Jayce answered his brother with a smile.

"Hey, get in here!...Lark’s up for an award!" Holly shouted through the door excitedly.

Rayne’s head shot up with interest and ran into the house to watch the TV. "Did you know she was up for an award?" Shayan asked as he looked at Rayne who stared intently at the TV.

", I knew she had to attend the award show but didn’t know she would be getting one. I guess I forgot all about it with everything that happened." Rayne answered as she saw Lark’s picture appear on the screen, which put a proud smile on her face as her heart raced and the butterflies in her stomach took flight from her nervousness.

"There’s Auntie Lark!" Cole shouted with excitement and pointed to the TV as everyone shouted excitedly.

Rayne stood with her arms crossed chewing her fingernail nervously as the presenter opened the envelope to reveal the winner. ‘Come on deserve it.’ Rayne whispered and hoped Lark would win the award.

"The winner is." The actor announced as he opened the envelope. "Lark Morgan!" He answered enthusiastically as everyone cheered with Rayne letting out the breath she subconsciously held.

"Yes!" She exclaimed happily as Jayce and Shayan patted her on the back excitedly.

"That is so great for Lark!" Jayce replied with a smile.

"Lark looks stunning..doesn’t she?" Holly asked proudly as they watched Lark approach the podium to accept her award.

The crowd quieted and she began her speech. "I would like to thank my family, fans, producers, directors, co-stars, and my agent but most of all I would like to thank the most important person in my life who is at home recuperating." She paused and caught her breath as it escaped her when she thought about Rayne’s injuries. "I owe her my life and so much more...I love you." Lark answered softly as she began to cry and put her hand to her mouth to blow Rayne a kiss and walked off stage to a roaring applause.

Rayne stood stunned, speechless and totally amazed that Lark thanked her on national TV. She knew Lark didn’t give a damn whether people accepted her or not in Hollywood because she was was a hobby to her that she happened to be very good at and if it was all gone tomorrow her world wouldn’t crumble. Rayne thought about how fortunate Lark was to be treated as an equal rather than a leper. Rayne was extremely proud of Lark and wished she was there to share in her happiness as she wiped her tears away.

"That is so awesome!...she thanked you Rayne!" Shayan replied excitedly and hugged his sister.

"She’s awesome!" Rayne answered adoringly with a smile.


Rayne grabbed the phone to call Lark and found it to be busy. She tried for over twenty minutes to contact her with no luck. "Come on...let’s go find her." Jayce replied with a sly grin as Rayne smiled with enthusiasm at his comment and they headed out to the car quickly.

When they reached the award show Rayne was told that Lark had just left and she may be attending the post show parties. They had no luck finding Lark at any of the parties when they stopped by them.

Rayne was still unable to contact Lark by her cell phone, which was constantly busy. Rayne was bummed out that she was a Secret Service Agent and couldn’t find Lark. She wanted to see her and to hold and kiss her so bad she could taste Lark’s lips on her own.

"Well...sis, you’ll have to see her tomorrow." Jayce replied dejectedly squeezing her shoulder for comfort as he saw the hurt in her eyes.

" seems that way." Rayne answered disappointedly as she entered the house and headed to bed hoping the dawn would come soon so she could see her love...Lark.

Rayne tossed and turned all night with nervous tension as she waited for the sun to come up. She tried numerous times to reach Lark’s cell phone, which she was told by the operator that the phone was having technical difficulties. Rayne had no luck reaching her agent, accountant or her family. She was finally happy dawn came and had her bags packed and in the car as she went to wake Jayce up for their trip.

Jayce wasn’t too pleased at the early morning hours and headed into the shower half asleep. Rayne said her goodbye to everyone as Jayce finished dressing and headed out to the car pacing around it nervously waiting for her brother. Jayce said his goodbyes and exited the house laughing when he saw his sister pacing back and forth in front of the car.

"Chill!" He exclaimed with a laugh as he motioned with his hand for her to calm down.

"I can’t help it." She answered with agitation as she got into the car.


"Try to calm down know we have to have your coconut checked before we get to the airport." Jayce answered with a laugh as he stomped the accelerator and headed off down the road.

"I know...I know, I have this nervous energy that I couldn’t work off with my usual exercise training because of doctor’s orders so I’m keyed up!" Rayne answered and laughed as she saw her brother making faces at her.

Rayne had her follow up visit with the doctor who was still amazed at her healing powers and said she was cleared to fly but needed to come back and have the stitches removed next week. Rayne knew she would be removing them herself rather than make the trip as they headed to the airport already behind schedule because the doctor was late.

"Damn it Jayce!...I told you not to take that road!" Rayne shouted with anger and nervousness that they wouldn’t make their flight.

"How was I to know there would be construction on this road!" He shouted back as he looked for a way out of the traffic jam to no avail.

"We’re going to miss our flight!" Rayne angrily yelled.

"Ask that officer over there coming out of Dunkin Donuts if he can give us an escort." Jayce answered as he pointed towards him.

Rayne got out of the car and spoke with the officer flashing her badge to ask if he could give them an escort to the airport which he gladly agreed to. "Well...I guess it helps to know people in high places." Jayce replied with a laugh as Rayne got back in the car.

"Yes, it does." Rayne answered with a wink and a chuckle as the officer maneuvered them through the traffic.

Jayce screeched the tires to a halt in front of the rental car area as Rayne unloaded the bags and thanked the officer for the escort. Jayce dropped off the keys and they threw their bags over their shoulders and headed towards the ticket check point. Rayne flashed her badge and credentials for her gun as they grabbed their bags running towards the gate which of course, was all the way at the end of the concourse.

Rayne turned the corner to their gate and stopped dead in her tracks when she looked up at what she saw as Jayce slammed into her nearly knocking her to the ground. "Rayne...what in the hell are you doing?" He exclaimed with agitation as he picked up his bag that was knocked off his shoulder and looked at his sister who stood staring off in disbelief. "What’s wrong?" He asked confused as he looked around and struggled with his bags.

"We’re too late...the plane’s gone." Rayne answered sadly staring out on the tarmac in disbelief.

"No shit?!" Jayce exclaimed as he looked and didn’t see the plane.

"Come on we have to catch the next one." Rayne exclaimed as they headed to the ticket counter.

"What if we can’t get on the next flight?" Jayce asked breathless from the running.

"We will...I’m going to nonchalantly flash my badge and get us on the plane." Rayne answered confidently with a mischievous grin as they picked up their pace and approached the ticket counter.

Rayne flipped her wallet open as the ticket agent glanced down and saw her badge as Rayne took out her credit card. "I need to change these tickets in for your next flight to Greece." Rayne replied as she handed her the tickets and her credit card.

" problem at all." The agent answered with a smile and entered their information into the computer.

"I’m going to grab something to drink. Do you want something?" Jayce asked as he looked at Rayne who flashed a mischievous grin regarding the availability of the flight.

" can get me a Dr. Pepper please....with a lot of ice!" Rayne answered.

"I should have known that’s what you wanted. Isn’t there anything else you drink?" He asked sarcastically.

"Sure...Mr. Pibb." She answered with a laugh as she watched her brother head towards the food court shaking his head knowing there was not much of a difference between the two beverages.

Rayne chuckled and looked back as the agent handed her the tickets. "There is an additional charge of $75 dollars per ticket for the flight change and the flight leaves in an hour out of gate A13." She informed Rayne.

"Okay...great...thanks." Rayne answered as she waited for the friendly ticket agent to charge her card. She signed the receipt and grabbed the tickets before heading off to find her brother.

"He approached with their drinks and a bag of food. "You owe me $150 little brother." Rayne replied as she took her drink from him.

"For what?" He asked with slight agitation.

"For being a dummy and taking the wrong turn. They charged us a fee to change the flights." She answered as they made their way to their gate.

"Can I owe you?" He asked flashing a toothy grin.

" already owe me now from me floating you some cash while you were in school. What do I look like?...Nationsbank?" Rayne answered sarcastically.

"I know but I haven’t received my monthly check yet."

"What do you spend your money on?" Rayne asked with agitation knowing that the amount of money they all received from their trust funds was enough to last anyone for a couple of months.

"Well...aah...oh, look what I got for you...your favorite." He stammered changing the subject to the white macadamia nut cookie he got Rayne as he pulled it out to show her flashing her a puppy dog look.

"Oh, no little brother. Don’t give me that look and you can’t bribe me with a cookie...but I’ll take it just the same." Rayne answered with a chuckle as she grabbed the cookie and sank her teeth into it savoring the taste of the white chocolate that she loved.

"Now, back to your need to stop treating your hoochie mama’s to such extravagant dinners." Rayne teased as she finished off her cookie and they proceeded to walk towards their gate.

"They are very good looking hoochie mama’s though." Jayce answered as he reveled in the vision of the sexy blonde in the very high cut red mini-skirt who rocked his world a few nights ago.

Rayne nudged him out of his daydream and they both laughed. "She was that hot huh?" Rayne asked as she took a long sip of her favorite beverage.

"Hot is not the word Rayne...more like volcanic hot." He teased with a laugh and a gleam in his eye.

"No one is that hot except of course, my babe." Rayne answered with a laugh as she thought about how beautiful Lark is to her.

"’ve got me there. So, she’d be more like a step below Lark. You are very lucky to have such an incredibly beautiful and caring woman like Lark who loves you with all of her heart." Jayce answered with envy of his sister and admiration for Lark.

Rayne smiled and looked down into her cup swirling her soda with the straw as she thought about how she lost that love that Lark has for her because of Danielle and for her own ignorance. She hoped Lark would still have that love for her. "Yes, I am very lucky and I intend to let her know that fact everyday from now on." Rayne answered with a smile.

"I hope I find someone like Lark one day."

"Well...there’s only one Lark and she’s unique plus she’s mine but you’ll find someone to love as much as I love her. Just don’t let anything come between you like what happened to us." Rayne answered as she patted his back while the announcements for first class passengers to board barked over the loud speaker. "That’s us, try to behave yourself with the flight attendants because it’s a long flight." Rayne teased as she stood up and headed for the gangway followed by Jayce.

"Yeah...yeah." He answered with a laugh.

During the flight Rayne called the hotel where Lark would be staying and left a message that she was on her way. Despite the fact that she spoke perfect Greek she didn’t think the front desk clerk would get the message right. "They better give her the message right or I’ll have to throw a party up on their heads." Rayne answered with a chuckle and agitation at the thought that the message wouldn’t get through to Lark.

Rayne also called her parents to let them know they were delayed and let them know of their expected time of arrival so they could meet them at the airport. Rayne was going stir crazy on the flight which seemed to get longer and longer. She couldn’t wait to get there to see lark and this waiting was pure agony especially with her brother snoring in her ear. She contemplated sticking a smelly sock in his mouth to shut him up...instead, she opted for a good shove of her elbow in his side snapping him out of his sleep.

"Wha...what?" He jumped in his seat and nervously asked.

"Chill’re snoring so freaking loud the passengers can’t hear the roar of the engine’s." Rayne teased as she flipped through her Sports Illustrated magazine.

"You woke me up for that?" He asked with agitation as he wiped the sleep out of his eyes.

"Yeah...I was embarrassed for you when that hot flight attendant looked at you horrified when she passed by noticing your mouth wide open and drool trickling down your chin." Rayne replied casually laughing to herself inside.

"You’re so full of it Rayne. I didn’t drool and did she really stop by here?" He answered with embarrassment and agitation as he wasn’t sure if he should believe her or not.

", the flight attendant didn’t come by but you were snoring very loud and I thought you were going to suck the wig off the elderly lady’s head in front of us with your snoring. By the way, you drool!" Rayne answered with a laugh.

"Oh, bite me!" He answered and shifted in his seat laying to the opposite side of Rayne to fall back to sleep.

"You better not suck your thumb either!" Rayne answered with a chuckle as she flipped the page on her magazine and received a kick to the shin. She laughed harder and pulled out her portable CD player to listen to the song Lark had given her to see if it would relax her. Rayne closed her eyes and imagined she was holding her beautiful blonde lover. She imagined how soft she felt in her arms and how wonderful her lips felt pressed up against her own. It only made her miss Lark more and created more pent up tension within in her.

Rayne decided to stretch her legs by walking to the back of the plane to use the head instead of the one in first class. She took her time and stretched as she waited for the vacancy sign to light up. ‘These planes are too small for tall people.’ Rayne thought to herself as her lanky body was cramped from the tight cabin…even in first class it was uncomfortable. ‘Aah...maybe it’s just because I want to be there already!’ She thought to herself as she ran a frustrated hand through her raven hair and sighed with agitation.

‘If this person doesn’t get out of the head in two seconds I think I might pull the door off the hinges and stuff them down the damn toilet!" Rayne thought to herself with more agitation as the door opened and a little elderly woman stepped out. ‘Great! Nice thought there Rayne.’ She told herself as she smiled and stepped out of the way to let her pass.

She finished her business and headed back to her seat to find Jayce chit chatting with the flight attendant quite candidly. Rayne stood waiting until Jayce gave the flight attendant his phone number at his parents house in Greece. The flight attendant left and Rayne sat down snickering at her brother’s pick up lines as she fastened her seat belt.

"What?" He asked with a chuckle.

"You’ve got the cheesiest pick up lines...I thought I taught you better than that." Rayne chuckled as Jayce gave her a cross look.

"I gave her my number. So, that means I’ll have a date with her...doesn’t it?"

"Well...she probably felt bad for you with pick up lines like that and it doesn’t mean she’ll call you either." Rayne answered with a laugh.

"I’ll bet you $150 she calls me for a date." He replied with a smile as his blue eyes met Rayne’s.

"Oh, me my own money...but I’ll take that bet little brother and when you get your summer internship job you’ll have to pay it all back plus interest.

"Deal." He answered with a confident smile that he would win the bet as he shook Rayne’s hand to seal the deal.

"Oh, and I want proof that you two go out on a date so, have dad take a picture of the both of you. You know he loves that shit." Rayne answered with a shared chuckle with her brother.

"You’re tough sis." He answered shaking his head and sat back in his chair.

"Hey, by the way, where are you doing your internship this year?" Rayne asked as she looked at her brother quizzically.

"I’m working at the White House." He answered with a gloating smile.

"No shit?...that’s great! How did you score that internship?" Rayne asked with pride and amazement.

" helps when your father is an Ambassador." He answered sarcastically with a wiggle of his dark eyebrows.

"Dad called in a favor for you?" She asked with jealousy as she pointed to him. "He didn’t do that for me when I wanted an internship." She replied with agitation.


"That’s because he didn’t want his little girl getting groped by the President." Jayce teased as he pinched her cheek and received a swat on his hand from Rayne who couldn’t contain her laughter.

"Yeah...well, you better watch that cute behind of yours around that White House." She teased with a laugh.

"Oh, believe me I will. Listen, dad didn’t call in any favors for me but I’m sure it didn’t hurt that he’s my father." Jayce explained.

"I’m sure you got it on your good grades. What type of law do you want to do?"

"I think I’d like to do sports contracts or maybe corporate law. I’m not sure yet." He answered with a shrug of his shoulders.

"The Secret Service isn’t a bad place to work." She answered with a sly grin as she looked over at her brother.

"Oh, yeah I can see that by the looks of your face." He answered with a chuckle. "Nice benefit package you got there." He teased with a shared life with his sister.

"I really enjoy doing what I do now but I’m not going to do the covert assignments anymore. I’m going to have them assign me to work in some other desk type job or something so, I don’t have to be away from Lark so much." She answered confidently about her choice of a new job with the Service.

"I don’t graduated as valedictorian of your law class at Harvard no less and you don’t want to practice law? I don’t get it." Jayce replied with confusion as he looked at his sister.

"It’s not what I wanted to do once I graduated. I like doing the work I do with the Secret Service because there’s more action but who knows what I’ll be doing once I get reassigned. I may get bored and help you with your practice."

"That would be so cool." Jayce answered with excitement at the thought of working with his sister that he idolized.


The pilot made her announcement to prepare for landing and the flight attendants prepared the plane. "Yes! We can finally get out of this tin can!" Rayne exclaimed with excitement as she fastened her seat belt and made sure it was secured before raising her seat into the upright position as did Jayce in preparation for landing.

"Hey, do you think you and Lark will be able to drag yourselves out of the hotel room long enough to do some sight seeing with me?"

"I don’t know what my little vixen has planned for me just yet." Rayne answered with a laugh and a wiggle of her dark eyebrows. "Hell, she doesn’t even know I’m on my way. But I’ll see if we can grace you with our presence." Rayne answered sarcastically and with cockiness.

"Oh, gee...I feel so honored." He teased back rolling his eyes.

"Well... you should ...what are sister’s for after all?" Rayne teased with a laugh which was shared by Jayce as they felt the plane touchdown.

Rayne’s heart began to race with nervousness as she realized she would soon see Lark and get everything straightened out. The nervous butterflies in her stomach went ballistic and she wanted off the plane in a bad way to see Lark. She was the first one up and ready for the doors to open so she could disembark the plane quickly.

"Down girl!" Jayce teased as he saw how fidgety and nervous his sister had become.

"Yeah...let’s just get the bags and get going." She answered dryly over her shoulder to her brother.

They both hurried off the plane once the door opened and saw their parents waiting for them. "Oh, my baby!" Rayne’s mother exclaimed with tears in her eyes as the tall, raven haired woman approached Rayne and engulfed her in a hug as did her father.

"Are you okay sweetie?" Her father asked with concern as his deep blue eyes met Rayne’s matching pair and looked his daughter over with concern.

"I’m fine looks worse than it really is...honestly." Rayne answered with a smile as her father hugged her again.

"Hey, what about me? I’m the baby of the family you know." Jayce teased with a sad face that he was being ignored.

"Do you know that guy Rayne?" Her father asked.

"Nope...never seen him before in my life." Rayne answered coolly as she put her arms around her parents and they walked away.

"Well...thanks a lot! See if I buy you any Christmas presents!" Jayce answered teasingly but feeling slightly neglected as he started to walk towards them.

" little boy is jealous." Their mother teased as she pinched his cheek before hugging him. "How’s my little boy?" She asked as she slipped her arm around his waist while they walked to join Rayne and her father.

"I’m a lot better now that I’m off that plane with that dreadful sister of mine." He said loudly and teasingly towards Rayne.

She stopped and turned to her mother. "You had to have another kid didn’t you? Two wasn’t had to have another?" She asked teasingly.

Her parents laughed. "Well, that’s because a certain princess kept demanding that we give her a little brother." Rayne’s father teased as he kissed her forehead.

"Since when do you listen to your kids?" She asked with a laugh as they headed to baggage claim.

Jayce and his parents stood and waited for the baggage to come down the belt with Rayne pacing anxiously wondering why it was taking so long. Rayne’s mother moved next to her and rubbed her back to calm her anxiety.

"Honey...calm’re going to make yourself sick." She replied with worry for her daughter as she felt the tension in Rayne’s muscles.


"I’s just that I have so much to tell Lark and to apologize for that I just want to be there already." Rayne answered as she moved her hands animatedly to stress her frustrated point.

"I know honey...I’m so glad that you two are working everything out...we really love Lark." Her mother answered with a soothing smile as Rayne looked at her.

"Thanks mom...that means a lot to both of us." Rayne answered with a smile and hugged her mother.

"Okay ladies break up the love’s time to go." Jayce teased with a chuckle as he and his father approached with their bags. Rayne broke the hug and grabbed her carry on bag before everyone exited the airport.

"Oh, Miss. Morgan!...You had a message!" The front desk clerk replied excitedly as she recognized the actress when she passed by the desk heading into the bar. Lark wasn’t able to sleep and thought maybe going to the bar would take her mind off of Rayne not being on the flight.

"Aah...thank you." Lark answered appreciatively as she grabbed the note and headed towards the bar. She took a seat out on the deck overlooking the dark Mediterranean ocean and opened the note. It was a message from Rayne saying she would not be coming. She crumpled the note before tossing it on the table as the tears streamed down her face realizing Rayne’s decision was made and that she was no longer going to be apart of her life.

‘How could I have been so stupid to have thought that she would forgive me? This is my fault for being so damned insecure about our relationship and putting myself into that predicament.’ She chastised herself and motioned for the waiter. She needed a nice stiff drink to settle her nerves and possibly dull the pain she felt. "I would like a Mind Eraser please." She ordered and watched the waiter leave to get her drink thinking that it was an appropriately named drink.

Rayne sat quitely in the back of the sport utility vehicle staring out the window at the site’s lost in her thoughts of Lark. She hoped she had received her message and wondered how she would take the latest news that Danielle set the other woman up with Lark. Rayne thought she would have to be relieved to find out nothing happened between her and the other woman.

Rayne wondered how things had gotten so out of hand and how much she loved Lark but just couldn’t forgive her for her supposed indiscretions when she knew that she should have. ‘I should have been able to have forgiven her no matter what.’ Rayne thought to herself with regret. ‘I put her through so much hell. I can only hope that she forgives me.’ Rayne told herself as her mother broke her trance when she touched her arm.

Rayne looked at her confused. "We’re here honey." She replied with a comforting smile.

"Oh, yeah...aah...I’ll call you tomorrow okay?" Rayne stammered nervously as her heart raced with excitement.

"Good luck." Jayce answered with a smile as he looked over his shoulder and winked.

"Thanks." Rayne answered as she kissed everyone before exiting the vehicle and grabbing her bags.

She threw the bags over her shoulder and walked towards the entrance to the hotel and stopped. She was so nervous that her hands shook just like they did when her and Lark went out on their first date. Rayne inhaled deeply and exhaled trying to calm her anxiety, which didn’t wouldn’t subside until she saw Lark she thought and headed towards the door.

Rayne entered the lobby and approached the desk. "I need the room of Julia Donnovan please." Rayne answered giving Lark’s fake name for when she stayed at a hotel. It was a cross between Lark’s mother’s first name and obviously Rayne’s last name. She was happy to find that the clerks spoke english and she would not have to speak Greek.

"I’ll ring her suite to see if she’ll allow you up. Your name please?" The clerk asked as she put the phone to her ear.

"Aah...could you just tell her that a family member is here to see her?" Rayne asked as she wanted to surprise her.


The clerk rang the suite with no luck reaching Lark. "I’m sorry she’s not in her room."

"Okay...could you have them deliver these bags to her room while I wait until she returns?" Rayne asked as she handed the bags to the other person behind the desk wondering where Lark could be at this late hour.

"What room?" The second clerk asked the other clerk.

"Presidential suite."

"Oh, Miss. Morgan’s suite?" The clerk answered as she moved the bags behind the counter.

"How do you know it’s Miss. Morgan’s room?" Rayne questioned with confusion as to how that person knew it was her.

"I recognized her when I saw her check into the suite and I just saw her a little while ago heading into the bar after she picked up her message." The clerk explained as Rayne quickly walked towards the bar.

She scanned the crowded bar with no sight of Lark until she walked around and saw her sitting out on the back deck staring out over the dark ocean with a forlorn look on her face. Rayne smiled as her nervousness and heart rate increased at the sight of Lark who had cut her long blond hair very short. ‘She’s so beautiful.’ Rayne thought breathless at the sight of Lark but was disturbed by the forlorn look Lark possessed as she stared off in the distance.

Rayne had a mischievous thought and grabbed a napkin to jot a note on it and wrote left-handed so Lark wouldn’t recognize her handwriting. "Waiter." Rayne replied as she grabbed the waiter when he passed and gave him instructions as to what she wanted along with a hefty tip. The waiter did as he was instructed and approached Lark holding out his tray which contained the note and a penny.

Lark looked up at him confused. "Is this for me?" She asked with disbelief.

"Yes ma’am." He answered and nodded his head in acknowledgment of the question.

Lark took the shinny penny and opened the napkin to read what was written on it. ‘A penny for your thoughts...I’m at the bar.’ Lark was confused as to who would send her the note, but turned towards the bar to see who the mystery writer of the note was. She didn’t think it was from anyone she knew because she didn’t recognize the handwriting. Everyone at the bar seemed too engrossed in their conversations with others to have sent her the note. ‘This really isn’t a very funny joke.’ Lark thought to herself with agitation. She turned around and was startled by who was sitting in the chair that her back was to.

"Where you looking for me?" Rayne asked with a mischievous smile as her heart raced uncontrollably from Lark’s stunning beauty.

"Is this some kind of a joke to you Rayne?" Lark asked with agitation and anger.

"Huh?" Rayne asked breathless as she was mesmerized by Lark’s beauty and stunned by her reaction to her considering it wasn’t the one she expected.

"Are you here to torture me more? First, you’re not on the plane and then I receive a note from the front desk saying you weren’t coming...what the hell is going on with you? Do you really think it’s that funny to toy with my heart like that!" Lark shouted angrily as Rayne sat flabbergasted by Lark’s reaction.


The End.

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