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by Cruise


Disclaimers: This is an alternative uber fanfiction story about two consenting adult women in a sexual relationship who resemble the two hot babes on Xena: Warrior Princess. If this offends you or if you are under the age of 18 please search out a new story. The characters in this story are my own creation.

Violence: Moderate.

Special thanks to Stoley for her great advice, as usual, and to Kat for all her help with the story.

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"Hey, Tom!" Rayne shouted towards the door and watched as he entered.

"Yeah." He answered as he walked into the room with confusion as to why Lark walked out of the room crying and stood at the end of the hall near the elevators talking to her agent Elaine who had just stepped off the elevator.

"I need you to do me a favor by taking Lark back to the hotel and make sure she gets there safely...please." Rayne asked knowing she could trust him with Lark’s safety.

" problem." He answered with a smile and glad for the opportunity to have a celebrity in his car.

" need to sneak her out though because check out the front of the hospital with all of the reporters." Rayne answered as she pointed to the TV as the news was still on showing the reporters.

"Holy shit!" He answered with shock at the amount of reporters camped out front. "Alright...I should be able to get her out without incident because I’m parked in the garage basement." He answered reassuringly.

"Great! I really appreciate it. Hey, where has Danielle been? I wanted to thank her for saving my life."

"Well...Director Cady isn’t too pleased with the way she handled her team at the house." He explained.

"How do you mean?" Rayne asked confused.

"She took a kill now discuss later attitude as she entered with her team. We could have contained all of them without any bloodshed but she went in like gangbusters!" He informed Rayne with disgust towards Danielle’s actions.

"That is totally off the wall for her...I can’t believe it." Rayne answered with total disbelief as to what Tom had just told her about Danielle.

"Listen...I’ll head out with Lark. Take it easy and I hope to see your sorry butt up and around soon." He teased with a laugh as he left the room.

"Thanks." Rayne answered as her voice trailed off and she laid her head back against the bed wondering what was going on with Danielle.

Tom joined the two women at the end of the hall. "Oh, Elaine...this is Tom he’s a Secret Service Agent that will be escorting me back to the hotel."

"Hello Tom. I’m glad you’ll be helping Lark get out of here. Do you think we’ll be able to get her out of here without incident?" Elaine asked as she shook his hand.

"Shouldn’t be a problem. I’m parked in the garage basement and my windows are tinted very dark so, we should get out without them knowing she’s there." He answered confidently.

"Okay...great. I’ll leave my car where it is and ride with you both so, the reporters think that you’re still here at the hospital. Let’s just hope that there isn’t a lot of reporters at the hotel." Elaine explained the plans as they stepped on the elevator.

"If there are reporters we can arrange to go in the back way unnoticed. I’ll call the hotel once we get there and see what the scene looks like first." Tom explained as the elevator stopped at the basement and he stepped off first. " one’s out here. Come on ladies it’s safe." He answered waving them off the elevator as the entered his car quickly and he drove off towards the hotel.


Rayne’s thoughts of Danielle didn’t last long and they were replaced by a certain green eyed, blonde woman. ‘Come on Rayne...collect your thoughts and emotions. How do I get past what happened between us?’ She wondered as the orderlies entered the room to take her down for another CAT scan.

Rayne spent about forty-five minutes at the CAT scan and returned to her room to find her brother Shayan waiting for her. "Hey, are you feeling?" He asked with concern as he approached her and kissed her forehead.

"I’m doing a lot better...thanks. I hope you’re here to spring me from this joint." Rayne answered with a laugh.

"Let’s hope so, the doctor said he would be in shortly."

"Great! Please tell me you brought some clothes for me?" She asked with a smile and a wiggle of her eyebrows.

"No...I didn’t. I thought you wanted to walk out of here in that fashionable, breezy in the back hospital gown." He teased with a laugh.

"Oh, yeah...these are such the fashion statement aren’t they?" She asked with a laugh as she looked the gown over.

"Well...I have the test results Miss. Donnovan and you’ll be happy to know you do have a brain." The doctor teased with a laugh as he approached the bed.

"We always wondered if she had one and now it’s confirmed that she parents will be so happy to know that." Shayan teased and received a strong punch in the arm from Rayne as everyone laughed.

"What is this a hospital or a comedy club?" Rayne asked teasingly.

" that we’ve established you have a brain it’s perfectly bleeding...nothing." The doctor advised her.

"Oh, mom and dad will be so pleased to know they were wrong all these years and there isn’t anything wrong with you." Shayan laughed harder as Rayne pinched his neck and held it much to his protest.

He tried to swat her hand away while he laughed. "Knock it off Rayne you’re going to give me a hickey."


She let go of his neck and pushed him away. "You’re such a jerk." Rayne teased with a laugh. "So, doctor I can go right?" Rayne asksed as she looked up at him while he documented her chart.

"Yes ma’am you may leave seeing as how we found no evidence of a skull fracture or residual bleeding which we were worried about. Take it easy for the next couple of days and follow up with me for a recheck to be on the safe side. You’ll have to have the stitches removed in about a week." He advised as he left the room.

"Sounds great!" Rayne answered as she tossed the covers off and sat up as Shayan handed her the clothes he brought for her. He stepped away from the bed and closed the curtain as Rayne stood to dress. She felt slightly off balance but regained it after a few minutes and dressed quickly as she was eager to get out of the hospital.

She slipped on a pair of Sperry docksiders that Shayan had purchased new for her along with shorts which he knew he didn’t dare purchase jeans because Rayne hated to wear pants unless absolutely necessary and a T-shirt. She opened the curtain to find the transport tech waiting with a wheelchair to escort her out.

"Oh, no way!" Rayne protested as Shayan laughed and pointed to the wheelchair to get in.

" policy ma’am." The tech advised her.

"The hospital and the wheelchair can bite me!" Rayne answered with angered sarcasm as she climbed in the wheelchair reluctantly and rolled her eyes towards her brother’s taunting with a sneer.

The transport tech wheeled her down the hall and stopped at the desk to get her discharge papers to sign. Rayne looked around and back to her brother mischievously as she spied another wheelchair. "Hey, Shay!...get in that one and let’s race like they did in the movie ‘Days of Thunder.’ She coaxed her brother.

" behave." He objected while pointing at her to get his point across.

"You’re no fun anymore now that you’ve gotten old." Rayne teased with a laugh and shied away from her brother who attempted to pinch her ear. "No, don’t hurt me I’m injured." She teasingly whined loudly getting a laugh out of her brother.

"We need you to sign your discharge papers Miss. Donnovan." The nurse replied as she handed her the paperwork. Rayne signed the paperwork and the transport tech delivered her to Shayan’s rental car. She got in and leaned her head back on the seat as she still felt a little woozy.

"You okay?" Her brother asked with concern as he slipped into the driver’s seat.

"Yeah...I’ll be fine. I just need to get my balance back to normal is all...thanks for asking." She answered as she leaned her head against her hand, which rested against the car door.

"So, what’s up with Lark?" He asked knowing Rayne was avoiding talking about her.

"I told her I needed more time to figure out whether I would be able to forgive her and if I could look at her in any other way than seeing betrayal." She answered as she looked at him then back out the window.

Rayne thought back to the night of their anniversary and relived all those feelings of hurt, deceit and betrayal once again. Her blue eyes filled with tears as she looked out the window and calmed when she saw the turquoise colored ocean, which filled her with a feeling of peace and calm.

She loved the ocean and all of it’s beauty, power and tranquility she thought fondly with a smile knowing she would be spending time experiencing oceans majestic powers and hanging out at her parents beach house. "Rayne." Shayan replied as he touched her arm to get her attention.

She was snapped out of her happy thoughts and she turned to him. "Huh?"

"I asked what are you going to do?" He repeated his question.

"I’m not sure...listen, can we just not talk about this...please. My head already hurts enough." She answered as she rubbed her forehead pretending her head hurt when in fact, she just wanted to end the line of questions.


" problem." Shayan answered knowing the questions towards her situation made her feel uneasy. "I’m here if you need to talk okay?"

"Thanks Shay-Shay." Rayne answered with a grateful smile that her brother cared so much for her as she called him by her childhood name she had given him.

"No prob Gooniebird." He teased and flashed her a wink with a mischievous smile as she turned to him with a raised eyebrow letting him know that childhood name he gave her was not very pleasing to her.

She laughed and looked back out over the ocean with a peaceful feeling for once in the last six months. Shayan pulled the car up to the beachfront home their parents owned and that they vacationed at every year. Rayne chuckled with happiness as she saw Brandon and Cole waiting on the front steps for them to arrive.

"There’s my boys waiting for me." Rayne replied affectionately with an adoring smile.

"Yep...they have been worried about their Auntie Rayne." He answered with a laugh as he put the car in park and turned off the ignition.

Rayne opened the car door and was met by two very anxious and out of breath boys who engulfed her in a hug the minute the car door opened. "Hey guys!" Rayne replied with excitement as she looked down at them.

"Auntie Rayne...are you okay?" Brandon asked with concern as he looked her over.

"Yes...I’m fine. I promise." Rayne answered with a smile to reassure them and to remove the look of concern from their cute little faces.

"We were so worried when daddy told us you were hurt." Cole answered as he hugged her neck tightly again.

Rayne smiled and thought about how wonderful it felt to have her nephew in her arms. She came very close to never feeling that ever again which scared her. There was nothing more wonderful in the world than to be loved unconditionally and that’s what her nephews gave her...unconditional love. Her eyes watered at the thought as she held him tighter and kissed his cheek.

"You were just worried we wouldn’t make our fishing trip...I know how you two are!" Rayne teased as she tickled him causing him to giggle hysterically. She stopped tickling him and they both looked at her with smiles.

"We really were worried about you because we love you Auntie Rayne." Brandon answered as they both hugged her.

She smiled and hugged them tighter before placing a kiss on each one’s cheek. "I love you both very much too."

"Come on boys...let’s get Auntie Rayne in the house." Shayan replied with a laugh as the boys held each of Rayne’s hands to escort her to the house.

Holly met everyone at the door with a smile and engulfed Rayne in a hug. "Hey, you feeling?" She asked teasingly yet with concern.

"A lot better thanks." Rayne answered and hugged her tighter happy that she was with loved one’s. She broke her hug and leaned down to Holly’s expanded abdomen. Rayne placed her hand on her stomach. "How’s my favorite niece?" She asked with a smile as she felt the baby move under her hand. Rayne laughed proudly as she stood up. "She loves her Auntie." Rayne exclaimed with a laugh as everyone joined in on it.

"Who doesn’t?" Holly chuckled as everyone headed into the living room.

" two...tubby time." Shayan replied as he pointed to the boys who sighed disappointedly.

"Come on dad...we want to stay with Auntie Rayne." Brandon whined.

"Hey, I’m not going anywhere. Go take a tubby and then we’ll play some games before bed...okay?" Rayne asked as she swatted their butts to get them moving.

"Yes!" Cole shouted with excitement as they ran for the bathroom with Shayan in tow to start the water for them.



"Hey, is Shay-Shay going to take a tubby too?" Rayne teased her brother as he turned and gave her the finger with a laugh. "Ooh, that hurt!" Rayne replied sarcastically with a laugh.

Holly wondered if Rayne really felt as good as she let on. ‘I don’t know how she could considering the beating she took which shows on that beautiful face of hers.’ Holly thought to herself sadly and with concern as she watched Rayne fix herself something to drink noticing the black eye, bruised cheek, swollen nose, and the split lip she possessed.

"Rayne are you sure you’re okay?" She asked with concern as she approached her.

"Physically or emotionally?" Rayne asked with a nervous laugh as she glanced back at Holly then back down to her drink.

"How about both?" Holly asked with a concerned smile.

"Well...physically I’m feeling really sore. Emotionally I feel completely torn." She answered reluctant to talk about her feelings as she turned to the window and looked out over the Pacific ocean.

Holly put her hand on her shoulder as she stood next to Rayne who turned and looked at her. "Talk to it Lark?" Holly asked softly knowing that was what was bothering Rayne but thought she’d give her the chance to talk her feelings out if she wanted to.

"As always." Rayne answered with a chuckle and looked back out the window.

"Do you want her back?" Holly asked knowing this line of questioning was hard for Rayne. Holly remembered how difficult it was to get Rayne to open up and talk about her feelings when she left Lark before.


Rayne inhaled deeply fighting what her head told her to do and what her heart wanted. "Well...I do but I don’t know how I can get past the feelings of hurt and betrayal I feel when I look at her Holly." Rayne answered sadly as she looked at her sister-in-law who she was grateful to have because she considered Holly the sister she never had. She knew she could talk to her brothers about certain things but sisterly chats were different and she was glad Holly was that person she could talk to.

"Rayne...I know you still love Lark and the two of you are meant to be together. She hurt you terribly and you have to find out whether your life is happier with her or without her despite everything that happened."

"Yes...I do." Rayne answered still conflicted about how she was going to get past her feelings.

"I’m sure you’re going to figure a way out and you’ll find that you will be much happier with her in it." Holly answered as she walked away leaving Rayne with that thought.

Rayne exited the house and walked down to the beach and inhaled the fresh ocean air as the cool Pacific breeze touched her face. She sat out on the rocks and watched with amazement at the ocean’s beauty as the waves pounded the shore. Rayne thought about Lark and how much she loved her. She figured things might be different and she might feel differently towards Lark if she accepted responsibility for her actions instead of acting like she was no part of it.

Rayne stayed on the beach for a little while longer and headed back to the house as she was tired of going over the same thing so many times. She just wanted to play games with the kids and not think about such serious stuff at the moment...she needed a break.

Rayne spent the rest of the evening playing games with the kids before tucking them into bed and telling them a bed time story. She watched the two boys sleep peacefully and smiled lovingly. She thought back to the time her and Lark talked about having children.

They both fought over who they wanted the kids to look like and of course, Rayne wanted them to look like Lark which Lark wanted no part of and vice versa. Rayne smiled at the fond memory but inhaled deeply to calm the tightness she felt in her throat and to fight the tears that formed as her emotions began to take over. ‘ least children...well...our children weren’t involved in this whole mess. It was difficult enough for the boys when we broke up. I can’t imagine how devastating it would have been for our children if we had them.’ Rayne thought with sadness as she kissed Brandon’s forehead and then did the same to Cole before turning on their night light as she headed out of the bedroom for her own.

Rayne opened the windows to hear the roar of the ocean, which allowed her to sleep peacefully and crawled under the covers for some much needed rest. She lay thinking about her life with Lark before everything happened and remembered how she felt so alive and happy with Lark in her life.

She had always told her they could work out even the toughest problems...actually they had made a promise to always do that...something Rayne had forgotten until just then. ‘How can I make a promise like that and go back on it? I love Lark and I want to share my life with her despite everything. Maybe if we just talk everything out I can get past these feelings of betrayal', she thought to herself as she picked up the phone and dialed the number to Lark’s hotel suite with no answer. ‘That’s strange...maybe she went to bed early.’ Rayne thought to herself as she clicked the phone off and closed her eyes to drift off to sleep. ‘I’ll try to catch her tomorrow.’ Rayne thought as morpheus took her to her dreams.

Rayne woke the next morning to a tickle under her nose and grabbed the hand, which held the culprit...a feather. She opened her eyes expecting to see a nephew but instead, found her baby brother Jayce sitting next to her with a mischievous grin. "Jayce!" She exclaimed with happiness as she sat up in bed and hugged him.

"Hey,’s about time you woke up!" He answered with a laugh and broke the hug to look at his sister. "You got worked over pretty good. Is the other guy dead?" He asked with a laugh.

"Yep." She answered with a laugh.

"Figures as one messes with my sis and gets away with it!" He answered with a laugh. "I’m glad you’re okay though."

"I told you I was fine but as usual you didn’t listen to me." She answered flashing a sarcastic grin and punched him in the arm.

"Since when haven’t I listened to you?" He asked teasingly.


"Since your entire life! Case in point when I taught you to hang upside down on the parallel bars and I told you not to take your leg off. But you didn’t listen and you had to remove your leg to show off and fell down breaking your elbow. Then guess who got blamed?!...why?" Rayne answered tauntingly.

"Okay...okay you made your point. You! You got in trouble." He answered with a sheepish grin.

"That’s! I still haven’t gotten over the fact that I couldn’t ride my bike for a month and I had to do all of your chores!" She answered with a laugh as she poked her finger in his chest.

"Okay...I owe you some, get your ass out of bed and let’s go fishing with the boys. I’ll get your breakfast for you while you dress." Jayce answered with a laugh as he stood up and headed towards the door.

" read my mind." Rayne answered as she climbed out of bed to dress as her brother chuckled as he closed the door behind him.

Lark was awake most of the night which was very unusual for her. Her thoughts were on a certain dark-haired beauty with exquisite blue eyes. Lark had gone down to the hotel bar staying until it closed to try and keep her mind off of Rayne but couldn’t do it. She had a nervous tension about her from her worry that Rayne would not be able to forgive her.

Lark also couldn’t believe that Hazel was the insider. She had a better sense of betrayal now and knew a little bit about what Rayne felt when she betrayed her. It hurt like hell she thought and was glad that Hazel wasn’t her lover because she wouldn’t have been able to handle it so well.

Lark was amazed that Rayne was able to do it so well but then again her name is true to form which means mighty. ‘I can’t believe I hurt her like that.’ Lark thought to herself as the phone interrupted her thoughts.

She quickly picked up the phone hoping it was Rayne but was disappointed to find that it was Elaine...her agent. "Lark...don’t forget you have the awards show tonight and the autograph session at the convention center this afternoon.

"I’m sorry’ll have to cancel the autograph session and I don’t think I can make it to the awards show tonight either." Lark informed her as she just didn’t feel like going to either plus she wanted to talk to Hazel to find out what happened.

"Okay...aah...I can cancel the autograph session but you really must attend the Golden Globe awards...I mean you’re up for an award Lark." She emphasized her point.

"Alright...I’ll go to the award show if you clear my schedule for the next 5 days."

"Wait...what’s going on? Where are you going?" She asked nervously.

"I’m going to Greece...I have to get away and there’s no negotiation on this one Elaine...understood?" Lark answered firmly. She loved vacationing in Greece and it was the first place her and Rayne went on a vacation as a couple. They both had a wonderful time there together and it held a special place in her heart. She hoped going back would make her feel like she did when she first visited the country with Rayne.

Elaine knew that Lark had good reason to cancel the engagements considering what she went through and didn’t press the issue because it was the first time she had ever cancelled any event.

"Okay...fine. I’ll make the arrangements and have the courier bring over your ticket. When do you want to leave?"

"Tomorrow and I need two tickets." Lark informed her.

"Is Rayne going?" She asked excitedly.

"I hope so." Lark answered reluctantly as she wasn’t sure if Rayne would except the trip or not.

"Me too...I’ll have everything taken care of including transportation to and from the airport, hotel reservations along with the plane tickets and have them sent over to you within the next hour. Don’t forget you start filming the day after you return." She reminded Lark of her shooting schedule for her new movie.

"Yes ma’am and thank you." Lark answered sarcastically as she clicked the phone off.

Lark went to put the phone down and it rang again. "Hello." Lark answered as she clicked the phone on.

"How’s my baby girl?" Lark’s father asked with happiness in his voice to hear from his daughter.

"I’m okay daddy." Lark answered reluctantly.

"You don’t sound like it baby. What’s going on and why didn’t you call me last night? I had to find everything out by calling Director Cody." He asked with agitation that his daughter didn’t call him and he was worried.

"I’m sorry. I just had a lot of things on my mind. Rayne was injured very badly and I just wasn’t thinking very good. I told Elaine to call you but she must not have gotten through to you and mom." Lark explained.

"Your mother and I were very worried. How is Rayne doing?" He asked with concern.

"She’s a lot better now and she’s at the beach house with her family."

"Why aren’t you with her? Has she not forgiven you?"

"She asked me to give her time to work through her feelings so, that’s what I’m doing." Lark explained as the tears rolled down her cheeks at the thought of not being with Rayne right now.

"Well, respect her wishes and I’m positive everything will work out for you both." He answered reassuringly and confident.

"I hope so daddy because I love her so much."

"I know you do princess. Now, believe what your old man is telling you. You two will be back together again...okay?" He answered with a chuckle.

"Okay...daddy." Lark answered with a laugh.

"Your mother said to tell you hello and you hang in there baby."

"Tell her I said hello and I’ll be in Greece for about five days so, I’ll call you both when I get there."

" have a safe trip and remember what I said about Rayne. I love you sweetheart."

"I love you too daddy and give mom a kiss for me." Lark answered with a smile.

"I’ll do that....bye sweetie." He answered as he ended the conversation.

"Bye daddy." She answered feeling more confidant and assured as she clicked off the phone and headed towards the shower.

Lark finished her shower and dressed as she heard a knock on the door. She answered to find the front desk clerk delivering the airline tickets and her itinerary, which had been delivered to the hotel as Elaine said they would be.

"Thank you." Lark answered with a smile.

"You’re welcome Miss. Morgan. Is there anything else I can do for you?" The friendly man asked.

Yeah...stop kissing my ass!’ Lark thought to herself as she looked the tickets over. "Yes...could you tell the limo driver I’ll be ready in fifteen minutes and have someone pick up my bags please?"

"Absolutely. I can take your bags down now." He answered as he grabbed her bags and headed off down the hall.

"Thank you." She answered as she sat down at the desk to write Rayne a letter.

Lark called ahead to the headquarters to let Tom know she was on her way and he met her at the front door with her photographer to fulfill her promise to him of a picture with him. She finished the photo session and he thanked Lark repeatedly as his buddies were envious of him getting his picture with Lark. Everyone crowded around Lark for her autograph just the same.

"Now...don’t crowd the lady guys...Rayne wouldn’t be happy about that." Tom replied protectively towards Lark.

Lark looked up at Tom when he mentioned Rayne’s name and sadly wished that was the case with Rayne. Just hearing her name made Lark’s heart skip a beat and jealous that others spend time with her instead of herself being with Rayne. She wanted her all to herself and didn’t want to share her tall, dark, gorgeous lover...well...former lover...hopefully soon to be lover again Lark thought as she passed the autographed item to the fan with a slight smile.

Lark just wanted this whole terrible mess to be finished so her and Rayne could go back to sharing their hopes, dreams and lives together once again. Lark was really in no mood to be cordial or to be signing autographs but she did promise and she wanted to make sure she kept this one because she was grateful to everyone who helped bring her back alive from the whole terrible ordeal. Particularly, Rayne who she wished she could show how grateful she is in so many different was she thought as she handed the last item back.

"Okay fellas...that’s it right?" Lark asked checking to make sure she didn’t forget anyone.

"Unless you count pictures?" One hopeful Secret Service Agent asked.

"Sorry guys Tom’s the only one I’m taking a picture with today." Lark answered with a smile as she patted the slightly embarrassed agent on the back.

"Aah...too bad." They answered with disappointment.

"Tom...could you please take me to see Hazel?" Lark asked reluctantly as she wanted to know why she did it but then in a way, she didn’t. She figured it would be best to find out so she could move on.

"Oh, Jimmy...have that blown up for me and bring it tonight for me to autograph so, I can send it back to Tom...Okay?" Lark asked her photographer.

"Sure thing Lark...see you tonight." He answered as Lark and Tom headed down the hall to the interrogation room.

Lark took a deep breath to calm her anger over Hazel’s betrayal before entering the room. She entered and saw that Hazel sat with her head knelt down.

" could you?" Lark asked with disbelief as she approached the table.

Hazel looked up with a slight sneer as she looked at Lark. "Why did you come here Lark?" She asked sarcastically.

Lark was taken back and surprised by her sarcastic demeanor. "To find out why a trusted friend would do something like that to me?" Lark asked with agitation.

"More like employee Lark...look don’t read into it too much. I did it for the money...plain and simple." She answered back coldly.

"I can’t believe you of all people would betray me Hazel. If you needed money I would have given it to you. How could you?" Lark answered with disbelief as she shook her head.

"Look whose calling the kettle black Lark. Hurts to have someone betray you doesn’t it Lark? Look, I told you...I did it for the money and I never really considered you a friend only an employer. Besides, you couldn’t have offered me as much as I received from that group. So, just get out of here and stop bothering me." She answered with agitation as she waved her hand for Lark to leave.

Lark headed to the door and opened it before turning back to Hazel. "Enjoy your money in prison." She replied coldly and exited the room running smack dab into Danielle. ‘Great! Could it get any worse?’ She thought to herself.

"Find out what you wanted to hear?" Danielle asked with a sarcastic tone in her voice.

"Yep...that she betrayed me for money." Lark answered back coldly as she attempted to walk away.


"Get used to it Lark...people do that to others all the time. You should know that most of all because you’re so good at it." Danielle snapped with sarcastic anger.

Lark stopped in her tracks and turned around to face Danielle. "That’s between Rayne and I Danielle...not you." Lark answered with fiery green eyes.

"It seems like Rayne doesn’t want to have anything to do with you anymore." She answered with a laugh.

"Oh, bite me bitch!" Lark answered nastily as she turned on her heels and headed towards the front door of the building leaving a stunned Danielle in her place.

Lark got in the limo and slammed the door with anger behind her before the driver could do it for her. He got in the limo and rolled the middle window down reluctant to speak to her but knew he needed the directions.

"Where to Miss. Morgan?" He asked as he looked at a very agitated blonde through the rear view mirror.

Lark handed him directions to where she needed to go and sat back in the seat without saying a word. She thought it was best to say nothing because this man didn’t deserve her being nasty to him.

‘Who does Danielle think she is? She doesn’t really think Rayne wants her does she?’ She thought to herself with agitation and then a sly grin appeared on her face when she realized that Rayne had told her she only wanted to be friends with Danielle and her anger with the woman subsided. She took out the letter she wrote to Rayne and reread it before putting it in the box she had for her and began to wrap it.

‘I have got to get away from all of this negative crap before I have a nervous breakdown.’ She thought as she finished wrapping the package.

Lark lost herself in thoughts of Rayne and whether she thought Rayne would be able to find it in her heart to forgive her. She hoped that she would and was encouraged by the way Rayne had acted the last time they were together. She was her loving, caring, funny self like she always had been she thought to herself as she was snapped out of her trance as the driver opened the door.

"Oh, we’re here already?" Lark stammered nervously as she flipped her phone and dialed her desired number.

"Hello." The feminine chipper voice replied.

"Hi’s Lark."

"Hey, Lark...let me get Rayne hold on." Holly answered excitedly.

"No, Holly...please don’t!" Lark exclaimed nervously to stop her.

"I don’t understand." Holly answered with bewilderment.

"I don’t want to pressure her so, it’s best if I don’t see her. I have something to leave for her." Lark explained sadly as she did want to see her but also wanted to respect her wishes. "I’m out front and I’ll come in as long as she’s not in the house."

"Aah...okay...well...she’s down at the beach with the boys." Holly stammered with slight confusion.

"Okay...I’ll be right in then." Lark answered as she clicked the phone off and headed towards the door followed by the limo driver who carried the baggage. Holly opened the door just as Lark approached. "Hey, Holly!" Lark replied with a smile as she hugged her.

"Hey, are you?" She asked with concern.

"I could be better." She answered with a shrug of her shoulders and feeling uncomfortable talking to Rayne’s family about it because she didn’t want Holly to feel uncomfortable

"Oh, I brought Rayne’s clothes and her computer over for her." Lark answered as she motioned to the limo driver to put the bags just inside the door.

"Oh, okay...I’m sure she’ll be happy to wear her own clothes rather than Jayce’s." Holly answered with a laugh.

"Jayce is here?" Lark asked with excitement. "He sure got here fast."

" know how protective the boys are of their sister." Holly answered with a laugh and a wink as she motioned Lark into the kitchen.

"The feeling’s mutual with Rayne towards her brothers." Lark answered with a laugh as she followed Holly into the kitchen.

"Can I get you a drink?" Holly offered.

" about tea?" Lark asked grateful for the cold beverage.

"Raspberry or Peach?" Holly asked as she peaked her head out of the refrigerator to look at Lark for her answer.

"Hmmm...I’ll take peach." Lark answered with hesitation because she loved both flavors. "How is the baby?" Lark asked as she walked to the window and looked down at the beach.

"Ornery as ever." Holly answered with a shared laugh from Lark as she pulled out a glass from the cupboard.

"She sounds kind of like her Auntie Rayne." Lark answered with a shared laugh with Holly.

"Let’s hope she’s not as mischievous as her auntie or I’m in big trouble because the boys are just like her." Holly laughed.

"It must just run in the family." Lark answered back with a chuckle.

Lark noticed Rayne down on the beach with her two brothers and nephews. She smiled lovingly as she watched Rayne patiently help Brandon put the bait on his fishing pole. Lark’s heart fluttered and her eyes watered as she gazed upon her gorgeous lover. She watched as Brandon said something to Rayne, which made her laugh and tickle her nephew who giggled. Lark caught her breath that escaped her momentarily as she loved to see Rayne’s smile. It melted her heart every time Rayne flashed it.


Lark wished she was down on the beach with her right now despite the fact they were fishing...she would deal with that for the opportunity to be next to Rayne. Lark wanted to give Rayne the space she needed and didn’t want to take a chance of blowing it with her so, she decided it was best to stay in the house. ‘Oh, how I love her.’ Lark thought as she watched her help Cole with his fishing pole noticing that her face had been kissed by the sun and was tanner now.

Lark envisioned their own children down there with Rayne teaching them how to fish and that she would just sit off on the side watching them to enjoy being a family. Rayne was so good with the children and she knew she would make an excellent mother which was a dream they have children in their lives. ‘Snap out of it Lark...that part of your life may never happen.’ She told herself firmly. She chuckled as everyone got excited when Brandon caught a fish and reeled it in.

"Lark!...hello?" Holly replied as Lark snapped out of her reverie and turned to her.

"Huh?...sorry...Brandon caught a fish." She exclaimed with excitement and pride as she pointed down towards the beach.

"He did?...oh, here’s your tea." Holly replied excitedly as she handed her the tea. "I have to get a picture. I’ll be back shortly." Holly answered as she grabbed the camera and headed down to the beach.

Lark watched sadly as she felt left out of the family outing and noticed Rayne’s sleeveless flannel shirt was unbuttoned revealing her muscular abdomen which now had a bandage covering a portion of it and her sports bra. ‘She is so damn sexy.’ Lark thought before becoming sad at the thought of Rayne’s injuries she sustained for her. She could only hope that Rayne would let her make it up to her.

She watched Rayne intently noticing her sexy smile was back and that Rayne was everything to her. Rayne was her whole life and she would do anything to have her back...but only on Rayne’s terms. Rayne had to be the one to accept her back into her life...she didn’t want to force the issue and have Rayne regret her decision later she thought as her tears of sadness flowed freely.



"Hey!...everyone get in the picture. I have to get this momentous occasion on film." Holly exclaimed with excitement as everyone put their arms around each other with the boys standing in front with Brandon holding his fish.

"We all need to be in the picture." Jayce replied after Holly clicked that one and everyone looked around the beach for someone to take the picture with no luck.

"Maybe Lark will take it." Holly answered and looked back towards the house waving but couldn't see Lark.

"Lark’s here?" Rayne asked with peaked interest as she walked towards Holly.

"Yes...she stopped by to drop your things off." Holly answered as Rayne hurried past her towards the house.

Holly forgot that she was to keep it a secret as she watched Rayne run up the steps towards the house regretfully that she let the cat out of the bag. ‘Why didn’t Holly tell me Lark was here?’ She wondered with agitation for the secrecy and excitement to see Lark. Rayne was close to figuring out how she was going to forgive Lark. She had gotten to a point now were she was excited to see or hear from Lark instead of regretting it. She entered the house through the back door smiling with excitement.

"Lark...hey!...where are you?" Rayne asked breathless as she searched the house with no luck before heading outside to see that she was gone. "Hmmm...that’s strange." Rayne thought with bewilderment and disappointment as she was looking forward to seeing Lark.

Rayne headed back into the kitchen and saw the package on the counter with her name on it and opened it. She found a handwritten note from Lark and opened it to read the letter....


To be continued...

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